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J. R. Blocker, Held
Here, Charged With
Many Crimes.
Investigation, conducted hers on
Wednesday by Elmer EL Pretty man,
suy tin tend ent of the Pinkerton Ka-
ttonal Detective agency of Denver and
by Detective H. W. Casey of the same
orga .Ixatlon on Tuesday established
that John R. Blocker, who was .
arrested by City its! tel Julius Cram- j
sr at Florence on June 20th, for ob- 1
talng f 1,400 from the Florence Btate
bank hyphens of a worthless check, i
la C H. Everetta, one of the most
noted gamblers and crooks In the
United States. i
His operations as a swindler during
the last few years have extended ovtr
most of the states wsst of the Mlas
taslppl river and he Is wanted by the
police of mors than a score of cities
and towns for forgeries and other
crimes of a similar character. Ac
cor A.* to Mr. Prettyman he waa tak
en into custody by Detective Casey at
Hot Springs, Arkansas, on January
14th of this year for swindling a bank
at Beattie. Washington, out of $1,211.22
and locked up Tg the Hot Springs jell
to await trial.' He managed to make
bis escape there
ea February 11th by cutting tbs bars
Of his call with a saw smuggled to
him by a friend on the outside and
left for pens unknown. Although
the Pinkertons have been searching '
for him all over Us country Usy were
unable to locate him until his Identi
fication bare by Messrs. Prettyman
and Casey thle week.
Everetts Is thlrty-Uree years of age
and la pronounced by Us Pinkerton
Bto detailed to run him down u on*
of lie shrewdeet end moat dangerous
bogus check operators wIU whom Uey
have bed to deal in many years. A
telegram was received by City Marshal
Cramer on Wednesday from Ue Wil
liam J. Burns Detective agency at
Kansas City saying that Everetts was
being searched for by the authorities
at Tacoma. Portland, Oregon. San
Francisco and, Indeed, in nearly every
large town In Ue west from the Ca
nadian turner to the Mexican frontier
The tneesfi: > stated that an officer
from Kansas City would arrive here In
a day or two to Interview the prisoner
and the request was made Uet he be
held until his career can be thoroughly
tsveetl gated
Among the aliases which Everetts
wss known on the Pacific roast were
Roy R. Thorpe, Robert Newell and J.
M. Reynolds and It le believed that
Me swindling operations during the
feet twelve months have netted him
•t least fifty thousand dollars. Ev
erett/ was born In Texes end within
the last half dosen years by Ms cun
ning and eucceea aa a swindler has
achieved for himself a national repo
tatlo/ among the police of Ue country
aa a forger, gambler and thief. He
oame here a couple of mouths ago from
and rep stented himself aa ,
A retired business man desiring to j
make some Investments In lend end
other pwharty.
He freqSbnted Ue banks of Uls city
acs Florence and opened an account
with Asm as a preliminary move In
u. (chetne to fllch from them wbat
money ha conld. He rentad a house
on the outskirts of this city and lived
gnletly with a woman whom ho In
troduced to tho neighbors aa his wife.
who la believed by Ua authorities
to have been associated with hint la
Ms swindling operations. Falling Ic
Ms oflorta to secure money by frandn
lant nrf — from the Fromoat County
Denver, July 20.
The Increase In the salary expenses
alone of this administration over the
Buchtel administration wonld nearly
pay every Uird-claas appropriation
Thus Ue state lnetltutlone are com
pelled to suffer this year because of
the Democratic Increased pay-roll. The
general appropriation bill for salaries
under Governor Buchtel totaled SBBI,-
100. The salaries this year total sl,-
072,646,10, an increase of $711,646.10
over the Buchtel pay-roll. The third
class appropriations this year total
$1,024,170.00. State Treaaurer Kene
han estimates Uat be can pay 16
percent of Uls amount, which la $165,-
176 Had Governor Shafroth been con
tent to govern Ue state wIU a sim
ilar pay-roll to Ue one expended by
Governor Buchtel, the state would
have had $862,660.00 to have applied on
the third-class appropriations wMch
would have been wlUln lees than
1200,000 of their total. Thus, It will
* lie Been Uat It la nothing else Uen
! the Increased Democratic pay-roll that
I la depriving the educational lnstltu-
Itlons of their proper foods. This In
crease Is shown in every department.
Also In Ue creation of naw boards
and. In fact, throughout the entire ad
ministration. Governor Shafroth Is
building machine to place himself. In
. the United States Senate. In doing
' thle he establlabes positions at the
expense of Ue state for those wbo
will work for him. He Is expending
three quarters of a million dollars
more In salaries in order to gratify
bte ambition By reason of this ex
penditure. Btate Treasurer Kenehan
says that Ue state Institutions will
noly receive 15 per cent of Ue
amounts appropriated for them.
( Which would be the more beneficial
to the State, educational Institutions
well equipped with finances for their
proper conduction, or e ShafroU ma
chine well equipped with high-priced
' political healers?
I The direct legislature leagne baa
National bank here be went to Flor
ence where he waa more successful.
On being Informed of Everetta' at
tempt to swindle the bank here Marsh
al Cramer followed him to Florence
and arrested him just aa be waa
boarding a Denver A Rio Grande train
for Pueblo. The prisoner bad on his
person at the time Ue 21.400 be had
obtained from Ue Florence SUte bank
and had a loaded revolver, both of
which were taken away from him by
the officer, after which he waa brought
here and locked up In the county Jail
Mr Prettyman stated to the Dally
Record Wednesday night that Ue cap
ture of Everetta waa one of Ue clev
erest places of police work that bee
taken place In Colorado for some time
end said that too much credit could
not be given Marshal Cramer for mak
ing the arrest In view of the crafty
and dangerous character of Ue man.
Tbe Pinkerton Detective agency, ac
cording to Mr. Prettyman, have the
■lx thousand or more banks of Ue
United States under Uelr special pro
tection and never allow aoch famous
By Porto Rico 3 1,713, Record a:n Bth of Mav, Sable Guy
In breeding to Young l’orto Rleo you are breeding to the lies* horse
In Fremont Co. Winner of the Rlue Ribbon ami Sweep Stakes last rail.
Ue Is 4 years old. handsome bay, stands 18 hands high and weight
about 1.200.
Why Young Porto Rleo la Us Best, bo Breed bo. He has site, style,
beauty, color, speed, blood and disposition. A lady can drive him.
For the 8 best colta 2A* in gold to be glron away as prises of 226, 115
and 218. See nte at Tailor Shop, 14 S. sth St. or at home. 220 Orchard.
Phone Mae 704 J. T. CORRIN.
decided not to refer tbe $55,000 pub
lic defense law to tho people, but to
refer tbe Carpenter Irrigation law.
Accordingly, petitions are being cir
culated referring this measure. This
is the law that caused such a fight
between irrigation, men during the as
asembly. It gives senior reservoir
priority over Junior ditches. The
bankß, through their state associa
tion, have decided to refer the entire
banking law passed by the as
sembly to the people. This law
was drafted by Bank Commis
, eioner Pfeiffer and he announces that
i if the banks prefer it, he believes the
people will initiate a mutaul guarantee
1 bill, and refer it to tbe people along
| with this one and let them take their
; choice as to which they prefer.
| The trouble in the State Land
* Boards have, for the time being,
'quieted down. The Montezuma Valley
* and the Routt County oil leases on
’ Agricultural College lands were re
| ferred to the Board of Control of the
State Agricultural College for final
| settlement. This board surprised ev
erybody by refusing to give Mr. Davy,
who wanted the lease in the Montezu
ma County fields, a contract for lands
in one body, and offered bim every
alternate forty acres, and the next
day the same board recommended that
Gross, wbo wanted the land In Roott
County, be given a lease on on® tract
and not on alternate forties The
1 Board’s position In the Montezuma
j County proposition was that if oil was
struck tbe state would have every
! either forty acres to develop Itself.
Its position In Routt County has not
been explained. Those who have look
ed Into the matter attach considerable
»lgnlflcance to the fact that the Mof
. fat Road has a corps of surveyors
working on a proposed line from the
present terimus of the road to the
1 land In question. The question natur
ally arises, did the Moffat Interests
| want the land In one tract in Routt
j County?
forgers and scoundrels as Everetts
to long enjoy their liberty. As stated
in these columns at the time Everetts
was arraigned the day following hia
arrest before Judge Wilkin of the
Fremont county district court and
held for trial at the September term
In the sum of $2,500. In default of
bond he waa remanded to Jail where
he Is now being taken care of by the
under certain conditions. The right
medicine must be taken before the
disease has progressed too far. Mr.
Perry A. Pitman. Dale, Texas says:
“I was down In bed for four months
with kidney and bladder trouble and
gall atones. One bottle of Fol y’s Kid
ney Remedy cured me well and
sound.” Ask for It For Sale by all
Children Ory
Miss Anna Nommensen and cousins
Olive and Violet Meye-s, returned to
Denver Saturday, after a very pleas- j
ant visit of several weeks with Mrs. j
Friellng and daughter.
Mr. Hunter Arbuckle, of Colorado
Springs, Is spending a few days with
his sister, Mrs. E. Miller, of Four
Mile. He came overland from Colorado
Springs on his motorcycle.
fif- *
Dr. J. H. Robison and brother, Cor
bon, accompanied by Judge Waldo and
wife, went overland to Great Bend,
Kansas, In the Doctor's auto. Judge
and Mrs. Waldo expect to spend a few
days with Dr. Flint of that city.
The Four Mile ball team, known aa
the “Big Four,” crossed bats with the
team north of Canon. The score was
13 to 0 in favor of the home team. The
game was called in the sixth inning
on account of rain.
Mrs. Conner, a resident of this city,
is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. New
ell, of Dozier avenue.
X— *—tf
I The birthdays of Mrs. John Newell
and her son George were celebrated
at tbe Ahart residence on Four Mile
Sunday. At noon every one sat down
!to a bountiful dinner. Each one pro
• nounced Mrs. Ahart an excellent hos
tess and departed at a late hour
1 after wishing Mrs. Newell and Gorge
| many mors such birthdays.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Lux. of Nevada,
Missouri, are visiting with their broth
er and sister. M~. and Mrs. J. T. Wil
son Jr.
Mr. Charles Russell, from Peabody,
( Kansas, who has been visiting with
. Mr. and Mrs J. T. Wilson Jr., left
, Monday night for San Luis valley.
Mrs. Walter January is spending a
few days with Mrs. Hasting of South
: Rhodes avenu ?.
Mr. Tooyf Jarvis, of Laveta, and
{Frank Farrar of Springsdals, Ark,
jars visiting .with Mr. and Mrs. W. 8.
‘ Post, of Doz >r avenue.
Haxel Hansen gave a birthday party
to her little frlenda in honor of her
eighth birthday on Monday evening.
The) gathered on the lawn at the Han
sen home on Uogan street, which waa
decorated with sunflowers, forming an
arch of beauty for the festlvitlee. The
little folks had plenty of fun and frol
ic, befitting such an occastem. with
refreshments aa an accesaory. It is
only to be regretted that Mlaa Hasel
will not have another birthday for
a whole year.
Washington. July 11.—The center
of population of the United Statea Is
four and a half miles south of Unlon
rllle. Monroe county, Indiana, accord
ing to a censoa bureau announcement
today. Since I*oo, when It was tlx
miles southeast of Columbia, lnd„ It
has moved thirty-one miles westward
and seventeentha of a mile northward.
The westward movement waa more
than twice that of the 1890-1900 de
cade. Thia acceleration U attributed
by the ccnsua officials principally to
the growth of the Pacific and South
weatern state*.
The geographical center of the Unlt
od States Is In northern Kansas, ao
that the center of population Is about
5,600 miles east of the geographical
■ M L J J " L J
a i 6 ■
_ a Iftnk I ■ • 1
Tnarr Marks
CoevniCMT* die.
Anmnf* fMmdtnc s e* r»» and d**«crty»»«si »•?
dt.trklr 4.W FfU »» «»4»r o.4«ifn flaw* r .-vo
lionsl;\NCCOM on PA»«*nw
•out rrw*. mawH'r fur BtemrWs*»(•••'*.
|>«i«HtM t*B»n throuvti Mmtn A i «*. r*c#lT#
»|T4 •*; aof **-«. o~Hrff4*. lu U>«
Scientific American.
A fcundßorartr tltn«t4*»M *9»Mr. IMMI.4K
starJanethdi JSSix:
Department of the Interior,
U. S. Land Office at
Pueblo, Colorado, June 17, 1911.
Notice is hereby given that William
Smith, of Canon City, Colorado, who
on January 29 ,1907, made Homestead
Entry No. 16864, Serial No. 05030, for
W% NW*4, SW*4, Section 35,
Township 20 S, Range 71 W, 6th P.
Meridian, has filed notice of intention
to make Final five year Proof, to es
tablish claim to the land above des
cribed, before the Clerk of the Dis
trict Court at Canon City, Colorado, on
the 10th day of August, 1911.
Claimant names as witnesses:
W. I. Tuttler O. W. Tuttle, W. H.
Morris, of Canon City, Colorado, J. O.
Spalding, of Ilse, Colorado.
Not coal land.
J. W. HAWLEY, Register.
First Pub. June 22, 1911.
Last Pub. July 27, 1911.
Estate of Henry Van Loo, Deceased.
The undersigned, having been ap
pointed Executrix of the Will of
Henry Van Loo, late of the County
of Fremont In the State of Colorado,
deceased, hereby gives notice that she
will appear before the County Court
of said Fremont County, at the Court
House in Canon City, in said County,
' at the June Term, 1911, on Saturday,
, August sth, 1911, at 10 o’clock A. M.,
at which time all persons having
claims against said estate are notified
and requested to attend for the pur
pose of having the same adjusted. All
persons indebted to said estate are
requested to make immediate payment
to the undersigned.
Dated at Canon City, Fremont Coun
ty, Colorado, this 30th day of June.
A. D. 1911.
First publication July 6, 1911.
Last publication August 3, 1911.
In the Matter of the Estate of Thurs
ton A. White, Deceased.
Notice Is Hereby Given, That on
Saturday the 12th day of August, A.
D. 1911, at 2 o’clock P. M. being one
of the regular days of the June Term
of the County Court of Fremont
Count, in the State of Colorado, I.
Rosetta V White, Executrix of said
estate, will appear before the Judge
of said Court, present my final set
tlement as such Executrix, pray the
approval of the same, and will then ap
ply to be discharged as such Eexcutrix.
At which time and place any person
in interest may appear and present
objections to the same if any there be.
Dated at Canon City, Fremont
County. Colorado July 12th, 1911.
Executrix of the Estate of Thurston
A. White, Deceased.
First Pub. July 13. 1911.
Last Pub. August 10, 1911.
Estate of Richard Rowe. Deceased
The undersigned, having been ap
pointed Executor of the Will of Rich
ard Rowe, late of the County of Fre
mont. in the State of Colorado, de
ceased, hereby gives notice that he
will appear before the County Court
of said Fremont County, at the Court
House in Canon City in said County,
at the June term. 1911, on Saturday.
August 12th. 1911. at 2 o'clock in the
afternoon of that day. at which time
all persons having claims against
said estate are notified and requested
to attend for the purpose of having
the same adjusted AH persons in
debted to said estate are requested
to make immediate payment to the
Dated at Canon City. Fremont
County, Colorado, this Bth day of
July. A. D. 1911
First Pub July 13, 1911.
Last Pub. August 10, 1911.
Children Cry
Canon City grjFji
Rockvale [E^^SEv]
Train Service
Our new train just put on gives an
excellant service between Rockvale and
Canon City.
Leaves Rockvale 9:27 a. m.
Arrives Canon Ctty 9:50 a. m.
Leaves Canon Ctty 5:00 p. m.
Arrives Rockvale 5:37 p- m.
Only 90 Cents
Round Trip
Estate of Geoige House. Deceased.
The undersigned, having been ap
pointed administratrix of the estate
of George Rouse, late of tho County of
Fremont, In the SUte of Colorado,
deceased, hereby gives notice that ehe
will appear before the County Coart
of said County, at the Court House in
Canon City, in said County, at the
June Term, 1911, on Saturday, August
12, 1911, at which time all persona
having claims against said estate are
notified and requested to attend for
the purpose of having the same ad
justed. All persons indebted to said
estate are requested to make Imme
diate payment to the undersigned.
Dated at Canon City, Colorado, this
7th day of July, A. D. 1911.
First Pub. July 13, 1911.
Last Pub. Aug. 10, 1911.
In the Matter of the Estate of Bald
win E. L. Harl, Deceased.
Notice Is Hereby Given, That cn
Saturday, the 19th day of August, A.
D. 1911, at 2 o’clock P. M., being one of
the regular days of the June Term Of
the County Court of Fremont Connty,
in the State of Colorado, I, Maxcy J*
Harl, Executrix of 6ald estate, will ap
pear before the Judge of said Ocvt
present my final settlement as such Ex
ecutrix, pray the approval of the same,
and will then apply to be discharged
as such Executrix. At which time and
place any person in interest may ap
pear and present objections to the
same if any there be.
Dated at Canon City, Fremont Coom
ty, Colorado, July 17th, 1911.
Executrix of the Estate of Baldwin
E. L. Harl, Deceased.
First Pub. July 20. 1911.
Last Pub. Aug. 17. 1911.
Company’s Office.
Canon City, Colorado,
June 30th, 1911.
The stockholders of the Providence
Mining and Milling company are heie
by notified that the annual meeting
for the year A. D. 1911 of said com
pany will be held at the office of J.
G. Scbweigert, attorney at law. room
2. Maupin Block, on Fifth street, in
the city of Canon City, In the County
of Fremont and State of Colorado, on
August 7th, A. D. 1911, at the hour
of four o’clock In afternoon of said
day, for the election of directors, and
for the transaction of each other bus
iness as may be brought before said
Secretary Pro. Tem.
First publication July 6, 1911.
Last publication August 3, 1911.
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