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ssswffis asra
hooka, stationery, records, printing,
lithographing “d snppUan hitMttw
designated. to-wlt:
I quires medium plain reoord.
8 qalras Medium printad kaad reo
I qalras medium printad papa rac-
I quires medium plala record.
• qalras medium printed bead rao
I qalras madiam printad papa roe
Priees lor each additional form la
/ printed paps record.
, 1 doable mediate assessment rolls.
( *°S lists. 1.0 folio
mil Met-
All of said records to be printed
tram eopr furnished hr the county
elerk. Legal blanks, Vi and full
Lepal cap. best quality linen, num
bered lines per ream.
Legal ear manlla in pads, per ream,
aooordlap to sample on file In county
Blectlon suyplles. per set. complete.
Letter heade, per O, and per M., 101 b
Colorado Bond, smooth finish.
Note heads, ter D. and per M, f fi)
Colorado Bond, emooth finish.
Bnrelopes. XXX white, full govern
ment, first qualty rap, «Vie. «%s, f Vis
10s and lie, pgr D, and per k, with
printed returns
All letter heads note heads and en
velopes must be bid for and furnished
according to sample on file In the
office of county clerk.
Postal cards, for printing only (coat
of cards to be elded) tor first hundred,
and each additional hundred.
pencils Faber. No. 8, 8 and
Nestor No. 8. 1 per proas.
Pens, assorted per proas.
Pyramid pete, assorted, per proas.
Blotters, bast quality, cut 4Vi si*,
per a
Ink. Arnolds. Carter's, writing fluid,
quarts, per dmau.
MaeUape. pate and quarts. Carter’s
and Bendtords, and 1 os. common, per
Rubber beads; best quality, pore
rubber, asserted rises, per pound.
All records must be fiat opening,
■awed with silk (breed and bound ex
tra Rusalai ends, bauds and fronts,
with full pit back, and the stock used
b same nest be Byron Westons, or
1» L. Brora’s bast linen ledger.
And as to all other supplies, the sea
terial aid work mast be first class,
and allot the sappMss mast be deliv
ered ne of any chnrpe at tho Court
■awe la Canon City. Oolorafin
Ms trill be received for famishing
arid supplies. h whole or la part, and
Be board itaarrae tbs thfit to accept
or ref i it. In part or In whole, aay and
aB Mdse Cared.
■MB Md mast bs an do rani -fits-
Msoiry Proposals" and addrasaad to
tho county clerk. Osaea City. Oslo
rufia lbs same trill bs opened sad
ssarigsref aa Wednesday. Jaaasry d.
A. D. ltd*, at tea o'clock a- aa, or as
sacs thereafter as may bs eoe vastest.
_Br order at tbs Board at County
Oeo. P. Nix. County Oerk.
Pint pab. Dee. IT. Ufifi.
Lori pub. Dee. PL IPSd.
Thdßoard OMmSriosem
of Precinct eoaaty, Oslo rads, will re
orivu sealed bide aatll two o'eloek p.
sa. dasaary fifth. IPSO, tor eepplylag
thirOeimty tow Farm wWb proeerlee.
fresh aad sailed meets aad ether oep
pHss tar the year lfififi. A sehedata of
each aappllae may be bad ca epeUee-
Msa at tbs oßoe at tbs Ooaaty Clark.
•• Tbs Board nsertss tbs right of re
toetlsp all bids.
By ardor of said Board.
Oeo, p. Nix. Ooaaty Clark.
Flint pab. Bsc. IT. IPdt.
r* "as. 81. ltfig.
Bids tor Ceaaty rt la Map
The Board of Ooaaty Coauslarioosrs
at Freasoat Ooaaty, Colorado, hereby
Intrlu proposals tor dolap tbs County
Printing of said ooaaty tor tbs year
1808. tbs asms to bs opaasd aad coa
riderad at two o'clock p. m. January
the fifth. ItOf. sad to laclads tbs fol
lowing aervleaa:
Printing aeml-aasual atatamaata of
ooaaty o Beers.
Troaaarara call tor the redemption
at bonds aad warrants.
All notices Issued by tbs superin
tMdMt Of SChOOll.
Monthly statement of Mils allowed
aad disallowed.
Blectlon notices.
ne delinquent tax list.
Celle tor bide by county eommla
rionere and nil other notices and pub-
Ucatloes Incleded In the term “Coun
ty Printing" except the official Uat of
nomination to offices.
The Board reserves the right to re
ject any aad all bids
By order of said Board.
Oeo, P. Nix, Ooaaty Clerk.
First pab. Dec. IT. IPOB.
Lest peb. Dec. 81. I*o*
Bids tor OeaL
The Board of County Commissioner*
ef Fremont eouuty, Colorado, will re
solve sealed bids netll tee o'eloek e.
m. of Tuesday. January fifth, 1801, tor
famishing arid county with cool tor
the year I*oB.
Bids to specify rates of delivery as
■allows, to-wit:
1. At Court Boose.
8. At Poor fhrm.
8. At Mian
4. F. O. B. R. R. earn Canon City.
Tho bohrd reserves the right to re-
Muy eng nil bids. By order of arid
Oeo, P. Nix, County Clerk.
First pub. Deo. IT. 1808.
|- fc 1181
Fethe of totebbsHne Itetop
Notice Ip hereby given that the an
neal fnt-Tf of the steebboHere of
the Nl Homo Mining and RedneMon
f—pf trill be held at their oßoe.
BM Main street. Cnsoe City. Colorado
January twelfth, ltd*, at two o’eloek
pTSTfcr the election of five dbuetws
fcawvs tor the searing veerend tor
• ».*«oauF«ugw^
t lititt of Frftadf BmuAst, ittatud.
- The tuMternigaml. feavtac but ap
-1 pointed administrator of the estate of
I Francis Bench*!, lata Of the county Of
, Fremont In the state of Colorado, de
' cessed, hereby given notice that he
will appear before the county court of
said Fremont county, at the court
. hoase In Canon City, In said county at
the hour of X o'clock la ths afternoon
of January 18th, IXOX. at which time
all persons haring claims against said
estate are notified and requested to
. attend for the purpose of haring ths
same adjusted. All persons Indebted
. to said estate are requested to make
Immediate payment to the ander
**?ated at Canon City, Colo, this 11th
, day of December, 1908.
First pub. Dee. IT, ISO*.
I feet nnb. Jan. 7, ISOS.
Stockholders’ Annual Meeting.
Notice U hereby given, that on the
' second Tuesday, being the 11th day of
January, A. D. ISOS, at the hour of
1 three o’clock p. m, the annual meet
ing the stockholders of ths Royal
Gorge Coal and Fire Clay Company of
Colorado will be held at the principal
office of said company In Its rooms
over the Poet Office building. In the
city of Canon City, In the state of
Colorado, and In the county of Fre
mont. at which time and place there
1 will be a full board of directors of and
1 tor said company chosen by stock
holders of said company; and inch
' other business as may properly be
1 considered and acted upon at said
' meeting may or will be transacted.
Stockholders, In person, or by
■ proxy, shall be entitled to attend and
1 rote at said meeting.
B. O. BETTIS. Pres.
1 Attest: L. J. WOOD. Secy.
First pub. Dec. 17, 1908.
Last pub. Dec. 11, 1908.
Hades af Final Battlement.
In the matter of tha estate of John
Wiley, daces sad.
Notice is hereby given, that on Sat
-1 urday, the 11 rd day of January, A D.
' 1909, being on* of the regular days of
the December term. 1908. of the county
1 court of Fremont county, in the state
of Colorado. I, Nathaniel C. Burning,
' administrator of said estate, will ap
pear before tha judge of said court,
1 present my Anal settlement a* such
administrator pray tha approval of
tha earn*, and will than apply to be
discharged as such administrator. At
which tints and place any person In
interest may appear and present ob
jections to the earns If any there be.
N. C Darning. Administrator
Pint pub. Dee. 17, 1908.
Last nek. Jan. 14. 1909.
MaUtibSfh* Womack, ds-
Tha undersigned, having bee* ap
pointed administrator of tha aetata af
Ralph S. Womack, lata of ths coanty
af Fremont, la tha state of Coloreds,
deem sad, hereby gives notice that he
will appear before the county court
af mid Fremont county, at ths
court bouaa la Canon City la said
scanty, on the 9th day of •
ary. 1909. atvhleh time all person*
having claims against said estate are
notified and requested to attend tor
tha purpose of having the same ad
justed. AH parsons Indebted I* said .
estate are requested to make Imme
diate payment to the aadaralga**
Dated at Canon City, 0010, this 9th
day of Deesmber, A D. 1908.
~ Administrator.
Pint pub. Dae. Id. 1908.
Last pub. Dee. 11, 1908.
Department oT tha Interior. D. t
Land Ottos at Pueblo, Colorado, No
vember 11, 1988.
Notio* la hereby given that Wilson
P. Mink, of Canon City. Colorado, who.
ea November 18. 1901. mad* Home
stead Retry No. 11918. Serial No.
91881. tor BRM. Section 11. township
18 g. raage 71 W.. tth Principal Mer
idian. has filed aotics of Intention to
maka Pinal Five Tear Proof, to estab
lish claim to tha land above described,
before the clerk of the District Court,
at Canon City. Colorado, on tha tth
day of January. 1999.
Claimant names as witnesses:
Walter Black, of Black Mountain.
Colorado. David M. Walker, of Black
Mountain. Colorado. Andrew Johnson,
af Mleanlte. Colorado. Charles Hend
erson. of Mleanlte. Colorado.
First pub. Nov 18, 1898.
Last pub. D*c 11, 1908.
Natice—Ktaekhaldee's Meeting.
Canon City, Colorado. November
17th. 1908.
Notice Is hereby given that the an
nual meeting of the stockholders of
The DeWeese-Dye Ditch and Reser
voir company will b* held at the court
house. Canon City, Colorado, on Sat
urday, January Ind. 1908, at 1:00
o'clock p. m., to elect a Board of
Five Directors, and to levy an Assess
ment on the Capital Stock of the com
pany to defray expenses, and to con
sider the advisability of disposing of
reservlor No. 1, known as Ths Hole In 1
the Oround Reservoir, and the West <
End of Lake Lincoln: also to con- 1
elder the cleaning of the East end of |
the said Laka. and to act upon a pro
position to Increase the capital stock l
of the company to the original ten
thousand shares.
If the thirty-two hundred retired 1
shares are recalled, they are to be
placed In ths Treasury, to ha sold
only tor the purpose of decreasing the
company's debt or to Increase the sup
ply of water to tha satisfaction of tha
Stockholders, or. by Increasing ths .
storage capacity la Wat Mountain
▼allay, or, by any other way deem
ed bast by tha company. Also to :
transact any other baalnaas that may
legally earns before the said meeting.
It la nnecessary to have a majority
or the stock present to legally trans
act basis***, aad If It la Impose!bla i
tor you to b* present, plana* writ*
tha aaa*e af tha party whom you wish
to r spree sat you. la Iks. blank spaea
la tha prox- herewith enclosed, had <
mall or hand It to the secretary.
Rp order of the Beard of Director*.
the canon crrr record, Thursday, dec. *i, i«a
Dwutaat of tko Interior, C. t
Load Office at Posblo, Colorado. Nov
•mbor S>. IMS.
Notles Is hereby si Ten ths. Dsrld
M. Ersae. of Block Mountain, Colo
rado, who, os July 7. ISOS, msds
Homestesd Entry No. ISCTS. Bertel No.
01*07, for Lots S, 4. S. Section 4,
Township IS 8.. Usage 7$ W., Sth
Principal Meridian, has filed notles of
Intention to make Final five year
proof, to establish claim to ths land
above described, before the clerk of
the District Ooart at Canon City, Colo
rado, on the lfth day of January, ISOS.
Claimant names as witnesses: An
drew Johnson, of Canon City, Colo
rado; J. W. Sweeney, of Mlcanlte,
Colorado; Frank Rowe, of Mlcanlte,
Colorado; Oscar Ward, of Guffey,
& A. ASSET. Register,
First publication Dec. Srd. ISOS.
Last publication Jan. 7th, ISOS.
The regular annual meeting of The
Colorado Canning Company sflll be
held on Monday, the fourth day of
January, at two o'clock in the after
noon at the principal office of the com
pany In Canon City, Colorado, for the
election of a board of directors for the
ensuing year and the transaction of
such other business as may properly
come before the meeting.
By order of the Board of Directors,
First publication Dec. 10, ISOS.
Last publication Dec. SI, ISOS.
Retiee-ef Annual Meeting.
Canon City, Colo., Dec. 5,*1848.
To the Stockholders of the Fremont
County Fair Association:
Ton are hereby notified that the an
nual Stockholders' meeting of The
Fremont County Fair Association will
fit held at the rooms of the Canon City
Merchants' Association, numbers three
and live, up stairs. Record Block, Can
on City. Colo., on Tuesday, January S,
ISOS, at 7:SO p. m.. of that day, for
the purpose of electing a Board of Di
rectors for the ensuing year, and to
transact such other business as may
properly come before the meeting.
T. B. COULTER, President
W. B. ROWLAND, Secretary.
First Pub. Dee. IS. ISOS.
Last Pub. Dec. 11, ISOg.
Regies ef SSeekheHeuu Meeting
Notice la hereby given that the
regnlar annual meeting of the stock
holders of the Fremont County Nat
ional Bank win be held at tie hanking
house. No. Ml Main street Canon
CUy. Colorado, on Tuesday, the 11th
day of January, A. D. ISOS, at the
hour of three thirty o'clock In the
afternoon of said day. at which meet
ing a board of directors will be
elected, and any other business of a
lawful character will be transacted.
M. S. Raynolds, President.
O. F. Rockafellow. Cashier
First publication Dee. 10. ISOB.
lest publication Jan. 7. ISOS.
Mortgage Foreclosure Sale
Pursuant to a Decree of FVjrclosure
of a Mortgage rendered In and by the
County Court of and for the County
of Fremont la the State of Colorado,
on the Fourteenth day of November,
ISM, la favor of Frank McCllatock
against J. H. Pottorff. Maud Pottorg
and ‘Cora A. Pottorg. In eauae No.
1777, for the sum of Bight Hundred
and BU dollars and Twenty-nine
Cento for principal and Interest, and
for Sixty Dollars attorney fee, de
creed to said MeCUatoek. foreclosing
said Mortgage and directing the sher
iff of said county to advertise and
sell, unlees aooaer redeemed, the
hereinafter described premises, to
make said principal, Interest, attor
ney fee. costs of suit taxed at SIS.SS.
together with all other costs to he
taxed, and accruing interest. Now,
therefore, the undersigned Sheriff of
Fremont County Colorado, will on
Saturday. January 1, A. D. ISM, at
the hour of S pclock p. m.. offer for
sale and sell at public auction at
the front door of the Countv Court
House In the city of Canon City, In
said county and state, to the highest
and beet bidder tor cash, the said
premises being lot numbered four (4)
In Block numbered Forty (40) of
Rudd's Addition to Canon CMy, Colo
rado, according to the recorded plat
of said Addition, situated In aald
county and state. Certlflewte of such
sale will be Issued to purchaser, and
If said premises be not redeemed
according to law, conveyance of the
same and of their appurtenances,
privileges and hereditaments, will be
made In pursuance of aald decree and
of aald sale.
Dated Dec. S. 1808.
Joseph Baser. Sheriff.
First pub. Dee. 10. lOCS.
Last pub. Dee. SI. ISM.
Annual Meeting ef Stockholders.
Notice Is hereby given that the reg
ular annual meeting of stockholders
of The Fremont County Fruit Growers
A Dealers Association will be held at
the court house, Canon City, on the
10th day of January, ISM, at 1 o'clock
p. m., for the purpose of receiving re
ports. electing two directors for a
term of three years and such other
business as may properly come before
the meeting.
By order of the Board of Directors.
N. B KINO, Pres.
First pub. Dec 14. 1808.
Last pub. Jan. 14, IMS.
Estate of Edwin Law, deceased.
The undersigned, having been ap
pointed executor of the will of Edwin
taw, late of the county of Fremont In
the state of Colorado, deceased, here
by gives notice that he will appear
before the county court of said Fre
mont county, at the court hones In
Canon City, In aald county, at the De
cember term. ISO*, on the last Monday
la Jaanary. ISM. at which time all
persona having claims against aald
estate are nettled and mulcted to
attend Mr the purpose of having Me
a din ri if All aereeaa Indebted
toaaldbetato are reeuastad to make
Immediate payment to the under
Dated at Canon City, Colo., title net
day of December, A. D. 1908.
First pub. Dee. 14, 1 90 S.
Last pub. Jan. 11, 1909.
Katies el Application (nr U. 8. Patent.
• Minina Application Ho. OIKS.
Receipt He. OIMS.
United States Land Office, Pueblo,
Colorado, Dec. 22, 1908.
Notice Is hereby given that In com
pliance with an act of congress ap
proved ltay 7th, 1872, C. J. Fredrick
son, whose postoffice address is Canon
City, Fremont county, Colorado, has
mads application tor patent for one
hundred and eighty acres of mining
ground, by legal sub-divlslons ot the
U. 8. Surveys, known and designated
as Qwilllm, lime, and The Western
Placer Claims as follows:
awllllm: BE* of SE* of South
west 14. Eli of NEI4 of BE<4 of BWI4.
Eli of SEI4 of NE 14 of SWI4 of Sec
tion 8, containing 20 acres.
Lime: w*4 of BE* of Section 8.
The Western: Wl4 of NEI4 of Sec
tion 8.
All situate in township 18, south
range 70 west 6th p. m., in unknown
mining district, Fremont county, Colo
rado; location certificates of said
claims being recorded in the office of
the county clerk of Fremont county,
Colorado, as follows: The Gwtllim
placer, book 127, page 256 and amend
ed by certificate recorded in book 149,
page 345, said records; Lime placer ,
in book 127, page 261, said records
and The Western placer in said book
127, page 257. There are no known
lodes, no exclusions from this applica
tion for patent and no adjoining
S. A. ABBEY, Register.
First pub. Dec. 24, 1308.
Last pub. Feb. 25, 1909.
Katies at Annual Meeting.
Notice Is hereby given that the An
nual meeting of the stockholders of
the El Plomo Mining and Redaction
company will be held at their office,
222 Main street, Canon City. Colorado,
January twelfth, 1909, at two o’clock
p. m , for the election of Five Direc
tors to serve for the ensuing year, and
for the transaction of such business as
many properly come before the meet
Two cum* will be played by the
Victor Bisk aehool basketball team
daring the early days of tba aaw year.
The boys team will play Ita Prat came
Jaaaary I. the Cripple Creek team,
the rivals or the Victor Highs for
many years, will be the flrst teem the
Victor boys will meet. They are de
tenaiaed to make this came a victory.
Oa the same day the girls team will
go to Caaba City where It will meet
the girls basket ball toaeers of the
Genoa High school. The girls are oon*
fldeat or repeating their victory over
the Canon City team.—Cripple Creek
William R. Himr, a former real
dent of this city, died at hie home la
Colorado Sprtaga on Tharaday. The
remnlne ware brought here and the
funeral eereioe will be held at WU
eoa'e undertaking parlora at l:M
o’clock Sunday afternoon, followed by
Interment la Lakeeide cemetery. De
ceaeed waa a brother of Mre. True
Blanchard, and of Jamee O. Harrey of
thle city, aleo Mre. Geo. Dudley end
Mre. Martha Ewart and George Har
vey of Denver. Mre. Dudley and Mine
Ewart arrived here from Denver thle
afternoon for the purpoae of being
proa oat at the obeequlee.
In spite of oar troabloa, wc nil do
pretty wall.
• on
Let the devil alone and he’ll -not
bother roe.
• • •
People like n food baby better than
b pretty one.
a e e
There la nometlmee dancer In not
getting peered enough.
■ ea
The a re rage dog In a nampla of how
Mthfal n nutnance can be.
A new father handle* a baby aa
timidly an a girl haadlea a can.
A girl think* It la a eln to do lota
of things which ah* gets the boys to
* * •
Bow awfully helpless the moat self
reliant are la the presence of trou
Ton would be sarprlaod at the
Mags aaM about you behind your
a a a
If you care to know haw hard a
man really works, ask the man who
pay* hlaa.
a a a
What la the world la more trivial
than the reason panpl* have tor dis
liking goal
a a a.
Tour fH*nd* are often afraid to do
you a favor, fearing it win dlsglus*
your laisay.
a a a
to make a world and yon are on« of
the queer kind.
• 000'
Actions Bpeak louder than words.
They hare to. In order to be heard
above the boasting.
When a girl dislikes another girl, 1
she always says of her, “She Is just
crazy to get married.**
• * m
A really good drygoods man makes
every woman who calls at his store
feel that he finds a certain something
about her to admire. I
0 9 0
Every woman who hears of a baby’s
death believes that if they had sent,
for her, she would have thought of
something that would have saved it.
«• • .
Fortune may knock at a man’s
door once in a life time, but misfor
tune walks right in at least once a
year, and never so much as sends
up a visiting card.
Take a girl who has always lived
at home, and helped with the work,
and give her a boarding bouse, and a
horse and a buggj and a husband,
and she is perfectly happy.
0 0 0
In every town there is a good deal
of quarreling. It Is never very seri
ous unless you encourage it, and it is
always the same old quarrel. Don’t j
take a little quarreling too seriously, i
... I
When a man tells his sweetheart
that she is the nicest girl in town, he
has to tell her, when he meets her
the next day. that she is the nicest j
girl in the world, or ike will say his
love Is growing cold.
a a a
Tou can generally tell a man’s busi
ness by what he rests his eyes upon.
If he looks at your shoes, he is in the
shoe business; if he gases at your
clothes, he has something to do with
the clothing business; when he eyes
your watch he is a jeweler, and a hat
ter always, glances at your tile. The
above is only true of men. When two
women meet, they look each other all
One by one the mu who w«ro prom
iaont la the building and operettas of
the Florence and Cripple Creek rail
road are peering away. Yeaterday*a
metropolitan pavers told of the death
of B. C. Coalter, near Lea Vegas, N. M.
Ooalter, la a It of deapondeaey, shot
himself while la a hotel at Laa Vegas.
He is the fourth oae of fbor locomotive
engineers who has passed away since
the railroad was hollt here In H. The
others were Bd Onager, Barney Cbe
wsy. and Urn Frala, all of whom met
their death while la the permit of
their doty. Among the managers of
the road who have passed away is W.
B. Johnson, who was the grot rice
president. superintendent, and the
leading spirit. And J. F. Oolllas who
was also one of the strong men of the
road. Also John Conway, who was the
Bret master mechanic—Florence Trib
There are thousands of women la
the state of Colorado today who are
confronted with the same problems
of housekeeping. Women are uklng
how they can make housekeeping
easy and more pleasant; and this ap
plies to the ranch as well as to the
town woman. Many women are not
trilling to use poor, slow methods of
twenty-fire years ago. when there are
many better ones In use. It is true
that our grandmothers were busy wo
men. they had to make the car
pets. candles , preserves, salt the
meats, make the clothing, knit the
mittens and hoods, and do almost
everything else that was needed in
the home. The factories of today
have taken from the home many of
these Industries. In the old training
the daughter helped her mother with
the work, but this practice Is no
longer as common as K used to be.
On account of modern utensils and
conveniences the real housework is
less, but more and better manage
ment Is needed In the housekeeping
of today. The day will come when
the housekeeper lust know the easi
est and most systematic way of doing
things. Ninety-five per cent, of the
food we eat is prepared by women.
Brains must be used la planning
fooda for people In the house, and a
mother should know how important
It Is to have suitable food and to
have It well cooked. We study the
needs o ( animals In our barns and la
our public ports, and we should be
just as aaatoua about our children.
It la Impossible to overestimate the
Importance of proper feeding In
childhood: It Is the Brut (nr yean
that eount Children aomstlmsa dis
like certain food, hud n tactful mother
oaa do n groat deal Does It not
so.m that every ssothor would he
wining to glue good, wholesome, sim
ple Hood to her child lor the grot ton
at fifteen years of Its Nth knowing
that It means good health, good
teeth, and a good stomach for the
rest sf the child's Ufe.
Os Is rode Agrtoattnrml OeUegn Hrt
9* Ton Opm Tour loath
LOm a young bird and gulp dowa what
ever food or medicine may be offend yoaf
Or, do you want to know something of the
composition and character of that which
you taka Into your alomach whether as
{ food or medicine T
Moot Intelligent and sensible people
now-a-days insist on knowing what they
employ whether an food or no medicine.
; Dr. Pierce believes they hare a perfect
| right to insist upon such knowledge, Bohn
r-r 1 r~~ Ysngf and on each bottle
SM*S ad
an~masearestu?ic<> and understood Ig
more will their superior eurallre virtual
mmsm, tnofoltrltiM And
livini rise to frequent headaches, badft»
| ache, dragging-down pain or distress ta
! lower abdominal or pelvic region, accosn
panled, of (times, with a debilitating,
pelrlc, catarrhal drain and kindred symp
toms of weakness. Dr. Pierce’s Favorite
Prescription is a most efficient remedy.
It is equally effective in caring painful
i periods, in giving strength to nursing
mothers ana In preparing the system os
the expectant mother for baby’s coming,
thus rendering childbirth safe and coal
paratlvely painless. The "Favorite Pre
scription • is* a most potent, strengthening
tonic to the general system ana to the
organs distinctly feminine in particular.
| It la also a soothing and invigorating
! nervine and cures nervous exhaustion,
nervous prostration, neuralgia, hysteria,
spasms, chorea or SU Vitus’s dance, and
other distressing nervous symptoms at
tendant upon functional and organic die
eases of the distinctly feminine organa,
j A host of medical authorities of all the
several schools of practice, recommend
each of the several ingredients of which
| "Favorite Prescription" is made for the
cure of the diseases for which it Is claimed
to be a core. Von may read what they
say for younelf by sending a postal card
request for s free booklet at extracts
from the leading authorities, to Dr. R. v.
Pierce, Invalids* Hotel and Suiytcal In
stitute, Buffalo, N. Y.. and ** will noma ta
you by return post.
Min Adella Lucas, teacher at the
Washington school, was taken to Mln
nequa hospital at Paeblo suffering
from a severe attack of appendlcita.
She underwent a surgical operation
on Thursday for the removal of the
cause of her trouble and is reported
to be recuperating rapidly from its ef
fects. It is expected that she will have
aufflclentlv recovered her strength n
to permit of her being brought hone
by the end of the current week. Min
Lucas had been threatened with ap
pendicitis fbr several months.
etc., sl7* par acre Adfrenn F. Ol Baa
IM. city. «M
The Weekly Bseord HIM the yeas.
Special Price List
Always give number in or
dering assortments
Special Assortments
DrM trait all packed la cartoaa
Haaßer 1
It Be. Prune*. large else
10 Tbs. Peaches
10 Iba PaachOs
10 Iba Apricots
4 Iba Loose Muscatel Raiabta
4 Iba Seeded Maacatal Raisins
4 Iba Seedless Sultana Balaian
M la Price SMO
Weaker •
14 Ba Pranea large
14 Bs. Peackas
11 ba Apricots
M Ba Price MAS
Waaker S
0 Be. Seeded Maacatal Ralslas
10 Ba Seedless Sultana Ralsiaa
10 Ba .Loose Muscatel Raiaiaa
t Ba Praaea large ulae
0 Ba. Peacbas
■ Ba Apricots
00 Ba Price SMS
Wkr-da gro Brand Pkncp trait Is
t cans Apricots
Scans Tallow Peacbas
5 eaaa Bartlett Pears
t sans Muscat Grapes
Mom Pries BUS
Mad Mlt srearfiat ra 1. or Ba
S, and Canned Pratt Assortment Na A
IBs two SIS.
PI rat HaHsaal Bank. OMOua.
CmbMmHmi OOtr
Fruit Products Cow
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