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n Dr. Paul B. Wallace and wife and
Mrs. J. J. Cone and Miss Ledbetter are
spending a month on the Pacific coast.
Writing from Hollywood, Cal., about
his Record, Dr. Wallace has this to
say about what he sees:
“We have been having a good trip
so far, spending a week in Los An
geles, visiting the places of interest
about there. Then we went up among
the oranges about Pomona, Redlands
and Riverside.
The people out here have -irrigation
facilities working to perfection, one
scarcely ever seeing any open ditches.
Even most of the reservoirs have ce
mented sides and bottom—so there is
no seepage.
"The ditches are. of concrete or/ce
ment or most generally the cement
pipe lines take their place. There are
miles upon miles of pipe lines all
under ground, in and about Pomona,
Redlands and Riverside. Very little
water is wasted out here and one sel
dom sees a muddy road.
“At the head of each row of trees
an "upright" pipe is seen a few- in
ches to several feet above the ground,
depending upon the height of the res
ervoir or upon the pressure of water
that feeds that particular area. These
connect with underground pipes. On
two or four sides of this upright pipe
are outlets, regulated by metal head
gates. These outlets are but three
inches in diameter and permit but a
small head of water, which to me
seems a very good plan.
"From here we expect to visit San
Diego, Santa Barbara and other points
on the coast. We will remain here un
til after the fleet arrives.
"California is very nice, but Colora
do fills the bill to better perfection."
The long anticipated basketball
game between the North and South
Canon high school teams was played
at the rink Saturday in the presence
of one of the largest crowds that has
assembled there this season to wit
ness such a contest. The final score
was 25 to 21 in favor of the South
Canon organization.
The North Canon team secured but
one field goal during the game, the
other nineteen points being secured I
by free throws from the foul line.
It was apparent from the beginning
that the South Canon boys w r ere not
playing their usual form, due to the
strenuous and exciting game with the
Wheat Ridge team the week before.
Although the ball was at their end of
the field almost continually they
seemed unable to find the basket be
fore a foul was called on one side or
the other.
Much credit is due the contestants
on both sides for their sportsmen like
bearing during the game, a condition
of affairs that won for them the ad
miration of all. The good natured
rivalry between the two schools found
expression in hearty cheers and sing
ing. South Canon had several 1 new
songs and yells for the occasion and
©very boy and girl that the school
could muster was there to urge the
team to victory, if possible.
At a meeting of the village council
In South Canon a few nlghta ago It
waa decided to dedicate next Friday
to the municipal clean-up propoaltlon,
and to that end It has requested the
co-operation of the public. No special
committees were appointed, although
an appeal has been made to the citi
zens to helprthe movement along by
every means in their power. George
B. Kirkland, the town marshal, will
have general supervision of the work
and was instructed by the council to
use his wagon and team for the pur
pose of assisting property owners in
hauling away such rubbish and dirt
as may be piled up in the streets and
alleys for that purpose.
The hope is expressed by those who
are agitating the matter that every
body in South Canon will turn out
next Friday and show their enterprise
and public spirit by taking an active
part in the clean-up campaign.
On the invitation of the board of
education the ministers of the city
addressed the pupils in the public
schools Monday in relation to
civic improvement which is a mani
festation of patriotism in one of its
highest forms.
Rev. J. T. Thomas was assigned to
the Washington school, Rev. Frank
R. Hoilenback to the high school. Rev.
Sherrod to the Lincoln school and
Rev. Sparks to the Jefferson school.
The pupils were everywhere urged to
assist by every means in their power
the clean-up movement inaugurated
by the Civic Improvement league,
and thereby contribute to “the city
beautiful." Great things are expected
next Friday as a result of the clean
up propaganda now being carried on
in this city.
Lincoln Park News.
Neal Ralston is very sick with scar
let fever.
Mr. I. F. Davis has finished build
ing a new fruit cellar.
Mrs. Colgate is the substituting
teacher for Miss Haynes, who is very
sick with scarlet fever. Miss Haynes
teaches the first and second grades.
.Little Bessie James has scarlet fever!
Joe Hoyt has been grading a high
sandbank on his place on Dewey
The little baby girl of Mr. and Mrs.
Fred Kelling is very sick.
Push; don't knock.
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Frank McGllllcuddy '
■era Wat Tatter. U7 I. Mfe atraat.
The Republican state and Congres
sional conventions called for April
28 th will select ten delegates to the
national Republican convention which
meets in Chicago in July.
A few weeks ago lists of delegates
were suggested in Denver. These in
cluded one United States senator,
three congressmen, the governor, the
state chairman and some ex-congress
men and ex-governors and several
other prominent office holders.
Since that time a strong sentiment
has grown up over thp state in fa
vor of making up a delegation without
It is argued that such honors as
comes through conventions should go
to the prominent workers of the state
who are not office holders—to the men
who are faithful to their party with
out the design or hope of holding
We have many such In the state and
some in Fremont county.
Among those in Fremont county
who are entitled to the honor of go
ing as a delegate to the national con
vention is Clyde C. Dawson. Mr.
Dawson possesses many qualifications
for the honor besides that of not be
ing an office holder or office seeker.
Fremont county will probably ask
that Mr. Dawson be named a delegate
from the second congressional dis
trict convention and the request
should be promptly granted.
There was a large attendance of the
members of Greenwood Post No. 10,
G. A. R., and its affiliated organiza
tions at the First Presbyterian church
Sunday morning at whloh time Rev.
Thomas delivered to them a most pa
triotic and eloquent address.
There were about ninety veterans
of the civil war present and they oc
cupied a place of honor directly in
front of the speaker. Rockafellow
Camp No. 7, Sons of Veterans, Green
wood Relief Corps an<f U. 8. Grant
Circle, Ladies of the Grand Army of
the Republic were all represented by
a large gathering of their member
ship, there being something like one
hundred and fifty persons in the col
umn which marched from # Elks hall
to the church. Nex Sunday morning
they will attend service at the First
Christian church, at which time a spe
cial discourse will be preached by Rev.
J. B. Hunley.
Plans are being formulated by the
members of Greenwood Post to have
a patriotic address delivered to the
pupils of every school in Frement
county before the %e
schools for the sumer vacation.' * r
Ex-Mayor T. B. Coulter has been
chosen by Greenwood Post No. 10
G. A. R. to deliver the annual Decora
tion Day address on May 30. It is
the first time for a long period that
one of its own members has been se
lected for this office, the custom har
ing been to Invite some non-resident
to deliver the Decoration Day oration.
The memorial sermon, to be deliv
ered Sunday morning, May 24th, will
be given by Rev. Frank R. Hollen
back and will take place at the First
Methodist church, at which place the
Decoration Day services will also be
The music for the occasion will be
provided by Gen. Marion Chapter,
Daughters of the American Revolu
tion, this feature of the day’s obser
vance having very generously ✓been
offered by Miss Greydene-Smith, re
gent of the chapter.
It is the intention of the various
patriotic organizations of the city to
make Memorial and Decoration days
this year of unusual interest to all
classes of people in the community.
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avenue, Victor, Colo., says: “From
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for their efficiency and can give them
my hearty endorsement. My wife and
I used them for backache and they
promptly relieved us.”
Plenty more proof like this from
Canon City people. Call at Hunter
Palmer’s drug store and ask what
what customers report.
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Lieutenant Richard D. White, U. 8.
N., stopped off here Sunday afternoon
for a brief visit with his brother, A.
H. White, of the district court, while
en route to Washington. D. C., to re
port to the navy department on the
target practice of Admiral Evans bat
tleship fleet at Magdalena bay. Lieu
tenant White is attached to the bu
reau of navigation at Washington and
is assistant inspector of target prac
tice for the navy department.
On the arrival of the battleship fleet
at Magdalena bay after its 15,000 mile
cruise around South America from
Hampton Roads, Lieutenant White
was ordered to proceed thither and in
spect the target practice of the differ
ent ships and report the same to the
naval* authorities at Washington. In
the course of a conversation with the
Dally Record reporter this morning
Lieutenant White stated that the re
sults achieved by the gunners on the
big ships was more than gratifying
in consideration of the long johrney
from the Atlantic to the Pacific ocean
and showed the vessels were
ready for war should a conflict come.
The ships arrived at Magdalena bay
according to Lieutenant White, in
splendid condition and could have
gone into battle the following day, if
need be,‘with every hope of victory.
The efficiency of their engines and
machinery was not in the least Im
paired by the two and p half months
of almost constant steaming and the
personnel of the fleet was such as to
receive the commendation of the of
ficers. It demonstrated the fact that
our naval construction is second to
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none and that Admiral Evans wai
right when he said that tbs ships and
the men under his command warn
ready for anything, whether “a frolle
or a fight/'
Before leaving the coast for Wash
ington Lieutenant White proceeded to
San Francisco and Inspected the ships
of the Pathfinder squadron, now an
chored In that harbor awaiting the big
fleet now proceeding northwaid from
Magdalena bay. Lieutenant Whits be
lieves that war Is more than a possi
bility between this country and Ja
pan and expressed the opinion that
hostilities could only be averted by
great tact and diplomacy on the part
of the American people. The Japs, be
thinks have gotten the Idea of univer
sal domination In their heads and
that nothing but war with a first
class power will disabuse their minds
that they are* masters of the Paeb|s
ocean. Lieutenant White served sev
ereal years on the Asiatic station and
is familiar with the Oriental charac
Lieutenant White has now been on
shore duty for two years and expects
soon to be ordered to sea. In all
probability he will be assigned to ser
vice on the battleship Sew Hampshire
of the Atlantic fleet. He left for
Washington this afternoon
The Young Glee Club of the
State Agricultural college at Fort
Collin*, gave a fine program at the
First Presbyterian church Friday eve.
It was the flrat time that an organi
zation of young women from any of
the collegiate Institutions of the state
had ever visited Canon City In the ca
■parity of entertainers, although simi
lar troupes of young men had bee*
here many times.
In slew of the unlqueneee of their
organisation much curiosity was In
dulged In relation to the Agricultural
college girls and a large expectant
audience was present to see and hear
them. They were In no wise a disap
pointment. Indeed, they redeemed the
highest anticipations of the public and
scored a derided triumph In the ren
dition of the program, which was sa
ri ed enough to suit all tastes.
Their work was admirable In every
respect and too much praise esseot be
bestowed upon them for the scry
p. easing and artistic entertainment
which they gase.
In a program ot such uniform ex
cellence it would be invidious to men
tion Individual parts and we shall
not attempt It. although we can no*
refrain from alluding la terms of
special commendation to the work of
Miss 'Drove, the Tender, who proved
herself to be a great favorite with the
The careful training which it area
apparent the members of the clab Ud
received, reflects great credit Upon
the conservatory of music la connec
tion with the agricultural college, and
Implies It to he one of the best In
stitutions of its kind In the state. The
applause which greeted the rendition
of the several numbers on the pro
gram was ample assurance of the suo
cess of the entertainment. The Agri
cultural College Olee Club may rely
upon a generous patronage whenever
j It rnmes to Canon City.
Berry bos season is now on. Corns
In and get your supply at alee. I base
: the beat atock and lowest prices. F.
! P. Smith.
Don't tie a knocker.

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