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communication trill It pull is ha
in the JOURXAL, unless ve are placed it
possession of the name of the author.
S&" T? are not responsible for the vietci
or expressions of our correspondents.
fl?* All communications for personal ad
vantage trill be charged for at the ra'e of one
t dollar for each inch.
dominations o f Candidates in usual
form, not to exceed one inch, FIVE DOLLARS.
These charges are to be paid strictly
in advance, and no exceptions tchatever tcill be
made to the rule.
Itft^All communications and contract advertisements
MUST be handed in by 12 o'clock on
. the Saturday before publication to insure insertion
in the following issue.
Mail Arrangements.
Post Offick Hofrs?Open at 9 a. m., close at
12 m. Open at 1:30 p. m., close nt 5 p. in. .-Nonacm,
Western and Southern mall close at 8 p. m.
Le^al Notices.
From and after the 1st of January, 1879,
all advertisements of Sheriff Sales ordered
\ to appear in either the Camden Journal
or the Kershaic Gazette will have to be paid
for in advance?the money mutt accompan^
the advertisement in every instance, otherwise
no notice will be taken of the same.
It is useless to assign the "reason which
urges the undersigned to this course, as it
is patent to the members of the bar that
both papers have accounts for advertising
Sheriff Sales which have been long past
due, and many of them will never be paid.
Ire cannot work for nothing.
G. G. Alexander, Prop'r.
Camden Journal.
F. P. & IT. E. Beard, Prop'rs.
Kershaio Gazette.
Chritmas Tree?The teachers and
scholars of the Presbyterian Sundayschool
have a festival and Christmas
tree to-night at their lecture-room. A
merry Christmas and a happy time for
all of them.
Bad Road.?We are requested to
call the attention of the County Commissioners
to the miserable coftdition
of the road and bridge near the Shannon
old place. The bridge is almost
impassable, and it is very dangerous to
cross it in its present condition.
Cold Swimming ?A gentleman of
western Wateree wtio was compmeu m
be in Camden on Monday to attend to
some business here, attempted to cross
by tho way of the ferry, and after leaving
the boat he came to a place where
the horse had to swim about two hun.
dred yards, with him on his back, bofore
they reached dry land.
Fiue.?On last Wednesday night
abont a quarter past eleven o'clock, fire
was discovered in Mr. J. W. McCurry's
store. The alarm was sounded and the
firemen were soon upon the spot, when
the fire was quickly extinguished. The
damage done amounts to about $500?
no ineurancc. More damage was done
by the smoke and water than by the
fire. It is supposed that the fire was
accidental?ratsgetiing hold of matches.
The Planter and Farmer, pob?
' so
lished at Jtticnmono, ra., ??, <?* a j-??
for December, is received. It contains
65 pages of reading matter by some of
the best farmers in the country. The
articles of Hon. A Dudley Mann, of
France; Judge Wm Fullerton, of New
York ; Judge Christian ; Prof. Pendleton,
of Georgia, and Col. S. W. Ficklin,
are entitled to special mention as valuable
articles for the farmers.
Shot.?On Monday night, while
looking around the wagon camp in D.
W. Jorden & Co's lot> Tom Cook,
colored, was shot in the hip by some unknown
person. Two shots were heard;
?... nC irhir>h hit Tom. Mr. J. W.
UUC V* wmw
Gaskios was arrested and locked up a9
the party who did the shooting, but he
stoutly denies it. He had upon his
person a small seven-sbot Smith & Wesson
pistul two chambers of which were
empty. The wound inflicted upon Tom
is not considered dangerous.
Auction Sale ?There will be a
large lot of 6ne new car/ages, buggies,
spring wagons, etc., sold at auction io
Camden on Monday, the 6th of January,
and any person desiring anything in
this line would do well to attend it
The work is all new and first-class, and
from the largest and most complete fac*
tory in the world. You can get any
kind?twoseatcd cariages, phaetons,
spring wagons and top bugaies. Now
is the time if you want a bargain. Re
member, Monday the sixth.
State's Evidence.?Some daring
robberies and other acts of rascality
have been committed in and around
Camden lately, and no cine could b?
obtained as to who the thieves wer<
Mnt.il Den Love, who was arrested i
short time since for killing Mr. Clementj
cow, took it into his head to tell. H<
has made a fall confession, and all bui
one of the parties have been arrestee
. and locked up. There were three o:
them, Ben Love, Jako Patterson anc
Harry Curetoo. They were the onei
who entered and robbed Mr. Ellis'.ston
last fall. We hope that the next Conr
will send them where they will not hsv<
I a chance to steal again for years t<
' come.
Nats, of <m __ kinds, at Kirkfey <5
C>o?Uh s.
P' .. .1 ..??
/ How Many will Stick ? ?Tin
' number of people who intend to sweai
off on the 1st of January from all theii
' bad habits, and turn over a new leaf
can be counted by thjusands; yet we'l
wa<rer that in six months from date the
new leaf of nineteen out^of twenty will
be as black as tho old one is now.
Council Notice-?By resolution of
Council, shooting of rockets, fire-crack?
? ?j c 1._ ?:n v.
ers, uuu urv-wurns win ue priuuucu
the streets of Camden on Christmas eve
night, Christmas day and Christmas
night and no longer. The Bring of
guns and pistols is strictly forbidden.
Any person or persons violating th^
same, will be arrested and confined in
the guardhouse twenty-four hours, aDd
no other peualty imposed.
Acknowledgment.?The Journal
begs to acknowledge the receipt of a
jcomplimentary ticket to the play at
Cramer's Hall, in the inolosure of the
Lunntic Asylum, in Columbia. We
accepted the same, and cannot bestow
too much praise upou the managers of
this institution for the admirablo way
in which everything was conductod. The
play was very fine, and the poor unfortunate
inmates enjoyed it exceedingly.
It is truly commendable, and we beg to
tender our sincere thanks for the com
The Fourth Freshet.?Watcree
River has overflowed its banks again,
for the fourth time since fall, and crossing
'at Camden has been stopped.
Some people attribute the frequent over
flows to the embankment built across
the swamp by the Wilmington, Columbia
& Augusta Railroad. Whether
such is the case or not, we cannot say ;
but we do know that there has been
at least twice the number of freshets in
a season since the embankment was
built that there was before.
The Poll Tax.?We were surprised
to learn that the article which appeared
in our last issue in reference to the
poll tax has beeb so construed by some
of our citizens ts to reflect npon Trial
Justice DePass. Mr. DePass was only
executing the lawful duties of his office
in imprisoning those men. The law
was made by the Legislature, and be
had it to execute. We intended no reflection
upon him or any other of our
county officers. The only reflection was
upon the Legislators who allowed such
an unconstitutional act to pass the House
Trial Justices.?In order that our
readers may know something of the
workings of our inferior courts, we have
obtained from Justice DePass the following
information relative to proceedings
before him during the fiscal year
endinsr Nov. 1st. 1878 : No. of warrants
applied for 260; No. issued. 185; amount
of accounts against the County, $190/
urnouot of fines collected and turned
over to County Treasurer $54. This is
a very eood showing considering the
fact that Justice DePuss transacts about
one-half the entire criminal business of
the County.
.Southern Surgical Institute,
Atlanta, Ga.?Dr. J. W Gurley,
Professor of this justly celebrated institute
will visit Camden January 6th.
and remain three days, stopping at the
DeKalb House. He will come fully
prepared to treat all cases of Club Feet,
Spinal Disease, Diseases of the Bye and
Ear, Catarrh, Paralysis, Piles and Fis
tulc.?, Chronic Diseases, Diseases of the
Joints, Female Diseases, Hairlip, Cleft
Palate, Indolent Ulcers and Tumors.
Private diseases which are curable or
can be benefited. For further particulars,
address Dr. Gurley, Southern Surgical
Institute, Atlanta, Ga.
Badly Cut.?We learn that William
Boykin, colored, while on his way hotne
last Saturday night, and when just on
the outskirts of Kirkwood, was set upon
by masked tnen who cut him several
times, some of the stabs beiDg very
dangerous. No cause can be given for
tKit it matr Kotto Kaon
on account of an old family feud.
From remarks made at the time it is
presumed that they want to lay it up*
on the whites, because William was one
of the witnesses against the so-called
intimidators who were taken to Colum?
bia recently; but all the circumstances
point to the negroes who are aftex
avenging an old wrong.
A Novel Idea.?Last week we were
shown a very simple and, to us, nove
affair at Mr. Meroney's mill, for siftinf
the meal as it comes from the mill, anc
throwing the bran off to ooe end. It ii
no inconvenience whatever to the miller
as he can sift any quantity that may b<
I brought?from a half peck to any nam
p ber of bushels, and is not one-tenth thi
trouble or cost of a boltrng'cloth. - ?
: f \r. t u U
ine lUYcuiiuii ui mi. u . u*
says that he cao also muko prarl grits a
( cheap as mealand'as good as any in th<
market. The attachment is nothing
more than a long bos with a sifter bot
torn, which is placed S'> as to catch th
meal a? it c >m 'S fr mi the mill, and th
it motion i? giv.-n to it by an eceentri
wheel placed oa the spindle, thus sift
f ing all the meal before it reaches I
r box below, and throwing the bran <
r into a bog at the end. The attachme
. can be placed on any mill at a very sm;
I cost.
I Personal?The members of his coi
gregation, and the people or t'amat
generally, will be pleased to learn ths
Rev. J. 0." Willson has been returne
to Candcn to fill the pulpit of th
Methodist Church here for annthe
Rev. John Kershaw is spending th
Christmas holidays with his father,
family in Camden.
Mr. F. L. Zemp, Jr., and family ar
spending the holidays in Camd^r..
Hon. L. B. Sfophensoti, member n
the House from Kershaw, passe'
through Camden on Mouday night ot
I his wav home.
0'OL. T. J. Lipsecomb has beer
elected Superintendent of tho Staf<
Penitentiary in place of Col. Parmele
Last Monday morning was the coldest
day of the season?a heavy freeze.
Tho Columbia Register calls it mixing
two fools when it speaks of marriages.
Our streets were crowded with people
on Tuesday, all getting their Christmas
Our confectioners sold more poods on
Monday and Tuesday than during the
rest of the year.
Attention is called to the school notice
of Mrs. Watkins. She is desirous
of getting up a private school for girls.
Indians never kiss each other, but
they toy with the hair of the white man
with loving fondness.
A correspondent in the News and Courier
offers $1,000 in Confederate money
A>r the man who cleared anything off of
his cotton crop this year.
The election for keeper of the County
Poor House has been postponed by the
County Commissioners nntil January 9.
with a revenue tax amounting to 90
cents a gallon, whisky is felling in Cincinnati
at $1.03 per gallon, or 13 cents
above the reveoue.
A new mechanical toy is a doll which,
dri-ssed in a batluDg suit, plunges into a
tub of water and. moving hands and
feet. go< s swimming around.
We would call the attention of all
interested parties to the notice of Mr,
Joel Hough, School Commissioner ol
Kershaw County.
The County Commissioners of Lancaster
county havo ordered the Treasurer
to pay the Pi evident of the Cheraw
and Chester Railroad $3.666?int' resi
on the county bonds.
Three hundred dollars have Keen appropriated
by the Legislature for th?
purpose of restoring the iron paluicttr
tree that stands in front of the Capito
to its original appearance.
Rev. J. E. Rodgers is the champior
parson f<>r making happy couples. Hi
has been preaching tw.-nty*seven jewrs
and in thai timo has married bctweer
thr?*e hundred and four hundred com
pics Who can beat that?
One nf the Liberian emigrants wriling
back to his friends here, says meai
is scarce out there, and that roasl
monkey is the favorite dieh for Sundaj
dinner, though Le didn't hanker after ii
Last Wednesday night was the firs
time that a house has been on fire ir
Camden since the burning of the ole
Workman block about two years ago
The bill to prevent and punish thi
intermarrying of races was postponec
until the next session of the Legislature
We hare been told mat ail trie stra;
dogs with long tbils have left towD unti
the holidays are over. They don't lit
to have old tiopots and oyster can
hanging to their tails, and they goin|
at a break-neck spped for the amuscmer
of the bad boys.
The Cotton MarketCamden,
December 24.
Cotton has been quite active durin
the past week, and a good deal hs
ho?'n broucht to towo. The price ranc*
t. from 7}c for ordinary to 8}c for th
. middling
Forfeited Lands.
> The followinjr important bill has pas!
I od the Senate and had previously pas
ed the House of Representatives ;
' A Bill in relation to lands forfeited I
' the State for non payment ot taxes
i Be it enacied by the Senate an
House of Representatives of tho Sta
4 of South Carolina, now met and slftir
in General Assembly, and by tho ai
thority of the sam* :
? ? . 1 rr?t__* -ll
B -.section I inm m an casrn m wiui
*les of land under an act entitled ".A
3 act in relation to forfeited lands ar
redemption of the same, and to Inn'
not heretofore p!ao"d on the fnx dnpl
9 cafe." approved March lsc, 1878 ha'
2 been suspended by competent authorit
- rhe printer's charges, a? now provide
e by law for advertising such sales, qhi
be paid by ttv county treasurer of tl
county in which said lands ar-* sima'c
e on the order of the county couinjissio
- er#> o"ul of tbuptra||ty. /Uodif^ .
- #
he I' Sec.' 2r That "all 's'aloff ""of forfeited
5gf lands not jet made under paid act he
. postponed until the first Mnndaj in
September, 1879, until which time the
1 privilege of redemption is Extended to
the parties in interest, upon the pay?
ment by them of one-half of the simple
" taxes of the fiscal y<-ar 1876, 1877 nod
;n 1878, without costs or penalties,
at See. 3. That in all cases where real j
j estate has heeu offered for sale and nofj
sold under the provisions the said
e act, or may hereafter be offered for sale.
t as hereinbefore provided for, and not
sold for want of bidders, the original
owners, or persons claiming under them,
" ' i A
may tiave sain r?ai e?Hm- i*-.-.,.,,,*.-.,
8 them, freed from all lien or encumbrances
risiojr from said non-payment of taxes,
or said forfeiture, upon ihe payment of
of one-half of the simple taxes of the
fiscal years of 1876, 1877 and 1878:
f Provided, said payment shall he made
j before the 31st of October 1879; and
the real estate thus redeemed shall
revert to the person hav:n?r tho legal title
thereto, 'subject to the claim of third
, parties having an interest thereio, in
the same manner as if no forfeitnre had i
' taken place.
Sec. 4. That the payment of taxes i
herein before provided for shall be made i
in national bank notes. United States
treasury notes or in gold or silver coin,
and the privileges of this act are giv I
solely upon this condition.
Sec. 5. That auditors are required
to compare their forfeited land book '
. with their tax duplicates, and when it is I
appareot or made to appear that there ]
arc lands upon said forfeited list upon ]
i which taxes have been paid by the ]
i original owDers in their own names for f
f ho years 1876-77, such irregular payments
shall be taken and held to have (
redeemed such lands nnder the "Act in (
i relation to forfeited lands and redemp- (
tion of the same, and to lands not' ]
heretofore placed on the tax duplicate,"
approved March 1, 1878.
Sec. 7. That all acts or parts of acts
inconsistent with this act are hereby
M. E. Conference Appointments.
Charleston District?T, E. Wannamaker,
P. E.
Charleston?Trinity R N Wells.
Bethel W 0 Power. ?
Spring Street H F Chrietzberg.
"--i-i--- w U7 Trtn?.? *
DlThlfiJf Ullttilt ?i ?? vvHvwt
Oainhoy ct A G Gaott. *
Cypress ct G fl Pnoser.
9t Paui t?ii?(-ion S D Vnughan.
St George ct P F Kietler.
Bamberg ct W P Mouzod.
, Colleton ct B G Jones.
Walterboro ct C 0 Fisbhurne. 1
Allendale ct W H Lav?ton.
Black Swaotp ct L G Loyal.
Yemasspe ct W S Wighttnao. I
Hardeeville etTo be Hrtfplied.
SummrrviHe Sidi H Browne.
Editor S C Advocate S A Weber.
Orangeburg Dist?M. Brown, P. E. ,
O'angobnrg Station 0 A Barby. '
| Orangeburg ct(J 0 Bi??- II. ]
Braocbville ct T Ravsbr.
r Provid- Dee ct J B Piatt. (
St Matthew ct F Auld. , . . i
()rnnge ot J B Massaheati.
. Edifto ct. N K Milton.
Edist? miss M M F.-rgoson.
Graham ct J A Clifton \ - - i
Williston and Blackvillo D Z Dantzler.
1 \ik?-n miss To He supplied by M A
MoKibb?n superannuate,
ljnngley ct R H Joik-p.
Lewisvill* et J Jj Shuford. V ,
Snndy Ruti ct D Tiller
1 Cmniteville and Vancluse J A Mood.
I Barnwell ct E G Price.
Columbia DtsTRTCT?E. J. Meynardie.
P. E.
! Columbia ?Washington Street?A M
Chri?-izbnrg F M Kennedy puper
City mission W Martin
i Marion St G W Whitman
1 Golnmbia ct W W Williams
Winnsboro sta W A Rodgers
Fairfield ct A J Oauthen
Chester sta A H Lester
? - i t> rrr d _ _
t East.Chester ct T J uiyae, r\ rr oar,
ber supernumerary
r Rock Hill ct J Marion Boyd
Chester ct L A Johnson
1 Yorkville T E Gilbert
York ct G M Boyd
t Lexington ct L M Little. ^
> Edgefield ct S Leard
j Ridgeway ct 0 D Rowell
Fort Mills ct J E Watson
Lexington Fork ct L M Hamer
i Ward ct J L Stokes
1 Gilhert Hollow ct M H Pooser
Colombia Female College J W Dickson
^ Sumter Dist?T, G. Herbert. P. E.
Sumter sta A J Stokes
e Sumter ct J S Beasley
s Bishopville ct A J Stnffoord
2 Camden sta J 0 Willson
Kershaw ct J W Ariail
' Santce ct J T Kilgo
Manning ct H M Mood
Hanging Rock ct D J McMillan
tir ct a_:?;i
Lancaster eia w u miun
Sprios Hill cfc A G LeGette '
Rich land Fork ct J S Porter
p Chesterfield ct J W Murray '
,, Z"nr ct. R Ij Dnffie
^ Lynehh-irsr ct J U* Wollinsr.
e Marion Dist?H. A 0. Walker P. E.
Marion 8ta R L Harper
Buck Swamp ct S J Hill
Little Rock ct J H Zimmerman
South Ma-lboro ct G T Harmon.
3- Bcnnett8vilic ct T Mitchell, W R Rich*
s- ard'ton
North Marlboro ct D W Scale
to Waceamaw ct and mis* W Carson
Bucksville sta A 0 Walker
id Con way hnro sta L. Wood
flnnmohdrn ol i. Sftnrhoro
.c -J
12 Marion cf T W Munner'yn
a- Florence District?J 0 Sr-oll P E. |
Florence W VV Mood
ih Darlin2ton sta G-W Walker
,n Darlington ct D D Dantzler/^S Jonee
id Supernumerary
Is Society Hill cr R J Morgan
li- Ghoraw eta W Thomas
ee Lower Darlington ct E T Hodge*
y. Kinestr-e era J W Kog*r
?d JohnHonville ct \V H Kirton A B Lee
ill lourdin and Sampit ct G W Gatlio and
lie one to be supplied
d. ' icorgetown sin W T Capers
a- Tiiniuonsville ct-G H Wells
Lyaabburg ct W L Fugue* .
Williamsburg ct J W McRi>j ...
West Marion ct J C Davis und 0'>e t
bo suppled
Mars Bluff sfa W D Kirlclnud
Spartainburq Dfst ?J M Carlisli
ti n
r n
Spartninburg sta .1 T VVightuian
City Mission to Hp sunplicd
Gowansville et J F Smith
0 herokep Pt T .T New berry
L-ffidTHm w flntro
Limestone Springs ct 11 R Dagnal'
Joi.p?vil|p*ct J (/' ('ounifl
Union 8ta R l> Smart
Gosh"n Hill ci \V S Martin
Relmont cr E M Merrift
Onne Cn*ek ct J W Tnrb >urx
Clinton ct J T Pat?
Laurens ct J K MeKain
Mesopotamia ci J R Wi'son
Rlack Station ct B M Bonz?r
North Laurens ct IT W Whi taker
Wofford (loll.pp. W Smith W W Duacan
R 0 Oliver Supernumerary and S S
Vanderbil* University A M Shipp Professor
Ookesbury Dist?C H Pritcbard
Cokesbury s?a J W Humbert
Cokesbury ct J L Sifly
Abbeville sta D J Simmons
Abbeville ct C D Monn
^oat.h Abbeville ct SPH EI well
North Edprfield ct. A W Walker
Lowndcsville sta R P Franks
Fumbling Shoals ct .J B Traywick
Greenwood ct J A Porter
Newberry sta J B Campbell
Newberry ct J W Kelly W P Meadows
North Newberry ct M L Banks
Saluda ct W A Clark J E Rushton
Greenville sta A Coke Smith
Greenville ct A W Jackson
Reidville ct A Ervine J A Wood supernumerary
Fork Shoals ct H B Browne
Williamston sta S Lander
n t?.>rvlr t t?inma?
171 uillj VICCIk U 1'lll^ri
Anderson Pta J E Carlisle
Anderson ct J J Workman
Pendleton ct J A'taway
Pickens ct J F Fnpland
Pickens miss, supplied by W M Hardin
Shallow Ford ct J 0 Russell
Walhfilla and Seneca City ct J J
Dconce miss. ,T W Brown
Westminster ct T P Phillips
Williamsfon Fennlo College S Lander
I W Wiehtmnn transferred to West
Virpinin Conference
P Ii Hartin transferred to Arkansas
The next session is to he held ?n
ni? 1
Nomefhimt for the New Year.
The world renowned success of Hostetter's
Bitters, and their continued poprlarlty for a
quarter of a century as a stomachic, Is scarcely
more wonderful than the welcome ihat greets
the annual appearance of Hostetter'a Almanac.
This valuable medical treatise' la published by
Hoatetter A Smith, Pittsburgh, Pa., under their
own Immediate supervision, employing 80 hands
in that department. Ten cylinder printing
presses, 8 folding machines 5 Job presses, Ac.,
are running about eleven months In the year on
this worlt, and the issue of same for 1879 will not
be less than ten millions, printed In the English.
German, French, Welsh, Norwegian, Swedish,
Holland, Bohemian and Spanish languages. Refer
to a copy of it for valuable and Interesting
reading concerning health, and numerons testimonials
as to the effloloncy of Hostetter's Bitters
amusement, varied Information, astronomical
calculations and chronological Items, Ac., which
can be depended on for correctness. The Almanac
for 1879 can be obtained free of cost, from
druggists and general country dealers in all parts
of the country.
A. nKt.nl/ilan nro l"?M o hov.
AU Uiu [Jlijoi^iau, ICHLCU UVIII pi uvvivv,
ing had placed In his hands by an East India
missionary the formula of a simple vegetable
remedy, for the speedy and permanent cure for
consumption, bronchitis, catarrh, asthma, and
all throat and lung affections, also a positive and
radical cure for nervous debility and all nervous
complaints, after having tested Its wonderful
curative powers In thousands, of cases, has felt
It his duty to make It known to his suffering fellows.
Actuated by this motive, and a desire to
relieve human suffering. I will send, free of
charge, to all who desire It, thlB recipe, with full
directions for preparing and using, In German,
French or English. Sent by mall by addressing
with stamp, naming this paper, W. W. Sherar
149 Powers' Block, Rochester, New York octlO
Choice^ French Confections at 25
a pound at Kirkley & Smith's.
Arrants?Mtbrs.?On December 19, hj
Rev. J E. Rodgers, Mr. J. W. 0. Arrants
and Miss M. D. Myers, all of Kershaw.
Died?At his home in Kershaw county
on the 20th inst., of typhoid pneumonia'
henry J. stOKes, in ine zzuyearoi 1119
School Xotice.
Mrs. E. 0. WATKINS will open a PRIVATE
SGHOOL for GIRLS, at her residence
in Kirkwood, on Wednesday, the 1st
day of January, 1879.
School Commissioner,
Any person having bnsiness to transacl
with the School Commissioner of Kershan
Couniy, can find him in his office at th<
Court. House on Friday and Saturday o
each week; or any communication addresser
to him at Flat Rock will receive promr-t at
ten ion. JOEL FIOrGH, S. G. of K 0
Fish Market.
I have opened r. market at my stand neai
the Oourt Honse. where I am prepared t<
furnish Fresh FISH and OYSTERS in anj
quantity to suit purchasers. Fresh supplj
every Tuesday and Friday during the sea
snn, and at the very lowest prices. Giv<
me a call and see if I cannot please y ">udec*26tf
Sheriff's Sale.
T, W. Watrner & Co.," > warrant of
vs. K. S. Villepigue. J attachment.
By virtue of the above attachment, I wil
sell on the first Monday in January the fol
lowing property : 1 Mule, 1 Sewing Ma
I r^hine und 1 one-horse waeon, levied upot
as the property of K. S. Villepigue.
- -Terms-Cash. JOHN DOBY. S. K. C
piano org as
$1600 only $123. Superb Grand square pianos
price $1100 only $355. Elegant upright pianos
price $300 only $155 New style upright piano
$112.50. Organs $35. Organs, 12 stops. $73.5
Church organs. 16 stops, price $390, only $115
Elegant $373 mirror top organs only $105. Buy
ers come and see me at home If I am not as re
presented. R. R. fare paid both ways and plan
or organ given free. T^arge Illtd newspaper witl
much information about cost of Pixsoa and Oi
www mm r
P . ; ?
- *
?..? .
1 A merican Farmer
Established 1819.
Under the same management.
Adapted to the systems, the crops, t
people of this section, its editorial for
enlarged, ami its corps of volunteer C"
respondents more numerous than ever, i
eluding men of eminent success in the
respective departments ot farm work,
will aim to he in 1879 better, bright*
more useful, than at any time in its pa
useful career, and to deserve to be
welcome visitor to every fanner and armer
It out it no tlia Qtnrvln Prune Qnopifll att01
tion is given to Live Stock. Home-made an
Artificial Manures, the Dairy, Fruiti
Flowers, the Household, the Grange, &<
Subscribe uow. New subscribers fo
1879 will receive free three numbers of 187?
if their names are in before Jan. 1.
128 W. Baltimore st., (sign of Gold Plow,
Final, Absolute and Positivi
All parties, whether living upon or ii
anywise connected with, or even residinj
UCttl UJf, Ui ,11. I* U1BU1UUC, ore nttiuvu mm'
longer to trespass upon my grounds, a
hunters, fishermen or netters, This no
tice has been given, but violated time an(
again. I shall now prosecute to the ut
most extent of the law all such ouLlaws
and will not myself be merciful upon then
if I should catch them In the act. I ex
empt no man from this notice, save b;
consent. A reward will be paid for proo
sufficient to convict any one violating thi
Sheriff's Sale.
South Carolina?Kershaw County
Witte Bros.,
vs. :
? T. H. Clarke, et al.
Under and by virtue of a decree foi
foreclosure in this action, I will sell at pub
lie outcry before the Court House in Oam'
den, on the first Monday in January next
within the legal hours of sale, the follow
lng real estate : All that piece, parcel 01
tract of land, lying, being and situate it
the County and State aforesqW, on thi
waters of Jumping Gully Creek, whereon ii
situated a Orist Mill, containing 1,10(
acres, more or less, bounded north by landi
of Thomas W. Lang and T. H.Clarke, soutl
by lands of Thomas W, Lang, east by landi
of Thomas VV. Lang and T. H. Clarke, anc
weet by lands of V. S. Jordan and lands oi
R. L. Livingston, formerly lands of Powel
McRae, deceased.
Terms?one-third cash, the balance ii
one. two and three years, secured by tone
with personal security and a raortgago o
the premises. JOHN DOBY, S. K. 0.
Sheriffs Sale.
<South Carolina?Kershaw* County
fames Ohcsnu', Ex'or. of George Brown
E. B. Dunlap.?Pi. Fa.
By virtue of an execution in the abov
case, 1 will sell before the Court House ii
Camden, on Monday, the 6tli day of Jan
uary, 1879. between the legal hours of sa'e
all that piece, parcel or tract of land situa
ted in the State and County aforesaid
containing 1,700 acres, more or less, an'
known as the Adamson Plantation, bminde
north by lands of E. B. Cantey, east b;
lnnds of Camilla R. Cantey, formerly th
Estate of John Cantey, decease^ south b;
lands of E. B. Dunlap, formerly quretons
and west by Wateree River.. Levied 01
and to be sold as the property of E. B
Dunlap at the suit of James Ohesnut, Ex'oi
of George Brown.
decl2-4t JOHN DOBY, 8. K. C.
Sheriff's Sale.
State of South Carolina?Ktrtha%r Cou.iti
Mary M. Kirkland, Administratrix,
Jesse Kilgore & John I. Trantham.
Under and by virtuo of a decree for for*
closure in this case, I will sell, at publi
outcry, before the Court House in Oamde
on the first Monday (6th day) in Januar
next, within the legal hours of sale, th
following real estate:
One lot, tract or parcel of land, sitnatet
lying and being in the 8tate and Count
aforesaid, on Waters of White Oak Creel
known as the "Home Place," containin
2,700 acres, more or less, bounded nort
by lands of W. K. Thompson, east by land
of Daniel Kirkland, south by lands of Mi
Dowell, and west by lands of J. R. Dye.
To he Hold at the risk of former nurcht
Terms?one-third cash, the balance i
one, two and three years, with interei
from date payable annually, secured b
bond with approved personal surety and
mortgage of the premises sold.
decl2 JOHN DOBY, S. K. C.
Sheriff's Sale.
Very Valuable Real Estate.
, South Carolina, Kershaw County?in t
Common Pleas.
Wm. M. Shannon, Adm'r,
W. R. Withers, pl'ff, Complaint
against marshal asset
Mrs, Nannie S. Withe: s, call in credi
Minnie S. Withers. ors, sell re
Henrietta McW. Withers, f estate, &c,
Nannie S. Withers, jr., j
i et al, defendants
I In pursuance of a decree of his Hone
B. 0. Hressly, presiding judge, dated Sef
[ 11, A. D. 1878, I will sell at the f!ou
j. House in Camden on Monday, the 6th
. January. 1879. all that tract oCftand in t
- J . A*?aoa I/J An t V
cuuuiy mm irmn ihuitt.i?iu. wu %.
east side of Wnteree river, Adjoining t
town of G lindHit and containing six iiu
dred acres, more or less; bounded n<>r
by lands ofE B. Dunlap, east by Chesnui
Ferry road and town of Camden, south 1
r Ferry Lane bearing to Wateree River ai
1 the cemetery, and west by Wateree Rive
r Alse, ;
r One third undivided interest in "Din
' plantation," containing sixteen hundr
' acres more or less, lying on both sides
Singleton's Creek. Kershaw county; bonn
en north by lands of the estate of Jol
Perry, cast by lands of the estataof Willir
Cunningham, south by lands of Willis
Dixon, and west by the Wateree River.
Terms?One-third cash, balance on
j credit of one, two and three ^ftrrs in eqi
annual installments, with lWerest fr<
date payable aunually, secured by bon
nersonal suretv and a mortsrave of t
1 premises. Purchaser to pay for papers.
[ Mortgage Sale.
;? Joseph B. Hammond,
s to ;
0 L. D. MovrryA 8on.
! By virtue of the above mortgage, I w
1 sell in front of the market on Saturday, t
9 21st inst.. the following described propert
J to-wit: Four Mulosand eight head of O
, -
. Christmas- - Goods
*? W. A. ANCRUM& CO'S.
'r* Wc are now selling at the
"J (toufections, Apples, Nuts,
'a Oranges and o?ii?*r fruits,
Canned Goods
of all kinds.
All of the above goods are warranted
fresh and pure.
), Their lines of
Family Groceries
Cannot be excelled in this market or any
other, and their prices
Defy Competition.
) Give them a call and examine their
' goods before purchasing elsewhere.
Court of Common Pleas,
Win. M. Shannon, Adm'r") In the Common
Q W. R. Withers, dec'd, I Pleas- .
0 Nannie 8. Withers, Complaint to
8 Minnie S. Withers, [ Marshal Assets
- \i.w i ? -J ??n t.
llvUI Ivvlll, iUw ?f " liuctn I BUU WBti IU
i Nannie S. Withers, jr., | Creditors.
eLal. | , ' wl
'? In pursuance of an order of Court made ^Kl
J_ in this case, all creditors of the late /
W. R. Withers are required to prove, pre*' \ W
sent and establish their claims before me \ ?
on or before tjie first day of January, \ _ 1
8 1879, at my office in Camden, 8. 0. <
8.0. Oltbubk,
oct81-2m 0. C. 0. P. and Referee.
Court of Common Pleas.
J. M. DeSaussure * 1
Ex'r of Jas. M. Davis
. vs. I Kershaw in the ,
W. M. Shannon, Trus. Common Pleas.
11 L. D. DeSaussure Ex'r v
M. L. Davis & others.
In pursuance of the Decree and orders of
I the court in this case, I will offer for sale,
r on the first Monday in January, 1879, at
. the Court House in Camden, within the
g legal hours of sale, the following described
, Real Estate situated in Camden and in Ker)
shaw and Sumter counties.
s 1. One tract of land, said to contain 1697
j acres, more or less, lying partly in Sumter
j and partly in Kershaw counties, bounded
1 east by land of Samuel Boykin, Esq., wes a
p by Wateree river, south by land of estate
j of R. S. Champion, north by land of Samuel
Boykin, Esq.
l 2. One tract, lying in Sumter county,
j containing 1665 acres more or less,
f hounded northeast by the Uiggs tract, east
and southeast by lands of Thomas O. Sm#.
clers, Esq., southwest by the Wateree
river and west by laud of estate of R. L.
Champion. n
8. One other tract in Sumter county,
known as Diggs tract, contain'ng 139 acreg
. mere or less, bounded northeast by ibg
public road, southeast by land of Thos,
? 0. Zanders, Esq , south and west by land
of the estate ot R L. Champion.
4. Ono lot in Camden, being the resie
deuce ot James. M. Davis, deceased, conn
f aintntv t mnnt tr n/trau mAwa am Iaou
" miuiu^ -?v? vo, iuvi v. ui tvoa.
- Bounded n-T'h by Laurens street, east by
v Mill street, south by. lots of Mr9. Shaw,
- and west by Fair street
i, 6. One jract of land in Kershaw county, ' ? - - "
d near the town of Gapden, containing
d twenty-five acres, be the same more or less, '
y bounded north by the Cheraw road, east by
e land of Mr. Morrell, south by land of estato
5" of T. W. Pcgues and west by land of 0. F.
i. DeSaussure. .
a 6. Also one other tract of land, contain!.
ing thirty two acres, more or less, adjoin'i
ing the town of Camden on the east,
bounded north by land of estate of J. J.
Workman, east by land of Mr. Morrell,
. south by the Cheraw road, and west by
Mill street of Camden.
7. Also one other tract of sand hill land
f. and oreek bottom, containing three hundred
and forty one acres, more or less,
bounded north byflands esate of John Workman
and devisees of Champion, east by
Snake Brapch, dividing it from Joel Davis
lands, south by Sanders Creek, west by
c lands of Ishmael Mack.
n TERMS OF SALE :?One fourth cash,
^ the balance en a credit of one, two and
e three years, with interest from day of
. sale. The purchaser to give bond for* the
' amount, with satisfactory personal security y
thereon, if required, and a mortgage of the
' premises sold, and to*pay me for titles, bond
? and mortgage. JOHN DOBY 8. K. C.
, nov7 8t.
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he Year. 4,000 Book Pages.
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Bregdi fjjfy* Cttn T S ffc faff Wg*,

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