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JiTif- Jiccorfl.
Canon City. : : : Saturday, July 1-4.
Readings taken at 8 a. in . 12 m. ami 6 p. m.
Saturday ! 60’ IMP O l°i (Tear and Kaln
Sunday’ i 63! 74 72 I (J car and Calm
Mondav |6»|B3 ;80 | clear and Culm
Tuesday t*s ! HI | 82 Clear and Calm
Wednesday.! <o , t>7 ; 66 ! Clear and calm
T hursday 1 fxs : HO Hi Clear and Calm
Friday 7> 88 60 1 Wind a d Hun
Denver and Rio Grande Time-Table.
On Sunday, June 3, at 12:01 am., Time-
Table No. 2t, Denver and Rio Grande > ail
way, went Into effect, and under which trains
leave Cation as follows:
No. 2. Denver Kxpress 12:02 p. m
“ 10. Immigrant 12:27 p. m |
“ 8. Atlantic Kxpromt 2:50 p.m i
“ 4. Eastern Express 12:19 a. m
No. 2 reaches Pueblo at i:4op. ni.; Denver at ;
7:15 p. in.; stopping at all stations upon signal j
or to leave passengers, This train loaves Lead
vllle at 6:15 a. ni., and .-Hilda at 9:15 a. in.
No. 10 stops only at Florence and lleaver i
Crock, arriving at I’uoblo a! 4:;f) p. in., and at
Denver at. 6:o'i a in. Htops also at Howard, Co
topaxi, Texas Creek and I'arkdale.
No. 8 stops at only one station, < anon City, i
between Sal Ida and Pueblo. It leaves Grand
Junction at l ea. m.; Gunnison at 7:12a. in.;
Halida ut 11:55 a. in.; Canon nt2:-V» p. in.; Pue
blo nt 15 p. m.; arriving at Do ver,9:oo p. in.
No. 4 stops nt Florence, and at i eaver
Cfi-rk audDa.vU.xle,sp'rfiivH. onlv upon signal,
r u'Timg l’li ‘bio at 1:55 a. in'.. a.vd Ivnvorat
7:10a in. This train leaves l.eudville nt 0:.>0
p. m., and Salida at 9:*o p. m. Stops nt all sta
tions between Salida and ( af.nn, except Vul
lle, some of Inein being signal stations.
No. 3. Lcadvllle Express 2:3.5 a. m
•• 7. IT.cl.ie Kxpress 2:10a. in
•• u». Emigrant ISrfKtp. m
*• 1. l.eudville Mall .*!::» p. m
No. 3 stops only at IV-.xus creek, Cotopaxi,
Howard and Dadger upon signal, arriving at
Salldaat s:t>* n. m.. and headville at H: ;on. m.
T his train leaves Denverat 7: l‘> p. m., and Pu
eblo at a.in., and su*ps always at Florence,
and ai Heaver Creek upon signal.
No. 7 stops at only one station. Canon City
between Pueblo and Salida. It leaves Denver
at 7:5) p. in.; Pueblo at 12: ill a. in.; Canon nt
2:16 a. m.; salida at -4:55 a. m.; Gunnison at
9:32 a. in.; Grand Junction at 3:50 p. m.
No. 19 stops at Texas Clock, Cotopaxi and
Howard, reaching .-alula at 4:50p.m. T his
train stops a ways at Heaver Creek and Flor
No. 1 stops nt all stations, some of them
being signal stations, reaching .Sulida at 6:25
11. ni.. and Leadville at 9:15p.m. T his train
leaves Denverat 8:55 u. in.; Puebloat 2:00 p.ui.,
stopping at a 1 stations east of Cafion, except
ing Thompson, some of them being signal
slat ions.
Leave Cation Daily at 4:10 p. m. Arrive at
West el life at 7:05 p. m.
Leave Westell tie Dally at 8:30 a. m. Arrive at
Clat 1 m.
The Arkansas is slowly falling.
A scarcity of eggs is noted in our mar
The city council will meet next Monday
The “ Rouse Ice Wagon ” never misses a
Mr. McMillan is looking after his mines
at St. Elmo.
Remember that Levi llciley is always on
baud with ice.
The Silver Cliff branch changed conduct
ors again Monday.
Mr. TV. S. Littlejohn has just finished a
■*- '* vsidence at Florence.
•Aing the bridges on the
. W>««il»letcd next week.
i • iiiet*.4ig at the Baptist
church next Monday evening. Everybody
Mrs. Ferguson, a lady of high reputation,
opened a private school at Coal Creek last
Read the programme lor the temperance
meeting, at the Baptist church, next Mon
day evening.
A pipe is being put in at the corner of
Main and Seventh streets, for tho use of
the sprinkler.
Hear the “ Prohibition Choir ” in some
fine new songs, at the Baptist church, next
Monday evening.
Mr. W. E. Embrey is pushing assessment
work on his new linds, about six miles
south of this city.
Mr. Fred. Alt house this week put up a
new stairway, leading to tho second story
of the Harding block.
A number ol graders, with wagons and
scrapers, were brought in off the Silver
Cliff branch this week, and shipped to the
Mr. V«\ S. Henderson, the defeated
democratic candidate for legislator from
this county, last fall, is enlarging his saloon
at Pueblo.
Raspberries ore ripe. Strawberries had
but just gone when the rasplrerries ramo
ulor.g to take their place, and they do it
very satisfactorily.
Master Stevie, son of Manager Grey sham,
of Hi a Colorado Trading Company's store
at Oak Creek, fell from a buggy last wock,
and fractured an arm.
Mr. Edward Lowndes will present some
int* resting blackboard representations, in
illustration of tin- ’essou of the day, at tiio
Baptist Sunday school u, morrow afternoon.
Our friend, A. F. Alexander, one of Fre
mont’s county commissioners,contemplates
going out of tho urv goods business al
Coal Creek, and is selling off his stock at
A party consist.ng of Mr. Llewellyn
Davis, Thomas Lewis, D. Mort, Richard
Davis and Mrs. Marshall, of Coal Creek,
Hta ted on Tuesday for Washington terri
tory. _
During the w.»ck tin- grass and weeds
have been cut from the margins of all tho
ditches throughout the city, under the
superintendence of Mr. Peter Teclc, mate
rially improving appearances.
“ Grape " is the name of a postoffice re
cently established on the Hilver Cliff branch
of the Denver and Rio Grande Railway, be
tween Soda Springs and Blackburn, at the
point formerly known as Benton station.
Our Catholic friends—old and young—
will hold a picnic at Sell’s Island Summer
Resort on Tiiutsday, July ‘id, to which a
general invitation is extended. A most
enjoyable day’s festivities may be assured.
Mr. Sell offered his r*-.-»ort to the Baptist
Runday school picnic for the low price ol
s’2s; but the committee decided to accept
the generous offer of Mrs. King, and the
picnic will therefore l»e held at the Hot
Hprings. .
Mr. E. Sell requests u* :o return his sin
een thanks to the Canon City Fire Depart
uer>t and citizens generally, tor the liberal
patronage bestowed upou him on the occa
sion of the entertainment of Thursday even
ing. #
The subordinate lodge and grand en
campment of C>M Fellows, of this city,
have both Installed officers for the ensuing
term Th»- naint* ot these officials will be
found In opr direrto-*- on the r'fwod rage
*Ff this p*r*r
; To be Held at tlio I!ot Muriate* by the
Kaptist Munday Hcliool.
| The committee —consisting of Meadamea
; Baldwin and Jackson, Miss Rosalie Gibbs,
! Messrs. Sawyer, Baldwin and McClure —
i appointed last Sunday to arrange for the
j annual picnic of the Baptist Sunday school
children, met on Wednesday evening, and
I decided to hold the proposed picnic on
j At the Hot Springs, Airs. King, the pro
prietor of that inviting resort, having cour
! tcously tendered the use ot her grounds to
the committee.
j The following named committees were
| appointed:
i Messrs. Prentiss, McKay and Johnson,
! who will prepare the necessary tables,
j swings, croquet sets, etc.
j Mesdames Sawyer, McKay, Baldwin,
Jackson and Miss Kosalie Gibbs, who will
I superintend the preparation and collection
of edibles, arrange the tables, and have
charge of the feasting portion of the day’s
Mr. W. 11. McClure, who will arrange
with Mr. S. li. McKissiclc for vehicles to
j transport the children and teachers to and
from the grounds.
Mr. P. G. Head was appointed a com
mittee of one to solicit funds to defray ex
/JT'e wnnyhep; of the school will assem
| ble at the Baptist church on Tuesday wfter
noon next, at 2 o'clock sharp, and ftom
thence be conveyed to the Hot Springs.
Will consist of ice cream, lemonade, cake,
pies, coufections, and such substantiate as
, roast chickens, and other choice edibles,
| for the preparation of which our Caiion
ladies are proverbial. The day will un
doubtedly prove a most enjoyable one —for
both old and young —and it is hoped every
member of the school will attend.
Anson Itiuld’H Anniversary.
Thursday was an anniversary of Anson
Rudd’s natal day. We don’t know how many
anniversaries he has had of that day, but
we trust that lie will have many more be
fore he dons the robes of immortality. Al
though his outer form show* the wear and ,
tear of age, his inner form—the real man —
is young and fresh, because his life has;
been temperate and pure. Age has not
chilled and soured the generous aud sympa
thetic impulses of his heart, consequcnlv 1
he is young in spirit. When he lays aside
the natural body liisspirituul body will be
the fresh, symmetrical body of youth. With
some tlic reverse is true. The outer form is
tair to look upon, but the inner man is
wrinkled and decrepit. Britishness, unchar-
i tableness, ungoverued passions, and a ma
lignant heart, have set their seal upon the
inner form, and it has become palsied.
There will be a meeting of some of Mr.
Rudd’s friends, in liis orchard, to-morrow,
for the purpose of eating some of his fruit,
in remembrance of his birthday.
Prohibition Programme.
At the regular meeting of the Fremont
County Prohibition Society, to be held at
the Baptist church on Monday evening
next, the following programme will be pre
sented :
Opening Hymn Choir and Audience
Prayer Rev. N. F. Hoyt
Reading of the minutes, Reports, Unfin
ished ami New Business, etc.
Singing Prohibition Choir
Select Reading Miss Lottie Baldwin
Essay Miss R. Gibbs
Siugiug Prohibition Choir
Question —“ Woman’s Office in the Temper
ance Cause. Could she work more effect
ually if enfranchised ? ” Five-minute
Signing the Pledge. Benediction.
The Kxcurling Editors.
A special to the Lcadville Herald of the
12th, dated at Gunnison City, July 11,
says: “ The editorial excursionists arrived
here this forenoon. After driving to the
hotels und partaking of some refreshments,
■ the newspaper men went to Crested Butte,
and spent the afternoon there. They seemed
to heartily enjoy their visit, and took great
interest in examining the coke ovens and
coal breakers. Before returning to Gunni
son, the excursionists were dined by the
Crested Butte authorities on baked trout.
To-night they were the guests oft he people
of Gunnison, who tendered them a supper.
A large number w.is present, and several
speeches were made. To-morrow morning
! the large party leaves for Grand Junction.
Messrs. S. 11. McCulloch nnd George W.
Westlake have purchased the grocery es
tablishment of Mr. 11. W. Sanders, and
will continue the business at the same
place. Mr. McCulloch was formerly agent
lor the A’lims Express Company in this
city, and M:\ Westlake is well known here.
Both are young and excellent business men,
nnd the Record joins their numerous
friends in wishing the new firm of McCul
loch & Westlake success.
Last Sunday morning, as the Silver Cliff
• train was coming down, it encountered a
thirty-ton rock that had fallen so near the
i track that it could not pass. Fortunately, a
• I number of men were convenient to the
: i place, and the train was delayed only a
■ short time. On Monday morning a couple
of the old bridges were partially washed
out, between Blackburn and Marsh, and
the train was delayed a couple of hours in
The 10-year-old daughter of Mr. E. N.
KirLham met with a very painful accident
last Saturday. As she was passing the stove
her dress caught the handle of a skillet.
' filled with hot grease, which emptied into
j her stocking. The burn was quite a serious
one. and confined her to the house for four
|or five days, and she is now scarcely able
to get around without suffering u great
deal of pain.
Mr. O. Knecht has sold his bookstore to
Mr. George Pedlcy, formerly of the firm of
Earle «Sc Pcdley, of this city. Mr. Knccht,
we arc glad to state, will continue to reside
in Cation, and, while we are sorry to lose
■ him from among our business men, we are
glad to have such an energetic,enterprising
young man for his successor. Mr. Pedlcy
has moved the stock into Dennis & Few’s
1 art gallery.
Prof. Leotard will give a series of his
wonderful musical entertainments at
Blake's Hall, commencing Monday evening
8 o’clock, of which the details will be
: i given by posters in due time. These per
■ | forraauces arc both instructive und entcr
! tain mg. Monday night will be free to all
• —a contribution being taken up to pay ex
it is reportod to us that the county
bridge, below Florence, is badly in need of
' I repair, and that there is danger of losing
; it unless it is attended to. A stitch ill time
I saves nine, as well in county as in private
_ I affairs.
,! Hacks beguu running lie tween the city
' and Sell’s Intend at ’.l o’clock on Thursday
afternoon,carrying passengers free until (J.
j After that hour they charged regular farce,
; and were kept busy until midnight.
, | Our city authorities have done a good
i work at the soda springs. The new fnun
; tain has been neatly walled, a tine walk
j constructed hiding to it, and the general
, improved.
Mr. Thomas Stafford is quito sick.
Harry linker went to Pueblo yesterday.
Mr. Tebbs, of Ula, was in Cation ou Mon
Mr. M. Duebor is ill, from » bilious at
Mr. G. N. Udell went to Denver on "Wed
Mr. J. T. Ashby left on Sunday for
Miss Clara Brewster is visiting friends at
Dr. Bradbury, late of our city, has located
at Salida.
Mr. and Mrs. W. It. Harp visited Denver
this week.
Cashier Campbell returned from Saguache
on Sunday.
Mr. O. B. Myers was in the city a few
days this week.
The Misses Brankev, of Pueblo, visited
Cation this week.
General K. A. Cameron was in Cafion a
few days this week*.
Mrs. Thomas Hazel left on Monday for
her home in Denver.
Mrs. E. N. Bouse haß moved to Crested
Butte for the summer.
Professor S. 11. Baker returned Tuesday
from a visit to Denver.
Mrs. Hartwell and Miss Jessie left on
Monday for Georgetown.
Mrs. P. C. Helm left on Sunday fir !
home at Colorado Springs.
Rev. X. F. Hoyt and General H. “». v
ver visited Clinton on Tueadnv
Mr. 'Edwin Lobach and elo- i «!>*. ithri.r
are visiting at Colorado Spring.
Mrs. John C6*. and children am; r»;. ; :*>
for an excursion to the mountains.
Judge Dale returned yesterday from
business visit to Rosita and Silver Cliff.
Kev. B. F. Moore went to Pueblo on
Tuesday, to be gone a few days, on busi
Mr. W. W. Wallace, late of the Coal
Creek Enterprise, was in the city on Wed
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Nutter returned to
Cafion Tuesday, after quite a lengthy visit
to New Mexico.
Mr. W. C. Minger and wife left Tuesday
for Georgetown, which place they will
make their home.
Mr. Will McClanahan, of Independence,
Missouri, arrived in Cafion Satuiduy, and
is visiting his parents.
i Bernard Murray and Robert S.
Lewis went to Kansas City Thursdaj', to
be gone about a week.
I Mrs. JJ. X. Le«tcr ami little daughter re
! turned to Cafion from Princeton, Pcnnsyl
! vania, Thursday night.
{ Rev. 1). C. Pattee is spending a couple of
; weeks with Arthur Monk, on Saguache
creek. Saguache county.
Mrs. Conley returned last week Irom a
visit to her sister at Idaho Springs, who
she left much improved.
Miss M. E. Franks, of Denver, arrived
Wednesday* evening, and is visiting her
sister, Mrs. J. S. Bowlb}'.
Mrs. J. Swentzel, of Grape, returned
home last Friday, after a pleasant week’s
visit with Mrs John Cox.
Messrs. George Westlake and George R.
Sliaclfer started up the river on a lisbing
excursion Wednesday evening.
Mr. Paul Brandt, who is traveling for
the Colorado Journal, was in town Thurs
day, and made us a pleasant call.
E. W. Fassctt and wife, of Lamoille,
Illinois, arrived last Saturday, and are visit
ing Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Franck.
Messrs. Samuel and Louis Tod, of Inde
pendence, Missouri, are visiting their sister,
Mrs. A. Sartor, and other relatives.
Mr W. 11. Kaye, of St. Louis, arrived in
Cafion Thursday, nud is stopping at Mrs. M.
M. Sheet/,’. He is hero*for his health.
Miss Belle Minor, of Nebraska City, Ne
braska, arrived on Sunday, and will make
her home with her uncle, Judge Minor.
Miss Sarah M. Taylor, who has been
staying at Emporia, Kansas, since she left
Cafion, has gone to Schoharie, New York.
Mr. William Schoolfield and family, of
Wet Mountain valley, arrived on Sunday,
and aro visiting relatives in South Cafion.
Mrs. E. M. Bigelow, mother, of Mrs.
Fred 11. Skeele, who has resided here for
the past year and a half, returned to Chica
go Wednesday.
Messrs. F. Bandholt and George J. Die
mer went to Coal Creek, Tuesday evening,
to attend the Ancient Order of United
Workmen’s installation.
Mis. Raymond Gregg, of St. Louis, and
Miss Havens, of Chicago, who are doing
Colorado, stopped in Cafion Tuesday for a
few days rest and to visit points of interest.
! Mr. S. It. McKissick and wife and Sheriff
| W. S. Jones and wife went to Coal Creek
Tuesday evening, to attend a public instal
lation of the Coal Crock lodge of Odd Fel
Mr. G. C. Ross, of Benton, Illinois, who
has been visiting Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Park
er, left for home Tuesday morning. He
was accompanied by his nephew, Mr. A. D.
Mr. J. W. Briggs, lately roadmaster on
this Denver and Rio Grande Railway at
this place, is now roadmuster on the Texas
and St. Louis Railroad, and resides at
Tyler, Texas.
Mr. John W. Harrison, of flt. Louis,'
treasurer of the Rocky Mountain Mining
and Developing Company, was in the city
j the first of the week, and vi.dted the com
pany’s Green Mountain property.
Mr. A. Sartor and family, accompanied
by Mr. and Mrs. McClanahan, Mrs. Tod
and sons, and a number ot other relatives,
started for the Wet Mountain valley Fri
day, to lie gone about a month or six
! Messrs. George O. Baldwin, Rev. N. F. j
| Hoyt. Mrs. J. R. Storms ami daughter, Bes-1
sie, Misses Lottie, Addie and Carrie Bald
win, and Masters Allie and Howard Bald
win made a very pleasant trip to the top of
the Royal Gorge yesterday.
Dr. Herbert S. Hill, of Owatonna, Min
nesota. brother-in-law of Professor Samuel
H‘. Baker, arrived at Cafion on Wednesday.
Dr. Hill is a man of means, beside* having
a large experience as a physician, and ns he
is looking for a location we trust he will
decide to cast bis lot among us.
Special Sale.
Messrs. Dewey Ac Rockwell will offer, on
Tuesday, July 17, an elegant line of silks,
in all varieties ; also, a largo assortment of
ribbons; at prices for that day only, ft*
will coat you nothing to see them.
We are informed that the ladies of the
Woman’s Christian Temperance Union, of
this city, are about to merge their organi
zation with the Fremont County Prohibi
tion Society, thus massing foreis for a more
determined warfare upon the liquor traffic.
They will meet with a cordial welcome
from the latter society, should they deter
mine upon sueh a course.
The Presbyterian Sunday school last
Lord’s Diiy elected Judge Charles E. Wal
do, superintendent; 11. Clay Webster, as
sistant superintendent. The other officers
of the school were left to the selection of
the superintendent, subject to the approval
of the school to-morrow.
A snake, four lead, six inches in length,
was killed by some l>oye f near the residence
of Mr. H. A. Bilsby, in this city, yesterday
morning; but, out of respect lor the pro
jected Baptist Bunda3’ r,chord picnic, next
Tuesday, the slurers didn't ‘’hang if on a
Cotopaxi, Colorado, July 0.
There will be some fine specimens of
copper, guleua and zinc ores sent from this
district to the Denver exposition.
The new brick depot, which the Denver
and Rio Grande company contemplates
erteting here, will soon be commenced.
All the minors are anxiously looking for
ward to the time when Cotopaxi will again
open up with bright prospects, which they
trust will soon coihc.
Thft Jbcavy ruins we have liad during the
phs: few days have greatly improved grow
ing crops, and ranchmen all wear smiling
countenances in consequence. -
The Zebra mine, owned by the Messrs.
Schwcigerl, Ryan Sc Campbell, is about to
be spld to a large eastern company, which
is expected to put on a large working force.
An Odd Fellows’ lodge was opened here
on the evening of the Fourth, with twenty
members, and promises to lie one of the
beW—flTTii most iulluential lodges in the
county. It was christened ‘‘Eastern Star,”
No. 53. Installation of officers followed.
Tho Cotopaxi Literary Society gave a
picnic on the Fourth, alxiut a mile altove
tow r. There were many people present—
from I'almer, Texas Creek and Wet Moun
tain va'loy—and the affair by far exceeded
the expectations of the most sanguine of
the society’s members. Arbors, swiugs, ete.,
were erected, lemonade and confectionery
standa-were well patronized, and croquet
’ ills were kept rolling. Judge Bardiue was
> -nan, ami Mr. John Swnggart read tho
iop of Independence in a very ex
*cr. A graud dance succeeded
** y. J midnight everybody went
1 U-**.* J6;*vy. Cdi: It es l'os r> kXt.
/-■ . * -vliiblt.
;• ? .-v •' ■ . Jommissiouers,
I ,\L . J*. ■ u»« k and ... T. Ilill, have
\ * . iveral weeks iu
gut'jcvw • . live tt the resources of
oui •* .• on, and samples of
ore, t •; mining districts, for
exliibi. M .National Mining and In
dustrial ion. which opens at Denver
next Tuc Jay. Mr. Franck lias visited
every mining camp in the county, and is
now in daily receipt of ores from different
sections. He informs us that, from present
prospects, although there may not be sam
ples of ore from so many camps as last year,
the exhibits will embrace a much finer
class of dm. and no sample will be received
under ‘2OO }»ounds. It is proposed to fill tho
comity’s showcases with beautiful and
valuable specimens, and allow these to re
main then* until the fruit exhihitsare ready,
when they will l>e given positions in the
ea.ses, the ores being otherwise provided
for. The stone columns and other speci
mens from our incomparable building stone
quarries, placed on exhibition last year,are
still there, and will remain permanently.
The exhibits of grains will not be made for
about om* month yet, and promise to bo the
finest and most varied yet made.
Mr. Hill has been especially superintend
ing the gathering of information for publi
cation" in tlio pamphlet representing the
rcsonees of our county, and has already re
ceived a number of valuable articles, upon
which tho printers are already at work.
In .i few weeks we shall be able to give
a more detailed report of Fremont’s exhi
bit, which promises to compare favorably
with that of any other county iu tho state.
/ A Maysville Lynchlnj;.
L On Wednesday morning James Lynn
ami a Swede, name unknown, who had
ls*en working on the grade for Orman Sc
Crooks, near Maysville, drew their cheoks,
and started for Halida. Three miles below
Maysville they were met by two roughs,
j named Denis Haggerty and Henry Dowl
ing, who demanded their money. Upon
j refusing to deliver, Lynn was shot and
‘ mojrtfiliv wounded by Haggerty, anil the
.Swede f»eaten almost to death w ith a elub
by I>mvling. Lynn and the Swede were
a iter wards found, almost in a dying con
dition, and the former wus taken to Mnys
•ville, while the latter was sent to I’oncho
Springs. The two robbers crossed the river
and entered Maysville, where they were
arrested by the local officers, and t ikon be
fore Lynn, who identified them. They got
from the two victims $32 in cash and from
Lynn a silver watch. Haggerty and Dowl
ing were jailed, but at 11 o’clock Wednes
day night a mob overpowered the guard,
took die prisoners out and htTAg them in
the northern part of the town.
Attention, Veterans!
Green wood post, Grand Army of the Re
public, will hold its last session previous to
; the national encampment and grand re
i union, at*Denver, on Thursday next, July
: IS, at H o’clock sharp. Officers will appear
|in bill uniform —sword, belt and while
| gloves—-comrades will also report in uni-
I form, as far as possible. Those who are
I entitled to membership, and desire admis
sion* to the post, should make application
jat once. Secure blanks for applications of
Adjutant Hart.
The j *st, having decided to gd by rail to
Camp "an Der Voort, will leave Gallon
City a little after midnight, on the morn
ing* of July 23. The committee on trans
portation will secure the best rates possible.
It i# earnestly desired that every member
oftlwvpost attend the encampment and re
union. All members of the j>ost*are re
quested to meet on the college parade
ground, on Tuesday evening next, at 8
o’clock, for drill. E. H. Savvykh,
f Tho Smelter.
The Royal Gorge Smelter is doing
splendid work now. It is no experiment.
It has successfully overcome some little
imperfections in original construction, and
is noyv* running successfully upon a good,
i.avtog basis. It k. turning out $2,000
womfrof bullion per day. and is doing it at
a profit, probably of SSOO, per day.
This enterprise is of vast inijiortaiice to
Grnon City in a commercial sense, not. only
Recallse of the money weekly distributed
.oar citizens, but also because its
success will in time attract otrer like en
terprises. Had this entorprisojwen a failure,
it would have lH*en many years before
another smelter would have been started
T‘> the men who have furnished the
means, persevered against all oljstaclOH, to
/fibestablishment of this enterprise upon
its present solid basis, nil honor is due. They
labored not alone for their own success, tor
their success directly or indirectly benefits
every citizen ofCafion.
f Tho Grand Encampment.
1 Following is the programme of the re
ception and welcome to the seventeenth an
nual encampment of tho Grand Army of
the Republic, Tuesday, July 24,at 3 o’clock
p. m., at the Tabor Opera house, Denver:
First—Address of welcome to tho National
Fneitinpiiient to tho stiito by Ids Kxcolicncy,
.JtwiicH |». (Irani, governor of Colorado.
Koeund —Address of welhoine to tho city by
Ills Honor. John L. Itoutt. mayor.
T hird—welcome by the Department of Col
orado to the members of the National Kn
cumpment by B. K* Htlinson, department
ItesoonM'M to the above addresses will be de
ll .ered by Paul Van Ist Voort, eoniinander
ln-ehlef, General .John A. I.<>kuii, find olliursj,
Those exercises will bo Interspersed with ap
propriate music. j
Rev. N. F. Hoyt, of Albert Lea, Minne
sota, who is sojourning in Gallon for the
benefit of his health, occupied Dr. K. H.
Sawyer’s pulpit ut the JJuptist church last
Sunday morning, delivering an earnest dis
course Irom St. John X:l7, IH. Mr. Hoyt
tea h u classmate of Dr. Sawyer, at college,
is a ripe scholar and a high-minded Christ
ian gentleman. His health haa been some
what shattered by too close application to
ministerial work and study, but we ho|*c
to sec him regain vigor bv a stay in this
lMry» of the •.rest
Tho Finish or Oar Celebration—An
Cvenißs ou Kcll'k Inland—Our
Opinion at the llelort.
Last Thureday evening, as pdr previous
announcement, that portion of the Fourth
of July programme—the exhibition of fire
works, balloon nfccenaionw, and dancing—
w hich was cut out on the day wo celebrated
by a rainstorm, wan completed —ou tho
very spot whore the descending showers
gained a victory on our nation’s nut.nl day.
This time tho Fates were propitious; or,
rather, a kind and loving Father smiled
benignly upon our city, aud gave our citi
zens one of tho most charming evenings for
a pyrotechnic display we evet saw. The
air was balmy aud cool, the rising moon
partially obscured by clouds, which ever
aud auou broke into silver rills, when her
pale rays would bathe both lake and tree
in a soft and mellow sheen. The boats
were constantly tilled with gay aud happy
parties, the groves rang with the merry
laugh of happy hearts, thrilled by sounds
of sweetest music, and an air of ecstatic
pleasure pervaded the entire resort.
Tho committee ou fireworks occupied a
comumndiug elevation ou the opposite shore
of the lake, au<i gave a display of pyrotech
nics that was at ouce a credit to our town
aud a source of infinite delight to the
hundreds who witnessed it from their
rustic :,eats along the margiu of that sil
ver sheet of water.
At 0 o’clock, when music ‘‘arose, with its
voluptuous swell,and soft eyes looked love to
eyes which spake again,” votaries of Terpsi
chore thronged the spacious platform to
“trip the light fantastic toe” beneath arbors
through which gleamed a weird light l’roti
a hundred miniature lamps. Everybody so
inclined mingled iu tho revelry, and our
scribe left them to the pleasures of their
mode of enjoyment.
The refreshment stands, shooting gallery,
! and numerous tables were constantly occu-
I pied, many of our people having sought the
I grounds early in the afternoon, to husk he
j neath its welcome umbrage, taking with
them their “little porringers, to eat their
I porridge there.”
| The firemen may well congratulate tliem
solves upon the success of their entertain
incut, which lost none of its pleasure or at
j traetiveness by liaviug lreen deferred,
i We have but one word in conclusion, and
! this we commend to the careful perusal and
sober thought of our people, especially that
portion w ho desire that a place of innocent
amusement may be sustained In the suburbs
of our bcautifhl city :
Mr. Ernest Sell, who has expended some
S7OO in preparing and furnishing a cosy
pleasure resort in tho suburbs of our city,
j assures us that, if tho good people of Carton
will make it a point to patronize him
! whenever societies, church organizations,
i Sunday schools, etc., give picnics or entcr
| tainnients of any kind, he will guarantee
that no intoxicating beverages or improper
characters shall l>e admitted, and the re
sort kept up to a standard that anyone
may visit it without the slightest offense.
In view of this amurrnce, it certainly is to
the best interests ot all respectable citizens
that Mr. .Sell be encouraged in his laudable
enterprise, and enabled to keep this re-sort
up to this standard. Iu a few years Sell's
Island, with its beautiful lakes, supplied
with all kinds of fish, tine boats, etc., and
shady groves nnd green swards, if so man
aged, will become one of the most delight
ful places in this section —a resort where
all may go and enjoy themselves, without
being thrown in contact with anything low
or immoral. If he is not so em-ournged,
self-protection may lead Mr. Sell to rent
his resort as best he may.
■ ■■
Grand Army KxcumlotiH.
The long discussed question of Grand
Army excursions from Denver, at the Hose
of the approaching encampment, has at
last been settled. The Denver and Rio
Grande ami Union Pacific having submit
ted special rates, the following programme
was finally agreed upon by the board np-
I>ointcd to superintend the proper expendi
ture of the funds appropriated for that
July 23—Make an excursion to Greeley,
Fort Collins, Longmont and Boulder, re
turning to Denver in the evening.
July 29—Go to Moulton over the Dcti
vef and Kio Grande, visit the Garden of
the Gods and remain all night nt the
July 30 —Breakfast at Pueblo and visit
the steel works. In the evening go u»
Gunnison, crossing the famous Marshall
Pass on the Denver ami Rio Grande road.
July 31 —Over the Alpine Pass to Lead
ville and remain all night.
August I—Return to Denver, over the
South Park.
This excursion will give the entertainer**
an opportunity to give the visitors a go**d
idea of the natural and developed resources
of the state, nu experience iu traveling in
• the mountains on model narrow gauge
railroads, and varied scenes of characteristic
mountain grandeur of beauty.
performed rather a delicate
surgical o|>efatTnn~ttpon--th£_liait<l of Mr. J. |
T. Milton, this week, splitting that mem
ber in search of a piece of rock, supposed
to have been embedded between the thumb
and index finger by a premature blast, two
years ago, and which gave the patient con
siderable pain and inconvenience. A llinty
particle was discovered, anti successfully
Tho Land Investr *nt Oil Company is
again at work. Tho • coble arrived
July 0, aud lioring w fenced on
the 10th. On the 11th -ins of
oil were struck. On th il was
standing l. r >o feet in the ie up
frothy and full of gas, ar oring
go*-* on.
Advertised 1
List of letter* icmaining ’ of-!
fiet* st ('afton City, Fremont • .*>.,<
for the week ending July 1 ti
le*** called for will to* sent t • 1-.
ter oilier Aug. 11, 1088 :
Ashley, Oeorge McMa 1
Arnold. John It. Me Don f \
Itoocrnft, r>eorgn Mallett >
rnrnes, Wllllain May, M
t onnell, John OTonn* * !
i '-oak, Julian. Peoland,
Crater, * Iro. K. Phillip*.
Curtis, Wm. D. Rdhnr, .»«
I'avis, John lUthb, Wii » .
J»lven, l>. il. Khodov. J •
Klrner, George Jtupr.Johi
11 nb Copper Mine. Hmlth, Ml* •-
KiMrntz. l-'.mmn [J| Heoggs, J. I
Kussntz. Mim.J. Tlmiitus.il*
Lunch bunt, Tho*.
J. N. flow LBV, Posin'
non*. \
MrKAY—N»*ar thin city, on tho lltli 1 '
V. lolliMvlliM-f Mr. ,1 !•;. Mfltwy,Kw«
Hats and Caps—An Immo
Stock at Bothol & Co's. 28t3
Fresh California and (,'afion City fro
always in stock at W. F. Raker's.
Car load Trunks at Bothel >
Co’s. 28t37 \
Frwlt randies just received nl W. F.
Gents' Fine Boots and Shoes
I at Bethel & Co's. 28t37
' Headquarters for Clothing,
j Bethel X Co's. 28t37
Bargains at Bothel X Co's. *371
Trom Cur Special Correspondent, “ T. It. W.”
OItEEN'WOOIX Colorado, July 7.
Greenwood park celebrated tho Fourth
at Wefcmore.
11. G. Wood lord, of Coal Creek, spent tho
Fourth with us.
Edwin Gobacli and family spent tho
Fourth with us.
Jason Blakeslec’s new brick dwelling is
well under way.
New potatoes are ready for tho table,
raised in this settlement. ,
Our pork has supplied tho Uosita market
with strawberries this year.
Garden sauce of all kinds is being en
joyed by the grangers hereabouts.
Wild gooseberries are scare in tho moun
tains, but wild currants aro abundant.
Harvest will be commenced soon. The
rye fields are nearly ready for the reaper.
Three days of steady rain insures our
crops of small grain, and gives the corn
crop a ueeded lift.
Some of us (and our number is fast in
creasing) are hoping that prohibition will
soon save some of our wprthy citizens lroru
filling back into the mire which their
better manhood led them, long since, to
Mr. King, late of Johnson rouoty, Texas,
has brought his family, and come to stay
with ns, having purchased a home on Adobe
creek. He is tired of depending on tho un
certainties of cotton raising for a living.
Cholera still mges in Southern Europe.
England has forbiden the impoitation of
American Auttle./
The choll-ra i'j re|M>rtf*d to be raging
violently at Swatow, China.
Carey, the iulbnner. has left Ireland, and
gone to the Eastern Hemisphere.
.Storms and landslides have ruined nearly
all the cultivated hunt iu the district of
i’recknierd, Switzerland.
Seventeen persons, chiefly women and
children, arc knowu to have been drowned
in the flood at London, Ontario,
The pauper emigrants who were returned
on the steamers Fumessia and Spain ure in
an extremely destitute condition.
A great battle is reported lictween the
forces of Cetawayo uud Obam, in South
Africa. The latter chief was captured.
'Hie joint committee of the English house
of parliament, to whom was referred the
chaund tunnel scheme, lias rejected it.
All attempts thus far made to raiso the
sunken "tenmer Daphne have been unsuc
cessful. Eighty bodies have been rocovered.
The hou)*c of lords committee, which has
t*een considering the Irish I .and Act, has
reported, practically admitting that it is a
f • 1 Mr.-.
The best assortment of men’* aud boy**
Brogans, just received at Anxti tt & I’e’i
I shoo store, and are telling cheaper than
you can buy them of any other bouse, of
course. 27- 1 -2 U.
ON l>and For Sale.
A large tract of oil land for sale cheap.
Apply toll. T. Blake at thin office. *tf
A car load of Hough and Heady flour re
ceircd at McGee & Macke. Try a sack of
the finest flour in the market. Every sack
j warranted.
I The finest five-cont cigar in America at
Onto Johnson dc flo. for vour painting,
calcimining and paper-hanging. Wo do
good work, and avoid making ouuecMsory
dirt in calcimining or pointing.
Johnson <*k Go. do the cheapest and beat
paintihg, calcimining and j*aj»cr-hanging in
the city.
The most delicious bread in Cafion*nt
The best Five and Ten-cent cigars in the
city at Brown *.
It you want a fine imported cigar, try
tho lienry Clay, at Brown’*.
Messrs. Tynor «fc Odell, the saddlers, have
increased their btisinms their removal
one door cast.
All of the best brands of flour at Brown’s.
McKissick is agent for the Thornton
coal, which he will sell for f't per ton.
Go to Johnson & Co. for good painting,
kalsomining or paper-hanging at reasonable
price*. Next to JeskcV
The licet Ice Croam in Colorado at Wal
Another car load of Charter Oak stove*
just received at AgardV 45-tf
We have an assortni* nt of gnu** seeds in
stock, which w* will sell nt the lmvr-t mar
ket rates. McGki: A Mack.
Try a sack of our patent Snow Flake
flour, the whitest flour in the mnrkcl, nnd
warranted to please. M< Gku \ Mack.
The Best
Five-eent cigar in the state at Walter’s
City Bakery, opposite the McClure house
I’ig* for sale hy E Sell.
Charter Oak Stoves at Agard’s
A lid 4
MeClur* nouns block
I . .
I V. UAYNOLDB, President.
iFremont Cc
O L I) E S T 13 A N K
Money to Loan In Larj
€ refer to any llsnk In Colorado nnd to
I-'lsl* Wanted. jH
A quantity of 15lack l>ass and
wanted l»y E. Sell, Gallon City. Any
ties able to furnish such will please (!o v|i
pond with that gentleman iinmediate^BjS*
I have in stock the linest cigars
fered in this city for the money. A« '?
them the following popular brands: SH
ton & Storm, of New York ; SeidenboWi
Co., Key West, and a genuine Importtßß'
gar. Smokers desiring tirst-class
low prices cannot do better than coll
E. Brown's Cash Grocery.
We have a choice line of plain and
hanging-baskets and flower i*ots.
tiou A I.LIMP Sc C^B
Barbed Wire. V
Don’t buy until you get our prioes. V
are prepared to make lowest rates.
Allino Sc OH
Try our maple syrup, on draft. H
McGee Sc Macsß
Pure apple eider at Walter’s City
cry, opposite tho McClure bouse.
Call on P»rown, the cash grocer,
some Of his fr«-<h roasted and ground co^B
Day School and Music.
Mias Emma Freeman and Miss
will continue their school during the
mvr, and will tench the different E
branches. Miss Ida Freeman will
i iauo instruction. For particulars
terms apply at the residence north
public school building, on (ireenwcsnl
n ue. * ‘i£t!^^B
Thornton . coal at f 3 per U*n.
order* with MrKissiik.r J. II i’cubodj^H
A rar load of etone jars just rcc'<i
McGee Sc Mack's, which are
wholesale nr retail. )
W. F. BAKER, l
i P
Candies, Fruits, Nut. 4
To be had in the City. Try It.
« B
For nil Kidney and I.lm TrooblM, S
*l». Mio* il« »<)».<-j,... NrrvawinfM. and J
And Wh.t j * I .
Tone Up J
Piir.v S
#nri Putty. & V u
hot am! r *
THV IT. For H»l. SF -
llr.- hrt A Co., (,'af.on A.- jti * ,
Rcckefollow A to. Kockvlk^
John Austin, (Jalcna. yg
P. D Uvli, Coal Crewk, *
MtSTunillfw ft Mhcldor., Flnrpn.w.
William U’oodstde. Wllllaiuibnrc
W. A. UttlMon, Hester.
M. I*. Ad»m»,furr»nl Greok
r. M. Vlrdeu. Titusville. «
*tSMHtb |»
Has added
To bis already largo and complete
st ck ol the
Th« Best Groon Coffoeni
Which arc Roasted In hla Store.
Customers May Have Their Coffee
Without Extra Charge, and Ue assured thsf
It Is *!**•>■ Irrsh win! Nice.
County Surveyor,
Residence) corner Eighth and Macon *
Avenue. PoatoOice Hex. 26A.Y.
Cnnon City, ~ Colorado.
iUT.ritr.it A r<cv
“K. CA.MritF.bL~ Cashier. 4
iunty Bank,-
ILL its branches.
jo or Small Quantities.
> the First National Itnnk of New Tork.
DDY & CO.,
:rs in

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