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VOL. 8.
1871 K piom:i:us. "IhSo”.
Clothing, and Gents- Furnishing Goods.
Measures iaterftr Casioi-Mafle (Mini
a y hole ioEHT* rn*i
{ Tli< Fittest in tin* Worhl.
* raai Mad ° B: °'* s aaa s ’ a::s '
<§* ~-«^*s=saB3' ts ' T Canon City, Colorado,
j K5U^l s J l, ?y™ I if
r bU‘l mean jti&t tvlwt w«* nt^ v To cmivlnitf you cult ami csinniuc our price*,
for tout oh u before |iunlin«iuj{ cite where.
Rr.t Hl.Vl>fi d ic i v
Elegant Lines of Dress Gooch*,. Linens, Lawns. Whits Goods,
Ecr.iy Made Clothing for beth Ladies and Children,
Tho latest Novelties in Tans
and Orttamenffc,
A Sl'Ei IALTV. \
U«v<-«i ,i| *►. t* -•» •• • - mu .> oiwi '
> fhao nj mi*.! a tirtgniflc«. I ►lock «»f
wy liTLfMJiitiaamtusn!
11} f.ir (hr I. y|(rP%i' tint KlNK>T*t**ck ever hi ought
T j| 'T*. ’ to lU rityruul nlltoliKiii pile**. Wi* will com*
; f " |ivl* ivlili an) lkkieru city In |»riiv».
i II Witch Rcpainf%a Specialty.
I ; All Kindi of Repairing iSao Promptly and
-■ ' j • Warranted)^
v. * y' * 1: »»«5 •* 1 * **f thr N.w
; ,•*? B^rCoricct time obtnlue*! b tnui-t ob«erv»Uoii».
U Itinln Mrcrt. rau«M City, t'nlo.
-Boots and Shoes, and Caps,
"W -£A. T O J~L lE3 £3 I
ANT S’Jfi'tCß.
IH not tell coo<U JJini wo can’t V>»rrant,^|
Everything pcrfclnlntjto our gilt jfoodn, which «c \VIU not ham!le.
REPAIRIN C CHRONOMETERS ttuirtcr and Fifth SoVadi.
JJfeßsOl* & CorSSWCII.
staple 1 F«fia cy 14 roceries,
Main Street,
The Fremont County Record.
j The cowh must go.
1 Stephen J. Field is looming up as a
prominent democratic candidate for
tire presidency.
Represen i alive Be I ford made quite
i an impression in Hie house the other
day oil an amendment to the artesian
well bill. *
Lake county sends forty delegates
to the democratic state convention
! instructed to vote as a unit on ail
j questions.
| Good health is one of the things
j likely to lie enjoyed by Canon City
ites tilts summer. Grim liitii and
j garbage eating cows a*-c to be kept
! out of tiic ditches.
The republicans of Clear Creek Co.
| will send fifteen delegates to the ;
: convention instructed to use all lion- !
I orablc means to
' delegation to the national convention !
favorable to Biaiuc for the presi- |
j dellcy. ____________ _____
j The ordinance* pa**ed by tlie board 1
j of trustees the pa»t three weeks are
j *ln!tvnrt in every sen«c of that word. {
1 and if €*i:fon:ed to the letter Canon j
| City will be enabled to invite the:
• n.o*t eiilehard ilotluuinii to dwell
j within her limits without tear of
j having his sensitive organism over
—— - ~~
Mr. Lary, who lias been n strong
j democrat and connected with the
j press of Custer comity, having seen j
the folly of his ways ha* jollied the I
republican ranks. We congratulate .
him upon hi# good seii-c t but »:op.
iie wiii not become u bitter partisan '
a* aunt her of the Caster county edi- ;
•ors did when he went over to the
democracy some time ago.
It i* nsc'ei** io become excited over ?
tales of mansacrrs ny Ules in I lie I
Gunnison at lliis lime of the year, j
That country is full of excitable in u i
who imagine every gun fired is a sig- I
ttal for bloodshed, and should one or j
two mca get killed, by the time the '
story readies lid* side of the range it j
** multiplied ami ndd.-d to until n!
terrible slaughter is tin* result. Keep
cool and keep off" the reservation a* J
inueh as possible and nobody needs j
to d;c iu mi Indian ttiasancro.
on »tuiTmii, «»i\ Miun.
Cataiuhitipnvr Williamson, of the!
g laud offic-S ban made an im
portant decision regarding side and j
end lines of mining claims, which
was fully illustrated iu the Deliver ;
Tribune of la*i Sunday n*id also in
tlie Intel Ocean. In giih-laiicc lie i
decides that side lines can not bo math* I
rmv'.wUc of a vein; that the dip of |
the lode cannot he followed beyond i
the side or end lines of the claim* ; I
that a portion of a side line cannot ‘
he properly made an cud line; that |
the law enut' iiiplales that the miner !
must make hi* location ou one vein ; I
that the middle of the vciu mn*t In* !
ascertained liy actual exploration and .
development, or the discovery shall 1
must, for executive purposes, ha ink- ,
cn as the middle of the vein, |
ami (he lateral measurements 1
be made therefrom. He i.- not lo lie I
understood a* construing the law as j
requiring a perfect parallelogram,but
it must not vary largely from Hint f
figure, for such material variance in- j
voices conditions which iu a greater j
or less uegreo. according to circum
stances which at the date of location
and patent even are most l"r*quen»ly
unknown qualities, conflict with the
theory of the law, render uiuahtain
the property rights of the adjoining j
owner or owners in lhe vicinity, and j
in a patent which should convey the j
property iu that form which will at
least render au application of the law
to its subsequent uso possible, result
iu licli and apt material for litigation.
The dceltdoii is fail of interest to
prospectors and should be carefully
studied by’ them.
General Mckenzic.
Gen. Mi K m/.'.0 is u nephew of
John Slidell, i lie celebrated ooufedtii*-
ale. His father. brother,
changed his name in order to inherit
a great est iUi. lie was an udteer of
| I ho navy and hung a son of the sucre*
tarv of the navy for mutiny. He
was a rigid old disciplinarian. This
j McKenzie, Ids son, remained lo\al to
(the Union anil since the war became
| famous for rattling after mill an s over
' into Mexico from Texas. Ho nearly
| Kicked up a war with that country.
I Unquestionably tins dirty work of
protecting the Utu murderers, to
which ho has hoon assigned is very
distasteful t«> him.—[Denver Nows.
For Grant.
Special dispatches to Jhe D.cnver
Ucpuhlieun ol last Monday from AUi*
imort, IVI Norte uiul Lcadvtllo re
port I lint the counties, of Conejos,
ltio Gituido mill Lake have ctortud
delegate* to the republican state con
vention, which meets in Penvtfr on
I ttesday next, instructed to vote for
t< rant.
Lkadvii.le, May IS—A.company of j
one hundred men will be organized j
hero Sunday to go into the Utc re- i
starvation. They will l*e thoroughly I
armed, and well equipped f*»r the
Mimtuci. Major Kline, formerly of
the •‘Bucktu'ir' regiment ofcPenusy!-
vuuia volunteers, is leader.
Scvcrc on liic Trailc* Union*.
Quebec, ..May • 17. Arch bishop
: Tasin-urn ha* Uaitcd a pastoral tioii
| detuning trades unions. He says:
‘■Any Calliope-wlu> shall attack or
I conspire to attack any perftnii because
that person lim«;Worked or is wiiliug
! to work at a which he tltilik?
lil sdiali he c\coU.;tlUllic:i'o d. ; ’
The CaudrmnMt knilocli’t.
San Francisco, May 15.—Tb#l
j Baptl-t State Convention, in session
! at Sacramento, passed (not tabled a-*
j slated last night) the resolution ex-;
; pressing eoiideinnation ol‘ the course
jol Itevs. I. S. ami I M . Kallocii, and
! giving notice ih.it preliminary steps/
would be taken lor a hearing between
, the aggiieved churches, of which the
Knltochs are.pastors, by a vole of 4o I
J to 39. after a sharp debate. /
A small revolution is reporLed in >
Terrible (Ires arc still raging iu the
woods of New Jersey.
Congress has passed a resolution
: agreciug to adjourn on May 29ih.
The secretary of the treasury and
. commerce ot Japan is in this country.
Hostile ludiaus arc raiding ranches
and murdering prospectors iu Ari
Russia is making vigorous prepar- j
at ions for her prospective war with
The president has sent to
a ou the Fortuuc Bay . J
Destroy ingGJo buildings lire caused
a Ins* 0f51,6)),03) at Mill >u. l’cuu
svivania, J.»>: week.
The experts at West Point have :
agreed that Whittaker. »Jte colored
cadet, disfigured himself.
A Mexicau freighter was lynched
Mumper‘freighter; V|
A portion of the business houses in
Saliua, Kansas, were bunted on the
17th resulting in a lo a of *2 \0 K). j
Senator Gordon of Georgi i has re
signed and ex-Govemor J. G. Brown
lias been appointed to till the vacancy.
Earl Diiuraven, well known iu Col
orado as the owner of K.-le* Park, is
reported very ill in Londou.England.
A dispatch states that an eight year
old sou of W X. Mitchell of Silver
CT.tr, was killed on the 19th by a tree
failing oil Idtn.
(•ou. Adams reports in Washington
that there are I,UOO teams waiting
near the I'te reservation for the pass
age of the Utc bill.
It is reported that Victoria's hand
of ludiaus in New Mexico have been j
largely reinforced. Gen. Hatch
keeps closely iu pursuit of them.
It is probable that the president
will call an extra session of congress
after the adjournment on the Slsl.
Su til cion t appropriations have not
been made.
The republicans of Minnesota have
instructed I heir delegates to vote for
William Wiudom at Chicago fur the I
presidential nomination. Blaine is ,
their second choice.
The president has announced the
appoint incut of Horace Maynard as j
postmaster general in place id Key.
Muvuut'd is now Uuited States mink* ,
ter at Constantinople.
Information from New Mexico j
stales that ou the 12th fiDt. Indians!
raided Lunas' ranch, seventy-five
miles from Kio Qtieitiadc and killed :
ten people. Gen’l. Hatch is hotly 1
pursuing Victoria.
A party of Indians who stole sever
al head of stock Iu the Black IliH*
have been overtaken and seven!y-
M-ven head iceovered. Four of the
Indians were killed and one of the 1
pursuing parly.
The great boat race (hr the chain
pionsldpol the United States between
il.anlau and Courtney took place at
Washington on tho I9t h» witnessed ny
i 7A,000 people. The race was eadiy
! won by ilanlan. Courtnoy playing
out ns usuaj before toe race was half
over. Hutdau and Riley are to row
next £ cck .
The total value of the exports of
wheat and Hour fur Ufa ten months
ending April 31th. amount to the ex
traordinary figures of tj*1th>,733.930.
against $132,230,887 tor the corres
ponding months of 1878-9. Com
, pared wjth last vo&r, which was one
jof unprecedented grain shipments,
the value of wheat and flour exported
| during the last ten mouths exhibits
* an IncroMO of $53,800,000,
The Cautnisi ol" Esther was recent
ly given in Leadvilie.
Bticnn Vi«!n is now n money order
405 cc of i he second class. %
Excursions to the top of Pike’s Peak
are now of daily occurrence.
Leadville Chronicle: Lets in Ruby
City arc now commanding a large
Fort Collins is rejoicing over a
new and com mod ions hotel, the Tcd
mon Ifoitsc.
The hold-up business is a profitable
invest mi nt in Leadvitlc according to
reports in the new spapers.
A party of tourist were attacked i
hv armed men nee- the gas works]
j right in the great city of Denver and ’
Citizens of Kokomo recently de
' uiolishcd a house which some jump- i
\ ers hud erected on lots belonging ti
| mlicr parlies.
/ David Wallace, a miner, was killed j
rlas-t week in the Ilenriel le mine. Leud
ville, by filling down the shall a dis
tance of 08 J feet. J
I A man named Tom Scott was
knocked down and killed by ouc of ]
Barlow & Sanderson’s stages in ;
Lead ville oir the 171 It itist. )
The Register-Call, of Central City,
says Mr. Carrington, the husband ot
MUs Alibie Carrington, of the Men
, delssohn’s. is well known as the,
j “Drummer Boy of Shiloh.’’
! Ledger: Longmont is building up
j as rapidly as workmen can push the
! work along. If there were double
jibe number of workmen here they
] could all lind employment.
I Chieftain: A meeting of the of-!
i fleers of the Pueblo au I Silver Cliff ‘
I railroad company wa< held May 13th i
; and it was determined to push the
! survey with ail speed.
Ouray Times: A number of freight
teams have arrived in town this week j
loaded with provision* for our liter
chants. Charley Uiwles received
forty five pounds of butter and sold
ii out in ten minutes at ninety cents)
per pound.
Saguache Chronicle: J. L. Lacy,
formerly of the Silver Cliff Miner,
parsed through town 011 Friday en
of rhciLlk Mountain Pilot with him
and expects to issue the first number ■
about J line 1 st.
A few Sundays since 31 Sunday law
breakers of Lead vide were summon
ed to appear before a justice of the
peace on the Monday following to'
show cause why they kept their i
places of bu-in-ss open on the Sab
bath day. They were lined from j
three to live dollars according to the
extremity of the offense.
Buena Vista Times: The driver of.
the Canon stage from Lead ville, Sun
day, hooked up after tlmuer and [ j
drove away. le>ving his load of pa*-
songcis behind. lie was probably.,
thinking of ‘•h-inc ami mother,” or ;
1 lie girl he left behind him. The pas- ,
seugcr-*, upon finding the stage gone,
were considerably warmer lliau the
-tatc of the thermometer justified.
Remarkable Increase.
The remarkable increase in tlie vol
ume ol business transacted by the 1
Atchison, Topeka and Santa Ft* road
j will be seen in the following resume .
I from their last report. The gross
learnings in 1S79 were $d,3Sl.442, ’ :
j against $ 1,959,868 in the previous
J year, while ihc net earnings lor the
year 167'J were $>.554,967, as against
; $1.90.*,350 in 1878. There are now
1.317 miles of road operated, an in- !
i crease of live hnudred miles iu two j
A 11 rave Fireman.
f On Monday moniMi. r at 7:15. the
rregular passenger train on the South
! Park railroad, left Buena Vista for
! Denver, the engine in charge of Mr.
' Jen kins, a volunteer engineer, taking
' ihe place of Toiu I.oli ns. iho regular
: engineer who was si« k. and Mack
Wilson, a young mail 27 years of age.
sou of Col. Boh W ilsou, ol Denver, as •
tireman. When flic train had reached a
' point about halt a mile east of South ;
Platte Station, the engineer discover
I ed a pine knot lying on the truck,hut j
! not deeming it dangerous went ahead i
and .seemingly passed it safely. A 1
I foxv moment* afterwards ho asked j
i young Wilson to lako the lever.'
j which was done and almost instantly
! the engine jumped the track, the en*
{ giuevr springing off. Mack Wilson.'
I' however, bravely remained with the j
engine, applied the steam breaks and '
succeeded in stopping the train. The
, 1 engine went over, though, ami turn-j
i ing upside down carried young Wil- J
sou to his death, lie had saved the,
lives ol his passengers but lost his I
own. }
1 J ~~ “
Solutions of the gem puzzle, in-;
i tended lor publication, max he writ-;
, ten ou l>oth sides of a piece of paper
and hardest In with spring poetry. 1
The Printer Bov mtiiir, one of tITc
oldest claims in California gulch,near
Oro City, is again being worked.
Fairplay Finnic: Five tons or
more of It mid red-on nco ore were
shipped down fruiu the Sweet Home
mines last week. This was the first
shipment tor the season and is, we
believe, the prelude of a Surge sum
mer’* production.
Times: The Denmark
mine, one of the fir t located on Jack
mountain is reported to be showing
eonsiderab'c line grade galena. The
development oil the lode consists of
a two hundred and thirty foot tuu
j ncl and a cross-cut to the right of
j fifty feet. It is owned by Cornelius
Sz HafiVon. both of Kokomo. Assay*
| of the mineral havy shown it to be of
, very good grade. J
Y Buena Vi«ta Time**: Messrs. Dog
i fft»tt & Sanderson In e purchased 42)
! acres of placer ground a mile and a
1 half below lo»vn which they propose
!to work extensively at once. They
J have bought a Little Giant hydraulic
i an.l as soon as a<l iCell cati be got out
‘ large enough to furnish sufficient
| water, it will be knocking treasure ,
! out of the gravel bar in good shape, j
Mr. John Sanderson, one of the part- :
> tiers, is the well known Leadviilcj
j operator—a thorough-going miner,
who understands his busiuc>s. J
Kokomo Times : Monday while !
some workmen were prospecting a!
new tunnel mi the Elk Mountain
mine, the While Quail, a solid forma
| lion of five feet of galena and stilphtir
i els. running two hundred and tlfty
,t wo ounces, was reclied. Specimens
! ol the ore shown at this offic ■ show
! the galena to be very tine grained.
while the sulpliurcts are of a darkish
| blue coh-.r ami very rich. Tilts work
men have nut yet penetrated the ;
body of ore and its full size and quan
illy is not known. }
Much litigation lias resulted in l!
the mining ramps of Colorado over
claims which have not been properly 1
locale*!, prospectors resorting to vari- ,
«*us schemes by which they might hold j
more veins than the promt law con
templated liny should retain. The;
decision of commissi*mer William-|
soil will render illegal locations an ;
act is placed up-m otir statute lmo£s"|
than the present one should be strict
ly observed. The great mining re
gion of this country will probably *l
- he a source for legislation owing
to the fact of each year developing j
new kinds of mineral vein-, and vari- j
oils varieties of ores not known to
present mi aerology. Present decis-.
ions and rulings should be abided b>
and disastrous Law suits will be
Silver Cliff Items.
Frr>m the Pruspec*:
; The measles are not only annoying ;
The little ones in i ur camp, but a
great iiiimher of grown persons arj
suffering from the snnc disease.
Gcn’l. Sampsou Iirs rented Mr J.
W. Brown's handsome residence mi
Mill street atid will remove his fam
ily here lor the summer.
Messrs. Edward*. Powell and Ilaf
■ ford, yesterday sold their entire in
j tcrests in the celebrated II >rn Silver
j mining claim, located at the base of
! Hound mountain. to Messrs Turner
i »ud Hirsch of Chicago. Wc were 1
i unable to ascertain the exact amount
paid, but have reasons to believe that
it is considerably •$'» *,OJA The
• gentlemen purchasing have plenty ot j
i means, and will work the claim for'
all that it is worth. I he develop-!
incuts already* made oil this claim as- ;
sure the gentlemen that they have a
j valuable property.
Bed Cliff is for Blaine.
Chaffee county is anti Braiit.
Gilpiu county i* ant i-Gratit.
Arapahoe county went solid for
i Grant. So reads a telegram from
; Denver.
! The Illinois convention declared (
j for Grant. Nine cnngrcs**ional dis
tricts, however, will bolt.
| The Dakota republicans will ■end
I two delegate* to Chicago instructed
! for Wiiidom, otherwise for Maine.
The Democrats ot Virginia have
I expressed, In convention, their pre
; ferenco for Judge Field as their pr**si«
j deutiul candidate.
Custer county's republican cuiiven
. lion io semi delegates to the state
j convention was lield ou the 19th.
■ The d*.legate® go instructed to vote
! for Gruut.
Like county held it* republican
| convention to tcud delegate* to the
' state convention, <>u Wednesday, A
• Grant resolution \va* adopted, but
i the delegation goo® practical)* uuiu
' itnuitwl.
NO. 21.
! Mr. L L. Harding left for Ruby.
Mr. T. B. fewsou left for llie front.
Mr. \Ym. Agard went cast on Mon
! day.
Mr. E. A. Dowd left for Buena
i Vista.
Mr. G. O. Pearce has loojfcid at
I Galena.
Mrs. Dobson’s health is improving
[ rapidly.
Mr. B. F. Smith of Roaita, is cu
t route for Mai tie.
Mr. B. F. Rockafellow leaves for
I LendviHe next week.
Prof. Kerr and Mr. F. L. Martin
passed through town.
Dr. J. M. Bradbury ami family left
yesterday for Gothic City.
Mr. A’. S«ouc returned to St. Joe to
look after Ids principal store.
Mrs. WerkbeUer has been quite
sick this week but is better again.
Mr*. Jus. T. bbs left for her homo
in Wet Mountain Valiev on Monday.
Guv. Hunt and a party of capital
ists vidted Canon on a special car on
Mr. Charles Cross, cf Beaver Dam.
Wis., is employed at the store ot Mr.
F>. G. Peaoody.
Mr. B. Murray has boon spending
the week in Buena Vista and other
ii(>-Ihe-river cities.
Mr. T. Ik Il'ggins, of Canon, and H.
B. Botsford, of Utah, left forthcGuu
nisou on 'fhmsday.
Messrs. Win. R: chords and L. 51.
lvittsh'v, of C**wtesville, X. A •, paid
us a visit on Thursday.
Mr. Haves is still very low, al
though his chance* of getting better
are brighter th in l ist week.
Mess. Geo. Thomas and D. L.
llous.'oil left for Cleon for health and
rest. ‘‘Oil, give us a rest !”
Mr. E. C. B issirk and family and
Mr. X. C. li.issick passed through
C. ui t*u their way to Denver.
Mr A. Sawyer returned from the
upper Arkansas country feeling satis
lied to make this place his future
Mr. Wm. E. Robertson and Judge
Bain look a ear ride up the road with
a view of looking at some ot the new
Peter B. Leo, the oldest tramp
hii/t/VT-i” the into lho
- : 1 oiuec u run numiems .
Rev. Mr. Smith, formerly pastor of
ihe Fit >i Presb> tcriau church of this
pl.-tro has heeii visiting his numerous
Can »u friends.
Mr. X. M. Freer, son of Judge
Freer, of Chicago, aud brother to Mr.
U. 11. Freer, of U!a, is stopping at tho
McClure House.
Mess. Arthur Richardson, Charles
Shader, E. J. Staniick aud a number
of others are booked to leave tor tho
Gunnison next week.
Mr. Mark W. Atkins came from
the Cliff to meet Mrs. Vandoveuter
who hail been Mitnmoned by telegram
to the bedside of her husband who is
suffering from erysipelas.
Ui-v. 11. C- King writes to change
the address of his Rkcord from Book
Island to Deliver, as lie has made up
his mi ml to come to Colorado to stay.
Billy Austin, the stage driver who
was -o badly hurt some time ago by
the Cliff stage falling on him, is out
again, lie will have to go slow for
some day s yet.
Mr, F M. Bigelow, son of Mr. J.
W. Bigelow, of the penitentiary, is
employed at the store of Mess. Clcl
laud lYaboily. He makes a good
successor to the popular Bart.
Mr 11 l. Coffman of Beloit, Kan.,
| who lived here eighteen years ago,
' returned to this place this week, Iho
I only old friends he has met are Mr.
Ansou Rudd ainl Mr. W . It Fowler.
Judge Dale, Mess. E T. and E. F.
i Beckwith and Judge Wilts were in
' town this week looking after the
! rights of Custer county stock men
i whose cattle have bceu assessed iu
Fremont county.
Mrs. Major Lock started east on
I Tuesday intending to ho present at
j the commencement exercise* of tho
, Steubenvill** academy. Mins Blanche
j who is a pupil of the above institu
tion, will ncompauy her mother on
her slimmer visit to New York and
1 ihe watering places and will return
in i lie.all to school to eontiuuc her
t studies.
The wind storm that blew so hart!
! yesterday afternoon, demolished il»o
icsiiporary budding oivnei. bv .Mr.
StiDtlldi, just wu*t id lib* reslilore-j.
! (t was fiecuptc l bv Mr. Geo. W. Fra*
j /.ier, the blacksmith, whoso I'auiUy
j leaped just in linn, to save Injury,
j The furniture mid ware wit* tunadictl
! to pitees. Thu barn of Mr.
; guard at the penitentiary, blew down
1 and l‘ii pony Ivf the hi Me.
j The striped lent bac* of tho UKtvitn.*
’ office was flattened out. 2toV<iral large
i -tore window gins**** w*re
1 Th« storm ;a-ied only a few mumiv*

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