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News Notes
*; Ifhlrt
Rml Batata
Notary Public—W. B. Rowland, 6**
’"ala street, Record ogios.
Bra. D. 8. Pitta of Oopparflald, ia
Till time In tW* dir-
Mia. M. J. Hoaaa of Ball da la In
town for a faw day*.
Mr. Bari Flaadera of Sail da warn a
Tlaltor In town today.
Dr. Withered has con« down to Arf
aona to rlstt hla frland. Capt Rosa,
who la In chare* of the forestry Ber
ries tor that section.
Mrs. J. O. Wood of Topeka, Kane..
and Mrs. Dolly Cnrtls, sister and pro
rate secretary to Senator Chas. Cnr
tls of r,«»»" who are returning
home from Seattle, were guests of
Mrs. A. E. McKee st the Denton on
Mr. and Mrs. Charles R- McLain re
turned home this afternoon from Den
ser bringing with them a splendid
B aw Balck touring car which will be
deleted to their primate use. The new
' machine Is a Bulck “IT” and one of
the most beautiful and luxurious cars
In Canon City.
Did you see the bucking bull In the
riding contests at the fair grounds
yesterday and today? To attempt to
ride such an animal requires a de
gree of confidence and courage such
as few men possess. Only a cowboy
of the most renowned character has
the nerve and hardihood to assay
each a test of aklll-
B. D. George, editor and proprietor
of the Jewell County. Kansas. Mon
itor. and wife are rlsltors In Canon
City today. They are on their way to
the Seattle exposition and other
points on the Pacific eoast and stop
ped off here to Inspect the fruit
growing Industry. They attended the
county fair this afternoon and were
delighted with the exhibits and the
Mrs. Carl Heyl and brother. Hiram
K. Jackaoa. hare lust ooa»pletod the
traaafsr of the former's beautiful su
burbia residence property at MIS
Bast Mala street to M. B. Gardiner of
, Reynolds seen as. who secures pos
session by purchase. Mr. Gardiner
has beau desirous of acquiring It ever
staee Mr. Heyl bagaa the eoostruotlou
of the attractive and commodious
house which has stood there tor a
couple of yearn, amf. haring recently
convicted 1 a large number of eetUe
Into cash dsdfded to gratify his am
htttoa to buy the pines- Mr. Oardlner.
heesusr, wig .pot oeoapy the prop
erty as a home Immediately as Mr.
Stadea. of Oak Park. 111.. had rested
K from Mrs. Heyl tor a period of six
months. Mr. Oardlaer's friends are
eompßmeatlng Mm oa securing so
convenient and comfortable a home.
Ooasrseaman John A. Martin of Pu
eblo was a vlaltor at the fair Thurs
day. -
Mrs.' Helen Williams of Pueblo. Is
visiting Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Stommel
at tl» Pike.
Alkali Ike came In from tbe hills
on bis spotted pony to see the sights
at the county fair.
H. P. Hall, advance agent for "The
Alaskan.'* the big musical comedy
that comes to tbe Canon City opera
bouse Prlday evening. September IT.
la a business visitor In town today.
Felix O'Neil, warden of tbe reform
atory at Buena Vista, came down tor
1 a couple of days at the fair. Mr. O'Neil
has a daughter attending the academy
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Lawrence and
family of 604 Pike avenue returned
home this morning from a pleasant
visit of a month’s duration with rela
tives and friends at Princeton. In
Miss May Morgan entertained very
pleasantly a company of friends at
her home, 4IS Rudd avenue last night.
Miss Morgan will leave In a few days
for Boulder where she will register ss
a student at tha State university.
Go duty Commissioner W. H. La
Orange and County Surveyor Chas. L.
Mltton have gone to Colorado Springs
tor the purpose of conferring with the
B1 Paso county authorities In relation
to the construction of the proposed
Colorado Springs-Canon City road,
tor which the last legislature mad* an
appropriation of several thousand
dollars. Messrs. La Orange and Mlt
toa are expected to return home to
George B. Be re bets of Denver, claim
agent tor the Denver and Rio Grand*
Railroad company, la her* today mak
ing settlement with William Kealey
and others whoa* gardens war* over
run ton Wednesday by a Mg bunch of
sheep the company had la transit
from Webber, Utah, to Kansas Otr.
Missouri, which It was found acces
sary to ar:oad and toed la oosupS
aacs with the latarstata sossmaroc
.law. • vi
Dr. f. R. Bee tow grown a Sac crag
cd potatoes tata rearms Ms reach la
Qulltr ot which eonU hardly It ex
cmM la the Ontltr territory, or In
the Bau Late Talley, both of which are
famous tor the produotlon of "spuds.''
Dr. Roe haa a couple of acres planted
to potatoes and he confidently expects
to harvest eight to nine tons of tubers
as the result-«f the season’s work. A
dayor>'two aao hodeg seven large po
tatoee from one root. It will be Inter
esting to many people to know that
potatoes were a flourishing crop la
Canon City la early days, but that tor
some reason they have not done well
here for many years-
E. S. Bobbitt 1s In Pueblo today.
Miss Mary Wlckencamp from near
Plainfield, 111., Is visiting here, the
guest of Mrs. C. T. Chapman.
Mrs. R. L Robinson and children of
Denver, en route home from the Pa
cific coast, where they spent the sum
mer, are the guests of the former's
sister, Mrs. Chan. H. Duncan.
Miss H. Marie Williams of New
Cambria, Missouri, Is visiting her
aunt, Mrs. Joseph Walton. Miss Wil
liams will be here about a month.
Mrs. A. T. Richardson, son and
daughter, of Clippie Creek hare been
visitors In Canon City during the fair.
They are the guests of Mr. and Mrs.
Charles H. Duncan, the former being
Mr. Duncan's sister.
Mrs. Mary Patterson, of Chicago,
en rente home from Rosewell, Idaho,
stopped off here a day or two ago for
a week's visit with Mr. and Mrs. C.
O. Anderson and family on Pike ave
nue. During her sojourn In Idaho she
was the guest cf her brother.
Mr nnd Mrs. M. E. Snow of Lincoln
Park will attend the interstate fair
and exposition to be held In Denver
next week, rhey will make a large
number of entries in the fruit and
pantry stores departments of the Den
ver show.
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Batchelor of
Orchard avenue. East Canon, will
leave tonight for Denver for the pur
pose of attending the Interstate fair
and exposition which opens In that
city next Monday. Mr. Batchelor will
take with him to Denver a large num
ber of tile individual fruit exhibits
made at the fair here this week.
This country each year produces
more corn than all other countries of
the world combined—l,l27.ooo.ooo out
of 1,888,000.000 bushels. It grows morn
wheat than any other country In the
world—l44o.ooo out of 1,108.000.000
bushels. It produces more oats than
any other country la the w0r1d—754.-
000.000 out of 1 £81,000.000 bushels.
It Is the third largest annual pro
ducer of Jparley In the world. 151,000.-
000 bushels—only T. 000.000 bushels
leas than Germany, with Russia lead
- The automobile mess at the fair
grounds ware very interesting and
held 'he attention of the crowd until
nearly < o'clock. The Brat contest was
between Maxwell and Butck run
abouts and the other was between Dr.
Oibbe twenty-two horse power Ford
touring car and the Oalnes Automo
bile company's "Colorado Flyer." The
distance covered by the competing
machines was three miles, which was
made la five minutes sad fifteen eeo
oads. The race was a tie. and. by mu
tual agreement, the prise money was
divided between the drivers of the
competing machines.
A number of plck-pocketa are be
lieved to have been In town during
the fair, but so far as has been ascer
tained they did not make any very
rich hauls In playing their vocation.
Tom Watson, who came up with the
Pueblo excursionists on Thursday,
was relieved of his purse, containing
eight or ten dollars In cash and a
cheek for twice that amount, at the
Denver A Rio Grande depot Jnst be
fore starting for home. Another one
of the Pueblo visitors had his pockets
picked and was the loser of twelve
or fifteen dollars. Mr. Watson's purse
and check were found yesterday on
top of a freight car where they had
been left by the thief.
Frank L. Bunten returned home
yesterday from Colorado Springs
where he went several days pre
viously with a party of people who
were marooned here In consequence
of the wash-out o fthe Denver A Rio
Grande railroad tracks at Riverton,
near Pueblo. Mr. Bunten saya tourists
are beginning to leave Colorado
Springs tor the season and that the
hurras, which are a feature of the
street transportation there during
the summer months, are being taken
out of the city to their natural past
urage In the hills. Mr. Bunten expects
to have on Tuesday or Wednesday
of ml; week tor Bend. Ore., and
otue- points la the northwest.
Mr. Clark of Galea. Illinois, arrived
here a few days aao to look after
some property Interests he owas on
Orohstd even as, Mast Oaaoa. His wife
' Is expected here la the course of a
; abort time to spend the wlatar.
Was Paullae Mrwln left Wednesday
to attend the winter tana of aihsol
at ML at Soholantlea'i losdsmy at
Oaasa CBty attar spasitog the sum
mar vnosttoa with her parents to to*
Mr. and Mrs. M. 9. Otamsr are ar
■ lew day* (or Albuquerque, to spend
i the winter. They hare rented their
i house on Macon arenas until next
’ spring, when they expect to return to
I Canon City.
i Dr. and Mrs. W. T. Little hare gone
i to Estes Park where the former will
. attend the sessions of the state med
ical association and where the latter
will enjoy a special outing during the
; current week. The trip was made by
automobile byway of Colorado
Springs. They expect to return boose
next Saturday.
F. R. Dickerman and wife, of Bris
tol, Vermont, are here rlsltlng Mr.
and Mrs. W. B. Newton. Mr. Dicker
man Is a banker at Bristol. He Is just
returning from an extensive trip
through western Colorado, Washing
ton and the Yellowstone National
A. R. Mitchell returned home Satur
day morning from a two weeks fishing
trip on the western slope. Although
he found sport with the rod and reel
fairly good fishing as a rule in that
section has not been up to the av
erage this season on account of the
almost dally rains In the mountains,
which kept the water in the Gunni
son and its tributaries in a roily con
dition most of the time. Mr. Mitchell
was located at Richards' ranch, about
three miles from lola.
Rev. William Pfifer. lately appoint
ed pastor of the First Methodist
church here, as the successor of Rev.
Frank R. Hollenbeck, preached his
initial sermon as minister in charge
of the congregation yesterday morn
ing and made an excellent impres
sion on all who heard him. Rev.
Pfifer has been presiding elder for
the Denver and Northwestern district
of Colorado for a period of eighteen
years and is one of the most distin
guished divines of his church In this
state. He delivered eloquent and help
ful discourses at both the morning
and evening services on Sunday and
confirmed the good opinion which the
members of the church In Canon City
have long entertained of him as a pul
pit orator.
Hawley Weber, of Manistique. Mich
igan. is the guest of his uncle. Mr.
John Seaman, at the latter’s home on
Woodlawn avenue, for a few weeks.
John Bavlers. Ira Burr. Fiert Kettle
and Homer Thompson are among the
students who have left for Boulder
where they will register as members
of the freshman class of the State anl?
vrsity. The Canon City representa
tion at the Bute university will be a
very large one this year.
Mrs. 'E. B. Miller, daughter. Miss
Alberta, and son. Ora. of South Ninth
street.' veturaed home on Saturday
1 Evening from a weeks visit to Colo
rado Springs and vicinity. Miss Al
berta left yesterday for the upper
Hardscrabble country where she will
teach school during the next seven or
eight months.
Mrs. Elisabeth Rau and daughter.
Miss Anna, who have been visiting In
Canon City tor some time past as the
guests of the former's son. C. H. Rau,
and wife, at 454 Pike avenue, will
' leave tomorrow morning tor their
: home at Keokuk. lowa. Miss Rau has
1 for several years resided in Texas
where she has been employed as a
stenographer and typist.
I ■" ” ■'
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Was Ida Aberaold will leave tomor
row morning for her home In Rochee
ter. New York, after a stay in Canon
City of a year’a duration. Her sister,
Mias Laura, will remain here during
the winter on acoount of her health,
the delicacy of which brought her to
Colorado twelve months ago. The
Misses Aberaold have apartments at
612 River street since coming here.
L. W- Felter visited the Penrose
and Glendale churches in the Beaver
Park territory on Sunday where ha
lectured on "Foreign Missions,” a
subject with which he Is very familiar.
As. Rev. S. F. Entorf. pastor of the
Penrose and Glendale churches Is at
present In Illinois, Mr. Felter spoke
at one of them In the morning and the
other in the evening. Mr. Felter was
accompanied by H. F. Cramer.
There will be a reunion of the mem
bers of the Eighth, Nineteenth and
Twenty-Fifth Infantry Regiments,
volunteer soldiers of the Civil war,
at Washington, lowa, on the 29th and
30th of the current month and the cit
izens are planning to give them a roy
al welcome. It will be the tlfteenth
annual reunion of the members of the
Eighth regiment and the occasion
promises to be a more than ordinarily
pleasing one to all concerned. In
view of the large number of lowa peo
ple residing in Canon City, and vicin
ity, notice of this gathering of old sol
diers can hardly fall to be of Interest
to some of the readers of this paper.
Mr. and Mrs. Murray O. York and
son, of Cozed. Nebraska, who have
been visiting at the home of the for
mer's cousin, J. I. York, and family on
Elm avenue, Lincoln Park, for several
days, left yesterday for Boise City,
Seattle, Portland. San Francisco and
other points In the extreme west
Ross Humphrey, of the Globe Ex
press Co., left yesterday morning for
Canon City where he will attend to
business for sev,.-al days for the
company.—Cripple Creek Times.
Thad Harrison, of Mobile. Ala.. Is
a guest of Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Row
land oh Lincoln Park. Mr. Harrison,
who is an uncle of Mrs. Rowland, Is
one of the most prominent wholesale
merchants in Mobile and Is widely
known In commercial circles In the
U. 8. Okey has gone to Seattle and
other points In the Northwest on a
combined business and pleasure visit.
Mr. Okey has for several years owned
some valuable property in Seattle and
trip 'Was largely inspired by a de
sire la look after hie Investments In
that cgy.
MisipLouie Kennedy returned home
this seeming from Pueblo to Which'
place ahe yesterday accompanied her
sister,’ Mias dale, who was en route
to Nevada, Missouri, to enter college
for the coming year.
Herbert Combs returned home last
Sunday from Seattle where he went
at the, beginning of the sammer. Al
though. the trip waa made tor pleas
ure, he obtained a clerical position
soon after hie arrival at the exposi
tion city agd remained there longer
than would have otherwise been the
case an that aoooeat.
Mr. Davidson of Pittsburg, Pa.,
president of the Colorado Light and
Our Savings Department
is not restricted in the scope of its patronage.
It is broad enough to accommodate all, and
1— The young folk* with their small savings.
2 The breadwinner , striving to procure a home or a competency
for old age.
3 Tht well-to-do, for the convenience afforded and the income
•-»_ j
4 Those with idle funds awaiting other investment.
We Pay 4 per cent interest per annum
The Citizens State “Bank
Canon City, Colorado
Power company, is spending a few
days in town as the guest of Manager
W. T. Wallace and is being shown
over the plant and other property of
the concern in which he is so largely
The members of Liberty Bell Chap
ter, Society of Children of the Revo
lution, are requested to meet at the
home of Mrs. R. O. Arthur, on Canal
street, at 3 o’clock next Saturday af
ternoon. It will be the first meeting
this season for the new members and
it is hoped there will be a large at
Herbert Gravestock went to Mont
rose Tuesday night where he will ac
cept a good position with the Colo
rado Telephone company.
Mrs. W. J. Elliott of Victor was
the guest of Dr. and Mrs. Wilson
Pearson and family at 845 South Fifth
street. South Canon, several days of
last week.
Mrs. George A. Baker and daughter,
Miss Minnie, left this morning for
Washington. D. C., and other points
in the Blast. Mrs. Baker will be absent
about a month, leaving Miss Baker
in Washington to spend the winter.
Mrs. Casebeer and Mrs. Shore will
entertain the members of the Fourth
and Fifth divisions of the Ladles* Aid
society of the First Presbyterian
church at the home of Mrs. Casebeer.
832 College avenue. Thursday after
A post card from C. C. Patton, who
left here a week or ten days ago for
Pittsburg and other points in the Bast
bearing a Chicago postmark, says:
“This village is improving pretty
ly and teat art—Msg Its borders
westward, but I don’t think they will
i ever reach Canon City." Mr. Patton
' will attend the celebration In Mew
York commemorating the four hun
dredth anniversary of the discovery of j
the Hudson river.
Mrs. Laura Davis is up from La j
Junta for a few days visit with Canon
; City friends.
Jamie and Cora McDowell enter
tained at a birthday party si the -home
i of their parents: Mr. wad MHL J. T.
McDowell. 607 Welt NiW Ybf-k' hee
• no*. Sooth Cooon. jut Saturday night
i to hopor of,’their oooMa. |nw-<Hadjaj
Rdrfc .of The hfMr tir
, a eery pleasant one and the gnenta
I were Leater and Albert Raper, Minn
May, Alvin and Willie Gardner, Mian
Myrtle Hicks, Miss Hazel Mack and
Earl Woolsey. Refreshments were
T. H. Robbins, of Chestnut street.
South Canon, is showing some very
fine Alberta peaches, which weigh
half a pound each. The trees on which
they grew were laid down and cover
ed during the winter months.
Health and Beauty Aid.
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your complexion of pimples and
bloches like Foley's Orino Laxative,
for indigestion, stomach and liver
trouble and habitual const! pattern.
Cleanses the system and is pleasant
to take. Sold by Mitchell and Egbers,
Palace Drug store.
The meeting of the members off
Liberty Bell Chapter. Society of the
Children of the Revolution, which was
to have been held at the residence off
Mrs. R. Gj Arthur, on Canal street. In
the west rad, next Saturday after
noon, has been postponed till the 16th
Sene Cun City People Bin
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Backache and kidney ache are twin
Ton cant separate them.
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If the kidneys are well and Strang.
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Mrs. J. Q. Morrison. 1131 River
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