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The editor was busy; with well worn pair of
He was blithely stealing items, as he’d
stolen them for years:
And he thought of all the labor he had done
with hands and head,
In the shaping of the nation and the getting
of hla bread.
He bad started at the bottom, and by work
ing night and day.
He had built him up a business that had Just
begun td pay.
He was buying lots of paper, and where
many years before.
He set the type unaided, now he kept of
men a score.
The busy hum of industry was all about the
And something like a smile had come to
smooth bis wrinkled face.
While from the past there faded all the
shadows of distress.
For now be stood almost w-ltbln the portals
of success.
Alas! And then a shape appeared that sim
ply paused to say:
**l want your dad-blnged paper stopped!
and stop It right away!
I’re read your sheet a dosen years, but now
f find that we
On one point slightly differ—so you’ll stop
the paper—seef”
* m • • • •
The editor sat long and lone: his heart that
once was gay
Was crushed and sad. for all his years of
toll were swept away.
*'J know 1 ought to stop It but** —a aid he In
deep regret.
“i’ll go on printing It. for some may wish to
read it yet-”
Ridgewsv populist.
Kkv. Myhon W. Kkki>, of Denver,
lift* purchased h 1«0 acre ranch in Elk
river valley. It is in Whisky Dark. and
tome do say that Myron selected it on
account of ibe name of Uie park.
TIIKKK is at least one blessed thing
about the abominable merry go-round*
that have afflicted this city for the past
two weeks the new tunes they have
brought to us are charm mg.
KnpiT Day is a permanent iustilu
tjon—let no one woriy about that fact
The only question before the people
each year is, “How much greater shall
we make the celebration than the pre
ceding year
Tujt prospects are good for a pesti
lence of yellow lever in the southern
states, equal in hoTrurs to any in the
memory ol the preseul gwneraUou.
Already cases have been reported at
several pomis and thedreadeddestroyer
seems to be spreading.
“Osk man's loss is number's gain'*
was clearly proven by the il! weather
last week. What the city lost in the
damage to Fruit Day the farmer gained
by the rain; and what the soda fountain
men lust by the cold weather the cleth.
lug and shoe men got for heavy cloth
ing. rubbers and umbrellas.
Tint San Luis Valley Harvest Festi
vwl will take place at Monte Vista on
September 2lUli and Attli and Octolior
Ist San Luis valley is a great agncul
tural district and with the g<»od price*
of (heir pnalucl* the people of that dis
trict e*|**eia!ly have g«H*l reason foi
having a great Harvest Festival.
It I* the growing demand abroad for
American apple* that i* going to keep
up the price of this fruit and make the
apple a staple product, a* much so its
wheat or coni. It is estimated that
3,oo<MX*> barrels of apples have been
shipped abroad front the United States
and Canada during the season of 1890-
I*7, or four times the amount of the
previous year, and fully double any
season's exports in the history of apple
Sul’l’OltT Judge liayt for re-election
to the supreme bench of the state not
because he is of any particular belief
or political faith but rather because he
is a superior gentleman, an able lurist,
and after nine years service a* supreme
judge has proven himself worthy in
every way of being returned to the
place he lias honored. Hood judge* are
not common and when you have one
who is able, honest and just, don't lose
Within a very short time the several
political parties of Fremont county will
meet in convention to nominate candi
dates for county offlees. Owing to the
uncertainty of what combination will
be made no man can even gueA what
party will elect their ticket at the fall
election. It therefore behooves every
parly to be most careful in their selec
tion of eandidatas. Select men who
will make good officers rather than
sharp politicians. Fremont county has
been fortunate for years in the selec
tion of good officers and the affairs of
the county are til good shape Let us
keep them so. This can be done if each
party will carefully consider the men
they.inomnate for each ottice. Every
party in tiie county has some good men
and there is no reason why the ollices
need not be acceptably tilled no matter
which party is successful on the 2nd of
Many are very anxious to have news
about the railroad. We can only re
assure tne people that there is every
indication that the road will be com
pleted and cars running long before
the spring thaws begin—yes, before the
Christinas toys are six weeks old.
A dispatch from Chicago iu jester
day’* Itepnhhcaii says: “Chicago men
will build uu electric trolley line over
the mountainous thirty miles between
Cirfioti City and Cripple Creek, Color
ado. Contracts lor carrying to the
west SoOO.UJD worth of freight will soon
be made with one of the railroads out
of Chicago by theCafiou City & Cripple
Creek Construction Company The
shipments will include rails, electric
supplies and general equipment. The
company has a Chicago ofllee in the
New York Life building, and Caul E.
Hirsh is iu charge. lie says it will
cost s*SXJ.tiuo and will be in operation
by Feh. Ist. Ihe company to control
the electric road was itn orporated
under the laws of Illinois last week
wit ha capita] stock of gIUO.COd"
The Denver Times also has recently
published several articles full of in
formation about the uew line. A por
tion of one reads: “The hist vestige of
doubt as to the construction of tiie new
electric railway between Call >n City
and Cripple Creek is removed accord
ing to a letter received from New Yorl
today, which announces that the bond
issue for building the road has been
successfully underwritten and con
tracts signed for the construction and
equipment of the Hue. Already two
miles have been graded, and on Oct
ober Ist a large number of men will be
put at work to complete the line, the
contract calling for the roadbed to tie
ieady for operation by January I2th,
The rails will l»e seventy-two
pound steel, siiflicient to bear the ordi
nary freight and passenger cars, and
even a Pullman sleeper, and it will lie
standard gauge. The latter announce
ment. coming Irom high authority,
seems to indicate that an alliance with
some line at Caftoii City is hoped tor.
tnd as the Santa Fe has at preseut no
connection with the biggest camp in
the state, it does not require much tig
unng to tell which way the wind
rtie bank* of Denver have made a
rule that after October Ist they will not
iccept private checks on country hanks
it par value, but will dock each one
under SIOO fifteen cents for exchange
This will mean much to the country
merchant. It means that every time
lie pays Ins Denver house a am ill bill
he must add fifteen cents to the amount
for exchange or pay his home bank for
a draft It will mean no end of extra
trouble and will prove a great addition
in ex (tense in the course of a year.
Whether the rule will be applied strictly
to t'afion City we cannot now say, but
it is certainly unjust and unreasonable.
U the Denver banks insist on this sort
of business all country banks should
withdraw their Denver deposit* and
every country business man should sys
tematically refuse to deal with Denver
houses or in any way wimtever send
money through Deliver banks. If the
country business men and country
banks would take the matter in hand
the new robber rule would not last as
long as one of their drafts in the heat
of the regions below.
Wii. J. Bhyan is credited by many
papers with having recently said in
vfew of the reviving prosperity: “Those
who advocate free coinage may b*
wrong." That settles it with you,
Willie. If that* your lemark you
stand no more chance for the presi
dency than Dob Ingersol does of being
gate-keeper of the entrance to paradise.
Tmk people of t'afton City have good
reason to congratulate themselves upon
the success of their Festival and the
Horticultural show given at* the same
time. Persons who visited Canon at
that time could hardly have failed to
be Impressed with the fertility of that
part of the Arkansas valley and ita
desirability as s place of residence
There la still s large amount of land to
be had, and we know of no part of the
f-tate (hat could be more heartily recom
mended to homeseekers than the region
of which t-afion City is the center. —
An apple buyer recently called on
an old farmer down in southern llli
m is. After looking carefully over the
orchard and place the buyer asked the
farmer to set a price on his apple crop
The farmer who was hard of herring
thought the man desired to purchase
ihe farm ami asked him for an offer.
The buyer offered $6,000 for the crop
The farmer replied, “AH right, sir, I’ll
go in and have wife make out the
deeds.” He was one of those who did
not read the papers and had not learned
that a crop of wheat or of apples is
worth more this year than the entire
farm was last season.
Two communications in this issue
prompt us to say that all articles of
reasonable length ou local issues or
subjects of local concern are welcomed
in the columns of the Record. No
communication should be over four
hundred words and the writer's name
must always be known to us, though it
need not always be published. Our
preference is that contributors sign
i heir name for publication, though we
will respect their wishes hi regard to
that matter.
Now that Senator Teller has publicly
announced that he will support and
vote for Judge flayt we will expect the
Itocky Mountain News to quit its in
famous l>iug about Teller's policy, and
the Republican, Rost and Times to at
least lei the people know where they
'land on the. supreme judgeship qttes
i iou.
The difference between the gold on
the Klondike and when it is brought to
the United States is about $110.75 per
ounce. That is, when a ship leaves
Alaska with $2,000,000 in gold ou board
it lauds in America with about $25,000.
Fruit Day has come and pent* and
was a success, as usual, Perhaps, Mr.
Editor. now is a pood lime to get sug
gest ions regarding Fruit Day of 1898,
for if we keep it we naturally waul to
improve as we move along. One thing
occurs to me is that we ought, all of us
who have show windows, to follow the
example of the Clipper and W. H. Mc-
Clure & Co. Their window display
•f line fruit caught the attention and
praise of every passerby. How would
it do lor the Executive Committee of
iiext year to offer a prize of 923 for the
best w mdow display of fruit. Another
tiling would be to have our official
program call attention to items of inter
est like tieo. B. liockafeliow’s orchard.
DeWeese Dye's race track, ditch,
lakes, lands, etc.; Judge Felton’s tine
orchard; Harding's addition; pumping
plant of Earle & Kaytndds; our public
schools and library; Atwater, McClure
& Cone's ditch and land proposition.
Of course, I know that a few of our
people may say it is a laud scheme, but
these people certainly forget that if
my one dealer sells land or lots to a
<tranger and he becomes a resident they
jet some bcnetii from him. If they
have any doubts about it let them look
wound and see if any one but former
lot owners and strangers who have re
cently bought land and lots are doing
.my building? I know of two large
(and tirms who have regularly contribu
led heartily to the expenses of Fruit
Day ami both tell me that they have
never made a sale of land or lots that
they can attribute to Fruit Day.
1 would suggest too, another year,
that one-half the pri>graras be delivered
before Fruit Day to land owners, so
that they can put them where they will
do the most good.
I can say nothing but praise for the
hospitality of the Cafton people, and I
hope that they will continue and that
every year those who have the room
will invite friends to come and see w hat
we can do in the fruit tine and whAt a
pretty, clean and moral town we have.
I heard Incidentally that a rival town
was most anxious to take up Fruit Day
if Caftoii was tiled of it, and that they
could raise 95. UM to show us what a
“Fruit Day" really meant. Mo if Cafton
thinks it a bore, as some are quoted as
saying, we will have no trouble in get
ting rid of it. It is the means of adver
tislug us favorably all over the state
It brings a class of people here to look
at our town from whom in the past
four years we nave received over two
huiidrexi good citizens.
As the fruit Interests increase we
must have an opportunity of showing
to the work! what w*« can do. and our
own people, whether fruitgrowers or
town peole, want a chance once a year
to “blow off*' their surplus steam, and
what affords a better chance than Fruit
Day. llkk. Davis.
When you need a barber try John
Denoon. successor to Bristol. < fcShave
10 cents; bath 16 cents; hair cut S 6.
Dwlfkt L. Moodf’a BoyUh Horror of
the Grim Destroyer.
What most concerns us is the rela
tion which Christ’s resurrection has to
our death and future life, the evan
gelist in the Ladies' Home Journal. So
many people live in a fearful dread of
death and the grave, I believe, just be
cause they do not study this doctrine
They speak of death and the judgment
with a shudder, and their vision seem
to be unable to pierce beyond. 1 well
remember how in ray dative village in
New England it used to be customary,
as a funeral procession left the church,
for the bell in the burying- ground to
toll as many times as the deceased was
years old. How anxiously I would couni
those strokes of the bell to see how long
I might reckon on living. Sometime
there would be 70 or 80 toll*, and 1
would give a sigh of relief tq, think 1
bad so many 3'ears to live. Rut at other
times there would be only a few years
tolled, and then a horror would seize
me as I thought that I, too. might soon
be claimed as a victim bj- that drear’
monster, Death. Death ami judgment
were a constant source of fear to nu
till I realized the fact that neither sha'’
ever have any hold on a child of God.
In his letter to the Romans Apostle
Paul has showed, in most direct lan
guage, that there is no condemnation
for a child of God.butheis passed from
under the power of law, and in the
epistle to the Corinthians he tells us
“there is a natural body and there is a
spiritual body.” “and. as we have borne
the -image of the earthy, we shall also
bear the image of the Heavenly.**
Digger Took the MeaaarenaeiM
o« Hl* V»<• tin. Klccbt Tinea.
Samuel Simon. Sr., a well-known resi
dent of Nesbannock township. Pa.,
while strolling: near hi* home one da\
recently noticed a fly about half a:i
inch lonp. and of a dark blue color, with
a slim body, bearinpa la,-pc dead spider,
leporta the New Castle Democrat, The
fly crossed his path and laid his load
down. It then went abput 18 inches in
another direction and commenced ditr
pinp a hole in the pround. His curi
osity being: excited, he stopped an.
watched the work. After the fly had tli *
bole dup about half the lenpth of him
self he went to where be had left the
spider and took his dimensions. Aftei
point? back to the bole be found it wa>
not bip enouph and commenced dip
pinp apain. After takinp out a quan
tity of earth he apain went to tht
spider and took his dimensions. He di •
thia eipht times and as often enlarprd
the hole. When the busy little foliov
had the hole too deep for him to throe,
the earth clear out he would po on to
the bank and force it back with hi
feet. After he had the lurp
enouph for his piiiptJSe'Bi^w^nT 'V
the spider and took it to the prave, fo
such It proved to be. and ilrapped ir
to the mouth of the hole. After he ho '
the body in he covered it with fine ea: t!
dust and finished by placinp a smnl
piece of cinder on top. When he had
finished the work he flew away. Tic*
whole time consumed was exactly 55
minutes, as Mr. Simon says he sat and
watched the whole performance.
Cl*«4k»r»l Brln K « a Drlnsc off the
Dacrd t'rrnlam.
A traveler from Fort Opden. Fh»..
declared that he passed through an
avalanche of fropi ten miles south of
here recently, says a dispatch from
Arcadia, Fla. It had been raining? ter
ribly for three days and the other dn\
there was almost a cloudburst in this
county, the rain coming? dow n for fout
hours in almost solid sheets. This man
started out and on the way he passed
through a section where for two milt"
the frogs literally covered the ground
The road was covered and the grount
in the woods as far as could be sec
on either side. They were crushed be
neath his horse's feet as he rode along.
There were three kinds or sizes, most
of them being the green so-called "tree
frogs'* ao abundant there. The small *
ones were about an inch long, the others
being two and three inches. There
were millions of them and the noise
they made was deafening. He brought
several along ns specimens.
It's the general opinion here that the
cloudburst brought them. This is the
first time thnt this thing has ever hap
pened in this section and the people
are greatly excited over it. The man
stated that the frogs seemed dazed ami
hardly moved ns he came along.
Kmmi *'9|»nnlah Files.**
A certain old soldier of the triangle
country manages to donate most of his
pension money to charitable institu
tions, because he claims to make a good,
honeet living by catching the quick
moving Spanish flies, resembling po
tato bugs wiu> a n.osqui.o-bnr dipnet.
gives them a mimrte-long boiling hot
shower bath, and then dries them, lie
says that the dried bugs are equal to
Sf'snish flies in drawing blisters, and
answers all other purposes where can- !
tbn rides are used. He claims that he j
can sell his blister drawers for half
what Spanish flies coat, for the reason
that he needn't pay any import duties
on his goods.
. Cosily rarfta**.
finest brougham in the work! is
owned by the maharajah of Ghened.
one of the wealthies of Indian poten
tates The handles of the doors of this
brougham are of solid gold, while the
rest of the carriage, down to the tires of
the wheala, is of silvo*.
OaawiSßlvsitsß •( Discos*.
Prof. Dubard, of Dijon, contributes
to the province Medicsle an article
showing that- tuberculous disease oc
curs In cold-blooded animals, fishes
(carps), sad frogs, and can be com mu
nicoted to these animals experiment
Owallew Woof nils.
About Mt&OGO pills me taken every
week In this country.
| Swansdown Flannels
t * s ** le l a,cst thing for wrappers, house sacks, etc. We have H
£ i ust reee ' vc< i a n ' tc l>»c of these goods, also a large invoice of ~
| Frank L. Smith. \
AillllAAllilllllillllllllllilllJlliliilllitiii i i i iii tit itiiii■■■
It Had Spoiled I'ap'n Eph’s Plahlnc,
Hut U na Landed b> Medford ltum.
The Educated Crab came to grief the
other day and Cup’n Eph Browles vis
ited the village to celebrate the event.
When last seen, bound over the hills of
Hardscrabble, he was close hauled and
laying a course a* tortuous as the wake
of a mackerel smack beating to wind
ward against tide and a stiff no’th
Cap’n Eph had been fishing for the
Educated Crab ever since he was so
afflicted with rheumatism that he had
to knock off cruising between Bishop
and Clerk’s lighthouse and the Hand
kerchief ledge, and do all his fishing in
the bay or off the breakwater. He had
U'-vays maintained that the Educates
• rab was raised in Buzzard’s bay aud
hat it had legs around New Bedford,
t showed a vicious knowledge, accord*
ng to Cap’n Eph, only to have been
gained by long experience among
**l s’pose that air crab hez been afoul
ray line at least level* hundred times,*’
remarked Cap’n Eph when he stood in
front of the post office and displayed the
cadaver of the crab, which he had
brought from the beach carefully
wrapped in a paper.
“How do 1 know it’s the same crab?
Don’t yer s’pose I kin tell his figger*
head from yourn? (addressing the
neighbor on his left and pointing to the
one on his right.) Crabs hev phizes jest
ez much ez pussons. ’Sides, there never
w us a crab afore that vvuz sheathed all
along its keel and deck with barnacles.
I’veiiearu tell yer could tell th’age
uv a rattlesnake by th* rattles he steered
by. Ef thet holds good in th’ case uv
crabs this’n’ must be nigh a thousand
years old.
“It ud steal bait faster’n a hull school
uv fryers. Thet’s where his eddication
cum in. I’ve leaned over the gunwale
v\ hen I vvuz fishing in clear water an’
watched him skirmish ’round mor'n 50
times. He’d goskuttlin’ ’round my hook
four or five times, jes’ ter get th’ bear
ings uv th’ bait, but he wouldn’t make
no effort ter tcch th’ bait until he’d gone
up ag’in th’ tide for two or three fath
uns. Then he’d come sailin’ back with
the tide on his beam an’ heave to about
three inches, from my line.
“Every other crab would hev jes’
grabbed fur th’ bait an* made sail. That
wuxn’t th’ style, of th’ Eddicated Crab.
Uowsomever he’d jes’ port his helm an’
swing .athwart th’ tide till he’d got his
starboard claw fore an’ aft with my line
an* then he’d grab th' hook by th' eye
an* pint its biziness end away from his
belly while he picked the bait off with
his port claw. It didn’t matter how fast
1 hauled in th' line, he'd hev th’ hook
bare by th* time 1 rized him ft* the edge
uv th’ water.
“He spiled my fishin’ fur three sum
mers, but 1 kotrhed him at last. How
it cum about shows that th’ smartest
crab ain’t no way superior to man ef it
meddles with rum. Night afore las’ |
opened half n bucket ur dams an’ set
the bait down by the (able right under
where I’d sot a nigh abput full bottle uv
Medford rum; what 1 used to rub my
leg fur rheumatiz. I’d disremembered
all about that bottle \vhen I cum hunt
long about nine o’clock o' night an*
trier! to light th’ glim. Whilst I vvuz
foolin’ ’round fur a match 1 knocked th*
bottle over an’ most all the likker
down on them air clams. I
cussed myself fur a lubber all night,
tur 1 had pains in my leg an’ stumach
mighty bad. But I ain’t sorry thet I
spilled th’ likker now. seein’ that I
kotrhed th’ eddicated crab.
“I (hot, e* the likker would be likely
to spile th' bait, an' sure enough I didn't
git a bite till th’ title vvuz about ebb an*
th* ole crab hove in sight. He took t
the rum soaked bait jest ez kindly ez a
prohibitionist away from hum. ITe
cleaned my hook an’ made < »il fur hi.-
|H>rt. but bimeby he cum back under
full headway an’ seemed dreadful c;» jer
fur 'nother bite. He got it. but acted
so wobbly that it sot pie ter think In’.
Says 1 ter tuyself, ’you hev sartainly got
bruins enough to git tangled up in
your latitude ef you hist in tnueh more
luv that tnrgo.* So 1 jist janibed th’
i kook full uv rum-soaked clams an* lei
C ’n Crab navigate all over the bottom
with it. lUmeby I seed thet he was ton
| wobbly ter steer within throe pint* uv
! his course. He tied to tack half a dozen
time* afore he could lay himself along*
; side the hook when I baited up agin
and then he jest grabbed at th’ bn f t.
► hook aid all. regardless o’ cons-e
--! Icm nee*. 1 let him git a goad hold
I a lore I yanked, an* whan 1 did give: puil
oil th* Hue 1 druv th’ hook nigh hair
1 through Ids port quarter. It wasn’t
: time for th* wink ur a yall* rleg’s eye
afore 1 hed him in th ; boat; an’ he lay
' thar an* blinked at me ox drunk ex a
shanghaied foremast hard in th* fo'kaa
tic uv a Baltimore packet. Thet’s how
I kotrhed th* eddicated crab.**—Boston
-l " ~
1* TUB
Recard Want Column.
“Help Vlanlt-U” anti “Situation* Wait*
trU” AU*. Free in till*
RATB-One cent for each word Urat Inser
lion: half cent each BubMqaeDi Insertion.
FOR SALE —Cbesp, a second-hand type
writer. Apply at V. M. C. A. rooms.
WANTED—A man of family with work
team for continuous work. s. H. Atvatbb.
FOR SALE —Two and one-half acres of
sandy land, southern slope, suitable for
raisins vegetables for very early spring
market, b. H. atvatbb. 40 — it.
To tkadb - Large rooming house, furnished
22 rooms, in Victor Will sell or trade for
Canon property. J. P. "with. Old Smelter.
FOR SALE —A good family horse, with
buggy and aarnesi. Rkcobd odce.
FOR SALK. —A six'room brick house and
bath room, i lots, 90x120 feet, set to fruit in
bearing- Uood stable and chicken house.
Price sJl.Buo, cost $2,400. This office- if.
FOUND.—Near the railroad, this aide of
t'apt Rockstelluw'a orchard, a cloak. The
owner will please call at the Record otttce
and describe the article.
FOR SALE— several aloe tracts of orchard
and fruit lands st bargain prices.
tf Dau DiWuu.
IIFOR SALE OR RENT—tour new brlek
cottages in desirable part of city.
H. L. Adams
BOARD —First-class board find rooms may
be had by calling on Airs. H. R. Nelson, at
612 Macon avenue. tf
FOR SALE- A home place, consisting of
two and a t.alf lota in Atwater's Addition,
with neat seven-room brick house. A bar
gain st $1,350 Apply for information at
Kscou otttce.
FOR REN I.—Five desirable brick houses;
all with water and cellars; some with barns
and some with desirable garden tracts. Call
at Fremont County Bank for particulars.
FOR SALE.—One new pressed brick, ft
room house, on fenced lot 44x120, hydrant
water and set to fruit, for $1,200. Small pay
ment down, balance on long time at 8 per
cent- Call at Fremont Countv Bank. 11-tf.
I YE gentlemen or ladies to travel for
responsible, established house in Colorado.
Monthly $65. and expenses. Position steady,
iteference Enclose self-addressed stamped
envelope- The Dominion Company, Dept. Y
i ’hlcago.
IVE gentlemen or ladies to travel for
responsible, established house In Colorado.
Monthly' $65. and expensea. Position steady.
Iteference Enclose self-addressed stamped
envelope. The Dominion t ompany. Dept. Y
A Wheel
... Below Cost
Through an advertising deal the
Ukcoru has a
$lOO Monarch
wheel—one of the best made—that
we wdl sell at the ridiculous low
price of
u» he shipped direct from factory to
purchaser. Ladies’ or gent’s—anv
_ear. Apply at Record office.
Ths Rook Island is foremost In adopting
.my plan calculated to Improve speed and
•,'tve that luxury, safety and comfort that the
»>pular patronage demands.
Its equipment is thoroughly complete with
vestlbuled Trains.
Pullman Sleepers. Chair Cara, all the moat
olegaat and of recently Improved patterns.
Its specialties are
Fast Tims,
Courteous Employes
flnt Clara Kqulpmant an*
Flrat Clara Samoa Olvan.
For full particulars as to Tickets, lisp**.
Rates, apply to any Coupon Ticket Agent Ip
the United States. Canada or MmToo. or
JOHN aasAM-naa, e. r.
» "y j ■
| TVoje.s.s.iono.f’ Gar^j.
Ornoic:—Over Fremont Coutl
JLJ Ueutkt.
Parlor* over BMeker’n Drav store, iimi
FourtH and Main streets. •mrmmr
Physician and Hargnoa.
Office In Weaver a Bond block: raaldcnoa
Oreoen wood a 4t at.. Canon City, Onto.
Prompt attention to lifts ealia.
Office, Kooin* l and 2, Hank Biook. Raidma*.
816 Main atreec. Office hoar*—B to U a. t
to 4 and 7 to 9 p. m.
Physician and Surgeon.
Q * MoQoo block. Offloe honrs
9to 10 a.m.: itot p. m., except Bandars;
Reaidence. Cl Main Street—Comer HLatk fit
!'• Architect end Halid la* Ilf *■!l**■
Pinna and -j ,a —tlrnn
.mcv. Barra*® Blk. sth St.. Canon Cm,
HR. GEIGER, Dentist.
A-J Expert Operator.
Omen: Handy a MeOee Bloek.
ext l. elured,
Office with Jo*. H. Maupin. Ho Hanoi ns n
specialty. Ayent for Phcenix Mntnni
Life Insurance Company of Hartford,
Phy.iciau and Surgeon,
Office and residence Afsoon Avenue, first door
W eet of Cumberland Presbyterian Chunk.
Hours: 8 to 9 A. M.; 3 to 4 and 1 to 8 P. M
Merchant Tailors
3 1 0 Main St.
When you need anything in thin Hn*
call and see us.
am ucimi ms sumsi.
Prepared to do ~n nriii| in all
its branches.
Victor. - Colorado.
sixth .treat, oppo.it. N.wtoa Lumter Two
Contractor and Builder,
I'ians and 6peciheatioQs Promptly
lurnished, with cost of construction.
A. C. JENSEN, Prop.
If you :ire going to build sod need
brick, dont rail to see us.
j Yards In South Canon, below Ist St. bridge
s. s. nxchou.
Undertaker f Funeral Director
Embalming a Specialty.
Dm OX Main St,. Opp«ette St. Cloud Hotel.
! ItKHIDKSCK -«13 Kivt-r .'Street.
Calls promptly attended to, night
, or day.
In Brick and atona Work.
Kee. < ulleue Avr , bet. Hlb aud 7th Sta-
S. F. GOSS, _
- r~ . . - -.ii. .1 L ,
NO. 42

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