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thePeojte hi the Yoaqper Se 6
Cbmrlla Kutsleb hu the scarlet fe
ver end t( wrr nick.
Girls nr* generally afraid of frogs,
tat La Vera* Augustine tat.
Little WUllam Jeffrey of Greenwood
avenue le ftlck with the measles.
Alleen Oatee mleeed echool the first
of the week on account of IwidHHi
Leora Corrln has made aereral
beautiful book eorers tor the county
La Verne and Donald Augustine
were absent from school last Mon
Miss Asnes Btlenmeyer la over the
scarlet fever and Is able to flo about
Dorothy and Helen Baird, or Kill
lfaln street, are sick with scarlet
Emily Hartmann is missing her
school work on aeoount of quarantine
on her home.
Ocla Mulnli has returned to school
after being absent on account of the
scarlet fever scare.
The children are having a
hard siege of scarlet fever at their
home on Rhoades avenue.
The rooms on the upper floor of the
Unooln school are all going to have
their Arbor day program.
Elsie Btarback, a new resident of
Orchard avenue. Is now attending the
sixth grade at Lincoln school.
Last Wednesday La Verne Augus
tine brought a frog to school and the
afternoon was spent looking at It.
Clarence Mahurin of East Canon
was absent from school Monday and
Tuesday on aeoount of a slight Illness.
The L P. Sewing club met at the
home of Miss Marjorie Davis last Fri
day. Delicious refreshments were
Carey Othus. one of the Reoord car
riers was absent from school Friday
morning on account of a slight 111-
Csrtia Btarback and Arthur Morgan
had the honor of being two of the
officers privileged orderlies at Camp
Constance Hartmann Is 111 with
scarlet fever at her home on N. *th
street and Is greatly missed by her
■dbool mitii
Mildred Bailey and Martha Dooly
had a flee time at the cadet camp on
Thursday and told all about the camp
to tkair Mnii.
Mr. Shultis Is making a business of
looking at frags under the micro
eoope. He has had the children bring
him many of them.
Raymond Templln took his camera
with him oa the cadets' camping trip
and succeeded in securing a good
nanny pleasing pictures.
Howard and Edith Burton. Isabel
and May Mcllvaney. and Ada Barton
enjoyed a day’s outing to the Hog's
back during vacation week.
Roy Emard and his sister have
moved on Franklin. street In East
Canon between Park and Orchard ave
nues. but are not suite settled yet
Vlrd Mahurin of the Lincoln school
stayed out of school all this week In
order to straighten out hta father's
place and to get ready for planting.
Florence and Agnes Hundley, Elsie,
Helen and Mae Bowers. Mima Bklnner
and Lucy Carter enjoyed a picnic bp
to the Hog's back during vacation
The school board has offered a prise
of $2.50 for the best map Illustrating
the elvll war, drawn by the eighth
garde pupils of the city schools. Many
are competing for It.
Mary Cook, reeldlng at 1111 River
4 Iwt Vataabl* Afoot
Tic gljMrlM Mployid la Dr. Plaroafli
arfUM anally Mbuea Iba aadlnhial
yrooertlse wtkh It as track tram saliva
Moalclnal root* and hold* la solution
naah hauar than eleohdr'woald. It aim
■oaaai awdteinal praaertke of lla owa,
hut a' valuable aimiaiiit, puwnns
SaftTaioodrool, GoMest Seal root, Stone
Mat aad Queen's root, oaaialatd la
eQsMsa Medical Discovery • la auMulno
analcL or lUkertau cooaha. faroochial.
Soot aad lun( affections, for all of which
•MMNU an rnaaaaaM by stsnd
«d nodical authorities.
Xa all caw wbora there la a wasting
■May of flesh, ha* of appetite, with weak
atanaA, aa la the early stages of row
sandubo, than eaa ha ao doubt that fly.
aortas /acta aa a valuable aatrttlva and
SSXM|Ti«aatioa aad bulldlin ay the
■aah sMsfreiif th. controlling the cough
aad hrtngaif eemit a healthy eoodlUoa
aliail ft will ctirssicl imi^UaU|
la ihenajanad
kaSiß roughs, «r those of long steadbgL
asaMarhan aeeanpsnlsd by bkodly hag
BhjnjjltnißKww'UM: ■
3p, a. eg *ad»o kjT.
■trait is oonflood to her home on ac
aoant of > illikt attack of Illness
which the doctor think* la the begin'
nine of a ecarlet fever caee.
Uet Thnredar afternoon waa epeut
in with eome chemlcale
bp the eighth grade of the Lincoln
school. Mr. Shaltis had one of the
high school mlcroeoopea.
Some of the glrle went on a picnic
In recation weak op to the Hot
Springe. Those present were Ella
m»t. Laara Oorrtn. Bertha Anna,
Bardie Batchelor and Clara Polhemne.
Two cadets while la Camp Carrier
cultivated a strong taste for poetry.
Eugene Riley, alias "Shorty,’’ or "the
Irish Drummer" could keep the occu
pants of tent No. 6 In a continual flt
of laughter by' his comic poetry.
Mias Ethel McGowan spent her va
cation in Cripple Creek.
Mies Verna Eighmy is out of school
on account of sickness.
Henry Abbott went on a camping
trip to Mlllaay this week.
Inriag Barker of Woodlawn avenue
Is seriously sick with the measles.
Elsie Stsrbnck will lead the Inter
mediate league next Sunday night
Boyd Caughey was absent from
school this week. He hsg the scarlet
The Man girls and their parents are
living in their new home in Harding’s
Arthur and Helen Seaman are still
confined to their home on account of
the .measles.
Little Miss Elberta Lewis of Lincoln
Park, Is convalescent from an attack
of scarlet fever.
Anlje Dickman of Allison avenue
will entertain her friends Saturday
night at her home.
Mias Nettle Maddox left on the noon
train Friday the 11th for Castle Rock,
to visit her friends.
Marvin Russell, who has been til
with scarlet fever at his home on Or
chard Park. Is recovering.
The boys of the high school era now
practicing for their track meet end
five mile mee thin spring.
De Leo Eliot, one of the members of
the clsea of 0» of the Canon City high
school, has moved away.
The boye of the North and Sooth
■ides will play a game of basketball
Saturday night at the risk.
Elsie Starbuck, who has been s pu
pil of the Washington school Is now
attending the Lincoln school.
Queenle Jameson while playing bas
ketball about a week ago sprained her
ankle and Is now on crutches.
Basel Wyuans of the eighth grade
of the Washington school Is oonflsed
{ln her home with the scarlet fever,
f Jessie Smith of the academy, who
was Injured a few days ago by fall
ing on a rock la getting along nicely.
The children of the Washington
school are trying to aolve the prob
lem of "The Value of Total Abstin
The Canon City high school boys are
still playing baseball, and It Is ex
pected that they will soon develop a
good team.
The pupils of the Jefferson school
sre writing a history of Canon City
and are drawing some very good maps
of Colorado.
Miss Irena and Edith Hamilton are
looking forward to a pleasant visit
with relatives in Montrose when
school Is out.
About 80 boys and girls took ad
vantage of the weather and roads last
Saturday and enjoyed themselves at
the swimming pool.
Marguerite Hyseong. Fern Adame,
Veda Ragedale, Leila Dickenson and
Eva Ripley visited the Bouth Canon
high school last Friday.
Some of the members of the Canon
fWf -uii oratori
cal and essay oowtnst at ..the high
school tn a short Mum.
Mias Gertrude Horney. one of the
members of the Canon City high
school, left Wednesday for Oregon,
where she will make her home.
Roy Emard of East Canon traded
one of hie burros to a man camping
on East Main street for two burros
and he says he baa made a good trade.
Mies Edith Hamilton returned to
Colorado Springs Monday to resume
her studies st Colorado College after
a pleasant visit with her parents last
The children of the fifth end sixth
grades of the Washington school are
working on the map of Colorado. The
one who has the best map gets a prise
of lI.SO.
Jack Beatty visited his oouatn, Clark
Llewallyn, of Ltnootn Park. Thursday,
accompanied by Marshal Whitlock of
Cripple Creek, who vtsited also at
Mrs. Miller's
One pood consolation from others
at Camp Carrier waa the fact that the
town of Wilbur waa about a mils from
Um camp, and the eadets eonld so
ap there and sat refreshments whea
evw?they felt Mho It. The Brut time
they want at there tbuy bought the
rtaraksspsr out of evorythlag.ta the
»» o* *snwur*whne > lulls- tnnehnll
Tuesday sight waa niMdmtilly hit
over tha heart with the ball It Ink
id rather aortnaa hr a dan hat ha
***** fcnuiM mussiJirSi
other rooms by recitations, dialogues,
etc., Friday and a very pleasant time
was had by ail present
Miss Gertrude Homey, a former
high school student, deft for her new
home In Oregon Tuesday. She was a
member of the basketball team and
will be missed by her friends.
Miss Gertrude Hall, a member of
the sophomore class of the South Can
on high school is staying with Miss
Huipphrey, but will go to Del Norte,
her new hop&e, as soon as school is
La Verne Augustine and he'r brother
Donald took a stroll to the river and
saw many interesting things. They
saw five Beaver dams and they
brought home several specimens of
wood gnawed by the beavers.
Last Monday morning on the trip
to Camp Carrier by the cadets, Claire
Caterllne lost bis cadet cap while ha
waa riding on top of a box car. The
obliging engineer of engine No. 20
found it and brought it to him a few
days later.
The children of the eighth grade
Something About Some of Ow Yoang and Old Folk*
Who Am Living In Other Towns
Ed Smith is a student at Colorado
Jessie Batchelor is attending the
University of Denver.
• Erlce Bobbitt in studying to be a
lawyer at Ann Arbor. Mich.
Theodore Fisher is a freshman at
Colorado college this term.
Miss Ethel Gibson is attending Hal
cyon Hall at Ulllbrook. N. Y.
Miss Ethel (teacher Is teaching
school at Chandler this winter.
Albert Phillips, a former resident of
Canon, la now living In Oklahoma.
Mont Preston is one of the bright
Canon boys now at the State Unl
Ansel Priest Is now working tor
the telephone company in Munde, In-,
Miss Clara Batchelor is taking a
course at the Denver Business college
this year.
Herbert Graveetock, wbo is working
at Victor, visited his friends In Can
on Sunday.
Miss Elsie Fisher is learning to be a
trained nurse at the Mlnnequa hospi
tal in Pueblo.
Tom Huxley is doing fine in his
ministerial study and work In Mis
souri this year.
Fred Feller, whose family reside on
Kounts avenue has a good position In
a mine at Cripple Creek.
Charles Evans, who went away a
short time ago, is working in a drug
store in Alameda, Cal.
George Pedley, well known among
the young folks In Canon City, is liv
ing nt Pasadena, Cal., now.
Miss Eleanor Burr of the class of
'O7 of the Canon City high school is n
student at the state normal.
Clinton Morrison, formerly s bright
little Canon City boy, thinks hot An
geles is a nice place to live.
Bernice and Geraldine Worrell who
went from here to Nebraska, have now
moved to Orchard, of the same state.
Mlsa Wilma Paxton, a last year's
graduate from the high school of this
city, is attending the college at Boul
Cyril Paquin tor a long time soda
fountain boy at Beely's ta employed
in a similar capacity now at Colorado
His many friends- will be glad to
hear this and' to know that he is do
ing excellent work yin the law course
at Unodln.
Misses Ethel Rlede. Mona Brown
and Marguerite Granger are attending
the state normal at Greeley this
B 8
«Mkud«cUjr. 1
Hb am «n matt and flabby. J
Ha dUa*l hava a atrons aamda in bk I
■tin Wy.
Smotfn* Emulsion.
» NOW i |
TUM (bat b/i w joa
WI ll<|« I >l* lIIUMNW
of the Washington school are going to
work for the prise on a hand map ot
the United States as it was in 18S3,
showing the free and slave states and
the route that Orant took during the
civil war.
a iiuajei' 04 uu>a ui oiuip Currier
mcui. uy lu i tcun tttiu oytui « i iua>
uicui uiuitt cater*
tuic, uenm ax4i i ihuu auu atuei l uat -
uM»auudc. a iacj »aiu tUe> aau a iaaac
wmic at a at uic uyera uouae uiar
lis*4it uau juai ' CUtUy aWIUI.
SMIUC aiidPCb LalUCi, uhlUWi AUU tatla
smiSUu, a Uliuic juua/au.ct, tiUOj
efotsttj weave uCi u UuC OCUUiii Ut »«*».'■ V
00000 wu uic tntiiatue A? aa*
tulu vvuaCu tUCU UIUUCI. AUtf 1 cot
we a esc odj nOh DpCUt AaA eUUieS, CtC.,
Wee . a moot C.jV/J UUIC UUiC rtUO UdlA Uj
vta .mams, ttuu Uas ueeu vhoiik
.Ub at cue toitnoa uiy uiocexy coui-
ANAAiy a a tore, i«Ai inursuay, .ctprii 2,
for Delhart, Texas, where he expects
to make his home. He was accompa
nied by his uncle and grandfather.
They went in a wagon and anticipated
a pleasant journey, and arrived at
Delhart, Texas, about the 11th.
Lincoln I .arson had quite an acci
dent at the home of his mother, Mrs.
Anna Larson, Friday morning. He was
playing ball and in running to catch
the ball fell over a machine tongue
and it was thought at first his arm
was broken, but proved not to be. He
is wearing it in a sling as a conse
quence It is injured and lacerated
! R R. Chess and family are located
at Ordway, Colo., and Mr. CheM la
soliciting. He rents his fruit ranch
here to Mr. J. Laws.
Everard Bancroft of the class of
*O7 of the Canon City high school, is
attending Barnes' Commercial college
In Denver this year.
Miss Lulu Strecker, formerly of
Canon City, Is employed as steno
grapher and cashier In ooe-wf the
stores in Florence.
Ray Baasler until recently a stu
dent In the Junior class of the Canon
City high school is now going to
school in Montrose.
Harral Coulter is once more able
to resume his duties at the University
of Nehr&ska. after an absence of two
weeks due to illness.
Elsie Fischer, who graduated from
the Canon City high school last year,
is taking a course in nursing in a
hospital In Pueblo.
Miss Grace Taunt, at one time a res
ident of Canon City, is employed in
a clerical capacity in one of the larger
book stores in San Diego, Cal.
Leslie Garilnghouse, class *O6 of the
Canon City high school, is a sopho
more at the Rensselaer Polytechnic
Institute of New York state.
Alfred Graves took, who once lived
on Park Center, and attended the
Park Center school, is now going to
the Longfellow school in Boise, Ida.
Bdythe Gravestock, who went to
Boise, Ida., about two years ago, is
now wearing a nurse's garb, and ex
pects soon to be classed as a trained
Miss Monvilla Gravestock, who
graduated from the Canon City high
school about two years ago is tak
ing a course in a business college in
Boise. Ida.
Clarence and Flossie Moors once
lived on Fifteenth street, but during
the past year they have been in lowa.
They have now moved, with their par
ents to Las Animas.
Charles Stream and family removed
to Cripple Creek several years ago and
Mr. Stream Is In the mining business
there. They have sold their fruit
ranch on Orchard avenue.
J. L. Heaton and family are domi
ciled at Boulder,-where ’ his children
are in college. .He-has rented his
line home at 4SI Sherman avenue on
Lincoln Park to Mr. G. C. Hansen and
Canon is proud of her bright boys
and girls in the Colorado College this
year. Some of them are Helen Clarke,
Paul and John Burgees. Lebbeue
Harding, Elmer Terrell and Arthur
Charles F. Tanner and family and
Sumner Pressey and wife who re
moved to Pueblo are in business in
. the Smoky City and doing well. Their
I many friends would be glad to have
them back home.
t Miss Dora McLaughlin, valedictor
! ian of the class of *O4 of the Canon
City high school, is a student at Wash
burn college, at Topeka. Miss Mc-
Laughlin's parents are now residing
at Eskridge, Kan.
I Miss Francis Foote is a student at
the State University at Boulder. Miss
Foote graduated from the Canon City
high school with the clas of 'o# and
later from the Chicago University of
Music. She is teaching music in
Boulder now.
Henry Schroeder, brother of Mrs. J.
A. Steffy. of East Canon, having sold
his fruit ranch here to Frank Sc hum.
is at Cripple Creek, working in the
car barns. He has a good paying po
sition and is doing well. All Henry
needs is a good wife and it being leap
year—girls, don’t all speak at once.
Miss Emily Husser, who 6pent her
vacations here for several summers, is
teaching school in tne Wet Mountain
valley, and has just closed a success
ful winter term, and began a spring
term. Miss Husser’s watchword is
“Work and win," and many girls
would do well to emulate her exam
Among our Canon City boys and
girls now attending the university at
Boulder are Davena Houston, Mary
Curtis, Ora Kirkton, Wilma Paxton,
Roy, Archie and Carl Heaton, Corbin
Robinson. Tom and Blake Warner,
Harold Waldo, Richard Tremayne and
Jim Lamme, who, with the three Hea
ton boys, is in the glee and mandolin
clubs of the university.
Ernest Mudd, a brother of Mrs. J.
iW. McDaniel of this city, is located
at Harrington, Wash., and is engaged
in agriculture. Mr. Mudd began
studying for the ministry, but was
compelled to give it up temporarily
on account of his health. He has
many friends among the young folks
of the Baptist church who will be glad
to hear he is doing well.
Jesse Dorndorff. the former ac
commodating foreman for Captain
Rockafellow, has located on a large
ranch at Farmington, NT. M., and do
ing welL
Sam Whitlock and family are living
in Cripple Creek, where Mr. Whitlock
is running a large dairy. He has 12S
cows and is doing a good business in
the gold camp.
Thomas Arnett and family are dom
iciled at Fresno. Cal., and Mr. Ar
nett is in his old business of railroad
ing. They are well and well pleased
with their new home.
Harvey Brittell and family are
managing a ranch near Grand Junc
tion and doing well. The have an ad
dition to their family of a lively lit
tle daughter since leaving Canon City.
Dan McLaughlin and wife, formerly
Miss Leta He&venridge, have located
at Montrose and have purchased a fine
farm. They are well pleased with
their new home and invite their
friends to “come and see.”
Mr. S. L. Sisson, father of Mrs. T. C.
Llewellyn of Lincoln Park, living at
Frankford, Mo.. who visited his
daughter here all last summer, has
been very sick for a long time. He
made many friends while here who
will be glad to hear of his recovery.
Bud Walton and family moved from
here to Pueblo last fall and Mr. Wal
ton is working in a machine shop. His
daughter. Miss Ruby, is learning the
millinery and dressmaking trade. Roy,
Robert and Mary are in school, and
all like their new home very well.
J. H. Norris and family are located
at Drexel, Mo., on a farm and doing
well. Frank and Arthur are both
married and Earl and Ava are in
school. They are well pleased with
their new home, but sometime* think
of sunny Colorado and Beautiful
Major O. Beatty, who spent two
years in Canon with his father. J. M.
Beatty, is running the farm for his
grandmother Beatty near Curryville.
Mo., and doing well. Major’s health
is not of the beat and he may come
hack to Colorado and locate on that
Mr. and Mrs. Will Dieckman are
located at Goshen, Wash., and are
thinking of returning to Colorado, the
land of sunshine. Too much mud and
rain for them there. Mrs. Dieckman
was formerly Miss Lillian Layne. a
popular teacher of Westcliffe, who
spent many of her vacations in Canon,
and has many friends here* who will
be glad to know they are well.
Mrs. Dors Sellard's daughter, Miss
Leons, and son Carl, are at Ohio City.
Colo., where Mrs. Sellard is manager
of the Links mine boarding house, one
of the best paying mines on the west
We think n hare tout mighty In
teresting staff thin week.
The notes nboat People Who Have
Gone Away ere nil of especial interest.
They have nil Used here and we have
heard little of seme of them Per pears.
And Os “Kids News," ee esses ef
oar yseng withees anil It is afad. glea
ns M cent pieces us glean to Josh
■natty and Pearl oraesstoah Per hav
ing the most set heat Items stoat ggn
pto who have gone away.
Ihrtrn ntotnr. ffahy ■natty, had a
9K r • /
| For Thin,
I Poorßlood
You can trust a medicine
tested 60 years! Sixty years
of experience, think of that!
Experience with Ayer’s Sar
saparilla; the original Sarsa
parilla; the Sarsaparilla the
doctors endorse for thin blood,
weak nerves, general debility.
Rat even thin grand old vnsdlcins cannot An
ita beat work if the Hear la inactive and Uta
lM»wels constipated. Far the boat poaaibla rf
*iilta, you should taka laxaiiva doaas of Ayan
PUhi wtslle taking tba Sarsaparilla.
Wa have no aaereta! Wa pub link
I tba formulas of all our modi etnas.
ern slope. Mrs. Sellards is well pleas
ed with her position, but Miss Leona
has been sick for several weeks. We
hope to soon hear of her entire recov
ery. Mrs. Sellards rents her ranch
on Reynolds avenue.
Charles -Jenkins, son of Mr. and Mrs.
W. Y. Jenkins of South Cottonwood
avenue is attending school at Bliss
electrical college at Washington, D.
C. He will graduate in June, 1908,
but will not arrive at home until some
time in July. We predict for Charlie
a successful career, as he is a bright
young man. Charlie has “interests'*
in Canon in the form of a lovely young
lady, so we may expect him home very
soon after graduation.
Elmer and Neal Rake straw are both
located at Carson, Wash., on farms
and are doing welL The Messrs Rake
straws and their families left here
several years ago and settled at Hood
River, Oregon, later going to Carson,
Wash. Mr. Neal Rakestraw had the
sad misfortune to lose his little son
about a year ago. The balance of the
family are doing well. This family
has many friends in Canon who sym
pathize with them in the loss of their
little and only son.
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Pierce art
located aUCpsoian, CaL, and Ml
at a sugar factory. **
They were formerly located at Long
Beach, California, but during 9 the pan
ic the house Mr. Pierce was employed
in closed down and the family then
removed to Coco ram, where Mr. Pierce
has a good position. Mrs. Pierce has
regained her health, and ere well
pleased with their new home. The lit
tle girls are in school and write nice
letters home to Grandpa and Grandma
Cline of Cottonwood avenue.
W. L. Tinker and family are again
located at Sunnyside. Wash. Mr. Tin
ker left here several years ago for
Routt county and not liking that
place they removed to Grand Junction
where he was head foreman on the bif
Lee ranch at that place for several
years. They removed to Sunnyside a
short time ago. Two lovely little
daughters, Ruth and baby Helen, have
been added to this family since leaving
Canon. Their many friends will be
glad to know that they are well and
hope tLeir next move will be back to
Of the Price boys, sons of Mr. and
Mrs. Thomas Price of South Cotton
wood avenue, all raised at Canon City,
William has extensive interests in a
big mine at La Plata, Colo., and is aow
traveling in the east and north In Can
ada in the interest of the company.
Thomas Jr. is now located at La Piat
ta. and looking after his brother's in
terests during his absence, and he
is rapidly coming to the front, though
just past his majority. John is locat
ed with his family in Arizona, where
he has mining interests, and doing
well, and Ethan is located in Utah,
where he has property and doing welL
Of this family of six boys, all are six
foot and over tall, except the young
est, George. Two of the boys are at
home, the eldest and the youngest,
but John is married.
The "Bquavkinf baby," a rubber
toy, which, when filled with air, emit®
a sound like a crying infant, has been
declared unfit for sale by the state
pure food commission. It is alleged
the mouthpiece contains arsenic or
alcohol poisoning and that several
children have been poisoned after
placing the toys in their mouths. Tfce
sale has been ordered stopped In
had tha M cents but we think Jack
will split the prise with Us sister, se
he la n pretty good fellow.
The SB cent prtaee go to Mae Bower
and Will Mahuyla. both of whom had
la good llama aad pood "copy."
Mae Bower aaea a typewriter which
always pleases a printer
inverse hagasttae had la a mHftty
alee peach ed Mama aad aha Is as pa
•” # i

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