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/ -
. i? __L^_ i
Published Every Thursday
nAMT)TW C!..
{In Adranee.)
One Y?ir $2 00
Six Wonths 1 25
Nnil ArrRngemonlN.
Post Omra Horns?Op<*n at 9 a. in., close at
12 m. Open at 1:30 p. in., close at 5 p. in. Northem,
We*fera anil Southern mail,dose ar 12.15 p.
m. Lancaster mall Hoses at 8 p. m. on Monday,
Wednesday and Fridays. Flat Rock mail closes
at 8 p. b>. "on Mondays atnt Fridays. Jefferson
mall closes at 1 p. m. on Fridays. Money Order
Bnsiness closes at II a. in.
Legal Notices.
From and after the 1st of January, 187Q,
all advertisements of Sheriff Sales ordered ,
to appear in either the Camden Journal
" ? ? J l '
^ or the Kerthaw Gazette wjtl nave 10 De pmu r
for in advance?the money must accompany I'
the advertisement in every instance, oth? '
erwise no notice will be taken of the same, i
It is useless to assign the ^reason which ]
urges the undersigned to this course, as it
is patent to (he members of (he bar that
both papers have accounts for advertising i
Sheriff Sales which hare been long past |
due, and many of them will never be paid. '
Wc cannot work for nothing.
G. G. Alexander, Prop'r.
Camden Journal.
F. P. & II. E, Beard, Prop'rs. 1
Kershaic Gazette. '
Half Shuet.?Our printers having <
holiday last week, we issne a half sheet i
for this edition. Nearly every other |
country paper in the State issued none i
at all for the holidays, but we want to |
keep our patrons informed of the coun* i
0,;^^ them a half <
IV licna, Ilruvv -- _ _
jmper rather none at alj. i
v ' - .
An Error ?In mentioninsr the new
method of siftinjr mea\ now used at Mr
Ml ' . , ' " I
Meroney's mill, we should have Paid
that Mr. J. L. Stokoe was the inventor,
not J. H Stokes, as was stated in our
last i*sne. v ' ' *
, 1
Supper.?The newlvelected officers of
Kershaw Lodjre No. 29, A F. M.. gnvr -;1
a supper at the Latham Hmsc last Fri? ;
day niffht to the members of the Lodge ,
The installation of officers was post- f
poned uniil the regular monthly meet* t
ing?next Tuesday nighty (
It is much more pleasant than bein: ;
"Rocked in the Cradle of the Deep," i! .
ou'll inst take a ride in one of those
J ?e
nice new buggies now being sold b\
Capt. Witter.
' ,
Fights. ?Several fisticaff fights tool i
tilace last week among the colored boys ,
and men of Camden, but throne in thf .
rear of the Journal office was the |
liveliest one of the lot. They knocked
aod butted, kicked and pulled, gouged
and bit each other for some time befor*
the polico appeared upon the scene,
whep quiet was restored.
An Affair of Honoii?We understand
that on Monday last a duel tool
place near the line of Kershaw nod
Sumter between Mr. James Cantey, of
Kershnw, and Mr. W. B. Cash, of
Chesterfield. Two shots each were
I p .. J ; % ?. *
exchanged At tlie first fire no one
was hit. At the second fire a ball passed
through the coat and vest near the
. breast of Mr. Csntey, but not touching
his body. Mr. Cash was not touched.
Friends then interposed and the dispute
was amicably adjusted, when all parties
returned to their homes satisfied.
Southern Surgical Institute
Atlanta, Ga.?Dr. J. W. Gurley.
Professor of this justly celebrated in
K stitutc will visit Camden, January 6th.
W and remain three davs, stopping at the
DeKalb "House He will come fullyprepared
to treat all cases of Club Feet.
Spinal Disease, Diseases of the Eye and
-? Ear, Catarrh, Paralysis. Piles and Fistulas,
Chronic Diseases, Diseases of th?
Joints, Female Diseases, Uairlip, Clef
Palate, Indolenc Ulcers and .Tumours.
Private Diseases which are curable or
can be benefited. For further particuhrs,
address Dr. Gurley, Southern Surgical
Institute. Atlanta, Ga.
' 1
A Rare Opportunity-.?You will
never have a better chance to purchase
v.?- a ^ne nf>w cmriage. top and open buggies,
spring wagons, &e., than by call~
- :? ri? k.c
ing on Uapt. v. wuicr^u?.
on consignment the largest and best lot
ever brought to Gamden, and the cheap*
est. - .. .
bunntd to Death.?On Monday. j
the 23d ul?., Harry Thorn, colored, came I
to Camden to do some trading. Whilp
here he took a little too much of the
"ardent," and it was late in the evening
before he started to his home, out at
Pinetree. He was oo horseback and
went a'?ead of his companions, who w?re
in a wagon. When about sereD miles
from town his companions found him
lying on the side of the road with fire
around him?he being burned almost to
^ a crisp. JIc died the next piorning.
He had two boxes of matches in' his'
P pocket, aod i?- is supposed that after he
' had fallen from his horse, h** got to
rolling around on the ground and the
Bfetbhtf fesgbtfcib. C- L
Drowned.?On Christmas morning
the body of Washington Young, colored,
who lived od. the Kennedy place, six
miles below Camden, was found in the
water under the trestle-work crossing
the Hermitage swamp nrar Camden.
Wash had cotne to Camden the day
bctore to get bis Christmas goods, and
while hero, drank pretty freely of whis*
key. The river was up, and he copld i
not go buck home by tho wagon road,
' * ' l-J i. ?kft f r.icflo
ne aicewpitn* iu * mv u^v.v, -wit
is thought that ho fell and struck his
Scad against a cross-tic, thereby stunr.ing
himself and rendering him help- (
ess while he was in the water.
Attention?Auction Sale?There
ffill be a large lot of fine new carriages. (
onggirs, spring wagons, etc., sold at (
motion in Gumden on Monday, the 6th |
if January, and any person desiring f
anything in this line, would do well to ,
iftend it. The- work is all new and (
5rst class, aod front the largest and most ^
-omplete factory in,the world. You ,
:an get any kind?two seated carriages. (
phaetons, spring wagons and top bug
eies. G'apt. 0. Witter has received the
tbove goods on consignment, and any i
person wishing to purchase or examine <
them before saleday, will do well to <
'all on him at once. Now is the time
if you want n bargain. Kometnber. i
Monday the 6th. T '
I)EMUS AT IT AGAIN.? UDiiru oiu..-.Deputy
Marshal, Demos Browtifield, is
igain at work arresting men for alleged .
icts of intimidation during the late 1
lection. Messrs. J, W. Blnkeney and
iV. H. Ward were arrested on Monday
ast. How long this bit of persecution
ind annoyance to our people is going to 1
:i?t, we would like to know. It srem;hat
they are doing it }0st to make moley,
not that the parlies are guilty; but '
hat the times are hard and that is an '
asy way to get money out of "Uncle 1
^am." We earnestly hope that th<
ast one wiil be prosecuted for perjury
it the next term of Court, aud that each
n? will be severely pnuished.
Thjek jCaCQHT.?On last Saturday j
:-L' M ? A A MnTIiiviill Hvirxr in4
IIPH WIV JT\. ilT'luvra/vwv.^ ? n v- iclow
Camden, hoard a noise oat at his
orn crib, he and his sons ran out and t
surrounded it and called for a light to <
be broutrht. When the lamp came and <
he door vas opcDod, the thiof saw that 1
he was eatiglit, and began to beg : "Oh.
Mr. Mc., it's me, Dick Carter; don't
-hoot, and I'll tell you all." Dick was
in there filling bags with shelled corn
and banding them to his confederateoutside.
On hearing Mr. McDowell
oaqing, they ran away and Jaft Dick,
and he refuses to tell their names. He
is now in jail awaiting trial.
Score Another.?Daniel. P. John*
^ ? ? .v?
son, a cororea 1'emocrm h?iu^ m mr
Pinetree neighborhood ia this county,
was burnt out of house and home on
the evening of the 24th ultimo. He lost
his dwelling, kitchen, barn?in short..
everything he had, including a yearV
provisions. It wa? the work of incendiaries,
who applied the torch to his
premises because he is a Democrat. He
has some evidence pointing to the guilty
parties, and hopes soon to have proof
sufficient to convict. Our friends oo
the other side may score another "political
Wanted to Holler.?A man was
arrested the other night for b*ing tieht
nod walking up and down the street
hollering and with a revolver strapped
iround his waist with which he ' just
wanted to shoot one nigger." He was
told thatwould have to pay $5 or go
m the lock-up all night. ITt paid the
$5 and asked if he was free to holler
'ben. . ,
'Policeman? ' No; I'll have to fine
vou $5 every time you holler.".
Stranger?"Can't help it. [ mv*t
holler. I waut roy Christmas, and I'm
hound to have it." . ^ ..
P.?"But I'll have to lock you up if
vou keep on disturbing the [eace."
S.?"Don't care. I must holler, j
Here is $20," (throws d> wn a S20 bill.)
'good f?>r four whoops. ' Now, woo't I
be a ;big Injun; drink much liquor,
hollar hecpee; run all 'round, tear up
the ground and show wolf HguE; scare
uiggor big hecpee/ Whoopee ! I'm tho
roaring cantankerous wildcat from the
lowlands oi the Wateree."
P.?''Hold, hold I It will never do
for you to go on in this way, Here,"
(handing him to some friends.) "tak
him down iD the old Hermitage and let
him holl'-r until he wakes every owl at.d
alligator in the region rouod about there
and rua^o .them, tremble with . fright.
And off they starred.
Go to toe auction sale ou Monday if
yuu want a bargain in carriages or bugKW*
Death of Mrs. L. L. Whitaker
Oo Tuesday morninc of this week, al!
that was mortal of Mrs L. L. WhitaIcer
was surrendered to the shroud.
After an illness of ten days with pneu*
ruonia, she quietly breathed her last.
For many years she'..s been a resident
of Western Wateree. and her friends
and neighbors will feel her demise.
She was a devout Christian and a pious
member of the Presbyterian Church.
It is Good to be in Luck.?The
proprietor of the Journal was the recipient
od Friday morning last of a box
if the "nice things" from the Presbyterian
Snnday*school Christmas tree.
We had a very happy and pleasant
Christmas, but really nothing gave us
more pleasure than this remembrance
by those kind ladies and good children,
md we hope that the little ones of this
jood old Church may have many happy
returns of tho occasion, and that their
preceptors may livo too to enjoy seeing
ihem have it. The Journal greets
hem all with a happy new year.
Fire.?The alarm of fire on Sunday
aight was caused by a lot of burning
jotton and shucks in a room in the rear
if Messrs. Hrasington & Nettles' store.
" ' _ J._ ...f ? Kno
1 nougn unaer wie euuiu iuui, u u??o
lothiDg to do with the store, but is
lsed by another party as a sboemaker'6
'hop. Smoke was s- en couiiog out of
lie window by Mr. J. R. Condale, who
vas {joiner home from Church, and he
mmediately ran to the rear window,
vhich he found open, and went in. He
'ound a barrel of loose cotton burning
briskly, hut he managed tcrthrow it out
of the window and then cairied it into
:hc street. On going back to see if any
ire was left, he found a chair on fire,
vith a lot of shucks burning around it;
his he threw out of the window also*
hus removiog all the fire. It is a clear
ase that it was set on fire, as the cotton
ind shucks were at least ten fret apart,
iud there was no fire elsewhere in the
Be sure to attend the sale and boy a
!>uggy on Monday
Christmas.?The day in Cauiden
was all that could have been desired?
ilear, calm and cold?the prettiest
Christmas day for many years past; and
from every aide we hear people saying
it was a merry, merry one for them.
The children seem to have had an un
usually good time with their Christmas
trees, parties, etc., and were as happy
as only children can be. ~
The colored people, as usual, were as
jolly and happy as ever, and our streets
presented somewhat the appearance of
*nte?bellum days, with the crowds to
be seen joking, talking, laughing, etc.
In the morning a large crowd ot them
assembled on the platform in front of
Clyburn'e block, and engaged in an old
fashioned plantation break down. They
moved to the music of a Jewsharp.
while two or three others sitting arouDd
would 1 pat tho juba" and keep time.
Oo Thursday morning tho weather
had changed, and it was dark, gloomy
and rainy. The Christmas trees in the
evcuing for the Presbyterian and Epis
copal Sunday Schools did not have at
full an attendance as was expected, the
rain being too heavy for the children tr
venture out.
A Very Happy Occasion.?Or
Thursday evening last the ladies ol
the Presbyterian Church gave to theii
Sunday-school scholars one of the most
delightful entertainments that it ha<
ever been our pleasure to attend, in tin
way of a Christmas tree. The weather
W8P exceedingly bad. and many wen
kept away who otherwise would hav<
attended. Despite it all. however, tht
{attendance was fair, and while cloud:
and wind did their best outside, stil
bright eyes and m^rry hearts movec
within. The beautiful holly bush stooc
in the centr? of the lecture room, bear'
ing with grace and ease its preciooi
freight; and as the charming presenti
were taken therefrom and the name o
each little on ? was called, it was, indeed
a happy sight to witness the joy ant
pl-asure that sparkled in their beaming
ryes The children enjoyed it all, ant
doubtless will remember the delightfu
occasion. Prof. Evans, with his singinj
and music, added much, and nowher
did we see one sinele thiDg to mar ul
that it was iutended to be. To the la
di^R who had it in charge, too mud
praise cannot be given. They had bu
one desire, and that was to give pleas
are to their little flock. Bless them
Everything. that is good conies fror
them. What would this world be with
out them? A day without a sun,
night without a star. -iMay their ut
dcrtakings always be crowned with tU'
vm. - 'J.. ...
We wish all our readeH a happy now
Be sure to dote your letters 1879,
now, . *
When will your persecution cease,
Oh. Nicodemus ?
The merchants are noto complainine
of hard times again.
The lien law has been re-enacted by
the Legislature, with amendments.
One of the finest alto voices we have
ever heard belongs to the class of Prof.
If you see a man wearing a black eye
or a broken nope, don'tiask him what
did it. It was Christmas.
We heard three discharges of firearms
in near proximity U> the market
on last Sunday night.
Our merchants have packed away the 1
balanco of their stock of fire-works until '
Mr. Fourth of Julj arrives.
We bear of champion farmers in all
the surrounding counties. Who is the
champion farmer of Kershaw ?
Many valuahle pieces of real estate
are to be sold by the sheriff next Mod- ,
day in front of tho Court House.
There were fewer fireworks burnt in
Camden this year than at any former
Christmas time we con recollect or.
Wc sow a drunken manron the streets
last Saturday. We wonder how many
applications we will have for an apology.
Stand by your good promise for the
present your. The new leaf is clean now.
See that it is not stained during the
On last Saturday morning the thermometer
went down to T6 degrees, in
Camden?the coldest day of this winter,
so far.
Many shade trees are now being set
A. - ? J ? ? J PrtmJnn WktT Ofl n
OKI III illiu uiuuuu vauiuvui tt uj vxm
nnt Council have some set oo Monument
Square ?
There have been an unusual number
of applicants for admission to Wateree
Division, Sons of Temperance, since
January. February. March; and then
the municipal contest will begin. It is
"*aid that the main issue will be between
"hard and soft money."
Isow is tho time for our farmers to
go to work preparing for the next
crop?repair fences, torn under the sod.
prepare manure heaps, etc.
A yonng fellow around here, on find
ing his stocking empty on Christmas
morning, said if Santa Clans wouldn't
fill it. ho would ; and he put hi* foot
into it.
As long as an idle negro can pet $2 a
day for swearing aerainst a white man,the
question of wood-chopping or other industrious
pursuits does not engage his
The best way to sleep in pearo with
a snoring: bed-fcllow is to take a clothes
pin to bed with you, and whpn he commences
his nasal music, clamp the pin
over his nose.
After a certain merchant in'Caniden
had completed a bargain with a customer,
they went down street to "see a
man." We suppose that may do cauen
( cd a ''commercial treaty."
Both ITouscs of the Legislature adjourned
shic (lie on the morning of the
1 24th ult. They were up with their
' work, and left nothing of importance
undone, that could be done at present.
Oh, epgnoge, thnu sweet dcridor,
How prompt ara fellows to imbihe you;
They drink you rauohly and eat pound
And wake up next morniog with a big
Tii its Christmas advice to its readj
?rs, the St. Louis Post says : Let us
I forget that we are in debt." That is a
I good idea. Our creditors have sufficiently
compreh?nsivo memories for all
parties concerned.
A colored woman near Charleston
P gave birth to twins last week. Sho
named them Adam and Eve. Adam
I died in n short time. Ife could not
s'.and such an old name; but Eve holds
J up woll under hers.
I There is nothing remarkable in tho
y '"acK that we are having very cold weaih?
-r now, and it is nonsense for a news
I paper to any anything about it. If wwere"
having warm weather about this
(, tira*1, why, then it would bo quite
t different.
John Middle ton, the intimidation
! witness who was shot by Lemon Thomas
n while returning from Columbia, is out
i-. .-ifcaio, wearing a bran n? w overcoat
b John will very probably wear out that
i- overcoat before ho will earn another 82
b- a day us "asily as he did thoso which
purchased it. .
Personal.?Rev. J. 0 Willson has
returned to Camden, and filled his pulpit
ou Sunday morning last.
Messrs Patterson, Kennedy, Nelson
and Stephenson, representing Kershaw
in the Legislature, have returned to their
?' rt > 11 T? 1 T)
iur. i;onn iucnrue aou x^uoiuiao?-i
E. H. Brooks, who went to Richmond
recently to testify against Wilcox, the
mail robber, returned to Onmden last
/ '
week. They both went on to Washington,
and spent several days there,
looking around at the sights.
The Cotton MarketCamden,
January 2.
As might have been expected, the
receipts of cotton for the past week
hnve fallen off considerably. The price
has ruled about the same, and we quote
the market as clo.-ing yesterday at from
B to cent" for middling.
We publish below a few of the acts
recently passed by the Legislature,
which will be of interest to our people:
Joint resolution to provide for an
examination into the validity of the
school claims in Kershaw county, and
for the payment of the same.
An act to amend an act entitled an
act to authorize the county commissioners
of Darlington and K-rshaw counties
to levy a special tax, so far as relatps
to Kershaw county.
Joint resolution requiring county
treasurers to pay out school tunds remaining
in their hands from previous
yars to school expenses" of the present
An act to prevent the charge of
breakage in the weighing of cotton.
An act to amend and continue in
force an net entitled an act to secure
landlords and persons mnking advances.
An act to make pay certificates and
jury tickets for attendance upon circuit
courts of the State roceivable for tax'-s
due the county in which said services
are rendered.
An act to amend an act entitled an
act to amend Chapter XLV, Title XL,
Fart 1, of the General Statutes, relating
to the repairs of highways and
bridges, so far as the same relates to the
cnun'ics of Laurens, Anderson, Ker>haw,
Fairfield, Richland and Williamsburg.
Redeeming Forfeited Lands.
Mr. Editor : The recent act of tin
Legislature in reference to forfeited
lands is nbly commented upon by a cor
respondent of the News and Courier
and wc agree with him in full, that it
MAwonna roKnflo Unrlf
perUJII llllg tUl/OC pvi^'UO n IIUDI auu ? .
were forfeited to I he State for non-pnyoietitof
taxes to redeem them by payinj
half the simple tax due thereon, is ar
act of injustice towards those who hav<
paid up theirs io full. It is a yen
partial pieoc of legislation, and our rep
resentaiives were not sent to the Legisla
ture for that kind of business.
It is a premium offered to men t<
stop paying tuxes, and an outrage on thi
good citizen who has struggled on an<
paid his in full, thereby enabling th
State government to keep up. If thos
men who own thoaBands of anrc3 o
land are not able to pay 1} to 3 cent
ao acre tax on their land, let it be sol
and pirss into the hands of men wl o wi'
pay it. 1)0 Dot compel tne orainnr
working man to pay for hia neighbo
who I109 countless acres that are iucreas
ing in value every year. This thin
has gone on long enough, and it i
about time for it to stop. The time
are too hard for tho sffiall land-holder
to bear the burdens of their neighborThe
following is nn extract irom the cor
responded of the News and Courier
' To illustrate the working of this ac
let us take the case of two several tax
payers whose annual State tax woul
amount to two hundred dollars. Th
no taxpayer we will suppose has pai
into the State treasury the sum of fou
hundred dollars in full for his taxes fn
1 ?76 and 1877. but has failed to pa
the tax of 1878. For this single He
fault he is charged with a heavy penalty
his properly is advertised and addition;
costs iio<i penalties incurred.
The oth'r taxpayer, who has wholl
failed to pay his taxes, is relieved fr<>r
all taxes by the payment ot one-half c
his tuxes due for the past three year'
(which, in the case supposed, would h
thre- hundr d dollars.) without costs n
penalties, aud with time for paymen
extended to September next.
Thus the taxpayer who has paid tw
years' taxes, amounting to four hundre
dollars, will have further to pay, to re
deem his property, the sum of tw
hundred and twenty dollars. He lothe
interest on two hundred dollars fo
two years, say twenty eight dollars, an<
the interest of two hundred dollars. f>
one year, say fourteen dollars rnukio
iu all the sum of six hundred and sixty
two dollars. 1 tie ntncr taxpayer, wti
has paid no taxes, w?uld accomplish th
like result by the payment, at noy tim
between this and September next, ci
three hundred dollars?a clear gain t
him of three hundred and sixtyMW
Could a higher premium for th
withholding of taxes be d'vised ? 0
can you, Mr. Editor, imautne anythiu
more partial and unjust ?"
' " Common Sense.''
The above illustration ought to h
sufficient to convinoe any man of th
tiyusiioe of iha aot? T^ifAYia.
'""ikm"' -W- - ~ ? "- <v*v
I1USIB vi rcw|?ic mc jiJiiii
To nick heartache, that Infallible symptom of a
1 disordered stomach, liver and bowels. Many
snfTer from It as many as three or four times a
week. They do so needlessly, for Hostetter'a
Stomach Bitters, by toning the digestive organs
and regulating the bowels and liver, removes the
cause, and dispels the painful symptom. The
Intimate sympathy between the brain ani\ the
abdominal region causes the slightest disorder
afTectlng the latter, to be reflected, as It were
in the organ of thought. The reform instituted
by the Bitters when the digestive, secretive and
evacnative functions are In a state of chaos,
has other and more beneflclal results, viz., the
complete nutrition of the whole physical economy,
the restoration of appetite and repose, and
an Increase In the power of the system to resist
diseases of a malarial type.
Hbabon?Welsh?On the 25th of December,
1878, at 10 o'clock in the morning,
at the residence of Mrs. T. B. Walker, by
Rev. W. A. Thcrrell, Mr. W. W. Hearon.
of Darlington county, and Miss Lizzie F
Welsh, of Camden.
Choice Seeds, &c. By Mail.
For $1 we mail, postpaid, either of
the following collections, all choice varieties
20 Verbenas or 8 TToliotropes, \
8 Geraniums or 9 Fuchsias,
8 Coleus or 6 Roses,
* 4 Ivies or 8 Chrysanthemums,
or 10 assorted Green House Plants,
8 Cladiolus or 8 Double Tuberose, ,
or 24 5c or 12 10c pkts Garden Seeds,
or 24 packets choice Flower Seeds.
Circular, with additional collections,
mailed on application.
Local AgentB Wanted. York. Pa .
Latham House,
(Trarsjent Board, $2.00 per day.)
H?*Ample accommodations. Tables supplied
with the best the Markets afford. Eve
ry attention paid to the comfort of Guests.
jg^Connected with the house is .a first
class Bar, which is located separately from
the house, and orderly kept.
f6F*Convoyances supplied to guests on
liberal terms, either for city or country use.
jan2-ly S. B. LATHAM, Proprietor.
School Notice.
' Mrs. E. 0. WATRTNS will open a PRIVATE
SCHOOL for GIRLS, at her residence
in Kirkwood, on Wednesday, the 1st
i day of January, 1879.
School Commissioner.
Any person having business to transact
with the School Commissioner of Kershaw
Oouniy, can find him in his office at the
Court House on Friday and Saturday ot
4. each, week; or any eomsuimoatioa addressed
to him at Flat Rock will receive prompt attention.
JOEL HOUGH, S. 0. of K. C.
fish Market.
I have opened & market at my stand near
the Court Honse. where I am prepared to
furnish Fresh FISH and OYSTERS in any
i quantity to suit purchasers. Fresh supply
j every Tuesday and Friday during the sea
. son, and at the very lowest prices. Give
me a call and see if I cannot please yon*
" [InAlftsI No*12N-E|ShthSt,
f Bit JL3B St, Louis, Mo.
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to."?St. Louie Journal. fal It I LI J
POPULAR PRICKS ? 60 eta. each 1" J 1 hi! Ill
both in one rolume, $11 in cloth and^^R^^^^^^*
gilt, 23 eta extra. Sent under aeal, otfl HM H jfl
reodyi of price tn money or itampa. JLHJRJ3I
! Sheriff 's Sale.
d South Carolina?Kershaw County.
e "Witte Bros.,
d vs.
ir T. H. Clarke, et al.
ir Under and by virtue of a decree for
\ foreclosure m this action, I will sell at pub^
lie outcry before the Court. House in Cam
'* ten, on the first Monday in Junuary next.
' within the legal hours or sate, the roitow '
Ing real estate : All that piece, parcel or
tract of land, lying, being and situate in
^ 'he County and State aforesaid, on the
' waters of Jumping Gully Greek, whereon is
' dtuated a Grist Mill, containing 1,1(H>
" acres, more or less, bounded north by lands
' ifThomasW. Lang and T. H. Olarke. south
by lands of Thomas W. Lang, ea?t by lands
, if Thomas W. Lang and T. H. Clarke, ann
( west by lands of V. S. Jordan and lands ot
11. L Livingston, formerly lands of Powell
McRae, deceased.
Terms?one-third cash, the balance in
ij one. two and three years, secured by bond
. with personal security and a mortgage of
the premises. JOHN DOBY, S. K. C.
1 decl2-4t
! Shei'ifTs Sale.
South Carolina?Kershaw County.
lames Chesnut, Ex'or. of George Brown,
o E. B. Dunlap.?Fi. Fa.
By virtue of an execution in the above
case, I will sell before the Oourt House in
(l Camden, on Monday, the 6th day of January,
1879, between the legal hours of sale.
0 ail that piece, parcel or tract of land situa1
ted in the State and County aforesaid.
t*nn!flinincf 1 IflO nnrpa mnro e\r* loaa nnrl
, known as the Adamson Plantation, bounded
l_ north by lands of E. B. Cantoy, east by
lands of Camilla R. Cantey, formerly the
r IJstato of John Cantey, deceased, south by
.. Jands of E B. Dunla'p, formerly (Jurdtoo's.
and west by Wateree River. Levied on
|w ind to be sold as the properly of E B.
Dunlap at the suit of James Ohesnut, Ex'or.
I<- of George Browa.
'Owl** JVEX item, k&a
? JtPy?RTj3l?.G RATES.
Time. 1 in. J col. J col.
1 week,$l 00 $6 00 $9 00 $15 00
2 " .1 76 7 50 12 25 20 00 * ? "
3 " 2 50 9 00 15 25 24 00
d ? 8 00 10 50 19 00 27 50 i i
5 " 3 50 11 76 20 60 ~ 41 40- ~
6 " 4 00 12 60 22 76 84 00 :
7 4 60 13 26 24 76 37 00
8 " 6 00 14 00" 200 40 00 "'
3 mos 6 50 17 00 ' 82 00 , 60 00
4 " 7-60 19 00 39 60 69 00.
6 " 8 60 24 00 48 00 '
9 " 9 50 30 00 69 00 106 00
11" 1026 35 00 6800 12000..
VJr Transient advertisements mnst be accomanled
with the cash to Insure Insertion.
Sheriff's Sale.
T, W. Wagner & Co., \ warrant of
vs. K. 8. Virteptgue. / attachment.
By virtue of the above attachment, I will
Bell on the first Monday in January the following
property1 Mule, 1 Sewing Machine
and 1 one-horse wagon, levied upon
as the property of K. S. Villepigue.
Terms?Cash. ' JOHN DOBY, S. K.C;, , ,
mit?r i jlx b
State of South Carolina?Ktrthav County.
Mary M. Kirkland, Administratrix,
vs. \ ' - >.
Jesse Kilgorefc John I. Trantham. ,
Under and by virtue of a decree for fereclosure
in this case, I will sell, at public
outcry, before the Court House in Camden :
on the first Monday (6tb day) in January
next, within the legal hours of sate, the
following real estate: ' - r . '
One lot, tractor parcel of land, situated,
lying andb&jngin the State and County
aforesaid, on Waters of White Oak Creek, i
known as the "Home Place," containing p
700 acres, more or less, bounded north
by landsof W. K. Thompson, east by lands. *
of Daniel Kirkland, south by lands of McDowell,
and west by lands of J. R. Dye.
To be sold at the risk of former purchCc '
Terms?one-third cash, the balance in
one, two and three years, with interest '
from date payable annually, secured by
bond with approved personal surety and a
mortgage of the premises sold.
j - - v r* vatvv T\r\T>xr a rr * 11
ueci4 iiunn woig o. iv. u.
Sheriff's Sale.
Very Valuable Real Estate.
South Carolina, Ktrtharo County?tn the
Common Pleat.
Wm. M. Shannon, Adm'r,"
W. R. Withers, pl'ff, Complaint to
against marshal assets,
Mrs, Nannie S. Withe:s, call in credit- -?
Minnie 8. Withers. f-ors, sell real
Henrietta McW. Withers, | estate, &c,
Nannie 8. Withers, jr., |
et' al, defendants |
In pursuance of a decree of bis Honor,
B. 0. Hre3sly, presiding judge, dated Sept.
11, a. d. 1878, I will sell at the Court i
House in Camden on Monday, the 6th of
January. 1879, all that tract of land in the
county and S'ate aforesaid, lying on the
east side of Wateree river, adjoining the
town of Gamden and containing six. hundred
acres, more or less; bounded north
hy lands ofE. B. Dunlap, east by Chcsnut's
Ferry road and town of Camden, south by
Ferry Lane bearing to Wateree River and
the cemetery, and west by Wateree River,
One third undivided interest in ''Dixon
plantation," containing sixteen uuumcu
acres more or less, lying on both sides of
Singleton's Creek, Kershaw couiity; bounden
north by lands of the estate of Johm , /
Perry, east by lands of the estate of William
Cunningham, south by lands of William
Dixon, and west by the Wateree River.
Teems?One-third cash, balance on a
credit of one, two and three years in equal ' jA
anneal installments, with interest *frrmr ~
date payable annually, secured by bond,
personal surety and a mortgage of the
premises. Purchaser to pay for papers.
Court of Common Pleas,
Wm. M. Shannon, Adm'r") In the Common * .
W. B. Withers, dee'd, Pleas*
Nannie S. Withers, Complaint to
Minnie S. Withers, Marshal Assets
Heniietta McW. Withers and call in
Nannie S. Withers, jr., Creditors,
et. al.
In pursuance of an order of Court mado
in this case, all creditors of the late
W. R. Withers are required to provo. present
and establish their claims before me
on or before the first day of January,
1879, at my office in Camden, 3. 0.
8.u. cltbuhn,
oct31-2m 0. C. 0. P. and Referee.
Court of Common Pleas.
J. M. DeSaussure *
Ex'r of Jas. M. Davis
vs. 'Kershaw in the
W. M. Shannon, Trus. Common Pleas.
L. D. DeSaussure Ex'r
M. L. Davis &. others.
In pursuance of the Decreo and orders of
the court in this ease, I will offer for 3ale,
on the first Monday in January, 1879, at
the Court House in oamueu, wnnin tne
legal hours of sale, the following described
Real Estate situated in Camden and in Kershaw
and Sumter counties.
1. One tract of land, said to contain 1697
acres, more or less, lying partly in Sumter
and partly in Kershaw counties, hounded
east by land of Samuel Boykin, Esq., wes
by Wateree river, south by land of estate
of R. S. Champion, north by land of Samuel
Boykin, Esq.
2. One tract, lying in Sumter county,
containing 16C5 acres moro or ' less,
bounded northeast by the Diggs tract, east
and southeast by lands of Thomas 0. San*
ders, Esq., southwest by the Wateree
river and west by land of estate of R. L.
3. One other tract in Sumter county,
known as Diggs tract, containing 139 acres
mere or less, bounded northeast by the
public road, southeast by land of Thos.
| 0. Sanders, Esq , south and west by land
of the estate of R. L. Champion.
4. One lot in Camden, being the residence
of James. M. Davis, deceased, containing
twenty acres, -more or less.
Bounded n.-r'h by Laurens street, east by
Mill street, south by lots of Mrs. Shaw,
and west by Fair street
s r\? *? I j_
O. uuu li nut ui iuuu iu iycisuuw cuuuijr,
Dear the town of Gamdeo, containing
twenty-five acres, be the same more or less,
bounded north by the Cheraw road, east by
land of Mr. Morrell, south by land of estate
of T. W. Pegues and west by land of 0. F.
6. Also one other tract of land, containing
thirty two acres, more or less, adjoining
the town of Camden on the east,
bounded north by land of estate of J. J.
Workman, east by land of Mr. Morrell,
south by the Cheraw road, and west by
Mill street of Camden.
7. Also one other tract of sand hill land
and creek bottom, containing three hundred
and forty one acres, more or less,
bounded north by lands esate of John Workman
and devisees of Champion, east by
r. r? 1_ .1 * j! !i * t 1 tv 1 -
anaKC Drancn, uiviaing n irom joei unvis
lands, south by Sanders Creek, west by
lands of Isbmael Mack.
TERMS OF SALE :?One fourth cash,
the balance en a credit of one, two and
three years, with interest from day of
hale. The purchaser to giro bond for the
amount, with satisfactory personal seouriiy
thereon, if required, and a mortgage of the
premises sold, and to pay me for titles, bond
and moggagt. JUM* D0BY & Kv <*

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