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The state supreme court recently
handed down a decision in a case tak
en upon an appeal from this county
that is of exceptional interest to the
cattlemen of Colorado. The opinion
grew out of a suit instituted in the
Fremont county district co~rt three
years ago by Messrs. Waldo £ Dawson
for their clients, T. Witcher and W. A.
Stump, to recover possession of cer
tain stock which were taken off the
range by the humane officer at Victor
and impounded there under the pro
visions of the statute which gave him
the right to take up stock which he
believed was being neglected on the
range and held the same at the ex
pense of the owner until satisfied that
It would be properly cared for.
It was contended by the attorneys
for the complainants that the statute
gave the humane officer an unwar
ranted and autocratic power and
was, therefore, unconstitutional and
Inimical to the public Interest*. After
Its trial before Judge Bailey it was
taken to the supreme court where it
was heard by the full bench. On the
10th of last month oral argument was
made by Mr. Dawson before the court
In support of his contention that the
state bureau of child and animal pro
tection had no such power as that ar
rogated to himself by its agent at Vic
tor and that the statute giving the hu
mane officer of the state the right to
take up cattle or other stock without
due process of law was null and void
by reason of its unconstitutionality.
The fight between the cattlemen of
the state and the right of the humane
officers to arbitrarily take stock off
the range without Incurring a person
al liability had been waged for twenty
five years, but never until Mr. Dawson
attacked the constitutionality of the
law under which they existed was any
decided advantage gained by either
side. The victory achieved by Mr. Daw
son was a signal one and will greatly
restrict the power of the humane so
ciety In the matter of impounding
stock. An elaborate opinion on this
case was handed down by Justice Cas
well, In the course of which he says:
"Applying the foregoing well estab
lished principles to the case at bar.
we find the statute seeks to clothe the
Humane society and Us agents with
extraordinary powers. By Its terms the
agent is the sole Judge of whether an
animal is neglected, abandoned or ill
treated and whether It has sufficelnt
food, nourishment and shelter. The
truth respecting the matter cannot
avail, because the agent is clothed
with power to taka possession of the
animals regardless of their condition
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No tribunal or any hearing is provided
to determine the facts.
"The owner may have no knowledge
that his property is being taken; no
provision is made for the payment of
any residue over and above the charge
of the agent and the expense of the
sale to the owner, and such payment is
not required by this law, and this is
one of the tests of its constitutionality.
There is no penalty for failure to re
turn the proceeds of any sale to the
owner and the only redress is by an
action to recover the same and the
party aggreived must himself initiate
the action to have his day in court.
"We think such powers are inhibited
by the constitution and must hold that
the statute is in contravention of ar
ticle 11, section 25, of the constitution
of Colorado, and of the 14th amend
ment to the federal constitution; that
it authorizes the taking of property
without due process of law. and is not
a valid exercise of the police power of
the state."
State of Ohio, City of Toledo.
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Mr. ami Mm. Gibson returned Wed
nesday from an extended journey, the
greatest part of the time having been
spent with Mr. and Mrs. Harding of
this place, visiting different points of
interest, as stated in a previous issue.
Mr. and Mrs. Gibson were guests
In Chicago of Mr. and Mrs. * L. X.
Kohlman. and also at Mr. Gibson's
old home. Waverly, Illinois, where his
father resides. They were also guests
of friends for a week In Canton, Ohio,
attending the wedding of Mr. Ted
Harding and Miss Alice Campbell, also
the McKinley Memorial exercises.
These. Mr. Gibson states, were of the
greatest Interest and magnitude. In
fact, the most Impressive scene he
ever witnessed. Thro r j friends, they
were fortunate In having tickets of
admission to the comparatively small
stand in front of which President
Roosevelt. Chief Justice Day and other
men prominent In the affairs of the
nation, made the notable addresses
of that day.
Mr. Gibson was a lay delegnte from
the state of Colorado to the General
Episcopal convention at Richmond,
which convenes every three years.
This convention Is composed of all
the bishops of the Protestant Epis
copal church of America, four clergy
men from each state and four laymen
from each state, making. It has been
said, the most notable and Intelligent
convention that assembles in the Uni- j
ted States. The bishops are, as a
matter or course, all notable men in
religious work and Intelligence, even |
before being made bishops. The clergy ;
are elected for their ability and seal j
and the laymen are In many canes the
most prominent, both in the affairs
of the church and state, making as
can well be understood, a congrega
tion of men whose deliberation In af
fairs relating to the government of
the church would be most Interesting.
Lord Bishop Ingram of London, as
an Invited guest, was a conspldous
figure In the convention, bdhrlng, as
a gift, the blble sent by King Edward
VII. He made a number of addresses,
two or three of which were In the
Convention, the others in different
parts of the country, which In the
opinion of the press. "captured
America" He made one address from
the step* of the State House In Rich
mond, another from the itepe of the
Sub-Treasury building la Wall street
It will be recalled that his Lordship
also defeated our own "Teddy** la a
match game of tsaals.
Mr. J. Flerpoat Morgaa was a lay
aaa from the state of Nbw Turk, aa
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1758 Arapahoe St., Den ver.Colo
was also Mr. J. C. Stetapn, law partner
of ex-President Grover Cleveland, each
attending the full three week's session
Mr. Gibson says there were a great
number of addresses on one subject
and another of the greatest interest.
The Convention in the house of Bish
ops rejected the resolution of Bishop
Doane. to the effect that the ceremony
of marriage in the Episcopal Church
should be denied to persons having
living husbands or wives, from whom
they have been divorced, there being
a rule in the church already, making
it necessary for a clergyman to secure
permission of his Bishop before per
forming the ceremony of any divorced
The Men's Thank Offering at ser
vices held commemorating the 300 d
anniversary of the church in America,
amounted to $800,000.00.
In a conversation with Bishop Mills*
baugh of Kansas, Mr. Gibson remarked
to him that his parish In Canon City
were very much obliged to him for
furnishing Rev. Sherrod to take care
of the parish, whereupon the Bishop
replied: "You have no reason to be
whatever, as I did everything I could
to prevent his going, even to the ex
tent of offering him one of the best
parishes in my diocese."
From Richmond Mr. and Mrs. Gib
son went to the Jamestown Exposition
where they heard Gov. Hughes make
his remarkable address at the New
York Day ceremonies. They were In
Baltimore during “Old Home Coming
Week,” which filled the city with
bands and soldiers and much noise,
from the ringing of cow bells to the
booming of cannons.
Mr. and Mrs. Gibson were in New
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York during the money panic, and Mr.
Gibson says that Wall street was the
intensely interesting kind of spectacle
for three days that he does not care to
witness again. The Knickerbocker
Trust Co. with its $65,000,000 deposits,
which closed its doors after paying
out $8,000,000 in currency and gold in
a few hours, was immediately across
the street on Fifth avenue and 33rd
streets from the hotel in which Mr. and
Mrs. Gibson were stopping. He saw a
dray pull up in front of the First Na
tional bank and unload $1,000,000 of
gold. Before leaving New York, Mr.
Gibson was thoroughly of the opinion
that the money panic of that place was
over, and this information was not
only based on his own observation, but
was the opinion of those, who were in
position to judge with reason.
It was like a pot that has boiled over
and cooled down, and all brought
about by the Heinzes and associates
failing to make good a corner on Unit
ed Copper It is Mr. Gibson’r opinion
also that the actions of the banks
throughout the country of restricting
the payment of currency was a very
wise precaution to keep the money
of the country where it belongs, and
he was glad to find the banks of Colo
rado had fallen in line in doing this.
He stated the savings banks of New
York required the legal time notice
of withdrawal of deposits, after things
‘•go to going” down there, but in near
ly every instance, it was reported that
when a depositor was so notified, he
did not even give the required notice
that he wanted hi§ money in the 30
or 60 days, but would go on about his
business apparently unconcerned.
From New York Mr. and Mrs. Gib
son went to Millbrook, Halcyon Hall,
where their daughter, Ethel, is at
tending school. From there they came
directly here.
Mr. Gibson being asked where and
when he enjoyed himself most, re
plied, “at about four o’clock yesterday
afternoon,” which would be about the
time, we guess, he arrived home.
Mr. Gibson reports that he finds
business has been remarkably good,
during his absence of seven weeks, at
all the i»oints where his lumber inter
ests are located, both in this valley
and on the western slope, and that
there is nothing in this state or abroad
that would prevent Colorado from
"Marching on" as heretofore.
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men, the hard work and stooping of
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kidney troubles, urinary troubles, fol
low. A Canon City citizen tells you
how to cure them all.
L. A. Schamp, living at 421 Pike
avenue. Canon City, Colo., says:
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strained my back, and ever since that
time I have been bothered with my
kidneys, and my left kidney seemed to
have been seriously injured, as was
shown by the hemorrhages I had com
ing from this organ. At times J suf
fered severely with pains over the re
gion of the kidneys, and the secretions
were too frequent, greatly disturbing
my rest at night, and they deposited
a brick dust sediment fhich gave proof
that these organs were disordered. I
procured a box of Doan's Kidney Pills
at Hunter Palmer’s drug store, and I
had not taken more than a few doses
when I could see an improvement in
my condition. So pronounced have
been the results from their continued
that I cannot express myself too ar
dently in praise of this fine remedy
My back is stronger and better, I do
not have to rise even once udring the
night and the kidney secretions are
clear and devoid of sediment.**
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agents for the United States.
Remember the name—Doan’s—and
take no other.
Ernest Bhumway was forced into
the zoological business by the capture
of a biff porcupine in the front yard of
his premises at 819 Rudd avenue on
Wednesday* evening, and, like the man
with the white elephant, he is wonder
ing what to do with it. Mr. Shumway
in company with his wife, started
down town about 8 o'clock and in
passing through the yard heard a rust
ling among the leaves which aroused
his curosity, as it seemed to be dif
ferent from that made by a dog. or
j any other domestic animal, and led to
an investigation with startling results
Recognising the character of the
! visitor Mr. Shsmway procured a lan
tern and Invited the co-operation of
F. B. Proctor, the expressman, who
lives on the adjoining property, to as
sist in the capture. It was an easy
matter to get a box of the required
sire and drop it over the porcupine,
and by no means a difficult one to pro
cure some wire netting and lay it cn
the ground and draw the box with its
prisoner upon It Having caged the
animal the box was turned over and
the netting securely fastened, render
ing It safe and harmless.
Although the porcupine Is known to
be nocturnal in Its habits just what
the one In question was doing In Mr.
Shumwny*s yard is hard to determine,
but Is in snspected that It was lookin'*
for the chicken house It is one of the
l aargeat specimens of Its hind sees
here tor n long time, and its capture
in the try center of the residence
district of the city is regarded as re
markable to say the least.
A hundred or more people visited
Mr. Shumway’s place of residence this
morning to see the captive porcupine.
It will be on exhibition at the office
of the Daily Record on Friday.
J. E. Chapson of the United States
secret service, who was assisting Jo
seph H. Walker in an investigation of
the alleged coal land frauds at Du
rango at the time of the murder of
the latter at the Hesperus mine, is a
brother of W. A. Chapson of this city,
and has been in the government de
tective service for several years. In
a conversation with Mrs. W. A Chap
son of this city, who returned home
from Pagosa Springs on Thursday, in
relation to the shooting of Walker last
Sunday morning he expressed the
opinion that the murderers of Walker
intended to kill all four of the de
tectives and only failed to do so be
cause of the miscarriage of their
Three of the secret service men, it
will be recalled, went down into the
mine, Walker remaining outside dur
| ing the explorations. To prevent them
coming out of the mine a rope was
hung down the shaft, indicating that
the hoisting machinery was out of
condition and that they would have
to make their exit through the tun
nel on the hillside.
Mr. Chapson climbed up through the
shaft and saw a man with a shotgun
'hiding behind some bushes waiting for
him to emerge from the tunnel. His
two companions pame up through the
shaft a few' minutes later and saved
their lives by doing so, as to have gone
through the tunnel would have re
i suited in their death. Mr. Chapson is
thoroughly convinced that a whole
sale murder was planned, and that its
miscarriage was due to the fact that
! the companions of Walker climbed out
I through the main shaft instead of go
[ ing through the tunnel.
• A number of important changes will
be made in the new Denver & Rio
Grande train schedule, which goes
into effect at 12 o’clock tonight.
Trains Nos. 5 and 1 which have here
tofore left Canon City at 2:55 and
3:58 p. m., respectively, will here
after depart at 1:46 and and 3:15
o’clock. Train No. 15 for Leadvllle
and Ogden will leave here at 2:56 a.
m., instead of at 3:06 as has been
previously the case. Of the east
j bound trains No. 6 will leave Canon
City at 7:20 a. m. instead of at 6:30.
No. 2 at 1:12 p. m. instead of at
I 12:57 and No. 4 at 4:42 p. m. instead
iof at 4:58. The revised time table ap
pears elsewhere in this issue of the
| Record. ' *
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