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YOIi. 5.
F. A. It AY NOLDB, President. Jr J. F. CAMPBELL, Cashier.
Fremont County Bank,
Monty to Loan In or Small Quantities.
the Highest flßffces.
*oli)eTtb Znk in Tflfe c ounty.
Wt TafcPto any TUnkvu Colorado and to the Firat National Rank of New York.
Pure Drugs, Pahrts Oils, Glass,
And Everything Xeptfln n FirltoCUis Drag Store.
also /fiu line\
Are prepared to Supply tbe Public with
/ At Frieee Lower the Low Ml.
/ We aft? aUo wUddl-ptte agents for the
Successor to ACJICI.M,
rann rums sue vucmaVs in -ratine •Kues.
Fresh Bread. Plea, Cakes, yCannek, Fruits, Confectionery,
Hartwall't Block, three doort *eit of Fott Office,
■« n. copra. r. l. smith.
Staple & Fancy Drsf Goods, Notions,
Hartwell'i Block, second door weet of Poet Office,
h<Smk trade.
L. SJf¥FnER,
mercHFal'lt tailor,
la a workmanXlo liaa learned hi* bwfllncsi thoroughly.
Ererytlrfjfi Warranto asNj/presented, or JTo Fay!
When you want my roW#: He never -vHtodied a oiiut In liia life, and
makes It a rule to let ny man, who la svflftng to pay, with gromplnca*. a f lit pMcr,
y fo away Hiasatiafird.
Tblrl Street, near Main, next to Well.. A- Mafeb*«i OaRON rirr, COLOBtee.
The Fremont County Record.
canon City, Colorado, Saturday, august 19, issa.
BmUtor Ben Hill, of Georgia, died
at Attafcli. August, 16. aged 59 years.
Secretary Teller it in Denver being
victimized by the multitude of ir
repressible newspaper report era.
The report that the Utcs are re
turning from the Utah agency to their
former reservation iu Colorado, is
not credited by Governor Pitkin. as
he has just received letters from the
Uintah agent that the Indians are
well contented.
The bone of contention this fait
will be the governorship. C*rc
*hhuhl b# taken that the nominee
traqoei. Weak on Id
be free to labor for the good of the
the whole party, recognizing bis obli
gation to all good republicans.
Custer comity has elected her dele
gates to the state convention, and
they arc instructed to vote for James
T. McNealcy for congress. So \re
i toppose that McNealcy feels ns
though he was standing, as it were,
with one foot in Custer county and
ilie other foot in Washington.
Mr. Teller is said to strongly op
pose the idea of appointing mission
aries for Indian agents. He consid
ers them unsuccessful and unfit for
the work, liis plan is to disarm the
ludiaus first, civilize them if possi
ble and let religion fallow. This i&
solid sense and shows that Mr. Teller
understands his business.
It is proposed to erect au agricul
tural annex to the exposition build
ing about the middle of September
to be devoted exclusively to the dis
play of agricultural products. We
hope if tllls propositiou is consum
mated that the people of Kremout
county will step forward with their
produce and take the prize, which
wc feel suro they will justly merit.
Some men are so constituted that
wiicu they heroine United States sen
ators they think they are the party,
nud the requisite to their favor is not
that a person is a good republican,
who has labored in season and out of
seasou for 5 ears for the success of the
party, tmt they requitepersofridwds
hesion to them and their plaus. Such
senators need be hat they are
the servants, not bosses of the party.
Republicans in overv precinct
should be alive to thoSf obligations to
their party. They should follow the
j timely suggestions of ( apt. B. F.
liorkafellow, in his call for the coun
ty conventions, which appears else
where lu the Hkcord, and sec that
; the necessary interest is taken iu the
: primaries and c*n*q*ntiou«. If this
jis done the uoftiihntious will reflect
! the wishes of the voter*, aud the re
i suit of the electiou will be assured.
! Mr. William K. Robertson, of Can- ;
I oil City, candidate for the nomination j
for stntc treasurer, on the republican i
ticket, is receiving many commenda
tory notices iu diflereut parts of the i
state.mid will go into the convention
with considerable strength. Fremont !
Icouut v should, aud we have 110 doubt
S' will, give him a solid support. Mr. i
j Robertson is a gentleman of uucotn
j promis'.ug integrity aud is every way ;
J qualified to make an exu4llent treat
| urer, and his uoiuiuatiou can be sc
| cured by earnest work.
Secretnr»g*eller and Senators llilj !
andChileot! have-returned home from ;
Washington. Colorado has reason
to be proud of all tbreo of them. Sec- j
ret ary Teller is wiuuing golden opiu- ■
ions for the able manner iu which he j
is conducting the affair* of the into*'
| rlor department. Senator llill has
done most effiriont service to the sil
ver and other interests, while Scuator
ChUcott, for tlie short tlineof his scr*
vice has done good work, and made
a favorable impression at Washing
ton. He should be elected \o serve
out the balauce ot Senator Teller's
The republican slate'convention,
lids fail, will be the most important
ouc ever held In this state. It wdU
be important because it has a verjj
delicate work to perform. It will de
cide whether the party is to remain
in the hands ol its members, or
whether it it to be turned over to the
control of some boss, or faction. Tbo
republicans of Colorado are not ready
to acknowledge any boss, and will
not knowingly yield to anything
looking In that direction, but uuleas
the delegates scut to tho convention
are men who have a thorough knowl
edge of the political situation, they
are likely to fall into the trap with
out knowing what they artenkont.
Care should be taken In lUteepffilou
Ot delegates. The of
too much-importune#- to the party 3 o
have men abut who are simply jibod j
fellows, just because, they waul to
go. Only such men Shfcnld go, as j
know what should be doneVnod ks6w j
Exposition Notes.
Boulder county cmnw out strong:
on the Lclluridcs and other gold ores.
Gilpin county fbr massive spec!-'
mens, walks off with ulf of the buns.
Lake county shows up on the car
bonates and other cojpibinatiousi of y
lead ores.
Gunnison is strong lon coal an
thracite and' bitunihsons as well as
fiue ores in great qs|D|ty.
The roof of the lion build
ing is not pleled. Tfc tinners and
tinl«e#«&re tampering wth it yet.
The Colorado Coal .Jgjid Iron Co.,
uro af߀< lK■ i
The police arrangements at the Ex
position arc as perfect as it is possible
to make them. The force is -gni
loiinly polite and pains-taking.
The Fremont County Commitsio- !
ners find in the agent oh the J). &' It.;
G. express compauy a gentleman, not 1
only willing but anxious to further !
the interests ot exhibitors.
The circle railway is at last run-;
nlng on time aud raking in the j
*• rhino” of the rural districts of the j
Rockies—these arc all included as I
among the suburbs of Dcuvcr of j
The mineral exhibits will all be in
place this week, with trifiug excep
tions. Clear Creek, Summit, Ouray
and La&Auimas counties, aud Wyom
ing Territory, the U. I*. and A. T. &
S. K. R. It., are tardy ones.
We learn that free ice water is not
furnished visitors at the exposition.
This is a great oversight on the part
of the luauagers, as there are many
temperance people who ' will hot
drink anything stronger.
Manager Johusou thinks that cor
inoraut corporations whose insatiable
maws aud soulless bodies arc holding
back freights destined for exhibition
at the Exposition, would not bo tole
rated an hour, on the Atlantic sea
But little of the machinery dis
liucd to take part in the Exposition
is in place, while some of it shipped
from Philadelphia six weeks ago is
Kftjroutcu to the great aituoyauce aud
ex pen sc o f cxFiitiftßrs tflfio have' TiaJ"
meu uuder pay two weeks to set up
1 and take charge of it.
| The exposition commissioners from
! New Mexico, have among their ex- ;
j hibiu a silver ore specimen from the
Lake Valley weighing CIO pounds,
j worth $7,000. A 1,940 ounce silver
• brick, marked 990 fiue, is also dis
played. it ft*as made by merely incit
ing the ore in a crucible.
The Great West justly condemns
tho inconvenient location of the ex- j
position buildings, and'says: “The
place selected was to beuctit a few i
laud speculators who secured a ma- :
joritv of the director* of the exposi- [
lion to their scheme.” As the grounds .
are four miles from the heart of the 1
city the visitors mast he to the ad- ;
ditioual expense of car fare back and j
forth which might have been avoided.
The Mining Commissioner!- at Den
ver, met nt the sst. Janies hotel aud j
organized a National Miuiug associa- !
tiou having for their object at pre-.
sent the reduction of railroad fare to
the exposition. We quote the follow- j
ing resolutions adopted:
Whereas, There In now being dis- j
played nt the National Mining In-!
dustrlal Exposition the finest ore ex- I
hihit the world ever saw. aiul be
lieving that the the great
many States atul Territories, upon i
which the success of Western rail- j
roads entirely depend, demand a •
"f*eticral and liberal rodufetiou of pas
senger rates; therefore; be it
Resolved, That tho press of the
States and Territories rehrvscntcd at
the Natioun! Miuiug and Industrial
Exposition be requested to use its In* i
flucitee to have tho railroad eom
panies reduce their rites to Denver
and extend tho time of the tickets.so
as to allow of at least ouo mouths* j
The first inception aud main nc : »
tuatiug idea of au Exposition was up- |
doubled!}* wholly speculative. It was
a scheme to boom into something
more 4 than liomiual existence on !
beautifully lithographed plats, sun-]
ftri* addTtious to*ll»e city. The D. & R.
G 'K.'n, became at once a highly in* I
tertsted party as able to fnrnish
transportation and the circle railway
was built.
Later, a broader, more liberal plan
suggested Itself, aud tlipugh the orl- j
ghfators so tW persisted In fit at mo* !
tire*, as to put the building front |
throe to four miles from the*
main city, yet for an enterprise which j
every Coloradau should look npo* ,
with pride, for already manifested !
results—to bO'inpgttlficd beyond com*!
puttou in permanent advantage to!
the commonwealth, enough cannot j
4m said, Kveu in thl* age of tinpar*
I rstalled scbisriioaiht the ooMtmd
! tiou of • building more than MOrMO
I feet, of imposing height and etohi*
| tcetual beanty, or erf Id and enduring
material, with : complete system ‘
of water-works and sewerage, with-'
in a space of less titan three months
must rank as most wonderful. There
is of coarse inncli to find fault with,
not by tor means unjustly. Exhibi
tors, not marking packages properly
were put to no end of annornncO.iu
getting their exhibits to the Unfitting.
This would hare been an easy mallei
for the Directory and Managers to
and should hare been
done. DiUbntht express aud railroad
companies held freight for charges,
giving «o notice of the fact-and caus-
Mg-tnteli Way. One instance. qt\
(he expense attendant In
hitdts into pine* waa dfee laflg* cr*c
■Sf.jjßft »>»t »fSi*ltlSTiim,'iuw> now l
theCanm City Coal Co. mines, and
upon which freight was paid. It cost
just $3.00 to unload from cars and
then $3.00 to take iuto the building.
; There is only one place where any- j
j thing to eat can be had inside the
j grounds and this—but wo forbore, it t
j is impossible to do it justice. Never- |
thekss there has never beet! such a j
chnuce to advertise the wonderful
richness of this whole rocky moun
tain region and of our State as being
within lines df travel and ill easy
communication with all the east.
; easily accessible from all parts of the
United States. Although Denver
may realize more immediate profit
from this grand enterprise than out
side town*, other couuties and po’r- j
tions of the state will reap a per-j
manctit benefit from it through many '
years to come. We must not allow j
prejudice or jealousy to interfere;
with any of us to our detriment as .
a community bnt every one should ,
put his shoulder to the wheel for the j
furtherance of our future prosperity j
which this exposition will insure if
properly managed.
Estray Law.
! In auother part of this issue we j
{give more space than we usually do
! to any one article, so that our cattle
j men and ranchmcu may know liow
the law reads in regard to taking up
cstrays. We have been requested by
a number of our farmers to publish
the estray law, as it was difficult to
i find any one who knew what to do
Jon such occasions. When we found
tliow wtrch 'there ‘was of it we were
I about to give it up, but upon reading.*
\ it, concluded that it was so compl'ca- j
I ted and elaborate that nothing less '
■ thau publishing it in lull would give i
auv idea of the law. Our stock men ,
should get some good lawyer to draw J
them up a inora simple act aud sec]
that their representatives work to!
| have the new bill pass.
j Ou returning from Silver Cliff af- j
f ter the tournament, the Richmond
Hooks had their coach turned over J
i breaking Mr. Ed. SmiUi’s leg. The j
j coach containing* the Ormans was!
also overturned, knocking one of,
J their members senseless and *bruisr i
' iug others.
1 Slight frosts iu Chicago recently. j
Grant City, Mo., lias had a $5,00-3 i
' fire.
I The Kansas crops this season will
jbo better thau ever before known. j
Yellow fever continues its work of*
; death iu Mexico to au alarming ex- 1
i tent.
I There has been much quarreling '
' among the couusel iu the Star Route
| trial.
A disastrous storm visited Baugor,
Maine, this week destroying between
$70,000 and SIOO,OOO worth of pro
The Apaches are again on the war
path in Arizona. Men, women ahd »
children are recent victims of the;
treacherous redskins.
Grlnncll, lowa, the town nearly j
destroyed bv a terrific storm this j
| spring, is buildiug .up rapidly and j
. will soou assume its former appeal- j
| aucc.
j Two nialc relatives of Cyrus Field, j
t were taken sick with typhoid fever 1
!at a Bil'levite hotel at, New Jersey, |
ami every guest fled. The proprie-1
i tor has been paid s£,ooo to allow the ;
| invalids to remaiu.
Two Swedes arrested in Chicago
j for some trivial offense haVo con- I
I Teased that they killed a woman in
Stockholm, seven years afro am) upon
investigation, the otNcerm find their
•Uiomeutssro coriret. t
The First National bank of Kewa
nec, Illinois, Was entered by .t*ro
I burglars, the s' youhg
I Indy oWlio'lWl'bHitiif
the vault* the burglar* theisecured j
s?o,bo© and fled. % They had udWocii
caught at thTT writing.- *
Heath, the ST. houi» auditor ani
embezzler of SIO,OOO. his been part
dotted hy't»dref4»hT Crittenden after
scaring three years Of the fen for
which ho van sentenced.' It seem*
oifty nreeturf fbr » MUsburlcr Im
luai to «nv to the obliging' governor*
*»1 beg youv•pinion; rir,ud luime*
dhrtiit irt* 4
is W ft J * "1
A Happy Respite.
Another Jovial party composed of;
Hie.fun loving element of Onon so- j
piety,Mr. and Mrs.F.A. Uayiiolds, Mr. *
and Mrs. R. A. Lewis, Mrs. Sheetz,
Mr. amt Mrs. Jskcele, Mrs. G. A , Phil
lips and Mr. J. F/Grt’mnbeJf betook
themselves to the Grand Canon on ;
last Tuesday and irt a well chosen
spot spread upon the grass a delicious
repast and proceeded to enjoy to the
fullest extent a real old fashioned
rural pic-tiic. The restraint Of busi
ness and social conventionalities were
abandoned for the day, and the par
ticipants, liv mutual consent, were
Merry jbfcess errTlfy puns and lively
repartee called forth peals of laugh-:
ter which rang among the trees, cu- j
tcred the rock cavities, rippled along J
the rushing waters of the Arkansas,
putting frightened birds and jack
rabbits to a sudden flight and all of
the untamed in nature were filled
with the greatest consternation by
tlie noisy hilarity of flic gypsy baud.
A. D. Cooper and Eugene Westou, |
Commissioners for tho county ox-j
hibit, shipped yesterday, to the Ex- J
position a slab of the beautiful vari
! gated marble found near Canon City, j
a lot of Grape creek ores including [
rich nickle and copper ores, a tine f
| box of llarry Bakers premium onion®, j
1 views of buildings in Canon, etc. It
> is earnestly requested that farmers
I nud others having or knowing of
! fine cereals, vegetables, fruit raised
iin the county bring or send spcci
* mens to the Board of Trade rooms,
j (rear of Mr. McClures office) for ship
i meat. These specimens should be
; in fair quantity—not necessarily so j
| much in fruit and vegetables as of!
j cereals. No use to send one stalk of;
i corn, twenty or thirty heads of
j grain, anybody can pick out as many
ss that, but a fair sized sheaf and corn
to match will be gladly received and
forwarded at once.
Road master Briggs was mile very
sad by the news of the sudden death
at the Windsor hotel, in Denver, of
his youngest daughter, Mrs. E. M.
Brown. The deceased left hero about
one month ago afler a pleisaut visit
with her fa flier. She was the picture
of health aud youth, being but 19
years of age. Iler husband took her
S remains to their home at Rock Island. ■
j Mr. Briggs has the sympathy of a'
j largo number of friends in his sorrow, i
' Wc were shown this week «o»ne
! very cxcelleut work in lime stone'
I and gypsum done by the convicts in .
I the prison which reveals rare ingenu
ity and remarkable skill. These lit-j
tie ornaments consisting of books, j
paper weights, etc-, are carved with
only a pocket knife, elaborately, in
flowers aud other designs, and pol
ished until they fairly glisten, by
merely rubbiug them on tbeir bed
Mr. James Curtis made the Record !
a call this week aud brought with f
him a sample of White Russian oats
six feet tall which was raised this
season on his Lake ranch four miles i
below Canon City. Of these oats Mr.
Curtis has 11-4 acres which will yield 1
from 75 to ICO bushels to the aero, j
also corn that grows 14 feet high, j
Mr. Curtis gave samples of his grain
to our exposition committee to be!
seut to Denver.
Social pic-uics have beeu very pop
ular of laic ntid the cause of much
merriment aud healthy recreation.
Last week a party composed mostly
of elderly gentlemen made a trip to
the Marble care and had a very plea- i
sant time. Tbogeuileuiaujireseut «»n (
this occasion were Mess. W. G. j
Ready. J. E. Kent., J. A lioxie, Geo. >
Sawyer aud Win. Eveiuud.
The public school rooms are being i
calsomlned, desks dressed in oil and J
a general renovating ami cleaning is i
going on preparatory to the fall {
opening. New ventilating registers |
are being put in which will improve j
very much the sanitary condition of
the building.
We were hautied a peach from Mr.
i'autield's garden which was as ripe,
and luscious as possible. It was unt ;
at large as many we hove seen grow >
here, being only 7 1-3 inches in cir- j
ctimtercnce, but as this nan ad' year ;
for peaches it was con side led quite ,
a treat.
The firm of Sanders A Copps dU|-1
Solved as per notice f«i last week's \
Record. Mr. Sanders continues to j
ruu his grocery store at the old stand I?
opposite fits UrroKJ> office. Ms. (|. |
is aasUitng Ms brotkerat the»4&e ujf j
Copps A Smith (ludarDtt-'ihMsSs-di i
Mr. »mith, who,' 1 *eai ftn yfrwy j
u The Adiuwt eipSae. through w4\£
a&cnt. %U l » if #4* h
pFess their tq ,the public
pyoij.pt attention ami quick <!?!**•** [
9( ih f i '
*'» ** 0 m i *4* •* MW l
2*o. 33#
j A. T). Cooler, E*q., who hat Iwtf
I in Denver last week as co*iinfis*iouer
| in Charge of Fremont comity exhibit
i returned and reporta the exposition
| in nil its genera! features a grand sftc-
S ces. Exhibits of ore*, machinery,-
! etc., arc mostly IrrWfiftf. The electric
i lights are in operation every night "
presen ting.magic a Del beautiful effects'
iu the building and at a distance.
The attendance was not large but
satisfactory, and it was expcctcr?
wcmtd~bo largely increased during
ensuing weeks a* the weather became
cooler. The Fremont county exhibit
only lack* in size of specimen ore* —uf
if Co fttparcs with any e^hijhi*'
from the Cadon Cjiy colliery hre-
beiiry. arfthbtrgli not
quite so yet imromparably the
| best. The Branford stone, of which
! the corners of the pavillion are built,*
is the building stoue at the ex
position amt excites mairv remarks
from practical men. Tlfc Cetopax?
mines represented by some rtfagnifi
! cent specimens of zinc, blende, cop-
I per pyrite and galena ores, from F>.
; H. Saltiel, which are piled iu a pyra
mid by themselves on the platfofm,-
are very much admired and detain*
many visitor* iu their examination.
The exhibit consisting of hydraulic
coincut. plaster of piris, minerttlf
paint, etc., of the Canon City Cemcut
and Paiut Works, comes in for a
| great share of attention with the re
i mark, **\Veil. what hav’n’t yon people
1 got down tbere.” The crude coal oil,
j graphite, asbestos aud silica are noted
| as not being found in the state else
> where or if aL all of very inferior'
I quality. The ca«c oi fine specimens
. containing jet, jasper, agates, tn-tla
! i-hitc, etc., highly polished, with great
; varieties of ores, minerals and curios,
; brought crowds ot interested sights
j seer.
j By accepting au invitation front
t Judge Felton on last Saturday eveu
j iug to meet a few friends at the ollictf
l rooms of the penitentiary, we worn
i treated to some of the finest music
i ever heard in Canon. It was simply
(grand, aud our auricular appendage*
were made to tingle, aud our feet
j to beat JUuie... to the sweet- refrain*
j that were wafted hy llie balmy f|r ol
J ode through' (he open wln
] dows aud lost in a quivering ecfluf
| among the grand old craggy hills be
j youd. The Purlor Orchestra are en
-1 tilled to much praise for Ihirdelight
j ful feature, also a few of the convicts.
Cue musicians, who were permitted
! to add to the general enjoyment by
«otuo violin ami guitar music very
1 excellent and truly wonderful in the’
; rendering. s>oven or eight couple
were present beside about twenty
gentlemen who stood iu the liall-way
enioyiug the enchantment of tho*
Charles Bloom, who has becu con
fined within the walls of our state
prison for four years and a-half, com
pleted. his. sentence and was released
on Tuesday of this week. Governor
Pitkin commuted nine mouths of hi#
time, the original sentence being
eight years. The good time also'
made by Mr. Bioom reduced it to tbe
period above mentioned.
The happy ex-cn*ivict returned to
Lake City, his former home, where’
we hope his future career will reflect
more credit upon him than has the
past. Mr. 11. is a man of line musiiat
ability, well bred aud educated.
It is a sad thing to sec a fellow cr«vi
ture. in the prime of life, re-euUrtho
world with such a blight upon him.
May time however eradicate the stain
upon Ins name and may his character
hereafter be irrcproachabkr.
A berry party consisting of Mi-sA*
Tlllle I fern merle, Maggie Frazidr,
Jsarah Frazier, Masters NVillio Item
merle and MUble Frazier, started ortt
this week for a fifteen days’ trip,
which will include Mauitou and oth
er points.
Regular train* arc running front
Gttiittisou to Cimarron, via Utc lilauk
pp.fe«sor (#uuuing’s rep *rt, foK
which the people paid three tat .ml red
dollars is to he printed in the Leader
next week* *o says our neighbor, wMI
he publish the various sums It is re
ported ho received from ration*
mine owner* to examine (?) their
propertiqji ? Dr. Dave's iin mortal
lines diouKl b« rcmomtanal.
"Thiy Taunts,
'’ '' '* Baby Rifes. *«ljr nm>«.
SfcsvW tfuMWa mla« ffuo4 tnr Umn«*,
#ils- IXJ **»■ ttabjr
1 ■ft* U.vrtr i># TW* <'up,' «m
Ajfc*. M* Sips «*•
iwark»'UM.»« s».

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