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VOIi. 4.
President. Cashier.
Canon City, - Colorado.
Money to Roan in Large or Small Quantities. State, County and
Town Warrants bought at the highest prices.
We Refer to any Bank in Colorado.
And First National Bank. New York. 1 1
Kountze Bros-, Now York .
y • ..... .-
Clothing, Hats and Gents' Furnishing Goods.
Measures taken for Costom-Made Clothing
and satisfaction guaranteed.
A mu: agents row
, Bottled Beer,
f. \ The Finest Beer in the World.
Hand-Made Boots ana Shoes.
Canon City, Colorado.
T J u
3 j _
3 'LjPp 5
* f B
B J .2:
* 55
H I ©
o L .«
© M i ®
SS \t AB I %
r x!ZL *
SI! i
Dry Goods,
Soots sad Shoos, Ssts sad Csps,
ft I) Ht*Tl ITT • !’• DdWoodt.
Plain and Ornamental Plasterers,
(py Jletidtnea, llartwll'• Vlor.k.
HucMnor to Hhon> A Amlcriton.
Paper Hawirln*. Gralnln*. ftUatmlnlmr, F.t«\ TVslnr In Wall Paper,
oilsuMtl Palutna' VJprUco.
OH'ut'lte l*o»l Ollier. CA?(#fl CITIT* COLORADO.
The Fremont County Record.
It was not iuy intention to bring
myself personally before our readers
ou the stale capital question, but I
feel tliAt after the remarks made on
Thursday night at the street meeting
at which time not only were hints
• thrown out concerning my motives
but my name mentioned and a call
made by one individual that I come
forward and explain my course, it
might be looked upon as unexplain
able if I still remain quiet and not de
fend myself. Some weeks ago Mr.
D. G. Peabody, the father of the Canon
City capital movement, told me that
ho was preparing an article on our
being a candidate for the state
capftal and asked me if I would call
to-morrow for it. As it is not my
habit to drum up communications
any more than it is to bore my cus
tomers for advertising, job work or
subscriptions, I told Mr. P. to send
his article over when he Imd com
pleted it, put his signature to it and
I would publish it. Upon another
request ot D. G.’s I agreed to send
after it, but fa'lcd until it was too
late for publication in thut weeks is
sue, so D. G. gave it to tbe paper
called the Reporter. When 1). (j.
first spoke on (lie subject I told him
that l differed with him as to the
means to adopt to get our town nom
inated. My plan was, find of all, for
our large property owners and busi
ness men who would be benefitted
by the location of the captal, to pul
their hands into their pockets and
raise a fund large enough to give the
movement a reasonable cham-e for
success. The money raised to be
used, not to bribe voters, dch
gates or newspapers, but to issue
pamphlets telling of Canon’s ad van!-]
ages, have clerks put them iu en
velopes ami address them to every
voter in southern Colorado, and to
«eml at leas*, two good speakers
ull over the country to talk the mat
ter over with tint voters. When it was
decided to call a convention of dele
gates to meet in Canon I favored the
use of some of the money raised to
defray the railroad and traveling ex
penses of at least one of the delegates
from each county so that they would
have no excuse for not coming to 1
the convention. My ii»«c
newspapers keep quiet ou the subject i
as 1 fedt that the quiet work would <
count before other towns, wlio were
also candidates, would know that we ;
were fu earnest. The parties who ,
took charge of the movement went j
their own way to work and to-day
the position wc occupy is just a? it j
was before either nominating couvcn- ,
tion was held. Instead ot raising ,
mouov in large sums I understand
that $lO was the largest sum contrib- 1
uted in cash by our wealthy property
owuers. Without knowing that the
sums contributed were so small I sent *
ill a $lO cash subscription aud gave
the committee the use of BlaWc's hall
two nights free which was at least
s*2o more. I also notified tbenf that
if our citisens who had over ten times !
the property that l had would con-j
tribute SI,OOO I would put SIOO more!
in cash into th® fuud. But the com-J
mil toe thought thut because wc all i
knew that Cation was the best place •
for the capital that it would require
very little money to get the notnina-j
tion. The gentlemen who undertook
to canvass the country had not time
to visit but a small portion of south
ern Colorado, nud although they talk- j
cd well aud paid most of their own
expenses the result has not been as
brilliaut as the over sauguinc had
hoped for.* It is not yet too late to
go to work and as our committee
have adopted ray first suggestion and
now ask our citizeua to come down
liberally, 1 still hold open my SIOO j
offer. It seems strange that after a [
man lias lived in the town as long as j
I have and has contributed from $3
to SIOO to every enterprise, church
or public improvement that has been
brought forward, lias paid his debts
promptly, has treated every man hon
orably, has handled thousands of dol
lars of other people's money while
I engaged iu banking aud other kinds
| of business and not a dollar of it is
I claimed, oven by my worst enemy, to
have over stuck to my fin
gors, have never been charged
with visiting dunce houses, gambling
saloons or with being drunk, but be
causo 1 have differed with sumo over
sanguine capital enthusiasts as to the
best means to secure the end which
every one of us would like to hare
accomplished, 1 am charged with
being bought by Denver money.
There is some satisfaction In know
ing that the few men who make such
charges need just such a capital cloud
to cover their previous record. Had
the UKCoiiU taken a stand against
Catton being the capita), there might
have been some cause for the thought
but the fact Is there never has an
editorial appeared In the Jlkcoru
but has been favorable to the location
nf the capital at this place. The ltd i
is, there is uo.njMMlin business in this
town who woi#i|bc more benefitted
by the state being located here
than I would.' fttme think that be
cause I Canon’s cliances
are very slwMlllless considerable
work is 1 have no faith in
our town. more confidence
in Canon without the capital than
some of the ej&tfcfiii&sts have with it.
I have my oflice with new
material and stank! until it would take
$3,000 to buy !t,jfthd to-day have just
fitted up a pilfajjfohall that will cost
me over SI,OOO IH have renewed my
lease at $73 pCTrJpotith for three more
years. Thc3e%9|ict&i fdone ought to
convince dr ! fils’place that
I have unbounded faith iu this city
and feel that we will have a large
town here whether we get the capital
or not. Now that the committee have
settled down to work and have de
cided to do fust what I first claimed
would be the only practical way to
accomplish the purpose, they can
count ou me to help them to my ut
most in cash and through the columns !
of the Record, There is no such
thing possible as forcing me into any
movement contrary to ray own judg
ment. More than one prominent cit
izen knows this to be a fact. The
Record intend* to continue its inde
pendence. No man can say in truth
that lie runs my paper; no clique,
however strong, can say, “Wo own
that paper.’’ As long as a man does
his duty I expect to give him credit
for it, but when I find him in the
wrong I expect to denounce him no
matter how inaay friendly things I
have previously said about him. The
effort made by oueortwo individuals
who had a petty spite'to gratify, to
persuade our business men to with
draw their advertisements from the
Record met with the rebuke it de
served. The result was an increase
of advertisements aud none with-
drawn. My printers who have been
with me so many years declare that
they will stand by me and do what
they have never been asked to do—
wait for their money until the cruel
war is over, before they will see me
run over by any one. Resides I have
a good bank account, a large number
of friends and Ktr »rk op hand
trillion* •«>«■* • — -
ments of those who would try to
drive me to their way of thinking. I
would not have mentioned this fact
but for the mistakes made by others
in making it necessary. 1 take it a*
quite a compliment that my opinion
is so valued and promise that I. will al
ways be found, as heretofore, in favor
of Canon's future prosperity. Canou
has lost nothing by the capital con
troversy but on the contrary has been
made to feel the benefit of it; but it
will not help the enure to denounce
some of its wealthiest and m«*t hon
orable citizen* as having been bribed
just because they riitier on some
points as to the. best mcaus to get the
► late house here. It is iiseles*; for
any one to call upon me for a speech
in public. lam uot a public speaker
| but I will do my speaking through
the columns of the Rkcokd as hereto
fore. 11. T. Blaku.
By all Means.
Thurlow Weed of New York s>ujr
gest that as a token of nation
al friendly feeling toward Queen j
Victoria and a a an acknowledgment
of the sympathy shown by England .
toward the late president, that the j
British ting be saluted with extraor- j
diuary honor at the York town cele
bration. Lot it be saluted hj the as- !
sctnblcd artillery of that field. Let
the Queen be honored likewise and iu
the same royal manner as if she were
present iu person. Let all the bands
uuitc in “God Save Victoria,” and let
the whole army and the whole multi
tude unite in cileers at the mention of
her name, and everywhere over the
.length and breadth of the land
wherever our flag is raised, let the na
tional colors of old England he twined
w ith it ill the joy that the mother
and daughter of the nation are oue
again. Let every orchestra on that
night render the national airs of En
gland, and let every orgjiuou the Suu
dav which follows peaLwilh the an
them which invokes blessing* on the
Death of the Earl of Airlie.
From tho Trinidad Time*.
Yostonlny's dispatches brings the
sad lutolligenoe of the death of the
Karl of Airlie, which occurred at the
Windsor Hotel, in I>euvor,on the 251 h
nit. It will be remembered by our
readers that the Earl wa» t» this city
oulv a few days ago, and in compa
ny with W. H. Green went to the
rauges of tlio Prairie Cattle conipa
nv to examine them. He is one of
the capitalists composing tho Prairie
Cattle company. After he and
Mr. W. K. Green returned from
thoir ranees he remained at the U. S.
Hotel and was indisposed, so much
so that when he left for Denver Mr.
Green accompanied him a part of tho
way. Dr. Green, of this city* we be
lieve, prescribed lor him, but ha was
not considered In a dangerous condi
tion. He died of a congestive chill lit
the presence of his sen, I-ord Ogtlvie.
who look charge of the remains, and
after embalming them started to trans
port them to Soot'uud. The deceas
ed was 55 vears of ago at the tlmo
of his death and leav»a a widow. Tha
Karl was investing from three to Hvc
millions of dollars In the stoek and
ranges of the Prairie Cattle company,
whose headquarters am In this city,
and W. U. Green is one of Hit was
-1 tern manager*.
The fence has been thrown down
and the field is open.
A little les3 sand and a few more
plank would make the sidewalks in
Canon valuable.
The last southeru capital conven
tion was perfectly harmonious—ln
its opposition to Denver.
The republican primaries meet to
day, and the republican county con
vention one week from to-day.
Canon City is still a candidate for
the capital and proposes to stay in
the field until the battle is fought.
It is a matter of great anxiety to
Colorado just at this moment to know
which of the two Pueblos is a candi
date for the capital. j
Election day this fall is the Bth day ,
of November, the first Tuesday after)
the first Monday in that mouth, not !
on the first as several newspaper have *
i I
We have uo reason to doubt the good
will of Custer county towards Canon
for the capital. We believe a b ; g rote
will be polled for this town iu that
The Pueblos are certainly too anx
ious for the capital for harmony. In
formation as to which of them is a
candidate will he thankfully received.
President Arthur is endeavoring to
i keep his administration conservative
j aud in accord with that of the lament'
jed Garfield. So far he has been per
fectly successful.
Canon City can be very greatly
benefit ted by the erection of more
dwelliug houses. One hundred such
buildings could be filled with families ’
before the first of December.
The Pueblos have no more right to
the capital than Denver. They are
rapidly becoming commercial centers
(?) and the southern Colorado idea of
a capital site is to keep it away from
such places.
In view ot the fact that Canon took j
the initial step in the capital move
ment in southern Colorado there can t
-hre-ffiftw 1 wtm iumratiTgrp^
Ttnt»i » n 111 xTtrtro «tnr lUOIT ill IIIC
end. _________________
The state of Maine has three curi- j
ous laws upon its statute books. The
first prohibits a graduate of a medi
cal college in that state from practic
ing there unless his diploma says lie
has operated in a dissecting room. ;
The second says the medical colleges j
shall only have the bodies of criminals
executed for crime to dissect, and
punishes grave robbing severely. The
third abolished capital punishment
To tlu‘ Editor of the llEi' -an. j
1 am ill favor of a platform lor
every man upon w liith ho may mid ,
ought to stand as well in politics as (
ill •: orals. And 1 believe such a plat
form should be founded upon princi- |
pie. And when one comes to vote I I
believe lie should vote according to
bis honest convictions, and if he I
tit inks intemperance a crushing evil
he may and ought to vote against it.
lie should vote for legislators who
will not legislate in favor of intern- j
peraucc. lie should not vote for men
in state or couuty who will purpose
ly pervert or misapply wholesome I
laws—laws enacted for the good of
states and communities. This should ,
apply to the election of judges, mar
shals, state and couuty attorneys, i
sheriffs, justices, constables aud
policemen, and iu tact to every office i
tilled by election or appointment »■
state, countv or municipality. Every j
one believes' this to be right and that ,
it is unsafe to do otherwise. At this
time of onr nation’s calamity every 1
one feels that it was a good tiling to j
have a virtuous aud intelligent presi
dent. One who would not stoop to
anv political intrigue. Oue whose
every aspiration was noble and true,
tint to what degradation do we often
descend in our elections when we use
whiskv ami deceit to secure the elec- j
lion oi our candidates for office. Or |
when we adopt the system of bargain .
and sale to secure an end. Our )o it |
leal machinery is quite demoralised.
So much so that conservative and
w ell meaning men arc disheartened
and feel lhat they are unable to ac
complish any good for themselves. ,
their families or their countrymen. !
All seem to deprecate these evils, but i
the tide is so strong in support of
tho wrong that lovers of the right :
seem paralysed nml fail to do what j
all recognise as right. 1 am lulls* ;
convinced that it U uot praiseworthy j
to let go tile right and accept the i
wrong. Let a man do right if the'
stars fall. This Is the tirst position .
for temperance men to take. |
Let no lover of right aud justice bo |
led into intrigue aud wrong doing
because lie canuot accomplish what |
ho desires. Let him uot vote for a
Benedict Arnold because he caunot
elect au Abraham Lincoln. Then if
a Benedict Arnold be eleoted it ta not
his fault. But to come down to the j
point relating lo Immediate aetiou. I
F believe that tcmi>ere»ce men In
* Kromout county it they will vote in
reference to character instead of
party can secure the election of such
men as will not make them ashamed,
and the same is true in reference to
state elections. In state elections we
have sometimes been fortunate. We
have sometimes, I fear. Had candi
dates for congressional honors who
have nsed strong drink and other im
proper mcan9 to gain an election. I
am,, however, impressed with the
fact that our two United States sena
tors are free from any such imputa
tion. The same I believe to be true
of our governor and some other state
I officials. All honor to them; we are
j proud of them. Let us say to onri
! people if you will nominate good'
men we will vote for them, and upon
oar own party platforms, but If you
do not, we throw the responsibility
upon you. We will not %ote for uu-
I worthy candidates. We will adopt
' the principle of voting for a worthy
I man out of our party rather than
I vote for an unworthy man in our
| party. £ht this method be 90 per- 1
sistently pursued that it shall be
known what wc mean. Rigidly pur
suing tins course I am satisfied then;
are temperance voters enough both
in couuty and state to secure good of
fice bearers. Let us have just laws
and just men to execute them, and
not men who are bought and sold by
any of the devices of satan. Ido not
believe that iieelzebub wants a better
agent than alcohol and he has used it
with signal etrcct and great success.
Do right and vote right.
W. R. Fowlf.r.
The Indians of Arizona arc still ou
the war path. <
Emory Storrs lias declined to act
as counsel for Guitcau.
The physicians’ official report of
President Garfield’s case has been
Two million four hundred thousand
staudard silver dollars were coined
in September.
The deaths in New York this year
have been 88,000, an inc/easc of 6,000
J over last year.
Dun & Co. report 8,890 failures so
| far this year, against 3,476 in the
I same time of 1880.
The people of the southern states
are contributing money to the Gar
field monument fund.
Four companies of infautry are
coming to Colorado from fort '
Maiiton, New Mexico.
Excess of exports for the year end- !
ing August 31, $167,000,000 excess of j
j imports of gold and silver $79,000,000. j
! Ne's m liV. Aldrich has been elect- j
' ed L'nitad States sen fr nrn
{ In accordance with the president's j
I proclamation a special session of the
! United Slates senate wiil convene on ;
I Monday the 10th.
Mrs. Hatch, wife of Genera! Hatch, ,
commander of the military district ot j
New Mexico, died suddeuly in \\ ash- |
iugton ou the Ist inst.
At the time of President Garfield’s j
j death he held t,OOO shares of stock in *
an Arizona mine, the market value of \
his stock being $:?0.000.
The grand jury of the District of j
j Columbia has taken op the Guitcau j
1 case. They commenced theexamina
i lion of witnesses Tuesday.
! The town of Garfield, Kansas, sent 1
! to Cievelaud a fiornl wreath valued ;
at thirty-five dollars to be placed
| upon the cofiiu of the dead president. ;
| During September the public dept !
was decreased $17,48*5,641. Cash in 1
treasury ou October Ist, $350,686,847; j
i legal tedders outstanding, $346,681,- j
j 016.
The towns of Madison aud Stanton, !
| Xebtaska. were visited bv a tornado ;
jon the 3rd. One person was killed ]
i aud twenty injured. A tornado also j
! passed over the country near Wouto
-1 nia. Wisconsin, destroying consider
able property.
The superintendent of the mint at f
Philadelphia has been authorized!
[to strike memorial medals having J
| the head of Li mo In and Gar
field on opposite sides. Similar
medals arc authorized containing
, Garfield on ouc side and a wreath ou
! the other.
| President Arthur has insisted upou
j Attorney-General MacYeugh and
’ Postmaster-General James remaining
j in the cabinet until the “star** route
: cases are finished. The warrants
j have been issued for the alleged con
spirators and several returns made
l upon them to the court.
The Utes.
/am of the White River Cte tribe i
have returned to their old home in I
this state. They are armed to the
teeth ami say they will not go bark j
to Uintah without a tight. They,
I only remained there long enough to ’
draw their money—a total of $13,000. i
A Oetiver Times reporter interview
ed Governor Pitkin with the follow
ing result: I
i -I know nothing more about the
I’tes than I read in the papers when j
| 1 was at Cleveland. That was sim
plv a dispatch staling that the White
UiVei'-had returned to their eld home
!in Colorado. I had a talk with Gen
-1 oral Sherman that day. After he .
! had read the dispatch, he turned to
l me and said :
i •‘•Our b o vs have never quite got |
I eveu with the I lea for killing poor
! Thornburg. Thev have a good deal
! to pay on an olvl score if they ever
I get the chance. ’ ”
I “Will the government force the
| Utes to leave Colorado nud go to
i Uintah ?” asked (lie reporter.
“I have no doubt about it,” return
ed Governor Pitkin. “The Utes Imre
' signed a contract to leave the stale,
and the pinrantsM will see that
thev keep it. If the government shall
fail' to get them to Utah, then the
■late of Colorado will take tl:e»n In
hand. The Utee must gw, and If the
state Lakes hold of the matter then
is not muc h doubt *a to the result."
! There wee a ntg nibs' aerate tßejev
. rrnor's toue that .caviled roll Vhllwv,
with it. j
NO. 41
1 /Ike Stockton was recently killed id
; (Quruugo while resisting arrest.
Governor Pitkin arrived in Dettver
i last Saturday after a Jong visit cast.
Leadvilie had forty-nine deaths in
i August and thirty-three in Septem
• bef.
It is reported Hist there are now
1 about 900,000 head of cattle, in the
The D. & R. G. is now running
trains regularly to Villa Grofro,
Saguache county.
J The people of Leadville, Greeley
Boulder are suffering severely
with typhoid fever. /
The democrats of La Plata county
• have split because John Foley, the
• roughs 7 candidate, was nominated
for sheriff.
The indictment against Chas. Roth,
! well known in this city, for murder
in Chaffee comity, xvn* quashed at the
gfast term of the district court in that
A dance house belonging to Chas.
: Briggs at Pitkiu was burned to the
ground bv indignant citizens Sunday
; night and the proprietor', was shot
| twice through tlie body. -
Tho_ Denver Tribune, Repubiicsu
and News have concluded to issue
their daily editions every day in the
year. The Tribune inaugurated the
movement Monday last.
L O. H. Rothecker and Eugene Field,
editors of the Denver Tribune, have
been indicted by the graud jury orf
Arapahoe county for libel aud their
bail fixed at SI,OOO each. /
.Chas. Nxchtrieb. one of the oldest
citizens of Nathrop, was murdered
by Bert Remington Monday night in
that. town. The crime was cold
blooded and unprovoked. 1
The Mexicans of one ofour south
ern counties turned over this season
to the clerk of that county 480.000
pounds ot loco weed, upon which the
state paid a premium of $7,200.
The first mortgage of the Denver,
Utah & Western railroad to the Farm
ers’ Loan ;.nd Trust cornptuv for the
sum of $27,000,000 was filed with flic
county clerk of Arapahoe countv
Joseph Hackett, convicted of kill
ing Benj. R. Carnes, in Denver, has
be*-n sentenced to the p2uitcntiarv
for nine years. David Stoddard, for
larceny, got seven years from the
same place.
The Denver Times has seeu a letter
which reports flu) death of Hugh
Marshall, alias Edward A. Egglestou,
the Rosita murderer,- in Netv Mexico.
men the" 'Best market
in Colorado. The fruits aud vege
tables raised there are very tine, and
hucksters say they are gobbled up by
Puebloites by the’time they reach tho .
city limits.
Pueblo Chieftain : It seems the
Custer cmfnty silver ore, ou which
premiums were awarded at the Den
ver fair, was takcu from the Gem
mine, Titusville, sixteen miles from
Silver Cdff. Titusville i* looming
into prominence as one of the richest
mining districts in the state.
If mine owners or mpariutendeste
nil! send specimens of tbeir.oro to
Mr. Hamilton S. Wicks, secretary of
tho National Mining and Industrial
Exposition association, thoy will be
conspicuously displayed this
winter at the' Preliminary Exhibition
of Colorado ores, that will be held in
the board of trade rooms, Deuvcr,
The republicans of Pueblo comity
have nominated the followiirg
Paul Wilson, eouuty clerk : W. W.
Strait, sheriff; X. Kearney, treasur
er : Charles C. Stein, county school
superintendent; W. J. Barndollar,
assessor. C. A. Cowles, coroner; Cap
tain William Meridith. county com
missioner; W. S. Scott, county sur
\ veyor.
j Judge Elliott, of the Antpulioo
I countv district court, lias sentenced
the following criminals to the peni
tenliarv ; John W. Yirzey, forgery,
eighteen months; John Robinsou.
robberv, seven years; Frank Stone,
robbery, seven years; Alex. Johu
[*on, burglary, two convictions ten
years on ti';*t and four years on sec
• oud.
The republicans of Arapahoe* conn
tv, last Saturdav, uomiiiuted the fol
lowing ticket almost unanimously ;
State senator, Clarence P- Elder;
county commissioner* (long term),
.! C. Kinter ami J. M. Brown ; conn
tv commissioner (short term), I cter
\Viuue ; coniuv clerk, W. (*. Lotbropj
couutv sheriff, M. Sp.imiler ; conul y
coroner. Thomas Linton; comity
treasurer, .lol.ii I- Dai); ; eounty
! survivor. J. K. Ashfry ; county super
iutcuileut of schools. J. L fYtrer;
county assessor, Ouo go C. ItoberU.
Tin Cup Ueeur.l: Oo Sunday
uveutuf Jnst at sunset, an American
ea—lo was seen to perch itself on the
| ton of I lie tiugstuff erected one year
lo Min port the imiiner ol Uan
i cork, fiat « htcli at tliat moment »up
! ported at half mast the rrape l.itrdeu-
I ell National colors i» token of respect
I for the iteatli of lit* victorious oppo
nent. The bird Is tho Brst of its kind
, known lo have Iren »c<u In lh •
locatin'. Ou ailjfhllna It bowed tin
head as f f to drop » tear of sympathy
for tho Nation of which It Is the etn
hieiu, and iinmviiistely voatlpmtU Its
course in an oppo*Ue difteUou •*OIH
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