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In the dreamy autumn gloaming. wheu the
lire begins to sing.
And I look between the Ivlea that above my
cabin ollng
At my lonesome little garden, where the
rained rosea lie.
Like a heap of tattered beggars fallen in the
weeds to <Jle;
And the chilly wind comes droning 'round
the chimney and the eaves
And along the narrow pathway drives the
weird and withered leaves.
And the crasy mill is silent, and a mist bangs
o'er the wheel.
Then I seem to hear the music of an old Vir
ginia reel.
Very sweet and very merry, very faint and 1
far away.
Now I hear the ancient tiddlers on the strings
begin to play.
Keeping time with swaying bodies and s
kind of muttered croon.
Till a boat of dainty slippers follow to the
dear old tune.
There is Mistress Jenny Weaver in her gown
of yellow silk.
With the crimson coral shining on her neck
and arms of milk;
Even Lady Betty Fairfax delgna to tap s
scarlet heel
To the merry, merry music of the old Vir
ginia reel.
Lady Betty. Lady Betty, all your pride Is
dust and mold.
For the worms have bred and nested in your j
locks of paly gold.
Mistress Jenny, with your laughter, and
your ribbons, and your beaux.
And the hearts that you have broken—you
are dead as yonder rose.
I alone am left to mourn ye. poor and palsied,
bent and gray.
Mumbling of the wuiiabed glories and the
Joys of yesterday.
When 1 had a gallant lover, and my heart to !
him was leal
And we gaily danced together in the old Vlr- j
gtnla res'.
Ab! Utr ln«t runj.ut * are »hattareil. aa<l the
•trine* are ana(>pe<( In twain.
And the fiddlers have forgotten and will !
never play again!
*Twaa the creaklag of ibo l»ram-hea on the
ablnglea to and fro
That recalled to aae the tnualc and the mirth |
of long ago.
Bat above the atara eternal, la their faded
pinks and bluea,
With the powder on their ringleta and the
bocklea on their aboea.
1 ahall awe the beaaa and aweelhearta In a
long procession kneel.
And their harps will play the mualr of an
old Virginia reel!
—The lionie Maker. !
Ink dale* for Fruit Huy this year |
ill be Wednesday and Thursday. siep j
tember loth aiul 16th. Don't forget !
the dale.
A (jartikU) oounty editor peril !
nently remarks that he published a
strong article igtronir.iog home in-1
dmdnesand one «*f th»- iikt. liauts
to him thanking hitn for the sentiment
on a letterhead printed in Omaha.
Gkkat change# occur in a country
In a life time. It is said that when
Queen Victoria began her reign the
population ol (Beat Britain was about
17/JUO.tJUii and that of Ireland b.UUO.UW.
To day Great Britain is credited with
84 t iWO.«t*> and Ireland 4,700, 0 U».
.STATItTIis show that U»e custom
receipt*. brat 33 months of Wilson law.
*44s,bUb.Ufe; brat 83 months of McKin
ley law. *033,7f17,447; loss in custom.**
revenue under Wilson law, *67.668,34'.*.
And yet there is no difference In the
laws, it is asserted by many.
Within the last few weeks church
debts in Denver aggregating *150,000
have been wiped out. The largest was
that of Trinity M. E. church, which
waa #OO,OOO. This magniliceiil sum
was raised at the evening meeting last
.Sunday. Talk about hard times!
CuNCKHNINd the royal celebration
America Inis given the Queen on her
Diamond Jubilee we would think Eng
land would have too much grace to
object to so small a matter as the
annexation of Hawaii, she might even
throw In Jmiuiuch or one of the Fi Ji
islands. ____________
Tiik newspaper to day that doesn t
feel disposed to crack jokes about the
• advance agent of prosperity" and hurl
denunciations at the tyrant, Mark
11 anna, is indeed dull reading. What
some of our exchanges would do for
•‘brilliants" if it were not for these two
suggestive subjects we know not.
Du Hi no the last of this week and th«
lirst of next nearly twenty thousand
Kndeavorers from the cast
will pass through Colorado on theii
way to the International Conventior
at Han Francisco. Those passion
through Denver will be given a roya
reception and shown the city.
Tub appointment of Frank llowbert
to the oflloe of Collector of Interna
Revenues for the states of Coloradc
and Wyoming has just been conlirmev
by the senate. No better selection foi
public office than thia one has yet beet
made. Few men are better knowi
over the state then Mr. llowbert, mm
hit many friends congratulate him up
on Ilia well deserved recognition.
At the public meeting held Friday
uiglil in the court house the question
of whether or not to have Fruit Day
this year was not considered, it being
unanimously agreed that Fruit Day is
to be ever with us and is even now an
established holiday.
A tree and open discussion of the
matter b ought out that the day in it
self, aside from its lasting benefits, was
! a paying ii.vestment for the county.
Last year the total expense of Fruit
I>mv was only about £3,400, while the
visuurs left iu the city not less than
I he dales were fixed for Wednesday
and 1 h ii. .si lay. September 15th and 16th.
The executive committee of last year
consisting of Messrs. T. M. Harding.
F. A H.iynolds, J. 11. Deabody, Dali
DeWeese anti N. F. Handy, was re
elected It is very probable that the
state horticultural fair will be held in
tins city on the same diiles which fact
w ill Imng many more visitors to our
i oosidering our immense crop of all
kinds of Iruit this year and the many
interest mg attractions we will have to
oiler the |>eople on that day there is
little doubt that Fruit I Jay this season
will 1m- the greatest success of all.
Kvery man lias a right to take a pa ;
j j**r or U» atop it, for any reason or for
in* r*-iu*ou at all. Hut at the same time
, there is a certain responsibility attach |
ing to all actions, even to so trivial a
one as stopping a papier because its ,
editor says something one doesn't agree J
; with. There is complaint that news ]
paper editors lack fearlessness and j
honesty, that newspai»era are too geiier j
J ally mere |»artisan organs that disre
gard the claims of truth and justice (
: wlien political interests are at slake. ■
There is too much truth in ttie charge.
• but let us ask how is it possible for a j
: fearless, honest, out*«poken journal to 1
] litre if every man is to cry “Stop ui)
paper!** whenever he reads something
that does not accord with Ins views?
I rend shut! never any anything contrary
t,i their views art- I hr ones who are. in
ii large measure. reapoliaible ior tlir ,
craven cowardice ami o>«‘ weathercock |
propengillcs of modem journalism. In
a community composed entirely of I
these “Stop-My Paper” true lndepetid
flit journalism would lie an impoggi
bility. When you are convinced tliai
paper is dishonest and deceitful, stop
it. When convinced that it is unclean.-
atop it. When It locks enterprise and
fails to give you the news, stop it
W lien some other paper gives more of
value, stop it. lint don’t stop a paper
j that you tielieve to be honest, courage
ous, enterprising and clean simply lie
j cause its editor has written his own
! sincere views instead of yours, or some
j laxly’a else; fur If you ilo, you an- put
ling a premium on insincere journal
ism and serving notice on an editor
that the way to succeed is to write
wliat he thinks will best please his
mailers instead of what he honestly be
lieves to la- the truth. .Springfield
t Republican.
TUB In-st thing yet published about
the work of the new administration
comes from an rtiitiadministmtion
paper, the l’nehlo Chieftain, and is an
unbiased. honest explanation of the
truth. The Chieftain says: “The chief
pledges of the Republican platform,
adopted a year ago, were a protective
tjuiff. international bimetallism, a re
form in the currency system, the annex
ation of Hawaii, and »I1 improvement
of conditions in Cuba. In the sixteen
weeks since the inauguration of the
president elected upon that platform,
ttie protective tariff pledge has been
carried almost to perfect completion,
commissioners have been sent abroad
to treat, for International bimetallism,
plans have been completed by which
Congress will be asked to create a com
mission to devise a plan for reforming
the currency, anennexation treaty with
Hawaii has been signed, American
prisoners In Cuba have been released
Slid the plans for bettering the condi
tions In that Islnnd by peaceful and
aucceaaful methoda are nearing com
pletion. ____________________
Agents k Organisers Wanted.
Kor long twWbllshed Accident, Slok
and Death Benefit Co. Salary and
Thank K. Lott. Ueu. See.
New York Life Bldg.
Kansas City, Mo.
The State Press
A woman’s character, says a writer,
, is likened unto postage stamps. One
black mark ruins it. Man’s like a treas
ury note; no matter how many stains
it has, it will pass at par. When h
woman falls from grace her character
is generally ruined forever. On the
other hand a man may straighten up
i and be received into the best society
again. All of which is too true—but
i being true does not make it right.—:
Alamosa Journal.
* * •
j A piano in a Kentucky town fell
: down the other day and ki«led a young
man who was playing a Wagnerian
j selection on it. That piano was imbued
i with a high tone or' retributive justice,
i May its strings never grow rusty. — '■
Hold field Times.
*• * *
One way to become popular is to get
your name on the program of some
swell affair, and then fail to appear.
The committee will abuse you, but the
j bored audience will love you for not
appearing. Hill Cochran made a happy
hit at Alamosa recently by telling a lie
about having lost the manuscript for j
his speech at Embargo the day before.
The guests were bored to death by Hol
brook who preceded Hill, and the grate
look Hill received was worth more than
ten rounds of applause. Del N'orte
• * *
The publisher of a newspaper has
one thing to sell and one thing to rent
lie has the newspapers to sell and the
space hi his columns to rent. Can any |
one inform us why he should be ex- I
looted to give away either one or the j
other, l elluride Journal.
• * *
One day a minister called on Horace ;
Greeley to get a subscription for a tein- j
Iterance society. “Mr. Greeley,! want
to get a subscription from you for this '
society to prevent people from going to j
hell.*’ “Cleanout.’ said Greeley. “I will
not give you a cent. There are not
half enough people going to hell now." <
Horace had evidently been looking over
liU delinquent subscription list. -Ex.
* * *
Matt Adams is now in the Cafiou City <.
penitentiary and will be known as Xo,
Kk»l. Cufioit City is getting a good
many handsome men up there and
there are more who are getting things
H'T '“f '*r ll'l' <«» l l’uebloj
Chteinahi. ~ -*- '*•*■ l "7
V * •
With one horse of the Democratic
team pulling in the direction of free
trade, another towards protection, still
a third in favor of fret* silver and a
fourth headed for the gold standard,
the Jacksonian band wagon does not
seem to la* making much progress.—
Montrose Herald.
• * •
j It is astomsliiug how much some!
! men can accomplish on paper or with
I their mouths. I)ebs* great scheme to
colonise 100,000 moneyless men has’
already doubled in size as the weather
i approaches the boiling point. The j
wildest dreams of a Kansas town site j
boomer fades into insignificance along !
j side of this modern plan to capture a
j whole state, offices and all. Pueblo
1 Mail.
• * *
Who was it that said that prohibition
j did not prohibit? Police Magistrate
(Jeff Stephenson was present at the
meeting of the city council on Monday
! night and told the council that since
| prohibition had come into force that
the police court business had not
amounted to 95 per year. The city
council thereupon decided to close up
S ihe police court.—Fort Collins Express.
• * *
The Colorado Horticulture Fair was
not a success last year principally
because the people of Denver had other
things of more seeming consequence to
look after. Consequently those from
the outside who took exhibits and com-
| H ted for the premiums went w ithout
the premiums after they were awarded.
The wide awake people of t'afion City
are now moving in the matter and are
urging that the fair be held at that
place this year, as the best and only
means of getting it oir its feet again.
We second the idea, as those of our
people who take an Intel est in the
Institution had rather go to Cafton City
than to Denver. (»rand Junction News.
m * *
In connection with the jubilee* news
the metropolitan newspapers are pub
lishing a map of the principal London
streets. It looks like a draft of the
workings in an old Canon City coal
mine. Pueblo Chieftain.
# • *
M. It. Hobson m-dved four live gal
lon cans of water luis week from the
fatuous mineral springs near Canon
City. One of these cans was assigned
to the urn* of the Globe editor, and is
now at work on his Union Pacific s.vs
tern with Charming effect. The water
tastes like bilge water and smells like
|*M*urus on the third day, but it is go<*l
when you get used to it. We lUtve or
dered a package sent to our more or
less etc. Gen. West, believing that It
will take some of the give 'em-hell out
of his emulation, we mean his blood.
Golden Globe.
1 It is said that a little boy in *K;,st
eru city had hiccoughs so bad iJ&it lie
had to eat ice cream for thread a\ s.
There are several little boys inwafion
who are quite willing to have a of
that ailment if the ice cream iwiedy
!>e applied.
Considerable mere than the orJinarx
number of pretty and at tractive-spun;:
ladies from a distance are sj>endimg the
summer in ('afion this season. Ridg
ing from the experience of sev<*Kl of
the young ladies who came herjP first
I for only a visit the home girljfeowUi
hardly be blamed if they were toßnupt
some desperate means with respEpt to
this immigration of the younj>aml
Some of the devout who at ten frier i
vice in the neighborhood of the tpsfcj
house are wondering why it is new wiry j
tor the cerfew bell to l>e rung Si id ay
• nights at about B:3b—or in fact x .any
time on Sunday evening.
t t t •. r
| Men are frequently more apt t f'be-j
! lteve a lie than the truth; likewise they
! frequently doubt the truth. At Chi
| cago the other day the chief of j >llce [
• received over the phone this mes ag*-.
I “We are blowing up a safe at 4‘.» lear
born street. Come quick and yoi .can
! get us.” Thinking it a joke no a ten
) lion was paid to the matter. Nexfiftlay
| it was found the safe had been of ped ;
| and robbed of several hundred do jirs
t t t
A few days ago a tourist who ras
! walking about Colorado Springs c me
!to a house without any **l loom. |to
Item” or “Private Hoarding * sign. He
marveled much at this om mission pul
made inquiry of a child playing iicHjn* ;
door-yard, from whom he learned Wt at
the occupants were prepared
t**tii boarders and roomers. The fa|fi!l
iar placani had been put out bat tend
been blown away by one of the gale
zephyrs that inhabit that country. > j
It is dangerous to go to cougre»-
tive representatives have died in me
past six months. It is dangerous t-j£>e
a great man—all great men die or h4rt
failure, it is not safe to be a bank
president—bank presidents are re
quently sent to the peultenti&ayutr
commit suicide, it is not pleasaut teo:
live m Chicago —fifty Chicagoans h-V f '
taken t heir lives daring this inoiinStaL
June. People should be coiiteuLedjPl
live iu tiie humbler walks of life
trouble ever befell a newspaper
■»**r like iv i iWMiaiai ■
It the lilECOltii “Remarks - * are con
tinued we assure our readers that
j nothing in the shape of u local fish
story will ever pollute this column, j
| For facts in regard to large fish catches
drop in at the court bouse or one of the
! city drug stores.
, The latest is the announcement of j
! the marriage of Thomas 1). Cronan. a '
! wealthy Englishman, to Picture Eye.
a dusky Indian maid, at Uismark, X.
jl l Now it is in order for the country
press that has protested so strongly i
against the capturing of the American i
! youth, beauty and wealth by European |
noblemen to make another great stir.
This is indeed too much. We have
, stood silently by and watched tin
I titled foreigner come over and lead » iT
| our charming heiresses from Boston,
, New York and San Francisco without
j a single protest. In truth we have as
J cheerfully as possible bade them (»<><!
• speed and wished them a pleasant ami
bank checkered career, but this is more
than we can stand. When a tit«d
foreigner invades our very interior ami
robs us of our dusky maiden, the gem
of a dying race, we think it time to cry
a halt Desist, oh titled foreigm r,
from robbing us ot all we have. Take
if thou wilt the fair daughtars or the
sugar trust, the oil companies or ot the
h«ig packer, but leave to us. oh noble
one. our dusky maid, our Picture Eye!
From Greyback.
A letter from ltussell, near tin* lirey
baok mountain district, gives ns the
following information :
• Mr. Aaron ltipley and his son Wil
bur. amt A, A. Ireland of t'.uiou City,
have been in the district for about two
weeks, looking over their mining inter
ests on 1 1 rev back mountain and oilier
parts of the ramp where they have been
working claims all winter. They are
well pleased w ith the camp considering
the amount of development that has
been done. They have also taken a
bond and lease on the Magnolia lonic,
which has four dis'iuct veins on the
property from w hich coarse gold can be
panned in quite large quantities. Mr.
A A. Iret-.nd will remain in camp and
superintend the work of development,
lie has already placed an order ai the
mill for lumber to timber the fxS shaft,
to la* sunk, at once on the property, and
expects to open up a shipper in the next
few months. Mr ltipley and lam will
arrive at their home in tlarden Park on
next Saturday.
• Mr. A. II Pavts. the old reliable
boot and shoe dealer of t'aftmi is also
Interested m the properties.
"Will Hobson and Jack Watson of
Canon are sinking a shaft on tlrei nick
mountain from whlehfhoy are '•*" "K
out quite an amount of gold by the
use of a rocker.
J. A W
| We are receiving new lines of §
| \
and you will wish to see the new patterns before you buy. E
fc Come in and give us a look. E
fc Yours Truly, :
Fw L. Smith!
I)ftinty Rite wltl* Which an Indian
Malden Woman hood.
When a full-blooded lloopu girl ut
! Oiins the age of young womanhood it
is the custom of the tribe to celebrate
j 'he event by a ceremony lasting ten
days, called the flower dunce. This
! ceremony'is conducted by the worn
: en and medicine folks, and is attended
at the beginning by only a few other
Indians. But the inferest
from day- to day, and by the end of the
tenth day the whole population has
swarmed to tboapeene of the dance,
r Fach yiAOiir sunrise the girl
’ '■ - ii'.Tii T). r oiu-h. ami. ip •>< v
banging her head because of tliespec
| tutors, she runs down toa point where 1
; a shallow margin of the river laps oV«rr
« pebbles. She is clad iu a bark !
| skirt hanging from her waist to her]
| knees. Her breast and shoulders are
I Griped with red paint. She takes upj
water iu her palms and dashes it upon i
j her shoulders. She then heaps up a
! small, mound of bowlders a* kind of
j 'aby of the number of times she goes to
the water, after which she rtir.r. bark to
her lodge. I luring the rest of the .time
she stays indoors keeping her head cov
ered with a shaw l or blanket. She is.
attended day and night by old wom
en who croon a soug and keep up a
constant clatter with the long, slender
prongs of painted dance stick*, to keep
aw ay thoughts of sickness or dentli.or
other evil fortune. Whatever evil she
j thinks of now will follow her footsteps,
and curs*-her through life. ‘During the
days she must i*»t look at the tire
driilk.water. Sh* subsists on a diet
g i' et < >
recently bereft a sum of mom y in onier
that the members thereof may have
reason to forget their sorrow ami re
joice with the rest. If death should oc
cur during the progress of the dance.
: the ceremony must l»e suspended till
the fee for the dead has been i»aid. If the
parents are able to j ay for the dead and
do not have the flower dance they say
their daughter will die. but if they are
i too poor to pay. the dance is not essen
i tial to the preservation of thegi. slife.
: It is a kindly supers!ition that tempers
i the wind to the shorn lamb. If the
; mother of the girl was not duly pur-
I chased of her parents by the father 1k*-
fore marriage, by the |»ay ingof a «tis
i factory wedding fw their daughter is
j not entitled to the honor of the flower
For some time it appeared that this
savage custom had been abandoned, but
it has been revived recently, and two
flower dances have been held on the res
ervation within a few months. San
Francisco Chronicle.
>U-u«n with n French t'nlalnr anil
Foiled with Free Dinner*.
How never* is the struggle for life
among the uptown restaurant men is
shown by the shifts to which one who
has lately joined their ranks is resort
ing in order to attract customers. He
had a large house on his hands, and not
tinding lodgers sufficiently profitable,
decided to start a high-class restaurant.
He began by furnishing the second
floor in fine style, and offering “the
best French cuisine and tine wines" at
$1.25. 11 is average was two customers
nightly, one of whom ate on credit.
After about two weeks of weary wait
ing he decided that he had been too am
bitious, and removing l his tables and ;
' few appointments one floor down, he
I put out a sign offering “an excellent
dinner with wine*’ for 75 cents. Four
customers came the first night and
| three the second. After that the reg
ular attendance was two. the same in-1
dividual* ns before. But the would-ls*
, caterer was not beaten.
"One must begin at the bottom,” he j
reasoned, and decided on another
; change.
The tables and appointments were re
moved to the basement ami a new sigr.
put out. It run: "A good dinner wi*h
an excellent cup of coffee, 2.’> cent*."
Hut basement cafes an' viewed with dis
favor in his |*nrt of town. The one
j jiaying customer deserted him. and his
place w is filled by a tramp who asked
| for charity and quarreled about what
. was ser.nl. Not even yet would the
1 proprietor give in.
"My plait' is not yet known." he said.
"I must show people that 1 have a
j large and fashionable clientele."
So h»» lunlr all his family array them
selves in their Snnday best and dis
tribute themselves nightly about the
tables in the restnnrnnt.
i Although the diners change their
places every night, the proprietor
j thinks that the public must see through
hia trick, for while places are laid fofr
j 50. more than nine persons nrc never
j to be seen seated at a time So he has
I engaged a score of well-looking young
1 men to dine from six o'clock to uiue
Record Want Column.
-U.il. WantrU” auJ ••SiWattoh.s Wan-
A«i*. Free iu this
j Column.
Hate—One cent for each word tirat laser
i Hon; half cent each subsequent insertion. '
| . I,o **■ MAW4.—'Two No. 1 y ouug milch cows,
Juat treah. Apply to Berry Meinmeyer. ;
WASTED. By a nvotlomu. room ant)
board in private family tor two or thrwn
weeks. Plain foo-1 only; .juiet aud cool. No
! objection to auburba. Address X. Ukcord
To tkadk -Large rooming house, furnished i
‘fit rooms, m Victor. Wat sell or trade for :
Canon property, J. P. oaim, Old smelter.
1 TIRE', so per pair. Perfect VT ttrsta. Full
guarantee. Beat warranted garden fiose j
i from 4 cents, Mae into sues, and full line
Rubber, at tactory prices. ilivtmmm. i
i Bvaau Coupahy, New York. Aukxts 1
: WAS ran. *■ •
1 FOR SALE —rA good family home, win !
buggy aud Harness. iUtcoan office. T
i *- * - |
! FOR SALE. —A six'room brick house and
: bath room, a. lets. wjxlai feet, set to frurt in
bearing, uood stable and unicken novae. '
<•n-aUAhcu.iH.ua This office tf.
FOR KALB—A fruit fa mof .from two to ten
acres, all set to trees uoatly eight years old.
' Good improvements. *'or information apply
at Rkcohu office-
IIFOR SALE OR AEN I’—Four new brick
cottages in destrsMe part of city
ki. L. Adams.
BBOARD— t- 1 rat class board and rooms may
be had by callUg on Mrs. H. R. Nelson, at
612 Macou avenic. tf
FOR SALE t home place, consisting of
two and a naif lots in Atwater’s Addition,
with neat seven-room brick house. A bar
gain at »j.sw. Apply for information at
Rkcobd .-dice.
FOR RENT.—Five desirable brick houses;
all with water and cellars; some with barns
and some with desirable garde u tracts- (Jail
at Fremont County Bank for particulars.
FOR 6AUS.—One new pressed brick. 6
room house, on fenced lot 44x120, uydrant
water and set to fruit, for f 1,200. Small pay
ment down, balance on long time at 8 per
cent- Call at t remont Countv Bank. il-tf.
YY to travel for responsible established
house in olorado salat y $7BO and ex
penses. Positiou permanent. Reference.
Enclose self-addressed stamped envelope.
The Naliuuul, Star Insurance Bldg., • bica>>g
YY to travel for responsible established
house iu Colorado. Salary S7W and ex
penses. Positiou permanent. Reference.
: Enclose seif-addressed stamped envelope.
The National, Mar Insuranee Bldg..t hicago
TO TRADE.—A tine Pueblo residence for
j improved ranch within live mites of Canon
I City- This is .s snap lor somebody. House
of six rooms, bath, hot and cold. Best loca
tion in city. Fine iswu. good barn, lot so xl6 7
eet. lattice across back yard, one block
from car line and live minutes ride to post
offlne. Owner lives in house but can furnish
teuemanl at FAS per mouth regular. Owner’s
health requires country life. Address, M. J.
; Jones. I§1» Greenwood street. Puebio. Colo-
The Baltimore & Ohio
ils the most popular route to the
great cities ot the Hast, connecting
with ite unexcelled service
A stop-over of TEN DA\ S at
iH)th Washington! D. C., ood Phil
adelphia, Pa., i* allowed all holders
of through tickets via this line.
For further information aldrt"
Tr«t»liai[ Agwßl. B. * O
«-W. M UulundoJ
i * ?'
| i'Vojes.si orient (sek.r3j. ,
ATTORN K Y A.T i-d ¥F.
Omcn;H>T«i: Fremont 1 *tttiti*T **»"*•
Parlor* over BeMbcr’a Droar mu
Fourth and Main atreet*.
Physician and jjgrgao*.
Office in Weaver A Bond block: ‘--jrf--
Greenwood JSt u flu Caaoa CJltyTOeZ.
Dk. hunk N. ( AKKIUK.
Prompt attention so eight eell*. •
' '“??*.K. 4 **"* • WHI A Mnnk Block. MeFfaje.
■>W Main street. OiHce hoot » Uto 11 *. nT j
to 4 and 7 to M p. m. :
fY FhydcUn aod Hurscen.
Office, Handy & McGee block. OOMiain
r « «** SlL.*. 10 4 p -i^«® xc# * >c ' SMd w tm
Bp. m. Real deace. St. Cloud ho—L
• ■ ‘ti—Fli* f tipeaii,,,
Plane and Hpecifl, ■r« *■■ j
i Jlhce. Barrage Bik. sth »t_ CAJtO* Cm. fW-g
i T\H. GEltiWt, Deatlet. g
I -1/ Expert Operator.
Orvica: Handy * MoClea Bloch.
j jyhXT L £U>KRD,
Attorn*j -«t- Lew .
Office with Jos. H. Maupln. OcH— .
specialty Agent Tor Phc—te MsU
*"• X—aracoe company of iSartfari,
and Bnrgooa,
Merchant Tailors
316 Main St.
When you need anything in this line
call and see us.
C. W.~WEI .1 -S,
iilil llllill m turn
Prepared to do Ktntinuox in» in all
its branches.
Victor. - Colorado.
Sixth street, opposite Newton Lumbw Yard
Contractor and Builder,
Plans and Speeiticiktiokis Promptly
tarnished, with cost of ooiA^structiou.
Bee Hives. Fruit Paduigw,
Mason's Jars. Stoneware,
La Junta Butter. Miners*
Pick Flour and Bottom
on Sugar, Hay, Crain and
General Groceries, and the
Sale of your Vegetables and
Fruits, call on
aow Main sawwh
and Fancy Fruits
Stock always Frost* and Sweet.
Our Ice Cream
Mas a reputation of Its own,
which every lover of thie de
licious »u umier dial) felly ap
pivcrntrs and enj0jii.,,,,...,
e. 8. McDonald.
Si •^NBSwy*
B««s from fine, pure t»re#d, Barrsß
Plymouth Rocks.
A. S REBVBft. n f» Un.laM)
NO. 21

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