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1 of the 30
Established branches on the Western
Slope. Next visit Tuesday afternoon
and Wednesday morning, 17-18
Southern hotel. Home office (‘.ran("l
Junction, first week every month
Special treatment for crossed eyes nn;j
other difficult defects of sight without
d't"g’ or knife. Consult H. Maste
Risley, Optometrist and eyesi hn
specialist. 2l
For Sale—-Dry cottonwood
a cord, stove length. lnquirjz.g&;
George Turner, or leave ord,
Star office. e B;S;he
A full line of school suppli
Star office. e
to the Stockholders of the Industrial
Stores Company of Dolores, Colorado.
You are hereby notified that the reg
ular annusal meeting of the stockholders
of the aboved named Company
‘will be held on the 14th day of
January, A. D. 1922, at the hour of
‘2 o’clock p. m. at the Town hall, Dolo
res, Colorado. The meeting is held
for the purpose of electing a board
of directors for the ensuing year and
transacting all other business that
may properly come before the meeting.
Dated at Dolores, Colorado, December
21, 1921,
J. T. McDiILL, President
W. L. GLENN, Secretary.
For Sale- Two water motor washers
snd one ringer. Second hand but in
good order. Most any old price.
37tf Rust LUMBER & MERc. Co.
GOl eB L N el s
Lnods LoDl Goalagreloainoalinlo 00l loalbelonlreonls 2ouds el loelonle e
J 23, D 3
January 23, Dolores Opera House :
% %
¢ &
O lpoireinoalodpoioalo 00l Godiodto dr el el alonloaleloeds Trelonloelnel Triluclusluels Toaleeleeledt aelusledlaelen vinalue %
et e eh et e
T e wezeeee
Fresh and Cured Meats
Lard, Home-Rendered
10-pound pail $1.75
Fresh Groceries; good
Cordi i
ordiments and Relishes
Overalls $1.75, Caps,
Gloves, Etc.
Thanking you for past patronage and
wnshmg you a prosperous year, we are
Yours for service,
Report of ) iti g Reserve District No. 10
vort of the Condition of the First National Bank of Dolores at Dolores in the State of
Colorado, at the Close of Business December 31, 1921
-2 Loans and discounts, including redisconnts, (except those shown
inbande)...........0 . Ve nan sy L. 311359987
2.0 Total Joams::oos tio, il oLI o t baß o $113,599.87
. L.';-'dmm unsecured.... .. REEh aE e (ST LT LS el e s 1.22 1,22
ERde Utlnemnwm securities owned :
b Aelfi»umwd to secure circulation (U. S.bonds parvalue)....eeeeeonoon 20,000.00
“lh,?r“L"xl:lwd States Goverpment Securities. ... a1 10,200.00 a0
. 08l ... seievicsnnsnossasisnnsniancs Veshesnrivpecvessessssnesies AL
& tbor bonds, stocke. Kecarities, etc.... 0 ... LSt 13.967.23
. L n_k[uu( House, $2.500.00; Furuiture and fixtures, $2,000.00 ... ......0 4,500.00
10, (511“)"1 reserve with Federal Reserve bank. ... ... B e e IART.O4
11, Ax:u‘ in vault and amount due from vational banks ... ............ 38,701.23
; 1 Ullt'b'. due from State banks, bankers, and trust companies in
n Chemk nited States Lnxhur than included in items %, 9 and 10 s 1,191.50
"fil son banks in the same city or town as reporting bunk (other s
"ll‘.e"nllz)']f Seesereaeseeiiss s 00l 255.21
Y otal of Items 9. 10, 11, 12, and 13 . ... ... o oooioeniianie ,148.2
‘ L (’l‘:f}‘l on banks loca:ed outside oul“city.ur town of reporting bank X
1fi.1(,d" other cash items. ... ... .......coooeenieon ¥ RN 116.00
emption fund with U.'S, Treasurer and due from U. S. Treasurer _lli)tl}_)
Dot e e A Tave s R oth oai-ds el basbosssiatnore $215.049.60
M Oupitel siox LIABILITIES: L 9
. Capital 10T 25,000,
Bl TN B T B 0000
S Undivided profit.. Jo L e $1,426.00 :
, Ch" current expenses, interest and taxes paid. ... seeeene 1,426.00
%, G COIALING NOLES OULBEATIAIIR. «oo vs 2nssvn oonnmensonscnnsinnssssasesssnse 19,500.00
!»:c::‘,'-""‘,‘ checks outstanding .. ..... SA e S 142.00
““’l5 checks on own bank outstanding............ooocoieeeeeene s 508,65
D'mndd"m of items 21,22 28, 24, and 20 .. ..o aieaanaee iy 650.65
i deposita (others than bank deposits) subject to Reserve (de
%, milxsaynbla within 30 days) : i
27, Contifiari sy deposita subjeet to check .. . i Tor 126,051,590
money 'Lf.?ril’.'u‘f;}‘?‘.’?.‘f.'.. epinilpee ainn 0 iarh (ofbes i o7 2,285
Total of demand’ deposits (other than bank deposits) subject |
Time depoc . Reserve, Items 827, 2%, 29, 80, and Bl ... ... . 125,310.44
md."’"sm‘ subject to Reserve (payable after 30 days, or subject to
. C'm{]:;:{ more notice, and pollali savings) : 25706 04
UG st depeath (b Bka der money oo i
Total of time deposits, subject to reserve, Items 32, 33, 34 and 35 35,132.51 Rl
T0ta1........... B BRe e S $215,049.60
O'Nlnly of Mufl:z(mhn l[!s. >
Bbove gtqt, I, R. Stenger, cashier, of the above named bank, do solemnly swear that the
atement 'is trus to the best of my knowledge aud belief. R
Subscribed ana Attest: JRLB.{I%‘&I::;N/“ e
dl"fll Jaunary, m‘é.m’n to before me this sth Correct—Attest: T R ANT .
commission expires Jannary 6th, 1924, A. 8. Muwlh
Maskt C. WALDRON, il
P‘blhh.d January 6, 1922, Notary Public.
e ————————————————————
Ladies’ Aid Cook Book.
Have you bought a Ladies Aid Cook
Book? If not, you had better get yours
now. They make excellent gifts, and
are easy to send through the mail.
Only One Dollar for nearly Four
Hundred tested recipes.
Paul Rust left Wednesday for Cali
‘Mrs. E. E. Howell was a Durango
visitor Saturday.
Rev. Ainley was o Durango passen
ger on Friday’s train.
Evelyn Akin spent the past week
with her cousins at Lewis.
A little more of the present cool
weather and we will harvest ice.
Born Tuesday, Junuary 3, to Mr. and
Mrs. John Crawford an 11-pound boy.
Mr. and Mrs. Gooseman returned to
their home at Red Rock Monday after
a Visit to the valley.
LT g |
Anna Giorgetta and Frank Sagrillo
spent the week end at the Sagrillo
ranch up the river. ‘
Lee Lynton and family returned to
Rico Friday after spending Christmas
at the J. H. Lynton home.
Miss O’Donnell, who has been visit
ing her brother, W. W. Dunlap, left
for her home in Durango Saturday.
J. R. Trimble, T. H. Akin and Mr.
and Mrs. A. S. Miller attended the
Elks’ doings in Durango the first of the
The Dolores schools convened Thurs
day after a two weeks vacation. And
now the girls and boys are happy (?)
Mrs. Robt. Good, who has been a
patient in the Johuson hospital, Cortez, |
the past week, returned to her home |
in Rico yesterday. ‘
Charles Johnson and daughter, Al
berta, and Arthur Brumley and Miss
Alice Morgan were Durango visitors
from Sunday until Tuesday.
Word comes from Denver that Alba
Padgett won a decision over Morris
Schlaifer, the Omaha welterweight, in
a fast twelve-round bout.
Joe Wade, who was taken to the
insane asylum at Pueblo, December 20
by sherifl Wheatland, died Wednesday.
He has a brother at Ackmen.
Miss Kittie Yarbrough left Sunday
for Aztec after spending the holiday
vacation with the home folks at Arri
ola. Miss Yarbrough is teaching at
The Junior Epworth League gave a
party Tuesday evening at the home of
Lavern Trimble. There was a large
crowd present and everybody had a
Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Brooks lett Mon
day for Durango. Mr. Wertz of Den
ver, has accepted the position of meat
cutter at the Industrial stores made
vacant by Mr. Brooks.
Mrs. P. T. Guillett was over from
Cortez yesterday with her daughter,
Lucile, who was on her way to Yuma,
Colorado, where she has a position as
teacherin the publie school.
Robt. B. Knox. Lee Eaton and
Wilkes Bozman of Cortez, and F. H.
Morgan and Harry V. Pyle of this
place, went to Durango Saturday to
help put the San Juan Southern Outlet
railroad over the top.
Mr. and Mrs. Cord Bowen rode all
night Wednesday night on horseback
from Dove Creek to Dolores. Mrs.
Bowen was called to Mancos on account
of the illness of her mother, Mrs.
Margaret Honaker, who had a para
lytic stroke Wednesday.
Mrs. Grace Shaffstall and Miss
Lenore Beaber, teachers inthe Dolores
school, returned Wednesday from
their yacation. Miss Watson and Miss
Keeler, who spent their vacation in
Denver, were unable to get here on
account of railroad blockades.
Silver Star Lodge No. 105, Knights
of Pythias celebrated its 25th birthday
anniversary with supper, music, stunts
and a dance Monday night. A good
time is reported. Silver Star Lodge
was organized January 1, 1897, with 33
charter members. Eight of these are
still members of the lodge; W: F. Ord
way, E. L. Wilber, J. J. Harris, J. M.
Rush, G. P. Moore, J. E. Akin, Antone
Giorgetta, W. H. Blake.
At Monticello on Friday December
93, occurred the marriage of Jumes B.
Elam and Miss Velma Jacobs. .The
ceremony Wwas performed by' Bishop
Haney. Both of the contracting part
jes are well known and popular Dove
Creek young people, the groom bem_g
In the auctioneer and real estate busi
ness. The bride recently came !\er.e
with her mother from Mungon: .Mlchl
gan. Hosts of friends will join The
Empire in wishing t!\e r}ewlyweds a
long and happy married life.—-The In-‘
Jand Empire, Dove Creek, Colorado. |
R R R R R R —————— —————
Newell Musgrave visited with
Merwyn Akin over Sunday.
The Ladies Aid will meet at the
| home of Mrs. Bertha Akin January 1%,
I Jack McLean of Telluride, is the new
pharmacist, at the Dolores drug store.
' Vivian Fulcher returned Monday to
| Durango after spending the Christmas
| vacation with her parents at Red Rock.
’ Miss Ruth Eggers and Miss Noia
| O’Shaughnessy returned Sunday to
Hesperus where they are teaching
| school.
' A basket ball game between the
Arriola boys and girls and the Dolores
boys and girls is scheduled for Friday
evening, January 13, at the Dolores
(opera house.
{ ———— ‘
| January 3 1922.
l Chas. Campbell made a trip to House
{ Creek the first of the week to bring in
| his horses.
| E. E. Wallace is moving his family
'Lu Cortez for the remainder of the
winter John Wallace is moving in to
take care of their ranch.
Alfred Look, advertising man for the
Graden Mercantile Co., Durango, vis
ited with his parents last week.
Mr. and Mrs. M. Jackson, Mr. and
Mrs. J. M. Scott and daughter and
Mrs. Ella Maddox were entertained at
tt 1e John Claflin home Thursday even
ing at 6 o’clock dinner.
About thirty of the near neighbors
were entertained at the J. M. Scott
home Saturday evening, to watch the
the old year out and the new year in,
playing games. Lovely refreshments
were served at 12 o’clock and all, after
making new year resolutions, left for
their homes.
Mrs. Ed Caylor leaves Wednesday
for her home in Kansas for a visit.
Mr. and Mrs. James Porter spent
New Years Day in Dolores with Mr.
and Mrs. Drury.
Mrs. R. M. Leavell and Mrs. May
Leavell made a business trip to Cortez
Our school begun Monday with a
good attendance in spite of the mud.
The school directors are preparing to
install gas lights in the school house.
And it rained and it snowed and it
was mud for three score and some, or
it seems that long as we are stalled
in the mud, mud, mud and can hardly
even get the mail.
The Rauh family including Cleighton,
Myron, and Sada, and the Cliff John
ston family were royally entertained by
the Berry family at New Years dinner.
The Ellermeyers and Henry Hickey
and family took New Years dinner
with Mr. and Mrs. Gilliam.
Io Vance and Joy Bennett gave a
party Saturday night to see the old
year out and the new year in. A good
time was enjoyed, and all hope that the
Bennetts will entertain again in the
near future.
Mr. Gates returned Tuesday to his
job as carpenter for the R. G. S. He
says that he hopes to get promoted so
he can spend more time in God’s
country. Too much chillled air at
The school board decided without a
petition —the only fairway to decide
anything—that there should be only
one week vacation. If the children
don’t watch out the school board will
have as much power as Santa Claus.
Grace Gordon spent her Christmas
vacation at home. The advantage of
a vacation is to realize the return trip
through the mud. It gives you ample
time to think of the mud holes along
the road.
Frank Taylor is now enjoying a real
light. As dark as the day have been a
light plant should be installed at the
school house for day use.
Mrs. Berry realized over $300.00 for
her turkey crop. Not so bad for the
summer’s work, although she stayed
with it constantly.
We did not see our Christmas pro
gram advertised as some of the schools
were, and we believe it should have
been. Our children certainly did well
and deserve much praise. They were
certainly well trained.
Oscar Schlegel and family spent
Thursday in Dolores with the Taylor
family. |
Mary Spickert returned Saturday to‘
her school work at the Durango Busi- ‘
ness College. We are glad to know
that she is doing well.
Hazel Kirk of Cortez, spent her
Christmas vacation in Lakeview visit
ing Agnes Spickert.
We have started another year. If
we can forget the past trials and trib
ulations and look to the future for the
pleasant things of life we have accom
plished a great deal. Here is hoping
that 1922 may bring to everyone all the
prosperity and happiness that is avail- I
able. :
No agitator can ever be sntiafied.’
Give him what he wants and he would |
be out of a job and discontented. |
SeRES eTN i {
Wanted—Beef, veal, hogs, mutton, |
poultry, eggs, Belgian hares, pelts and
hides. G. D. TAYLOR. Itf
Try DuPont’s cement the next time
you break a favorite china or cut glass
piece. Mends perfectly. Lena Bear.
et e R |
Apples at $1.25 a bushel at the!
Montezuma County Fruit and Produce |
building. !
A A €e kR TRS U R e O
A.F. and A. M.
Stated Communica
tions Second and
Fourth Thursdays of ‘
Each Month. e
Visiting Brothers Cordially Invited |
S S S PN 08
s o Dolores’ Leading Hotel st s
HARRY MORGAN, Proprietor
S o A favorite with commercial men and tourist s s
s S
é:.:;m;, OUG O o
*? Do You Like Good Literature? !
» We keep on hand a good assortment of the ¢
® latest and best magazines. These long winter even- 4
R ings afford you time to read some of the real good :
E stories now printed. ¢
! CHAS. H. RASH & CO. !
Nl a8 sl 0 s .sBSMBewOAIB S sl 3o o W 3 A 5O i2B W
;mu::; A—— é
? Why carry an unreliable watch and be inces- %
? : 3 4
p santly annoyed by its falsity, when a good, depend- ¢
E able one can be bought for a small sum of money; ¢
s OF perhaps the one you are now carrying can be :
» repaired and made reliable. Call and see. ¢
LAM&&“;&‘:&A:&&;&-&A&J&:& OO 20 i 2 M
TT___—_ Ae e B e B i R
4 P
Jo Jo b
i :
Capital and Surplus - $55,000.00 ;
4 P
: We pay 4 per cent interest on :
3 Savings Accounts and Time Cer- ;
: tificates of Deposit. E
3 American Banker’s Association »
Travelers Checks for sale. E
i Safe Deposit Boxes for rent.
1 b
A good place for your check
ing account.
§J. J. HARRIS, Pres. A. F. HARRIS, Vice Pres. E
R. S. S. FOX, Cashier, F.H. RICKHOFF,
Ass’t Cashier
‘ o v w .
i | :
Chassis - - $295
| Runabout - 325
| Touring Car - 355
| Truck Chassis 445
Coupe - - - 595
* Sedan - - - - 660
These are the lowest prices of Ford
’('ars in the history of the Ford Motor
2 Company.

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