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VOli. 4.
Preaulent. Cashier.
Canon City, - Colorado.
Money to Loan in Large or Small Quantities. State, County and
Town Warrants bought at the highest prices.
We Refer to any Bank in Colorado.
Anil First National Batik. New York. tl
Kountze Bros., New York .
into. i j ionkj:rs. issi.
Clothing, Hats and bents’ Furnishing Goods.
Measures taken for Caste-Made Clothing
Bottled Beer,
e DC#t ® ccr * n tJie World.
Hand-Made Boots ana Shoes, |
Canon City, Colorado.
■S ■!
* T : s
"O J ■wi
r H ■ 55
H fl ®
® ®
© . Mh 0
a : *
Dry Goods,
Boots and Shoos, B&ta and Caps,
C. D. HVTXtrr. J. P. DkWoody.
Plain and Ornamental Plasterers,
1 5JTlienideuce, IfarttrelVs Block.
Nar<*w»*nr to ftlmrp A Amlonon,
Pnpcr Ifantii.c. O.'Nlnti'W. Cal.*imlnltig, Ktt\ Pcalc* In Wall (.**<!«,
Okli and Fainior*' Nutipllm.
OppoMlr l*oat Offlre. CANON CITY. ( OI ORA DO.
The Fremont County Record.
Notice for Publication.
Land Office at Pueblo, Colo., )
October 1881. j
Notlco is given hereby that the following
named settler has filed notice of her inten
tion to make final proof in support of her
claim,and secure final entry thereof,and that
said proof will be made before the clerk of
the District Court of Fremont County, at
tiie countv sent, on MONDAY, NOVEM
BER 14. 1881, viz : ELLA M. BAYERS,
D. S. GOTO, for the nj of nes sw± of nej sec.
20, and nwj of nwi of sec. 21, Tp. 47 N.,
Kg. 12 E., and names the following wit
nesses to prove her continuous residence
upon and cultivation of said tract, viz : W.
D. Bayers, C. E. Lewis, J. 11. itoss and
Marcus Kosm, of TEXAS CHEEK, Fremoul
county, Colo. MAIIK L BLUNT,
•42146 Kegbter.
Notice for Pnblicnslon.
Land Office at Pueblo. Colo., 1
October 11, 1881. [
Notice is hereby given that the following
named settler ban tiled notice of bit» inten
tion to make final proof in support of his
claim, and secure final entry threof,
and that said proof will be made be
fore the clerk of the District Court of Fre
mont County, at the county seat, on MON
DAY. NOVEMBER 14. 1881, viz; SYLVES
TER ALLEN, homestead c.i'r. N'. *K>7, for
the s§ of sec. 27. and n$ or n. J of sec.
‘M, Tp. 20 S.. Rg. 09 .. ami unities the fol
lowing witnesses to prove hi* continuous
residence upon and cultivation of said tract
viz : lr« !»*. Porter. .Stephen So-Im* • . Jacob
Betts and Henry M. Burrnu :li*. of C KEEN
WOOD. Colo. MARK L. I’Ll'X I’,
•42146 i-ter.
Notice for Publication.
Laki> Offick at IVmjlo. fin, o , I
September It. la*l. [
Notice 1* hereby given •lint the following
name U Si.ibT ha- It let I iiotoc •: tnteu
tlou to make linnl proof In support of his
claim, and seen re find entry thereof: and
that said pr«**f v.ill lx- insdc la ■ e Die clerk
of the District < ourt of Fremont ijmilr, at
I lie onenty seat on MONTAY, O T 24th.
MSI. viz: WILLI A W GOFF. I>. K. No. 6135.
for the nw'i of sw* ; «er. P, Tp .» S.. Kg. <si \v.
and names the following wltne«*e* to prove
his continuous residence upon and cattD atlon
of suit! tract, viz: Win. McKinney. Joseph
Moore. Robert ’I hompson and Henry Waller,
of CANON CITY, Fremont County, Colo.
*39t43 Regia ter.
Notice for Publication.
LanuQffick at Pokbio, Colo..)
September *l, 1881. /
Notice Is hereby given that the following
nnined settlers have died notice of their Inten
tion to n uke final proof In supjvort of their
claims, and secure final entry thereof, and
that said proof will be made before the clerk
of the District Court of Fremont County, at
the county seat, on TUESDAY, OCT. ath,
Cl to, for tl»esw»; m> ; nw*-, see 30, and re l -.
ne*S *<•<' 19, Tp. 51 N.. Rg. 12 E., and names the
following witnesses to prove hta continuous
reaidenre upon and cuitivntlou of said tract.
vIl: HK. Waugh, s. J. Hulse. K. M. Tuiler,
and Frank McGuire, of CURRANT CREEK,
Fremont County, Colo.
RDWaUD E. WAUGII, D. H. So.6Hl.foT
the w,‘4 of se'< sw ; of n« ' 4 n©*4 of »\v«. m‘c.
18, Tp. 51 N., Rg. 12 rl, and names the follow
ing witnesses to prove hf« continuous rcsl>
deuce upon and cultivation of said tract, v|*.?
Freeman Waugh, s. J. Hulsv, E. M. Toiler
and Frank McGuire, of CURRANT CREEK
Fremont County. Octlo.
*3 WH MARK L. BLUNT, Register.
. i
Boys’ Clothing,
Y ouths’ Clothing
Drllliif Price .Barked an nil Ueoda
In Plnln Flfurea. tf
X lO U 8
Sample Rooms 4 Billiard Parlors
that of VliM, Liquor, sad Cigars.
lintnri'cn Commercial Hotel and the Turner
• •
David Davi'i was elected president !
pro tempore of the U. S^Benate.
Bossism, i. e. ConkliJiglsm in the re
publican party of New work, receiv
ed its quietus, for a tim# at least, at
the state convention hell iu the city
of that name last Monditjk The anti
stalwarts had a majority ft 103. Conk-
did not attend. j
The sidewalk ordinandi of Canon
City is apparently a “dfad letter.” !
It is completely ignored*!}- property
owners. More sand »nd«ncli plank
and broken stone are going
down than any other kind. Let it be
repealed and one passed to read like
such ordinanres in onier towns of
Colorado. “Clear pine lumber, two
inches thick” or “flag stone, closely
When the republican couuty conven
tion meets to-day the delegates should
carefully and candidly take into con
sideration the question of giving
Coal Creek the nomination lor sheriff
Coal Creek republicans have asked no
thing from the party for several years,
but now they believe they have a
strong claim which should be recog
nized ami they ask that the sheriff:
may be given to them. Had it not
been for the handsome republican :
vote in that precinct last fall that j
party would have been severely de- j
fealed. We must hold that vote or
defeat will stare us in the face again 1
and iu order to hold it they should be !
given tire place upon the ticket they
ask. View the situation carefully be
fore making a nomination for that of
Cf non City stands an equal chance
with any other locality in the Arkan
sas valley for securing the second
highest vole upon the location of the
permanent seat of government of the
state of Colorado, but mere sentiment ’
will not gaiu one single vote. Work j
must be done, and judicious work at ;
that. We can be reasonably sure of!
a pretty large vote in Custer couuty,
but cannot expect votes from other
couuties unless a careful canvas is;
made of them. Such a cauvas can 1
only be made successful by the proper
use of the means employed. If funds j
enough have been r:n.> «l uot. less;
let.-, >•. t;• ifw in th >r true I'gTTT *
the advantages of Canou, should be
circulated in every county in south
ern Colorado. Au influential citizen
of this cilv, one who can command
the attention of men of influence iu
other communities, should be paid
for his labor aud sent into every town
aud mining camp that can be reached
by the eighth day of November and
his appearance must be honorable,
earnest and sober. Ti e solicitation
of an individual vote here and there
will amount to but little, while the
labor of one mau who ran influence
the votes of his friends and neighbors
is of great value. There is no moral
or sentimental obligation connected
with this capital question. There is
no party affiiiutiou to be tak< n into
consideration. It is a plniu business
proposition and must be worked out
in a business-like and systematic
manner. Whoever may go forth upon
such a mission, let him be thorough
ly imbued with its business aspects
aud if he is then capable of placing
before the people of southern Colo
rado the advantages of Canon City as
the poiut wherein the business of the 1
state can be transacted as cheaply,
easily and economically as at any >
other point in the south., he will liavo j
gained his object aud the vote lor
Canon will reach a figure which will
surprise aud demoralize her rivals.
The Cleveland Monument Fund.
Governor Pitkin has received the
following dispatch from Cleveland
relative to the Garfield mouument
Cleveland, Ohio, Oct. 8. j
Governor Frederick H\ Fit kin, Den
ver, Colorado:
The committee having in charge
the movement, already begun, tn se
cure a I'uml for the erection of a mon
ument near the grave of our late }
president, James A. Garfield, at Lake '
View ccmclry, which shall boa •
worthy tribute of the American
people’ to his name and memory, arc
desirous of the cooperation ami as- j
sistanro of cltiteas of the different
states. The contributions being vol
uutarv can only be made gcucral by
organised arrangements in every state
and county, and we desire that op- ;
portuuity lor subscription bo extend- ■
ed to all tho people. Wo therefore
respectfully request and hereby auth
orise you to act ns general manager I
of this mnvenietit In the state of Col
orado, with full power to associate :
such other persona ns you may con- :
alder best and with them to organise i
tho work throughout your slate ns
yon may deem moat advisable. We ;
earnestly urge upon you to accept {
this appointment and to signify your
* a cept incc at an early day. The
committee have beautiful lithograph
certificates prepared, which will be
sent to all who contribute one or j
more dollars. Larger subscriptions
than one dollar will bo received aud
thankfully accepted. The dollar »t*h
script ion is only intended to popular
ize the movement.
Respectfully Yours,
Joseph Perkins,
J. 11. Wade,
H. B. Payne, Com.
J. 11. Rhodes, Sec.
Some Capital Items.
Salida Mail : The Canon City Re
porter’s dirty fling at M. N. Megrue
will not do the publisher? of that
paper any good, nor will it lower
i Mr. Megrue in the estimation of his
| numerous friends.
j Salida Mail: The Pueblo delega-
I tion to the C. C. C. C. played it fine.
I They sent two of their number up as
‘an advance guard. Those two re-
I ported a slim attendance, and then
Pueblo came up in force. Had they
reported a large attendance the Pue
blo delegates would ha' c- been eutire-
Ily too busy to attend. There is noth
ing like strategy.
Colorado Springs Gazette: Canon
City labored very hard and in good
faith for the success of the late con
i vention and is disappointed at the re
sult of it. It will still have the solid
support of Fremont and Custer coun-
I ties with a fair following in the Gun
! nison. As a consolation we will say
j there is a precedent for putting the
! capital in the same city as the peni
; teutiary. .Tacksou, Michigan, is that
I precedeut.
i Salida Mail: It was amusing to
| note the attitude of the Colorado
Springs delegation to the Canon City
capital convention. They walked in
timidly and took seats on the very
bock row of benches, and when it
was proposed to elect Steele secre- |
tary of the convention he got up and j
said he was not. in fac», present ; that
he was there bodily but not spiritu
ally ; that they only wanted to con
fer and not do anything. But he was
elected, and his body waltzed up to
the secretary’s desk while his spirit
was soaring around near the base of
Pike’s Peak. And theu by and by
Ssgeiidorf’s body arose and stated
that his spirit was, so far as the C. C.
C. C. was concerned, “non comat i
bus up stumpum,” and when he sat
down. Stubbs, fcariug that his body
might be called upon to respond
while his spirit was far away, crawl
ed, I’ludKK.arttf-** coal tail *ud remained
Greeley Chronicle: The Pueblos,
with their glorious future prospects,
their unprecedented substantial
growth, their favorable railroad con
nections. their commercial and man*
ufacturiug enterprises, have been
very prominently spoken of for the
capital. But unfortunately for them
tho muddy waters of the Arkau-as
divides* them into two separate cities,
each organized under their own city
government, and each madly jealous
lest the other shall snrpasi it in its
onward march to greatness. These
cities have been termed the “Twin 1
Sisters, ’ but anyone conversant with
the bitter spirit of rivalry which ex
i«!« between them, will readily agree
that they are not “a happy
Consolidated and united, it is highly '
probable that Pueblo might carry off
the glittering prize, but divided,
with no possible hope of an amicable j
union, the Pueblos, with all their
glorious possibilities, will not eveu
l»e second best in the fight ; but dis
appointed and defeated they will re
main as a monument to the truthful
ness of the scriptural saving a ‘‘house
divided against itself cauuot stand."
Crested Butte Republican : Deuvojfc
hopes to bo tho capital, but she
doosu’t give any good reason in sup
port of her desires. “Good reasons."
she can't. She expects the sentimen
tal nauto of “Queen City of the
Plains," which she ostentatiously ap
propriates, to awaken
enough to ourry her through. When’
the election is over she will mourn,
“What's in a name!" Denver is a
fine city in many respects, aud we
are proud of her. If we couldn’t live
in the Gunnison wc would rather live
iu Denver than in any other place in
i Colorado, but that is not the ques
tion. Our interests all lie iu the
! direction of having the capital else
! where, whether we look at our poek
| ots or our political interests. In any
j other place the necessary buildings
would cost less, and the expenses of
| the stato be rod need by that much,
j Living would cost less and our purses.
! would bo spared that burden. If it'
■ was brought nearer to us our travel
ing expenses would be less. If we
! cau get it iu any other place our in
fluence will have greater weight for
I many reasons, and our needs au«L
j wishes be more often recognized. Stf
while we may personally think well
l ut Deuvor, every sound business and
| political reason should incliue us to
j voto for tome other plac* lor the
* capital.
jk The business portion of Ihe town
C Kokomo, Colorado, burned on
Thursday at 7p. m.
Subscriptions to the Garfield fund
have reached $339,093.
Snow fell in St. Lawrence county'
New York on tl»3 10th.
The fund for Mrs. Garfield and her
children will be closed to-day.
Several Indians, engaged in the re
cent murderous depredations in Ari
zona, have been arrested.
Sain’l J. TiJden has refused to be a
candidate for governor on the demo
cratic ticket in New York.
Roscoe Conklin" was in Washing
ton on Sunday and called npon the
president. He refused to be inter
Heavy frauds have been discovered
in the pension office. The amount
involved will reach into the millions
of dollars.
Water is being sold in the city of
New York at from 20 to 25 cents a
barrel. A water famine is feared.
The three Arkansas train robbers
were convicted and sentenced to a
term in the penitentiary of seventy
years each.
J. G. Holland the poet and editor of
Scribner’s Monthly Magazine, died
suddenly in New York City on the
morning of the 12th.
Gnitenu’s brother-in-law, Scoville,
and his counsel, cannot find an attor
ney who will aid him in the defense
of the assassin. He is very much dis
The national centennial celebration
of the surrender of Cornwallis at
Yorktown will begin on the 19th. A
number of French army, navy and
civil officers will be present.
English financiers are troubled by
the constant gold draiu from Europe
to America. Advance iu the discount
rate to tiro per cent, has not checked
the flow, and an advauce to six ‘ k - r
cent, is expected.
The elections in Ohio and lowa on
1 Tuesday resulted in a decided vic
tory for the republicans. Governor
Foster's majority in Ohio is from 15.-
000 to 20.000 ami Governor Sherman’s
majority iu lowa is from 35.000 to
40.000. Both branches of the legisla
ture iu Ohio are probably republican.
A Cleveland dispatch says that .T.
Stanley Brown, private secretary to
the late president, will remain with
Mrs. Garfield as her financial agent,
and one of tiis d'lties in Washington
will be to disnose jf her Washington
residence. Mrs. Garfield, it is added,
continues to bear up bravely, but the
strain of grief and excitement is tell
ing on the nged mother.
The special se>siou of the United
States senate convened ou Monday
and was called to order by Senator
ting the ne wTv "elect eiVseualorJ*BftAft?
a president pro tern was chosen.
They were not sworn in. however,
am! Senator Davis, of Illinois, was
elected to that office.
Guiteau’s indictment embraces 11
couufs, and is drawn with great
minuteness. The fifth and sixth
counts are the ones upon which the
prosecution will maiuly-relv. These
describe the shooting a« having been
done at the Baltimore & Potomac tie
pot, Washington, or malice afore
thought, with a pistol, inflictiug a
mortal wound, from the effect of
which the president died.
: The Mining News is the name of a|
newspaper just started at Pitkiu.j. «'
The Uucompabgr* Utes are report
ed back upon their old reservation.
A new paper named the Ropubli
"■can has been started at Crested Butte.
Major Ilenry Ward took editorial
charge of the Leadville Chronicle on
The Colorado Industrial Association
cleared about $4,500 al their recent
lair in Denver.
The lodging house and shaft house
of the Amie Mining company at
Leadville were both destroyed by
tire on the 9th.
Chicago capitalists have shipped
machinery to Irwiu for the purpose
of boring lor oil.
' J. C. and I', b*. Jones, of Colorado,
-have sold their herd of 35.000 cattle
to Unilcrw ood A Co., of Kansas City,
for $025,000. /
Editor GUueke, receutly of the
Cheyenne Louder, is now engaged
npou the New West, ‘•Brick** Pome
roy* * paper in Denver.
Daring the months of Juue, July
aud August about 2.700 people visit
ed the Miiiiuiit of Pikea peak, 1,350
going np ou horseback. )
f Engineer page aud Arfarew Franks
' were both killed bv the wrecking of
an engine on tho Robinson .branch of
the D. & 11. G. last week.
The contractors ou tho Denver,
Western and Pacific railroad have
tiled mechanics liens upou the prop
erty of that company »u 'Arapahoe,
JelTcrson, Weld aud Boulder counties.
The republicans of Boulder county
have nominated E. J» Anderson for
sheriff, W. 11. Laws lor county clerk,
Kbeu White for treasurer, George
leal aud A. E. Hempstead for eoiu*
, missiotiers, aud other candidates.
U “Arizona Bill** aud a man called
Frenchy” were both shot by Mar
shal mires at Crested Butte last
week. TmJalter was killed aud the
former seriously wounded. lU\es
has been indicted by the grand jury
of Guuuisou county.
r James Doragau, a'railroad boss, in
charge ©f a camp ou tbo Eagle river
extension of the l>. & H- G., was shot
aud killed bv one of the men under
him, W. J. 'riiompaott, last week.
The difficulty was about a loam which
Thompson had been driving. I
Charles Nacbtrieb, who wls shot
by Bert Remington at KalLrop on
the 3rd inst.. wo one of the pioneers
of the county. Ho owned the town
site of Nathrop, and bofidos a store
there, had ■ large a amber of stock.
NO. 42
one or two saw mills, a number of
mines and other property. J
f An official bulletin ot the census
office, recently issued, gives the toUtl
population of all towns in Colorado
on the Ist of June, 1880. The follow*
iug are the cities with a population
of 1.000 or over: Denver, 86,629 \
Leadville, 14,820; Boulder,
Rosita, 1,008; Silver Cliff, 4,560; Col*
orado Springs, 4,226; Cafton City,
1,501; Black Hawk, 1,540; Central
City, 2,626 ; Nevadaville, 1,004 ; Pit*
kin, 1,891 ; Ruby City, 1,123 ; GoldtfH,
2,730 ; Buena Vista, 2,141; George
town, 3,301; Fort Collins. 1,366$
Trinidad, 2,225; Pueblo, 3,217; South
Pueblo, 1,443 ; Bracken ridge, 1,657 ;
C The Leadville Chronicle says i On
the 2d a miner named James Milikan
came into Red Cliff from a little camp
on Eagle river near the tatetseCtSbW
of Gare creek and above Battle mofldf*
tain, and said that some Indians baa
appeared there the day previous and
(old the miners that two dead white?
{men would be found near Grand
river in the direction which they
pointed out. The people at Red Cliff
organized a party, which went out
and found the corpses of the two
men, who had evidently been pfepAf*
ing to put up houses atid make a net*
t lenient. Their ruined wagons Sftd
dead teams were close by. On the
person of one was found a letter that
seemed to indicate his name was
John Gibson, and that his home was
at Denver. Beyond this nothiag Was
discovered. The bodies were buried
where they had fallen. J
Silver Cliff Prospect: Yesterday
morning, Oct. 6th, about half past
one o'clock Mr. J. V. R. Spencer, an
old and prominent citizen of Silver
Cliff, came to his death in a very sod*
den manner. All will remember the
heroic act of Mr. Spencer last week
to save his son Joe from the flatnes
during the burning of the Carbonate
hotel. Missing his sou. and feanng
that he would perish, be rushed to
his bed room on the second floor,'
where he found Joe lying ou the lied
unconscious. The smoke was stifliug
and amid the roar of tbe last ap
proaching flames, he clasped his boy
in his arms and started for the stair*
way. He became insensible, and
when restored to consciousness found
himself lying on the floor at the head
of the stairs, still holding him in hit
arms. By a desperate struggle be
must have forced his way through
the hall, and was revived by the ffeah
air when he neared the end of the
hail. It was owing to this noble met
of his that he lost his life, as be in
haled a considerable quantity, of
smoke while rescuing his son.
Cason City, Oct. It, 1381.
To the Editor of the Record.
Tnnr »D»ce Mac u IM with
tion I only senfl yotr iitwgirm w«uo
for publication on temperance.
W. R. Fowlk*.
Our nation gives it** sanction to the
crime of liquor selliug and manufac
ture for the sake of its share of the
profits. It is the great silent partner
in the whisky trade of almost forty
states. Aud because it sins at whole
sale and not at retail, only licence#
somebody else to pour down the
throats of huudreds of thousands the
fiery fluid that whets the murderer**
knife, it stauds back dignified and
respectable. A perfectly legitimate
way of raising the revenue (???}.
The tollowiug parable by Be** F«
Merrick further illustrates the sub*
John was much given to stealing
eggs. This led to uo little family
and neighborhood trouble. The fath
er remonstrated mildly from time to
time, but Johu coutiuued his evil
practice, alike regardless of his fath
er’s gentle rebukes aud the disturb*
auce it created. At length the fhther
starts up with an energy that be
tokens a purpose to restrain his wav
ward son. Ho calls him into hie
presence : “My son, this egg-steal
ing is all wroug. It is causing roe
much trouble aud expense ; it is ruin
ing the reputation of our family } it
; is causing hard feelings among our
' neighbors ; and, withal, yonr exam
\ pie is corrupting your associates.
I There is much complaint iu the con*
! muuitv, and 1 am loudly celled upon
to abate the evil. Now consider well
! what l say, for I am very much in
[earnest: 1 do not poeitiveiy forbid
this traffic in stoleu eggs, but for tho
! purpose of providing against the
the evils resulting from the traffic iu
them, 1 shall hereafter insist that you
pay me a portion of the proceed# of
your sales, namely, on your sale sf
hen's egg*, 21 perceut.: of turkey's
eggs, 10 per cent.; of auck’s eggs, 5
i per cent.; and to make sure of my
•.hare of tho plunder I shell hold you
tiuder bouds aud penalties. I wish
it, however, distinctly understood,
that I do n»t hereby approve of your
stealing eggs; but if you will persist
iu doing so, so long as you faithfully
I pay to mo the specified per cent, on
j your sales, 1 will do whet 1 can to
I protect you in your business and l*
I make your vocation respectable. **
From the Denver Tribune.
Thera in au attempt being made la
Cincinnati to “boycott” the Commer
cial. The Commercial I* tha tbjttl
paper lu the city, and, au Us readers
are intelligent, the attempt will prob
ably prove a inieeraHe bole. A
newspaper can not bn ll|kt aura lb**
it i» being properly conducted Will
mil tha cheap John* take in Marling
at it.
(???) on Main Strest.
Recobd collator pnwlln *MM
to a iinuWt mum :
CoUuetur-—“Aiw r»m l»il|ijr
VmiuUiM**. _
C.-'ll * J-4-
■efd w; mmtJM * Wf
•r* • *—•—»—•
. , rns?t~ . ••

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