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Fremont County* Again Takes an
Honorable Stand Among Repub
lican Counties of the State.
Every Repwllcan Candidate ys the
County Ticket Elected Except
Superintendent of Schools.
Tuesday ended one of tin* hardest
fought political battles that ever oc
curred m Fremont county. Only two
county tickets were in the Held. The
Republican and Mlver Republican
against the Democrat-Populist The
light on the |uul of the Populists was 1
a hard and bitter one. They started
ir. by Claiming everything and made
every legitimate effort Io meet their
claims, but fate and the Republican
party were against them. The story of
“flow It Happened"* we will leave for
the Florence Refiner to tell.
The blow was a nurd one and it
almost killed some of the opposition.
They had never cousidered the propo
sition of the success of the entire
Republican ticket and were not pre
pared for what came. The vote over
the county was «|uite light though it
showed a great Increase for the Repub
lican party. Two years ago when
qiany Democrats voted the Republi
can ticket the majorities ranged from
40U against to 3m) in favor of the Rep
ublicans. This year when the l*opu
lists and Democrats worked together
the majorities ranged from 12 to 750
for Republican candidates.
The election of Tuesday marks an
epoch In the (Kilitioal history of Fre
mont county. That day witnessed the
passing of the Populist party from the
political powers in tills county. It is
more than a victory for the Republi
cans- it is the sealing of the doom of
the opp4>ftltiou for some time to come.
Every candidate on the Republican 1
r- rl•*!*•*] “ ; *■ *■ .=• »r*«*S!?«SSCSSS3S« I 8 “ 8 i B j K ! 8 8 £3 -i | t
lljili, {S MiS r PI ‘Milf M ! 11 i# 1 } ti'lf iMr
!*!* lil J I ! Pi ; ; Mil f ;i M ! pi I ! ! Ml I fji ;
III! 5 * i I'll ;: I i i I I I II | i Mi |i I ill ijj£ h i! j:
Supreme Jmtttv. I ! 1 1 I j \ —— * \ ~i
William 11. (iabliert, I*. 1), etc. »> 155 186 118 138 234 33 531 39 18 8 84 S 3 23 15 32 2! 131 451 48 38 72 DO 8 18 SB *»{ ....
H ft. i.9*.. <*» 552 Mtj 227 154 163 8; 4sj 34 «2340 9 tj 18 • 143 1$ 34 S' MX W * S I!" W.:Y. .... "i! IS 302
£*e i'liampion. DJ?H, 75 169 133 161 133 154 5 21; 14 13 13 29 6 14... 14 6 83 off 18 33. IM 14 H in *4 ini w.
Janim T. Locke, 1* 104 172 lift, 148 m 169 30 46; 48 9 10 12 34 12 14 32 26 146 801 S 3 » 71 88 i t 8 3 i«uf it*
j4wuutomro.it 42 -8 138 108 u 3124 7so2»Sj #| 2I! 41i i i t S'# IJ »“S 1 « S:::: i.:: SS
Alfred llttrfee, IM> 102 201 2211 172 1401 234 32 72 64 16 II 20 Sol 33 4 24 28 162 69 89 38l 86 93 12 17 41 & 15 in alii
hH. It 122 232 256! 228 I«>] 195 IS 31 S 3 101 23 «S| 7131 S S 3 4 133 10? 36 30 43 29 16 4 M « ,fj $ll 111 j»H »
Allan K. Alexander, P, 1',..;. 74 131 182 104 112 236 27; 01 87 8 11 24 S 3 20 3 29 33 116 34 39 34. 72 95 6 4 SI 2 34 la is!
J,,k ' B 153 283 319 228 Itwj 204 18 3»j 21 15 22 37 11 14 14 21 V 172 iS 36 46 63 27 22 17 WO MM 22 ill 1?1111 S| ffii T1
Wm. 1.. Hawkins. It, Blt 133 276 295 268 188* 362 12 66 78 7 19 3»| It ISi 7 18 9 148 13? 24 43 62 M 90 H M ..
■tame..stewart.i-.ii 80 ia« 1571«9 im| 196 sj ; 45 27 it i 4 si is; 834 2s| I*l 34 £SiS? * 7 S 2 mm :::::: »' IS:::: mm©
Henry Idoed.S 11. K 134 274 284 174 142 174 1» 4lj 40 17 22 391 14 11; 13) 101 7 Itoj 119 18 St! 59 19 23 18 99 14 ill m , u ,
84 «•» * •« m » « •» * >i » si w! s 34 m iS! 4« k “ S 9i 1 i SI::: «
K. F. Jewett, 811. R.... . I» 241 292 17U 127 KS 19 37 30 7 18 IB II Iti 11 12 4 Itli 144 34 48i 48 M la 11 m
» 174 818 177 379 24 «i 4i wi>Soi»SSi?!S‘S s « S S if *1 S I::: n| » S:::: a!::: ::::|SSi •
Vaidry A. Ilotlun, BK, R.... 126 227 2SO; 194 143 196 12 42 44 7 18 42) 13 12 2 19 7 148 89 39 SSi 43 M 92 1 m ta. ,i lIMI
Um SL~: P ' h -\ 91 191 224 j 198 169 332 33 H7| 14 17 14 til 29 29] 14 39 38 in 5 S 37 98 97 *6 I4j SU" 111: » 18 ".i; fS;*” ""ffl ,»
JampalTFreeman P, !> 92 Ml 194 138 117 208 ssj 43| 38 18 13 S 3 30 it IS SI 94 111- 41 43 41 74 4 II 19 ■ mi ,
C.R Nlee«b,Bll,ft. .. xSj 398 240 195 137 t77| It S»I19 31 13 111 31141M1U314744 Sj iH 9 M U
UU d a|::r::::
Adelaide Th^ i *S)^Stli id a& to Texaa Alia Visu.
county ticket with the one exception.
Superintendent of Schools, has been
elected by majorities ranging from 16
up to 750. The complete returns from
*ll the. precincts are not in, still enough
lias been learned to make this much an
assured fact. No victory so complete
and effective has been gained by the Re
publicans since the Populist party came
in vogue, and the victory is greater be
cause the PopulDt party had the
combined and united aid of the 700 to
900 (?) boasted Democrats of the
county. Judge Hayt has carried the
county by something over 202 and Jas.
T. Lock by 419. Even many of the
precinct officers are Republican. In
ration City M. S. Adams was elected
justice of the peace and Geo. Gregory
constable. In South Canon John Storm
and Thos. Prescott justices of the peace
and W, L. Burton constable. The win
! net* on the comity ticket are:
I Clerk—Jos. W .\lilsom, R 20
I Treus —Goo, R. Caasedv. it .. 585
j Sheriff—W. L Hawkins, R...-. 750
Assessor—Henry Lloyd, U 126
Commissioner —E. F. Jewett, R.... 12
! Supt. Schools- Jas. Woods, P0p.... 120
I Surveyor—C. E. Nicholls. R
Coroner—J. A. Baker, R 561
i The Republican Party Whu AM Over
the east art la naay Wart
era Pieces*
Taking it all in all tht general elec
tion this year is a Republican victory.
: In Ohio the Republicans have the legis
lature on joint ballot. Maryland goes
Republican by a safe majority, giving
the legislature to the U. O. I*. lowa
given a safe Republican vote and the
New Jersey legislature is Republican
by 21 ou joint ballot. rCkuveland will
not be l.'. b. Senator lhi* year.) Repub
lican* elect a Governor of Maaaach-
Unett* by nearly 10U,t«K) majority. Re
turns sboar there are still some Popu
list* in Kalian*, though tbe Republicans
made bis wins. The Republicans will
have eight or ten of the thirteen Dis
trict Judge*. The Republican major
ity is large in Pennsylvania Virginia
still remains Democratic and Kentucky
looks a little Democratic. Much at
teution in tlie east centers on Greater
New Vork. Judge Robt. V. VantVyck,
the Tammany candidate, was elected
Mayor by a safe majority.
In our uwn state of Colorado all is
well. Tlie populist party haa received
an “under cm" they will not soon for
get Fremont set the state a good ex
ample, electing all Republicans save
Superintendent of bcbooia. The latest
reports indicate the election of Judge
Oabberl, tlie Populist candidate for
Supreme Judge of the state, altough
the official count may decide in favor
of Judge Charles 1). Hayt. It is not cer
tain whether l.ock, Populist, or Cham
pion, Democrat, is elected District
Attorney of this the Eleventh District.
John 11. Meserve, the straight Republi
can candidate, will have about fifteen
hundred votes in the district, over a!
thousand of which was given him in
Fremont county.
Lake county elects a full ltepubiieau
ticket. In Montrose the Fopnlist pin
ralities have been greatly reduced. La
Plata goes Democratic: I'itkiu Popu
list, ss usual. Weld county electa some
BepubUcans. Logan divides up be
tween several parties. Las Animas
goes Democratic but R K. Ross, Re
publican candidate for District Attor
ney, Is probably elected. I'ueblo elects
a straight republican ticket.
The mountain counties as a rule went
Populist, still the Republicans win,,
after Jan. Ist, have more of the county
officers over the state than they have
had before in many years.
It is remarkable indeed how much
ignorance still prevails in regard to the
Australian ballot system. It would be
difficult to determine just the number
of people who do not vote as they in
tend, but it is certain that many mis
takes are made and frequently people
rote for those they hare no intention
of supporting or perhaps his Tote for a
friend cannot be counted because of
eoutlicting marks. There is no excuse
for such ignorance. Sample ballots
may always be had for the asking and
lists of nominations are always pub
lished in several papers of the county.
Every voter should know for whom
they intend to vote and where it is
necessary to place the X on the ticket
before they go to the polls. The booth
at the polls is not a place in which to
make up one's mind for whom they
will vote.
The commonest mistakes are made
by those who should know better
Voters who are able to read the papers
should know that they cannot ask the
judges for help while in the booth.
They should know that if they mark
an X opposite an emblem that they
should not make another mark on the
ticket. If they desire to rote for some
persons on each ticket they ought to
know that they should mark no emb
lem but only each candidate for whom
they intend to rote. Host people know
enough to put the X In the liiUs square
space to the right of the emblem or of
the candidate’s name for whom they
desire to vote, but some do not. These
mistakes ere not numerous, still some
such occur each year at all polling
placet. In the election of Tuesday some
rotes were oust for the Silver Demo
cratic party. Such a ballot was a vote
forjudge tiabbart and for no other
man aa no county candidates were on
that ticket. Some voted for the Social
ist Labor party, emblem the square,
and those votes were oounted only for
Nathan L. driest for Supreme Judge.
There were other emblems marked that
cast s vote for no more than one per
son. Some of these st least were un
doubtedly mistakes. Next election
! every one who is not familiar with the
process of voting should acquaint
themselves with a sample ballot and
they will be modi better prepared to
i exercise Intelligently the most valued j
; prerogative of an American citizen.
The went thing for the defeated
tide about a campaign, is the num
ber of disagreeable reminders left on
hand after the election la ever. For
instance, A. F. Alexander has a quan
tity of cards bearing his photograph
with some information about hie candi
dacy, which be will find hard to dispoee
' of. D. J. Houston, late chairman of
the Populist committee, has a quantity
of cheap literature on hands that will
haunt him while it remains unburned.
The erratic Canon City correspondent
of the Florence lietiner will be con
stantly reminded that his effusions
seemed to lose his party more rotes
than they gained. Such Hash is not
often infitiential. The lietiner itself
has on its tiles many articles and edi
torials that will worry and disturb the
peace of its gentlemanly editor many a
night in the future. The worst thing
about writing such stuff is that it. is
never forgotten. The Xews and tiorge
have said little on the subject of local
politics and therefore have made few
mistakes- -their lack of seal may prsy
upon their minds somewhat.
Tub eagle as an emblem was strictly
on top Tuesday. The straight eagla
volea in Cafion were 170 and Florence
178, and all over the county in propor
tion. The vote for John B. Meeerve,
Republican candidate for District At
tomey, shows to some extent what the
straight Republican vote in the county
is. His vote is now 947 and seven pre
cincts to hear from, lit will have
nearly 1100 voters in the county.
Xow that election is over we will
have our exchange editor begin to
open our exchange again. There isn’t
much fun in reading papers from
strange communities when they con
tain nothing but local ptiaUna and par
baps the list of nominations.
The gold reserve in the treasury has
passed shove the 9150,000,000 mark.
Under the last administration it was
below soro and the government was
issuing bonds to raise money for tlya
general expenses.
It is sare to assert that no (own in
the state baa better sidewalks and
poorer crossings than Caftou.pV- Uet
us begin to improve by putting in
stone crossings opposite the puetofflee.
The High School Yell is one of the
progreeeive (Mon City papers. It now
claims to have “more reading matter
than any other*—that is than any other
paper in the High School.
Let us have stone crossings on Main
street at least.
| Bear in Mind the Fact that |
Our Discount Sale
* * 8 only for a few days, anti be in a hurry about that *
f Cape or Jacket. I
t Frank L. Smith, j
Tiik United States still pays pen
sions to fifteen wives or daughters of
soldiers in the Revolutionary war.
World alat Ilka It ssed to be—colder skies
la May:
Sumner ain't so sweet tome: The little
one's away.
Wish the birds s-singing coaid reach the
oaea that roam;
Wish the sweet bells ringing could ring my
darling heme!
Sit here la the enaehlee. soloma-Uke. and
Morelag glorias peeping la where once she
need to be;
They lored her little window, with the blos
some and the lights;
Oars her a glad goad storming. kissed her
sweet good high to 1
Sit here la the darkness, when no winds the
m sglos stir.
And hear the elloaee singing a and. sweet
aoagof her;
I know the liHee dream of her. with her the
Aad saaSowers shine tike dowers of gold
aad loan to light bar hems.
World ain't what It seed to be—skies are
sold aad may:
Sommer ain't an asset to mo: The little
oma*a away!
Wish tin birds s-alsglag eoeid reach the
ones that roam:
VUItllMMllMW «wld rl.* mr
~r. L mnw k llhaVe CoMIlUioa.
Min la MaekkoMm.
\otice is lunl); giwo that the regu
lar annas! meetfnjgbf the stockholders'
of The Uneoln Park Crooked Ditch
Cc. will be held at the l.mcoln l*»rk
school house Dec. 6th, 1M7, at 7 o'clock
ft, in. to elect lire directors end levy an
assessment and to transact any other
business that may come before said
B. U. Woodford. Sec.
(Xov. 4th to SSth.)
Ji. T. Hand, Notary Public.
To save money sad annoyance have
your fall suits made at Bethel's.
Reward, $25.00!
('anon Citt, Coto, Nor. 3, 1887.
Ily vote of the Common Counoil of
IhU City, a reward of twenty-flve dol
lars is hereby offered for the furnishing
of testimony which shall result in the
arrest and conviction of the person or
persons who injured buildings, side
walks, glass fronts or signs in this city
on the evening of Saturday, October 30.
1807. Janes J. Cone, Mayor.
• ~ ....... ", „. i
Record Want Column.
- ~ ' " .
“Help WaateO” *n<l “Situation* Wan
l«lw Ads. Free in thin
_ Hatb—Ono OMt for each word first Is—r
tion; kwlf —nt —cfa tub—quest Is—rtloa-*
FOB R 8 ST—Pour room house, good bsrn
—d large poultry house with sixty sores,
rmaae fefloed In. for rent, cheap. s. H. At
FOB SALK OR T BADE. —>60-sc re Moua
{**■ ranch In cultivation. Huerfano oounty. ;
—ll or trade for Canon City property.
This offloe. M-4t
MONEY TO LOAN —at I per cent on real
eatate security. Enquire at Record office, w
FOB BALB —A good family horse, with
IwifT s*d harness. Bnoonn oflics.
808 RALE. —A slg*roon brick hon— and
kMk room. J lots. ttxiß feet. —t to fralt in
tMdrins. Good stable and chicken honnn.
Wes SLMO. cost SL4OU. This office- tf.
Losr. —Ladles' gold watch and chain on
Main street. Return to Record office. 47-at
FOB BENT.—Choice furnished rooms. 3M
Msoon avenue. Call earty.
FOB SALE. —A good family driving horse
—d Jersey oow. cheap. Mrs. J. T. Parker.
7V7 Qreenwood avenue. tT-St
to occut*y furnlahet^room
WANTED —Qlrl for general house work.
Apply Mrs. Jordan. Cor 10th and Macon
Avenge. 47-*t.
FOB SALE—Several nice tracts of orchard
and frail I—da at bargain pricea.
Dm DsWnnaa-
FOB MALE. —A span of good hors—, har
ness and wagon. I running gears newj, one
fine flltey, one mower, one rake, ploogh.
cultivator, corn mIU, corn planter, a stack
of excellent hay. a two-thirds later—t la
pern prop in shock, forka and many other
•rdplea. Price. NB For particulars write.
fT-a* Owaa W uluams. Eldred. Colo
; FOB Salk OB RENT— Four new brick
! cottages In desirable part of city.
! H. L. Annan.
BOARD—First-class board and rooms may
be bad by calling on Mrs. H. R. Nelson, nt
fIU Msoon avenue. tf
FOB RALE—A borne place, consisting ol
two and n half lots in Atwater's Addition,
with neat —vea-room brick boose. A bar
gain at PBt Apply for information at
■Scots offloe.
FOB BENT.—Five desirable brick houses;
nil with water and oellars; some with barns
—d some with desirable garden tracts- Call
nt Fremont County Bank for particulars.
FOB SALE. —One new pressed brick, A
room house, on fenced lot 44x130, hydrant
| water and set to fruit, for iljmu Small pay
ment down, balance on long time at 8 per
cent- Call at Fremont Countv Bank. 11-tf.
IVB gentlemen or ladies to travel for
responsible, established hon— in Colorado.
Monthly MS. aud expenses. Position steady.
Reference. Enclose self-addressed stamped
envelope. The Dominion Company. Dept. Y
Lane Troubles and Consumption Cun
be Cured.
An Emiueut Sew Turk Chemist ami
Srienti.it Makes a Free Offer
tu Oar Readers.
The distinguished chemist, Mr. T. A
Slocum, of New York City, demonstra
ting his new discovery of a reliable
eure for Consumption (Pulmonary Tu
berculosis), bronchial, lung and chest
troubles, stubborn coughs, catarrhal
affections. general decline and weak
ness, loss of tlesh. and all conditions uf
wasting away, will send Tiikke Fiutx
Hottlbs (all different) of his New
Discoveries to any afflicted reader of
this paper writing for them.
Ills “New Scientific Treatment" has
cured thousands permanently by its
timely use, and he considers it a simple
professional duty to suffering humanity
to donate a trial of his infallible cure
Science daily develops new wonder*,
and this great chemist, patiently exper
imenting for years, has produced results
as beneficial to humanity as nan be
claimed by any modern genius His
assertion that lung troubles mat eon
gumption are curable in any chmata is
proven by “hearllelt letters of grati
tude," died in bis American and Eure
pean laboratories in thousands from
those cured in all parts ol the world.
The dread Consumption, uninter
runted, mesne speedy and certain < oath.
Simply write to T. A. Stoeiim, 11. C
W Pine street. New Y'urtt, giviaw post
office ami ax ureas address, and the free
medicine will be promptly sent direct
taste ol his generous
Please tefi the Doctor that yen saw
this In the laden nt» Hmxmp. M
New and anbby hats. —M.
| ProJe*»ionaf GarSj. |
*-. JKt V KK*.
OrnoK:—Over Fremont Ccoiiti Ptb|
Physician and Surgeon.
Offlde Hours-—9-11 a. m., 1-4 p. m- a areal an.
Office over Beecher's drag store.
Pallors over Beecher** Drag Ttin. MVM
Fourth sad Mala ■lras ---
Pkjstel— ssd Surges*.
°®«« *■ Wearer 4k Boad Uosk: re—4****
Oreeeswood h« Bt.. Oaaoa City. (Me
Dr. frank n. carrier
Proapt ssteattou to eight calls.
Office. Kootns l aad 2, Beak Block. IhaUna.
Mein rtceet. OUloe h*mis-»to 11*7—171
to 4 and 7 to 9 j». m.
Phjralclaa aad^Surgesa.
Office, Haadj A McGee hAoak. OflSee —M
• to 10a.m.; a tor p. «Msiitafifil
Baaldeaoe. Bffi Maia S-e—^<SSrTßs|Cit
• Are kite— ■— BaiMl TB|Biik»
Plaaa « Hpsdflastl—a.
-MHce, Butto** BAk. sth BL. CABOB Cm. O***
DR. GEIGER, KtouftS—.
E*p«t Operator.
ju eldrrd,
Office with Jo*, h. Maapia. OoUeetlaw *
Phjr.idaa sad Surpseu.
Office and raakieooe Truer. At— 4dot
We— of Camber lead Prashgter—a Cfcatch.
Hoars: 8 to 9 A. M.; 2 to 4 aad V « P. M
! Merchant Tailors
SIS Stein St.
When you need anything in im« tlna
call and aee us.
tint mum in aiiim
Prepared to do toijinririas ia *ll
VICTO*. . Colobado.
Sixth street. oppoalto Nswtos Tiblst Tm 4
Contractor and Baiidsr,
Pinns and Specifications Promptly
furnished, with cost of construction.
A. C. JENSSN, Prop.
If you are going to build and need
brick, dont fail to see us.
Yard. la South Oaaoa. balow las at. nil, ■
a. s. NICHOLS.
Undertaker f Funeral Director
Embalming a Specialty.
Omca-Maiu Sc. OppoJu. 81. Ckutd HetaL
Ktsmaxcs oir. Hirer Bh—, ""
Calls promptly attended to, night
or day.
la artek ana S«ana State.
' * ?*' ■
'f l ,
lies. College Are., bet. Mi and >7ta Ste
• • • PIUIII
• • . V , f>
NO. 4«

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