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Edward A sard.
Phillip Croaaen.
W. W. Penney,
D. R. Price,
OwtUlaa Phillip,,
Will Chaaiploß,
Peter Sum.
Oliver Amot.
Ur. William Parker, of Boston, la
tpendlns a few weeks with his bod,
W. F. Parker, who Is the electrician
U the Fremont mine at Bear Gulch,
lii Varker Ukee the weet very much
Mr. and Mrs. Blythe of Bear Onlch.
■pent last Saturday in Canon City.
Mr. Ed Asard has aleo struck It
rlcluon Bone Yard, '♦ark. The lowest
assay of his ore i4£! Vbout 12.80 and
the Indications are that he has a vein
that will develop Into something
big. Thee&AOCkkvale men are miners
of the first water and if their pros
pects pan out It will not be long un
til they are all rich men.
Albert Newcomb's oldest boy, Al
bert, has been quite ill with dyph
tbeira the past week and a half.
Fox and Smith unloaded a new car
of lumber for their work on the res
ervoir last week.
Mr .and Mrs. A. P. Easton and child
ren rohd to Canon City In their car
last week sad spent the Urns with Mr
and Mrs. Charles Swanson. On their
return home they exeprienced a blow
out tsar Florence and had to stay
all night la the oft city.
The clUxeas of Bockvale and the
men at the mine u the recipients
of a medium slaed pay day on Wed
nesday the nlnteeoth.
John Kile and family took advant
age of the excursion from Canon City
to Weetcllffe on teat Thursday end
state that they had a dandy Urns
Imlbs Rath Fisher, who Is visiting her
[brother In Rockvale. also made the
I Tom Easton and wife started for
Icanon City In their car the other ev
leDlDrybul owing to a severe rein
Ltonn they wire, forced to return
Lome However, they Journeyed to
City laat Thursday evening to
Lear the Banda Mexicans which play-
Ld there.
I Qeorge M. Delbert and wife and
has. Thomas and wife of Florence.
|m,l Rev. Dsy of St. Joseph. Missouri.
Lad Rev. Pimlott and wife of Rock
male picnicked at Greenwood one day
last week They elate that the occa
sion wan one.
I Will Nash, Rev. Day, of St. Joseph.
Missouri, and pev. Pimlott enjoyed a
Lleaeant time on the hill back of Rock-
Dale recently.
I Rev. Dey, of St. Joseph. Mo., past-
Ir of the White Temple of that city.
Ireachsd at the Rockvale M. K church
In a recent Sunday evening The dls
lourse was a splendid one.
I John Kile. Henry Kile, Chris Krels
lad Mr. Fox, contractor, went up to
Bis field of the new gold discoveries
H>c«ntl/ In Mr, Fox's machine.
I Mrs. J. F. Watkins, who returned
ir Percales and Ginghams
hare just received 2 big shipment* of Percale* and
Gingham*, select thwm now while you have your choice
of Patterns.
A*f. C. Ginghams, book fold, absolutely fast
Coftc-B, new pTnids and plain colors, i!i value.
I ~ Oar Price 12 l-2c yard
Toils dll fiord Ginghams, you know the value of
, them, beautiful new patterns.to select from, lie value
Oar Price 12 l-2c yerd
Forest Percale, •'id incite* wide, in both light* and
dark*. This is well worth t 2 1.2 c yard.
Oac Spacial Price 10c yard
* Compare These Prion
some time ago from visiting her son
William, who has an excellant job at
Leellen, Washington, states that while
the Pacific coast states are delightful
she would far rather live in the Ar
tansas valley and more particularly
in Rockvale.
v Mr. J. F. Watkins who had his leg
badly hurt in the mine last week, is
recovering very nicely and will soon
be at work again.
Will Champion went to Salida a
week ago Friday and while there he
played with fast Salida team
against the War Eagles of Denver.
This team was played on Saturday
and Sunday and he got a three aacker
and a stolen base In each game.
The War Eagles, who were to have
played Rockvale on Tuesday, called
the game off because of the fact that
several of their players were so alck
that they were not in a condition to
play a reliable game.
The Rockrale team at present is on
a still hunt for the so-called cham
pions of Fremont county but thus far
their diligent search has been in vain.
Anyone knowing the whereabouts of
that aggregation will confer a favor up
on Ed Agard and the other members
of the Rockvale team by Informing
them of the exact location of said
It seems that Penrose and Florence
are claiming the championship of the
county totally without regard to the
claims or the record of Rockvale. The
Rockvale men do not intend to stand
for this and ir games can be schedul
ed they will leave no atone unturned
to firing the honor home.
Recently the Florence team defeat
ed Salida and in the write-up given
the event by the Florence papers It
was stated that Rockvale had played
the same team and had only gotten
two hits, but that la a mlsfatement
according to the score book which
shows that Rockvale got 13 bits on
that day
Bear Gulch had a pay day on laat
Wednesday. Thle of ccursc made all
the men happy
Charlie Nash and wife and family
spent a day In Canon City recently
Billy Adams, who has been at theC.
F. and I. hospital convalescing from
a recent operation, has returned to
Rockvale and Is feeling much Improv
ed in health.
Mrs. Gas Olsen and Mrs. S. C. Clarke
of Cedarhill. Colorado, were recent
visitors In Canon City.
George Newcomb haa charge of the
construction work on the new reser
voir recently begun by the contractors
Fox and Smith.
The concrete and cement work on
the reservoir was started this week
List week was spent In building
frames and installing the tramway
which Is to convey the material# up
to the point of operation.
Mr. 8 Browning spent Saturday of
Ust week In Florence.
Walter Morrison returned to his
i home in Peris, Texes, last week after
an extensive visit In Rockvale.
8. Browning, Tom Payne. Walter
Morrison, of Texas, and O. Llewellyn,
who are partners In severs! different
claims up on Bone Yard Park made
the original discovery up there and
their assays have shown that they
struck a rich vein of ore.
Joe Powell Jr., and Gregg Browning
have got the prospecting and mining
fever jnst like their father and yon
can see them around any time with
a big glass looking over the different
rocks they have collected.
Mr. C. D. Jolly spent Sunday In
Mr. C. A. Steadman, of Canon City,
spent last Thursday in Rockvale.
Mr. J. C. McKee is spending bis va
cation at Greenwood with hie family.
Jfilbael Morris.
M. S. Williams.
William McShane,
William Gordon,
William Handen.
John Coan*
Alton Paulino,
Frank (aallno.
I.UI night at »n hour unknown the
WtlUtmhurg general merchandise
store of A. P Easton was entered and
a number of articles amounting to
about Arty dollars were taken. Sheriff
Ksser was notified soon after the burg
lar, was discovered this morning and ,
the blood hounds were at once put I
on the trail. A search warrant was j
sworn out by Boh Esston. who is man
aging the store during the absence
of Mr. Westwood, the regular manager,
who Is absent on c fishing trip, and
he left at once for Florence to see !
that It was served on a certain rui- '
peeled (tarty In that town.
Eleven pairs of shoes were stolen i
and also some shirts, the number
of which cannot be ascertained until j
a complete Inventory of the stock is
taken. This Is the first robbery that
haa occurred in Williamsburg In some
time and the town Is stirred up over
the event.
Mr. Arthur Cass, general clerk at
the Magnate mine, helped out on top
a portion of last week, owing to a
shortage of men.
The engine at the mine haa been
undergoing a few repairs of late. Mr.
Bert Slroes. the engineer, has been
doing this work
A scarcity of flat cara caused work
G. H. Williams.
W. H. Mnlnlx,
I the] Williams,
Mesart Lewie,
Jekn Skopnleh.
R. F. Perrin*.
Mr. end Mrs. A. A. Ritchie arrived
home last Thursday from a delightful
vacation trip over on the Gunnison.
They spent over a month ovar there
and found the fishing good moat of
the time. A little excitement was
caused one day whlla fishing when
Mrs. Ritchie fell in the river In her
anxiety to get n trout which ebe had
angled. The Rltchle'e eaw Dave Grif
fith of Bear Gulch, and Joe Ball and
Dr. Lane, of Canon City, while over
on the river.
Mr. Reeee. the old reliable Knight
of the Grip, made hta regular trip to
Chandler last Thursday.
Mrs. L. G. Bognrdan and daughters,
Mr. H. M. Parker, travelling clerk, o?
Trinidad, la takink the chief clerk's
place during bis absence.
Mr. R. E. Biggs, agent for the Santa
Fe, spent Wednesday of laat week in
Canon City.
Mr. Iffhner Everly, clerk at the Bear
Gulch mine, spends a great deal of
time In Williamsburg. It 1b suspected
t\iat there Is a young lady living there
upon whom he looks favorably.
Mias Ada Jones, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Ed Jones, of Boulder, and
Miss Beveredg-, of Louisville, spent
part of laat week and this week with
Mr. and Mrs. Jenkins.
to slack up a bit last week. Better
luck this week, however.
J. A. Dorsey, electrician at the Mag
nate, rides back and forth from Flor
ence, where be lives, cfn a Harley-
Davidson motorcycle.
Last week on of the month-old twin
babiee of Mr. and Mrs. James Paollno
Up to last Saturday night six and a
half days have been worked at the
Magnate mine.
John Coan, black smith at the Mag
-1 nate mine, say t it keeps him busy re
pairing %'ariou- pa 'is of the machin
Jce Schneiders home was fumigat
ed last week and the family was re
leased from quarantine.
Jack Smith lad Will James,, Ed
Thomas, Joah Schneider and Stewey
Notch arrested last week after a little
altercation whi< h he had w ith them.
iThe men were taken to Florence by
j Marshall Arthur MsShane, who went
jdowu on Satur . to attend the trial
as a witness.
It Is with regret that we chornicle
elsewhere in • this paper this week
the death of tki mother of Mr Morgan
| A.out the only ♦ xclten ent around
i Williamsburg the past week was the
: raucus cackling of a number of fowls
who were objecting to being force
fully taken away by promiscuous
‘strollers in the wee sms’ hours of the
I morning
The Fremont mine at Bear Gulch
paid at 2 o'clock on laat Thursday.
The city wa* unsuccessful in drill
ing for water near Brewster. Work
men drilled down to a depth of 44
feet and failed to strike the flow they
desired Neg tiations are now on foot
with Simon Smith In an effort to trade
for another piece of land which looks
more favorable.
Miss Hannah Morris, who attends
the normal school at Greeley, is spend
ing the summer with her parents, Mr
and Mrs. Michael Morris.
Pearl and Marie, and Mr. and Mrs.
George Caldwell, of Oklahoma, went
on the Elks excursion to West Cliffe
last Thursday. They say they had a
good time.
Mrs E. M Smith, of Canon City, la
the guest of her daughter, Mrs. Leslie
Dame wood for a few days.
Capt. and Mrs. H. M. Mingay have
returned to Canon City, after a two
weeks* visit with their grand daughter,
Mrs. Leslie Dame wood.
Mr. J. W. McLeod, who waa supply
ing at the Chandler mine during the
absence of Mr. Ritchie, la now at the
Maitland mint assisting In breaking
in a new’ clerk. Mr. Meldrum, the old
clerk, has left the aervloe of the com
Attorney General Ben Griffith spent
last Sunday with his alster, Mrs. Mo
■art Lewis.
Mr. L. O. Bogardus arrived home
laat Monday night from an eight
months’ atay In Oklahoma. He state*
(CeutluntA mi Pag# 4)
George SoollJc.
Robert Donaldson.
David 6. Davis,
Will Wilson,
Will Jamison,
Lee Manley.
The city dads are still persistent In
regards to good streets, A force haa
been busy for some time filling in the
chuck holes and leveling up the low
Dick Richards, who works at the
Double Dick mine, was the recipient
of a fine mess of fish was painted
son recently.
A new gold label sign was painted
on the north side of the Massaro sa
loon last week.
George Rcxberry says he has been
putting in every day this summer at
good hard work. He has been work
ing for his father.
Mr. Pearcy, of the Colorado Supply
company, who was over on the Gunni
son fishing with Lane Duff and family,
of Canon City, has again entered upon
the steady round of his duties.
The funeral of the late James Wil
son, who died last Thursday of dropsy,
was held last Sunday. The deceased
was buried in Highland cemetery He
is survived by m large family.
Air. and Mrs. Alexander Cowan are
rejoicing over the arrival of an eight
pound boy born recently. Sandy was
so happy that he set ’em up all
Charles Cowan, of Paonia, Colorado,
was in Coal Creek last week to at
tend the funreal of James Wilson.
Extensive preparations are being
made for a high class and refined en
tertainment by The Wind Pud and
Comedy company, which is billed to
appear In Coal Creek some time in
August. This is an All-Star company
of excellent and accomplished azlists
who have graced the boards In many
attractions of slmlliar sort.
'Tony the Convict,’* one of the suc
cessful plays of the last year or two,
will be the bill for the oc
casion. The members of this
up-to-date company area* Robert Don
aldson, John Wallace. Dan H. Lode
wig, Jack Maxwell. Jim Donaldson,
William Jameison. Mrs John Wallace.
Mrs. David R. Davis, Miss Evelyn
Davis, and Miss Nettle Lloyd.
Mr. L. O. Smith left yesterday to
Pleasant Shopping
Remark that there
is a different atmosphere about
our Drug Store—a willingness
to do the little things that
makes a shopping day pleasant.
We try to make our customers
optimists. But above all we
try to make our store a helpful
Drug Store.
Cc r 6th and Main Sts. Phone Canon 75
be machine boss in the C. F. and I.
mine at Ideal.
Jim Donaldson says that George
Pearcy is still spending his Sundays
in Canon City. Wonder why?
Last Thursday was pay day at the
Canfield mine.
Miss Florence Jamieson was a vis
itor in Radiant on last Thursday.
The Canfield mine worked four days
last week. In the past year there
have been but few accidents and that
fact is attributed to the sand stone
formation which serves as a roof
through the leads the men are now
working. Formerly soft soap stone
prevailed and this was exceedingly
treacherous, falling on a man almost
before he could move.
Mr. Cradoc Davis and Dr. Carl, of
Radiant, were Coal Creek visitors last
week in the Doctor’s car.
Mrs. Ed T. Williams was taken sick
some time ago with chills but at the
present time is feeling much better.
Quite a crowd went from Coal Creek
to Folrence last Sunday to hear Fred
B. Warren, the Girard Socilalst, lec
Dick Owens has been quite sick
the past week.
Will Lloyd at last got up nerve
enough to go to Florence and have
eight teeth pulled last week. It takes
some nerve, that.
Mrs. Martha Clayborn and daughter.
Miss Myrtle, and a friend of Indian
apolis, have rented cottage at Barnes
City and will spend a month or two
enjoying our beautiful Colorado sun
shine and scenery.
Much damage has been done to the
roads and crops in this vicinity by the
heavy rainfall of last week.
Miss Mabel Curran, county super
intendent of schools, spent Tuesday
with her sister. Mrs. T. A. Gilray.
Miss Pearl Smith, of Howard, is
staying with her grandmother, Mrs.
J. C. Gilray, on her ranch near Coal
Mrs. Miller and children, Leslie and
Helen, of the Cripple Creek district,
visited in Coaldale last week.
Miss Margaret Hayden is down from
Salida for a few days during the busy
Rev. Sparks will hold services here
on August 3. Every one urged to at

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