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al news.
Morning, Feb. 13.
ilTl cb to Subscribers.
Lraonis authorized to receive
money tor The
M e undefined.
v/. L Eagleson,
flieconn try i* faf *»
Mv gentle reader:
%or a'leadbr.”
gereral more new subscribers,
nereis room for millions more.
Several person* joined the A. M,
£ church last Sunday night.
PMDell-be of the anvil—is “not a
o ar local declines to see that young
, jjjy who lent the note. Thid is leap
The jury in the Richardson damage
iaitwpunst the K. P. IL R; rendered
nerdictiibplaint‘tf’6 fav’or for $2OOO.
«Tto village blacksmith” opposes
ike Colored Convention.
Several interesting letters will be
toad on the outside pages of this
week’s Hekai.d. Read them, and let
shear from you.
Mt Donnell in declaring that be is
•tot a leader” may cause surprise on
theptrio’some, but the major por
mof oar people have known that
bettor 10, these many day s.
If you wantio gain «o me idea o‘
wthedd thing works.” read the
lilies healed ‘‘Hell’s Broke Loose
ia Gtorgh?
Mlioaccuted Dounell o.f being a
isadei ?We see he hurls insinua
tion tnck with scorn.
* rhooctihtMUav me did it;
Nerirshuenotihy gory i ucks al »
Jin. /Mael Moopins died last
Wwd w*4 buried Saturday, bv
of Libertv. of which
*Wie was a member.
lO3 Kansas avenue an °
land list of
C. L. deRxNDAMi®,
Real Estate, agt.
10'5 Kansas ave.
J? 8 ’ 1 * “white gentlemen? when
the colored churches of this
Mo»dd learn that they are at
’-P’crod m behave decently
the house or God.
lb. Mvoni. (he Shite,
**k«k.-1 •" 0BIi ” for ho him
'Jue? 8 C °“' , ' ry Wi "
or Mi ?Biasippi
L mile, from , he ci .
F»w’h 7° ,hc ‘'SO'”’
IS i’,* 1 ; 0 r rch -’ °-‘ c
e yet seen
f Or .n ,
K Cnee °” °" T!,ir ‘'’ '
l""’ *».■£?";• L ? ne ’ Nor,hi
Filn Monroe,
r BtJC »*«nan, Lincoln
I Uli on .
■ ’L. deßivitAMiE,
g Reni Estate agent.
B iQuKansas A vv ( IlU{ ,
f ° r ,hi ‘ p-p'o
r*Ct.M. . A LEa DER.” The
K? l,0 “ '’ill meet “ahe
Kb? c ? iTed Vol - 1- No.], of
F A<Jvoc »‘e, another
Ru. y /p Paper » published in
■ ' Q WlS \ ,he eut erprise
l pr °Prieior e °* P eard ia editor
welconie ibe
| ur exchange list.
Ed. Mathews has a gray hound that
' he was offered S6OO for.
Don’t fail to register, or you can’t
He asks every one he meets wheth
er they read his article in the Capital.
Vain man.
Col. W. D. Alexander of Shawnee
county, would make a splendid pre
siding officer for the State Senate.
Every body should go to the Opera
House Monday and Tuesday nights,
reb. IG and l.th and see the fun.
_dr. VF. IL Hickerson was refused
admission to a business college at
Lawrence, v short time ago. This
don’t speak very well for the histori
cal city of Kansas.
Keep perfectly still, and you wil
hear something through The Herald
next week, that will astonish the old
est inhabitant’ Dull expose of the
whole affair.
Lpwis Adams has come to grief.
Wyric’s money was found in his pos
session. and he now spends his idle
moments in jaiL We hear a rumor
to the effect that he intends impli
cating other persons.
There is an old colored gentleman,
whose name we failed to learn, ly
ing dangerously ill at his home on
6th avenue, East Topeka, who de
serves the attention of some humane
person. lie is a member of the
Methodist church, and desires the
assistance of some one connected
with that denomination.
We were ageeeably surprised ves
terday morning. A gentleman (who
desires Ids name kept from the public)
called at this office, and contributed
liberally toward helping The Herald
along. Header, come thou and do
likewise. We return our thanks and
hope our friend s shadow may never
grow less.
The Past. Officers of the tshawnee
Lodge No, 1923, G. U. O. of O. F
held a meeting last Wednesday even
ing for the purpose ot organizing a
female branch to be known as the
Household of Ku th,. composed of the
wive*, daughters and mothers of Odd
Fellows. M. Doran, W A. St zen.ore
and John Twyman, were elected P.
N. F.
As22lm- emen t*.
There is a rich treat in store for our
amucsement going people, at Costas
(tpera House on Monday and Tues
day evening, Feb. 16 and 17lh, at
which time the world-renowned
Francis M. Ufiner & Co’s Wonderful
Novelty Artists will appear, and give
two performances. They are highly
recommended by the press ot the ci
ties where they have lately visited.
Go ami see them, and viijoy the lun.
Mr. Mason, a boarder at the Over
ton House, got into a dispute with a
gentleman from Mississippi, opposed
to trrsmt’s renomiuati n. which came
near resulting fatally for the gent
from Mississip. Mr. Mason being a
Grant man and in favor of .the Con
vention of Colored Men, attempted
to shoot ye Mississippian, and would
have succeeded had not his little gun
hung fire. Notwithstanding this fact
Donned opposes the ‘•convention of
colored folks ”
Last Tuesday evening while stand,
ingou the avenue waiting for •’some
thing to tu v n up’,’ we saw a young
colored boy approach a while jpntle
man, a»d ask him to contribute a
nickel towaid burying his father, who
had -gone bv the board”. The gen
Hemau asked the bov how long his
father had been dead, b’M the bov
made no reply to this question,
whereupon the gentleman assured
him if be could keep Lis father a few
days more, he would -assist in bury
ing Lis him, and walked oil
We accosted I he boy. and succeeded
in finding out from him that he lives
on First street; that his father has
been dead for some time, .and that
his mother sends I im out to beg for
nickel-', which are used in buying
provisions for the house. Now, we
have traced this matter home, and
know the family, and should thia
thing occur again we shall publish
the names of the cbilds parents.
Thore is no need of any one beg
ging in Topeka, and nuisances of this
kiud must and shall be Abated.
. )
Proceedings as 3Zeard by tke
Ilan Dueler the Bed,
The reporter for The Herald hav
i’lo wind of an intended meeting
of the Chewing Gum Club, which
took place Tuesday night, succeeded
in bribing one of the members to
conceal him in some portion-of (he
house that he might be enabled to
give to our thousands of readers this
morning the deliberations of that fair
assembly. He (our reporter) was
concealed under a bed in the room
wheie the club met, and his situation
can better imagined than described.
Promptly at the appointed hour
the President, Miss A. ctiled the
meeting to order, and declared as
there was no one present “to molest
or make them afraid,” they would
proceed to business.
Miss J. ottered a resolution in
structing the treasurer to purchase
enough gum to run the meeting,
which resolution received the hearty
approval of ail present.
The Sweet Singer of Kansas was
appointed a committee to visit the
nearest “gummery” and.purcbase the
necessary quantity of the article so
essential to the happiness of the
Mi a s s objected to the above on
the ground that she thought the
money in the trea-«ry should be used
in giving a leap ye.*r party.
As-the members were entirely out
of gum. Miss S-s. move fell still born,
so ’o speak.
Ir. jiue time the Sweet Singer re
turned with the necessary gum, and
happiness was depicted tipon the
countenances of art present, save the
reporter In a few moments the
walls presented a picturesque and
animated scene. Here and there
could be seen the shadow of some
t;<ir one’s jaw working with the ra
pidity ot lightning. During this
“chewing levee,” which lasted some
time, silence reigned supreme, and
our reporter was compelled to hold
his breath to avoid being unceremo
niously bounced. He praved that a|
mouse might appear and brake that ,
silence, but he (the mouse) came not; ;
nothing could be heard except the!
tick"’of the clock, which brought to
the minds ot the members that the
“night was growing old ’ and had
already readied that hour when
“graveyards vawn ” It was probiblv
this thought atone that caused them
to huddle together in the middle ot
the room, which gave our reporter
a clear, view of all that was going on.
Here Miss 11. arose f Heaven pre
serve her) and moved th At the chew
ing cease for half an hour, which
mote, with some reluctance, was car
The President in attempting to re
move the piece ot gui« from her
mouth came near dislocating that
member which is vulgarly called her
•jaw.” By the aid of a little camphiro
her life was saved.
The Fn siitent appointed a commit
tee of five on resolutions. who made
the following report :
Wkeuzas, Information having ;
reached this ciub that certain mem
bers have on divers occasions di- |
vulged the secrets Gf this club, to:
persons who are not members; there
fore. be it
Resolved, That any member who
shall di.ulge the proceed i ng- of any
meeting ot this club shall bo expelled
ami her supply of gum “cut off.”
Mii? 11. objected to the above, but -
her moved was “nipped in the bud,” •
and the resolution adopted.
The committee on leap year party
retired and chewing was resumed.
The committee made th* following
report :
Wher-cas. There exists among the
young men of this city a dispasition
to hold themselves aloof of our sex ;
Whereas. In order (hut a closer and
more ailectiouAtc relation may be |
I established between the members of
. tins chib and the young gentlemen of
our city, we recommend the boldine
ot a leap year party; therefore, be h
Resolved, That in order to make
this party what it should be, that
each member be assessed $1 35.
And be it further resolved, That
°. f the party any mem
her of this club shall have the undis
puted right to devote her entire time
to any one young man, and any mem
ber who shall disturb another while
enjoving this right, shall be fined $25
as such disturbance may be instru
mental in breaking oft* a match.
The above resolutions were adopt
ed amid great enthusiasm.
Miss J. moved to adjourn, but this
motion was lost.
Miss M. moved that all gum now
on hand bo equally divided among
the members.
this motion was carried with a
jell, and the joy of the members
knew no bounds.
Joy unspeakable! Rapture sweet!
The motion to adjourn prevailed, and
if was long after the “wee sma ho urs’
when our reporter wrapped his mar
tial cloak around him and laid down
to dream of gum am] “sich.”
is*>£Bsso.ii t vi rao.'w.
Rev. B. F. Watson returned to his
home in Kansas City, last Sunday.
Rev. Rut us Sparks, of Baxter
Spring-, cailed to see, us Saturday
la-t. Ho renewed his subscription,
ami accepted the agency of Ths Hrr
ald at that point.
Mr. Lank Morehead, of St. Paul,
Minn , is in the city, the guest of Mr.
I. J. Gates lie is well pleased with
Mr. Dennis Jackson, chief bugler of
the 10th colored cavalry, passed
through our city Thursday on his
wav home. He paid us a pleasant
Our friend B F. Williams leaves
lor the South tomorrow, with the in
'ention of bringing his family to Kan
Mrs. Virginia Matthews, of Fort
Sill, passed through the city Monday
last en route to Baltimore. She goes
hither for the benefit ot her health.
Rev. J. F. Thomas left yesterday
for Kansas City.
Mr. E. 11. Carr, is lying danger
ously ill at. his home in North To
Our esteemed coietnporary, the
Christain Recorder, will issue a dailv
edition during the session ot General
Conference ot the A. M. E. church
which meets in B*. Louis in Ma/
next, of which denomination the Re
corder is the acknowledged organ. I<
is thought this conference will be
composed of the grandest assembly of
intelligent colored men that ever met
in this country.
Improved and unimproved farms
near Topeka, in Shawnee and Wa
baunsee counties, on easy terms ot
payment *it
R al Estate agt,
10G Kansas aye.
[rsTAF.LmiED ix 1852.’
202 & iOi Quincy Si rep I btdth, £ Cth.
Under the Firm Name of
V»’e »-e ininn*irtnr:c» 311 Styks pf CtrrU/e*. Hiifrrir*. Fbttofli, Three r>n»
and I’la’for.s tfa?'».i% an I mtke a *peci*Uy of tracM w*»rk. our •kelrton wagon
*»d * iff of toe tno»l approved pattern*. Hating a nklllrd vr< rtrntn ia was
d-pirtai-nt. ?.< t-*<»N ucr in r<KK»Ties*. * •» f- el cnRiS i-nt tn goaka.n r amlmw •alt»i*
tinn. Kepainbx do.u- >tro optly. Weareafwo afenU for the C-l L> ateU JatiH
»euU lor car Hlu-tr ited an 1 •«ieet what Will Fott. tb*n un
tn u* for more definite draeriptiou aI pnca. Liberal reducL.ut. made to h»«
m *n. Kaalern pr»r«*« dgphcaiad (frelgil aIJA-u C orraaponaacea iciwertJ wi
©nt delay. ▲<aro«a T
J. A. POILI Y A < o-
Tovrll, ku».
» w* ** ■
M e do not receive postage
stamps in payment for sub
r scription to The Herald.
' Send money order at our
1 expense. IV’e have a supply
ot stamps on hand now.
doxen fresh ** Hindman's
~i<> Kansas Avenue’ 12 ! « cents ner
doien, ' 1
Exodus Lodge No 2021 G U O of O
F. me sts at their hall every Thurs
day eve at eight o’clock corner of
Sixth and Kansas ave. Ail Old
ietlovv in good standing are invited
J. E. Twitty, N. G.
Al. W. Over ton, P. 8.
TVVITTY—SCOT I’—ln this citv,
i Sunday, Feb. Bih, 1880. by the’ Rev.
lyley, Mr. J. E, T witty to Mrs.
Cakrie Scott, all of this city.
We extend our congratulations to
the happy couple, and none their
pathway in this life may be strewn
with the sweetest flowers.
Go to Hindman’s 213 Kansas Ay o
for choice groceries.
A New €?o;il Yard,
J. W. Turner and Rich ird Jackson
have opened a wood and coal yard
<>n 101 U street bet. Kansas ave. and
Jackson, where they will sell wood
and coal in large or small quantities
Give them a call.
Choice New York apples at Hind
mans, 243 Kansas Ave.
Shawnee Lodge No 1923, G U O of
O. F. meets every Wednesday eve at
half past seven at their hail, cor. 6th,
and Kansas Ave. All Odd Fellows
in good standing are invited.
H. Hay, N G.
W. A Sysemori, P. S.
Dowding—the proprietor of the
Palace meat market, again calls the
attention of the public to nis estab
lishment, and claims to be aide to
fill the wants of all m the wav of
meats, either fresh, salted or dried.
Mr. Dowding by his gentlemanly
manner of treating customers, baa
bu’lt up for hirnseli a good tradi
and he richly deserv**H the success
he is meeting with. Call and see
him, and we know von will tee!
greattul to us for this bit t»f infor
mation. His place ot business is on
Kansas Avenue, 2nd door north of
7lh street.
<J£SIJf&C*£I 2> 3 ««&;<’r«Ht V.
A. al. E. church. Rev. .1 W. Braxton
pastor, 2nd. and M:idiM>n sireets. Servio
ck at 11 o'clock a. in , and 7p. nj sundav
school 2.80, p. in.
2nd Baptist church Rev. J. F. Thomae
pastor. Services at 11 a . tn. and 7p m.
Niaday school at 3 o’clock. Bi and Madi
son streets.
2nd M. E. church R*v T. Merritt
pastor, nn Van Buran i*n<i 15th. Servicing
::t H o'/dork a. tn and 7p. in. Sienday
ecitoul at 9 o’clock a. in.
ConifrciratioMa! church, nn Ktn*is arc
bet. 7ih and 9,h 1>». !)- II srt. pnhr
Services at 11 a. m., and 7 p. in.
Cumberland Presbyterian church on 2nd
and Jackson: Lev L. Fuibriuht pastor.
Services at 11 a. *n., and 7p. in. Sunday
school 2 o’ clock p. in.
Ashbury Chapel. M. E. church north
fopeki. Rev. '«V. o. Lyn« h. pt«tor. Ser
vice* at 3. p. m. and 7 3J. p t i>. Sunday
school at 1 30.
, 4

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