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VOL. 3.
1870. l->loM'ij:R !S- 1880.
Clothing, Hats and Gents’ Furnishing Goods.
Measures taken for Cnsloi-Maie defiling
Bottled Beer,
lh* Finest Hn r in I lie* World.
B:ots ui Sites, j
Canon City, Colorado.
~jTjst reab thist
ami mean just what «p any. To convince you * til and examine our prices. !
for your own benefit, before purchasing else where.
Elegant Lines of Dress Goods. Linens. Lawns. White Goods,
Ready-Hade Clothing for both Ladies and Children.
Tile Latest Novelties in Parasols, Tans
and Ornaments.
Humphrey's Block, one door west of O. 1! My ers' Grocery Shore.
a shakes A CASSSDY,
V C ' • ‘‘r lla\e opened a • t it
■itj liTattOKßanuiapnani
\f*gS£« llv far the LA UC» KST FI NKST».toek ever brought .
fißral In itlß ’to the flit, and nt bottom ptlo ». We will com
fj m B pete with any JCaMeru city in prletr*.
9 B Watch Repairing a Specialty.
fI 4 All Kinds of Repairing Done Promptly and
L.' ; ■ Call am! im*c »nmc of the N«tv Xoveltic«.
~~if .Vlmin Mrrel, Canon Cl*y, Colo.
wnciRSAi.K aid ne ram. PK.ii.ru in
it ry omil h 9
Boots and Slaoc3, Hats and Cap 3,
jy\Ve will not sell gamin that wo can’t warrant.
Everyth!ni: pcrtntnthp to our Due, except pill points, which wo will not hnmllc.
REPAIRIN G CHRONOMETERS Quarter and Fifth Seconds.
Nelson & Cornwell.
_ tr
Staple | Fancy Groceries,
Muln Street.
The Fremont County Record.
Colorado Republican Convention.
Pursuant to call delegates from
pverv comity in the slate met at
Walhalla Hall, Deliver, ou Tuesday
the 25th inst., for the purpose of
electing six delegates to alteud the
Republican National Convention, to
he held in Chicago ou June 3rd. Col.
John Cleghorn, of Dei Norte, was
made temporary chairman,and while
the convention was awaiting the re
port of the committee ou credentials
speeches were made by Hon. W. A.
Ilamill, lion. Amos Stuck, Hon. W.
M. Van Liew, Judge E. C. Brearlcy, !
Col. J. A. Ellet and others. After
the committee on credentials had re
ported the permanent organization
was made by electing the following
officers :
President—Charles I. Thomson, of
L<*ad villc.
First Vice President —W. A. Oflcn
buciicr, of Custer coiiwiy.
I Second Vice President—J. M.
• North, oi Boulder coiiiuy.
j Third Vice President —John It. j
j liaudfl, «»ft I car Creek eoiiniy.
I F«oii in Vice President—a .C. Ban-I
cock, ol < lliitlec r Hilly
Situ inry liuttou i rater, of Ara- j
palioc (.*• <ii ii iy .
Assistant Sccreiaiy Levi Hensti, 1
; ot Cu*ier I'uumy.
A--i-i.nn Secretary—John A. Coui-
I ter. o! Doubler collutv.
Tlu usual routine business of such
j conventions \va*i gone lh rough ami
| (be lotto\viu<' arc il.e delegates mul
1 alternates circled to atteud Hie cot.
i m iiiion at Chicago :
John L. f'oiilt. at huge; alternate,
1 K. L. l\(inpt*e!l. of Lube county.
i■-(«; •*'*/* b 4 ****. l - " ,J '-*s*4 i*o» cum»ti :
nitei Uate, L. I . Kelli, ol (Jurat couu-
Amos Stock, of Arapahoe county ;
alternate, Wolfe Londoner, ol Arapa
hoe county.
George T. (lark, of Lake county;!
alternate, A. I*. Currv, ot Lukecouu'j
John A. E'.lct, of Boulder county ; ,
alternate, J. T. li.uke, of Chatlcc j
county .
M. X. Mogruc. of Fremont count \ ; i
alternate, i>. iluii of Cutler eouu- ;
lv *
The resolutions adopted read thus : j
Ucutlced, That we are uticoiupro- I
mistugly opposed to moiiouietalisiu |
and declare our iiriu deieriniumiou i
to use nil and proper means j
w ilh a view to re-establish silver a- i
the « quid of gold as a money metal ; .
that we are «»i favor ot tin* free itu«l
unlimited coinage of silver \\ iiii
request ‘Vfiat'tfie r?|i?iffficalfuW'fnlW 1
to the National convention to lie held |
al Chicago on the 3d ot June. 4
their In st endeavors to have iuserted '<
in the national republican platform a :
pIaUK declaring in favor ol -liver as a i
money metal.
JtcMvlccd , That the republicans of !
Colorado, recognizing in General U. !
(hunt a tit ar.d competent person !
to conduct the affair- of this great
aud growing republic, and while we ,
have iio ui-pcrations to vast upon any j
of the candidates who aspire to tin- f
chief magistracy of Ibis great nation,
and will heartily support any candi
date who may be mmiiuatcd b\ the;
republican convention at Chicago, |
the preferences of this convention are I
tor General U. S. Graui, aud tin* dele
' gales to Chicago from ti»JB conveii- j
i (ton are hereby requested i«» Use all .
I hoitornbie irieaits to secure his uomi- j
| nation at that loitveut ton and to east
l toe vote i> I tec* deleg at i.in as a li nil.
li'*olce<i, I hat the democratic con- 1
gn ol tin United states, iu its treat
ment ol the the ludiiiu question. lias i
failed to diseharge a high public duty |
imposed upon it by the progress of j
civilization. Tliat we do not recog
nize the claim that any treaty exists
between the national government aud j
the Utcs. the treaty which did exist !
having first been violated in the most
savage and brutal maimer by the In
dian- t hein-el ves. We therefore;
most lieurpl y pledge Iho co-operat ion j
ol the tci'tibiicnu party ot Colorado*
to ihe doctrine ot speedy removal.
Itctolc'd. That \vc cordially eti- !
dorse the administration of Governor
Piikin and heartily approve of his
policy and views in regard to the re- !
inoiul ot the l'ie Indians.
/Irsotrctl, That the republican party
: of Colorado while expressing a pre
; ft fence for the nomination of U. S.
j Grant, recognize in James G Blame, I
of Maine, one of lliu pureal patriots j
and most able men »hut America has
ever produced and should the con- ;
veniiou at Chicago see tit in its wis
dom to place him in iioiuinatioii, we
pledge Imn Colorado by as large a
majority as can be secured lor any
1 other candidn’e mid we recognize in
i the Chicago convention the voice ol
j the party and will second Its decrees
whatever they may bo to the best of
our ability.
The convention was harmonious
Judge Bowen Resigns.
After the adjournment of the re
publican state convention, tho del©- j
gates from the fourth judicial district
met to take action upou the follow
Denver, May So, 1880.
To His Excellency, K. W. I’M kin. Governor of
l o ortiUo:
I heir to tender you my reslgtmth •»
as of the Fourth Judicial Dis
trict of the State ol Colorado, to take
e lie el thisViuy at midnight.
Thomas M Bowen.
Tho convention ol delegates then
proceeded to uomiuato a successor of
Judge Bowen, amt on tho second for
mal ballot Judge T. A. McM-rris of
Colorado Springs, was selected.
On Monday Blackburn was elected
I speaker of the lionte pro l«m—for the
1 Aral tints.
The Political Pot.
Chicago is llie place.
The 3rd of Jhiic is the time.
Garfield will nominate Sherman.
Eugene IJaie U to nominate Elaine.
Conkling will probably uomiuate
G rant.
To say that it boils would be draw
ing it mild.
Don Cameron went to Chicago ear
ly last week.
William Chandler is to command
the Blaine forces at Chicago.
Coukliug will manage the Grant
army at the Chicago convention.
General Garfield is to put all of his j
efforts forward in Chicago for Slier- :
The democrats of Delaware have
instructed lor Senator Ba) ard as their
choice for president.
It is pretty general}' agreed that
ex-Si*nator Hoar, of Massachusetts,
will preside at llic Chicago conven
General B. P. Butler has established
greenback headquarters in Chicago.
It is »a d lie is there ini he interest of
Bdwi-cu 5.' 00 and 6,000 people at
tended an anti-Grant meeting iu Chi
cago on l he 26l h.
The Deliver Tribune of last Tue*-
• lay contained otic of I lie best edito
rial- to the third term that
has ever been writ leu in the West.
Tlmrloiv Weed i* eu route to Chica
go ami w di present a series of refi
• illion to the X:i!iouni convention
protecting against the nomination of
At the Illinois republican state con
vention Governor Cullom, present
iuciiniheut. was renoiniu lied. Henry
\ I). Derwent was nominated for scc
; rotary of state aud Edward l*utz lor
j state treasurer.
The New York Evening' Mail, re
: publican newspaper, is uppo-eJ to a
| third term and believes
; :ice Field be iioiiiiuatcd by tii/* aeiu- [
j ocrais aud Grant by the republicans,
j Grant would be defeated.
A boll took place from the Louis
j iana republican convention, the bolt
ers electing a full Grant delegation
and the regular convent ion electing a
' delegation which t:oe- to Chicago uu- j
j instructed, but which Is understood
jto stand eight f i u “ r *i*Ya> b nHU c feht for
That Indian Massacre in Canada.
The swarming «»l fortune seekers
! into Colerailv, under ll«e iuriueuce oi j
; one ol" tin* cruxes ot tlic time, 1
■ ! a> earned a domain! for cl now-room 1
among tin tivasure meeker- Coiise
> qneiitly, the overflow of humanity .
| lets treinhed upou the domain re
served tor the original occupants of .
1 tiie soil. The L ies, with the instinct
1 «>f t-elf-presi rvat ton that i*. perhaps, j
one ot the strongest incentives to
| action in the savage breast, resented
the iutru-ion. The first result of j
: this i- that the friends of two hull- j
1 dred huil titty miners are prepared to
; mourn the lots of all ol them at the
| hands (if the lidiaiis. such being the
. end of those w Uo-c fates are detiui'e- j
ly known. l*o*dbly, tin* next thing
wc shall hear is that an irresponsible ,
cruel wnr of extermination will have
| been begun by the crowding, eager, I
relent !e*s swarm oT whites before t
l : niteil States governutent will have
i had lime to interpose effective inter
ference. General Hatch with a body j
ol troops, is in the district, it is true
but he receives the character of a
bungler. It seems as if the ex tine- j
j lion of the red iiisii was only a inat
■ ter of time, and th.it the influences ot
Christian civilization are in a large
measure a failure with regard to
them, and rl.it* not s » niueh on ac
count of the depravity ol t he Indians,
:i* on account of the fait lib and
rulhle»-ne-> oi the Christum iuvader.
[Montreal Witness.
The attention of the Witness Is ;
called to the following facts:
Fiisl —Not one single miner has ' i
hern immli'i'i'il by Utes this season, |
your statement of t!io massacre of i
two hundred ami filly “whoso fates ,
are defiiiitalv known*’ to <*<>«• |
trary, notwithstanding. It probably ,
grows out of the reported killing °*
£ee«nd—By this time one thousand
l r . S. soldiers art* upon the reserva
tion to see that both minors and In
dians are protected from injury by
either party to thu other.
Third—Geueral Hatch is lighting
Victoria’s hand of Apaches in New j
Mexico, from 200 to *»00 miles from
Colorado, ami he is not a bungler but j
a regular Indian lighter.
Fourth—l>o nut believe all tales
you hear of ludiau troubles iu east- j
urn papers.
Filth—Visit Colorado before you
judge of the “faithlessness and ruth
lossless ol the Christian iuvader.*’
Cremation at Cloora.
I.aM Friday night a man and boy.
names unknown, were burned to
death in a small tVnino house at
Cleora. It was at ftr»t supposed
they had been murdered and t lie
bodies burned to cover up the crime,
- but investigation proved tiiviu to
have bo*>n drunk aud in all probabil
ity the tire was caused by their own
carelessness. The bodies were burn
ed almost beyoud the semblance of
tha burnta outline.
South Arkansas.
A new town named as (lie heading
of this article reads, has been located
by the Denver & Ilio Grande railroad
company a short distance up the Ar
j ksmsas river from Cleora, and already
many lots have been sold and sub- ;
stautia! buildings are being erected '
upon them. This new town will be '
the shipping point over Marshall pass j
for all of the Gunnison country and!
the western portion of the San Juan J
mining region for many months l«» '
come, and it is bound to be a good
place to locate. Byway of the D. &
It. G. and Barlow & Sanderson’s !
stages, persons leaving Canon City
on the Leadvillc express at 3:05 a. m.
can reach Gunnison City the same
• lay at 7 p. in., the Ufstauoe being only
sixty-fire miles from South Arkansas.
' Banks, commission houses, forward
i ing agents, wholesale and retail
-lores and ail kiuds of business cn- j
| terprises are being established there/!
la* rapidly as it is possible to place
| buildings for their uccoir.odatiou.
A Great Strike in Leadville.
Tl»c siriko ever known!
n'tiouv the miners of the West was j
commenced in Le2idvi!le on the morn- '
ing of I lie 26th. Tin* strikers are min-1
er* ntnl nninber 5,000 under the lead- j
rrs-hip of Michael Mooney, a Molly*
Magttire. Nearly every mine in the
district was vUiteil by them and the
men working in them forced 10 stop j
their labor. The strike is tor an iu- j
crease of wages from *>3.00 to $1.00;
Her dav Of.eh»l»t hours truck. J i
Lc'ui Say l»as been eloctvd President
of the French senate.
The Reading’ railroad has gone into
the bauds <»f :i receiver.
A destructive cyclone passed over
Mitchcl, D. T., on the 26th.
General Adams was supposed* to
have sailed for Bolivia Friday.
Ilaulau and Kdcy have concluded
to row at Providence on June 17th.
It is said that Courtney sold out tlie
rowing race between Ilaulan and him
Union Pacific engineers are locat- :
ing a railroad from Echo to Park
City, Utah.
The consideration of the Ulc bill
bus bcenjrjs ! I Hilled till the first Mon-.
The Ivalloch impeachment trial was
commenced ill Sm Fr;iitc«*co oil the
25th before the Superior court.
On May 22ml a lighthouse keeper
and his son were frozen to death in
Now Brunswick while seal fishing.
The coined silver now in the sub
treasury vaults at New York, weighs
500 tons and amoiiuts to $23,000, 0v0.
The time between "Washington
and Chicago has been shortened six
hours via. the Baltimore Si Ohio rail
road .
A terrible famine is prevailing in
gyria. The American legation at
Constantinople has been appealed to
for aid.
Neil son. the actress, who has jn»t
closed her engagements in thecas ern
state*, has made $136,000. Shu is now
on the Pacific coast.
On the 24th General Hatch's com- ;
tuaml had a light with the Apaches ’
on the Poloinas river, thirty miles
from Ojo Calicnlc and thirty ludiaus
were killed.
On May 26th the mercury indicated
from 96 to 102 degrees in the shade at
various places m New Hampshire and
Massachusetts. In New York City
there were several sunstrokes.
A strike at the smelting works in
Omaha nearly resulted ill a riot on
the 21st, 1,500 workingmou compel- j
ling 109 colored men to stop work. ;
U. b. troops were dispatched to the
A terrible aecldout occurred on the |
South Pacific Coast railroad of Cali
fornia 1 1> an excursion train on Uni
3snl, resulting in the death of thir
teen and the wounding of forty per
A tremendous amount of rain fell j
in iho vicinity of Columbus, Georgia, j
1 on the 23ud, doing great damage to |
i crops and railroads. From 9 a. hi.
i on the 2Wt to 5 p. m. on the 22nd 9.92
; inches of water tell.
Tim Kansas extension of the St. 1
Louis &< Sau Francisco railroad was
! completed to Wichita on tl.eSSrd insl. |
■ The distance from St. Louis is s'o
! miles- It connects with the Wichita
branch of the A , T. & S. F.
General Long street will go to Tur- i
key as the American minister in place
of lloiaco Maynard of Tennessee. '
who will be postmaster general vice i
Key, who lias been appointed U. S.
judge for the eastern und middle dis
«rich of Tennessee.
A contract lias been entered into
between the American company and
► the Nicaragua govtrmueut for the
. construction of the great canal across
, that country, aud is only waiting the
J approval of a legislative congress,
r convened for that purpose, tobecoma
1 a law.
Colorado has 111 census enumera
Indians are reported ou the war
path in North Park.
The Marshall pass was reported
open to travel last week.
The Mosquito pass toll road is ad
vertised as open to travel.
| General Grant anti family are to j
spend the summer at Mauitou.
A hoe tree was found on Boulder
Creek hy a lender fo«»t last week.
lee is half a cent a pound in Bould
er. Down here it is one and a quar
The summer session of* the state
agricultural college will comnieuee
ou dutic Ist.
One hundred and thirty uniformed
fireman paraded in Leadville ou !
Wednesday of last week.
The monument erected to the mem
ory of John \V. II iff, the cattle, king,
at Denver cost over .SIO,OOO.
A jury summoned to try the vio-{
lators of the Sunday law breakers in ,
Leadville found them u«»t guilty.
Aspen City, in Roaring Fork
mining district is to have a smelter
and hotel erected there this si ring.
J. W. Overman has been arrested
iu Leadville charged with the inur
<*• r of Thus. Nugent some six weeks ,
/A Swcedc nam?<l was
ondlv whipped by citizens of Colo-i
rado Springs last Monday lor abusing j
For the third week in May the
earnings of the D. & R. G. railroad/:
arc reported to be the handsome suml
of $14.97j.7C.
A Mexican woman died near Lns
Animas recently from the b*fe of a!
skunk. Before death her sufferings!
Wi re terrible.
f On Sunday last a man named Bites ;
committed suicide iu Las Anim as bv
shooting himself through the heart
No caiiso is assigned. J
Three serious accidents occurred at
a stone quarry in Castle Ilock last
week, ouc of which resulted in the
death ofChas. Paterson.
The democrats of Custer county, i
in convention, have expressed their '
their presidential candidates.
The wa.l of the ‘‘tailings*’ bin at
the smelt jr in Pueblo fell on the Cist
severely injuring two men, W. B. |
Ptiinis'cr and Mack Robinson.
West Las Animas Leader: Jud'e i
Jay put his one vear old Hereford on
the -calcs this morning and he weigh
ed 759 pounds. So niueli tor thor
oug]»l>red stock.
The driver of the Barlow & Sander
son stage, Tom lvinlock.which knock
ed down and killed Tom Sco t in
Leadvilie last week, has been ar
rested for murder.
Chieftain. C-d : Senator Tom Par
rish. of ('uster county, went to Luke j
City yesterday, lie is superintend
ent of the Ohio Consolidated Mining
company at that place.
Saguache Chronicle: General Mc-
Kenzie ami his staff of officers and i
advance guard arrived iu town on j
Friday of this week. The main com
mand will arrive Saturday or Sun
Register-Call: Heavy forest fires
have been raging on Bear creek for
several days, a«ul a large amount of
timber has been destroyed. The
origin of the tiro is supposed to be ;
carelessness on the part of campers.
Boulder Herald : A terrible forest
fire has been raging somewhere iu
the mountains south of town. Great
clouds ot smoke have been in the air
for days, and have reached fur to the
Rot kv Mountain Mining Review:;
Mr W. W. Dunbar, city attorney tor
Ruby Camp, reports that -\* an
United States survey just completed
Ruby ami alt her mines are one anti a
I half milts on the white side ot the;
I'te reservation line.
Chieftain : Miss L. M. Ring, of •
Valley Falls, Kansas, is in the city. ;
the guest of James Rico. Miss Ring i
j taught tin* tlrst permanent school in
i Colorado nl Deliver, and is well
| known to many ot our oldest resi
dents as a most excellent teacher ami |
an estimable lady.
The little brce/.c which touched j
j Canon on Friday last week reached t
jollier points in the state also. In i
j Denver Dan Castello’s circus tent j
was blown down and the from** work f
for an addition to the D. & R. O.
machine shops was demolished.
Silver World : The great rock cliffs I
directly in front of the Silver World
office are embellished bv patches of
vivid green. They are mountain
I curraul bushes, which have obtained
II a loot-hold in some mysterious way
•! on the almost vortical taco of the pttr
, * ? te por|rt*ery, against which their
: : fresh spring leaves make a vivid con
NO. 22.
Lkadville, May 21.—The White
j Kiver Utes have been reiuforced by
j one hundred and fifty Navajoes.
j There are over three thousand miners
1 on the Ute reservation.
! Montreal, May 21 —Over two
| thousand persons attended a meeting
; last night to consider the chanced of
1 a commercial union with the United
I States. Perault referred to the
| strength of Canada; her ability to
make treaties, etc., bntsaid that trade
was stagnated and thousands of Ca
nadians were emigrating? on account
of the mistaken legislation and selfish
action of Great Rritian by shutting
i Canada out in making treaties with
1 otheruations.
Washington, May *2l.—The House
to-day passed the bill relative to tres
passers on public lands, with an
amendment limiting the benefits of
the bill only to such persous as
have taken timber from the public
lands in the ordinary clearing of
lands, in working a mining claim or
for agricultural or domestic purposes
or for maintaining improvements on
the land of bona fide settlers who,
without fault or knowledge of tres
pass; took or used such material.
! Six huudred mine locations are ra
! ported in the camp at Alpine
The Caribou and No Natr.B mines
at Caribou have been consolidated.
It is estimated that there are 800
mining claims in the vicinity ot Kico.
Coal lias been discovered in the Big
Thompson valley in the northern
j portion of the state.
Golden Globe: A sixty-five foot
vein of iron ore has been struck in
• Stray canon, one mile from Morrison.
Hard carbonates assaying 067 ouu
: re* in silver and 16 ounces in gold to
I the tou is said to have been discover
ed close to Rico.
Muldoou : George Barlow has dis
! covered a very valuable vein of coal
'iu the viciuitv of Rico Spccirueua
| can be Seen iu our cabinet.
The miners at the Washington Av-
I emie mine, Boulder, were on a strike
1 ist week owing to a disagreement
Rocky Mountain Mining Review:
I The Chaffee couuty camps are show
ing h good deal of live enterprise.
Alpine, Buena Vista, Cleora and
Maysville are ‘ booming*’ ahead finc
j ly.
The Mining Register of Lake City
reports the sale of the Palmetto. Ruby
1 Queen and First National mines, and
! the lixiviation works at that city to
• the Palmetto consolidated mining and
milling company of New \ ork City.
Rocky Mountain Mining Review :
J. \V. Ellis and Johu R. Smith, with
i several gentkmeu of Gram! Rapids,
Michigan, have bonded from Buck
waiter, Powers, Cox & Co., the Iron
Mountain No. 1, Iron Mountain No. 2
and Unktmwu mining claims for
; $150,000 for one year. These claims
are located on Iron mountain, four
miles southeast of Silver Cliff.
Rico News: A former experienced
miucr of the Black llills, who has
just returned from a prospecting trip
near the Ute reservation, ••eports
! fiudiug a quarts belt near the resor
vatiou which, if it is all true, will
create the stampede of the coming
spring. Specimens of the gold quartz
assayed, from the lodes discovered,
j shows results as high as two thous
and dollars per tou. The Wit and
even the direction in which it Is lo
cated. of course, is kept a profound
secret among the discoverers at this
time We give the report of the dis
covery as it was to us.
Justice Waldo’s Court.
Peter Sliaefcr and Andrew Krlccr,
vu (r rauts. Fined eleven dollars and
costs each. Paid*
Thomas Kelloy, indecent exposure.
Fined swveu dollars and costs. Sent
to jail.
J. W. Huston, washing bloody
! 110.0 ill lira ilitcli. Fiuoil Uvo dollar,
I aud costs. Paid.
Edward John and Peter Murphy,
i trespassing oil K. K. Co. property.
Fined Utree dollars and costs. Fine
I remitted on payment of costs.
| Fruuk LI. Ensign, drunk and disor
j dwrly in diuiug room of MoCture
; house. Eight dollars aud costa.
! Paid.
Michael Uorinsu and Henry Brooke,
! breach of peace and disturbance in
I 11,0 street. Broods dischargcd-Gor
mau liued ten Jollur* aud costs. 1 aid,
* Joseph Trainer, drunk. Twelve
j dollars and costs. Psld.
| James McCue ntul James Campbell,
I drunk Seven dollars a piece and
j costa, lloth *ent to jail.
Three more cases on hand not
j ti led.
Six head of stock were taken np
land advertised for sals.

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