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The following proclamation was is
sued by Mayor Tanner this morning:
“Memorial Day. a day dear to the
heart of every patriotic American cit
izen. falls this year on Sunday, and it
is eminently fitting that upon this day
patriotic services be held in all the
churches of this city, and that all
citizens reverently attend them. Mon
day, the following day, will be ob
served as Decoration Day, that the
spirit of patriotism and love of coun
try and its flag may be instilled into
the hearts of the young; that we may
honor our soldier dead, and show
gratitude to our surviving veterans,
and for an undivided and glorious
Tony Adamic’s saloon, in Prospect
Heights, was struck by lightning dur
ing the electrical storm about 7:00
o’clock Friday evening, but was not
seriously damaged. The bolt entered
near the south-west corner of the
building and tore off a section of the
roofing and some of the plastering
on the ceiling of the second story;
otherwise little injury was done. The
loss will hardly exceed ten or fifteen
Florence, May 22. —Pat O’Donnell,
65 years of age, a section hand in the
employ of the D. & R. G. railroad, was
seen about town yesterday morning,
complaining of feeling badly and in
quiring where he could find a doctor.
A ticket was purchased for him to go
to the hospital at Salida, but he died
before the train arived. The body
was taken in charge by one of the lo
cal undertakers and will be held until
relatives can be heard from.
The base ball game between the
Junior-Freshmen classes of the North
and South Canon high schools was
played on the diamond on North Ninth
street Wednesday afternoon and was
won by the Canon City team by a
score of 14 to 6. The contest was an
interesting one, but was without
special features. A large number of
the friends of the competing teams
witnessed the game.
Bent whalebone, the genuine article,
may be straightened by soaking it in
boiling water for a few minutes and
then ironing it straight.
For INFORMATION concerning Jan Juan
County, Jim tv Moxlco, the BEBT FRUIT
prices and descriptions of desirable properties
address Waltmr B. Comton, Rmal Bmtato
Farmington, San Juan County, No to
Dr.C.Herman Graves
Private Hos pita:
X . Ray Examinations
Hotair Treatment
114 North Slrth Street
Office hours 2 to 3 an'' 7 to 8 p m
2 £
J «r
2 ■*
5 *c
1 s
§ =
jg «■
3 Electric Motors for Sewing|Machines "
3 Electric Motors for Washing Machines J
3 New Vacuum Cleaner for household purposes 2
3 The Time is Coming for Fans. See Ours 5
2 «c
> m
1 |
I The Colorado Electric Light |
1 & Power Company f
j rr
2 Phone Canon 48 Oi.,ce **3 North R* «
country; therefore I hereby request
that on Monday, May 31st, all busi
ness be generally suspended In this
city, and that business houses and
private residences be appropriately
decorated with our National colors. I
would also urgently request that all
sports and field atheltics be discoun
tenanced upon said Memorial day.
"It is the wish of the surviving vet
erans, and in compliance with Na
tional orders, that flags upon flag
poles be flown at full mast, and not
at half mast as heretofore.
"Canon City, Colo., May 20th, 1909.
"GEO. R. TANNER, Mayor.”
The special railroad rates to tne
northwest and California on account
of the Alaska-Yukon-Pacific exposi
tion at Seattle went into effect Thurs
day morning and many Colorado peo
ple took advantage of them at the first
opportunity. Both the Rio Grande and
Santa Fe officials here report many
inquiries for these tickets and the in
dications are that Canon City will
send many visitors to the exposition
at Seattle before the summer is over.
The rate to Seattle and return is
forty-five dollars and the rate to San
Francisco and Los Angeles is sixty
dollars for the round trip. The tickets
are good returning until the end of
The work of concreting the sides
and bottoms of the filters and settling
basins at the waterworks reservoir,
above Kenley’s gardens, is proceeding
rapidly. On Wednesday sixteen cubic
yards, or, four hundred and thirty-two
cubic feet, of concrete was laid, which
is the capacity of the machine in use
there tor mixing the concrete. There
is every indication that the water
works system will be completed with
in the time specified in the contract.
The annual cross-country run of
the Canon City high school students
for the Rodda cup look place Wednes
day afternoon and was witnessed by a
large number of spectators! The
course was a five mile one and was
over a rought country from the high
school building northeast towards the
foothills and return. The race was
won by Harry Wray in twenty-nine
minutes. Albert Caughey was second
in thirty-two minutes and twenty
seconds and Reginald Atwater third
in thirty-two minutes and thirty sec
onds. Under the rules the Rodda cup
has to be won by the same person
three years in succession to become
his personal property. Competition for
•he cup is open to all high school stu
The Weekly Record is $1.26 a year.
From Monday’s Daily.
In spite of the storm the Lincoln
Park school house was filled by the
friends of the eighth grade graduates
of 1909. The best of it was that all
lelt themselves repaid for the effort
required to attend. The class render
ed a program that was high grade
both in character and performance,
Nearly half a score of them require
special mention. If any such course
should be risked, the list should pos
sibly begin with the name of Rosa
James and should certainly contain
that of Maude Barnes, Ida Barnes,
Elsie Scearce, Bessie Chase, Mildred
Kittell, Paul Black and Mark Entorf.
It has been several years since Lin
coln Park has had a chance to know
how good a program its schools can
provide and last night’s experience
shows that in spite of its limitation
to the grades, it still shows powers
that are highly creditable even when
compared with higher schools.
The invocation w r as by the Rev. S.
F. Entorf, the instrumental music was
furnished by the South Canon high
school orchestra. One of the class
features of the program was a class
song that pleased. Another was the
class prophecy, by Mildred Kittle, in
which she show r ed that it is possible
to construct a prophecy so that It
will be interesting to the audience as
well as to those whose fate is settled
(?) by it.
The graduates are: Ida Barnes,
Paul Black, Philip Bloxhem, Della
Davis, Mark Entorf. Mary Mayworth,
Eddy Irwin, Rosa James, Mildred
Kittell, Louis Litz, Elsie Scearce,
Bernice Smith, Cecil Smith, Emmet
Sullivan, Bessie Chase, and Forest
Hodgins, a class that will unques
tionably contribute materially to the
success of the high school class of
At a meeting of the hoard of educa
tion a few days ago Prof. Tom Turner,
organist at Chirst church, was elect
ed supervisor of music in the Canon
City schools as the successor of Miss
Theo McDonald, who was not a candi
date for the position. Miss McDonald
has held the place for several years
and has given eminent satisfaction.
At the same meeting of the board of
education Mrs. Money of lowa, was
chosen to the principalship of the Jef
ferson school for the year ending in
May 1910.
From Saturday’s Daily.
Miss Galista Burns of Goodnew, Ill
inois. who has been spending several
months with her grandparents. Mr.
and Mrs. Henry Hutton, at 627 Pike
avenue, gave a party to half a score
of her little friends this afternoon
in view of her prospective return to
her home in Illinois. The following
is a list of the ihvited guests: Misses
Katherine Anderson, Alice Moody,
Ruth Combs, Emily Hartman, Gene
vieve Farmer, Blanche Meyers, Willa
Lambuth. Mildred Nelson, Dorotha
Barter, Ellen Bartlette, Adah Bart
Our neighbor’s faults are magni
fied seven fold, but as to our own
shortcomings we can not see them
with a microscope.
Words of Praia*
For the several Ingredients of which Dr.
Pierce’s medicines are composed, as given
by leaders in ail the several schools of
medicine, should have far more weight
than any amount of non -professional tes
timonials. Dr. PierceVVavorlte Prescrip
tion has the badge of uonkhttod every
bottle-wrapper, In a full list of all Its in*
gredients printed in plain English.
If you are an invalid woman and suffer
from frequent headache, backache, gnaw*
Ing district In stomach, periodical pains,
disagreeable, catarrhal, pelvic drain,
draggingdown distress in lower abdomen
or pelves, perhaps dark spots or specks
dancMg before the eyes, faint spells and
klndral symatoms caused by female weak
ness, <&ethf# derangement of the feminine
organs. \f\i can not do better than take
Dr. Pierres Favorite Prescription.
The h/shital, surgeon’s knife and opera
ting tali</may be avoided by the timely
nse of Wavorlte Prescription* in such
cues. Thereby the obnoxluu, examln
,t|Vn.aiiuiU.;ii| utatmnM.'i |({ the ftniljt
physician can i>e avoided audit thorough
course or successful treatment carried out
lOilf. iitmti.,- Tnvqnto
Prescription* ircom posed of Die very best
native medicinal roots known to medical
science for the cure of woman’s peculiar
aliments, contains no alcohol and no
harmful or habit-forming drugs.
Do not expect too much from "Favorite
Prescription;" It will not perform mlra
fles; It will not dlsolve or cure tumors.
lo medicine will. It will do as much to
establish vigorous health In most weak
nesses and ailments peculiarly Incident to
women as any medicine can. It must bo
given a fair cnance by perseverance In ite
use for a reasonable length of timeu
Fierce, by letter, free. All commad*
an I* guarded »• ucredly necret and
womanly confidence, are protected by
BflgniflaE'yfr Addrau Dr. E. V.
i'leaxant Pellet* the tat
laxative and regulator of tba bewia.
They Invigorate ttomacb. liver aad
bowel*. One a laxative; two or MM ■
Ea*y to take a* caadg.
j The following new books have been
received at the public library:
Aanrud—Lisbeth Longfrock.
Barbour—Harry’s Island.
Beach—Annapolis Youngster.
Brady—Adventures of Lady Susan.
Brennan —Bill Truetell.
Canfield—Kidnaped Campers.
Cody—True Tales of the Plains.
Davis—Lodger Overhead and Oth
Duncan—Doctor Luke of the Labra
Ellis—Forest Messenger.
Ellis—Mountain Star.
Ellis—Off the Reservation.
Ellis—Queen of the Clouds.
Ell is—Round-up.
Ellis—Trailing Geronimo.
Hall —Boy Craftsman.
Hare—Sophomore Halt-back.
Henderson—John Percyfleld.
Henderson —Lighted Lamp.
Henry—Gentle Grafter.
Higginson—Alaska, the Great Coun-|
try. j
Hough—Young Alaskans.
Linscott—Bright Idea for Enter- j
Locke —Septimus.
Mason—Mystery of Miss Motte.
Merriam—Primary Elections.
Mills—Wild Life on the Rockies.
tyott—Home Games and Parties.
Page—Robert E. Lee, the South
Palmer—Life of Alice Freeman Pal
Pier—New Boy.
Reed —Master's Violin.
Reed —Love Letters of a Musician.
Rice—Mr. Opp.
Russel—ln West Point Gray.
St. John—Electrical Handicraft.
Seton—Biography of a Silver Fox.
Stoddard —In the Open.
Taggart—Doctor's Little Girl.
Taggart—Miss Loch invar’s Return.
Taggart—Six Girls Growing Older.
Thompson—Churches and the Wage ,
Tomlinson—Mad Anthony’B Young
Waller—Little Citizen.
Webster —Much Ado About Peter.
Wood—Quotations for Occasions.
The following new books have been
added to the rent list and may be
drawn for five cents a week:
Brown —Story of Thyrza.
Hough—s 4-40 or Fight.
Lane —Katrine.
Locke —Morals of Macrus Ordeyne.
Lynde—King of Arcadia.
Mason—The Trailers.
Megargel—The Car and the Lady.
Oppenheim—The Mlssloner.
Orcutt—The Spell.
Ray—Bridge Builders.
Rinehart—Circular Staircase.
Rinehart—Man in Lower Ten.
Spearman—Doctor Bryson.
Vance—Bronze Bell.
Whitaker—The Planter.
State ef Ohio, Olty ef Toledo. Loess
Caunty, ss.
Freak J. Cheney makes oafe thnl
he is senior partner ef the firm ef
F. J. Cheney 4k Co., doing business In
the City of Toledo. Ohio. County and
State aforesaid, and *at said Arm
will pay the ion of ONB UUHDMB
DOLLARS far each and every east
ef satarsh tint oaanot be enred H,
the one of Hall's Catarrh Own.
Sworn to before me and snbesrihed
In my presence, this fth day ef De
cember, A. D. ltti
(Seal) A. W. QLSAif.
Notary PiMto.
Hall’s Catanh Core la taken Inter
nally, and acta directly on the bloed
and mucus seufaces of the system.
Send for testimonials free.
F. J. CHENEY 4k CO., Toledo. •.
Sold by all draggistc,
Take Hall’s Family Phis for con
Canon City merchants and bank
managements have been warned by
the United States secret service offi
cers to look out for a countefeit half
dollar. one of the most deceptive ever
made in the west, which has turned
up in Denver, and which is thought to
have been coined in that city. It bears
the date 1899, has no mint mark. Is of
good color, and the date Is somewhat
blurred, as are the stars above the
eagle's head. On the back of the coin
the shield Is Indistinct, and the mill
ing crooked. The ooln, however, easily
passes muster to the uninitiated.
Lee Wynkoop, engineer at the wat
erworks plant, received word one day
last week of the death of his father,
O. J. Wynkoop at his home at Rock
port, Texas, on the 17th Inst. De
ceased sustained a stroke of paralysis
last August, from the effects of which
he never recovered. Mr. Wynkoop was
aged 7S years. 1 months and 88 days.
The funeral and interment took plane
at Meekport last Wednesday.
W vs. Qualilj
In the matter of food you car. t afford to ji*
sacrifice Quality for Cheapness. Ec*\m:r.ny hiaL
H is right and good but inferior food products Hjak
are dear at any price. 1M
f* BAKS T> C f
is economical—not Cheap. Try
it The best at any price or I
raUCpdP your money back. &
During the spring and summer of
1858, a rumor spread through the
country that gold had been discov
covered on the eastern slope of the
Rocky Mountains. The story was that
several Georgia miners, on their way
to California, had halted at the mouth
Cherry creek, and as a consequence of
discovering indications of gold, de
cided to give up their original inten
tion and return to Georgia for the
purpose of organizing a party of suffi
cient size to afford protection against
the Indians and to obtain supplies.
This country was then known only
as the Pike’s peak region. Governor
Denver took much Interest in the mat
ter, for although the new Eldorado
was 700 miles distant, with the des
olate plains intervening, yet the en
tire country at the period mentioned
was included in the territory of Kan
He had in his office a large map on
which he had marked out a new ter
ritory. christening it Shoshone, which
took In part of Kansas. Nebraska,
and New Mexico and the bounderles
which he had then drawn came very
nearly what now includes the state
of Colorado. The new gold country,
in fact the whole 700 miles . was laid
down on the map as Arapahoe county.
At length a party was organized
to proceed to Pike’s Peak to make
explorations, seventeen men being en
rolled. the governor appointing out
of this party county commissioners,
with the object, upon their arrival,
of the organizing of the county of
Arapahoe, the only Inhabitants of
which were buffalo and Indians.
Edward W. W. Wynkoop. W. H. Lar
imer. P. H. A. Smith. Chas. W. Blake,
Dr. Chan. M. Steinberger, Captain Bo
pris, William Clancey. Richard Allen.
James Reed. R. E. Whltsltt. Captain
Bassett and William McGaa were
among those who formed this expe
Ned Wynkoop. who had barely ar
rived at manhood, received the com
mission of sheriff, while a probate
i judge and county commissioners were
1 selected. The party was provisioned
for a year, and upon leaving Topeka,
the place of rendezvous, in the fall
of *SB. took the most southern or Ar
kansas river route, being partly over
the famous Santa Fe trail. Not one of
the party had ever crossed the plains
and at that time such an adventure
was supposed to be exceedingly haz- a
ardous but the party felt an excite
ment and exhilaration that precluded
any sense of disaster. Buffalo and In
dians were abundant. With one or two
exceptions the party found plenty of
water and grass. Thousands of wild
Indians of the Kiowa. Comanche. Ara
pahoe and Cheyenne tribes were pass
ed without molestation and the near
est approach to any troublt was upon
an occasion when the right was un
questionably upon their side.
While*at Council Grove, which was
then the outpost of civilization, one
of the party exchanged a horse for a
Mexican mule with a Kaw Indian
whose tribe occupied a reservation
there. Some 300 miles out of Council
Grove a large band of Kiowa and Co
manche Indians was met, seeing, the
mule, claimed It as belonging to one
of the Klowas. stating that It had been
stolen from them by the Kaw Indians.
One Dose for Coughs
Children cough at night? Give them Ayer’s Cherry Pec
toral. Often a single dose at bedtime will completely
control the cough. Good for any one with a cold or cough.
Good for easy cases, hard cases; good for acute cases,
chronic cases. Ask your doctor to teD you, honestly and
frankly, just what he thinks of this old standard remedy.
«■ active uvJT"TCtSS
iMtfh* far bay. mi thin Aycr'i PMte. A»k r» doctorafcoirttjMß. Mahawn.
The rider of the nimal declining to
give It up. matters began to look ser
ious. A consultation was held and up
on a vote being taken, the majority
decided not to deliver over the animal.
This fact was communicated to the In
dians. which was followed by a ahow
of displeasure, threatening gestures
and other evidences which Indicated
that the party was in danger of aome
However, they proceeded without
further demonstration, and nothing
more was seen of the Indiana that
night, but the next morning soon after
breaking camp the Indians caught up
again with the little party. Whether
they followed to forcibly take posses
sion of the mule or from the fact they
were traveling in the same direction
was never known. During the morn
ing an Indian rode up alongside of
New Wynkoop. who was well mount
ed. and challenged him to a race,
which was granted but while at full
speed and his horse a little lo advance
of the Indian's, the hammer of Wyn
koop's rifle, which was carried across
his saddle, came in contact with the
pommel and discharged, the ball pass
ing under the neck of the Indian's
At the crack of the weapon a yell
broke from the Indian while a simul
taneous shout arose from his people
in the rear, who immediately began to
circle round the party of seventeen
whites. Wynkoop returned to where
his opponent In the race had stopped
and began to explain by signs that the
shooting was an accident while the
remainder of the party were forming
the wagons In a circle preparatory to
meeting any trouble that might be
brewing. The Indian who had nearly
been shot was sensible enough to see
that It had been an accident, and af
ter much gesturing and frantic yells
the Indiana were informed of this and
finally appeared to be satisfied, set
tling down to peace again, when the
party and Indians proceeded on their
The twenty-ninth annual conven
tion of the Colorado State Sunday
School association will he held at
Rocky Ford, Tuesday. Wednesday and
Thursday. June 15, 16 and 17. The
state board announces the moat at
tractive program they have ever offer
ed. Besides many of Colorado’s lead
ing speakers there will be present the
following International experts: Mrs.
Mary Foster Bryner, Prof. E. C.
Knapp and Mrs. Clara Ewalt Knapp.
Mrs. H. E. Tice, of Kansas, and
Dr. Trails, of Bt. lamils. are also ex
pected. Prof. L. D. Rlchhorn will lead
the music. There will be many new
program features.
Rocky Ford is making great prepar
ations and expects a crowd. The rail
roads will sell excursion tickets on
the certificate plan, at the rate of a
fare and one-fifth for the mountains,
and a fare and one-third for the plains
Dates of sale June 14. lf> and good re
turning June 19th.
Every Sunday school In the state Is
entitled to send ns many delegates as
they wish.
The Weeklv Record Is SI.M a year.

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