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vol. n. *
CBtICEKIBS, I’lllirniOM, OllilS, tlr., i:ie.
1870. PIONBKRS. 1880.
• Clothing, Hats and Gents’ Furnishing Goods.
Measures taKen for Cnstoi-ffiafle (Mini
jv>ri> satisfaction cjuabantebo.
4 tOLK ACmi R roll
* Bottled Beer.
The Finest Beer in the^HTorhl.
Hai-Uids 8.0‘.s .» te
4Er<*ki.y'j_ Canon City, Colorado.
a _
B. I*. Drab it kr. L. D. Brasher.
Exclusively Jobbers in
Bole for Aurora. Rve auo Bourbon, Aurora, Chicago,
Cincinnati and Ulalx t Milwaukee Derr.
No Croodft St»l<i tit ltetail.
Canon City, Colorado. ~
_ Ss3STcassedy _
line o|**tte«J a Hock «*f
Dy far lit** I.ARtIKST anti KIN!>T Mock ever brought
oA (o tt«* oll> t and at bottom pile i. Wr will corn*
pair with any UaMet u citv in |>ricr«.
m Watch Repairing a Special
KS _ All Kinds cf Repairing Done Promptly an
ffix Warranted.
itSfe - ■*»» Coll and aec mjiuv «»f the New Novrltira.
1 orrrcltime obtained b» lran.it observations.
fwft*** If mail, str.vt, <■««.» f ltr, Colo.
$&, 0 O WOR T II
* or
ar cost
On aiid after ll»U «!.•> f will SKI.I, AT cost the Imistork of CLOTHING
in Ihi* cilv. 1 intend in the future u» handle only
Dry Goods, Hotions, Boots, Shoos, Hats and Caps.
receipt of nil the Inlosl »t\lc* oT Spring am! Summer Good*.
1). «• PEABODY,
wnot.i:a.*i.it i,\u retail dvalxr in
Dry Goods,
Boots and Shoes, ZSats and Caps,
ANY paics.
11*2?' Vfo will not sell good* that we can’t warrant
Everything pertaining to our Hue, except gilt ,rood«. which we will not handle.
RKPAIRIN 0 CHRONOMETERS Quarter and Fifth Seoands.
Nelson & Cornwell.
• * !
The Fremont County Record.
Gen’l Sampson paid the Record a
pleasant call on Monday.
Mr. Jesse Rader is petting ready to
poll uut for the Gunnison.
It is reported that Mr. Ike Stone
will soon return to Canon.
Mr Wm. E. Johnson has been sick
with the quinsy but is out again.
Rev. J. W. Spoor, the Baptist min
ister, left for Silver Cliff on Friday.
Mr. J. A. 11< ok will put in the sum
mer with Mr. Jas. Priusl in the Gum
uison country.
Mr. T. B. Ilenry of Adams Express
company is also agent for the Silver
Cliff and Rosita line.
Prof, Kerr and M-r. F. L. Martin of
Colorado Springs passed through I
town eit route to Silver Cliff
Mr. O. J.‘Hankey was called away
fcudtfenley by a telegram from Lex
ington, 111., announcing the illuc»sof
his father.
(qMr. S. M. Davis of Canon City ha*
bought out the firm of l)avj,s & lin
den and will continue I lie business at
the old stand. j
Mrs. G« o T. Conaway and Mr. and
Mrs. Van It. Elliott took the stage on
Thursday fora visit to Mr. and Mrs.
Low thcr in Wet Mountain Valley.
Mr Geo. Whitman started ou Turfi
day for his former home at Albert j
Lea, Minn. Uc expects to return j
with his wife and family iu a short i
Wo are pleased to report Mr. Me- j
Kinney of the Prospect, who came 1
from Silver Cliff to recruit hi* health
ha» recovered *ulHlently to be ou*
Mr. Rudd's ton has had a severe
time of it ««itli the measles. Besides
turning the color of a Utt his skin is
pealing off in price* as large a* a sil
ver dollar.
| Mr. E. R. Coppt, clerk at EugScman
A* Co's, store, was taken sick very
i suddenly this week with pneumonia
| uud but Ik:la hopes arc culertaiued
of his »t covery.
Mr. Ja*. Priest expects to stirt for
G u u 11 ' * on City on Monday, Msv 10th,
i r.Uvi will take enough saddle ponies
, and wagons to carry cighteeu passen
gers and their baggage.
Mrßam'l. Bradbury and wife and
Mr. U. A. Bradbury and wile will
leave oti next we-k for Gothic.
I >r. J M. Bradbun and wife will fol
low about the middle of May.
Mr. J. F. Rogers returned on
Wednesday from M al i en. Mo , where
.he hud gone to visit his mother, lie
1 reports having been iu one storm ia
I Missouri, the bail stones of which
weighed three ounces each.
Mr. C-. F. Stiles, who arrived this
week with his* wile, has succeeded
Mr. Adams us agent for Barlow,
; Sanderson A Co. Mr. and Mrs. Stiles
t will hardly have an opportunity to
j get acquainted before the olhcc will
\ be moved to tfic t ml of the track
Mr. C. M. Frazier of Salem. lowa.
; l a-* been spending a few days in town
lie is j rincipal of the Pilot Grove
' academy, one of the best educational
institutions of its kind in that Stutc.
! 'I here is an effort on foot to secure
j Frazier a« superintendent of our
j school, which wc think would be a
| good move, for if wo have a first class
, building we should have a school
(worthy of it or else tho mouc) is
; throw n away.
Mi** Amelia Raaf, a very estimable
young lady, who has bccu conurrtcd
with Field Loiter & Co’s, establish
ment iu Chicago, has come to Canon
City for her health. She is making
her home with Mr. and Mrs. I). G.
Peabody, and already fiuds our cli
matc doing her mere good than any
mediciuc she ever took. We trust she
may be beuoOlted by her stay iu
Colorado and that her cure may be
both speedy audq imuncut.
The following are the arrivals at
the Boyd House this week :
F. B. Stewart. Ft. Madison, Iowa;
P. Eaten, Denver; A. G. Barrett.K*. ;
F. Nl. Clarke, Boone, Ia ; ,J. H. Sut
ton and family, W. L. Grab «in, Pa. :
G. A Mcßride, Phiht.; H. W. lio.lg
, es, Cottonwood, Colo,; C.H. Posberg,.
Pliila. ; Win. llassiek, Me.; A. 1.
j Parker, 11. Muddy, Dead wood ; 11.
Muttlc, Leavenworth; J v E. Lee.
j Chris. Con, Uatc*vi!lc, Ark.; H. W.
| Davis, Ctt'.oway, Wis.; G. F. Smith
| and wife. Win.; Fred Roberts, «).
Barrett, Silver I'lifl ; 11. Harrison, J
\V . Thompson, Virginia City ; A. 11.
Bartlett, Oak Creek ; M. Dunn, Wau
kesha, \VD.; F. Law ion, Pontiac, 111 ;
Cltaa. Rvtiius, J. I)vrr, (». Camion.
Chicago; C. Gilbert, !•oiiisrille; L
Kingsbury and wife, J. liuckimistcr
aud wife, Colo.
Chieftain: A free excursion to
the Grand Carton at an early day
rumor says wi I soon be given to the
people of South Puublu in recogni
tion of her firm stand iu favor of the
plucky little narrow gauge iu the
rail-os'! wm-.
Virginia republicans have declared
for Grant.
Blaine's friends claim 140 votes in
Ohio already igiard from.
Four victims of the Madison square
trarden accident in New York City
have died.
Ohio republicans have declared for
Sherman. Arkansas aud South Car
olina for Grant.
A colored woman dieiL in "Wash
ing ton the other day . vyho.s said to
have beeu 117 years of ago
The general estimate for the repub
lican delegates to Chicago from Geor
gia is eight for Blaine, eigsl for Sher
man aud six for Grant.
The arrival of laimigra>,«s at*. Cas
j tie Garden, New York, lor the week i
I ending April 28th was 16,2~»3, aud for j
the mouth 33,800.
Senator Iliil of Colorado made an j
able speech in in the-Senate on ih>*j
26th of April in favor of a mint ii. |
An order parsed by the privy conn- !
iil of Canada, prohibits the imporia \
tion or introduction info the provin- i
«-es of Ontario, New Bruns- j
n ick. Nova Scotia and Prince Ed- j
wards I-laud of meat cattle nud swine (
I from tin* Uni*States. Cattle and j
j swine are, however, permitted to eu- ;
j ter Caua in b »ud uudor strict reg- j
j nhitious.
! Last Sunday another terrible cy- ,
; clone visited the Mississippi Valley. ‘
! carrying death ami destruction with
lit. At Macon. Mississippi, it struck
; the northern portion of the city,
j sweeping everything to the ground.
• killing eighteen persons outright and
wounding forty others. Several ot j
the dead bodies were horribly muti
lated. In Tennessee, at Bceherd and j
Paint Rock, tlie destruction was also
great qn I there was some lo** of life, i
Ashland, Farmer City, Kankakee, j
Tax iorvillc and other towns in iili .
nois suffered severely. E»itu«£s:ii
near Taylorville was the storm' ttr- j
rific, crippling hundreds of cattle
| hogs, sheep, etc aud killing r\i\u\.
There was also some loss of human
< life and several wounded. The hur
; ricaue extended even into fatifda.
i ami at Oakville, Ontario, the wind,
i blew with great force, unroofing 1
, m.-iuy building* ' an.i d\nug oiiiei'
f 'TJie San Juan bank will leave Pe! J
Norte about May Ist and locate at j
The State Board of Equalization
I have finished their railroad u»sesa- j
incuts. The apportionment to Fro
; moot county is as it was upon Dc
I cember 31st, last, aud amounts to
&23-t 1 10-«.55.
Times: Senator Jone-*’ com
pany have shipped their machinery
, from Alamosa to Itico, paying twelve
and a half cents per potin t freight
IThe freighters are to bn Id the road
from the B g Bend into Rvo.*
.John J. Hoover wa* lynched in
Pairplay on the n : ght cf April iSth,
for the murder of a man named Bon
net, in 1879. He had just plead guil
ty to manslaughter and had been sen
tenced to eight years iu the peuitcu
j tiary. \
| Judge Ilnllett rendered his decision
l in the toll graph cases before him to
the effect that Western Union linos,
j passing over the Kansas Pacific and
j I>< nver Pacific railroads, which were
; taken possession oT by tiie American
j Union company, should be restored
! to the former eoinpatiy.
I'rßuena Vista Times: The Arkan
sas, Colton wood & Created Huttos
; Railroad Company is the name of a
■ new organization lately formed in
j Philadelphia, Peun.. for the purpose
of building a railroad into the bun
nison by wnypf the south fork of the
t ,’ot »on wood/
i Denver Tribuno: Judge Bowen
t i-d.iy (April Ctith) granted an injunc
j lion in favor of the Denver and Rio
itiramli* radroa i against tiie Atchison,
; Topeka and fcsiutii Fe, restraining; the
i hitter from crossing the right of way
of the Denver and Rio Guuidc be
ta eon Pueblo and the U< . Hanks.
No trouble is apprehended.
Siltcr World: Fallowing wore
utnotig the inciilciiis of the snow
blockade this winkr and the conse
quent shortage aud high price of.
provisions: Milverton people ob
tained beefsteaks from Del Norte by
imiil; flour was s'2s per hundred in
Kieo and sls in Ourni ; tallow dips 1
sugar ami meat were at a premium
In Ournv, and spring wrftor and fire
wood a luxury iu dilvertou. }
? Denver Tribune: Governor P’lkiu
Inis appointed Mr. R, M. Stevciisou |
as his private seeretarv. Mr. die-'
vensou bus held a \ romincut position ,
oil the Pueblo Chic Rein and waft a
personal friend ot his predt QttSor,
Mr. The apnolutiiici.t D re
garded at uu excel lent cue and will
uo doubt give satisfaction through- ■
out the State, at well as to those di
The Mendelssohn Quintette Club.
Canon City has aright tube proud,
and her music loving citizens delight
ed, over the of last night’s con
cert. Many of our citizens who have
lived for years in the cast declare it
tc have been the best entertainment
they ever had the pleasure of attend
ing. It is impossible for us to give n
report of the diff-irent pieces that
w ere snug by that queen of song, Miss
Abide Carrington, or of the instru
mental pieces which were as near
perfeetion ns auv thiug could be im
agined, as we went to press imme
diately after the coin-crt ended, hut
each of the well-paid audience will
for years to come, sound the praise
of this well-known Quintette. To
night there will be nu entire change 1
• of programme and we feel certain !
! that every sect will agaiu be secured j
some lime before the curtain rises.
| We congratulate the peopled Canon j
; upon having received such :i musical ;
treat, ami the troupe upon favoring j
■ us with such exquisite music and al- j
h'i Mess. J as. Peabody, Lewis and i
Peckli.-ini,with being the direct means
; of accomplishing both of the above
. objects.
A Clean Town.
j Through the effort* of Mayor Boyd
i and the city council, assisted by Mess.
J Sell and Frazier, we have succeeded
in getting our town in a cleaner condi
j lion than was ever before known.
| Each of the streets and alleys have
I been carefully scraped atuf the tilth I
-hauled away in wagons; but the!
j work is only begun! It is now for
! our citizens to help to keep it so, and
not do as has been th<* rule—throw ■
into the alleys all kinds of tilth, in
eluding even the manure from stables j
uml cow sheds. If we were to give)
the uaines ol some of our busiuess
, men and prominent citizens who have
j been guilty of such dirty tricks it
i would surprise every one, except
| tlieir neighbors. We beg and plead,
that such acts are not repeated, bus
it no heed i> taken to our prayer it
will then be necessary for the city
council to puss an ordinance that will
•over liie case and see that it is en
forced, or, if they don’t want to hurt
any body’s feeling*, hire enough wag
ons and men to haul the tilth away a*
fa*** as good citizens can throw it into
* the streets slid alleys. There would
only be one object hm to the latter.
| plan and that would be the taxes
I which necessarily* would be increased.
! or the town left in debt.
Do Young-Kallock.
Ti c cuitnimiliou of the shooting of
j Kcv. (?) I. Kallock by Charles Dc !
Young iu San Francisco just before ,
i lie mutiicipil election last fall, wheu
Kallock iv dieted Mayor, occurred '
!at about the hour of 8 |>. in. on the
24th ot April, at which time I. M
Kallock, son ot' I. S., entered the of- j
• lice of the Chronicle newspaper, of!
which lie Young was proprietor, ami
j drawing a revolver fired live shuts at
De Young, one of which severed his
jugular vein killing him almost in*
1 stantly. The causes leading to the
1 shooting "f Kallock, Sr. by De Young
and the killing of the latter by Kal-I
luck. Jr., il ite back to some years ago :
* Khcii an liiclc appeared in a San
Fmucisco paper exceedingly abusive
| of the chat .cterot Do Young’s mother
ami sister, and which was read before
a large assemblage by Kallock last
tall ; uml al*o to the appearance in
that city, of late, of a pamphlet giv
ing a history of Kallock *.s performau
, an ccs in the east some years ago when
i he played the part of the revercud 1
| libertine in Uistmi slid *iher cities.
'The younger Kallock was probably
j inspired with a sense of vindicating -
j his family honor, and beiug tilled
i with ti e bad biood of his father, j
knew ol no other way than to appear
|in the role ol the as.-as.-in. The wrlt
ior of the article knew, several years
ago in Lawrence, Kansu-, both of the
lvallocks, and the young man was
. then a quiet, unassuming, slender ami
' rather good looking youth, reticent
in society, with many friends and tew
| enemies, Attending strictly io his bus
iness ami. withal, of a rather dreamy
i nature. Hut for the influence of Ins
| lather he would never havu gained
| the terrible notoriety of avenging a
| family honor so unenviable as that
widen cliugs, slimy and nauseating to ‘
j Ids name. To say the least Hte name ‘
| of Dc Young was sy iioiiyiii<>us with
j uiiscrupulousuc»s.KeUi»hnes> aud love '
ol power to do injury, and lie. togeth
er with Kearney and Kallock, Old as
: much as any other mail to give s*u
Francisco its wretched name for law
lessness uml debauchery. It is u tit-
I ling tribute to the sand-lot commit- i
i iiisui of tlint city that the fatal eliding
of the disgraceful quarrel should have !
hern committed by one of their mini
her, and with De Young dead, Ihcj
younger Kallock in jail, the elder
the verge ol au ignominious Impeach-»
menl and K urnev in the house of i
correction, swoet peace can unco more
reign supreme over that too long .
troubled city.
Rosita Correspoudence.
Editor Record ; I will endeavor
to give you a few points, from a cas
ual observation, in regard to this
camp and its surrounding!*. The min
er is very much unsettled in his mind
in regard to what be proposes to do.
He may have good prospects in his
ten foot hole, but “distance lends en
chantment to the view.** and the Gun
nison, that fabulous ianu where mil
lions arc picked up ou the surface,
trouble* ills dreams stud makes hiiu
discoid eh ted with his present out
look. Resides, irresponsible parties
are going through the county bonding
on speculation ail claims they can gel
their bauds upon, and'if they sell,
well and good, if not, they lose noth
ing and the miner, who wont work
i in ring the penning of ilie sale, has
lost his time. Prospecting' on the
Dutch tin, northeast of town, con
tinues quite lively with a very fair
showing for the amount of work '
done. The Pay well. Bottom Dollar
and Prairie Rose, which ar« deeper j
i hen others, have struck pretty fair,
mineral, carry well in silver and •
some gold. The Havilah Mining Co. j
of Kansas City, arc working more
meii ut.d making more improvements j
than any company in the surround
ing country. (/They have started a
town on the hill above Bajssickyille
and arc fast finishing one of the most
substantial hotels iu the county/? The
Missouri lutiuel, the property they
arc now developing, is in over two
hundred and fifty !*••«» wivti a winze*
eighty leet ifoep. Ou sule the mouth j
; of the tunnel they are sinking a very |
j expensive shaft, nicely timbered, i
1 which is now down near one hundred .
l feet, ami from which they intend ruu- j
| niug a level under the tuunel, strik- !
ing the winze. They will have their
engine and bolster up in a few days.
Speaking of machinery, it is aston
ishing how rapidly the old whim is
being superceded by steam power,
and now the sound of the whistle is ;
heard iu ilia land (rom all points of i
the con pass, telling us i hat capital j
has lakcu hold and that deep mining, !
so essential to this camp, is about to j
commence. The Fraulciiu, Dertgo ;
and Nemcha. near the Bassick, are I
working a full lorcc of men. The
former company are sinking on their |
ih*w strike, sacking ore, and from 1
preseut indications it seems to widen
i out with prospects of being n tremen
dous body ol mineral. The Nemelia
is a tuunel running into the hill abmg
j side of ami parallel to the Bassick.
| She has a boulder formation ami is
now taking oil l good looking selcuile.
I The Leavenworth,Chieftain and E*-t
1 Laviaitiau belong to a eouipany ot ;
I IMieladelphia capitalists under the;
! management ol Mr. Donuetly. They ■
t have steam bolsters oil ail, aud have
; recently opened up on the former
i property a veiu of gray copper, eigh-
I (ecu inches wide, ruuniug from oue
! hundred to twenty-two liuuJrcd
' ounces. They have a large amount
of high grade ore ready for shipment
' iri tu their mines, and wlicu they
S commence to put iu the market there
; will he a very material di fie re nee in j
! I he out-put of this camp. From pres
ent indicationt in the Leavenworth,
and if site continues to hold oui. she
will uudouhtediy be the best miue in
, Southern Colorado. One good result
has happened from Mr. Donnelly's ud
veut into this cainp. He and his
. company are here expressly to work
property aud take out aud sell the
I mineral contained in them. Such
people deserve the gratitude of all
who are interested in the welfare of
our mines, whilst wo should not lies
: itate to condemn and denounce the
inuliifcrous fraud* that are collecting
together prospect holes and stocking
; t hctu at millions.
Su«» Rosa.
A Big Strike on Game Ridge.
Wo sco by & long article in the Sil
.cr Cliff Miller, that Mr. Carl Wul.'
<teti has m.i lo sonic very valuable
.strike* of horn silver iu his Game
Uidgc mints uear ltosita. Mr. Wul
sten lias always pmlirtod that thou:
was rich inim ral in *h s locality, and
s>> positive was he of it that he l>o ml- r
cd aiul bought a number of claims in ,
that vicinity ami he i> now reaping i !
reward for his faith and »' n esight.
i C.AII Injunction was **e**v etl by Ucp* j
uty Sheriff Frazier, which was a-ked J
tor by the 1). a; It. I« . U\ . to enj in .
the A., 1\ & 6 F. U. It. from building 1
their broad gitage track, between j
Ihieblo and l anon, within twenty-!
live feet of the center line of the uar- ’
row guage truck. Both parlies gave ;
houds and the work goes on without |
any delay or anticipation of trouble.
llt is only iu a very lew places aud
hut short distances wlo ro t!»c two
tracks come so near together.
Las Animus Leader: *>u Wctloee
**da\ Itcv. J. How man received from
Fioronco, Col., a hive »»f acclimated j
Italian bees. E. It reeaivod j
Ist hhss tt tbt m s. M *
yo. is.
M. E. Sunday School Concert.
TheMcthodist church was crowd
ed last Sunday evening to listeu to a
1 concert given by the Sunday School
lu behalf or the missionary cau*c.
The programme was varied and in
teresting. Essay# "were read by Mrs.
Gardner, whose theme was “India;**
by Mias Shultz, who told of “China”
mid her teeming millions and by W.
R. Fowler, who Illumined the “Dark
Con tin en»,” showing the possibilities
of a glorious future for Africa and
her sons. Master Charles I'errier
6pokc a humorous declamation about
“Get aud Give.” “2Cot to Myself
Alone’’was the subject of a recitation
by Miss Doud. Bessie Bowlby spoke
i very sweetly a little poem entitled
i ••Alina.” A class of ten girls, under
the supervision of Mrs. Ailing, neat
ly rendered an interesting concert
piece. Miss Mary Ripley told, in
rhyme, of the church spider who
was unmolested because he chanced
to spin Ills web across the contribu
tion box. A reading was given by
Miss Nellie Ailing, the lesson of
which was that as God is never weari
ed by our coming to Ilim for the bles
sings that we need, so we should
uever tire of the demands lie makes
upon us for the advaucemciil of His
cause. All of the exercises were of
a missionary character and were in
terspersed with appropriate singing
by the school and congregation .
Canon City a Dead Town.
Wc hear a certain class ot' men who
never own a dollar's worth of prop
erty :n aU) r»'«■*•«». complain that
Canon City is a dead town. 'These
same men acknowledge when yon
corner them, that there arc a good
many thousand dollars worth of
goods shipped aud sold by our mer
chants every day, and that the resi
dences and store* are all occupied and
noue for rent, but they complain that
there is no cxcilciucut on the streets.
We must acknowledge that the days
of street excitements, drunken men
hauled to jail every live minutes,
ilruukeu women driving around
town, confidence thieves robbing
strangers, etc., arc over, and it is well
;f- r the tow u that it is so. There is
! only one man out of a hundred that
ever makes a dollar out of such
crowds, it looks for awhile as though
everybody was getting rich during
the excitement, but before the “hur
rah crowd*' skips out for the next
railroad terminus town, the holiest
citizens, who felt as though they were
! making so much money, tin l that
j these gamblers and women have be
] come just well euough acquainted to
! get goods on credit, and the amount
; due by them might as well he wiped
j out, as ii ran never be collected. In
; litis way all the profits earned ami
; some oi the capital has been cousigu
-1 ed to the siuKing fund, never to rise
1 again. A few of our short sighted
citizens followed the crowd to Lu
; Vegas, hoping to make up what they
j had lost, or add to what they had
I made, but in nearly every case we
! hear of them as repeutiug of their
• move, having lost all the money they
i took with them, or still worse, liav
| i;ig fallen into the habits of the peo-
I pie out of whom they hoped to grow
rich. Canou Oily to-day, ulthough
1 not a town of excitements, is in as
• prosperous condition us any ton u of
J its size in the State.
The buildings that are being •reel
ed are in many cases being built of
I brick and are of u substantial charae
j ter, and eveu the casual observer cau
l see that the owner iutcuds to remain
j here, aud is putting considerable
money into such luxuries and coui
lorts as grass plats, fruit trees. v dies,
; shade trees*, vegetable garden*, berry
patches, fountains, ei . Beside out
l<audsi»me stone school bouse, a hicU
is nearly completed, we have been
assured that the success of our water
• works is u fixed fact, the delays hnv
! iiig been of a nature that did not
cripple, but rather help the project
all J that before the summer goes by
we will be supplied with water good
enough for any one to drink. Al
i though there are iuuu> C.-nonites who
i expect to try their fortunes iu tins
j Gunnison country this summer, they
i expect not only to winter here them
selves. (which means spending about
I eight mouths in C'anou aud four in
| the mine* but iutcml leaving their
families here, where their wives cau
en*uy the comforts of a home and
tli ir childreu the get benefit of first
class schools.
| The priceless jew el ha* at last been
found—it v\ a* at the bottom of a five
I cent pri/e package.
The rule with some tourists Is* M »ny
i thing you d« n’t see (on lice b ll of
tare) usa for.**
- ■» ■— ■
E. Kalb named nla lathy after the
the Chauceltor of the Uu»»m« empire
because the child got-such-a-eougli.
E Kalb's girl said ho was as good
as pic, and Ibeu qualified the remark
: by adding iu an uuder lone—ticlevV
i apple p\*.

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