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VOL. 5.
F. 4.. UAYNOLDB. PrestOcm. . J.K. CAMPBELL. C»*hlrr.
Fremont County Bank,
Money to Loan In Lvpe or Small Quantities.
- '*(■ tar+iiffrs. . _ -f- f»r*~ _ aXY. , j
-O I. A.tV K IX T rT^Cm"XTr:
/* (i •*> Jf J twfr M Jsr t.B u ’ 1 K/ iri 5. \**** J
f t ~
w» refer to any Bank In Culora<lo aatl to ti«c Kir-1 National Hank of N«tv York.
nexRY r tkt.n. geokgk rniiLgv.
!OLO |t^pO.
or r
Dils, Glass,
Drnj Store
-. ’■ :
, Are prepared to Supply the Public with
BROTHERS' shirts.
UKAt Jiicci Lower than the Lowest.
J. E’HB R'QtWbT,
l«iifw>aor t<i I*, f. /
• ■iliac iYei:rsai,»:ft is t«i:ir leiws.
Fresh Bread, Pies. 0«la$, Canned Frui'.s. Corifectionory.
i-'A>c isi*’i ics.
Hartwell'c three doers wo;t of Poet Office.
k. u. Curitt. **kr*.. SMITH. ,
-Pty pus in— >•]
Staple & FafKjv t>ry Goods, Notions,
Hartwell'e Blech, second deorNaeit of Post Office,
merchant tailor,;
I* a woiktuan wbo hit* IcamfiJ »i»* bu»ltt#& Mtcrnt^rhly.
Everything Warranted as Represented, or*Bo Pay I
ItEMr.M UKttl UH 1* I .A OK
cvii»a you Kant 111, g.iiil cltiililng/ii.'lp. rtf never n iijyiMVTniaii ||) lih llfn uni
mak«h ll a rul« io Id no muu, vrlifla wllNng
jfi atYAjr
Srradghear Mala, next to MeOee a Maek'c. CAmmm rrrr, rm.iiHtnn.
••j :u £Tx 0 s ytrff p;
•• J#*t 4 • ■•-'»' i i
•* ■* **•:< / • jt*
;. i' . -.Va" W» ntXnt^l.O.
The Fremont County Record.
• \ Wjmz? T7TV u■ Ml - V « *...-•; r~ '—T3 —■WB * "I - m T JK
Cultures* ha* adjourned tint dir.
jutig* l j. ju«iijc vf ihe
; 4ih judicial district, is mo-l tawr-
I ably spoken of in connection with
j flit? supreme judgeship.
; Miirti iudigipytion urn been if
• runted ftiiMißtf liouu-fl Oliiu Lk-mo
] crati by the Mle of iheir party to
! liquor dealer?, by John G. il^np-
M)U. _■
I Tint ItlU*r*Ore»U of August ftlli, lifts
i a very flue portrait of Heneral Jnincv
W. Deliver, for whom that pr'osper
j oua city was named. and a very iu
! teresfing biographical sketch of the
! Ch*‘le* Mmcrly of the
NWB^rjaiWA o fgmSmi fry-r^to
! didale fttr t*tatw Senator. Charley
j w ill be* well supported b." the people
| of that at ho has become a
| prime favorite among thmu.
! The strike ol the telegraph opera-
U»»iu Denver, has been the subject
! of general interest iu the Queen cit y,
f**r the past week. The sympathy of
the people, Mjcliii to bo with the
| strikers. It is now* about end'd
Judge C. U. itrmtley has given cx
ccllcut-satisfaction as judge of the
! district, lie has now become fund-
I liar w ith Ihe duties ot the office and
!tvon hi therefore be a more useful
i man to tin.* people titan anj new man
! who could be nominated.
1 It appeals that Senator Teller, as
i well as the President, 1* suffering by
i lie malicious in lent of false accusers,
i Thcv claim that be 100 voted agaiust
the vetoing of tlic river and harbor
bill, iu the cabinet sesalou, wliich the
1 senator declaro** !•* utterly false.
The name of Judge E T. Weils of
Denver, has recently been mention' d
a* a camlfdate for congress. Jtiflgc
. Well* is ft man of preeminent ability
iu his ftvwcaiion —the law, but we
- doubt lu>having the necessary quuti
; fixations to ut.tke a cougrcftsiJUa!
; career equal to bit standing a
I lawyer and judge.
IDcniii* SnMivan i* talkctl of ns a
candidate lor governor oil the demo-*
: craliv tii'kct and Patrick Mohouey for
r .STH*sti»rf‘Wr «mr -Ir- h wuppMwa-u
. they as ill be nominated for their
names, n liirli ate well calculated l«
;• si t Xu-nniti votes, w bile I'hni'lcs
l!iifug will be nominated for Attor
> nry General to catch the Indian
f The* summer round-tip ended lut
; w eek. It i ulhiiHated in (lie Valley
: n There were about.
: JoTid »and all looked in excellent
, order.*"* A largt* number of tMiOiics
went oH! to «ec the grand sight and a
; pliotogrsipher look a view of it. Mr.
Ilarry Cat Hu brought borne about
| 60 bend which lie will winter nil hi*
slionic lunch.
-- : /
It sit ms to Iki generally conceded
that Park couuiv, ha\iug one more
delegate than Fremont, will secure
the nominee for the fourteenth sena
torial district. While it i* true that
Park county united may »ok«- the
cake, there may be a lack of unity
among the delegntt* from that coiiu-j
ty. W Melt w ould enable inmo goml
man from Fremont eoni»V\ to get the
nominal ion. We should be prepared
for such a coming ney.
•» T**—
.Before property take* another jump \
we would like to >t*e tho town board |
secure an entire block us near the
city sis possible and lay it out for a
public park. Nearly nil ol the larger
towns around us have linndstmic pub- j
lie parks which add much to their,
beauty. If thu laud was secured uud ,
the trees planted soon,it would not
be many year* before we could have !
a park of which wc need Hut be
ashamed. _
tiarfiiner. Maine, lull been Almost 1
ilciirjjnl by lire.
Destructive tire* iu aonlh eastern )
Husain have burned tltty e.pinre rullea •
of nn>|n alony ibu IkoHiim river.
J'revisions have been inaile by con- j
lfre»» In briny Uome Ibo remains of
lAeuteount Cuiamumlcr bcbeiiif aud !
A steamer exploded in boiler near j
llickuinu, Ky.. killiity 17 men anil
wouudiuy forty acveu. Thu vcaoel
•link at (be waters edge.
A freight Irwin, of wn engine. nuii t
eighteen loaded car*, w ont through a
■lotcrtive bridge meat lireonup, llli
noia, killing one man anil injuring
oilier*. , , ,
The anti prohibitionist anti liquor
moil of Chicago are becoming jiphiih gd
by tint thorough anil ,*ny«uaatul: enp
vaaaiiig ol th* tnm|wr>u*9H
Iholallvr am w«ifcjjlg 1 :j"<S
«ac|g>|bu in 1
tlgu%t amendment proJMpjtjW, thaj
tPfc wsw***
- * -* 7i
The (’«»lor#4o Fireman'* annual
lonrHHWrirt was held **£silver C'tiff
on • I**s htli Inst.;-but diring io the
vrMiiout not mom ipecuu
tors ere wti to heee hern
The contest began at in the
tt Tier noon withilm> m eldest for fiuW
' teams ami when eoticfetfefl it fra*.
I found that Uw IV. of
j Colorado Sprlugs d»*d . Won iiio bd«,
1 by oiie-qimrl«tr fhrir time be
iug 44 second* The J Orman* of
( Mouth PuuWo.lWif ih<*S. of Trinidad
j 451;Strait*, of PupjWo, 47i; HcAutafi 1
i Jr., 34fc and McXiht} r * of tine CHIT, j
The ilook and L*ol<l«r coiq-*
[ panitM made the following time: '
» i’ueblo, th second*: Denver, is|j
i itobinsou. ~7. *daiM^4 a &*oil hose 1
*-***«■ W 4U&
»Bftfrizc inmiey and |fl*Jd addition J
• lor bearing Hie tastes# time on re
-1 The Me Aul ay’s, $66; Ormans, |
I of. Pueblo. $25. The Pueblo hook*
1 wou the championship. Deliver hooks
i lid, Mid Ilobiusoti hook* 3d. Tin* '
! next tournament will beheld at Triui- !
! dad. on the second Tuesday in Aug., !
l 'Hie 700 foot race was won l*y j
i the McAuiav*. in 4 ! | second* thus
i winning SIOO ami the ib-ruld medal.
■ Tito hub-io-luib race betweeu the ;
• McAulay's and the Jackson* was i
j won by the latter, as the former did
• not run.
Mr. Harry Hiker showed us some l
.of the finest unions that we have*
j seen this- summer. They are very
. solid ami white nud have a great ad
j vantage over other kind* a* they are
, now rea«ly for market, being * month
■ earlier „i limn the ordinary onion; thus
j getting them out of the way of grsti
hoppers, in'ease there are any this sea
i sou. These uutuus sprang from jftVvT
, set* brought here live years ago b\
j ex-NVardeu Alien oa his return from !
: lowa. Mr. Jlukcr receiving ouiv rtf
i lets \V. A. Helm, which
have increased until this scasou, lie :
, has a .of .MX) bushels. They
■; will no doubt he the coming union of
j Colorado.
Another one of those beaut i: til bou
■ quets from Mr*. Scott, graces pnr
this week arranged 1u the '
tiu>«t artistic manner, displaying the
jVxqufdttf taste of the giver.
letter* r>rtli>' nOgi 1 lonjSP,
To n»d some flwrsi opklt,—
| A charm ttmthns liuaisl Die with witching
;jo*er, ‘
i lormlnr It the* old brlirf.
that midst your i«4l> and midst >*Our
I UtMiift i
There's ;» #oul In rvcrj* leaf!''

Mrs Mary C. Niihle, Prcsideut of
: the western branch* of the woman’*
! Foreign ■ Mls*lpnarv Society of the
! M. K. church, vrII) apeak in tliu First
Pre-bv trrian church on next Tucs
! day evening; Mrs. JNitnle Is an elo- :
| qticnt speakeraud nil exposition of)
■ the w«>rk which sl«b represents can- •
not fail to be exceedingly inh*n»tisg.
The member* of every denomination j
arc cordially iiivit^ft.
Thu old law tlrinW Macott & Cox.
. dissolved partnership on Friday ant*.
! usvv each otic *'puddles his own
cmuM'.'' There ha.-* been uu two ui
i toruevs in this section who havo met
with more success, Mr. J. T. Cox
will have his u*ice in the rooms over
Jin' post office, wliilo Mr. Macon will
remain at the old standT opposite the
McClure house.
improvements still continue to be
made in Cnnou. in the lower part
of Uiver street Air. S. V. Turner has
added a large frame addition to his
residence, aud just vast **T him Mrs.
Place, formerly of 4>onver, is tiuisli- S
tug up a very u at ri>idi ucc. A uiiui
, bor of other buildings uio being ercc- j
; ted to bo used ax stores und resi
dence* and the prosperity of our ,
lowu seems vqry *uli*unt ial.
A* there will prooably be a large j
number of visitors uttetid the open
ing ot the now military college build- ;
fog it would be well for tome oue to »
jiiil the McClure house in order, us
our hotels arc oven now taxed to j
ilydr fiiMr.l capacity, bc.idc lilt* I'aci
uf Oil* Silver C'lilT railroad beiux so j
badly na.hvd tmt will make mute.
hutel room iimwary.
Mr. I.iv.nard Kl>l retl brought with
him uu hi. remit trip from the caul. 1
leu liem! or I>evon but!, wtiteli lie
kohl lo iliQVreiil stork men in Ilii.*
eoimtjr. Tliii., yc»r by ycur,' the taltlo I
ol'Cotorailo «re ing Improved and !
lo.tt.y they .re ronsl.teiv.l .uyerioe to
the ui'iny other gracing!
state.. .
Mr. Hurry linkerM*n» lo be under
ihe iiuprvs.iuH ili il the .I.l* eeg|Ui
i tiu*,l. beiug held cl *f-‘ > ‘ ,tth|,i—
[yUhlrtli.utt*, *O, wwd ntßlVt . 'Hi hutil
tdtt*»r,t|n bhilewtciiAh. iMl'petae
gS«tl» m'-.o targe
hitoA fctM*/4«bMßlAS«V<»ltwl with
f fa r i**r
-; jA nua ..4 tritfe, 4rom
|iaawt| tliroitgk Canon,,
ticketed to Wet-VaJlvy,
Mr. Canfiel.l ha. roru in
Ms garden Tlmt Vtnuil. iriuefeet liigit
anil *w 111 jf'nif » large yield of ruMtio'f
Chas. E. Miller, who e/exura from
the 'penitentiary ia«*» TliiiMilay, w«i
p.tpturrd at Beaver Creek, this week
%r.J. J. P«el|i» Vai«M Hit *IOO ne
cesskry to pay the fcfclatice due on the
'college Urouuih, lint uuw that insti
ttniou ha* a clym- title to the gruuud.
* TMc<%.v '# Jai»vn . Clif. •tags U>ofc
will7 pnswHgt-M. lit looked like the
, aute-railroad time* to opqe more see
iwueii cou vryaiifu.
| Ck{)l. White’s house a cross tlifc rir
1 ver is an ornament to the neighbor*
1 !ioo*l. Tiie mason work wus done by
| Mr G. C«. Fi»n£ii in a most snbetuu
■ tial ami artistic manner.
The Prentiss, Gray & M.icoti water
i wheel across the river* which is to
’ pump the water t*6r irrigating nearly
1000 acre? ol waste la ml has been trieii
j and pro veil to be a perfect success. \
One ol the largest ) icld* of slraw
j lorries tirs year was gathered by ,
1 titsndpa.Topping whugul 145 quirt?
: from a iiulo patch in front. ol ip»*.re
* ■ddptiee tbaL only measured ‘JOx‘3s
? tret. ■
Mr. Jam-s Priest- ha* never lost
j WfiillUt’iicu in the future of our dis>
‘ taut miuing camps. He expects to
* collect nearly one hundred burros
; this winter to hold them lor sale next
Mr*. ;JiuhucukruU has our tfajtffci
1 for sdula oF llic nicest much butler
’ that has been spread upou our bread
* for iiiuuv a day. It is equal to tI»U
. Brcuster butter, c. it lion i the usual
flavor of greenbacks.
I The Canou City tjorucl Baud wish
tus to return their thanks to the fire*
! Hton *ml citixeu* of hilver. Cliff lor
the kind, generous aud hospitable
i maimer iu which they were treated
'during the tournament.
Things look lively at mo smelter,
the ore roasting Imv ing ahead) brguu.
;On iicM Muuday the so.hi work com
f inefwx-a aud the surces* oh this tu.w
i eulerprixe will pul Can.m City on
! still mot e solid foundation.
Mr. Johnnie Freeman was pre
sensed by his young wife with an
; heir, ami of course being, the first, he
is justified in carrying his thumbs In
the arm holes of his vest. The
Uecorp wishes the young family a
| plvasriut journey through life.
Adams express company iutcud
i pultiug on a siugie horse and wagou
tor their exclusive Use. Mr. Jack
j Park iu* can leel the • satisfaction of j
basing served the company faithfully j
j and his two mules, big wagou aud !
} bull dog will be missed when the i
train routes iu.
Master Jimmie Preutias c* lebrated
hi# tenth birthday on Thursday with \
» very pleasant party at his parents •
residence. The little ones enjoyed !
themselves to the Ni«»l extent ai d ,
I left the house wishing Master Jim* j
title many returns of the happy event,
lie received a "number of handsome
By a decision of the Methodist
i confurvne : Uev. E. C. Dodge goes to j
Pueblo ; N. A. Chamberhdn come# to j
Canon city ;J. F, Harris to Florence j
and Coal Creek, while C. A. Brooks ,
takes charge ol the iiiethodUt flock
at Itosita aud Silver Cliff. The Uev
Mr. Merrlt will discharge his duty i
1 for the good of the Greeley church.
Mess. C. J. Smith and Thus. Staf
i lord. ht%vc invented a sell-acting un
, defshol wheel aud pump to tie used
Iby to throw water upon j
high .ground lor irrigating near river ’
! banka. It is a very ingenious ntid
useful piece %»t machinery, hut to ap«
' preciattt it, one must examine the
j model at Smith's carpenter vliop. ’
A busiiieM*notice came in last week -
during otfr absence which appeared j
1 iimohg'thc local news, uud which )ptvy
| the impression that there was blit oueT
' siortTof the kind In our city. Our ad- j
I vertising rates for bus!ue»s notices in j
our local news columns Is the same
'its here to fore, two ceuts per word,
[but hereafter we reserve the privil-
I ego of writing, them ourselves, to as
i,tv c»u«# tyQ ill fading ou the pltrl uf
our other patron* iu the >iiiuu line.
The following are the fenegher* of
i the publie schools th this wonatty s>
| tar as heard from: Canon City— b
! 11. Baker, of >i«w York, principal ;
j Mi«« Urttlft' K. Budilin, assistant;'
I MW*l<UFrc*Hi»t», 4lh und flth grades
I MU« Maty llsttn*, -d and il Alu ;
IfMcNdh Mrs. 9 11. Baker,
llttflT":* Florauee —■ Mtaa ' Bsota*
«f fimk Ohrifliwkd
44KM*d MnaJpßfocd, kW Mlht,
Willie, the -*nn >il our tmvw mar-'
fthal, K. A. Juhusou. wt<4 forcibly Ink- j
en to Pueblo on Timr«U«r by a j
wt ranger who nm on the 4:15 p. m. .
freight to.iu. Tltis n:au dalnicd that :
Willie na*K runaway boy from Hen- .
ver satl when he fottsul out, hif mis-
I take let him go hi Pueblo. dir. Me
| «li<) wm returning sit the
night train, brought. Willie back with
him. -
If a good sprinkling tntik was need
idfetelul of thelioM thu dust could be
laid on the street* frmn tire depot to
Main street. As H is no*, with Ibe
hose plan, the part of the tow it where
the uroHt travel occur* is not
*d6wn. As nearly all strangers land at
the depot* it is well that their tim
iUtpvesvfcmof Canon is made a favora-
The work of cleaning iVc'fßrfeiiV.s
aud rulting down the weeds was
vigorously this week. It
is a good thing to do, but unless the
! weed* ami the dirt ttkcti off the
i «l itches are hauled away iuimediatelr !
i they do uioru harm ilnui if left stand- i
tug. It is such decomposition and |
dryiugoul that cause the levera that j
! occur in mis section.
Now that we have joined the milks 1
j of the “public benefactors,*’ we fintlj
j *b work coming iuto mir office as ot
i yore. It La* been argued flint a man ■
iua*»t run a ue\v«paper iu Can m if he
• expects ft* do job work. If this was
I the rule iu Denver them would Im.
about twenty-five mure ucwspttpon*
j published iu that city.
The Joyous ami welcome sound* of
: the intudc from the Cun »u City comet
baud, was heard on Thursday night
1 as they drove into town on their re
; turn from tlie Silver Cliff tourua
| mentl Our bund boys made quite h
hit aud received loud praises from u!>
, who participated iu the races.
We call attention to the advertise
ment of Mr. P. K. Allen, privy vttull
cleft tier, for the reason that ottr town
' hat? suffered very much for the \taut
: of a titan to do such work. Many a
1 nuisance can now be abated that has
I been allowed, because there was no
one to call upon to do such u job.
; The M. E? conference at Colorado
I Springs, ha* Imo* quite tnteteHLing.
!tu the many iu attendance. A good
• r* port ot the vbnrelt here was given.
iu which tin* Sunday school superiu
| tendent, Mr. K. T. Ailing, was
j spoken of a* one of the best in the
j State.
•" ’ ~
We return our thanks to Me**,
j lluinpbrey and Topping for the eight
new subscribers seutdo us this week.
; This t-uterpristug firm arc deter
mined that iheir eastern friends shall ■
know what is going on iu Csnou aud I
what our recourses are.
Mc«. Earle and Pedley have a very ,
pleasant, feature couucctcd with their i
handsome drug store. Ivis an aqu.t-j
rjuiu ot uo\c* dvsigu iu which swim j
a utimber of gold Ci»h that seem as
much at home us iu,their native
Owing to some delay iu the repair** •
in tiie M. E. church there will be no
services or Sabbath school 10-iuor- '
row. It is csjeclctl that a week from
to-inorrow the pulpit will be occu- •
pit*d by tlie new pastor, Rev. N. A. {
The celebrated suit ot lire Robert •
E. Lee mine of Leadvill**, has been •
decided iu favored the p'.uiutiff. Mrs. :
Rogers, giviag her four fifteenths of ‘
the it.too and the net profits -ducc her }
expulsion from partnership.
- - —-* —• •'
Thu victorious Jaeksou hose team
passed through Canon on their return
trout Silver Cliff with flag* dying and j
new brooms at lull mast. The
Anhtys did the saute thing about one j
year ago. Doll) are excellent teams- 1
It 1* all Well enough to crlti- '
vise Marshal Johnson, us ho is not .
perfect, um* iloe» he claim to bo. but '
ottr experience leads tts to think that <
so far lie is the best tnau that has ever!
filled the office.
t.. *
lieu not t, the Into Ittuou City pugii-j
»>», w hipped Win. Carn> u at Lead-,
vide for SI,OOO, iu twenty-six rounds. ?
Exposition Notes.
Tim exhibit of Fremont county
iv ft I bo .-I o-ert on t»(i8il»y».
Ttm beautiful case of »!uiw »peei<
men* from t’rvmuut county, i» much
MiVJ- 1.. I’routW oil |ialutiujf ut j
*lfo.' »l (iitftfo »o«»«> (Jrdou pUjr, j
l» jUrully urnitixi. t
-f 'r.fcioiuvo." u wt
."yi * ’*s3Kj* v j
RP • « .
h"SK aiat.l >e «.» *»
Call for County Republican Convention.
cXmy ' - Hnniw. lar :. t u a £ v
con vcutioi;* will be held Mlb« Ifonrtltounu
in Obfiun < 1 t).«tta\> o'clock p. ini. mi the
day* herein mentioned for eacheonvautiou:
Saturday. September h. acnnv«,tt*«a »ilt
be lieM l*» appoint# AAawWIo t*«
; Republican State Owamnion for pfennig in
nomination -* Kap»ttr ntatfee to Oodgrcsi»
; Judge of Woeeefeor ‘ and
other State odk on; alee roue imobtr i>l»
; gate* Tor Senatorial npfete tot into lorHtbDi»«
i triot, c«>m|wuti.i( Pork oto Kreiooa eoun-
I tie*, to place iu r.owiit»tioti candidate for
’ State Senator; also delegates taqBjTfltlcn
' of Sixth Judicial District to noiaiflUjaQeMi
. didates for District Judge and QK*irfet At
i tomes, all to u«r held inl>enver,rkuvi*d*y,
! September 14tb,' the ftr»t commencing at iu
i o'clock ;i. in. a -
i The Reputdicnn t.’emUy Convention for
f Placing in nortiiuathm Kepi eaentatfve to the
! Legislature from Freuiout counts, ou*
| County nbmmfastouer front Mldak Dia
; trict. aixl Justices of llte I'eaca Mid Con.
, stables in each produce, trill be held Haiti r
t on p eaueu* fnftlih pfeefu£t, in app'dttfc ;
■ «le!«**ntr» to attend both conventiiii*
, he held Saturday. Septemberaj-tru
; o'clock, p. in., at the u*ual voting place*.
4 (e'Xeepi. in precinct one. which *ill l>e held
1 in Blake'* Had:i alav thru the member* of
1 precinct coiAuiitee.-. and every-, earnest Rr
{ publican,exert themsaivea to have them*
i primary meeting* attended b> every toter
\ belonging to the party, that delegate*
i known to have the interest oi tire party at
i heart, end who will promise to attemi the
convention*, may be elected.
Precinct* arc entitled to delegate* to both
convention* ae follow*«
i'laamr. * wtx.. :nrt.
, No. l.i W'.oa, «...— r ltJS*o. 9, UuleAii 3
i •** 2.flwrvnce .....'♦« 1«, Parudule, 1
. •* a, Beaver Creek... li - 11, • t/topaaL i
! “ *,> uet «T - 12, Toot 8
t ** 5. i'urrant • reck- Sj- 44 IX. Titusville. I
1 rf. Texa* « rece ...;. ai “ lt.if owartfcstir Joa t
, ■* 7, Uay«len Creea.. d| IS. WidlMnehontfc
. Uurdacralib C ... 8J (new prectffetil
The committee, by fvnldtlett. fprtirdr retv
i unuuemied to tha-e oonvemioua Uuafe only
* K'tuhiiy appointed delegate*, r»r1nfingpr«.s>-
jj ir credential or duly appointedprv>xte*-re*id
, tug in the precinct to be repreaeuted. l»e ad-
UnitUHlMWiq»; alaoteaenc tine prvdMt pri
mary meeting* name* of three active mem
bers or the party be heteetod to preheat to i U
, convention sneuLauiber. 9.na moobenur the
Cbunty RepmmCatt ComtUItte*? tor enfcuifg
- year, and tbai *aiU cun-Mittou elect .chair
1 man of the* wauty i umraiUee and member
i of i ho State Lfeurral CUmioiUec.
By order of Republican »."u. • '•MUtnlUee.
It. K. RO_lC.l FELLOW' thdh.i4a.-
14.iko feet of new truck trill fcavu
: to bo laid on tho Stiver Cliff branch
before the c.tr* can pase «#cp it.
Wc receive*! a vere a£ retabie 'com
pliment Ism week From Mr. Leonard
* Etdred, of Carrollton. W. f
* the prompt receipt itt
the past three years*. Aft- inform* us
that not ond copy urn* lost or mis*
| carried during Hint time. Tl»i* in
* very griftifylogp and iw- the rerwi r of
| dateful efficient i o»t man u?r * if ml Um
| precaution vve take Iu prejteriMg our
| paper for the mail. ’»
: ‘ - — ■w -
Mr. Clyde Dswnr luml hi* - fuoj
. badly cut, Uy * knit© slipping whirl*
i n a» being uied to brand a heifer.
! Mr. Freeman Waugh wiu Uclhl by
I a horse ou his ranch ort last Sunday.
| His left elliow was broken tend two of
■ hts rib*. I>r. Dawson skillfully at
? tended the suffer©!*, who fs ikrttig air
| well as can be expected.
Mr. J. W. Crittemletf who tvar
working on the isilver Cliff Lraucn,-
i rolling rocks down the kill*, was ott
last Wednesday knocked c*o<Vu the
steep precipice by a rock filling
against him und fell aboiiO K feet ou
the rock* below. lie was injured
on Ids light side, had his rljfht ey«»
cut mid his wrist dislocated and aru*
badly hurt. __
The men of Denver pur
pose having t» bar bee tic at the expos*
itkiu August 2*.
The Lead villa Bluet have suree*••
fully beaten the Deliver Urowu* i«
their late base ball jfat*k*s.
Governor Pitkin’s jujtrthcrie lo«rr
wai an oration. In tact our worthy*
extmtivo siaml* solid- Itf i»voey quar
ter of the state I ClileftWitf-
Two more sui elite* Jn Denver t!»!•#
i \vv* k. Urn 1 , a JXiuuie Goodtiiju*, uu
it appears au abased will*
the other a liuslmuu whose Indented*
lies* drive* him to tin* ,•*«*!, leuvlujf a
a delicate wile at death’* door aud
uo means of support.
Senator llill on hi* return front
Washington this week, left l>e|»ver a
few day * later iu company with Com*
iui>aiouer Dench, of Washingt*»u, lu
inspect tint laud 10M loitu* oast of
Ihsuve iv where it U in tended Vo sin*
artesian walls.
We learn front the t'hktfailt that if
terrific lutii iierw vldlod stoat bar if
Colorado (Wat week. At Wigwam,
jbO miles worth of lV(Mo tire «tur n
wm awful lihttf firry, daetroying
crops, house* attd IritMag a <*»ml*r
of at***# T!»* tmH '*ttoK»'M««|p*tint'ft*
I from three lo*. Ifr diurnu*
I A JOWNI '»■«>
i ■ tiuui *
I N!»#

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