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The Canon City Record
GUY V. HARDY, Kd. and Prup.
[Entered at the Post Office at Canon City
as second-class mall mutter. 1
Republican Ticket.
State Tieket.
Forjudge of the Supreme Court,
Judicial Ticket.
For District Attorney. 11 Judicial District,
County Ticket.
For County Clerk and Recorder,
For County Treasurer,
For County Sheriff,
For County Assessor.
For County Commissioner, Dist. 1,
For Ceunty Superintendent of Schools,
For County Surveyor,
For County Coroner,
Precinct Ticket.
For Justice of the Peace,
For Constable,
Behold the tramp of the road! He
toileth not, neither doeth spin, yet 1
say unto you that not even Solomon in
all his glory had an appetite like one
of these. ______
Canon’s real estate .s beginning to
move. Heal estate men report Septem
her and October the best months Cafion
has had in several years. Several big
deals are now on.
Editor Work, of the Refiner, did a
good thing when he published that illus
trated extra edition. It is a neat thing
and sets forth the beauties and attrac
tions of his city very nicely.
Don’t judge a man by his appeal
ances. A shabby coat and patched
trousers may envelop an honest editor,
while the man who wears a dress suit
and carries a frold-headed cane may be
a delinquent subscriber.
Colorado will produce this year
upwards of 824,000,000 worth of gold
The entire gold production of the world
for 1807 is only estimated at about
240,000,000, so it will be seen that our
own state is producing one-tenth of
the gold of the world.
It is estimated that the cotton crop
of the South will, this year, sell lor
8322,000,000 as against 8204,000,00) of
last year. This is a net increase ol
828,000,000 profit for our Southern
friends for the first year of Republican
A Florence delegate aptly remark
ed in a speech that u the fusion of Dem
ocrats with Populists was as natural as
the mixing of women with the angels.”
Yes, that’s so; just about as natural
That is, the one has to die or become
unconscious before the mixing can be
The Festival of Mountain and Plain
was a great thing—for Denver and the
railroads. It is estimated that five
hundred people went from Cafion and
they probably spent on an average of
820 each, or 810;000 of the profits of the
season spent in Denver with nothing
but pleasure in return.
Fremont county will probably yet
take in Salida. It’s just as well, we
seem to be divorced from Chaffee coun
ty anyway. Wonder if they’ve got a
Populist party down thereV—Salida
You are welcome brother, but you
will find the Populists rather scarce in
Fremont county.
Debh declares that the courts have
“annihilated the constitution, abrogated
the right of trial by jury, forbidden free
speech, suppressed peaceable assem
blages and transformed our republic
into an absolute despotism.” Wonder
how much better things would be if
Debs were our emperor V
“You may talk about the rich get
ting richer and the poor poorer all you
please,” says the editor of the Russell
(Kas.) Journal, “but we can name a
score of llussell county people who, six
months ago, were practically paupers
and to-day are worth from 82,000 to
8&.000, and ail of it was made by raising
one crop of wheat.”
Royal nakcs the food pare,
whBIMPMi mad dtlldwi.
Abcolutoly Pure
(James Lane Allen’s “Kentucky Cardinal.”)
The year is tending to repose,
The sun’s in muffled tender blue.
There’s swan-like clouds at evening’s close;
No more the black and threatening hue.
The eagerness of spring is o’er.
The bee, so nimble once, is gone.
The cuckoo’s notes are slacked yet more
And slowed like wheel when harvest’s done.
The dowers are stuffed with hurrying bloom.
Lest all too late their beauties show;
The locust’s whiszlng wings—’tis doom!
Into the autumn silenpe go.
The night-hawk mounts to higher tiight
In ether blue, he sails above
The fainting earth, and claims his right
To breathe the purer air above.
And nature’s peace is round me, too.
The wild unrest of youth is gone;
The heart notes, cuckoo-like, are true.
Tho’ slow the wheel of life moves on.
Yet d%ys are now with sadness thrilled.
Lest all too soon—no good deeds done—
Life’s autumn pass—the goblet’s dlled.
The soul to higher dight be gone!
—Mrs. O. P. Eldbkd.
Princeton, Kentucky.
One of our exchanges has a pernic
ious habit of characterizing any nomi
nee in whose candidacy it is opposed as
•‘young.” Such a course is bad policy
—and bad politics. Some of the great
est men the past few centuries have
produced reached fame at an early age.
For instance, Napoleon was a lieuten
ant at sixteen. At nineteen the war
career of George Washington common
ced, while Abraham Lincoln was hut
twenty-three when he began to achieve
notoriety. At nineteen JJyron gained
great fame as a writer, while Bryant's
“Thanatopsis” gave him a reputation at
twenty-two. Charles Sumner was an
able jurist at twenty-three, Willi;*m
MvKitiloy iet*o tlmn twenty six
when he commenced his leadership and
was made county attorney, Shakespear
was twenty-live when his life work was
lirst noticed. John McLean was elec
ted a mem her of Congress at twenty
eight, Daniel Webster received the same
honor at the age of thirty, while much
of Noah Webster’s greatness in the
journalistic held was noticed when he
was but thirty. Hence, it may be seen
that to characterize a man as an infant
because youth may be in his favor, is
liable to work him good instead of the
evil iutended.—Loveland Reporter
In the Humiliating of .lolm Jj. Mes
erve tor District Attorney I he people of
Fremont county indeed made no mis
take, but have done tiie right tiling at
the right time. If elected, and there is
no valid reason why he should not be,
the atTairs of the people, through the
courts, will he administered fairly, effi
ciently and successfully. Having a life
time acquaintance with Mr. Meserve
we are warranted in speaking very
plainly and with certainty of his ability,
merit and worth. Although a mail
comparatively young in years, he is a
deep and thorough student, a man of
sterling character, great ability and un
questioned honesty. In his legal prac
tice he has always been very successful
because of his thorough study and close
appreciation to the matter in hand. As
a Republican and a devotee to the prin
ciples of the grand old party, Jie has
never wavered, being born and raised
in that fold, and to-day stands as an
exponent by hiß liberal views, generous
nature and genial courtesy, of the possi
bility of the youth of America. The
people of that district will make no
mistake in electing him to this posi
tion, for by his own untiring effort, his
natural ability and native shrewdness
he has made a success in the practice
of law that would flatter many an
older attorney.— Walsenburg World.
Democrats and Populists who are
dissatisfied with the combination forced
upon them last Saturday, are invited to
consider tile candidates offered them
on the Eagle and Dove 'tickets. The
next best thing to tilling the offices with
the men you want from your own
party is to elect the best men available
and yon certainly can And no better
men than offered on the Republican
Another Klonkike liar lias landed
and the daily papers are full of his ex
travagant reports.
The gymnasium of the Y. M. C. A.
will be opened next week. As it is the
only place in town where young men
may receive systematic training of their
physical powers, it should be liberally
patrouized. Claeses will be opened for
bnsiuess men and ladies. There is not
a man or woman in town who would
uot be much better off physically and
mentally for spending from three to
six hours each week in moderate gym
nastic exercises. The cost is very small
and e is no reason why the classes
should not be large.
2>ome who talk a great deal about the
scarcity of gold and of a money famine
might do well to inform themselves on
a lew points .Last week a party in
San Francisco asked the government to
exchange notes for dI,OJU,(XAJ in gold.
The government deciiued. Then the
party offered to pay the express charge
ou the gold and later, to pay a premium
for the notes, but both these proposi
tions were likewise refused. The treas
ury lias ail the gold it wants. Fay
uieiits for exports are now beginning
to come in from Europe aiid even from
Australia, whither considerable wheat
lias been shipped. It is plain that gold
can be had easily in exchange for desired
One hundred stylish Trimmed Hats
to be sold at greatly reduced prices
for one week, beginning Saturday,
October 16th, at firs, King’s, 306
f lain street.
Interest in the 50-Mile I'lirmiit Knee
Grows Hourly as the Hay fur the
Event Draws Near.
Bubbling over witli intense enthus
iasm! Such seems to be the condition
of the CaQou City cycling world. The
occasion of all this commotion is the
Fifty-Mile Pursuit Bicycle Race which
takes place to-morrow-. When one con
siders that twenty of our fleetest riders
will be in competition with each other,
and that two of Cafion City’s most
prominent and influential citizens will
captain the teams, is it any wonder that
a tidal wave of interest over-rides our
fair city? The business houses will
close shortly after the noon hour and
our populace will turn out by the hun
dreds to witness the event. Everyone
will be there—the old man with the
crooked staff, the aged mother with the
tottering step, the artisan, the sweet
heart and love; all, all, will be there.
As the grand stand privileges are
limited tickets should be procured at
a seasonable hour and thereby s ive
yourself no end of annoyance and vexa
tion. The tickets are 25 cents each.
For Sale.
Two acres on Main street, in bearing.
Must sell. Hand & Whittington.
Hare Not Accepted.
Florence bicyclists and foot runners
are evidently fearful of our Canon City
athletics. S;»me time ago the b cyclists
of that city were challenged to meet
our wheelers in a fifty mile relay race
and recent Way C. West’s team of run
ners openly challenged Florence, Coal
Creek and Hock vale for a half mile
relay. As yet an acceptance has not
been received. Come boys, faintheart
never won fair lady.
Choice candies at Hunter Palmer’s.
Y. M. cTa. Social.
The Y. M. C. A. will give a social
next Tuesday evening at the associa
tion rooms. A musical and literary
program will be given in the gymnas
ium hall, beginning at 8 o’clock. The
remainder of the evening will be given
to social enjoyment. The fact that all
entertainments given by the associa
tion are well attended is a guarantee
that the rooms will be crowded on this
occasion. All friends of the associa
tion are cordially invited to be present.
New Country Sorghum.
G. R. Tanner & Son.
A Change of Name.
The Composers Club met for the last
time Tuesday night. Hy an action of
last meeting the club will, hereafter, be
known as the Wednesday Musical Club
and will meet Wednesday mornings
The oflicers elected are:
President, Miss Briggs;
Vice-President, Miss Leila Brown;
Recording Secretary, Mrs. Maupln;
Corresponding Secretary, Miss Dale;
Treasurer, Mrs. Agnes B. Stewart;
Program Committee, Mrs. Gibson,
Misses Mackin and Briggs.
A Neighborly Far or.
The Record is Indebted to Editor
Mingay for tlie use of the large Clipper
press, on which this week’s edition was
printed. When only a few copies had
been printed an accident happened to
our press which compelled us to ask the
favor so freely given by our neighbor.
Buy a Sweeper cigar, as you get a
chance on the Oraphopbone at Hunter
Aaywt swill food bedroom
Mdtooruy part of bedroom furni
ture or bedding, call at Central hotel.
I wi sell them cheap.
“Unde” Tom hsslsgtos.
There ere faoea light end feir. end of derker
beeuty rare.
There ere facea thet ere medium, thin end
And the man who cannot find Juat the girl
faoe to hia mind
la moat certainly a too fastidious chump.
I have pinned my lore to one. falreat face
beneath the ann.
And to love that winning face 1*11 never
Not a man on all the earth but appreciates
its worth -
’Tie the face upon the twenty-dollar pleoe.
— Drnvbr Post.
— ■
Misf Mallie Cumberford, of Edgerton,
Missouri, is the guest of friends i>
“Canon City Illustrated” by J. C
Kicker, at Hunter Palmer’s.
Its a Ccifton boy who sings, “There’s
but one girl, at a time, in all the world,
for me.”
Late books, papers and magazines at
Mrs. II. E Starbird, a former resident
of Cation now living in Deliver, is a
guest of Mrs. (J. It. Shaeffer.
Small pill, safe pill, best pill, DeWitt’s
Little Early Kisers cure biliousness,
constipation, sick headache.—Hunter
There will be a meeting of the Cation
City Medical Society at the office of Dr.
Phelps, Monday, at 8 d. ra., October 18tlk
M. E. Phelps, Sec.
That downward cast and meek conn
tenance carried of late by Banker Kay*
nolds is not caused by either shame or
meditation. Its jast a common little
boil on tiie back of his neck.
You can’t cure Consumption but you
can avoid it and cure every other form
of throat or lung trouble by the use of
One Minute Cough Cure.—Hunter
Have you purchased your tickets for
the Pursuit race ? it is likely the grand
stand will be full, and as the tickets are
limited to the number of seals, those
who buy early will be sure of a resting
Koyal Ilubbell, photographer, will
be at home Nov. 1st. Best photos at
fair prices. Frames at half price. 44-tf
Car load of wheat just received. Call
and get our prices.
IIanuy & McGee Mercantile Co.
Try the Wet Mountain Valley Cream
ery Butter at Handy & Met lee Mer.
Co’s. Best in the state.
Stationery to suit you at Whipple’s.
For good creamery blitter at 2U and
25 cents go to
The Brown Mercantile Co.
Go to Handy & McGes Mer
Co. for Grape Baskets.
Best work, loweHt prices.—John i>e
noon, barber.
Lost or Mislaid.
Policy No. 15082, issued by The Penn
Mutual Life Insurance Company, on
the life of John M. Davidson. The
tinder will please return it to the under
signed, Application has been made
for the issuing of a duplicate.
leiirn) John M. Davidson,
[Address] Florence, Colo.
(First publication Sept. Pith. Last
publication Oct. 21st.)
Precinct ( on veuI ion
A meeting of the Populist party for
Precinct No 1 is cal ed for Thursday
night, at the Court House, to nominate
precinct officers for the ensuing elec
tiou. F. E. Thomas, Chairman.
New Buckwheat,
New Maple Syrup.
G. R. Tanner & Son.
Patronize your home merchants. See
our line of suitings to measure.
One hundred stylish Trimmed Hats
to be sold at greatly reduced prices
for one week, beginning Saturday,
October i6th, at Mrs. King’s, 306
Main street.
Ben Stage, the shoe cobbler, who
saves you money, will re open his
Third street shop Nov. 1st. 44-tf
J. M. Thirswend, of Grosbeck, Texas,
says that when he has a sjtell of indi
gestion. and feels had and sluggish, he
takes two of DeWitt’s Little Early
Kisers at night, and he is all right the
next morning. Many thousands of
others do the same thing. Do you? —
Hunter Palmer.
We are now m-king Apple
Barrels, Kindly call and leave
your orders so we can have
them ready for you when need
ed, Handy & McGee Mer. Co.
Tor Infanta and Children.
* ssL
Thu Atlantic Tea Co. lias opened a
very attractive tea atore at SIS Main
street. The company does business
here and at Cripple Creek. The trees
urer and secretary, Charles F. Black,
has personal management of this store.
He is a pleasant gentleman and takes
pleasure in showing customers around
bis store. The company only handle ;
teas, coffees and spices. An advertise- i
ment appears elsewhere in this Issue.
Lung Troubles end Consumption Csn
be Cured.
An Eminent New fork Chemist and
Scientist Makes s Free Offer
to Our Reader*.
The distinguished chemist, Mr. T. A
Slocum, of New York City, demonstra
ting his new discovery of a reliable
cure for Consumption (Pulmonary Tu
berculosis), bronchial, lung and chest
troubles, stubborn coughs, catarrhal
affections, general decline and weak
ness, los‘s o 4 f tlesh, and all conditions of
wasting away, will send Three Free
Bottles (all different) of his New
Discoveries to any atllicted reader of
this paper writing for them.
llis “New Scientific Treatment” has
cured thousands permanently by its
timely use, and he considers it a simple
professional duty to suffering humanity
to donate a trial of his infallible cure
Science daily develops new wonders,
and this great chemist, patiently exper
imenting for years, has produced results
as beneficial to humanity as can be
claimed by any modern genius. His
assertion that lung troubles and con
sumption are curable in any climate is
proven by “heartfelt letter’s of grati
tude,” tiled in his American and Kuro-
IHfHii laboratories in thousands from
those cured in all parts of the world.
The dread Consumption, iiuinter
rupted. meanss)ieedy and certain eath
Simply write to T. A. Slocum, M. C
98 Pine street, New York, giving post
office and express add res*, and the free
medicine will be promptly sent direct
from his laboratory.
Suffers should take instant advan
tage of his generous proposition.
Please tell the Doctor that you saw
this in the Caflon City Kpuxmn. 28-52
There is no need of little children
being tortured by scaly heads, eczema,
and skin eruptions. DeWitt's Witch
Hazel Salve gives instant relief and
cures permanently.—Hunter Palmer
Warning—Persons who suffer from
coughs aud colds should heed the warn
ings of danger and save themselves
suffering and fatal results by using
One Minute Cough (hire. It is an in
fallible remedy for coughs, cold*, croup,
and all throat and lung troubles.-11 uu
ter Palmer.
Letter List.
Advertised letters for the week end
ing October 10, 1897:
Adamson, Mrs. Mary
American Heating Co. (2)
Arnold, W. W.
Forg, Mrs. Ella (2)
Hart. Frank
Hurd, ('has. A.
McFarlm. Miss Kiln
Mtiaheflield, Mrs. C.
Boss, .1 W.
Shepard, Mrs. Ilarrv
White, Mrs It L.
Wilson, .larnes
Wilson, Louie
B. F. Siiakkku. I*. M.
.1 <*. Barry, one of the best known
eltizens of spencer, Missouri, !eslifle>
that In* cured himself of the wori>t kind
of piles by using a few boxes of IH»
Wilt's Witch Hazel Salve. He had
been troubled with piles for over thirty
yeirs and had used many different
kinds of so called cures; but DeWitt’s
was the one that did the work'and he
will verify tbis statement if anv one
wishes to write him.— Hunter Palmer
Disfigurement for I f** bv burns or
scalds may be a oided bv using D< -
Witt’s Witch II izel Salv , the great
remedy f.»r piles aud for all kinds « f
sore* and skin troubles.—llouter Pel
New ami Improved Train Sortie*.
Denver to California in two days
Two daily fast trains to Kansas City
and Chicago.
Seven hours quicker lime to New
Mexico, El Paso ami Mexico.
These are Home of die improvements
otTered t«» Colorado travelers by the
Santa Fe railroad.
The through sleeping and chair rai
service has also been extended. Fred
Harvey’s dining cars and houses are
too well known and liked to need men
doing east, west or south from Colo
rado the best route is l be Santa Fe.
Excellent, local service between Den
ver, Colorado Springs, Pueblo and
For information and reservations
call on any agent or address
J. P. If a i.l. tieneral Agent,
39-47 1700 Lawrence St., Denver.
Yt IVB gentlemen or ladles to travel for
responsible, established house In Colorado.
Monthly 90ft. and expenses. Position steady.
Reforenoe. Enclose self-addressed stamped
envelope. The Dominion (‘oiopsny, Dept. Y
For Manufacturing Apple Product.
Making cider, per gal 80.
.Scalding “ ‘ '• 3c.
Preserving and claillying cider, per
gal Ic.
Making cider Jelly, per gal 25c.
“ “ ayrnp or boiled cider,
per gal 20c.
Making apple butler, per gnl 20c.
Including sugar and all spice, eLc., fur
nished at the above prices.
Not leas than 500 lb*, of apples for
one pressing.
Apples taken in exchange for work
at 25c. |ier cwt.
All apples must be delivered at fac
tory, corner of Water and Eleventh
streets; two blocks east of D. St It. U.
R. K. depot, old Canillng Factory.
f- N
1 New Goods j
j 1
a stock of Footwear. You may see just
O what you want. •
# 4
| |
| Steel School Shoes— ?
I t
For boys are the best made.
* *
Three Opinions: ?
•'The CHICAGO RECORD Is a model
■ newspaper in every sense of the word.” —
Harrisburg (Pa.) Call.
“There is no paper published In America
that so nearly approaches the true journal
istic ideal as The CHICAGO RECORD.”—
From ••Newspaperdom” (New York).
“/ have come to the firm conclusion, after
a long test and after a wide comparison
with the journals of many cities and coun
tries, that The CHICAGO RECORD comes
as near being the idea / dally journal as we
are for some time likely to find on these
mortal shores.”— Prof. .1. T. Hatfield in
The Evanstoti (III.) Index.
Sold by nc;vodi,..lers everywl:ere and subscriptions
received bj all postmasters. Address THE CHI
CAGO nECOrtO 10, *•’
You can’t afford to risk vour life by
allowing a cold to develop into pneu
moriia or confuimption. Instant relief
itnl a certain cure are afforded by One
Minute Cough Cure.--Hunter Calmer
i International i
Aw(y«tor fifths “ Unobrtdga&
Thm Omm Great Standard Authority, '
So write* Hon. I>. J. llmnr,
JuUfli I . H. SnimiM load 1
j COMMMdctf
. invaluable
*P I*o hfHUhoM, ami to i
Ota Iwwiiff, icbnur, pr>»
f«ri‘"‘*l man, and *rl(-
O H l«M»r UflMi tIM WW4 wwrta.
( 1 Hla —ay to —certain Uw pwmrtotlin.
It Xamaay to tnco th« irtwth at m want.
It b • may to Ittn what • word ■ua.
The Detroit Free Fream any at—
The t*nahrMpaif ha* lon* bon the efamUnl tmonc
Uwian mnklnp r.mataiil n«e of n du-iwnarr ThS 1
1 ntxmiiuomu la our oia frwnd ami MaiMMnr ntwil
amt nxpamted to nwwt the of our arowl—
i , Innanaire ua alvudiw «IrUixatlon. • • The
, C whole fcia liorn nuufflo reflrrt tb*- xifnllflrUtoaeht
of theday, nml 11.0 latent ami l«iiiumofih«Uß.
K'UMt" that now enclrclaa Un ak.be.-Sor, 11, ML
The Chicago Tlmem-Herald mayor— ' '
o | J
Y affpeon male*lC^fmi Vll JST" odtotar- ,
A RP“Spedmen page* aent on application to |
0 O.JkC. M ERR lAM CO.. Pn bUabmra, ,
X Springfield, Mama., V.S.A. \
9 anrixntedlUrma. i
“Scenic Line ofinewoiif
Saa ohau *H tha prlnoipai towns and min*
ln« amp• In Ooloratfo, Utah and
Now Masioo.
m bouts ts sas rssa ••cirtc oomt.
AO Uirough trains equipped with Pullman Palaoe
and Tourist Klrrpmg Car.
For elegantly Illustrated descrlptir* books free
of cost, address
bVianlballfr. fndiiann. QalP.At.Aft
Prosperity is here. Loosen
your purse-string am!
east. Take the Burlington's
"Vestibuled Flyer.' if the
best is what you want.
Denver 9:M f*. m fur nmahs Qfcl*
riKt. Kinui Clty-Hi Louis AU, points
end south. Ticket* at ..fflc... of con
necting lines.
O. W. Vallery. Oeneral A rent.
lim 17!b H .. Denver.
The Rock lalnml la foremost in s«l iptii.**
•ojr plan calculate*! to Improve speed and
•P** that luxury, safety am! comfort that the
popular patronage demands.
.•qulpment I* thoroughly complete with
Vaatlbulsd Trait a
Pttllmnn Sleepers. Ohalr Cara, all the moat
elegant and of recently Improved patterns.
Ita specialties are
Fast Time,
Courteous Employes
First Class Equipment and
First Class Service Given.
For full particulars am to Tickets. Maf>».
Ticket In
address t * <> * ,ute *' ( ■•»*»nda or Mexico, or

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