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A Cleaxi, Wholesome
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California Homes, j
VOLUME 115.—N0. 7
Huerta's Family Flees Mexico City for Coast
Assistant district attorney (left) and Supervisor Fred L. Hilrner, whose own name was forged, examining the Red Light abatement
bill petitions. Below is a facsimile of signatures from a page of the petition showing the district attorney's check "F" against the
forged names.
CHICAGO. Dec. B.—Long delayed
winter visited the north, central and
western states today. The cold came
suddenly, sending the mercury down
ward 25 degrees' In a few hours. The
'.emperature in Chicago is 18 degrees
above zero. The wind reached a
velocity of 40 miles. The sudden
hange in temperature found Chicago
unprepared. Streetcars and elevated
trains w«r<> not heated. Apartment
house dwellers suffered from lack of
heat. Municipal shelter houses were
crowded to capacity last night.
The cold weather claimed the first
▼ictim of this season today. Fred
M. Scarloe was found dead from cold
on the sidewalk near the union sta
NEW YORK, Dec. B.—The first
winter weather struck New York
today. The thermometer fell to 26
degrees above zero, a drop of more
than 22 degrees in 12 hours.
«'Li-:vELAND, 0., Dec. 8. —A strong
gale, accompanied by a drop In tem
perature, to continue several days,
tied up lake traffic today. About
three inches of snow fell.
DALLAS. Tex., Dec. B.—Five hun
dred may be dead in central and south
ern Texas as a result of the floods. As
th*> waters recede, communication is
restored and every hour brings tid
ings of an increasing death list. Fully
9 hundred are known to have per
ished. The latest reports received
here told of the drowning of 50 per
s.mi". mostly icproes,»t Sunnyside on
the Brainf rt"
THE San Francisco CALL
Men Accused of Writing False
' Signatures on Abatement
Petition Are in Custody
Our case is a strong one. We will
Igo to the bottom of the entire af
! fair. We have a strong suspicion as
to who incited the forgeries and we
intend to get the higher ups.—
Statement by Louis Ferrari, assist
ant district attorney, who has been
conducting the investigation o) the
petition fraud.
The first arrests in the fight to trap
the forbers of about 10,000 names to
the referendum petitions of the red
light abatement act and the early
'losing act were made today, when
Bennie Well and Henry Barron were
taken into custody.
Weil was arrested shortly after 11
o'clock at the corner of Third and
Market streets by Corporal Charles
Goff. Barron was arrested at his
home, 1247 Jackson street, at noon
by Detectives William Proll and
James Skelly. The two men are be
ing held in detinue. They will be
charged with subornation of perjury.
The two prisoners were engaged in
circulating the referendum petition.
But it was only recently, through
the efforts of Assistant District At
torney Louis Ferrari, that these two
men were accused of having forged
thousands of names.
The two men will be subjected to a
grilling examination by the detective
bureau and the district attorney's of
fice in the hope that they may b*
broken down and give the names of
the men higher up. Ferrari declares
that he will not stop with these two
arrests, but will continue until he
t »n tinned on Page 2, Coin inn 2
LOSS IS $200,000
RENO, Nev., Dec. 8. —Two-thirds of
the business section of Lovelock was
burned today. The loss is $200,000.
The origin of the fire, which started
at 2 o'clock a. m.. Is unknown. Both
telegraph offices, a hotel, several,
stores and the Rochester mines office
were burned. Wires are down and
details are lacking. The pre is still
Schmidt Faces Trial
For Aumuller Killing
NEW YORK, Dec. B—Two hundred
veniremen jammed Judge Goster's
rooms in the general sessions court
today for trial of Hans Schmidt, who
confessed to killing Anna Aumuller.
Sell Calls every [fj
afternoon and
H earn enough to
DUjJ} fcup pour oipn
n * clothes. It's so
eas y you'll he as-
Making. gSi^S
MAflOyf culation Deparl
'\ ment of The
Call and find
| out a// afcou/ a*.
Arraigned in police court this morn
ing, the men back of the two "mu
seums of anatomy" raided and closed
Saturday by the state board of medi
cal examiners announced they have
given up the fight to maintain their
dens. ,jjß
No attempt will be made by the
owners of the Cook Medical company
museum, 8» Third street, or the mu
seum of "Dr." George Morton, 745
Market street, to secure licenses to
operate from the police commission at
its meeting tonight.
An attorney who was asked for ad
vl< by the quack specialists told
Douis Ward, attorney for the state
board of medical examiners, that the
quacks are too much afraJd of public
sentiment in San Francisco-to at
tempt to open their doors again im
cheVoweth removes SIGN
As another evidence of the rout of
the quacks came a sudden activity to
day in front of the offices of "Dr." M.
B. ciienoweth at 718 Market street,
where two workmen dismantled the
big sign "Specialists," which had
served as a lure for Chenoweth's vic
tims. They also took down the sign
bearing Chenoweth's name.
Crowds watched the work that
marked the death of one of the biggest
swindles of the quack tribe. "Dr."
HKggina, who ran the Chenoweth of
fice, is a fugitive from justice, with a
warrant out for his arrest and de
tectives hunting him.
Or. C. K. liolsman, Dr. C. L. Steele
Continued en Page 2, Column 3
The San Francisco Post, its name, good will, circulation and sub
scription list and Associated Press membership have been pur
chased by The .Call Publishing Company. Its name has been
changed with today's issue to The San Francisco Call and Post
and under that name it will be delivered hereafter to its subscribers.
F. W. KELLOGG, President.
- • ► • 'V * '
WASHINGTON. Dec. S. —President
WiJsou t'Xlay 'urue.i <!o*n the suffra
gettes in their request for a special
message to congress on suffrage.
Wilson flatly refused to pledge his
indorsement of the woman's suffrage
movement. This is the greatest re
buff the suffragists have met in their
nation wide campaign. He told a
delegation of 130 which appealed to
him directly in the White House he
could act only as president of the
t"nited States, not as an individual, at
this time. Ho added that as leader of
a political party which already had
rpade pledges to the people he had
his hands full co-operating with con
gress in* fulfilling these pledges.
In addressing the delegation the
prt-sident did not vouchsafe his pri
vate conviction regarding woman's
suffrage, but conveyed the impression
that he was not unfavorably disposed
toward it.
Absolutely rejecting their request
thai tie indorse the project in any way
at the present time, he declared when
congress comes to him for his opinion
on woman's suffrage he would give it,
because he could not on his own Ini
tiative urge woman's suffrage legisla
tion upon congress at the present
time. Dr. Anna Shaw, president of
tile N«tioiial"Ameri<-an Woman Suf
frage association, was spokesman for
legislation enfranchising women by
constitutional amendment. She urged
the president to include such a re
quest in a general message to con
gress, md that he indorse a move
ment to create a suffrage committee
in the house.
The president replied by citing the
fact that as president of the United
States his every act must be made
within certain well defined limita
tions. He cited the fact that even
when he went out walking he was
virtually under arrest, being shad
owed by secret service officers.
The suffragists were deeply disap
pointed over the president's attitude.
They did not conceal their chagrin as
they left the White House. They
marched to the White House two
abreast, with the exception of Dr.
Shaw and Miss Alice Paul, the "mili
tant," who came in a taxicab.
Mother of Convict
Sues Loan Society
SAN JOSE, Dec. 8. —Mrs. Helen J.
Black commenced suit today against
the Palo Alto Building and Doan as
sociation for $7,000 alleged to have
been invested while her son, Marshell
Black, was acting as its secretary.
Black is now serving a 10 year term
in San Quentin prison for embezzle
House 0. X.'s Churchill
Plan to Muzzle Navy
WASHINGTON. Dec. B.—The house
today, 314 to 11, passed the Hensley
resolution approving the suggestion
of Winston Churchill, lord admiralty
of Great Britain, that all nations sus
pend for one year their naval con
struction program
Wharfinger Garcia
Accused of Plot to
Graft Harbor Money
Civil Service Commission Charges
Official Sought to Arrange
Split With Collector
A. complaint charging Wharfinger
Frank F. Garcia with dishonesty was
issued today by Charles Wesley Reed,
president of the state civil service
commission at the instance of the
state harbor commission.
It is charged that in March and
April Garcia approached Frank De
mju tint, collector for the harbor
board, with the proposition that De
martini withhold 1200 a month from
his collections and divide the money
equally with Garcia. Demartini re
ported the matter to his superiors.
Garcia has 10 days in which to file
a reply and 30 days to appear for a
Suicide Describes
Progress of Death
Fumes as He Dies
"Have Done; Thirty Minutes; Sink-
ing," Reads Note Found by
Side of Berkeley Man
William Francis Macomber. 54 years
old. kept a sort of suicide's diary last
night when he ended his life with gas
at his home, 1600 Milvia street, Berke
He connected a rubber tube with
the open gas jet and placed this in
his mouth. He left the windows part
ly open so that the gas would escape
and not be detected In the house.
Then he wrote on a bit of paper the
words. "6 p. m., goodby. W. F. M."
On the paper lie inscribed again,
"6:30; have done; 30 minutes; sinking:
best for all that 1 will pass out. Will."
His widow found him dead.
Trail of Oil Lands
Glazier in Arson Net
Fire Marshal Towe today arrested
Ralph Roy Patterson and lodged him
in the city prison on a charge of
Patterson, a glazier, is accused of
having set fire to the cottage which
he occupies at "33 Duncan street and
an adjoining house at 739 Duncan
street, owned and occupied by J. F.
C. Harrold. The latter was asleep
when the fire started in his home at
5:30 o'clock yesterday morning.
Towe found a trail of paper and
kerosene in Patterson's home leading
from the front bedroom througYi the
hall to a closet and then to the
Prince Loses Suit;
Creditors Get Bonds
WASHINGTON. Dec. B.—Prince
Douis de Barn, who married Miss Wi
nans, a daughter of Ross Winans,
Baltimore millionaire, lost his suit in
the supreme court today to prevent
his creditors taking $190,000 in bonds
held by him as guardian of his two
children. The bonds were attached
for the prince's deots. He claimed
they were exempt from execution.
M:D. Picks Crocker's
Berries; Under Arrest
Dr. Richard L. Oehsner. a physician
living at Eighteenth and Guerrero
streets, San Francisco, was arrested
in Hillsborough this morning for
picking Christmas berries on the Tem
pleton Crocker estate. He will be
tried in the Hillsborough court to
night. A dozen persons have been
arrested this season in Hillsborough
for the same offense
LOS ANGELES. Dec. B.—As the cul
mination of what she terms "recent
dramatic domestic disturbances," Mrs.
Richard Ferris, better known to play
goers as Florence Stone, announced
here today that she intended to start
immediate action for divorce from her
husband, Dick Ferris, actor, manager
and soldier of fortune.
Florence Stone has been appearing
in various stock companies of this city
for some time past and has been a
great favorite.
In San Francisco, where she ap
peared in stock many times, it was
ascertained that her husband always
had been very attentive and the
couple was looked upon as a very de
voted one.
Ferris gained a great deal of no
toriety recently through a scheme to
take over a section of Lower Cali
fornia with the intention of forming
a new republic and declaring himself
dictator. The scheme fell through
and Incidentally involved Ferris in a
tangle with the United States gov
ernment. He was alleged to have
violated the neutrality laws by his
activity during the Mexican revolu
Previous to her marriage to Ferris
Miss Stone was the wife of Melbourne
Macdowell and the pair starred for a
long season prior to 1906 in the old
Grand opera house in San Francisco.
Prosecution Rests
In Coulson Trial
The prosecution in the trial of A. R.
Coulson, on the charge of murder,
rested at 11.55 o'clock. A recess was
taken until 2:30 o'clock this after
noon, when the defense will begin.
Detective James Gallagher testified
this morning under cross examination
in the Coulson case that Mrs. Kate
Gallagher, who is closely identified
with the case, told him she thought
she heard Coulson's voice when the
shots were fired that killed two men
and wounded her. Gallagher was one
one of the officers who arrested Coul
son and secured evidence.
Husband Gets Million
from Wife's Estate
The decree of final distribution in
the estate of Mrs. Agnes Howard
Hayne. society woman of San Mateo,
who died in Italy July 12, 1912, was
filed in Redwood City today. The
entire estate valued at about $1,000,000
is given to Duncan llayne. the hus
band. Although the daughter. Agnes
M. Hayne. is not named by the bene
ficiary, it is understood that she will
be cared for by her father.
Smiling, She Pleads
Not Guilty to Killing
Smiling and appearing in the best
of moods, Leah Alexander, charged
with killing J. D. Van Baalen, pleaded
not guilty to the charge of murder
before Superior Judge Dunne this
morning. The case was continued one
week, to be set for trial.
VALLE.TO, Dec. S.—Robert W. Burns,
a local blacksmith, lias filed affidavits
to start the recall of Commissioners
George H. Warford and W. P. Blake
of thU alt-
B.—Four government secret service
men were assassinated here today.
They were sent here to investigate
reports that the railroad shopmen
were planning to join the rebels.
All were killed in different parts of
the city.
MEXICO CITY, Dec. B.—General
Huerta's family has fled from the
capital. They are on their way to
Manzanillo, a port of the Pacific
coast. The flight of Huerta's family
indicates that the dictator realizes
the end of his regime is near and
that he can not withstand the com
bined assaults of the Zapatistas and
the Carranzaistas.
They left Ist night on a special
train, but the departure did not be
come known until noon today. All
traveled in a single car, with the win
dow binlds drawn down tightly,
according to railroad officials who
superintended the arrangements.
A military train was blown up by
the rebels north of Iguala, state of
Guerrero, today, ami all the train
crew killed. It is believed a number
of soldiers were killed.
It is believed the Huertas will gc
to Japan. Huerta is still at the pal
ace this afternoon. It is reported
the wife begged Huerta to flee also.
General Castro's federals are en
gaged in a battle with a large force
of Zapatistas 26 miles from here be
tween Contreras and Ajusco. The
fighting is going on near Tresmarias.
Zapata's soldiers began a general ad
vance on the capital at dawn and
made good progress, when they were
met by the federals dispatched from
here. As the rebels advanced they de
stroyed the railroad.. Reinforcements
Joined Zapata's men today, coming
from Pueblo Guerrero. The revolu
tion waged by Carranza and Zapata
has developed into a race between the
latter's bandit force and the constitu
tionalists for the honor of taking the
Mexican capital. There is a growing
fear that the city within a few hours
will see looting and killing in the
Assurances were given the Mexican
government that it will be able to se
cure a loan in France, according to
reports circulated here today by of
ficials close to Huerta. It is intimated
by them that before Senor de la Lama,
minister of finance, left here he had
been told he would have no trouble
arranging for a loan in Paris.
EL PASO, Dec. S.—And still the
refugees are on the desert. At the pre
sidio there is a tense feeling of un
rest among the hundreds of Ameri
cans who have waited days for the
coming of the caravan from Chihua
hua. They are being restrained by the
military from organizing and going to
the rescue. It is thought that General
Mercado Is holding the refugees vir
tual prisoners to bring about interna
tional complications, as was the case
In Cuba when citizens were herded
In concentration camps, the horror of
which brought war.
Were they not being held it is safe
to say they would have been on Amer
ican soil. The bullion caravan on 16
wagons, which for a time traveled
with the refugees, reached the Pre
sidio in safety Sunday. The bullion
is valued at $740,000 and was carried
in the wagons.
Fighting between the main body of
Villa's army and the federals under
General Mercado is believed In prog
ress at Chihuahua City.
PHESIDIO, Tex., Dec. B.—The mys
terious troop movement just over the
international line indicates another
fight on the border is imminent, and
has caused much activity in trie
United States military circles today.
The I'nited States army outpost just
north of Presidio reported the pres
ence of more than 100 Mexican cav
alrymen, believed to be federals, who
are moving upon Ojinaga. Shortly
afterward firing could be heard.

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