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£fjg 3iecor&.
The Only Paper In Canon City or Fre
mont County. Republican in
Ik published every Sntltrdny morning,
Offico. Main street, -• Near Fourth.
One year . f*2.00
Bix months 1.00
Three months f»0
dingle copies ’’’ b c
Display advertisement* 1 inch 1 month Me
Local adv’ts per line per week 5e
Wanted. For Sale. Etc., per line pr wk Tic
Advertising locals in capital letters, do., 10
Legal advertisements 7.'» cents pvr one hun
dred words for the FIRST insertion. 40 cents
per one hundred words for each addition
al insertion. No legal advertisements
counted less than 100 words. If over 100
words only the actual number of words
Tax Lists and Tables $1 per inch of sin
*jcle columns for the Hist insertion, and 50
tents per inch for each additional insertion.
No single advertisement inset tea for less
than 25 cents
Colorado Republican Convention.
The following is thebaßis by coun
ties of the list of dcligftfes who will
sit iu republican convention, in Den-
ver on the 251 h iust., lor the purpose
•of electing ileligatcs to the Chicago
■convention :
Counties Deligatcs.
Arapahoe 32
Bent 3
Boulder 13 »
Chaffee « V
Clear Creek 15
Conejos fl
•Costilla 4
Custer jo
Douglas 4
Elbert 3
El Paso . 10
Freni out 8
Gilpin 12
Grand 3
Gunnison 7
Hinsdale 4
Huerfano 5
Jrtfvmou 7
Lake 34
•La Plata 4
Larimer 5
Las Animas 8
Ouray 5
Park. 7
"Pueblo 7
Rio Grande 4
Routt 1
Saguache 3
Mali Juan 4
Summit 10
Weld 7
lleadq'teks Republican Co Com. )
Canon City, April 20lh, 188 J. \
The members of the Republican
County Committee are requested 10
meet at the McClure House. Canon
City, Thursday, May C»th, at 2 o’clock
p. m. It is hoped every member will
be present.
B. F. Rockafllow.
Chairman Republican Co. Com.
Help Wanted.
For the benefit .of men, women,
girls or boys who are looking for
work, we will publish their adver
tisements free. We do this because
there is no itelligeuce office in our
town, and we feel that anything tlmi
can be done to furnish employment
to those who desire it will be u bene
fit to, not only the one looking for
work, but to the many families and
business men who need help.
Free Meals and Lodging for Tramp
That inveterate nuisance, the dead
broke, blauketlcss, red nose tramp
printer, who ha* enough of the Kear
ney ism doctrine infused into his blood
to believe Tin ttie equal distribution ol
property every time he has spent his
last dollar, has at last come to grief
in our town. Many are the meals
and lodgings that have been wasted
upon this shiftless, lazy multitude,amt
it has been a fruitless study to dis
cover some way by which a small re
turn in work could bo got out of the
aforesaid individuals to partly offset
the expense of feeding. YVu lately
hit upon a plan which works like a
charm, and which any printing office
can rig up at a trilling cost. It is
composed of a chest about the siz»
of an ordinary trunk, iu which we
bave a false top, about an inch or
two deep. This top is tilled with
pied type mixed with considerable
dust and appears ns if it was two
feet deep. When a train), printer ap
plies for a few meals and lodging we
explain to him that we need ihnt lit
tle lot of type sorted and set up, ami
the result is he goes out to tell his
partner that he has found work hui
unfortunately forgets where the Rec
ord office i« located aud fails to find
his way back, borne of these pre
tended printers who try to teach ns
the rules of the “cruft,” one of which
they claim, is that the sober aud in
dustrious printers are expected to
support the drunken, lazy ones, turn
out in some cases never to have
set a typo iu their lives. To such as
these \vc oiler not apple pie but am
ple **pi.”
The South Arkansas Miner, which
be published in Mavsvillc some
time this mouth, asks for our vulti
ablo sheet lo be sent in advance as an
exchange. We think we tumble to
the racket, aud when we call on our
nuw'ueighhor will expect to see the
Recoup occupying a prominent place
—on the wall, keeping the wind from
blowing through the openings be
tween the logs.
The grain warehouse formerly oc
cupied by Mr. Beau ut the old depot,
lias been taken down and put up newr
the new depot just east of Mr. liudd’s
residence. It will be used by Mess.
Megrue L Ferrier, lor tin; Storage ol
their Ip*sin..
The Boyd House was sold to Mr.
A. Ilcfckschcr, of Shenandoah, Pa.
For the first time in Judge Bain’s
experience there has boen no probate
business this term.
There is to be another 100 foot
stone building erected within the
walls of the penitentiary.
Mr. McKissick bought the team and
job wagon formerly owned by Mr.
James Wilson and is doing a good
The ladies of the First Presbyte
rian clius'cli will hold their social at
the rcsideuee of Mr. and Mrs. Henry
Maek. All arc cordially invited to
Warden Megrue is improving the
surrouncitigs of the penitentiary by
building the much needed wall in
frout of his residence, so that ilie
ground cun bo graded and beautified.
Jim Wilson’s relatives hearing ot
Ids reformation have decided to come
to Canon to congratulate him. One
brother Ims already arrived from
lowa, the others will follow iu a few
For every two persons that leave
Canon for the Gunnison, three step
in to take their place, uud thus we
will not only have a lively town Ibis
summer, but will be more overcrowd
ed than usual this lull uud winter
when the snow begius to fly.
Silver CliirProspect lias come
out with the Associated Press dis
patches and enlarged to six columns.
The prospect is now the most wide
awake paper in Custer Co. No daily
amounts to anything without fresh
telegrams, and few dailies cau afford
to pay for them.
The typhoid lever, which was sup
posed to hare been caused iu Deliver
by rotten, wormy sidewalks, is apt t«>
be visited upon Canon City for the
same reason. Many of our sidewalks
arc worn out and in the same condi
tion. It is a matter that our City
Couucil should look after.
Time has shown that to Mr. Draper
belongs the credit of having put down
the best sidewalk ever laid in Canon
City. Those large diamond shaped
flags were never known to cause a
man to stump his toe and think “darn
it ” We would like to see a few
more enterprising property owners
follow suit with flag sidewalks.
On Wednesday Fremont county
\vp.e treated to the first rain since
about the middle of last September.
“It was not much of a 6hower after
all,” but was more than welcome by
cuttle men, ranchmen aud people who
owned gardens or had crops planted.
When the clouds lilted we found our
near neighbors west of us had been
visited b\ a snow storm.
Leadvilie Chronicle: “In Pueblo
there is general complaint about the
little interest people take in divine
service on Sundays. The cause is
probably that they have no truly good
and religious newspaper down there.
Here in Leadville religion generally
is ‘ booming,” but modesty forbids
us to say to whom the praise be
We know nothing of the piety of
flic Leadville newspaper men, but
when iu Pueblo a few days ago w«
railed upon a prominent member ol
the profession and found him at 6:4/>
a. m. at church \ raying, no doubt, for
his sinful Leadville cotemporaries.
It will be seen by our published list
of delegates to the republican State
ran vent ion, that Fremont county has
one more delegate than Pueblo coun
ty, and that Luke county, which in
cludes Leadville, has two more del
egates than Arapahoe county, whose
capital is Denver. Custer county,
which contains Silver Cliff and Rosita,
lias the third largest number.
It is reported that when Mr. W. 11.
McClure regains possession of the
McClure House the room now occu
pied by the bunk will be used fora
hitting ami reading room for the hotel
1 his will be a great convenience to
the’ guests who now are compelled to
rend anti write under difliculties. The
Fremont County Bank will move in
to their own building next to the
post office.
Mr. Carsbn, the discoverer of the
coal mine in South Canon, met with
a severe accident caused by his fool
catching in the stirrup while dis
mounting from his mule. IJo was
drugged nearly a efunrter of a mile
over racks and through brush and
cactus, but escaped without «n\
bones being broken. The mule being
somewhat gentle was persuaded to
otmi. after her fright was over.
( About May Ist Barlow & Sandei
son’s line of Leadville coaches will
connect with the D. & D. U. O. rail
way at Rogers' station in I'ica&aut
Valley, about thirty-five miles west
of Cuflon City, (hus shortening the
stage ride. t*oou passengers to or
from Lgmlville can go or come via
Oifion City and pass through ouc of
the grandest canout.iu the World and
not have any more staging than ou
tha other route* uortb of ut^
School Election.
Don’t forgot that on Monday, May
3d, occurs the rcgulur annua! school
meeting to be held at the county
clerk’s cilice, at which time there is
to be elected a treasurer to fill the
vacancy caused by the expiration of
the term of Mr. John Wilson. The
building will occur from 2 p. m. to
6 p. in. At one o’clock, before llie
voting takes place, the citizens meet
ing is lo be held for the purpose gf
voting taxes and attending to other
•natters connected with the schools.
Wc are pleusod to note that the pres
ent board have attended to their
duties in such a satisfactory manner,
they having been very cautious in
not letting the new building cost too
much money. The work has been
done economically and substantially
and the board have a right to be
proud of their success. Mr. Ilardy.
who has superintended the stone
work, and Messrs. Ailing & Co.,
Henry Mack and Messrs. Harding
Bros., who have furnished the mate
rial, Imve shown considerable public
spirit in putting their prices at less
than their regular rates. Only one
or two parties have charged full rates
and we arc pleased to learn that their
bills were inane as small as possible
by the board. There is needed just
one more lot to square the tract ol
land, rind that can be bought forslso.
There is S9O in the lot fund and if
some generous, public spirited citi
zens will make up the soo*a good act
will bo credited 10 them.
Long Sermons and Prayers.
We trust that if ngaiu, when our
people arc so tinloriunale as lo be
called together to pay respects to one
of our deceased prominent citizens,
that the clergymen who have charge
of the services will not give us such
long prayers and sermons. As on
•uch occasions stores and oilices are
closed uud men leave their business
at a standstill, it is no more than fair
that the time occupied is made as
short ns possible, still showing due
respect to the deceased. The pecu
liar feature of all of the sermons that
we have heard lately on such occa
sions, is that the merits of the de
ceased arc scarcely mentioned, but
instead thereof, is substituted a long
doctriifal sermon, in some cases a
repetition of the last occasion, and
oue that most of us have heard for
years. These s< imioiis arc good— in
fact wc enjoy them every time we
hear them, bit would always prefer
that they come on Sunday when we
have the time to do them justice.
Most of us know that this mistake
is caused by our ministers being zeal
ous and feeling that many men attend
church on such occasions who seldom
hear the word of God, but as good
short sermons will do such men more
good than indifferent long ones it will
oe better to adopt the former, ns the
latter may not only drive this class
away, but lessen tlie number of
church goers at funerals, who do not
have so much time to spare from their
There is no better example of what
enterprise and energy cau accom
plish, ercu in Cin->n City, than the,
success of Mr. O. B. Myers. Only a
short tiino ago Mr. Myers came here
a stranger and located in an obscure
building, and more than one old citi
zen shrugged bis shoulders and re
marked, “It will only be a question
of time how soon Myers will freeze
out.’’ But iustcad of freezing out,
(be business continued to increase,
and by knowing bow uud what to
buy and how to sell and who to cred
it, Mr. Myers has moved finally into
one of the largest buildings in the
city; lias a handsome stock of first
class family groceries, is out of debt
and is doing a splendid retail busi
ness. All ot this lias been accom
plished by being courteous and at
tending strictly to business.
Mr. Stockbridge, a well-known En
glish gentleman of Colorado Springs,
made Canon City a visit for Hie pur
pose of introducing those popular
English be\erages. London ale and
stout. Ai Colorado Springs, where
these beverages are well know a, f iin
ilies use them as they would tea or
coffee, fiuding tlicin better than any
tonic or bitters ever offered to the
market. Mothers of young bahies.fiud
the stout more strengthening and mi
t riotous tlmu any driuk manufac
tured. We are pleased to sec the
above drinks introduced here as it
will give many families an opportun
itv of testing their merits. Mr
Saiu’l Al. Davis, late of Davis & liadcn,
opposite the McClure house, is the
agent for Cauou City.
Rev. Mr. Irvine, during his trip to
liosila, made a very favorable im
pression upon the residents of that
section. In a letter received by u-t
one lady nud gentleman remarked.
‘lt Mr. Irvine desires to build a
church in our town we think he will
have no trouble raising the funds, us
»lie people were very well pleased
with him
There is one way which so many
people catch colds this time of the
year, and that is by sitting in a room
at night after the fire goes out, fuel
ing that it is not cold enough to start
oue, but find thetnselvs sneezing the
next morning aud wondering when
tnuy had exposed themselves.
The young thief who stole the
watch from the co*»k of the Commer
cial hotel, was captured near the com
ctaiy while footing it for the moun
tains. Justice Waldo j,ai*sd Id til*
The following prominent people
wove seen at the McClure House this
week : E. P. Stephenson, Chas. Stock
brulge, Colorado Springs; J. 11.
Huverlv, Chicago; E. H. Powers.
Geo. B. McAulav, B. F. Montgomery,
11. Stney,?,«>ed Hardsell, Silver Cliff;
J. W. Bailey, Jug. B. Furrish, Denver;
G. A. Goerke, Emma Goorke, Uosita ;
Mrs. E. B. Yount, Ft. Collins.
A young lady who wus taking les
sons in painting, mid who was re-
her instructor to bring
with her fltc next day a camel’s hair
brush, went to the cashier of our bank
to borrow his, but ho got his buck up
aud she left w ithout it.
The firm of Albers, Lyle & Clark
Bros, of Denver and Lcadville, have
failed and are under arrest for swindl
ing. In their honest days they were
in business in Canon and kept the
Freighter’s Homo.
The Baptists ol' Canon City have
extended a call to the Kev. Mr. Ilutch
iuaon of Hlisted, Colo., which has
been accepted, and on Sunday, May
9th, he will be expected to preach his
first sermon in this place.
Look out lor mosquitoes before
many days. P. C. Ueltn. ot tlie City
Bakery, opened up his soda fountain
on Thursday, and summer weather i»
upon us—s ets. per glass.
The Georgiown Miner reaches u»
in a full dress of mourning on ac
count of tlie death of its late editor,
Mr. E N. 11. Patterson.
E. Kalh bought a can of peach e*
yesterday uud only found one peach
larger than a walnut, und that was
on the label.
( lluoder—On April 25 1 1 i. to tin*
Will* ol Mi*. J. Z. lluober, a daughter l
Haktor— On April 251 h, (o the
(wile of Mr. Hvury Sui tor, a sou. j
Edwards.—o*> April 24th. of mcn
"Vies tu id bronchi* us. Viola, daughter
of Mr. mid Aim. W. 11. Ed wards, aged
7 years.^
Miss Abide Carrington—“The mo
ment 1 lieurd her 1 knew she had been
educated in Italy. Such a voice and
method have seldom been heard in
this country.”—Signora Franciulli.
A tramp c lied around to the kitchen door.
Ills note wa*« r<-a>fu ly r d.
I ooked u» if bo'd been drinking and wanted
y more;
C n you *ive ine a lift he said.
A , ®ft'»nid the g'rl, too b*-t I o*n.
And nhe llfle I him »l>out en f**«t
With the ioe>i of one of Wood'* Make or
And the red nosed tramp went howling
down the street.
The girl looked down to admire her feet.
And said these shoe* are strona and rood.
They hre nice and neat, for kl. king can’t bo
They were made by Tux Shokmakxr
In the narrow rauge bul'ding next door to
Jetk -’a clg-*r store
Miss Abbie Carrington — if I hnvl*
beam every prominent Hinder that
has stmt; in Nev»- York lor twelvi
years, hut iliis is the freshest mid
most pleasing voice of all.”—0. 11.
Stockholders Meeting.
The amiiial meeting of the stock
holders of the Canon Citv Coal Oom
pany will lie held at their office in
Canon City, (Join., May lltli. at 8 o’-
clock p. hi. for the election of officers
and such business ns mav come before
it. By order of the Board of Direc
tors. B. F. Kockafkli.ow,
Canon City, Colo., April 2<3tli, 1880.
Miss Abide Carrington—‘*l have
|:layotl obligatos with many of the
great singers, but never before, found
a voice of such pure uiiAlit) and sus
taining power ns to detract Iroin the
brilliancy of llie coronet.”—J. Levy.
Ninety-five edits paid for Fremont
county wurrauts.
W. H. McClure.
To All Concerned.
CaKon City, C0i.0., April 12, 1880.
’lbis is to errtift that from this
date Messrs. Cielland A' Peabody are
otir only authorized agents for the
hnndliug mill sale of the "A iihcuscr-
Buseh Brewing Association’s” cele
brated bottled beer, ill (,'tinou City and
vicinity. Any other parlies claiming
to be our agents do so willtont author
ity and are not recognized by us.
Respectfully yours,
Anlieiiser-Buseli Brewing Arto.
tf Geo. Kituo. General Agent.
On or before May Ist I will remove
my slock of staple and fancy grocer
ies to the store now occupied by Bra
sher Brog., two doors rust of m>
present location where, with Increas
ed facilities. I will hotter be enabled
to meet ibe dein nds of' my constant
ly increasing trade. 1 sliail continue
to handle strictly first class goods at
bottom prices. Thankful for patron
age heretofore received, 1 shall en
deavor to merit a continuance.
Helped f ull v.
If O. B. Myf.kk.
Sale of Properly for Taxes.
All taxes due Fremont County.
Goto , are delinquent ami drawing
interest nt the rate of twenty-five pci
cent, per uuntitn. Beal estate upon
which the taxes are unpaid will be
advertised for sale May 15tli, 1880.
and ilie taxes due upon improve
ments and personal property will be
collected'by distress and sale. All
concerned arc requested to nay at
once and save the penalty and costs.
tf J. li. llajuiibon, Co. Trcaa.
Cason City, April Alii. 1880.
This is to give notice that l>r. J. W.
Dawson Inis been appointed CouiHv .
Physician for Fremont County, for
the period of six months front this j
date. By order of the Board of Co.
Com. Edw. LoRACif, '
•16141 Chairman.
AlptMS PSM folk* OttSSIMS.
You can gel a complete mining out
fit aud save money bv buy lug at
F. A, Land & Co.. J
Alpine. Colorado.
Business Personal.
Messrs. J. L. Prentiss & Bra. wish
lo inform Ihc renders of the Record
that the will receive, in n few days, a
nice line of wall paper of latest style*.
Those desiring an article in that line
will do well to give them u call. iIS
I have secured the services'of u first
class baker and will always have on
hand a fresh suply of bread, pies,
cakes, etc. I*. C. Helm.
Clothing at auv price. D. Q. Pea
For a good dish of oysters go to
Myers’ is headquarters for all kinds
of fancy groceries, fruits, confection
ery. and a full line of staples always
on baud iit bottom prices.
(io to P. C. Helm’s for your fresh
fruits and candies.
Douglas keeps almost every kind of
goods, old and new, such as sewing
machines, stoves, furniture, etc.
What you can’t find in any other
stores in town, go to Douglas for it.
If you want a line carriage and bug
gy call on McGee Brothers tfc Alack.
For a first-class cup of Vienna cof
fee go the Reading Room Tent.
Spring styles of jewelry just re
ceived at Nelson Sc Cornwell’s.
Clothing at vour own price. D. G.
The best cigars in town at Owen’s.
Sweet potatoes, sweet potatoes, at
Handsome napkin rings, castors,
card receivers, etc., just received by
Harding Bros.
A fresh lot of samples for custom
made suits just received at Clcllaud
Sc Peubodv’s. Cull mid leave your
measures and au elegant fit guaran
teed. ___ It
Wheelbarrows at A Mine's.
The best cup of coffer or lemonade
this side of Chicago, go to the Head
ing Room Tent.
A new assort incut of
Lamps and Glassware, at Harding
Miss Abide Carrington—“The coin
ing oratorio singer ul America.”—
Dr. Damrosch.
If you want n first-class ramping
out lit", go to J. C’. Agard's hardware
amt stove store opposite the post
■ >!hce.
Winter serins views ol the Grand
Canon for sale by .1. A. Boston, in
tent on Main street, west of post of
Closing out my clothing. I). G.
Don't fail to look at the new lot of
line silverware ju-t received from the
factory, at Harding Bros.
Our sales of 1 Icating Stoves have
been larger than ever but we still
show a good assort incut, at Ailing &
If you witul the services of a care
ful Notary Public ami Conveyancer,
go to Fred fl. Skecle. office with Co.
Treasurer, Main street#
A new lot of spectacles and eye
glasses just received by Nelson &
Cornwell. We are prepared to fur
nish uearly everything in the optical
line. *
Do you want any clothing. Go
straight lo D. G. Peabody.
If you want one of the handsomest
hanging baskets in Colorado with
•me or more plants in it, ranging in
price from 35c.!s t053.00,g0 to Grave
stock’s. •
The finest and handsomest lot of
triplo plated Rogers’silverware cv«*i
brought to Colorado, at Harding
Brot hers.
Grand dosing out sale at I). G. Pea
body's now going on. Go ni once
and see his clothing.
Dried beef ut AlcGoo Brothers A:
Call at once if you want one of the
boss washing machines. Only a feu
left at Baldwin Sc Faverly’s.
Cook stoves, large variety ami low
prices, at Ailing Sc Go’s.
Suits of all kinds and at any price
ut D. (i. Peabody’s.
Finest line of solid gold and rolled
plate goods in the city, ul Nelson Si
New line of goods just opened, in
eluding silverware, gold and silver
watch ts. Latest novelty in style and
price at Nelson Sc Cornwell’s.
If you want the services of a care
ful Notary Public and Conveyancer,
go to Fred 11. JSkeele, office on Aiuin
street with County Treasurer.
Largo stork of carpels just arrived
ut D. G. Peabody’s.
Suit Lake and California potatoes
at Myers’.
A full stork *>f John Deere plows,
harrows, cultivators, etc., at McGee,
Bros, & Mack.
Butter bowls and prints at Ailing
Sc Co's.
Parlies that want cotton wood trees
of S 11. Davis can leave their order
with McGee Bios. & Mack.
New goods arriving at Myers’.
Lanterns, all kinds. ut Ailing & Co’s
Try those Aldun pared peaches, at
Dknvkr A itio giiakuk Railway, )
Rkckivvn’s times. >
Dk'Vkh, Colo , April nth, 18%. j
All persmis having claims against
the uiidvrsigued are hereby noli (led
that the same must be presented for
pay incut to Herman Silver, Auditor
for Receiver, at Denver, Colorado
mi or before May 15th. 1880.
L. C. Ellsworth,
•16t19 Receiver.
We will open a branch store at
Kiiby Camp, Uuuulsou county, May
!*f. IfAUPTXn films.
Succrsfors to
Wholesale Dealer la
CHOP, COSH, Etc., Etc.
Wholcsa'e and Itetuil Agent for
The prices for these health-plt-lnR bevcrn e es are a, law a, anr beer, and Ihe anlele
Is one hundred per cent better. Ale and Stout cost more to produce, and alwavt cora
",uch hjur'itrr prices, but, as wc Uriah to Introduce tbe article and bate the nubile
to judge lor themselves,
We Make This Great Reduction
One used, always tuedj It is as far above Lai-er Iteeras the (lne-t imported winea
are superior to (aomest.c. Mothers of vouug Uabie» will tliicl it more beneficial than any
otberhe verage. fa A.MULL M. DAVIS. Agent, *
,bt — Opposite MeUiure House.
Clothing, Clothing, Clothing!
of my viilire stork of clothing regard
less of cost, to make room for u j*>i»-
bing stock of dry good*. My trade
bus increased so fast Unit if is impos- !
► ible for me to curry the stock ol div
good* for the wholesale mol retail
trade required here, utol in iu-tiieu to
the town of Cufiou Cilv ami its Inca-j
lion, I uni going now, as i always;
have, to try to make it the shipping j
point for the whole of \\ cst and soiit li- !
west for dry goods at whuh-»ale ami
retail. Shull be pleased to see all my
old triends and new who want good*
I have. L>. 0. J’kauouy.
All parties knowing themselves in
dented to T. C. Mv\Viilinim* i\ ill rou
ter u luvor by calling and settling
• nine Offic- nl K. Jtske tobacco
and cigar store.
.tlaiilrrul from.
11. 1.. Mokclv, o* Moiiireal, Canada.
corUfied Sept. 27. 1679. that he bad I
suffered terribly Irom dyspepsia, and |
was completely cured by taking
Warner’* Safe Hitters. lie says:
‘*My appetite is good, and I now Mil
ler no incouvcuieHcc from cat.ng
hearty mealt.** Tlicm* Hillers me.
also a spccilic for all skiu diseases.
Craig, four tulles north of Cation
City. I triers to M. Hrimthlr, pro
prietor of Elk Horn bivory Feed »nd
Sain Stable, Mam street, opposite
poetofflee. tf
K.*ttftllig llf>utu is desirous ot
collecting a cabinet of flue mineral
and other specimens. Any one wi*h- |
it»g to contribute aticli will receive j
• h«! thanks ot tiiu manager, Mrs. C.
C. Bigelow. *ll
CITY—I will start on Monday.
May 101 li, with accommodation for
tilt ecu passengers, furnishing them
ponies to ride and wagons to haul
their hnggnge. Apply ea‘|y to secure
>ottr seats. Price ami particulars
given bv T. It. Uoank, or JAMES
PRIEST. * •littlO
WAI* HA NTS—Town and County
Warranta wanted. Iligbcsi
price paid by \V. 11. McCLURE. at ol'-
ll co former, v occupied by O. (».
Stanley and justice Johnson. tf
BLACKsMIUI SHOP mid tools lor
rent, situated on Main stregt
H«*st location for business in ( a.".on
t’itv, Colo For particular* inquire
of Vv. 11. McClure or FRANK HAH l -
WELL. tr
RANCH— One mile from the so la
spring. Apply to J. M PHI ESP.
toll Mi l»:.
Cl AlTLE—About 40 head of native
* cattle, also a good ranch mititable
nr dairy or mark cl gardening. Nev
er foiling springs of good water on
smile,title good. Apply to EDWARD
PAULS, Canon Cilv. *ISU9
SADDLE. — A good saddle will be
R'dd for u • if called for aoon
at Kkcukl) office. *lf
T OTS—Two lo'a will be sold at a
sacrifice if bought within a lew
• lays lor cuali. Oik* next west of the
Hates house and the other lajing the
trout door of tlie new school hott-e.
Apply to 11. T. Hluke, Ukcoud office
opposite McClure house.
M EX (CAN onion aoed, cucumber
pickles in salt, head lettnee,rad
dishes, rhubarb roots and a new milk
row. Hakkv Bakkk.
I>TKA V moil OK.
TAKEN UP—Two mnlos and a
ponv Blue buckskin pony,
while hind feel, blaze face, ornnded
•*W” on. left shoulder. One blue
marc mule, 16 hands high, branded
“I>” on left shoulder. On- bay mure
mule, 16 hands high, branded “li” oil
left, side of neck. Address W. J.
Hamdkx, Currant Creek. # HB
John W. Blackburn. Hum. f*. Dale.
Blackburn & dale, Attor
neys at Law. Mining Law a spe
cialty. Komi u and Silver Cliff, Colo
rado. tf 1
SB. MINSH ALL, Attorney at Law. i
• Office opposite Ailing’s hard
ware 51 ore,Cafton City. Colo. tf ]
OG. STANLEY, Attorney at Law.
• Office at former express office,
Cufiou City, Colorado. tf
l*tHAB. E. WALDO, Attorney all*
V Law and Notary Public. Office ’.
over post office, Cation City, Cola. tf
J. W. UatvMin. 31. D. F. P. Blake, If. D.
J-'' fciaus and Surgeons. (Ufin-ou
Mt'cnnd floor next east of post office,
Cniioii City. if
WW. G|.\N VILLI:,M D~. Homo.
y » •opniliic Phvsiciuu ami Surgeon
Florence,* Colorado. if
l{] N. HARPELL M. I).. Ilomeo*
'7’ J * pa■ tii«: Physician. Surgeon and
ttlcctriciuu. kliemiiutism and Catarrh
U specially. Office over Mvera’
grocery store. * tl
fTI D. PALMER, M. I>.. (atino—of
- 1 - • *« Lewie A Pa liner,) Phyai
cian and surgeon. Will practice hit
proleawion in CnAou City and vicini
ty. Office nearly oppokite poal office,
T L. PRKXTISS, M I>., Phyalclan
• and Surgeon, dealer In Drugs
! and Medicines. Office and store in
McClure House build: j, CaAou City
( Colorado. if
f)R VIHO K. TANNER Physic!**
o**d Surgeon, Coal Creek, Colo
ra«lo. " If
D 1 ’- a K. STOECKL.EY, Surgeon
Dent int. Office in atone block, on
Main Mrcet. neat of McClure House.
Hcuulilul Artificial Tertli neatly
made. Ail work warranted. ft
""’ *" g?y-’ , y» , g.^r.:^ | .iu
*heriff*« Sale.
Notice l« herd?) given it:at by virtue ot
» certain writ of exrrulion to me directed,
iww «• «»nt cl" the County Court of l'uekle
County. Stale «u t ... ra io. in favor of W il-
Uom S< him-itr A Co , l'homa* W.
( **:•%le*. u.’iftrby i urn roiiiuixndfd to make
J tin* mum ol Ini' liumirnl au«i three dollars
j :ii'd thirty cei t« piincipal. au«l the further
■*uia of twent v-t wo dollar* mi..} euty-two
«.rntf.co»l> n| Mjll.l have levied upon the fnl-
Uw Imk leal untc a- ih« proper! t of tb« *.»itl
dffvii.!* nt. to-wii; The tinuh tiled one-halt
(J) of the NE | <il H • a cth>n rt». Towntbip »i
-nuth. Ilaoge Uf» w«at. and that 1 will aell
the* -junr it public auction at tho front door
«if « lie* Climitv Court room, on Main *trret,
CuAon Cll>. i.eniout County. Colorado. on
Saturday, the l-t day of May. A. l>. 18IW.
at 10 o'clock in the forenoon. i*> «tati,fy *•!•!
execution. c<«*in amt <’\pen«r of *p|e.
I*. F. 51IAFKKU, Sherifl.
Dutfd nt Cnfinu Cltj. Colo.. April a, iMt.
The above *alc ha- been po»tpou*d to
Satin Sim , the 1 jib day of May, I*Bl.
•l&tJO 11. S\ MIAFKEK, Sheriff.
Awoesmeut of Tautea.
A P ppr*oan owning ro.il or p-jn.uni prop
eti v in hrrino.it County are required by Ute
to lei »uo | rO|«r>)' an . h ind the iIM to in#
Conn }■ A »*«-•• hr .»w or bel octhr j tb Jay of
'lny. . i y (ivivoti who nevl«H-(nor re u
*- to .. »o l« m.'ilcpl o n penulty o no: lea*
I nit on<* Ini dr-ii 'oil..r* nor more thru one
thim kikl jo,] iii I. or my d-pu ioa. wilt n«
f .r hr (Hitilli redl ui»'ii j»ioi ertv on
tli- >r own pr- inl*e«. i ii.e*e not »l livmrwlu u
or.- vi*ix ihclr i»l co , r wiiomi for any r**u»o
'O IM.-ei In o t iOUu IR. will nlra«e ca I
at theom. o ol *. It. ..balm'!. CaflOU t by,
M liMi-I ot m V rinpuy will mlwa)i be r»*«ly
to receive leia a.nl o give an . aaelauu.ee In
ttinkb.K t I'l-iii tlml in -y ihi deal red. Alll.ua
n»u«l he In In May itiih.
•I<*IJW WOOD.I Ulr MOIkIHON. Asaaaeor.
Krld.j nml Satnnlajr Et.ulrit*,
April 30th & May Ist, 1880.
MSB aniffi t®
Of Boston.
Ounpoacd of the following Article :
mania RYAN,
Wit LH.tl M'HADE, .
And the Dlstliiguialied Vocalist,
Ticket* with lteserred Scale il.(#o each.
Sliver Cliff & Jtoslta to Denver
t.caren Cnlfcon City at 7a. n»., reachlnc
Silver Clllf and Itonte at U p. in. 1
Returning, leave* Silver ClitT and Roalta
at i:IK) a. m., reaching Caßon City at 5 |o
p. ui.
Leaven Silver CHIT at 4 a. m. reaching
C«Bon City at 10 a. m. to counect with
train for I*u«hlo and the ea«t. •
M. MKOfttJI.
T. B. HENRY, Agent. PrepHeUf*.
oni co an" Bnln“* Reynolds' block, with
A damn Etpron to. •
. R >nt 4 \r ip tlrkotn, |?.40. gf

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