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VOL., ft.
1870. PIONEI3US. 1880.
\ Clothing, Hats and Gents’ Furnishing Goods.
Measures taken for Cnstoi-Malle Clothing
Ho tiled Beer.
{ ,\ 1 Tlie Finest Boer in ilie WorUl.
jmgmaf < o
Hand-Made B:ols ana Shoes.
Canon City, Colorado.
•ml mean jual what we *ay. To convince you rail and examine our prices, j
for your ouu heuefit. before purcha.iug else where.
Elegant Lines of Dress Goods. Linens, Lawns, White Goods,
Beady-Made Clothing for both Ladiet and Children,
Tho Lateit Novelties in Paranoia, Tana
and Oraamenta.
Humphrey's lilotk, one dour writ of O. 11. Myers' Grocery Store.
gSfIH liy far the I.ARGKBT and KIX KST stock ever hi ought
■ I lo tbedli, ami at holfom price*. \\> will ctuu>
9 H ■ l**tf with any Kaatrrn i-ity in price*.
I B BTW Watch Repwring a Specialty.
All Kinds of Repairing Done Promptly and
NBM vsl Warranted.
< '* ll ani * * cc M>M,r wf the N*w Novel tie*.
fajC < -urrc-l time obtained |)t (rau.it «b*m alini*.
Mala Mrrrl, Canon Clift Coin*
Dry Goods,
Boots and Sh.oes, Bats and Caps,
Axnr paxes.
19-We will not sell good* that wo can't warrant. J&t
Everything pertaining to our lino, except gilt good*, which we will not handle.
&EPAIRIH G CHRONOMETERS —Quarter and Fifth Second*.
Nelson & Cornwell.
Staple | Fancy Groceries,
Main Street.
The Fremont County Record.
Imiru the bakery trade. Will
give board and some wages. Apply
to P. C. Helm at City Bakery, op
posite McClure House, Can »n City.
f,> lISES TO PASTURE. by M. M.
Craig, four miles north of Canon
City. Refers to M. Brtnnbiy, pro
prietor of Elk Horn Livery Feed and
Sale Stable, Main street, opposite
postoffice. t f
TEAM AND DRIVER for a four
weeks’ trip into the mountains'.
Apply to Boyd House, Canon City.
' *lt
ARHANTS—Town and County
Warrants wanted. Highest
price paid by W. H. McCLURE. at of
fice formerly occupied by O. G.
Stanley and justice Johnson. If
" n " 1
Toothpick— Gold toothpick with
agate setting. Suitable reward
by returning to Nelson & CORN
NEW HOTEL in Arbcurvil!*, lut*
itM*m for t Wtii'v-i uo beds, will
' he fini*-l ed by the 2)tl» of this month.
I For partM*titars address J. II Notia-
I maker, Arleoirville. Col • 20 1 28
nut • % m;.
LOTS —Two lo $ WEI! be Sold at a
sacrifice if bought within a tew
j day* lor nnli. One next west **f the
! Bures house and the oilier lading I lie
trout door of the new school hoti-« .
Apply to ||. T. Blake, Rkcoku office
opposite McClure house.
Young, new milch cow for
sale. L. M. Xelbok. tf
('•arid l.ubor to l.ot.
CoO'KiOO -*TAT. Pb me TIAItT. 1
Camijc a r,« olu.. May istu 18->o. >
Pealed pr»»|xxHl* will «»e rm-i.?-! by I e
Ho nl«»i |*, ii tenilarv C umil u' lit
Ju*.e Jih. ISS . l«*r ttie a*«or«»f twenty ab«*->
bodti-d ewivict* bra term of years not ex*
cewiiiij five
Hold men are well ndnp'ed for*hem nu
' *ctu>r of (MHib Mint ►b-» *. havlug worked at
th-«« butlne** for aotne »line.
Amp«**U«o*rn m wIM t»e larnl«hed.
Btd» dii-ald be »ddn *<•«<! to ttie Hoard of
Penitentiary n«-r* and endorsed.
•'PropoOMt* for f*o vlrt I abor." The Hoar-
Irra r* e l he rl«bt io r»)ec« any and all bids if
d-eme»t lo the li.tc o*tof 'he-l«le 10 do so.
•50CT3 M N MKliKt'K, Warden.
I :
Notice of Farteiinre.
| Tn M. A. Itofrnblatt and A. Frank :
I You are hereto notified that 1 have ex
] pen.led four hundred dollar*, the same he*
] log your proportion in labor an.t improve.
I' tm-tit* upon the. Ist. Stranger Lode ; 2m!,
tl»UI Tom Tunnel Opening; 3rd. the Adel
ine L dc. situated near PliaMi.t Valiev. in
the county of Fremont, and state of t\*lora
j do, in order to iudd the said premise* under i
: the provisions of the act of emigre** enti- •
| tied **An art to promote the development j
'of the mining remutec* of the United |
‘state*.’* approved May lOC*. 1572. and it
| within ninety days alter thi* notice by nub*
j 1 (ration you fail or refuse to contribute
j your pro|H»rtion of legal exj* mlitures a. a
! eo-owner.your interest in ?j»U! above named
mining lode* and tunnel will liecumo the
j property of the subscriber, under the tilth
section of laid act of congress. Written
j notice hating also hern sent you hv mail
! ill addition lo the legal requirements.*
Emanuel 11. Saltiel.
t'a&ou Oitv, Ido.. March 3l*t. 1830.
Copartnership Notice.
Notice is hereby given that 4. L. PItEX
TIsS ha* (sold an undivided lia:f interest in
hi** drug Irtislnrs* to hi* brother, FRANK
| I’KLN I ISS. From and after this .late the
I name of the firm will 6e .1.1.. I’renti** A
j Urn. All the liabilitie* of the above named 1
! bnstne** arc assumed by said firm And mm''
j it U desirable to l.;oc a full settlement on
j March l**t. all parties knowing them*
I an.vcs Indebted to J. L. l’rrntlss will please
j rail and settle before that date, as the ac
counts will then be placeu for collection in
the hands of the ••American Collecting
Ageucy J. L. PRENTISS.
Cation City. Colo.. Feb. 12. tf
I.nttvl Nsiict.
I.AS D OrriCE IT PUHIt.O, Cow , 1
May UKh. i
Notice l*« hereby rlvou that the fo-lowing
named settler ha* Bled notice of tils intention
to maitr ttual proof In suppmt of lit* cintm.
and secure tin*l entry theieof at the c*|>lru
lion of thirty day* f om the date of thl*
notice. beft»ie .ohn A ll*on. • irrk of the t*|s*
trie! court m t'nfton « Ity. on Mvtimlay, June
will.l an. v r. : onuure • lilte Jr, N. r*. v o MMI
for the N K of NK U six* iS,v ** '* of N liU
sec 4. W «, 4 of S\V ‘ 4 see 15. 8 E .■* r. 14.
8. 19 *. W M . and name** the fo lowing a* Id*
wltncsswa, v.a: «*tl* white, August iiunt. of
»• orrnce, Aamucl • ron•* and Jus. v.
•»»(«*. of r remont Oo • o o
rtiti. r Kll". It A UN. 01.1. \R, Register.
County of Custer. (
The undersigned. Joseph A. Pavi*. of the
county of t*U«ter and State of Colorado,
tint itig been officially notified by the Clerk*
of the District Court of the Counties of
Custer and Fremont, that In pursuance of
an art of the Legislature of the state of
Colorado, entitled **an art to regain e the
use of water lor Irrigation Ae .’"approved
February tnth. IK9. that F. W Pitkin,
(Inventor of the stale of Colorado, has cre
ated Irrigation District No. Fifteen. em
bracing all of the counties of Custer and
all of lit it portion of Fremont county
which lies south of the Arkansas river ;
mi»! official notice of the creation of said
Water District imving been received by
th*’ Judge of tin* Third Judicial District
of the state of Colorado. It is therefore
ordered by John \V. Ilenry, Judge of said
Jiidiei.-d Pistn it. In pursusneo of section
2i» of said act. that Joseph A. Davis of the
county ot Custer be and is hereby appoint
ed Kcieree in and for said Irrigation Dis
Now, therefore, by virtue of the authori
ty tn me vested, and tn puratiatiee ot Sec. 2t»
of said act, I. Joseph A. Davis of the coun
ty of Custer, do hereby give notice that I
will attend at the following named places
tn said Water District and at the times as
specified aa follows:
At Oliver Kirkpatrick's ranch on Lake
creek, Fremont county, ou Tuesday. July
6th. 1880. at 10 o'clock a. m. At* A. Q
Monroe's, on Hardscrabble creek. Cutter
eouittr. on Tuesday, July 13th. 1880. at 10
Volock a. nt. At m\ office on Main street,
east of the Powell (louse, Sllrtr Cliff. Cus
ter county, on Tuesday, July 27th, 1886, at
10 o'clock a. in., at wbiult tiuioi and places
I will attend to take and certify proof con
cerning the priority of right ol all the
ditches In the district, and all persona In
terested In said matter are hereby uotltfcd
to be present and exhibit proofs of their
Witness my hand this 27th day of May,
1880. Joanrn A. Da via.
Referee In and far Wa«ar DlaUlet No. 16,
fflati of Colorado. *«MB
Chicago has been~the neuter or in
terest for days past and as the time
for the meeting of the republican
national convention approached that
interest was intensified by the fact
of t lie great contest about to be waged
between the friends of Grant and
Blaine %vas growiug bitter and even
personal. The friends of Blaine were
determined to break the uuit rule
and Grant’s friends were as deter
mined to enforce it. Upou that poiul
a struggle ensued between the nation
al committee and Cameron, its chair
man, which resulted in an agreement
to leave the question for the conven
tion to set:le. Gtte of the most im
portant of all raided by both
factions was tho oW-of considering
the credentials ot contested delega
tions and the committee on creden
tials were in session many hours and
did not report until Friday. A reso
lution iti the preliminary meeting to
support the nominee ot the conven
tion was adopted. The platform >
condemns the Chinese and recoin ,
uiriids further legislation on the sub
ject It commends Hayes’ adminis
tration aud counsels harmony in the |
The Iasi reports from the conven- j
lion ►!!>' ll*e probabilities aie that the
md w jl not be reached be/ore to- j
uiglit. __________
One ot the be*i speeches on the lu
diati question in congress was that
by Judge Beiford on the set 1 1 men l of
llie Ulw. The judge has been put
ting in some good work in tlie house
for Colorado, notwithstanding the
sneers of some of our contemporary
The eoitor oi il»e Silver Cliff Pros- j
pcct, in speakiug ot our comment |
upon one ot their stamp mills leuviug •
over 150 ounces ot silver i*\their
tailings, calls our article
We ouly noted the fact as we <ouud
it r* corded upou the books of the
Fa ft set l reduction works of Canon
City, who are treating the sumo
tailings. The Prospect claims that !
we ate not friendly to Silver Cliff,
but ibis is not the case. We have in
terests at the Cliff, directly uml iudi
rectlv, to the amount of several
thousand dollars, and do not feel as
j cue Prospect does, Hint the lailure ol f
j any one of their stamp mil*s to get •
i the silver out of the ore will kill tin*
; camp. The ubove fact shows that
the ore must be very high grade ami
that the stamp mill poorly managed.^
More Trouble in Leadville.
Although ilie strike was practical
ly ended oil Monday, a dissatisfied <
crowd of millers t reated a disturb
ance on Tuesday ami Deputy She rill :
Parsons, in attempting to quell an *
incipient riot, drew his revolver and •<
wounded three men. li was rumored <
oil that day that the strike would be
again inaugurated under a uew
Death of an Old Settler.
—PUKIII.O, Jiiuu 1— Matt Kiddlober
gcr, oik: ol the pioneers of Colo nolo,
died ul (jreeuhoru on Monday night .
lie was a member ol the lirsi territo
rial legUlature »n«l wne well known
throughout the state.
The above associated press dispat cl»
will be painful news to many ol Mr.
Kiddlebcrgei *s ol«i filends in this
county, lie came to Colorado in 1S(K)
and once published the Times news
paper in this city, lie was a gradu
ate of Wesleyu university ami a man
of unexceptional character.
Rosita Items.
From the Index.
N. B. Johnson. John Johnson,
itichard Irwin, James Pringle and
Hubert McGregor started for (iuuui
son Cilv lust Moutlay.
Mr. Turner, chief niigiuoor of the
Pueblo & Silver ClifT railroad, and
parly were camped Inst Friday near
the South Hardscrabble and were
surveying up North creek.
We hear the Pocahontas lias conic
under a now management and the en
gineer at the tit I tie has received orders
to pul ills engine in running order.
This mi no is recognized as one ol the
richest, if uol the richest, iu Southern
Colorado ami can \\ urk more men
ihnu auy other.
li. J. E«ls aids has sold to Dr. Par- 1 ”
ker the Thespian Hail building for
$1,600. The Doctor proposes hi ouco
to build on to the rear of the hal'.
twenty-rlve feet, which will ucarly
double its present sealing capacity
aud allow of the stage belug consid
erably enlarged.
OfTeubacher, Ituyuolds amt DeWall
are making their tlrst improvements
ou the Polouia, which the purchased
two or three mouths ago. The old
"liaft house has been torn down aud
an eacavation lor engine and ore
liouse<* and oilier necessary buildings
is now belug made. We understand
t lie hoisting machinery la ou tne road
and will be put up witliiu the next
six weeks. The shaft is down about
146 feet but the mine will not be
worked further uutkl the machinery
hi la place.
The Mills and Hodge* placer prop f
Hi ty. cmuraciiig over 750 acres, bpp- -
-ito Alina, has been sold loa coitipam
for a consideration variously given u
from $40,000 lo $75,000. This place!
is said to be the richest iif the slut*
Rico News: Considerable excitc
ment prevails on the West Dolores,
about seven miles from Rico. There
are new and rich discoveries in that
locality, but as yet we have nothing
Mining Register: We notice in
front of Col. Draper’s office, Silver
street near Third, two magnilicnut
$1 councils of ore from the California
mine. One piece weighs 800 and the
other 1,000 pounds. These pieces, or
iginally one, were broken while being
removed Irom the mine.
Buena Vista Times: Mr. C. R.
Berry made a panning of two paii9 ol
surface dirt from the Til low placer
claim, owned by R. (}. Smith, one
mile and a half from town which, on
j amalgamation, showed one grain of
! pure gold. Lower down prospects
: have been much better, showing the
claim to be a good one.
The Kokomo Tunes publishes a
number of interesting mining items,
which summed up, are as follows:
Ore has been found on Jack luouti
j min running eighty ounces silver.
| On a mountain west of Coffee
t mountain good leads. have*bceu found.
An item from Carbou&tevillc in the
j same paper says a vein of galena
twelve feet ill thickness has been un-
I covered in the Alicante tuiue.
In the Sultan combination on Sheep
mountain, one shaft reaches two
! veins of mineral, carbonates and ga
lena, in ill-minting eighteen ounces,
j Two other veins show mixed niiner
> hJ, and auother has a six foot vciu ot ,
Gunnison Gossip.
From the Guunison Review.
Almost daily reports of the disco v
i ery of new mines within a few miles
| ot Guuuisou reach its.
A gentleman named Whipple is
talking of going after two thousand
head of sheep to pasture between
here ami Ruby anil put them oil the
market this summer and (all.
, ‘ r The severity of the past whiter kill
ed a large ainotmt of slock in Gunni
son county. The road for twelve
mile' vast of here is Plied with the
carcasses of the dead animals.
Sportsmen are having lots of foti
shooting elk, mountain sheep, deer,
jack rabbits, grouse, sage liens, etc.
There are lots of elk ami deer within
eight or ten miles of here, while the
smaller game cau Oc shot on the town
site or very near it.
r The pioneer 101 l road, located from
-Created LJutte to liuby and about hail
completed last fall, is now to be fin
ished “at once. J. W. llonldeii, the
supeiinteudent and general manager
ot the same, has just gouc up and
hopes to have the road completed in
a couple ot weeks. The length of the
roud is uinc miles.
The Review is publishing a history
of amt development of the Gunnison
country from the peu of Prof. S. |
The Review reports the sale, for a,
consideration of S23.7vKJ to Gtista Levi !
of Uumiison City, oue-sixtcellth inter
est in each of the Silver Hill and Pick
wick mines and one-quarter in the
Magnet mine, at Ruby Camp.
From the Gunnison .News.
The first two loaded teams of the
s« nson went into Ruby on Wednesday.
The poles I r the telephone between
Guunison and Rub arc being set up.
It is estiuuicd that there arc a
thousand men nu the trail between
Uuuuisou ami Camp Ruby.
The Leadville Craze.
From the Montreal \t it ness.
Kellers liuvq becu received from
Oineiuec xotiug men who tcceutlv j
101 l for LraiSville, Colo. They all ,
jfol employment, but at lower rales:
of wages than they anticipated, the j
uiintbcr willing lo work being far iu j
excess of the demand. They warn [
others front going there and stale
their intention of returning to Cana
da iu the fall.
The Strike Ended.
On Monday last Iho striker® in !
Lead vi lie concluded that $o per day ;
wa® l*oiter than idleness and eudeil |
their troubles by going to work.
Mick Mooney was accused by them
of having got up the strike for blaek
tnailiug purposes aud selling them
out. Threats of Iviiohiug hitu were
freely made, lieforo the strike end
ed the county commissioners of Lake
county issued a proclamation calliug
every abicoodiod citizeu of the com
munity to arms in case of serious
danger. The principal mines had
beeu barricaded ami doubly guarded.
Denver Inter-Ocean: It is ami -
take to suppose that there was any
special appropriateness iu sending the
delegation to Chicago iu charge of
Warden Megrue.
At.amosa, May 23.—G«*n’l McKen
zie, wiili iwentv companies of sol
diers. passed Cochetopa pass to-day
uaiil arrived at Los Pinos Thursday.
lr. is rumored time he lias orders to
establish a military post twenty-five
miles from Gunnison City, to guard
against possible Utc outbreaks. On
ihe other hand the miners say Mc-
Kenzie ha** orders to drive them off
that part of the Ruby district within
flie borders of the reservation. 4
San Francisco, May 27. —The Su
perior court this morning sustained
ihe general demurrer of Kalloch
against the impeachment proceedings
by the bofU'd of supervisors and dis
missed the cA*e.
San Francisco. May 27.—The Car- j
sou and Colorado railroad company !
have begun work on Ihe const run ion »
of ilie first 150 miles, between Carson
and Canclellaria, in the Columbus)
mining district. Nevada. D. O. Mills, j
Nicholas Limning. Witi. Sharon and j
other large capitalists of Colorado and j
Nevada arc the principal stockholders. -
San Francisco, May 26. —A Sacra-;
mciito dispatch says at 6 p. in. the Su- |
perior court rendered a decision in j
flie Kearney case, releasing him. The j
hearing was on she habeas, corpus ap- j
pealed Irom the Superior court at Sau j
Francisco, where the decision of the
Police court pulling Kearney in the
house ol‘correction fur abusive Uu-j
guage was sustained.
Prince Leopold ami Priucess Lou
ise are in Chicago.
The harvest prospects arc reported
good throughout Ireland.
Forged srr'-p of the Reading rail
road has been discoveicil.
; Decoration day was generally ob
served throughout the country.
Another new mining exchange has
been opened in New York O ty.
| The public debt was decreased $13.-
328.053 87 during the •••until of May.
Tell deaths from yellow fever oc
' cur red in Havana, Cuba, on June Ist.
A story is told of gold and silver
| discoveries near Plainfield, New Jer
! sey.
! Notice of appeal to the Supreme ;
i con; t has t een tiled in the Kallocli j
A cyclone railed the Sown of Sa- (
voy, Texas, last week and killed nine
The steamer Golden Eagle was
burned tcT the water’s edge at St.
Louis on May 31st.
A rowing match is being arranged
between Haulau and Triokett, the
Ausirialian oarsman.
General Hatch has been reinforced I
by three companies of cavalry au»l i
two companies of infantry.
Ex-Empress Eugenia has arrived ;
i • Zuiulaud near the spot where the'
Prince Imperial was killed.
The democrats of Nevada have in- I
strode;! their delegates to thcCiuciu- •
uati convention to vole for Tildeii. |
On May 29th prices on everything ■
in Chicago, except corn and pork, j
reached the lowest point since lasi
The democrats of Kansas have de
clared for Seymour and Hendricks 1
as their candidates for president autl
R\an ami Goss, prise fighters, had
a fight at Collin* Station, \Vo~t Vir
ginia, on June Ist which resulted in I
a victory for Ityau.
Brock port, Texas, experienced aj
terrible flood last week; The water j
was eight feel deep lu the principal
streets and several persons were.
The court of inquiry in the Whitta- j
ker case found him ginllv ot inutilat* l
ing himself. The timlings of the
court have been forwarded to the
War department.
Ex-Comptroller D. B. Connelly, a
fugitive of Tweed-ring notoriety, is
said to have died ill Marseilles, j
France, while undergoing a surgical j
operation, ou May 31st.
Last week Maj. Bird, army pay mas- j
ter ami his escort, had a battle with i
Indians near old Fort Cummings, X. I
M., ami drove them into Cook Vcnnon. j
The uext day flvo dead bodies were'
found iu the caftou of men who bad j
been murdered by the Indians.
Telegrams from New York report j
the 27tli or May to have been terribly
hot, At 3:30 p. tn. the thermometer j
indicated 93 degrees iji the shade; j
There were •• number of sun- •
strokes. In Philadelphia the mercury |
at 3 p. in. reached 99 degrees.
On the first of June a stranger 1
stopping at a farmer’s house in ar j
X'lcar Lake, Texas, shot aud. killed ,
two robbers who had cut the throat
of the farmer** wife and were at-j
tempting to rob the lioufte. The rob- j
hers proved to be * woman aud her j
.NO. 2?.
Over In lVico'flour is only $22 per
“luiu tired potiuds. }
( The first copy of the CTunuison Re
view was sold at auction forsloo. /
[ Mail route No. 38205 is to be from
Alamosa via„Zapota and Costilla to
Silver Cliff.
An engine on the South Park rail
road jumped the track in Trout creek
canou on the 27th of May, seriously
injuring the engiueer ami fireman.
Col. W. 11. F. Hall, fouuder of th<3
Gunnison News, died in that city
suddenly on May 22m1. Col. Hall
was a native ol Georgia but had been
in Colorado a t>timber of years. He
was fifty-four years old.
On May-tthrVriee Stone, an eigh
teen year ohi soil of E. T*
I Stone, ail old resident of El Paso
‘ county, was murdered on a ranch bc
; longing to his father in New Mexico,
! by a Mexican sheen herder.
! Saguache Chronicle : Six compsta
i ics ol cavalry passed through town
i on Saturday last and camped above
i‘ town about three miles, ami Sunday
| the remainder of the command, eleven'
| companies of infantry, passed through
! town .
Denver Tribune: The surveyor
j general has received a telegram from
i Washington that the commissioner of
! the general land otliee has approved
| the plats of the town of Irwin, Gun
iiis>ou county. This settles the ques
tion ot location and Irwin is knowu
to be outside the reservation,
j A week ago last Thursday L/.8. Paif
f her, town recorder of Btivtia Vista,
i shot and killed E. D. Morgan iu a sa
! loon in that city. The trouble was
| caused about some town scrip which
; Morgan had taken to Denver to nego
| tiute and which he hud tailed to re
turn or account for. }
Rico News: Sixty stand of arms,
5,000 rounds of ammunition and the
Silvortoii arms have been ordered to
Aiiiuias City. This one hundred
sirttid of arms are to be distributed
iu La Plata ••minty for the protection
•it' the settlers ill ease of the probable
uprising ot the Ute Indians. J
/ The raiding of sheep ami cattle
ranches in the uortheu portion of tho
| stale and the iudcscrimiuatc slaugh
ter of stock by the raiders, was com
menced this season as it whs several
years ago. The sheriff of Elbert couu
j ty. however, is after the rasclcs aud
( some time ago succeeded iu capturing
I six of them. }
\ Saguache Chronicle r Qnarcanfa,
one of the Ute chivls was in towu ou
Friday. He exhibited some line spec
! ituens of ore from the pass ami
was trying to raise a grub stake on
them. Quurcanta will make a boss
prospector with a little more exper
ience—especially for goldcu hair.
Chieftain : The construction of the
Santa Fc extension west of here m
delayed lor want of iron, which fails
to arrive, aud track laying has ex
tended only about two anti a half
miles. Much of the road bed, how
ever, is now ready, though a great
ileal of blasting is yet to he dotifl.
The extensiou will not be ready lor
traffic tor about tlnco mouths.
Colorado Springs Gazette: Tho
Gazette published some time ago tho
fact that General Grnut would boa
guest at Munitou this summer. The
General bus engaged tit teen rooms at
the lieebee house, Mnliitoti, aud is ex
pected to arrive some time iu June-
Other distinguished gentlemcu are
expected tuul the ..season at Mnuitoti
promises to be the most brilliaut ever
La Plata Miner: The remains of
j Chris Newman, who was killed by n
snow slide in Eureka gulch iu the
forepart of February, were found on
Saturday aud buried ou t)ttmluv. The
body was found about one mile from
Eureka, up the south fork of Eureka
, jjulch . Theie wero no scars or brui*-
[«s on the body aud the man was un
doubtedly smothers*! to death iu tho
News Direct front the Bradbury Party.
j t- rom tliu • a'guuchc l U.onlele.
Thu following Utier from \t. J.
| McNutt to Cifo. S. l’t»rt>oiM of title
, place, explain* Mr. McNnU
| wai a luomoor of the logUlattiro ami
is known to be reliable :
Camp ten mii.es west or Kudy, >
May 21*1. UMO. $
Friknd Pabsos* : So fur O. K.
! Imlian* *eoU twice but palil no nUrn
! t>on to u». except to leave when we
l etitne. Are above them now ami
| panv spin up to-»lu\. We, two of
. iiit, ere** Im hock creek Mint up Hto
I (Uvula b tween Mien ami the Uoaiittjf
Fork. Two white meu in camp I'rotu
| Ituby, the llril wo have »e«l» *ioco
loiviug tetttomcat*- Expect to be *1
! Gothic Ip two or three week* and
! please write me there. Il»v« two
1 l»«*ur •kbit drying ami plenty of Kill
meat. Vour* heartily.
It U an lutereetJaj feci tfiat lie
| town hoard ofMeyeville lekee lb#of*
j «linance of CeAott Cttf oii ofbnee* fl»
j tho nature of mUdeweenore mm|
adopt* U almoat la Into

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