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The Cañon City Record.
FOR $25,000
George King, Under Sentence
to Be Htmg Next Week,
Plaintiff in Case.
It to Bos«rte4' that Dott« Fe.pl*
Y* A«k Gottnnr to Cosmic
Death Scatcace to Life
Qeo. Kins, the self-confested mar- !
derer of Peter Jackson. »n aged and
Inoffensive Elbert county ranchman,
who Is under sentence to bo bung by
the warden of the penitentiary here
sometime next week. It plaintiff In
a salt In tbs Fremont county district
court against tbs Colorado Portland
Cement company for damages fn the
•on of twenty-fire thousand dollars.
Is onljr twenty ynnr* of «t« nnd
proceedings were Instituted by Mm.
Julia King, bis mother, ss next of
While working a “movable'* tripper
tn #. plant of the defendant com
pany. by wbleh he wss employed.
King had the misfortune to get his
rtghf arm caaght la the machinery
tn —eh n way as to tnftnw It *° —•
lonely as to necessitate Its amputa
tion near the shoulder. The accident
took piece on November tenth of last
year and suit was begun against the
company by bis mother a few weeks
later; the law firm of Richardson 4
Williams of Denver being retained
by her to prosecute the case.
Boon after proceeding were insti
tuted Messrs. Goudy * Twitchell of
Denver, attorney* for the defendant,
filed a motion in the district court
bore on December Strd. 1910 to
quash the lammona. but It was de
nied by Judge Lee Champion, who
was on the bench, and the case order
ed placed on the docket. Trial was
eet for the 23rd of June of this year,
bet as oelther tide were ready for
a hearted. was continued by agree
ment until the November term of
court, when It will come up for eome
!%rt of final disposition. Should
King be hung in the meantime, ae
there la every prospect that he will
unlesa he Is reprieved by Governor
Bhafroth. or Is granted a stay of ex
ecution by the supreme court, suit
will be continued by hie mother. Al
though the hanging of King will to
some extent discredit the case It
need not. necessarily, end It
It ta reported from Denver that n
number of people In that city have
Interested themselves In King’s be
" half, believing he Is the victim of un
fortunate social circumstances, and
Governor Bhafroth will be asked to
S commute his punishment to life Im
prisonment Chaplain Blake of the
penitentiary saya that King seems to
regard hie approaching fate with the
k utmost stoicism and Indifference; ap
parently having no fear of the haug
tnan’a noose. He Is a fine looking
jß<ung fellow and for several weeks
past has been an occupant of the
# death cell.
Sheriff Rsser received a letter a
few days ago from John King of Fort
Worth, Texas, a half brother of the
condemned man. asking the nature
of the crime for which the prisoner
was to be bung. He stated that ho
had only recently learned that his
Vbrother was In the penitentiary and
was anxious to know what he had I
deaea to ha a—t there. The tottar j
mm referrei * ttA MW » m
k ' 1
Onorge Beach, colored, wan brought
to Canon City by Deputy Sheriff Ern
est Fountain of Portland Tueaday
afternoon nnd lodged in the county
jail for attempted murder. Roach and
Maggie King, also colored, engaged
In a fight at Portland about dark
Monday evening and the woman waa
so severely stabbed and beaten that
abe will probably die.
Roach and the King woman walk
ed from Pueblo to Portland on Mon
day and were given notice by the au
thorities there to leave the town,
which they promised to do. but.
later, began drinking at a saloon In
the -Jungles." near where the cutting
took place. The King woman was
stabbed seven times In the beck, and
It required 17 stitches to close the
wounds. Walter Turner, a colored
employe of the Portland Cement
company Interfered In the woman’s
behalf and he received an ugly knife
wound In the right arm.
Roach was placed under arrest
and locked np at Portland until
Tuesday afternoon pending a prelim
inary hearing on the charge of as
sault with Intent to kill. He Is re
garded ee a bad cltlten and le re
! ported to be wanted la Pueblo tor
various petty offenses.
The King woman Is a slater of Bob
i Harris, slayer of Mershal Craig af
! Rocky Fiord last July, and who has
I bans condemned ta hang next month.
I Hnr agad father. Joangh Harris, la
.also serving a llfa sentence for pnr
' Uelpatloa in the mnrder. A brother
: of the woman waa recently seat to
the penitentiary from Dearer, mak
' tag three members of the Harris fam
i lly now la the state prison, one ot
i whom will doobtlene hang nexj
I month. She has been In trouble a
number of times In Pueblo, it Is said.
On cfimplalnt of Newton D Perk
ins a warrant waa lsanad a day or
two ago for John Wright and Mrs.
D. L. McCarthy, both of Penrose. for
soiling malt and spirit©os liquors
In violation of the law. Mr. Wright
la a druggist at Penrose and Mrs
McCarthy la the owner of the build
ing In which the business la con
ducted. The defendants came to town
Tuesday afternoon In response to the
summons served upon them and em
ployed counsel to advise them In the
premises. At the Instance of their at
torney they availed themselves of the
ten days allowed by law In which
to decide whether to plead guilty or
to fight the case. The matter will
come up In county court for determi
nation. Perkins alleged that he pur
chased liquor from Mr. Wright on
the 13th of the current month.
! Thomas Wright, eighty-five years
of age. who owns a beautiful little
two-acre tract of land at 707 Ohio
avenue. Orchard Park, has this year
told seven hundred and nine boxes
of applaa from trees growing on one
acre. In addltlan he had about sev
•nty-flve boxee of windfalls, which
he used In making cider and for
canning purposes. I-set spring he
picked fifteen crates of cherrlea and
has raised this year about one hun
dred chlckeoe. The net talee ot pro
duce from hie place thus far thto
season have been four hundred and
alkty-Bve dollars, which la, certainly,
very good for a man of Mr. WrtgM'a
advanced age.
The,trace eg Mr. Wrißhl'e place ere
fourteen year* old and tor several
season# here mwiil mesa then eta
handled mm «f Mtfhi h mr.
Jw'e V -i , Wfb’rito li. /'’#Ls}-i(MAI. v. •
At the regular meeting of the city
council Monday night the tax levy
ordinance for the fiscal year begin
ning April Ist, 1912, fixing the assess
ment for municipal purposes at twen
ty-one mills was adopted on first
reading without a dissenting vote.
The levy last year was twenty-two
■kills and in 1910 was twenty-four
mills on the dollar.
After going over the various item*
in the budget very thoroughly the
members of the finance committee
decided that a reduction could be
made In taxation without in any way
crippling the efficiency of any of the
departments of the city administra
tion and they made their recommen
dations accordingly, which were con
curred in by the council without de
bate. The revenue provided for the
city government last year were thir
ty-seven thousand dollars and for the
twelve months beginning April Ist,
1912, will be s thousand dollars less
than that amount, which, it is be
lieved. will be sufficient to meet all of
the regular and contingent expenses
of the city.
A letter was read at the council
meeting from Messrs. P. L. Kelsey
and F. L Street of New York accept
ing the conditions of the franchise
ordinance granting them certain right
( and privileges for the construction
, sad opeuatkm of an electric VnlHrny
through the public streets sod thru
I the city park at the top of the Royal
I Gorge. The acceptance was ordered
; placed on record by the city clerk,
i Ordinance No. IS. series of 1911, oon
’ veylng to the proposed electric rail
way company, its heirs and assign*
; terminal, hotel and certain other
1 privileges on city property at the top
of the Royal Gorge waa adopted on
second reading and ordered pub
lished as required by taw.
The matter of the seepage from the
oaaal of the Fruit lands Ditch com
pany was taken up by the council and
discussed st length. Jaa A. Stump
wss present as attorney lor the ditch
oompany and defined the rights and
responsibilities of the company In the
premises. For some time past com
plaint hss been made by property
owners in Raynolde Heights and otli
.er sections in the northern portion
of the city that seepage water from
the ditch was s source of consider
able Injury to them and request*
made to the council to take steps to
abate the trouble. A special commit
tee consisting of Alderman Hamilton.
Chetelat and Chapson, was appointed
by the mayor to investigate the mat
ter and report the result of ita find
| Maura. J. W. McKinley. W. J. Dav
; Is and W. B. Newton were present at i
Monday night’s meeting and submit- J
; ted a certified copy of the proceed- j
Inga of the South Canon town council *
j at its last session accepting the pro
position of Mayor Smith and the j
; north side water committee to supply j
South Canon with water from the j
local system. By their action the con- t
tract entered into s couple of weeK*
ago was formally ratifield.
A petition from W. J. Davis and .
i others was laid before the city coun
cil Monday night asking for a lease
of that portion of the land belonging
to the Royal Gorge park on tho south j
side of the Arkansas river for s per-
lod of twenty years for pasturage
purposes. They offer to pay the city ,
twenty dollars a year for a period
of twanty years, but as there le some j
doubt as to the right of the council J
to lease the property under the
■mat by which It te heM the pett- 1
lice wee referred te the eitr at- J
tcfMF Mr M epfeiee. There le'
J something like 1280 acres in the
park on the south side of the river.
The bill of Waldo, Dawson &
Stump for legal services rendered in
connection with the trial of the Ar
kanuas river clarification case in the
district court was presented, approv
ed and ordered paid. The bill amounts
to two hundred and fifty dollars. Ap
plication was made by another res
ident of Orchard park for water from
the water main recently extended
from North Ninth street to that su
burb. The petition was referred to the
water superintendent for determina
Billiard and pool licenses were
granted to the Strathmore Hotel
company, D. H. Suppersteln, Bryner
Brothers and to the Canon Cigar com
pany* on the approval of their bonds
by the city attorney and the license
committee The mayor was instruct
ed by the resolution to request the
Denver & Rio Grande Railroad com
pany to remove the telegraph poles
on the south side of Water street,
between Eighth and Eleventh streets,
from their present alignment so ae
to conform with the street line.
The matter of opening the alley
between Eighth and Ninth streets
and between Macon and Greenwood
avenues waa referred to the city at
torney with instructions to take the
neceussry legal steps to have the al
ley opened. Proof of publication of
the ordinance conveying hotel privi
leges to Messrs. Kelsey and Street of
New York City for the proposed elec
tric railroad company waa presented
and ordered placed on file.
The matter of purchasing a strip
of land adjoining South Fourth street,
between River street and the Banta
Ft railroad station, for the widening
roadway waa referred to the
to take up with the owners for arbi
tration and adjustment. On motion
! the street, alley and bridge committee
waa instructed to have the city en
gineer prepare plana and specifica
tions for tiling the Hydraulic ditch at
the Fourth street crossing 11 the
work can be economically and satis
factorily done the ditch will be tiled
at other street crossings.
An ordinance was adopted conferr
ing certain rights and privileges up
on the people of Orchard park using
water from the city main recently ex
tended to that neighborhood. The or
dinance confirms the agreement pre
viously entered into between the
council and the water consumers of
Orchard park. Following some other
business, all of a minor character,
! the council adjourned.
The first meeting of the members
of the Canon City Progress club was
held at the home of Miss Mary Whit
j more, 509 Greenwood avenue, Monday
! evening with twenty-one people pres
i ent Response to roll call was given
j by the recital of some current event
I and was a pleasing introduction to the
1 program. An outline of the year’s
l work was given by Miss Anna M.
1 Hill, president of the club, who re
viewed the first one hundred and fif
ty pages of “The Heart of Midlo
j thian.** Following the more formal
I features of the occasion Mies Whit
-1 more served dainty refreshments The
! club adjourned to meet with Miss
I Lucas at SIR Harrison avenue Mon
f day evening, October 30tb.
W. EL Reynolds received n message
on Monday from Panora, Towa. saying
j his mother was dead. He left almost
j immediately on the Santa Fe for
I that place to attend the funeral. Mrs.
j Reynolds formerly lived here and had
many friends In this community. She
j was a member of the Methodlet
| church and highly esteemed by all
who knew her. Bhe leaven two toes
1 and a danffktar. Cnaet ot tkla place,
| tooiatt. bake Ottp. and Mm
Ellsworth, Kan., Oct. 17.—The bo
dies of Will Showman, a chauffeur,
his wife and three small children
were discovered Monday in the Show
man home by a neighbor who chanc
ed to call, and who entered the honse
when no one responded to her
knocks. It Is believed that they were
murdered as they slept Sunday night
The features of all the victims
were battered beyond recognition by
the blows of an ax, which the slayer
used. The youngest member of the
family, a baby, had been beaten until
Its head was severed from the body.
All three of the children were under
6 years of age.
Although the crime was committed
last night it was not discovered until
6 o’clock this evening. The author
ities have failed to find anything
pointing to a cause of the crime, nor
a clue to the guilty person.
Visited Home of Neighbor.
Last night all the members of the
Showman family visited at the home
of Mrs. O. W Snook, a friend living
several blocks sway. They left the
Snook home about 9 o’clock. This was
the Inst time any of them were seen
j sllra
Mrs. Snook discovered the quin
tuple killing. She called at the Show
man home a few minutes before €
o’clock. Her knock waa unanswered,
so she opened the door and walked
Into the house, entering the room «n
waico tub hoaxes or ifiv n»e yicotb
Bhe quickly gave the alarm. It wss
then nearly dark and the officers
were nnable to find anything which
would furnish a clue to the slayer.
The Juvenile band, which has been
practicing in the basement of the
court honse for the last few months,
has become part of the Canon City
high school and henceforth Is to be
known as the Cadet Band. At the be
ginning of this school year applica
tion was made to the school board
and to the faculty for such recog
i nit ion and last week the request was
! granted. The boys made their first
public appearance last Friday night,
when they headed a parade to the Art
! Gallery, at the high school building.
, and again at the football game Sat
j unlay afternoon. Considering the age
! of the organixation the Cadet Band
! plays remarkably well. Band practice
, will be conducted every Monday and
• Thursday night.
i The aggregation is made up of the
j following:
Cornet—Anderson, leader. Christie,
I Atkinson. Burten. Trombone —Essert.
I Wilson. I.oomis. Rowclfffe. Alto—,
Thomas. Craig. G. Paxton. Irwin. Siss-
I na. Baritone —W. Paxton. B.tse —Bot-
tenfold. Worrell. Clarinet—P. Jones
Snare drum—Jones. Bass drum—Me- [
Lee Morrison, clerk at the Strath- j
more hotel, has returned to his po*»t
of duty from the Wet Mountain val
ley where he wont during the last
week In September to recuperate
from his illness. He was there dur
ing the big rainfall of two weeks ago
and brought back with him some
photographs of the flooded portions
of the valley, which convey an ex
cellent idea, of the Immense volume
of water which swept down the sides
of the Bangre de Christo range. In
undating nil of tha lower lands. For
a weak or ten days Mr. Monriaon was
toarooaed on a ranch by tba fiood.
Mr, Morrtnon gained ee van teen
ponnda tn avelrdapets daring tba
twenty *gn of Mi anting.
No. 85.
Forty-One Sticks of Dyna
mite Found Under Rail
road Bridge.
Expert* Declare There Wax Enoagb
#f the Expletive to Hare Blow*
the Train to Atoms.
(By United Press.)
Santa Barbara, Oct. 17—Sheriff
Stewart, alter Investigating ter
twenty-fonr hear* the Baling et
39 sticks el dynamite ander the
bridge near here, over which
President Taft’s train passed,
later aaM, “I don’t believe there
was any pint to dynamite Taft’s
train. The dynamiter*, if they had
wasted to get the President weald
set hare allowed a lone Mexican
watchman to pat them to fllrbt*
Secret sec Ice men are still In
Santa Barbara. Cal. Oct. 17.—What 1*
pronounced by Sheriff Nat Stewart or
Santa Barbara county and W. T.
Wines of San Francisco. special
agent tor the Southern Pacific rail
nrt. ts-tom been -a deliberate *a
tcrept to dynamite an S®6-foot bridge
t wen trifles mile* north of here, oxer
which President Taft’s special train
passed early Monday, was frustrated
by the rial lance of a Mexican bridge
watchman at 1:30 o'clock this morn
Sheriff Stewart and Wines returned
from the scene tonight and reported
the evidence of the plot was complete.
Although the suspect has disap
peared. the officers nay they hare cer
tain clews, and already hare several
men on the case. Secret service me*
have been summoned from San Frax
clsco and win be placed on the hast.
It Is certain that the man has net
yet left the mountains, and a close
watch la being kept on nil passes
Watchman Sheets a Man.
The bridge which It was planned
to wreck la a fine structure SOO feel
, long. About midnight the Mexican
watchman was passing over the
bridge on his regnlsr rounds. When
about half way across, he noticed the
dim outline of a man In the gully
beneath the bridge. He called the
roan, who Immediately v bis pis
tol and fired several shots, bat all
went wild. He then made an Investi
gation and. finding a package of dy
namite. at once notified the sheriff’s
office here by telephone. The sheriff
' notified the railroad officers and
wines, who who was on the presi
dent’s special, was ordered to get off
tha train at Santa Barbara and make
an Investigation.
When the officers arrived at Capt
tan. they were taken to the spot by
i the watchman. Inside a bix-llke sec
. tfon of the steel pier, twenty-on*
sticks on dynamite were found. The
explosive was entirely hidden from
▼lew except that fuse ten fet long
buns out.
In a similar position at the next
pier, eighteen sticks of dynamite
were found, with fuse attached. Both
of these piers were about the middle
of the bridge.
Further Investigation disclosed two
•tteks of dynamite lying to one side
of the bridge. evidently at the spst
where the maa had been arranging
the dynamite aad attaching the fnee.

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