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VOL.. 4.
President. Cashier.
Canon City, - Colorado.
Money to Loan in Large or Small Quantities. State, County and
Town Warrants bought at the highest prices.
We Refer to any Bank in Colorado*
And First National Bank. New York. tf
Kouulze Bros., New York.
1870. PIONEERS. 1881.
Clothing, Hats and Gents’ Furnishing Goods.
Measures taken for Custom-Made doing
# Bottled Beer,
WfrUßte! 1 7111 Beer > u *he World.
Hand-Made Boots ana Shoes.
Canon City, Colorado.
i \W ' 2
S! D |S
3C ; 55
Ha ©
© Lv ©
© FMh ©
es *
Dry Goods,
Boots tad Shoos, Sato said Cops,
C. n. MrTLirr. J. r. D.Woonv.
Plain and Ornamental Plasterers,
I3T ftetHence, Ifarlteell’i Block.
B—censor to Sharp A Amtrraon,
—“—'a.'ia'KiiMi.ss" “ r —*-*• ..
oppoalt, Pmt Ofln. r«,mciTr.mo.*M.
The Fremont County Record.
will give
Assisted by his Son-In-Law, E. W. AUSTIN.
Monday and Tuesday, Oct. 24 ft 25,
On Health, Self-Co I tu»-e. Memory. Success.
Murringe, Rearing < hiluren, Ac. Each lec
ture closing wl«li Public Teat Examinations.
ConsuWn lon as to your own and children's
laion'n, best business, health, management,
e*c.. at the McClure House, only till w cdnca
day at 4 p m small bill*.
Notice for Pnfelleatinn.
Land Office at Pueblo. Colo., I
October 8. lhnl (
Notice is given hereby that the following
named settler has filed notice of her inten
tion to make final proof in support of her
claim,and secure final entry thereof,and that
said proof will be made before the clerk of
the lilxtrict Court of Fremont County, at
the countv seat, on MONDAY. NOVEM
BER 14. 1881. viz: ELLA M BAYERS,
D. S. GOTO, for the it) of lie) *vv) of no) sec.
20. and nw) of n«) of sec. 21. Tp. 47 N.,
Rg. 12 E., and names the following wit
nesses to prove her continuous residence'
upon and cultivation of said tract, viz : \V.
I>. Bayers, C. E. Lewi*. J. 11. Ross and
Marcus It<»—, of TEXAS CREEK. Fremont
county. Colo. MARK L. BLUNT,
*42146 Remitter.
Notice for Publication.
Land Office at Pueblo. Colo., )
October 11. lbs I. I
Notice is hereby given tliai the tollowing
ntmed settler has tiled Do*ice of tits inten
tion to make Dual proof in support of his
claim, and secure final entry threof,
and that -aid proof will be made be
fore the clerk of the DMrfct Court of Fre
mont Countv. at tlie countv seat, on MON
DAT. NOVEMBER 14. 1881. viz; SYLVES
TER ALLEN. !ioine<4> a<i entry N*'. «07, for
the s) of se) sec. 27. and it) of n*-) of sec- ■
*4. Tp. 20 8.. Kg UU vv .. and names the fol
lowing witnesses to prove his routinuou- ■
residence upon and cultivation of said tract
viz : Ira R. Porter. Stephen Nichols. Jacob
Betts and Henry M. Burroughs. of GREEN
•42140 Register.
Notice for Publicotiou.
Lamb Office at Pueblo. f*oLo.,l
September 11, ltd. j
Notice i* hereby given that the following
named settler has filed notice of his inten
tion to make nnal proof in support of his
ci iim. and secure final entry thcroof; and
that said proof will be made before the clerk
of the i lstrict Court of Fremont • ounty, at
the county seat on MONDAY, O T. 24tm.
I*Bl. vis: WILLIAM GOFF, I>. S. No.
for the nw‘i of sw’* sec. V. Tp. 19 H.. Rg. t» \V.
and names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon and culti* atlon
of said tract, via: Vim. Mr Kinney, Joseph
Moore. Robert • bompson and enry Wader,
of CANON CITY, Fremont Countv. * 010.
mark l. Blunt,
'3HU Register.
Node* for Publication.
lasdOffice at Puebuo. i 010.. >
September tl. IW. j
Notice is hereby given that the fo»lowlng
nnmedsett'ers have filed notice of their inten
tion to a ake final proof in support of their
BfHbfgNWPif tttertMisz&Tzf
»*f the Id-t let * ourt of ir munt County, at
the county *cnt. on TURKDAY. im*T. 2-Uh.
ix»l, via: FREEMAN VVAIXIM, D- S. >o.
6l*«, lor theswi ne’i s|4 nw*-; sec *•, mid Ptif
no". sec m. Tp. M N,. Rf. if FI. and names the
following wlinees.-* to prove his continuous
residence upon un<l cultivation or said tmet,
Vlc_- n K. Waugh. S. J. Hu!w\ K. M. Tuller.
and Frank McGuire, of CURRAN T CREEK,
Fremont County, t'o o.
KMW RD K. W AUGH. I>. K No. At 41, for
the w»t of ae'i »*>( of ne', ne'i of «w*i sec.
!». Tp.M N-. !«■ 1* R, and names the follow
l lug witnesses to prove lII* ront Inoon-rcsi
drnrr upon and cultivation of said tract, via.:
i Freeman Waugh. H. J. llu|m\ E. v|. Toiler,
j and I-rank McGuire, of CURRANT t REEK,
j Fremont County, Goto.
•,T*tn AIAKK L. BLUNT. Register.
lUs MoNT * OU«TY. i**
In the* ounty Court within and for tbeCoun
»y of Freiuonl aforesaid, :o the December
term, A I). 5 041.
W. MARY CUBBY, Plaintiff,)
vs. > Summons.
WM. C CUBBY, Defendant, J
The People of the State of Colorado send
To WILLIAM C, CURBY. defendant,above
named: You a»e hereby required to appear
in an action brought against you by tlieubove
named plaintiff. in the County « ourt of the
County of t reuiont, it being the tith Jud rial 1
I'lstrict of the Mate of Colorado, to answer i
to the complaint tiled therein, within ten |
days, exclusive of the day of service. ifserved ;
within this county; or if servevl on ot this
county, but In the *.ild.ludh?lal District, with- j
In twenty days; otherwise within forty days;
or Judgment by default will be taken against i
you. neeontt g to the prayer of th -complaint. ;
The said action is brought for a divorce on j
, the ground of adullry and tor theenreand <
custody of DAVID C. CUBBY, the child of
j said parties as wIP more fully appear by the
(complaint on file herein to which reference
Is here made.
And you a*-o hereby notified that if you fall
to appear and answer the.said complaint as
{ above required, the said plnlntlff will apply
to the court for the relief demanded in the
1 complalut
Given under my hand ami the seal of the
County four*, within and for the said i oun
ty of Fremont, this 12 h day of Oc ober, A. D
I*M. (HAH. fc. W A LIMA.
•43 44 Co, Judge and Clerk Co. Court
Probate Notice.
To Julius While. Knunn White Banister,
Lizzie White Sullivan, Henry Ten Eyck
WliHe, M«ria White Woodmancy, and
Charles K. Banister.
You are hereby notified that the will of
MINNIE WHITE ROANE, latelv deceased,
has been presented for probate to the Coun
ty Court of the county of Fremont. In the
Stale of Colorado, by Augustus Macon, one
of the subscribing witnesses thereto, who
resides ill Cnhon City in said county of Fre
mont- that at the time of her decease said
MINNIE WHITE KO\NK resided in -aid
town of Cam>n City—.-and that the proper
ty devised by said w ill is therein described
as all of my real and pe son a I property ami
estate. And you, and each of von*, are
hereby required to attend the probate of
•aid will at the office of the county judge
of said county of Fremont in said Ntate of
Colorado on MoNDaY, the 28th day o» '
NOVEMBER, A. D. 1881.
•*2t45 County Judge.
Assignee’* Notice.
The undersigned, assignee of 8. H. Boyd,
hereby » otitios all creditors of said B.*H.
Boyd to file their accounts, verified by affi
davit. In the office of Charles K.‘Waldo,
on or before the first day of November A.
I>. 1881. at which daU *t Is expected a divi
dend can be made. A. WALTER.
•40144 Assignee.
a titles.
The firm of Baldwin, Faverty A Phelps
has this day been dissolved by mutual con
sent. J. 8. Faverty withdrawing and Geo.
O. Baldwin Hiid J. J, Phelps remaining at
the old stand. AII parties indebted to said
firm are requested to eall and settle.
Ggo. O. Baldwin,
J. J. I'hki p».
J. 8. Favkhtv.
Dated Oct. t, 1881. *41143
■tenting Itnsree.
Wo shall offer the lineal line over
oflfoied iu Carton, at price* aa low at
any'rtret-ela.Hs goods. Ailing & Co.
The democrats have lost ClflHttest. ]
thing they have had in
—David Davis.
The canvas of the
in the southern counties
meuce at once.
The republicans of this
he “all wool and a yard
polls next month.
If broad around and Yvi<Mj|3Hp|
requisite to the vice--presideqero|Hripi
Davis can till the chair
hack and from arm to arm.
Paul Joues licked the Britffip. lsWil
liaoi Jones h Kttiajyo Aatw of
the democratic candidate for sheriff'
in this county on November Bth.
It has been confidentially rumored
that David Davis sits in the vice- !
president's chair upon his side. It;
never was made to fit him nor he it.
Independent candidates in this
county will be compelled to depend
upon tenderfoot tracks and mountain
scenery for support at the coming
The Pueblos have wisely concluded
to pool their issues upon the capital
question and donate a site for the
capitol building plump in the center
of the raging Arknusaw.
It was a compliment well worthy
the men. The republican coutity
convention endorsed the nomination
of John Wilson for clerk and the j
democratic county convention eu- j
dorsed the nomination of Clias. E. j
Waldo for judge.
The article in last week’s Reporter !
headed “Professional Courtesy,” was 1
correct in even particular even !
where it read wc refused to sell the
ink. The truth is we loaued the Re
porter the ink aud received a black
guarding for it.
The map carried by the Halida Mail
reminds one of an octopus. An octo
pus is a sea monstrosity with many
arms. While one is reaching out to
grasp something beyond its strength
the others arc clinging to the old
moss-backed rocks lor dear life.
the Reporter that we'" swore to our
office being worth only SBUb we will
«»nly say that a great deal oi our stock
was bought after the assessment was
made, and that the assessor made his
own valuation. $2,000. and that we
did not swear to anything.
The voter* ot ll»e Puetdos upon the
capital questiou will have their bal
lots printed thusiy : “For a radius
of two miles from the ccutcr of Union
avenue bridge where it crosses (he
Arkansas river for the seat of govern
j incut.” The name Pueblo or South
Pueblo cannot be inserted in the bul
lot lor fear of exciting the suspicion
of voters in either town
A petition was circulated this week .
i aud signed by all of Canon’s best ami !
most moral citizens asking ‘the an- I
thorilics to suppress the dance hall.
It shows that the people of Canon
have the “backbone aud moral cour
age” to try to break up the institu
tion cvcu after the Reporter advo
cated it so strongly.
The change from Scuator Bayard
to Senator Davis as president pro
tem ol the senate of the Uuitcd Slates
was only a step from real cemoentcy j
to obese uncertainty. The republi
cans can only hope, uow that they
have placed him witbiu sound of the
bumblebee which has bceu ill his bou
nd these many years, that he will
feel ttuder obligations to vote with
The Reporter comes out )a9t
week fair and square as the cham
pion of daucc halls and drunkenness.
It says : “Z/e (Blake) Merer visited ;
dance hails or pot drunk. This wc \
\ believe to be true, simply because j
! he hadn't the backbone or necessary \
| moral courage to do either la such !
; a paper to be put into tho bauds ot I
j our youug children to be read ? It is i
| the first instance known of a family ■
paper advocating such principles.
An importaul point Mi tho capital
question is digioilitv of site
ju a central location, a place
from which all * portioua of the
atate can be reached ia the quickest
time aud at the least expense, a city
to which people cau come, transact
their buaiuess with tho state officials
and return home with the smallest loss
to them in money and time: Believ
ing that Caftou City is the point best
located to reach iu the quickest time
from all portions of the common
wealth, we agaiu present to the vo
ters this city for the permanent seat
of government of Colorado. With
out facts this argument cannot s and,
therefore we preseut the following:
Trains upon tho D. kHO. railroad,
leaving Denver at 8 o'clock a. m. or
??$0 p. m. making dose connection
jwith all Uuion Pacific ‘rains from
[Central City, BouUlcr, ' Greeley,
HBongmout and other northern towhs,
■Arrive in Canon at 4 p. in. and 3:10
r|fc. m., a run from Denver of eight
■■fcars. Trains leaving Leadville at
HHB a. m. and 4:15 p. in., making close
with the Eagle and Blue
extensions, arrive in Canon at
||j|H)>a. m. and 11.05 p. m., a run of
||||Hfc six hours. A train leaving
City UJPUIft ttt., making
Csftou < .ly HjpSJpi
Of 1enu|'
Alamosa at 5:05 a. m.. where close
connection is made with Del Norte
branch, arrives in Canon at 4 p. in., a
I run of about eleven hours. A train
, leaving Autonito at 3:35 a. in., where
connection is made with the train for
Durango, arrives in Canon m.
A train leaving El Mord at 7 a. m.,
where connection is made by stage to
Trinidad, four miles distauce, arrives
in Canou at 4 p. m., a run of nine
hours. Colorado Springs is four hours
away, Pueblo one hour and fitty
five minutes, Salida two and three
quarter hours and Silver Cliff about
two hours.
Denver — — - 8
Leadville —— 6
El Moro 8
Gunnison City —10
Alamosa —11
An ton! to —— 14
Colorado Springs -—— —.. 4
Pueblo ...— — — 2
Salida 3
Sliver CHIT _ ~ — 2
It will be seen at a glance that no
f town in Colorado is so favorably sit
uated upon a railroad as Canon and
i that no towu can be reached in so few
I hours travel from every important
city in the state. This is a point
which canuot be over estimated in the
arguments in favor of Canon for the
capital. Ever} 1 voter should consider
it carefully as a matter of pure busi
The Republican County Ticket.
The ticket which we prcseut to the
readers of the Record to-day upon
the second page i« one of the best
ever pirsente4 by the republicans to
, the voters of Fremont county. There
' is not an objectionable name upon it,
and there is no reason why every re
publican should not vote it without a
scratch. This county claims to stand j
among the galaxy of republican stars j
in this centennial state, but the claim j
can never be made wholly good uutil'
every officer in it is a republican.
For the past four years the sheriff’s
office has been held by a democrat. !
For the past eight years a democrat:
j has held the office of county tre&sur- j
| er. For almost fcartccn years a deni- 1
‘ ocrat lias been in the office of clerk
and recorder. For several years, at
| least, the republicans have held the
insignificant offices—positions which
amounted to but little pecuniarily or ;
I influentially. Yet wc claim this is a
| a republican county. If republicans
j will pull together as strongly, let the
j circumstances of the nominations be
1 what they may, as the democrats,
! this state of affairs need not exist. It
is republican votes that have kept •
democrats iu office here, but in what
manner have they been benefitted ?
Not oue iota. No democrat lias here
tofore conceded a republican as much
. as a ballot, little less have they cou
! ceded them the slightest patronage.
! Simply because you or your friend
i did not receive a nomination from a
republican convention is small rea
son why you should vote against the ,
man who was moro successful in get
ting his uame upon the ticket. Ifj
you are a republican then be one iu I
the full meaning of that term and ]
vote your whole ticket, so long as the (
meu whom you are asked to vote for t
I arc honorable, capable and irre- i
i proachaole iu character. Such meu
| we present for your suffVages upon ;
! the 8th day of November, nud we feel j
satisfied that every republican will
J do his duty ou that day so that Fre-!
> moot county may stand a star of the j
'first magnitude upon the bauuer ol
Colorado republicanism. We here
with append a brief sketch of the
men for whom your ballots are solici
Mr. Alieu, the candidate for couutv
commissioner from the secoud dis
trict, is a ranch man iu the Hardscrab
ble neighborhood, in (he southeastern
portion of the county. He is a stroug
man iu his part of the county, honoi
ed for his busiuess integrity, his high
sense of duty and his neighborly i
qualities. He is well spoken of wher- j
ever kuon n and fully competent to!
discharge the duties of the office in a
thorough and economical manner.
For sheriff we present for your
consideration the name cf Mr. Wil
liam 8. Junes, the unanimous choice
of the republicans of Coal Creek, and
the man who should he the nnaal
mous choice of the republicans of the
county for that ot!ic«, os we have no
doubt he will be and therefore be our
next sheriff. Mr. Jones is compara
tively a young man, a man of great
popularity at his home, one who
earns his livelihood by honest in
dustry. honorable and conscientious in
the performance of every duty. With
out doubt he will make a thoroughly
competent and excellent official.
The candidate for treasurer is Mr.
George O. Baldwin, of the firm of
4k Phelps, proprietors of the
He has been a cit
whom he comes in contact. Tie ha
man of excellent business capacity
and will make a good treasurer.
Mr. Waldo is the choice of both re
publicans and democrats for the of
fice of county judge. There was no
oppositiou to him in the democratic
convention. His electiou is assured.
Mr. Wilson has held the office of
clerk ever since 1867 to the eminent
satisfaction of all concerned. ludeed
he has had no opposition in all of
that time, republicans and democrats
alike conceding that John Wilson
was the man for the office.
Mr. Dudley was nominated by both
the republican and democratic con
ventions for superintendent of pub
lic instruction, which is a high com
plimeut to his ability to fulfill the
duties of that office successfully.
For assessor Mr. Webster is the
choice of the republicans.* He was
appointed by the county commission
ers to perform the duties of that
position last year and so successfully
and creditably did he do the work
that the convention did not see
wherciu he could be bettered. Mr.
Webster should be elected by all
Mr. Hyde has been coroner for some
months by appointment of the coun
ty commissioners and the duties he
has becu called upon to perform have
been promptly attended to. He is
the right man in the right place.
For surveyor Mr. Witcher was the
uuauiiuous choice of the convention
! and while his duties are not great he
i is capable of performing them to the
fullest extent.
For precinct officers the republican
candidates are Albert G. Agard for
justice of the peace. Walter S. Duu
j bar aud Chas. W. Sharp for consta
: b!es. These gentlemen are well
known here and are popular. They
I will make excellent officers,
j Iu opposition to this ticket the
I democrats have nominated A. F.
; Alexander for county commissioner.
No nomination was made for clerk,
• that office being conceded to John f
i Wilson. B. F. Shaffer for sheriff, J
| 11. Harrison for treasurer, J. C. Baer i
| for assessor, Geo. E. Dudley, the rc
publicau candidate, for superintend
ent of schools, V. R. Tanner far coro
ner, and John Gilligan for surveyor.
No nomination was made by trvfft
party for county judge. Their pre
| ciuct candidates arc J. J. Minor for
! justice of the peace, C. C. War man i
I aud A. B. Callender for constables, j
I Governor Wiltz, of Louisville, died
| ou the 16th.
j Riots and distm bailees are taking
I place daily in Ireland,
j The Garfield fund closed Saturday.
It now amounts to $33T.851. A
1 Goner dJ. C. Fremont has resigned'
I the governorship of Arizona.
The president has asked Assistant
j Postmaster-General James Tyner to
i resign.
The republican majority in Ohio,,
I according to full unofficial returns, U(
| 24,032.
Eighty-five vessels were wrecked
| ami 135’ people lost their lives in the
j recent gale on the British coast.
[ Edwin Booth and wife have separ
; ated. The cause of the trouble wa»
I business transactions iu the family.
At Rock Isduud. 111., oil the 13th,
! the Mississippi river reached within
two inches of the highest water murk.
Henry Ward Beecher has gone iuto
politics lu Brooklyn. Himself and
some friends have uommated a mayor.
Ex-Senator Conk ling is oouflned to
hi* room with serious iituess. His
physician recommends absolute rest
and quiet.
A terrible hurricane visited all
parts of England last week. There
was a great loss of life and damage
to property.
A Washington dispatch reports the
immigrants arrived duriuvr Septem
ber at 68,453, sgaiust 54,874 iu Sep
tember, 1880.
Mexican troop* hare been ordered
to co operate with the United State*
soldiers in the capture of Uie Apaches
on the Mexicau border.
Senator Mahonc was arrested in
Washington ou Saturday night, o» a
charge of accepting a challenge from
General Jubel A. Early to Sgkt a
Gold amounting to £SOO,OSS was
drawn from the hank of England
NO. 4&
Saturday fot America. The Loudou
Times says the bank has taken steps
to stop the drain.
The president and ait of the cabinet
officers, besides the governors of
many states ami thousands of people,
attended the York town centennial
celebration this week.
A large number of appointments
by President Arthur have been con
firmed by the senate. Most of these
appointments had been made before
by President Garfield.
Prof. Karn, ol Louisville, Ken
tucky, claims to have discovered a
double comet accompanied by smaller
oues. Besides this curiosity there are
five other comets visible.
\v i thin .4
the Irish land league vVerc Arrested"
and lodged in jail.
Capt. Ridtlleberger and Hon. G. D.
Wise met for a duel neur Richmond
on the 10th, because of the chargee
made against Kiddleberger by Wise.
Four shots were fired with the usual
result, nobody hurt.
Ku-Klux methods are astir in Ran
dolph county, Arkansas. A dozen
men, masked and armed, visited the
home of John Milter, a respectable
planter, while he himself was.attend
ing a Baptist meeting, last Sunday.
The sconudrels dragged out Miller’s
two sous, aged fifteen and eighteen,
aud beat them terribly, afterward fir
ing tweuty shots iu the younger. Mrs.
Miller and a daughter were threatened
but not hurt.
The president pro tem of the Beu
afe has filled the vacancies iu the
senate committees as follows: For
eign Affairs, Aldrich and Laphatu iu
place of Burnside aud Coukliug. Fi
| nance, Aldrich for Burnside. Com
merce, Miller for Conkling. Military,
Ilawley for Burnside. Judiciary, Tel
ler for Conkling. Postoffices, Miller
for Platt. Education aud Labor, Al
drich for Burnside. Eugrossed Bi!l«,
Miller for Conk I i tig. Transportation,
Lapl.am for Platt. Elections, Lap
ham for Teller.
A great deal of typhoid fever Is re
ported iu Pueblo, j
The Guunisou Review is issuing ft
small but newsy daily.
A military company is being or
ganized iu South Pueblo.
The Pueblo Chieftaiu was enlarged
to a nine column paper last Sunday.
A hospital for sick and wounded
aniuers has been opened in Leadyillr;
Robert Morris has becu nominated"
for mayor ot Denver by the republi
The Presbytery of southern Colo
rado met at Poncho Springs last
Over a half million bushels of char
coal are used at Leadvilte every
Ouray is rejoicing over the fact
tbit their water works are nearly
The president has nominated S. J.
Hanna to be register of public ianda
at Leadville.
Greeley citizens are making an ef
fort to erect a monument to the late
N. C. Meeker.
There are sis republican,two demo
cratic and two independent newspa
pers in Guunisou county.
Edward Owen shot and seriously
wounded Pat Fay in a dance house at
' Gunuison City on the 17th.
“Arizona Bill,” who was so badly
| shot by the marshal of Created i'ntte
some time ago, died on the 13th. /
It took I lie democrats six days to
nominate a full ticket iu Lake coun
ty. They labored uudera two-thirds
Over $200,000 worth of gold aud sil
; ver bullion has been shipped front
Dtd Norte during the past two
months. •
Over 10,000 companies have filed
articles ot incorporation with the
secretary of state since the office was
first opened.
Tiie report of the state treasurer for
the quarter ending August SUt show
ed funds in his hands to the arnouut
of $44,487 71.
K John F. Wilt, who lives on Ohio
cr-ek in Guunisou county, made
5,500 pounds of cheese last" summer
besides selling S6OO worth of butler.
He has a ranch of 240 acres ami next
year expects to keep 40 or 30 cows. )
The bullion output of Leadville ea
.tbnated in dollars anti cents was ae
much during September as during
any previous month Iu the history of
i |ie camp. It aggregates imirlv
$1,500,000, which is fully SIO,OOO
more than the month of August and
$200,000 more lhau July.
Service on route No. 53,169 haa
been changed to leave Florence on
Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturday*
at 7 a. m., to arrive at Ureeuhorti by
6:30 p. iu. and to leave Greenhorn at
7 a. m. on Mondays, Wednesdays and
Fridays, arriving at Florence by 6:89
p. m.
The republicans of Cutter county
have put the following ticket In the
field : 11. M. Zeigler, 'clerk ; \l\ ii.
Wetmore, sheriff; Ellis Serjeant,
treasurer; F. G. Hagan, school super*
iiitcudeut; W. A. Bragg, assessor;
C. W. Comstock, corouer; 0. C. Bad*
does, surveyor ; I>. 8. Smith, county
commissioner, General J. T. lie*
Neeley was re-eleetod chairman of lb#
county committee.
Thu rumor comes from Quasi#**
City that the D. A 8. omuaav
have ordered the esseaUoH of all
work epos branches and the «H NK
Gunnison oornsty to pneh the rood ee
rapidly ne poeerfte Is Bel* IsdtfXtV,
Tog ex pee* to keep frees
line ia ihwlle iJ }Mf*

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