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The Canon City Record.
Dyke To Be Built and the River Banks
Walled Up to Keep Channel In
Regular Course and Avoid
Flood Damage
By meant of tut Improvement
atoms the river front the Santa Fa
Railroad company expects to dimin
ish In a large measure farther dam
age from possible floods In the Ar
kansas river. Every time the river
overflows Its banka the railroad has
enfforer to some extent in ooaee
guenon, the damage of laat week's tor-!
rent being particularly heavy. The
contemplated Improvements mean a
large expenditure of time and money
hot the company feels that in the long
ran It will be troll repaid, both In
tha fatnre saving effected and In the
Base the last flood the company
engineers have been at work trying
to find eome means of prevention
from farther disaster If similar na
tare and have arrived at the conclu
sion that the beat method of so doing
Is to eonSne the river to Its regular
channel. When last week's flood had
subsided It was found that the river
had changed IU channel remarkably,
la many places a difference of sev
enty-dee feet betas apparent.
In order to remedy this It will be
necessary to dyke and wall the river
from the Canon Crystal Ice company's
plant to the Santa F> bridge crossing
the river at Fifth street and with
that sod In view a large fores of men
and teams were set to work yesterday.
At the present tins* the work Is be
ing coadned to grading the kaak on
the north aide of the river between
Fourth snd Fifth streets. When this
bus been completed the company will
baQd n substantial dyke bagtaalag
at flm lee house and running right
through the middle of the river at
tfen Buorth ■ street bridge, la the
bonding of this dyke the company
will make use of a spur track over
Whlah slag sad other material used
la ' coast ruction will be hauled and
deposited in the river, the track be
ing built as the dyke progresses. The
proposed dyke will be flve or six feet
above the normal flow of water.
Wouldn't You Like
To See It Like This
In Canon City?
*W# tuva'l an empty room Id the
"We can give you a cot la the al
"Tou may Bleep oa the floor If you
Theee aad other seateacee of like
mean lax are failles from the tired
llpa of overworked hotel derka In
Denver. Every boetelry that froata oa
Seventeenth street and la la direct
•f travel finds Itself overwhelmed
alghtly with the ceaseless human
traffic that surges up from the union
depot In search of meat, drink aad.
above all. a place to lodge. Meat aad
drink are plentiful—and cheap.' Lodg
ing for the past two weeks has been
at a premium.
Every night there pours through
the depot gates a torrent or human
beings, that debouches onto Seven
teenth street In a whirling, struggl
ing mass.
"I have never seen anything like
It.” commenced Station Master Pierce
as he stood at the entrance to the
depot with an almost pitying smile on
Ms big, good natured face, and
watched the people harry through the
gagas. "There Is more travel this
year than I have known la a long
ft •teems as If the people get I
tfrwd spending money la traveling."
"What Is the ran son T People say.
‘eeaveatSoas, of eon me.' hot the truth
- In that the people who crowd thane
lower sscMens of the city every night,
am sot woven ties people. These are
pad thalr • Mfeog who
Between Fourth and Fifth street
the banks on either side will be
walled np with material, which ac
cumulates from the excavation and
grading. Later this wall be rlprapped
to aid in its permanency.
Probably the moat extensive im
provements will occur directly in the
neighborhood of the railroad bridge.
The changes wrought la the river
channel at this point last weak was
astoalshlag. When the work of re
pair was started on the bridge It was
found that where 75 feet of piling
had been sufficient previously It was
necessary to put In 100 additional
feat, the liver which formerly flowed
under the bridge proper now being
directed under this new piling. With
this change In the river course a bar
was formed Just west of the bridge,
and In order to direct It back to the
old course a channel will have to be
cut through this bar which, when
completed, will be strongly walled on
each aids, the present channel la the
meantime being filled In whlth mater
ial also from excavation, after which
the new piling put In will be removed.
The Improvements will probably
taka some time In the construct lon, aa
the company may not finish the dyke
above the Fourth street bridge direct
ly. the work being done aa occasion
permits. The workmen are here ap
parently for a considerable stay,
temporary cottages having been built
along the river hank and there be
ing *h large supply of feed Mr the
teams on hand. A conservative es
timate would Indicate that the Im
provements whan finish si will have
coat at the very least SS,MO.
All this time workmen have been
engaged repairing the bridge at Fifth
street. The work of repair to date
has been only temporary, the men
now being busy strengthening the
false work. When the Intended Im
provements have been made the false
work will all be torn out and the
bridge placed In its original condition
as before the flood.
Just the people, the plain ordinary
men and women. Umk at the hotel
registers and yon will Dad out that
they hall for the aaoat part from the ]
Middle Western states; they are
farmers, country merchants, and clt-!
liens of busy little rural towns. They
ate the people and (hey are traveling, j
They have done their part la the
world's work for the summer season,
and now they are enjoying a little
of the good things and the good sights
of the world. They are Just the peo
ple. that's all.”
. . .
The shove Is taken from a Denver
paper about the situation In Denver.'
It Is even moreao In Colorado ■
Wouldn't It be Interesting to see
It that way In Canon City for one
season? ;
It wouldn’t be a hard matter to
make It. Just a little Intellegent ef
fort In the right direction.
And who would It helpT
The hotels, of course.
The restaurants and rooming hoes- j
And the groceryman who sails the
hotels and restaurants.
And the liverymen who would he
kept busy taking them "over the aky
And the drag stores, news and
curio stores and all yho sell tourist
And the real estate man who would
rant and perhaps esll n tew hennas
as where ee many pseple same a lew
Ann eraCThedSr mTmmrahhif
Vacation Notes
la Washington u| Orcfti •
Seattle la a great city. Greater than
anyone who haan't been there can ap
, predate. And It la the heat governed
city in America. The lawa are good
and better enforced than in any city
I know anything about. Mayor Miller
haß shown the world aomethlng about
putting the lid on.
Talk about the lid being on tight
—say. the mayors of some other big
cities who pose with the lid ought to
visit Mayor Miller of Seattle. And
my Information cornea from those
who do not favor the lid. In moat
cities where a reform has started,
the liberal element says. "Oh, yes, the
lid Is on—bat the mayor Is a good
fellow.”—etc. But In Seattle the lib
eral dements' expression of Mayor
Miller wouldn't look well In the col
umns of the Record. From these re
marks, as well as from general re
port, I have concluded that the lid
Is on pretty tight In Seattle.
But I wouldn't want to live in Be
attie. It rains too much and the hills
are too hard to climb. The city Is
built all over several steep hills and
1 the business section Is on a hill side.
' Beginning at First avenue each ave
| une Is two or three stories higher
than the one below It. and this Is the
* heart of tha business section. I
stopped at the Knickerbocker hotel
on Seventh and Madison. On two
different days the cable broke sad the
cable ears were put out of business
so I counted the stories up several
• • •
The state of Washington has a
very stringent Snndsy closing law and
It Is well enforced. It has a very
strong anti-cigarette law but It Is so
strong, applying to the smoker as well
as to the seller, that It Is not enforced.
It has a law compelling persons
■bout to be married to pass some pre
scribed examination by a physician.
It has a law against giving or re
eetvtag a Up la restaurants and holals
—with a gSS flue as a penalty bat I
found no waiter afraid to take a
chance. While I was there the news
papers were Jumping on to Acting
Governor Hayes for giving tips.
e e •
I liked Portland better than any
! city I saw on the coast. It looks morn
like Denver and I consider Denver,
for Its else, to be the nearest Meal
city In the country.
Portland Is bigger than Denver. It
Is slow and conservative but Is gtow-
I lug rapidly. It has great lumber and
| shipping Interests. Much of the lum
hjPMsed In Canon City comes from
ifOMand and .1 was naturally tnter
jested In seeing how some of Its big
j mills handle the business.
I Portland Is laid out In blocks 200
| feet square with no alleys. This
makes a pretty city but Is most In
convenient. Everybody uses wood for
fuel and many residents hsve several
cords of wood stacked up la front
of the house—this was noticed in the
best resident sections as well as else
where. We wondered at this at first,
but the lack of alleys explains It.
I Down In the business section every
, pound of freight must be handled
■ through the front door, or through an
.opening la the sidewalk.
t Portland has many beautiful homes
and more beautiful flowers than I
have ever seen In any other city.
ea e
To the west of Portland Is a hill
nailed Council Crest. It Is quite high
;and is reached by street car. It af
{fords a magnificent view of Portland
| and a panarama of mountains and
rivers, scenery for XM miles. In all
■ directions. The view from Council
Crest Is one of the finest la the coun
try and Is not unlike that from Look
Out mountain.
1 have beard so much about Oregon
that I wanted to know more about
. It. I availed myself of every oppor
tunity to look at Its resources and to
I study Its offerings.
| I spent several days In Portland.
One day I went down to Dallas and
another over to Salem and took day
| trains going Into and out of the state.
I I do not pass as knowing all about
'Oregon, but I leaned some things.
|lf I had come direct from Illinois.
| lowa, Kanaaa or nay of the middle
states. I think I would have liked
Oregon better. Bat I have Heed la
Colorado too tatg. Oricn kmki good
gigad me in a talk. He had a great
dealt to say about Salem and con
vinced me that Salem was worth vis
iting. I have always wondered how
theee state buildings and exhibits
paid and I was interested in the oper
ation of the Salem organization.
Tie gentleman at the fair gave me
a card of introduction to the secre
tary; of the board of trade at Salem
and-assured me that I would be well
treated if I would call. I found my
self [within fifteen miles of Salem and
I concluded I would go over and see
the frtd town.
I found Mr. Hofer. the secretary of
the ioerd of trade, very cordial. He
begin by telling me of the Colorado
who had recently located In
MeH>, and I found I had several ac
quittances In the city. Then he ar
ranged to have me take an automo
bile, tide out in the fruit aection.
Wle I waa there several others
celled with cards from the men in
Seattle and several car loads were
Used up for a ride after lunch-
I noticed that Mr. Hofer would call
np some dtisen and say he had a
bunch to take oat and he would Im
mediately have e ear placed at his
command. The people of Salem are
anxious to show their city and conn
try to strangers and they ere willing
to donate their automobiles for that
I did not Intend to hay any land
' end* frankly told them so. But out of
the gnat number of people they take
out In this manner this season, I
am sure they will locate a good many
families In Ba!em. I have seldom
seen such effective work being done
by any chamber of eommerce as that
of Belem— and the most effective port
Is showing the new comer the fruit
sections oat aroand the city.
• • •
Canon City could get a few very
good pointers from Salem. Eugene
and Medford, Oregon. We have a finer,
ore up to date community than Is
‘flrfir found" Hi Oregon but we don't
know much about the art of bring
ing people to the town. During the
summer hundreds of thousands of
tourists have passed through Colo
rado. Colorado Springs stopped about
100.000 off there for a few days or
weeks, but Canon City never turned
its hand to bring any body here, and
we have more to show that Is out of
the ordinary than any other point be
tween the Atlantic and tha Pacific,
But to return to Oregon. Salem Is
the capital of the state. It is one of
the oldest towns on the Pacific coast.
It is a very pretty city of IT.WO p«e*
pie. (Even the town knocker eon
reeded 14.000). Besides the capital all
the state Institutions are * Ideated
there. It has fine water power and
several manufacturing enterprises.
Through the heart of the town runs
a '.parked strip occupied by public
buildings. The court bouse occupies
the center of the block, the IT. S. post
office the center of a block. Two
blocks are vacant except for a city
park and two blocks are occupied
by the capital building. It is a very
pretty arrangement.
Salem la surrounded by very pret
ty fruit country. All klnda of fruits
are raised but pears and apricots
seem to lend.
Fine rocked roads lead out from
Salem In all directions and tnese
roads have certainly bad something to
do with the rapid rise in prices of
farm lands.
Several former Canon City fami
lies live there, among them W. H.
Paine, W. P. Howes. W. A. Penney and
(leorge Lewis. O. U. H.
The Okie.
We met the Ohio as we were on our
way up towards Alaska at just about
the place where the unfortunate
ITrwck occurred last Thursday. She
was returning from a trip to Valdes
and Port Graham. Her passengers
were all on deck and we exchanged j
hearty greetings. The Ohio was a
companion ship to onrh, the North
western and both belong to the Alas
ka Steamship oompany. The Ohio was
not quite ao large aa the Northwestern
and was SI ‘ years old. When Qen.
Grant made hla famous trip around
the world at the end of hia preatdea
tian term, he went In the Ohio.
Mr. M. J. Heaey who Is mentioned
in today’s dispatches la the contractor
for the Oapper film railroad, betas
be! It out off Gardeva. Alaska. It wan
he who an uhnrmiagty entertain ad our
5 ■ rri —
Stores and Places of Business Will Be Closed to
Give All an Opportunity to Attend—Other
Days Have Also Been flamed—
Splendid Progress
All is now enthusiasm for the big j
county fair which will be held at the
fair grounds on Wednesday, Thurs
day and Friday of next week. The
various committees, under the guid
ance of President T. B. Coulter and
Secretary W. B. Rowland, have work
ed with energy and everything is now
In readiness for the opening of what
portends to be the most successful
fair ever held in the county. The var
ious fair days have all been named
and each will have JKs special meaning
and significance. Wednesday, the op
ening day, has been set aside for the
business men of the city and their
employees being known as Mer
chants' day.
Yesterday the finance committee of
the fair made a tour of the business
section of the city with a view to hav
ing merchants close their places of
business between the hours of 12 and
€ on the day which had been named
for them. The committee met with
universal success, the merchants one
and all agreeing to do as requested by
the oommittee.
The committee thought this a wise
plan to follow in order that every
body. employer and employe, might
have an opportunity to be present at
least one day during the fair, with
Inconvenience to none. The success
which attended their efforts and the
uniform courtesy of the merchants in
responding to their request is posi
tive proof of the wisdom of their
The attraction* for that day will be
specially gandf a hue. program of
sport, consisting of bronco busting,
horse racing and such kaving been
arranged. The entries does at 12
o'clock on that day which insures thatj
all the exhibits will be on the:
Thursday, as has bees previously
snnounced. will be known as Fruit
day. An excellent program has been
arranged for this day also. In the af
ternoon the association will distrib
ute 10,000 pounds of fruit to those In
attendance. It being expected there
will be enough for all. It will show a
From Monday's Dally.
Word was received In this city late
yeotorday evening of a killing in the
Wot Mountain valley. The affair took
place on a ranch near Sliver Cliff In
Caster county, and was the result of
aa angry quarrel. The dispute was
between F. W. Sira be 1 and Wnlter
lombard, his son-in-law. and resulted
in the former's Instant death.
But little details of the shooting are
known, but from what can ho learned
the men had been engaged In a dis
pute over family matters. The dis
cussion having reached a heated stage
threats were made by the older man.
at which the son-in-law began to
move away, he says. Simbel followed,
however, according to Lombard's
story, and continued to revile him
with threats of bodily Injury at which
the latter when about sixty feet dlst
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. C. Overton, ot
Coney laland and Mr. J. Ball ot
Brooklyn, stopped off here Sunday to
aee some of the local scenery.
Mr. Hardy met Mr. Overton In
Alaska and told him of the sky line
drive and of the trip to the Royal
Corse. Mr. Overton and party mere
oat went to see all that was worth
while so stopped off on their return.
Itay had hasa through Alaska. Csl-
Marnla and the Teilowstoas park and
all agreed that they saw seeking say
NO .32
kindly hospitality on the part of oar*
home people, however, If outsiders
are given preference in this as in all
thingrs connected with the fair. Most
of the premium awards to exhibitors
will also he made on this day.
It may not be generally known, bat
Friday, the last day of the fair, and
which will be known aa Fremont
County day. will probably be the most
Interesting of all. On this day wards
will be made In all of the bucking
contests and there will also be the
wild horse races, which always cre
ates so much enthusiasm. The de
cision of these events promises the
rarest kind? of sport and those who
attend are assured of a fine entertain
Judge D. A. Stoner of Wichita, Kas.,
has been secured to pass on the
poultry at the County Fair this year.
Mr. Stoner judges the Rocky Ford
fair this year and also the Kansas
State fair. Mr. Stoner is an old
breeder of fancy poultry and will be
here for two days to answer ques
tions in regard to quality of your
fowls and to tell yon how to mats
them for best results. So brash your
best fowls up and bring them to the
County Fair this year and Judge
Stoner will tell yon the good and bad
parts and how to mate them to over
come the latter. For coops and other
particulars call up any one on the
Poultry committee or phone Blue
A tired pert; at banters returned
from Twelve-Mile point Saturday
night, where they hmd spent the day
In the popular sport of dm hunting.
The party was very successful In the
hunt, returning with the fall quota of
game allowed by the game law.
Among thoee who made the trip were
Mr. T. M. Harding. Sr.. Mr. and Mrs.
T. M. Harding. Jr.. Miss Oretchen
Harding and Mr. Jay D. Sldebottom.
j ant pulled his revolver and shot with
! deadly effect. As soon as the murder
j became known the sheriff started In
j pursuit of Lam bard, but failed to ef
fect his capture. The fugitive saved him
further trouble this morning by go
| ing to the sheriff's office and giving
, himself up to Undersheriff H. Trip
Neither of the parties are very well
known at Silver Cliff, having moved
there not a great while ago and leased
the ranch of William Hill. It to not
known as to whether one or both had
I leased.,the place.
j When Lam bard gave himself up to
the sheriff's office he related the above
i story of the crime and said he had
only shot fearing that he would him
self be killed.
j An Inquest will be held In the aher
• I®** office at Bllver CIMf on Thursday.
and wandered why the county did not
build a firs'-class driveway say Ins it
could afford to do so if It cost 960.-
000. That nothing anywhere in Amer
ica so near a main line railroad
equaled the Royal gorge and that oar
people were alow Indeed to let It go
unheard of.
Oh of Ik* Httb Dm who earn a»
to thla city aa the Fiwr M. ft.
MwMM itah M with a aw
£ M. ZZmZiZZZf z.

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