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When the house dog comes home,
acting very strangely and frothy sa
liva driveling from the mouth, there
are a number of things to be consid
ered. Most people think first of
rabies and secondly of poisoning.
Since both are very common the gen
eral public should be enlightened in
regard to them.
Rabies cannot be easily diagnosed,
but strychnine poisoning should be
readily recognized by anyone.
The first symptom© of strychnine
poisoning appear in from fifteen to
sixty minutes after the drug has been
administered, if it is carefully hid
den in a large piece of meat it may
be an hour or more before any symp
toms appear.
At first the animal acts extremely
nervous, it cannot stand still and
constantly' lifts its feet as if the
floor were hot. Rapidly the muscles
become stiff and the dog assumes a
position resembling a saw-buck, next
spasms appear and last for a few sec
onds, then the muscles will partially
relax and the animal will be able to
breathe more freely.
Spasms will recur more and more
frequently until death results. f
What can the owner do for the
patient until the doctor arrives? In
Jie first place, do not waste valuable
time trying home remedies before
calling professional aid. Minutes are
precious in cases of strychnine pois
Lard, cream and all euch agents
are absolutely of no value and the
animal is only annoyed by attempts
to administer them. The only house
hold remedy that can be of value i*
mustard, and it la ordinarily too
alow In action to accomplish any
good. A teaspoonful in a cup of
water may be given by means of a
table spoon. Other remedies are
useless and are consequently worse
than nothing. The doctor can produce
vomiting In leas than fifteen minutes
or wash out the entire intestine i
There la no danger of the animal
biting and absolute quiet Is good
Colorado Agricultural College, Fort
Collins, Colorado. •
Salida, Colo., Oct. 19.—Supreme
Dictator Jones of the Loyal Order cf
Moose, will be here Thursday. His
mission in the west Is for the pur
pose of making a selection of a site
for the erection of a Moose Home
for orphan children of members of
this order. The Loyal Order of Moose
comprises over 400,000 active mem
bers, and it Is to be hoped that Mr.
Jones can be persuadad to favorably
consider Salida as Ms selection, as
It will mean not only the expendi
ture of over SIOO 000 for the erection
of tbe home, but an annual expen
diture of many thousand dollars for
Its maintenance.
Mr. Jones will be entertained by
members of the local order at the
Denton hotel Thursday ovenlng at
a banquet given In bis honor, and the
mayor and city council, also the pres
ident and secretary of the commerce
club, have been extended invitations
to attend. Forcible arguments will be
presented by various public spirited
citizens, towards securing the
Home for this city.
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' T*! 1 * * ~r »•-. Cvxiaerrtllls.
C ••»**'■* Ml Me l| •!««■
Aero Expert Visiting in Cañon City
7th U. 8. Cavalry who, with his bride, Is visiting Ms eeailn, Mrs. T. *.
]WI«I I'WHardlag, Sr, in this rtty. gg
Lieutenant Frank P. Lahm, of the i
Seventh United Statee and j
his wife, arrived In the city this after-1
noon and will visit at the home of ■
Mr. and Mrs. T. M. Harding Sr. over
Sunday. Lieutenant Lahm is a cousin
of Mrs. T. M. Harding, who was Miss
Minnie I-shm before her marriage.
The Lieutenant was recently mar
ried to Mlsa Gertrude Jennera, of
Mansfield, Ohio, and this trip through
Colorado Is partly a honeymoon Jour- !
ney and partly of a business nature ,
for the army man is on his way to i
Join his regiment in the Philippines.
Coincidental with the wedding of,
The barn of Sam Hoffman on Park
Center was destroyed by fire early
last Thursday morning with moat of
Its contents, entailing a loss of sev
eral hundred dollars. Mr. Hoffman
arose before daylight and went out
to the barn to feed his stock, and, on
entering the building, lighted a lan
tern in order to find his way about;
carelessly dropping the lighted match
In some hay. Although he attempted
to stamp out the flames they soon
got, beyond his control and he gave
hia attention to saving his horses
and live stock, which he succeeded
in getting out of the biasing struc
ture. All of his hay, grain and some
of his agricultural implements were
destroyed. There was no Insurance on
the property.
Dr. J. F Harrta, who has been away
for ten days, baa returned here and
will fill hia place in the pulpit of the
M. E. church Sunday as usual. The
subject in the morning. "Mutual Con
sideration,” and in the evening, "The
Other Man’s Load.”
Squire T. H. Logan and wife have
been spending the week with rela
tives in Colorado Springs, and. In
cidentally, attending the sessions of
the International Dry Farming con
Relieves gaa in stomach, distress af
ter eating, stomach nervousness, dl*-
zineaa, headache, heartburn, heart
palpitation and other allmanta caus
ed by faulty digestion. Pries Me. Pre
pared by United Drug Company, Boa
ton. Mass. Bold in Canon City only by
P-Incs Drug Store, Mitchell A Eg
bera. Props, (01 Main 81
Children Ory
rot ruTeaert >
- Hiiwm
~ - - -
iMiss Margaretta Harding, who was
married to Dr. B*arrrl Simmons
Gale In' this city on Wednesday. Oc
tober- eighteenth, eraa the nuptial
' ties which bound Miss Jennnrs and
Lieutenant Lahm at Mansfield.
The army man ta an aero expert
; and has followed aero'nauth s for a
number of years. He gained fame
when In 1907 he, with Lieutenant
Herwhey, piloted tba balloon America
! and won the first lnterasdlon ii race
; for the Gordon Bennett cup from
. Parle. Tha lieutenant also won the
recent balloon race started! from Kan
| sag City.
Drafting, aa carried on,haa been
criticised mainly from two riew
polnts, that of expanse and that of!
time being spent more profitably.
Th 3 simple rule draft, ms It has
been' worked out sstlsfactorily for
use in acbooir, has isrgely dona away
with the first. Now the only expense
for pattern making is that necessary
to obtain a snpply of yard sticks,
tape measures and drafting paper.
".'here la still s question as to tho .
advisability of drafting patterns in
onr schools because of the time U 1
requires when there are such com
paratively satisfactory commercial
' patterns on the market at a reason
able cost.
The drafting of a pattern givos
' one a better idea of a pattern and
Iv. hat it represents than the use of
li-iuny sale patterns, as In most czzz: j
with the amateur If the ]
I and guide Chart arc lost fh* patte-rt j
lis meaningless If oils understands
a pattern, then variations of It can
be made and one pattern may he
made to servo for many different
modifications of the va'r'.r Then it
[naturally follows that tho commercial
patterns can be used <v't,i a greater
degree of intaiiigenrn end when not
obtainable one has n source of-sup
ply from which to draw.
Colorado Agricultural College, Fort
Collins. Colorado.
Word has been received here Of IS*
death of Mrs. Elvira L Itittenhouse,
wife of C. C. Rlttenhouse, at Los An
gelas, California. She died on Mon
day of tba enrrtut week and tba fun
eral and Interment were at Log An
geles. Mr. and Mrs. mttaßboaa*
formerly resided at 141 Park wwo.
park, and ware wall tmoern
%t*ls community. They left here
fpitt off •*#. weeta ago far HIIMW
iili, ,J
/ ' •
Two XU lion Dollar* to be Expended
—President Mokes Unique
Report. - '
Denver, Colo.. Oct. 19, lSll.— E. B.
Field, President of The Mountain
States Telephone and Telegraph com
pany, this afternoon made public the
special report of the stockholders
promised them at the time of the
merger of The Colorado Telephone
company, the Rocky Mountain Bell
Telephone company . and The Tri-
State Telephone and Telegraph com
pany, Into The Mountain States Tel
ephone and Telegraph company, dur
ing July.
In< financial circles the report la
commented upon as being the most
openly frank statement of the finan
cial condition of his company, his
present policy and future plans, ever
given to the public by a corporation
head. However, Uis said by those in
terested in financial affairs that Pres
ident Field has pursued this method
for years, a method in many respects
unique among those employed by the
larger public utilises.
President Field recites a brief his
tory of each of the merged com
panies, and out of this he deduces
what seems to be logical reasons for
combining the several companies both
from the standpoint of economic op
eration and administration, and from
the standpoint of more efficient and
universal service to the people of this
entire Mountain Region.
The report Includes a balance
sheet showing the result of the first
month’s business, August, to which
Mr. Field points with considerable
pride. It shows that notwithstanding
the expenses of maintaining a dupli
cate executive force, and an abnormal
expense for clerical needs in combin
ing the accounting systems of the *
several companies, the first month’s i
earnings not only met the actual div
idend requirement, but they yielded t}
safe margin over that figure.
Having thus Justified the merger
from the standpoint of the sharehold
ers, President Field refers to a trip
of Inspection which he recently made
through the states served by bis com
pany. He says that throughout Utah,
Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana, there
are communities clamoring for tele
' phone service; that be was lmprese
!ed with the necessity of meeting
these needs, and that he was assured ,
of the co-operation of sound, conserv
ative, financial men along those lines.
He therefore concludes:
“Our Company has its duty to the
public co-ordinate with Its obligations
to the investor, and it is to carry out
this duty that I have recommended
the issue and sale of $2,000,000 of our
treasury stock for the purpose of
meeting these demands for addition
al service and my recommendations
have been endorsed by your direc
tors.*' . * }
Although the cold weather that ha*
prevailed ever the state daring the
last few da ye has bean considered
dangerous to fruit It la not believed
that the apple* anywhere In the Ar
kansas valley have been damaged uy
It. Elijah McDonald came to Pueblo
on Friday from Parkdale and hired
extra help to enable him to pick his
upplea, nnd, it Is asserted, that by
Saturday night ninety per cent of the
Fremont county crop will be gather
The work of picking was somewhat
delayed this season and ranchers
were worried for fear the cold
weather would Injure the fruit, hot
no farther trouble Is apprehended on
that score. Mr. McDonald claim* that
the apple* of the Canon City district
this yaar are larger and of finer qual
ity than heretofore and a ready tala
for them at a good price it predicted.
—Pneblo Chieftain.
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Continental Oil Company j
The miners of th* Bear Gulch and
Hockvale mines held a mass mealing
at the nockvale town hall last night
which waa attended by Mesera. Law
son and Fky. organizers for the Unit
ed Mine Workers of America. The
visitors addressed the meeting and
advised the miners to return to work
Inasmuch as they were not organised
and consequently were not In a po
sition to carry on a successful strike.
Resolutions were passed whleh will
be forwarded to Governor Shafroth
and labor Commissioner Brake Pro
testing against th* basket scales sys
tem of weighing coaL There la a law
on th# atatntaa books of the slate
which prohibits coal rota paste* from
weighing coal only as It comes from
the mines In the coal cars and tt is
for vtolailng this law that the gov
ernor and labor commissioner will
be asked to Intercede. The coal com
pany statu they weigh the coal on
the top as the law prescribes and da*
duct tar the waste that goes over th*
screens. They farther declare the
mlnere can do sa well and even bet
ter under th# new system, providing
they give It a fair and Impartial trial.
The management of ths Bear Oaten
mine has requested the men to give
the new system a thorough try out |
for at laaat a month and tt le under
stood they have agreed to do this and
will start to work tomorrow morning.
Th* Roekvale men resumed work
Wednesday and so for aa can be
learned will continue without Inter
It wan reported at Rockvala this
morning that In esse the miner*
were not satisfied with the basket
fjretem machines will be Installed In
both mines which many claim woiild
prors mors of a disadvantage than
tho present system.
It seems that th* whole trouble
originated among ths Blollinas at
Bear Gulch and they forced th* men
of Hockvale to com* 60t last Wed
nesday at the point of fans and
clubs. Consequently th* other miners
were not strongly In favor of the
strike from the ontaet
and yet sleepless Hiram Benin ton. of
Clay City, 111., cough-d nnd coughed.
He was In the mountains on th* ad
vice of five doctors, who said he bad
consumption, but found no hslp In*
the climate, and started home. Hear
ing of Dr. King's New Discovery, he
began to use It. "I believe It saved
my lire,- he writes, "for It msds a
new man of ms, so I can now do good
work again.- For nil Inng dlaeases.
coughs, colds, la grippe, asthma,
croap, whooping dough, hay farar,
hemorrhage*, hoarseness or qntnay,
If* th* bo* Mom remedy. Price Me
said 1100. Trial hotu* fro* Outran
taod hr Huater Palmar.
in •if in iijiirteiii"' ■
Ia raapoaaa to laeltetioaw leaned
■mnl tin ago to scary math lb di
rectly tataraatad ia tlw Hniilia
school on Cottonwood areaae, Mat
Oaaoo. a parenu’-teeehanf meeting
waa hold than Frida? afternoon. TW
■adamant weather pretested a large
attendance, bat a beginning waa mdbe
tor a cloaar contact and oo-operation
between parents and teachers that
cannot tall to bare food reealtn „
Miss McOowaa, the principal ot\3t
school, after explaining
of the meeting. para a moat tatar
eating talk oa "Why I-enrn Mni
■arty,'* ia which aha eat
soma of the beat educational
of the day. Waa Bibbs, baaMaa start
in': things right with a plaao nolo,
told of the present day plana tor
phesleal examination of children,
showing the eertoaa consequences
likely to follow neglect of p£ysk*l
disorders: making It plain how men
tal and moral deScleny on the part
of rblldraa la due to physical caaaas.
Miss Hanson pars tbs vital raasoaa
for tba teaching of llfa truths
chlldraa and yonng people la the In
terest of humanity
After come discussing the rhaflgj
dish was requisitioned and tha gnmta
ware screed srllh re freak manta Tha
teachers of the Harrleoo school haaa
to hare more rlaltlag by parents and
guardians, resulting la a mataal and
concrete recognition of a ««■*—«
aim: the beat welfare of An boys aad
Greeley. Colo., Oct 20 Bernard L
Rice. Of Ouray, hat been sleeted mod
erator of the Colorado Presbyterian
synod. He I* the youngest moderator
chosen In the 40 yearn' history of
the synod. Bev. D. O. Monfort, of
Colorado Springs, and C. K. Powell,
of Brighton, were chosen elarks.
Yesterday afternoon an Interesting
history of the early years of th* sy
nod was given. When organised In
1874 tt Included Montana, Utah, Ida
ho, Colorado, Wyoming, Arisons, adfe
New Mexico, with IT chnrshee aad
MO member*. Today It 00m prises oaly
Colorado and Wyoming, bet has 4Jlt y
churches and 08,000 members. .
Dr. Warren H. Wilson, of New
York, spoke on "Th# Needs of Ratal
Churohes." »
Th* bnslut little things aver mad*
ere Dr. King's Ntw Uf* Pills Mr/
PllM* * sugar-seated global* of
health, that chaoses weakasaa taka
strength, languor Into energy, hrsM
fag Into mental power; oartag Oua
•ttpatiom, Htmdaeb* Chills, n>M»> f
am Malaria . OHr Na at Sue*

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