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From Thursday's Dally.
The conference at the office of H.
S. Maddox yesterday afternoon be
tween the Canon City Business Men's
association and a commltlee from the
Odd Fellows lodge for the purpose of
formulating some sort of a campaign
looking to the location here of the
proposed Odd Fellows’ Home, was an
enthusiastic one and will result In
Canon City's becoming an active com
petitor for the contemplated Institu
tion. The members of the conference
were heartily in ravor of doing every
thing to bring the home here and to
that end adopted a resolution instruc
ting Mr. Maddox to write to the sec
retaries of the chambers of commerce
In towns in other states where such
homes existed and ascertain from
them what donations had been made
to secure their location. Such insti
tutions as the one in contemplation
by the Odd Fellows grand lodge of
Colorado exist in ten or a dozen of .
the states of the Union and it is be
lieved that valuable information may
be had by inquiring of the commer
cial bodies in the cities where they
are located in relation to the offers
made to secure them.
Whatever Is done by Canon City in
From Friday’* Dally.
F. B. Wheelock, acting secretary of
the local Y.M.C.A., took about twen
ty of the playground boys on a picnic
today to the top of Fremont Peak. The
party started about 8:00 o’clock this
morning taking their lunches and they
will spend the day climbing the peak.
The boys of this city are enthusi
astic over the work of the playground
and many have shown their apprecia
tion of the fact by their attendance at
the meetings. Although the girls have
been invited to the playground activ
ities have accepted. Well direct
ed pla under a good supervisor is a
good thing for the boys and girls and
mothers should appreciated this move
ment for their boys who have to be
employed at all times.
Woman's Relief Corps.
Mr*. Mary M. Brown, President of
the Y. W.O. T. IT., of East Providence,
R. I.; i* also Chaplain Woman's R ‘lief
Corps, and Past Department President
of the W. M. 0., or tlie State of Rhode
Island. This prominent lady writes an
open letter to suffering women all over
the United States. Her letter is as
The Reruna Medicine co.,
Columbus, Ohio.
Gentlemen—Socially as well as
officially, I meet a large number #
of women, old and young; bright, S
Intelligent women who do their 5
own thinking and form their oh/i ?
opinions. You will therefore he |
pleased to know that Reruns is a |
favorite remedy amonx women, »
and that It Is generally considered S
superior to any prescription know n <
In cases of catarrh and weakness \
peculiar to the sex. I have had i
occasion several times In cases of J
cold and depression to use Reruns ?
and have found it very effectual. i
149 Qrosvenor Ave. t i
East Rrovfdence, R. f. {
the matter will have to be done be
- */ore the first of August as at that time
i the board of trustees of the grand
i lodge will begin its investigations of
[' the offers made by the various towns
l of the state preliminary to making its
i j report to the grand lodge, which
i meets at Cripple Creek on October
1 18th to determine the question of the
• location. Among the places that have
■ already entered the list to secure the
» home are Denver, Boulder, Delta,
• Montrose, Pueblo, Golden, Fort 001-1
1 lins and Canon City. The grand lodge
has something like SIOO,OOO in Its
strong box available for investment
i in the proposed home, the location of
which will largely be governed by the
climatic conditions. Colorado Springs
is not an aspirant for the home for
the reason that It Is endeavoring to
secure the location there of the Na
tional Odd Fellows’ Home, which the
j supreme lodge now has under con
The board of trustees is composed
of Adolph Donath of Fort Collins; Jo
seph Newitt of Beuna Vista, J. N.
Rogers of Denver, D. C. Taylor of
Pueblo and Charles Munn of Ouray.
From Friday’s Dally.
The issue of Collier’s Weekly for
June 25th has a write-up and several
pictures and views taken as the
“middles” were going aboard their
training ships previous to their start
on the summer cruise. One of the
pictures is of a midshipman with suit
case in hand and other luggage strap
ped on his back and labeled “Off for
the Ship." This picture is of the Can
on City boy who is now a student in
that institution, Karl Quinlan. It
is just a chance picture that was tak
ne by the photographer and Earl got
in the way of the comera. The fol
lowing is what the Collier’s Weekly
has to say about the cruise:
The blue water school has the up
per hand in the worlds navies and j
our navy as well believes that the
open sea is the best training ground
for our officers and sailors.. Hence,
the training squadron of the mid- ■
shipmen at Annapolis will not hug
the shores of Ixing Island or work !
their heads off in drills of seaman- ‘
ship in the quiet waters of Gardiners
Bay. This time the “middles” stick |
to sea and in battleships too, even *1
they are not the latest, the “Iowa” j
and the ‘lndiana” and the 'Mass- ,
aclinsetts” ships which made history
in the Spanish war are the squadron, j
The cadets will be away for three 1
months, and ten thousand miles will !
be covered. Foreign shores will be j
seen and strange ports will widen
1 their horizon. Captain George R.
1 Clark IT. S. N.. commandant of ca- ■
dets is the commander In chief or the
squadron, and under his watchful eye
these -young Nelsons will have their
| first lesson In practical seamanship,
| navigation, gunnery and torpedoes,
iln Plymouth the young gentlemen
will meet their confrere of the British
Navy, the “snotties” of the service, as
Marryat called the rftidshipmen of the
King. Marsailles, Maderia and the
Azores will lie other stopping places,
and in these parts there will be lots
of play, but while at sea nothing
hilt work For the purpose is to
train these men for the responsibili
ties of the future in a practical way,
and the midshipmen will take their
turn in the engine room and on the
bridge, nurse the dynamos and cos',
the ship, and in the three months get
the practical hang of seagoing.
From Friday’s Daily.
Jack Haley, night telegraph opera
tor at the D. & R. O. railroad station
here, but who Is now on a month’s
vacation from his duties, returned
Thursday from Denver where he went
to meet his mother from Girardsvllle,
Pa , and lady friend, Mias Lizzie
Rouise of Gilbertson, Pa. Miss Rouse
and Mr. Haley were married In Den
ver on their arrival in that city. They
will make their home in thlß city. Mrs.
John Haley, Sr., will stay with them
for a while, after which she will re
turn to her home In Pennsylvania.
Record Want Ads bring rssnlts.
From Thursday’s Dally.
The convict camp at Limekiln
gulch, on the new road between
Colorado Springs and Canon City,will
be removed to the Curr hill about
three miles below' the city next Sat
urday, according to County Commis
sioner B. A. Banta, who, with Com
missioner Hutchinson, made a visit
to the two camps yesterday. The men
in the camp at Limekiln gulch are
working on the line between there
and the county road which has prac
tically been completed and a force of
workmen were started today with the
road grader on the old county road
below the Curr ranch. They are grad
ing about half a mile a day and by
September 1, the entire line will be
“I walked over four miles of the
new* line from the camp at Rock
Creek to that at Limekiln gulch,”
said Mr. Banta, “and am well satis
fied with the quality o fthe work
done. There is about a mile of un
From Thursday’s Daily.
Steps are being taken to interest
capital in the large deposits of white
quartz near Canon City, which are
said to possess the finest qualities for
the manufacture of high-grade glass,
aand as a result a large glass factory
may eventually be built near the beds.
Lewis P. Boyle, treasurer of Canon
City, has written to the chamber of
commerce calling attention to these
deposits and stating that a recent ex
animation has shown them to be
peculiarly adapted to the manufact
ure of window glass, plate glass and
other high grades of clear glasa. The
chamber of commerce will work in
conjunction with the people of Canon
City, in an effort to have the deposits
developed and a factory built at some
convenient point In the state for
handling the output.—Rocky Moun
tain News.
Ilealtii In Worth Having, and Home
Canon City People Know Hew
to Save It
Many Canon City people take their
lives in th*»ir hands by neglecting the
kidneys when they know these or
gans need help. Sick kidneys are re
sjionsible for a vast amount of suf
fering and ill health, but there is no
need to suffer nor to remain in dan
ger when all diseases and aches and
pains due to weak kidneys can be
quickly and permanently cured by
the use of Doun’s Kidney Pills. The
following statement leaves no ground
for doubt.
Mrs. W. E. Spaulding. 1218 W.
Third street. Florence, Colo, says:
“The use of Doan’s Kidney Pills in
our family has been very satisfactory.
They brought relief from backache
that wa* caused by disordered kid
neys. bo.in’B Kidney Ptlls deserve*
all the praise that is given them.”
For sale by all dealers. Price 50c.
Foster-MII burn Co.. Buffalo, New
York, pole agents for the United
Remember the name—Doan’s —and
take no other.
From Friday’s Daily.
L.A. Poteet of Florence arrived here
this afternoon from the Wet Mountain
valley and brought down with him a
native trout weighing a pound and a
half which was caught yesterday In
the Colony creek by Harry H. Hender
shott, former sheriff of Custer coun
ty. The fish was presented to Judge
Lee Champion of the district court by
Mr. Hendershott ana will probably
grace the judicial table at dinner this
eveuint. Mr. Poteet also had in his
possession the head of a mountain
*heep containing a magnificent pair
of horns which was found recently on
Spring mountain, twelve miles south
west of Weßtcllffe. The animal, it is
believed, had either been caught in a
snowdrift and perished, or had been
killed during the winter months by a
mountain lion. Mr. Poteet says that
there are a good many mountain
sheep on the upper slopes of the Han
gre de Christo range and that they
are suffering less from the encroach
ments of hunters than the deer. The
head will be sent to the Denver office
of the state game and fish commis
sion and sold, the proceeds being
turned Into the general fund.
usually hard road to build in that
stretch yet, but the convicts are cer
tainly doing good work and are mak
ing a job that will last forever. All
their bridges have been built in the
moot substantial manner with stone
abutments and steel stringers rein
forced with concrete. The grading of
the old county road between the John
Curr ranch and the Curr hill where a
detour is to be made, wi!! be finished
in a short time but there will be a
great deal of work to be done In
graveling that stretch. The detour
around the Curr hill will not be a
great task and I think that by Sep
tember 1 automobiles will be able to
travel over the whole length of the
new road to Canon City. Of course
our work stops at the county line six
miles below Red Hill but Fremont
county is doing a great deal to Im
prove the remainder of the highway.”
—Colorado Springs Gazette.
From Thursday’s Daily.
The members of the graduating
class of last year or the class of ’O9
held a reunion last evening in the
form of a picnic on the Skyline Drive.
The young people assembled at the
home of Miss May Morgan, all help
ing in bringing the lunch, and the
party climbed to the top of the Sky
line Drive, where supper was served.
From the class of 24 which graduated
from the Canon City high school last
year, 13 were present at the reunion.
Those present were the Misses May.
Mbrgan, .Elsie Kennedy, Margariet*
Hyssong. Rofena Lewis, Margorle
Kirkton. Olive Bradbury, Bert Kettle,
Charles Wyckoff. Arthur Frederick
son, John Saviers. Will Simon, Fred
Reiter and Albert Garllnghouse. Mr.
Fred Duncan and Miss Edna Ken
nedy aacted as chaperones.
For thirty years J. F. Boyer of Fer
tile, Mo., needed help mod couldn't
find it. That’s why he wants to help
some one now. Suffering so long
himself he feels for all distress from
Backache. Nervousness, Loss of Ap
petite. Lassitude and Kidney dis
orders. He shows that Electric Bit
ters works wonders for such troubles
“Five bottles.” he writes, “wholly
cured me and now I am well and
hearty.” Its also positively guaran
teed for IJver Trouble, Dyspepsia,
Blood Disorders, Female Complaints
and Malaria. Try them 50c at Hun
ter and Palmer.
The little green lice that are so
abundant on the ruse bushes Just
now may be all cleaned off by thor
oughly applying one of the follow
ing remedies:
Remedy 1—
Illack leaf extract: 1 part In 70
parts of water.
Remedy 2.
Ntco-fame or Nico-Sul: 1 part in
500 parts of water.
Remedy 3.
Tobacco leaves, stems, or dust: 1
pound in four gallons of water.
Place the tobacco In w’ater enough
to cover it, and steep in hot. but not
boiling water for a full hour, and
then dilute as Just mentioned.
Remedy 4.
Whale oil or fish oil soap: 1
pound to eight gallons of water.
Remedy 5.
Kerosene emulsion made so as to
be about one-fifteenth oil.
Any one of the above remedies,
and many others that might be men
tioned. will be effectual If used as a
forceful spray directed upon the un
derside of the leaves in sufficient
quantities to thoroughly wet the lice.
If many are missed at the first treat
ment, repeat in three or four days.
The same applications will kill
similar lice upon other plants.
Colorado Agricultural College. Fort
Try Record Want Ads.
For Infant, and Children.
Tbi KM You Han Always Bought
rr«a Friday’s Daily.
In this year of ‘ lean’’ fruit crops
throughout the country Canon City
horticulturists have reason to con
gratulate themselves on the generos
ity of their orchard prospects. Per
haps. no place in that great stretch
of country between the Missouri riv
er and the Pacific coast has nature
been richer, or more prodigal, with
her gifts than in Fremont county and
in the Canon City district, particular
ly in fruits of all kinds, and the hus
bandman looking forward with confi
dence to a season of more than ordi
nary prosperity.
In all of the major and minor pro
ducts of orchard and garden the out
look is most encouraging and the
ranches of Lincoln Park and Fruit
mere are anticipating a golden har
vest. While the yield of the com
mercial varieties of apples may not be
as great as in some previous years the
prices promise to be better owing to
the shortness of the crop in other
sections of the state and growers will
be more than compensated for the re
striction by the augmented demand
and Increased revenue they will de
rive from the tale of their merchan
dise. It is an open secret that the
orchards of the Canon City dstrict
this year will be the most productive
in Colorado, a state second to none in
the Union In the wealth and variety of
its horticulture. Many orchards that
a month or six weeks ago gave little
indication of "making good" are now
alluring with hope and assurance of a
liberal, profitable crop. If no unfor
■een contingency arises there will be
at the lowest calculation a thousand
car loads of apples shipped out of
Canon City within the next four or
five months. As many new orchards
will come into bearing this season the
aggregate shipments are likely to riv
al, If not exceed, those of previous
The weather during the last few
weeks has been distinctly favorable
for the growth of all kinds of fruit
In this district and there seems no
doubt that the quality will be fully up
to the best standard of previous years,
which is equivalent to saying that the
product of Canon City horticulturists
will be inferior to that of no other
portion of the country in size, col
or. flavor and popularity. It means
that Canon City apples will again lead
the prices for such fruit in Kansas
City, Chicago and New York, as well
as in Seattle. Portland. San Francis
co and Los Angeles.
The small frulta are now coming
Into the market in large quantities
and are being forwarded rapidly to
dealers | n Denver. Colorado Springs.
Pueblo. Into western Kansas. Nebras
ka. New Mexico. Texas and Oklahoma,
as well as to the San Tails valley and
to the western slope Cherries, es
pecially am coming in very fast and
something like five or six hundred
crates are being hand'ed dally. They
aie of the Early Richmond variety and
are of fine quality. They are bring
ing the grower $2.00 a crate on an
average, which is about 50c more than
ho received for the same class of fruit
twelve months ago. The crop or cher
ries of the Montmorency and English
Morllla varieties are even better than
that of the Early Richmond, and. In
the aggregate, will bring In a nice
Hum of money to growera.
The strawberry crop this year was
not a heavy ono by any means, but,
probably the Income to the communl-
From Friday's Dally.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Chisholm
and Mr. and Mrs. K. C. VanDlest re
turned to their home at Colorado
Springs yesterday after u pleasant
visit of a couple of days duration In
this city. Mr. Chisholm Is vice-presi
dent of the El Paso County Good
Roads association and Is an enthu
siast ujKjn the subject of Improved
highways. Mr. VanDlest le chief en
gineer for the estate of the late Gen.
William J. Palmer and the splendid
roadways oft the Glen Eyrie property,
as well as much of the magnificent
parking system of Colorado Spring*,
is due to his skill and enterprise In
that character of work. While here
Charles R. Melanin took the visitors
on numerous automobile rides about
the town nnd its environs; making a
special effort to show them the Sky
line Drive, the new road up through
Priest canon towards the top of tho
Royal Gorge and the orchard growing
sections of the community. Tbty
- i
ty from that source was fully as great
as It was last year as better prices
were realized by the rancher. Last
year’s crop sold on an average at
$1.75 a crate. This season the aver
age was about $2.25. Gooseberries,
which are now abundant, sold last
year at sl.lO, but this year are in de
mand at $1.50 a crate. Currants will
bring the growers this season an av
erage of approximately $1.50, which
will be about the same as twelve
months ago. Black raspberries are
Just finding their way into the mar
ket and are sure to command a good,
stiff price by reason of the shortness
cf the crop in the Loveland district.
Beans, of which the supply la inade
quate to supply the demand, are sell
ing at 10c a pound. Peas, which are
not grown here to the extent they
should be are selling at five cents a
pound. There is a good profit In them
at that figure and they should be
largely cultivated by our gardeners
for the demand for them Is practical
ly unlimited.
J. T. Calvert of the Hot Springs
addition has been marketing from five
to six hundred pounds of string beans
♦♦very day this week and expects to In
crease the amount to s thousand
pounds by next Monday. At ten cents
a pound he finds them about the most
remunerative crop that be can grow.
The shipment of summer apples to
Denver and other points In tha state
began s day or two ago and will be a
big business in the oourse of anoth
er week or so. They are finding their
way to the market In twenty pound
baskets and look very nice. Not for
a long period haa the outlook for the
Canon City fruit grower been as pleas
ing as It is at present and he haa no
reason to envy the horticulturist of
any other section. Indeed, his encour
agement* are a little better than those
given to the orchardlsta anywhere else
Hla crop Is an excellent one on the
whole and the prices the most satis
factory In years.
The UveUnd raspberry growers
were hard hit by the frosts in May
and will not be able to dominate the
state markets this year aa they have
been In the habit of doing. Cherries
and other small fruits were also se
verely Injured in that district from
the same cause Among the favored
markets for the small fruit grower
here are Denver, Colorado Sprlnga.
Pueblo. Raton. New Mexico; Alamosa,
unnison, Glennwood Springs, Aspen.
I«aJunta, Cripple Creek. Victor. Lead
ville and the towns of western Kan
To get the best prices for small
fruits local growers should make it a
point to produce as groat a variety of
stuff as possible as they are then In
a position to supply whatever the deal
er wants to meet the requirements of
his tard. As a rule the grower and
retailer of fruits places his ord*r
where he can get nearly everything
he wants as it moans % saving of dol
lars and cents in freight and express
to do so. By growing the
trade needs the dealer can so bunch
his order as to nyißonlit In his ex
pense account, which in this day of
strenuous competition must be con
sidered by tbe merchant that hopes
for success The fruit ond garden in
dustry of tho Canon City district this
year will bring a revenue to tho com
munity hut little If any, less than a
million dollar*.
were much pleased with what they
saw and commended the publlc-apirlt
edness of the Canon City Business
Men’s association, the county commis
sioners and tho warden of the pent
tentiary In entering on such a bentff
cont and comprehensive system of
road building as they saw In progress
Read What Your Druggist Says
About OH of Wintergreen
Ths Oen on City Dng Co. submits
the following to the readers of the
Dallv Record:
For several years we nave an
nounced, with our recommendation,
that wc had found a positive cure
(or eczema: a simple skin wash, oil
of wintergreen compounded with
other healing ingredients.
Vet we know there arc people
right in this town who have eczema,
and still have never tried this rem
We have, therefore, arranged with
the I). 1). D. Laboratories of Chi
cago for a special offer of a trial
bottle itl s?’ cent- instead of the
SI.OO Ixittle as regularly sold.
Wc offer this trial bottle with our
ret omtmndntion and assurance that
lust as *non ns the patient washes
hid itching »kin. this mild liquid will
t#k*» the itrli uwt\£ lnxtanl]|.

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