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Cheapest Siore On Earth!
While the light is on 1 will sell my entire Jewelry stock at absolute cost, balance of
thit monte and part of next.
Mote These Prices:
American Waltham Co. Movement. O Size (1899 Model) Open or Huutg mandolin trimmings at reduced rates.
“Vamruard Mod.; 18 size No. 201. 19 ruby jewels, adjusted 20 00 Sterling Silver Pulley Belt Kings,
Vanguard MOdti i» si/.e. .. , 7 ’ .. ... 12 00 engraved and chased, p. rpr .36
Vanguard, 21 diamond and ruby .< s Combs, starling silver bucks -
jewels #“00 : j. wels 800 this sale 25c to 75c
Crescent Street, 21 ruby jewels... 20 00 movements not in #lOO Round Combs, full of se.s 50
Appletdn, Tracy .V Co, 17 ruby famish aTabovenrice 25c Side Combs 16c, the 35e ones. 20
jewels lu 00 Stock w til lurmsli at above price. Ladles’ 35c and 25c Rocket Rooks
P. S Bartlett. 17 jewels II 00 Hampden Watch Co. Movements. this sale 15
No. 820, 15 jewels 050 18 size, Hunting or Open Pace Rubber Nose Glasses, this sale... 10
“ 18, 7 jewels, nickel Mreg h. s 425 Speci „, , , , iy -.1 a. adjusted 35 00 10 year Gold Killed Nose Glasses 1.00
IB Size. New ’2l “ “ 28 00 Aluminum Riding llow Frames,
American IV. Co ,21 diamond and Special “ 21 “ “ 30 00 jlj's sale. .50
ruby jewels 50 00 .John Mai .. 21 “ “ 23 00 bmoked Riding Bow Krames.this
Riverside Maximus. 21 diamond New Railway, 17 “ “ 20 00 811 , —;\yj ,1 1®
and ruby jewels 45 00 The above .re all fine K. R. watches, smoked Riding Bow Frames,
Riverside-Discontinued, 17 jewels J. c. IJuebei special, 17 jewels 15 00 r V$"“ ijx;:";:-”- ’""itv;’".""’ 2o
Royal Discontinued, 17 j., nickel 11 00 Chamiiion. . ,sv.-els 4 50 v:- -y 0
No (110, 7 jewels, nickel Dreg hs4 50 size, same grade as Special R. R. ‘ All myTig’lhie nf*Qu»druple Plated
*“ • lze> No. 104. 23 jewels, adjusted 35 00 ware at a large reduction.
Riverside Maximus, 21 jls. nickel 45 00 •• p-d, 23 “ ‘ 28 00 Imitation Cut Glass Salt and Pep-
Riverside. 17 jewels, nickel 18 50 “104,17 “ “ 30 00 per. sterling silver tops, each... .25
Royal, 17 jewels, nickel 12 50 “ ior», 17 “ “ 20 00 50- Sterling Silver Thimbles 30
Waltham Movements. “ 105, 17 “ “ 15 00 Ladies’ Beauty Pins lc eac; 0 for .05
No. 220, nickel, 15 jls, Breg. h. 5... 050 “. *.* “ 10c kind at.. .05
No. 210 nickel 7 “ “ 5 50 Champion, < jewels, gilt 4 00 6 tor 2oc.
rt ?1 nntincr nr Onen Fare 12 Size Movements. “ pearl with sets... .16
o Size, Hunting or open race. rtlhP Lbony combs sterling silver name
Riverside Maximus, 19 diamond John Hancock, -l fine ruby J»ls plate, this sale 50
and ruby jewels 27 50 “ S J "i ‘ * * *7* i;; *V "j m Ebony I’ooth Brushes, sterling
Riverside, 17 ruby jewels 18 60 Nickel, It jewels, adjusted 18 00 gilvpr name plate thiB sale “ >5O
American W. W. Co 15 ruby jls 5 50 JJ G aml _ ™ Ebonized handle sterling silver
“ 7 jls, nickle.. 400 General Stark, lu jewels -9 00 name plate and sterling silver
O Size Movements. ** f?ize MoveraenwS. Farrells tooth brushes, nail
Riverside Maximus, nickle, 19 jls 27 50 No. 220, 17 fine ruby jewels 15 00 files, etc., etc., this sale 25
•. .* 17 jis 18 50 215,10 “ •• 10 00 Sterling silver handle Manicure
Lady Waltham. 16 ruby jewels... 950 “ “JL 3, \ , o .„ Bi f, BorB ' thi .® 8;4le v • " 5
No. 65. 15 jewels 850 200.7 jewels, gilt 4 50 184 < Rogers Bros, knives and
No. 61, 7 jewels, Breg. hair spg... 600 New York Standard Watch Co. lathis sale 3TO
18 Non Magnetic Movements. 18 size, 7 jewels. 200 pTtera 3.75
Vanguard, 21 diamond and ruby # < jewels, lull plate i 2,i lg 4? Kogers ],|; os tahle spoonB
jewell 35 00 u “ „ „ s}~ A I , set of 8 this sale 250
No. 45, 17 line ruby jewels 25 00 » - % 1847 11-g-rs Urns, desert spoons
No. 18, 7 jewels «00 « 11 ... ... 200 A. L, set of 8 this sale 2.00
EltHn Nat. Watch Co. Movements. 1 renton Watch Co. 1847 Rogers Bros., A1 tea spoons 81 25
la •./•■ Op. u F.O-. s and Hunting. 18 size, 7 jewels 200 “ “ “ XII “ 150
u w i- ; - n 6 6 260 Rogers & Hamilton Ametabrand
is M io SS At,as watch Co. and foS. 3 °°
Nameless. No. 149, 181, or 16<i 21 Hunting or Open Face. »m. A. Rogers Knives and forks m
Hiby J*«*t0....... fw Osize movement nickel or gilt. 400 solidsilt nine table spoone Vet of 6 oil
No 144, nickle, 1, jewel. 10 oil pined cases for above moi. ment, 5 .. .. te ., .. 25
o'rS " ,»,**« J. taars to 25 years, at 34 00 to #l2OO. Hearts and Bracelets'. '
» jewels...... nIS owing to style and engraving. 1 have four gross of hearts, all kinds.
, . lireg n s. 4 -a Seth 1 bourns marbleized VV nod Solid gold, gold filled, plated and Sterh
IB Size Movements. Clucks, halt-hour strike. Cat he- ing silver All 85c hearts this sale 50c;
21 line rubv jewels, fully adjusted 45 iJO dral hell cos' ing 35 40 in China- all 50c heai ts 35c; all 35c hearts 25; all
No 155.17 “ ** “ 20 00 K"l my price 550 25c iiearts. this sale, 15c; all 15c hearts,
• 154 17 “ adjusted 16 U 0 Xnsuiiia N ickeled Alarm Clocks.. ‘5 this sale, 10c; no engraving. 5c a letter
** 153, 17 “ “ 10 50 Parker & "hippie ** ••• 100 f or engraving. Lots of hearts below
“162,16 “ 7 J 55 Seth Thomas Wood Mantle 8 day ,-ost. Silver Bracelets. My 81.25 one
“ 220. 15 “ 660 Clocks 400 now ul 8100, with a 25c h art free
“210. 7 “ 4 &U 1 day Porcelain 8160 to 81 .o Why pay 8150. 81.75 and 82.00 for
12 Size Movement P untimr or Onen (‘locks; my price. 1 00 gents* watch chains at auction when
m Zr?V, r <•«“ at what it costs i„ Chicago you can get them of me for 81 0C
fm 1 2 U nS A J.a is-'"';"j" VO ? Fb.my goodaud Slerling Silver Nov- ’ Owing to want of Fpuce the above Is
„ [S’ [L VJI wels, adjusted.. .. .9 e ßies at the same price. but a few of the Bargains I have My
“ 187 15 « 4. "* l o Hohner 25c French Harps; my pr .15 slock is complete. This will not appear
“ 196* 7 iawela Rreir 6V) 25c Violin String: my price.. .15 again. AH stock new and up-to-date.
i jawets Breg hair sprg o o 0 Guitslr strings, steel; per doz 15 “Come early to avoid the rush."
6 Siae, Hunting or Open l ace •• “ 2 doz for 25 Fixtures are not for Sale nor
No. 176, 17 jewels, adjusted 16 00 Guitar Strings, silk center, best the .Store liooin for Rent. I am here
“ 168,16 “ “ 11 00 plush knot, each 05 to stay. Let me remind you lam the
“231,16 “ 800 Mandolin Strings, steel, per doz.. .15 only Watchmaker in town. If you are
“516,15 “ 550 “ rapped, each... .05 having trouble with your watch bring
“ 206, 7 •* ni-kel Breg h. s 450 Everything else in violin, guitar and it to me, I*ll repair it.
They Keep Coming
The old customers and MANY NEW ONES to trade at the old
OLD RELIABLE GROCERY in the Masonic Slock.
ts the Pr pr'otor. the new man that bought Hiat's Grocery.
We have retained Mr. Hiat's FORCE of CLERKS, which insures our trade of good,
honest and faithful service.
We are making things HUM drv. r lure —alwajs l usy; still, there is room for others
who want to buy goods right and at LOWEST PRICES.
Come and see us and get acquainted. We want your trade.
We will meet aii Competition in Prices.
(Masonic Block Grocery)
Harding Addition
Is the place to buy you a home
It is on high ground overlooking the older portions of the city. It has good
drainage, so essential to good health It is protected from the high wind
storms by the hogbacks on tne west. Yon get none of the suction of the
Grand Cation winch produces most of the cold western winds. The streets are
well kept, and shade tre« s planted in front of each lot. Yon get a better view
of tiie mountains than from ;nv other point in Cation. The many fine new
houses going up give you an assured increase in tlie value of your investment.
You have all the conveniences the city—city water, electric lights, free ditch
water for your gardens. The best soil for all purposes. Good schools, etc.
5 to 8 rooms each, for sale on easy terms —monthly payments if desired.
405 Main Street.
—JOB WORK here.
10*'-110 So. Firth Street.
Telephone No -*» rings.
Cheap Rates.
Miners and prospectors excursion to
New Mexico April 11,1 SKX) For the
above occasion the Santa Fe Route
will sell round trip t ickets with final
limit of 30 days at the following low
Springer - #5OO
Las Vegas 6 40
Santa Fe 8.05
Las Cerrillo* 8.00
Thornton 8.30
Albuquerque - 9.05
Socorro 10 55
Deming 13 65
Silver City -14 60
Santa Rita 14 70
All other points in New Mexico at
the same reduction. Stop overs allow
ed on returnjourney.
12*3 D. N. G ahkbtt, Agent.
Gat your spring garden hoae of
Hlif SHood. tf
PURKWF.D ROOMS with board. 807
i Klrnr atroat. *ista
Pushing Things Along.
Mr. Conkle is arranging to push
his lines and get in position to begin
furnishing light just as scon as possi
ble. He being delayed by an injunc
tion granted some weeks ago at the
request of Messrs Maupin and Slater.
The attorney for Mr. Conkle is mak
ing answer and the injunction will
nodoubt be disolved as it was granted
on the grounds that no election had
been held. Just as soon as he can
legally do so, Mr. Conkle will have a
large force of men at work complet
ing the line and getting the plant
ready for business.
For Casn Only.
Another business gone right. On
and after April 16th., I will charge
all bundles to my driver, and they
must be paid for, before the second
bundle is delivered, or it will be taken
out of his salary.
John Wallace,
15-3 t Cresent Steam Laundry.
The photos for cuts of churches in
this issue were taken by H. N. Bee
cher, the kodak man. Mr. Beecher
has a very swell store in the new
Burrage block, where he makes a
specialty of Art and Kodak goods.
People out ef town or in, who are in
quest of this class of goods would do
well to see him.
A Snap.
$2,300.00 will secure a businesa
room and 22 foot lot, good location,
, will pay big interest on investment.
Woodford & Dawson.
1 Dr. Peare has opened an office in
the postoffice building. Practice lim
ited to medical and surgical treat
ment- of the eye. ear, nose and throat.
Glasses carefully fitted. 14tf
Good Work.
, I have leased the Crescent Steam
Laundry and am prepared to do the
best work at regular prices. Our
> work will be the best iu town.
John Wallace.
A new five-room pressed brick
house, closets, bath room, cellar,
• pantry, one lot, good location, $1,500,
; $3OO cash, balance on easy terms,
r Woodford & Dawson.
Doing Some Business.
Following is i list of real estate
which has been transferred through
the agency of J. M Ragsdale & Sons
since January 1, 1900:
House and lot on Hiver St 9 7to
Improved fruit tract, Lincoln P'k.. 2&UU
House and 2 Ms on Harrison Av.. IMJO
Two lots ou Harrison 400
One lot on Rudd Ave 400
House and lot on College Ave 2100
House and lot in Cripple Creek..... 250
Two lots on Harrison 475
Two lots and imp's on Griffin Av.. ‘JOO
Quarter Sec. in another County 1000
House and lot in Cripple Creek 300
2*4 acres in Park Center ftso
2*4 Rcres in Park Center Wo
Highly imp. lrult tract on loth-... 8000
House anil lot on Greenwood - 4500
Stock of merchandise, over- 3000
House and lot on Rudd 17(j0
Fruit tract on Lincoln Park 2000
House and lots in Colo. Springs... 3000
House and lot on Rudd Ave 1450
Three lots in Hardings Ad 300
Bakery and confectionery —the
» best. Rocky Mt. Bakery. 321 Main.
House Furnishing Goods
• • • —■ *
We solicit an inspection of our goods.
Fair Price** for All. 504 Main St.
Meat Market.
All kinds of
Fresh Meats, Cured Hams, Poultry
and Fish.
Best of Goods.
Best of Service.
IVLcNelly Bros.,
Phone. No. 5-4. 6 *4 Main Street.
■fry v
ft ESTABLISHED 1874. ft
m _ _ **
| Fremont County Bank, g
** F. A. RAYNOLDS, President. R. B. RUDOLPH, Asst. Cashier. m
Guaranteeing security, promptness and square dealing. Small accounts receive
the same careful attention as larger ones.
We are always glad to have strangers call upon upon us. If you expect to go
'gg; ' nto business or buy property, our 25 years' experience here enables us to give
desirable information.
t If you have valuable papers, bring them to us. We will rent you, at moderate
charge, Safety Deposit Boxes, which are among the best in the state. They are U
located in our fire and burglar proof vault inside ot a thoroughly secure steel chest, Mt
better than your own safe, and worth many times the small rent. XiF
We want to call attention to a feature of our business that will interest you;
you can leave your savings with us and receive some income in return. We pay
3 per cent, per year on money left for 6 months, and 4 per cent, if left for 12 months, stg
We buy and sell foreign exchange, and issue drafs on all the large European
cities. This will interest you if you are going to the world's fair at Paris. Re- igg
garding our standing; The Fremont County Bank has made an enviable repu- jMC
.gSi tation in the past quarter of a century, as no financial Hurry has ever been able to
close its doors, not even the great panic of lS<>3-
Mr. Raynolds, the owner of the bank, is the largest individual property owner
8 and tax payer in Fremont county. He also carries, for the benefit of this bank.
the largest life insurance of any man in Southern Colorado.
QEO. F. ROCK A FELLOW, Cashier. St
■■SMfc- P- s. About our Real Estate. Now is the time to buy property. Did you jilC
ever stop to think how fast all the desirable resilience corners are being snapped
up.' If you havr not, do so, and you will not delay any longer. We have
gg' some good corners left. If you do not want to build, we can offer bargains in
houses, that cannot be equaled, anil give you about fifty to choose from. Many
prefer to live in the country, if you are one of these, don't fail to see Mr. Ray- 1
nolds. He has anything from an acre of land without water rights, to the finest
m kind of bearing orchard. Small payments and easiest kind of terms. u
Take the "Overland Route" for Cape
The Union Pacific is the q lickest
and best route from Colorado to the
Northwest. Unequalled accommoda
tions for both first and second class
dassengers. See your local agent or
address Geo. Ady, general agent,
Denver. 12t5 No. 14
•*l think DeWitt'a Little Early His
era are the best pills In the world," says
\V. E. Lake, Happy Creek, Va They
remove all obstructions of the liver and
and bowuMM quickly rad nevt r grip*.
Palace Drug Store
We are receiving our spring stock
of ladies’ shoes for summer wear.
Many new styles and novelties in low
cuts, call and see them at Davis' 313
Main street. 15t2
Rockafellow has kept posted in Titles. Water Rights,
and Values in Canon and vicinity since 1867. You can reap
the benefit, if after looking the locality over, you explain your
wants to him. He can suit your taste in desirabie real estate,
and your purse in snap bargains.
He specially invites old Coloradoans.
Choice city and ranch property for sale. Houses
for sale, small cash payment and balance on easy
terms. Call and see us before buying.
| I A A A A f

11 We are now showing, at the lowest prices, Z
the largest assortment of perfect fitting, ■
. good wearing Shoes and Oxfords we ever I.
11 carried. Any width, aa to ee; any size. 1 1
All the Latest Novelties in this j 1
Season’s Goods. i|
j Brins' Your _ fjfj ]]
|! FEET ||

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