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Your Easter attire JJ j
Should be faultless, Should be up-to-date, and of course, \ ,
purchased at BETHEL’S. Make your selection at once from JaMrl' ~I
the finest and most complete -tack of ready to wear garments ♦ «.l|K |
ever shown in this county. There may be prices elsewhere *•, Vjlfs
as low as ours, but WE consider QUALI TY first and then
PRICE, and our qualities cannot be duplicated at our prices. 0 I
|=b)Men’sSpringSuits I|l
5; yv V EXTRA Special 100 medium weights, |||:| fIL
\ \\T ah wo °' cheviots and cassimers, CA 11*
Wl i\ - dark and light shades, guaranteed J «OU 1
worth $10.00; special for short time £ Jk Bj
Men’s Fine“r'Bi,"t wnh Men’s Fine Spring Suits.
single or double breated vests, new rt* -a AA Genuine pure Worsteds id neat <fe m m An L
cut. Actually worth and others g & |.UU j U-UU
would ask you 812.50. Our price ■■ ■ , , sold a |j over coun t r y foi $lB 00. I
for starter, only JL j Our price J&.
Boys’ Choice Spring Fashions.
You must see these goods to appreciate the stj le and economy shown in every garment.
The Spring Hats n<\ I „ . _.
for „co „c h.« i„ jfiK Sprm * Sh ° eS
all the desirable for flen. [j
shapes and colors. j-
Stetson’s celebrated Wjk handsome new sha P es I
soft and stiff hats, the mlffl and colors are now on sale |
Longley, best $3 hat ° Ur shoe de Parmcnt
in the world. Other "ST. V'w The celebrated Douglass
makes from $l.OO \ \\7 // «<§§f3| $ 2 -s°. s3.°° and $3.50 shoes
U P‘ j* are the best values in this
. „ TOP# state. See them.
See our stock of Fancy Shirts for 1900.
It Pays to Trade at
1 Real Estate, Insurance, Loans, Collections |
• We have the largest and best line of city and country property for sale $
® of any otlice in Fremont county. Z
2 Fremont County Bank, I Towner County Bank,
£ Caflon City, Colorado. | ('ando. North Dakota. 9
§ First National Bank, First National Bank, *
%. Caflon City. Colorado. | Newton, Kansas. g
Bert Me Daniel, who has been in
Denver a few weeks is back in Canon.
You should have the best flour that
skill can produce. “Crown Patent”
is the brand and it is guaranteed from
the first 'to the last pound in the
sack. Your grocer sells “Crown
Jim Wright came down from Crip
ple Creek, and spent Sunday in town.
Money to loan on real estate at 8
per cent, »y Woodford & Dawson.
Mrs. J. F. Harris of Pueblo, has
been visiting in this city during the
where to buy
at prices that will enable her to save
many a dollar for other things which
are dear to the feminine heart.
offers a fine line of Society and business
Writing Paper, Envelopes, and general
stationery. We consider no other stock
in town equals ours.
And our Book shelves are filled with
reading matter of all kinds from the
latest novel to the best educational
A strictly high Patent flour, white,
strong, clear, and pure. The “Crown
Patent” brand. Ask your grocer for
it. Every sack guaranteed.
Mrs. D. C Cramp ton is spending a
few days in Denver.
Go to headquarters for your Easter
outfit —BETHEL’S, of course. 14t2
<Mr. Kelly of Fruitmere is once
more about his duties after several
days sickness.
Fine line of refrigerator? cheap at
Ellis & Hood. tf
Dr. and Mrs. W. T. Little, have
been visiting in Colorado Springs,
since Sunday.
Easter hats, men’s and boys’,
BETHEL’S. 14t2
Frank Stewart returned to Cripple
Creek Saturday after several days
visit with Canon friends.
Fine line lawn mowers, Ellis &
Hood. tf
Married Tuesday by Justice Mc-
Donald, A J. Mullin and Miss Precilia
Parker both of Canon City.
Gasoline stoves! Yes we have
got them. Watson & Combs, 520
Main St. 14-3
Ja». H. Peabody was very ill last
week, ljut is again attending to his
duties as president of the First Na
tional Bank.
Easter neckwear BETHEL’S. 14t2
On Monday and Tuesday nights,
16th and 17th, Mr. C. J. Hall, a
( prominent lecturer of Buffalo, N. Y.,
I will lecture at the Baptist church.
Admission free.
. 5c to $5.00 Easter eggs at Miller’s.
I 13-3
1 French and horne-npade eggs at
Miller’s. 13-3
Buy your Lawn mowers and garden
Hose,at Watson & Combs,their prices
are all right. 520 Main St. 14-3
C. A. Biggs has been looking after
his interests in the south part of the
State for several days. He visited
Alamosa, Chama, N. M., and Espa
■ola, N. M.
The finest line of table cutlery in
the city at, Waston & Combs Hard
ware store, 520 Main St. 14-3
For the best of everything in meatu
call up phone 34-2. Weaver & Bond.
Engraved Visiting Cards.
We have made special arrangements with a large Eastern
Engraving house to give you the following low prices until
May ist.
Plate engraved and 100 cards - f i .00; regular price - $1.50
100 cards, you furnish plate - -75 c; regular price - 1.00
Business Cards, Weddings, Reception Monogram paper
etc., reduced in same proportion. Quality and work guaran
teed to be first class. Remember, these prices are only for
balance of April.
We have just received one hundred ready made frames
trom a large art house in Chicago. They are beauties and
come in all sizes and prices, much cheaper than they can be
made here, and by far superior. See our window display.
Janice Meredith is the latest thing in a Copley Print—
we have it, of course, and in different sizes. It would be a
swell thing for an Easter present. When you are looking
for anything new and up-to-date, remember
The City Book Store,
would be much pleasanter if the
family were fed on good, nutriti
ous foods. Bread is the staff of
life, and when it is made from
Crown Patent flour, that is made
from the choicest wheat and
ground by the best patent process,
you have white, nourishing and
delicious food that is tempting
and wholesome. Crown Patent
flour will give you better bread
than any flour milled. All gro
cers keep it. Take no other.
The annual meeting of the Woman’s
Auxiliary of Christ Church will be
held on Easter Monday, April 16th,
at 3 o’clock p. m. As the election of
officers for the ensuing year occurs
at this meeting, a large attendance is
desired. Harriet B. Bartleu, Secy.
To win a hearty welcome give your
friend one of Miller’s easter eggs. 5c
to $5.00 each. 13-3
Dr. B. 0. Aylesworth in his ad
dress at the opera house Saturday
night made a very favorable impres
sion on his large audience and added
much to his influence in Canon City.
His theme was “The Man and Woman
of Tomorrow,” and well did he handle
the subject.
We have the blue flame oil stoves,
best made, save heat and coal, Ellis
& Hood. tf
L. X. Kohlman, Jos. W. Miliom and
Dr. Naylor were down near Rocky
Ford last week shooting ducks. They
say that the sky was cloudy with
ducks, and they must have shot a
thousand at least, but owing to the
deep water in which the birds fell,
they only saved about two dozen.
Corn fed beef, and everything in
the meat line. Weaver & Bond. Phone
No. 34-2.
The bridge being put up across
Four-Mile down near the home of
Robert Gardner and Ben Steinmeyer,
took a tumble Monday and did con
siderable damage to itself as well
as to the workmen. Several were
bruised badly in the falk but none
seriously. Those who were hurt were
Harry Shepherd. Lee Cecile, Charles
Dutro, Harry Forbes, and Bert Smith
who saved himself by catching a
Go to N. H. Endsley, 622 River
side avenue, South Canon, fur Starks
trees and Otwell tree paint. 7tB
To New Residents.
In selecting your bakery shop, we
ask you to give us a trail. We take
a pride in the goods we sell. They
are made and sold on honor. Rocky
Mt. Bakery. 321 Main St.
Buy your Easter suit at BETHEL’S.
For Ladies, Men and Children. Largest line in Canon City,
and prices Guaranteed way below anybody.
IIS'III'I! MINHV it is » fact that tha Imp. Sll()ES--Oe»re«oleaBent»fi«rthecelebrat»d]liunllton
we hive far ex.-eU anv othir line Rt (Mon As t! Brown "hop ami have a complete line for ladica, men,
prices we do not need to say milch about them', as the hmvv'.h.rns'at'm.'if nH*” cloSi " tt out “ U "* »t raeu'i
fact is demonstrated hy the amount of these goods we heavy shoes at halt price.
sell, that the prices are below all others. HOSIER! —He carry the best hosiery In tlicoutity for
........ , . , ladies, children and men. 'from Be a pair up to 50c.
A LAD! from Denver, looking at our underwear, Haid Anything you want can be had with us. We have the
that we sold cheaper than Apple s Hig More at Denver. celebrated Rough Rulers' hose for hoys which NEVER
GOWNS at 45c,48c,68c, 68c, 75c. 98c, #l.lB and up to 81.98 wear out.
ami upward. Any price you want, and we’ll guarantee SHIRT WAISTS —Our line of shirt waists is by far the
to give you better value than anyone else. prettiest and showiest line anywhere. All styles and
Drawers, Corset Covers, Skirts, etc., at any price you colors. Prices from BOc up.
may mention. In corsets and corset waists we carry Featherbone and
F. P. These are a well known line and give general
SUMMER UNDERWEAR—We are always in line with good satisfaction. Prices BOc, 75c and $l.OO, gray*
a good, complete stock of summer gause vests and black or white.
pants. You can_ And everything in this line at our LATEST NOVELTIES—We are receiving every day
store, price from oc upas high as you want to go We new novelties in in ladies* neckwear, belts, hair orna
have silk vests at ,10c. \\ hoever heard of that before . ments. handkerchiefs, etc. We have the new pulley
MEN’S COLORED SHIRTS -Without a doubt we can belts and ties. These are the very newest things out.
show you more different shirts than anyone else. We we nave tnem at ail prices.
have the biggest BOc line ever heard of -all colors, with NOTIONS AND LEATHER ROODS—We have every
detached or attached collars. We have other shirts at thing in the notion and leather goods line and at prices
all prices up to $3.00. that can t be beat.
SUN BONNETS Have a large line of bonnet* 111 cham- LACEs\ EMBROIDERIES, All over Tucking, Veiling,
bra and gingham,, all color,, at Sic. ~«£ I '"' ' h '‘" "*
A large and complete line of Summer Wash Coo'll. Remember we have a buyer In the
New York market oei. nanen<ly.
|l. g. devol,
Dealer in Fine Wall
Agent for the Famous
Alfred Peats & Company.
20th Century Designs.
Over 500 New Patterns.
Sample books will be sent
to your home by sending re
j quest to
j Office 111 Fourth Street, Mc-
Clure Hotel Block.
■ d Hotbm* #lr* will* »'• tnueh V
■ I to th» liurmof D. h.in'i* ■
I I. I room nr liomloirwlinodlji nh- I
■ 1 * .1 li*hl from rtJKIKIVA 1 »-db ■ I
I AJt »••*»*• -* ll ‘ OBtfll.uiru.j.r- ■
■ 11 it 11 er’i-tlc nuri'iu ul Hie I" 1 :■ >n. ■
■ 1n or illmu»r The dr. ..r»t 1 >.. ■
■ T. ”T ■ inille* for th» •unr>D • • <>< • y
■ Yl't "*o«t »l»bor«»« fonetlon for ■ • H
■ U or rn»n»m«i Made in all oior« W
H ul <*>• munt del leaf •• t lul» 1/
* and aold arerywheta. t
Pyp/.rt ■ 11 'WUWWBW!--! r
I gntw paying orojw beramw llmy’rc I
B frt-ah and altaayi the Ural. For H
9 ule everywb*r«. Itofuac autmtit him. ■
B Hl)nk to I'rriy’i Hard* un<l pro-per. I
B 1000 H«<4.>(l Annual fro*- Write for It. B
8 D. M FERHY A CO.. Detroit. Mich. fi
Take Notice.
I have triad to be fair with all
boya and men “with a gun” and here
tofore have deprivod no one of the
privilege of tresspassing or shooting
upon my grounds or the reservoirs
which my lands surround. lam very
sorry to publicly announce that after
this date all tresspassing and ahoot
ing on my property must b# prohibit
ed for reason that many carolesa
sportsmen shoot through my trees,
leave the gate open (through which
stray stock enter) and otherwise
damage my property.
13t3 Dall DeWkese.
Low Kates.
The Santa Fe Houle announces the
following reduced rales:
Milwaukee, Wia., Biennial meeting
General Federation of Women’s clubs
June 4th and Ktli, one fare ulus 92 for
round trip, tickets on sale June Ist and
2nd, final limit June 30th.
St. Louis, Mu , annual meeting gen
eral assembly of the Presbyterian
church in the U. N. A., one fare plus S 2
for the round trip, tickets on sale May
14th and 16th, final limit June 2nd.
St. Paul, Minn . Biennial Convention
National Bepublican League of the
United States, one fare plus *2 for the
round trip, tickets on sale July 14th,
lfitli and ldth, final limit July 21st.
Detroit, Mich National Baptist An
niversaries, one fare plus 82 for round
trip, tickets on sale May 20th and 21st,
(Inal limit May 80th.
AK.sitfMcc’rt Sale.
I The UDderalirned. asalifiioe of Anion *.
Kn<M . hercbv |fl v«s nolle* that on Monday.
' tho lull day of April, AD. 100". at the front
door of the court h mao la tho city of Canon
I City. In Fre nont County. Colorado, at.d In
1 ncoordanco with an orderof tho Judga of the
dlatrlct court of aald !• runout • unty, I will
offer for sale, and will aoll, at public auction
formal), tho notea and accouuta formerly
belonidu* to eald Auaon H. Kudrt. which
ahall not have then bean colihoted.
L. X. Kohi.man,
Flrat pub. March 2t». 190*. Aanlgne*.
Laat pub. April ft, 1000.
The above mile wus postponed to April
18.1900. L x _ Koiii.man. Ax-lgnee,
Mrs. Russell ofFruitmcre, who has
been ill for several days has re
"The scarlet fever, has been lower
ing the attendance of the Lincoln
Park school.
■ W»» < •
The Hot Springs Hotel, has been
crowded the past week, with people
who have come from the Cripple
Creek district to escape the bad
Oaflon Gash Clothing and Shoe Honse.
■ A Broken
Is Very Annoying
but you can prevent the possibility of inconvenience by pur
chasing the best quality of Suspenders from our fine stock of
Anything in Underwear, Hose, Neckwear, Shirts, Col
lars, Cuffs, can always be relied upon as the best.
Our spring stock of above mentioned goods, as well as a
line line of
! is arriving and we are in better condition than ever to furnish
good goods at the lowest prices. Everything new and up
to date.
504 Main St.
MAN lost his head
Jfif 1 trading at a credit store.
fPkffi right now as he is trading with
an >* saving from to per
Exß cent on the $l.OO. New pco-
Hun pie town should by
ffvwln hH means visit our store and get
Swi *0 our f ,r ' CPS before buying their
[F. A. RAYNOLDB President. C. F. ROCK AFEL LOW, Cashier. , \
RO .T. B. RUDOLPH Assistant Cashier. <1
The oldest Bank In this seotlon.
Interval allowed on ttms deposit*. (Heel «»f»«y
deposit box** lo mot by tbs month or y«»r. \
h JhijT l jt 4^'jr
iThc pipst Rational Bank \
CAPITAL, - $50,000. i
! £ Banking; in all ita branches. #
1 J Safety deposit boxes free of charge. J
, 4 J. H. PEABODY, President. N. C. CRAYEIf, Cashier. A
* LYMAN ItOHIHON, Vice President. J. E. lIAKHROUCK, Assist Cashier 1
MEMWti*W£kMAT£ And other painful and serious ailment* which
fIIVIIVM *0 111. Hiy mothers stiller, can Ik* avoided by
__ the use of " MmTHKK'B Frikno.” This
OJD£T A teinedv is a God-send to women, l>ccnuße it
1 AL##R m carries them through their most critical
ordeal witli perfect safety and no pain. No
woman who uses “MoTiik.k's I kiknd” need fear the suttering and danger of
1 child-birth —for it robs tins ordeal of its
horror and insures safety to mother and child.
Our book, ** Before Baby Ik Horn,'* is worth WtJfm m Mm Mam mm MIP
* its weight in gold to every woman, and will . __
1 lie sent free In plain envelope by Bnulfield f P MSCfkt
Regulator Company, Atlanta, Ga. m VBffCifVA#

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