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The Cañon City Record.
m. xxxiii.
Looks Like Denver Will Give Majority
That Will Poll Shafroth Through- •
Stephen Runs Well Over State.
Denver, Colo, Nov. 9.(2:30 i>. m.) —
Special to the Dally Record.) Incom
plete returns from the 59 counties in
Colorado outside of Denver, show
John F. Shafroth and J. B. Stephen to
be running nearly even and th6 re
sults will be decided by the vote of
Denver oounty. Denver is claimed by
the Democrats by 4.000 or 5,000.
Ail of the Democratic state candi
dates are running well up with the
head of the ticket
The Republicans claim the election
of Judge Garrlgues, Ben Griffith for
attorney general. Mrs. Wlxon for
state superintendent and Miss Wol
cott for regent of the state univer
The complexion of the next legisla
ture is still In doubt.
The initiative and referendum car-!
ried by a safe majority snd all of the
other amendmenta are believed to.
have been carried with the possible j
exception of that providing for the
funding of state warrants. The result
In this case Is still in doubt. It Is
not expected that the result will be
known before night snd perhaps not
even then. because of the great
amount of "scratched** tickets.
Weld county proved the surprise of
the state, normally the Republican
stronghold snd second only to El
Paso county. The Indications arc
this noon that the Democrats have al
most split even with the Republican
candidates. Ten precincts are still
missing but there sre considered
strong Republican, but Shafroth snd
the other Democrats are now in the
lead snd the Republican plurality will
fall thousands below the figure of two
years ago. even If the precincts not
yet beard from returned the figures
New York. Nov. 9. The election
returns indicate that John A. Dtx.
Democrat, has l**en elected govern
or of New York, over Henry l*. Stim
eon. Republican, by between 55.000
and 65.000 plurality
These figures may be changed
slightly by returns from upstate rur
al districts. New York city gives Dtx
a plurality of at least 106,000. which
more than offsets the greatly reduc
ed plurality of the Republicans up
state. Two years ago the greatei
city gave Chanler. for governor, leas
than 60.000 plurality.
Below Mr. Dlx on the ticket the re
suit is uncertain, although tending
toward Democratic success. Thomas
(Tonway. the Democratic candidate
for lleutennnt governor, appears to
be running slightly behind Dtx.
The complexion of the legislature
which will select a surceasor to
Chauncey M. Depow will be settled
only by more complete returns, al
though It seems probable that the
Republicans will have n working ma
jority. In New York City. Herbert
Parsons. Democrat. was defeated
for re-election, ns a representative to
congress by O. M. Republican,
as was William Bennett. Republican,
by Henry George. Jr. Mr. Parsons’
defeat Is the first Democratic gain
In the house of representatives reg
istered in today’s election
Theodore Roosevelt’s home district
in Oyster Bay, L. 1., gave Dlx a plu
rality of 204, as ngnlnst a plurality
of 793 for Hughes In 1908. In Utica,
Charles A. Talcot. Democrat, defeat-!
ed Millington. Vice President Bher- !
man's nominee for congress, by 3,-J
Early returns Indicated Dix’s .plu
rality throughout the state would
probably reach 100,000. but his net 1
Early returns point to Pueblo as
the pioneer Democratic county
outside of Denver. Non-partis
an returns place the plurality of
Shafroth and other state officers at
In Boulder county the pluarllty
given Shafroth two year* ago la like
ly to be greatly reduced. The coun
ty. however, ia safely in the Demo
cratic column and all of the county
officers, including Sheriff Capp
against whom a hard fight was made,
are undoubtedly elected.
Out of the entire state only one
county lias given complete returns,
and that !b Mesa county where voting
are used, and they had the
results at midnight. The Republi
cans carried the county by a plural
ity of four to six hundred with Ben
1 Griffith for attorney general running
far ahead of his ticket.
The Democrats swept the slate of
j Teller county and so few precincts
' have been heard from that the pin
1 rallty is still in doubt.
Miss Anna Burgess returntnl Wed
nesday afternoon from Colorado
Springs, where she has been visiting
with friends.
Mr and Mrs. W. W. Men came down
from Buena Vista yesterday for
tbe pur|w»*e of voting at the election,
and, incidentally, to spend a few days
\iaitlng their old friends and neigh
bors They still regard Canon City
as their place of residence and ex
1 pect to ultimately return here to live.
They will stay until towards the end
of the week before going back to
Buena Vista.
‘ Trj a Bant Ad In the Record.
gain was reduced as the rural dis
tricts began to report.
Stlmson Concedes Defeat.
At 9:20 P. M.. Tuesday. Mr. Stlra
aon sent this telegram to Mr. Dlx:
"Tbe present retu ns clearly In
dicate your election. I congratulate
you and send you my good wishes
for success lu your administration."
New York. Nov. t.—l P. M.—(
Special to the Dally Record)—Occas
ional returns today only emphasise
the completeneas of tbe Democratic
victory In Now York.
For the first time since 1894 the
Democrats of all the state depart
ments will be in control. They have
reversed from the Republican joint
majority of sixty in the state legisla
ture to a Democratic majority of 25,
and have made a clear gain of ten
congressmen. The change in the leg
islature will Insure a Democratic sen
ator to succeed Chauncey M. DePew
The new congressional delegation
will have 22 Democrats and 15 Repub
licans. as against 25 Republicans and
12 Democrats In the present congress.
John A. Dix’s plurality for govern
or is 62,487. He won despite the fact
that his total vote was ntjput 26.000
below the vote of Chanler. the de
feated Democratic candidate for gov
ernor in 1908. Btlmßon’a vote, how
ever. will approximate 100.000 under
that cast for Hughes.
Aside from Dlx, the eutire Demo
cratic ticket won by pluralities of
about 50,000.
There Is only one kind of a dog that
Is worth anything: the kind that will
take after an agent and run him orf
the premises.
The Winning Governors
In Tuesday's Election
Denver, Nov. 9.—3 P. M. — (Special
to The Daily Record. —The following
is the list of the governors elected
and their pluralities as shown by the
latest returns:
Alabama —Emmet O’Neil, Democrat
ic. 45,000.
California —Hiram W. Johnson, Re
publican, 5,000.
Connecticut —S. E. Baldwin, Demo
cratic, 2,600.
Idaho —Still in doubt.
lowa—Claud Porter, Democratic.
Kansas—Walter R. Stubbs, Repub
lican, M>,ooo.
Massachusetts —Eugene M. Foss,
Democratic, 22,000.
Michigan—Charles S. Osborn, Re
publican. 50,000.
Minnesota —Adolph O. Eberhardt.
Republican, 30,000.
Nebraska—Chest' r H. Aldrich, Re
publican, 10,000.
Nevada—D. S. Dickerson, Demo
cratic, plurality still in doubt.
New Hampshire—Robert P. Bass,
Republican. 5,000.
NEW YORK —Dlx. Democrat defeats'
Stlmson, Republican, by 75,000.
crat. defeats Draper. Republican, by «
NEW JERSEY—Wllaon. Democrat,j
defeats 1-ewis, Republican, by 16,- ,
NEW HAMPSHIRE Bass. Republl-j
can. leads In early count
CONNECTICUT—Result done, with
Baldwin. Democrat, In slight lead.
PENNSYLVANIA — Tener. Republi
can. wins by 100.000 plurality over
Berry. Keystone, Krltn, Democrat, dis
OHIO- -Harmon. Democrat, will be
re-elected by 76.000, his manager
IOWA — Carroll, ■Republican. re
WISCONSIN McGovern. Republi
can. defeats Schmitx, Democrat, by
fully 30.000.
j NEBRASKA Omaha Bee, Republi
can, concedes election of Dahlman.
| Democrat, by 8,500.
I KANSAS—Stubbs. Republican, un
doubtedly re-elected but by derreas
! ed majority.
| TENNESSEE—Hooper. Republican,
| will win by at least 15,000.
WYOMING—Early returns indicate
election of Parey. Fusion, over Mull
en. Republican.
CALIFORNIA First returns indi
cate election of Johnson. Republican,
by close vote.
Columbia, S. C., Nor. 9.—The Demo
cratic state and congressional tickets
were elected by the usual majorities
Austin, Tex.. Nov. 9. —The entire
Democratic ticket for state officers,
has been elected by majorities larger
than those gt\en Governor Campbell
two years ago All Democratic con
gressional nominees wo-e elected.
At exactly ten o'clock this morn-'
Ing at a beautiful wedding Miss Grace
Johnson, the younger daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Charles T. Johnson, of SIS
Rudd Avenue, and Mr. J. H. Sldebot
tom were married. Many days have
passed since this little city has wit
nessed a simpler yet prettier ceio
inony than was performed this morn
ing with Reverend J. T. Thomas of
Denver, officiating. The home u «s!
arranged moat beautifully for the io
cas Ion: large palms banked the walls;
New Jersey—Woodrow Wilson,
Democratic, 36,800.
New York—John A. Dlx, Democrat
ic. 62,487.
North Dakota—ln doubt.
Ohio —Jensen Harmon, Democratic,
Oklahoma-—Lee D. Cruce, Demo
cratic, 40,000.
Oregon—-Oswold West, Democratic,
Pennsylvania—John K. Tenner, Re
publican, plurality large.
Rhode Island—A. J. Potbier, Repub
lican, 1,200.
South Carolina—C. L. Blese, Demo
cratic, 47,000.
South Dakota—Robert S. Vessy.
Republican, 12,000.
Tenness- e—Ben W. Hooper, Repub
lican and Fusion. 5.000.
Texas—A. B. Colquitt, Democratic.
Wisconsin—Frank E. McGovern,
Republican. 50,000.
Wyoming—Joseph M. Carey, Demo
cartlc, 2,000.
New Orleans, Nor. 9.—As usual the
Democratic nominees for congress
«nd state officers were elected with
out exception in today's election. A
constitutional amendment providing
a bond issue of $6,500,000 in support
of the proi»o»ed International exposi
tion to be held in New Orleans, in
1915, was ove-whelmingly adopted.
i - ■
Montgomery, Ala , Nor. 9. —In the
seventh congressional district of Ala
bama. M. W. Howard, Republican,
and John T. Burdett. the Democratic
lncnmbeut, ran very close in the early
returns, both claiming victory. The
other Democratic congressional can
didates were elected.
For governor, Emmett O’Neal, Dem
ocrat and local optioiilst. Is elected
by about 60,000 majority.
Niue precincts Mesa county:
Stephen, Republican 1.731
Shafroth. Democrat 1.297
Three precincts Mesa county:
Stevens, Republican congress
man-at-large 756
Taylor, Democrat, congress
man-at-large 459
Meaa county adjoins Oarfleld coun
ty. Taylor’s home county.
I Twenty-four out of 221 precincts
in the city of Denver:
Straight ballots—Democrats. 864;
I Republicans. 718; (Mtlzens. 458;
scratched. 1,449.
I Those voting the Citizens' ticket
straight sacrificed their vote for state
officers and congressmen ns the Cit
izens* ticket was purely a county
ticket. Hugo gave tbe Republican
ticket a majority of 301 over all. The
initiative and referendum carried
there by 125 majority.
Seventeen precincts outside Den%er
not including Hugo: Republican, 2.-
044; Democratic. 1,468. These pre
cincts are scattered through several
of each room and stuilnx trailed from
: the ceiling with yellow and white
, chrysanthemums their heads
up here and there and hanging from
the chandeliers in each room in great
pr' > >:.'o*\ No o: » can imagine a
prett or ?lTht or more effective decor
The c •■nory occurred in the front
parlor, just off of which there is a
! spacious bow window which through
clever use of the palms and smllax
♦ Continued on Page Five.)
Wilkin, Walker, Smith, Kelso And Esser
Are Elected. The Other Offices
Are Still In Doubt.
From Wednesday's Daily.
As the Record goes to press at 3
o’clock this afternoon the returns
from only twenty-seven of the county
precincts are in.
From these returns it is not poss
ible to predict who will be elected to
several of the county offices. But
three county candidates are certain
of their election.
Prof. Henry E. Smith will be elect
ed clerk by a majority running from
600 to 800. At present with twenty
seven precincts in Smith’s, majority
is 941. This may be cut down and it
may not he. The precincts to hear
from are Democratic, but Mr. Smith
seems to run better in Democratic
precincts then he does even in Re
publican districts.
Sanford K. Kelso is elected coun
ty commissioner without doubt. He
will have a substantial plurality.
Joe Esser is probably elected sher
iff by a safe plurality.
On no other county office can any
one safely claim an election yet.
On returns now in, Harry Maddox
is 77 ahead.
On the same returns Mrs. Merriam
is 47 ahead.
For assessor Robert Ramsey lias
137 plurality on votes now counted.
The ten Fremont county precincts
not in. two years ago gave on the
vote for regent as follows. Demo
cratic, 924; Republican, 830.
Alfred Durfee is probably elected
Gilbert A. Walker of Buena Vista
is no donbt elected float representa
tive over Billy Fay.
For District Judge. Charles A. Wil
kin is unquestionably elected over
Judge Lee Champion. This is con
ceded by Judge Champion's friends.
Mr Wilkin will have a majority of
over 100 in Park county. Mr. Cham
pion has about 60 In Caster county
and only 86 in Chaffee. Mr. Cham
Trinidad, Nov. 9. Between fifty
and seventy men are believed to be
entombed in Mine No. 3 of the Victor
American Fuel company at Delagua.
located twenty-two miles northwest
of here, as the result of an explos
ion shortly after three o’clock Tues
Fifty men came out alive and un
harmed through Mice No. 2. which is'
connected with the main mine. No. j
3. and according to report to the mine!
officers they did not even know there!
had been an explosion in No. 3. if'
this report is true the explosion.-
which badly caved in the entrance to
No. 3. did not extend far Into the
mine, and it is hoped, therefore, that j
the men far within the workings are i
It was at first reported that the!
mine had caught fire and every avail-1
able man in the Victor American com
pany's employ was hurriedly notified :
to "ush to No. 3 for rescue work. A ■
corps of physicians was also gather-1
ed at Trinidad and Is now on the.
scene. Only one wire, one that is con-,
trolled by the company, runs Into Del--
aguu. and beyond the fact that fifty ,
men came out unhurt, no Information
lias been given out as to the explos- ,
ion. It is known, however, that thej
normal working force of the three j
mines worked by the company is 375 (
men. of which a majority are employ
ed in No. 3.
In view of this being election day
It is believe I the force was much re
duced. One report Is that five men
were killed anil four others injured
at the mouth of the min© when the
explosion occurred. These men. It Is
believed, were engaged in rebuilding
the t ripple which was destroyed not
long ago. Officials of the company
NO. 38.
pion will get more votes in Fremont
than was expected, but runs behind
in the two strong Democratic coun
ties. Mr. Wilkin will probably hare
150 votes plurality in the district.
The elections in Canon City and
Fremont county yesterday passed off
very quietly in all respects. While
the rote was not as large as is the
case in a presidential year. It was a
very good one and shows a whole
some interest on the part of people
generally in public affairs.
The candidates and their friends of
both political parties were active and
made an endeavor to get out the en
tire vote, and. In some precincts al
most succeeded in doing so. In Can
on City, Florence and some other
places carriages were furnished by
the committees having charge of the
campaign for the use of those who
were unable, or disinclined, to walk
to the polls, but residents of the rur
al precincts had to provide their own
means of conveyance to the voting
places which, in some instances, were
located several miles away.
The complete returns from none of
the precincts in the county were to
be had until after midnight, and
several of the precincts including
some in Canon City and Florence are
not in yet.
The slowness with which the bal
lots were counted, which, however,
was unavoidable on account of the
“•erateberi’* tickets, occasioned some
impatience on the part of the public
at large, but it was not of a carp
ing critical kind and was withdrawn
when the difficulties and troubles of
the judges and the clerks of the elec
tion became known. The Daily Rec
ord has endeavored to obtain the lat
est and fullest information possible
in relation to the election in county,
state and national affairs which it
pr>seuts to its readers.
left Denver for the mines this even
ing. The new* government rescue car
which has been in Denver for the last
few days, was also rushed south this
Rescue t ar K.n Route.
Denver, Nov. B.—The government
rescue car. which left Denver this ev
ening for the scene of the explosion,
arrived In Denver from the Pullman
, shops ouly last Sunday, and since that
; time bss been on exhibition here. It
: was to have made one or two more
' stops before reaching its destination.
Trinidad. The car Is one of eerea
I provided for by an act of the last con
gress. Besides a crew of several men
|in charge of C. J. Roberts, of the
| United States bureau of mines, the
ear is well equipped with life saving
1 apparatus.
Special to the Daily Record..
Delagun. Colo.. Nov. 9. —Nine men
I have been rescued 12 are
known to be dead and a number still
j entombed as the result of an ex
! plosion of gas in the No. 3 mine of
j the Victor American Fuel company *
here yesterday afternoon.
Four of the entombed miners were
I rescued at midnight and five more
, were dragged from the mine, alive,
this morning.
Among the dead are William Lew
is. mine Inspector, and his assistant
W. J. Evans Willis Evans, a young
engineer of the C. F. & I. company,
gave Ids life to the rescue of the four
men taken out alive. Young Evans
graduated from the School of Mines
two years ago and came to Delagua
in the rescue car yesterday. Ha im
mediately joined the searching party
and was overcome by the damp.

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