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Y0L.X1y. ' ' ' ^ ^CAM^ES, & CM DECEMBEB 6.1886^ " ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
. ? - . -', .nr-.ti^cQ.'.^ < ''?&
(Mr. ALEXANDER. Proprietor j
' , Sub., $1.00 per year in Advance.'
At the End of the l'ear, $150.
jfjp" Xo communication will be published
in the JOVRSAL unless tee are placed iu j
possession of the name of the author.
We are not responsible for the ?i ev.i
f .tpressions of our correspondents.
\ m All communications for personal ad .
^b'aje will be charged for a' the rate of one ,
d riir for each inch.
"0^ yamimitions of Candidate! in usual!
I * f.K (L not to exceed one inch. FIVE DOL
V The,*' charges are to be paid strictly
I k </ < 'io ''xccptirms whatever will he
/ :' Mortgage Sales.
' \ . of-Transient Advertise- \
-fL ^^mis'menls mutt be let-t
> V; ? ?1
t :vTs. Time cost.
.; V J
< toddff or old stm Bgm
*; ?,. v ,, , '.' - ' \??
f& an iinjjarcideled oppor. U
, lobwj first c.:i.<y
t A a'- low prices. Bear in
* *~ 11
Spying Machine on Febru- 9
buying $6.00 worth of Dvy *
& a
l-oods at one lime will be t>
g iven a ticdet. Conic while t
& r
i/iese bargains last. ?
Springs, Heath &Co. jr
I, ... .. I., j ! |
= |t
Faby Fictures. i
Taken at Alexander's Gallery jt
I'.'ulton Market Peef
Ten cents a pound, for sale at |4
,.\rtburs Grocer)'.
1 .cgs for Hatching. ^
j'lymoiith lUc;-:, $1.50 for 13. Wyan
$2 jor 13.
llariuill, Ua. t
Cut Paper Patterns. j J
Tbe Butterick Patterns are now!
] -*pt constantly on band and for salt [ r
1 ^ ^-??'** T) Tti'ri'n j
J;V XJLLC^ II. jk. .
Also stamping done cn short no-1
w iioe.
The Cold T7sv?.
On last Saturday the Signal Ser-!
vice told in that tlie thormomPtc-r;,
would fall rapidly during tho day ]
i. icl night, so that on Sunday morn--.
: g it was down to the freezing poinl.:
On Monday morning it registered
on Tuesday morning it in--,
?.. cated ?10. the coldest weather w.O
\-ive had this winter.
y:Ton:r's Inquest.
On last .Thursday morning Torr-:
1 1 1-11 .... ..,/,u ... f /IftiV t (i. .
v 1* 1.71 Oll.lll1 IH'M r.I; ut r? vi *
>dy orHampton brown, the colored
.y who we mentioned in oar las?,
sue as ]:nvi- g been severely inred
l>y an accident with a gun.
' lie breeoli of the gnn was blown;
/ it, and it struck the boy nlniosr 1
<-juarelv in the fcrebead, glancing
. ver, tearing a fearful gasli ar.({
' reaking il>e skull so that a portion
f the brain came out. He died
iring Wednesday night. The verct
of the jury ?ras to the effect t iiaV.
o boy had come to his death bv
i'juries received by tig? .bursting o?
a gun.
N- T. Purdy & Co.
Ue will visit the northern markets j
soon to replenish oiu stock, and on !
our return we will present a revised !
price list which will be interesting j
to our customers.
Yes, it is Unlawful.
A Gentleman from the country!
asked us last week iifit was not;
a. ainst the law for any one to net ;
or trap partridges; that certain;
parties wore netting all the birds on
iiis and surrounding plantations, and
ne wanted to stop it.^ iec, it it> uu-j
lawful for any one to either trap or
r.et partridges at any season, and
Laere is a heavy penally for one who
nay be convicted of the offense. A,
Heavy penalty is also imposed on i
my one who may be convicted of
robbing a partridge's nest. t
}/ !
Eiainfall for the Year 1383. s
We are indebted to Mr. <'olin Mc-'
ffae for the following record of the!
rainfall in tois vicinity during the'
("Off" 1886 :
Notwithstanding the unusual fall i
it raiu in -lay and .June the amouDt,
)f rain for the year was a good deal 1
iclow the average for the past twen-i
y years. We had onl)' 3G^ inches j
igajfacst 42 as tlie average. The |
iciest fall for one month was in :,
Fuiilpvrheu we had 7 07 inches and!)
he-nrxt was May when 5 66 inches'
jen.'v Thete were 72 rainy days du-1
mgjrhe year, |:
3a-; Itooms Closed. ? .
k^fwo of the six bar-rooms in Cam- ''
h-ft have closed their doors?Mr. (
> . F Haile has gone out of business* ,
fud Mr. G. -. Bruce has assigned {
br the benefit of his creditors,
dany persons were under the impression
that the whiskey business (
r'ns the best paying calling that a (
nan could go into, hut the ex- ,
renieuce of the barkeeper^ in Cam- r
len during the past y^ar indicates c
hat it has been anything e'6e btit a
aying business with tB^m. Only (
oar ncenFes .hi.ve' been t&pplied for t
or the yearJfc87 . t
mrawiWf^JWtca number of the ?
tie prominent-citizens of the town'
ssembled in the Council Cham her t
n last Friday afternoon to discuss 5
dvisiability of the town subscribing s
25,' 00 10 the C C. & C. R R. in ?
ddition to the 125.OM0 id ready voted f
y the county to the sntne roa I. i
A good deal was said by the yen- i
lemon present in reference to the I
natter, ard it was fir-d!j decided t
ot to give the ?25,00!) additional j t
m'ess it was clearly proven that the j t
oad would not be built through j I
amden without it If the road is it
milt through any other port-on of s
he count}*, and not through Camden' r
i?**n it \viii also fail t<? get the $25 ji
00 in county bonds tint the county j r
ias already promised to give because e
!i::t am nut was onlv subscribed !(
ipon condition that the road sbonl 1 j t
un through Camden. No furtln r |?
dt ps will be taken by the town to. | j
anls giving the $25,000 until well
an see our way more clearly. j 1
Co Be Give Away.
For every $1 wortii of goods pur-;,
" a ijlfr ii Mr. M. S. Ham'^rg a.'
icket entitling the holder to a draw- .
- - r ; , Ml 1
n<r lor a set oi mmmire wui i'e:
nvsented The ticket to be givenj
lie purchaser is as follows:
No ?I
r i 1K HO T-ER OF THIS i'IC K ET j
is entitled to i
on-: : uav.'ino rok the
o2"> s..t of r. r .i ruiiE.
at iiaai bc.i;o"s.
* 11 gr.oi's t old it. bottom pric 6;
lb 1 Cctto". Crop.
fin: At hnal cot'op eiroulai of C
L Green a; Co., o'New York. A ted1
Des'crobev 24, e-timatos the American
ernp ui" 1> 86-87 at. 6.3rju,UU0 hales .
These figures urc Insert upon tho ra-:
ports classified by States, by p rtfe i
an J by interior towns, aivl .re some, j
wl-at 1x1 >w the preliminary osli-J
Irtrfep. Tli-t wo 1(1 < sopplv <> ' C(?t- J
t St t?'?cr 1-1 if* "ta'ert ar 1,110,5
0 bulw. making tin- soplv f..r ti o
cu rente- lion year 7 466.000 baUs
In ins 21,(?00 bales less than for tl e
|?r' viou: w ar. '1 here was tin aver if e
i- 11 iv r ?!!e l:i?5< \ <>:ir b >.
for.. and this increase for the our-'
r ? t ye: r estimated at per eon''r.
;s estio atud that 111'1 surphis ;?t
the end <> tlir current -'-nr will ! <: i
about cST'l.' OO bales.?
P T "V -iiebigne has removed *< j
tli:* liand?;o;ne ?to"e for.ner-v o:-ci ;
pi-dbv !<!x. Th M. Kenn^dp.- Cr! i
on liini if you want real bargains r !
ah jjwodd. I
Remnant Counter. 1
Few patterns from 9 to 13 yards
in piece all ^ool worsted goods re- j
duoed from 20 to 10c. Several 6tyles
Bonrette, check an l plain to match, c
reduced from 30 to loo. Bemnants ?
gingham worth 10 at 3c. and a large
lot from each department with same
reduction, at N. T. 1'urdy & Co. s
Ukwction iii IWcu iiikI Boys' Over
coals and Clothing.
L?'i N.i. | Suits J Sizes | Old price | Now '*
siat; 2 so as io.no ia.au
soao 2 at; as tj.oo ig so (
7-io i au<>as 20.00 17.20 !
c;;w) 2 :tr, 30, is.no ia.no
7'iyo 2 33 3o i.j.ou i
07 OS 3 .,34 lo3G 10.50 13.45
8561 2 36 37 '22.50 18 70 . |<!
8571 2 36 38 22 50 IS 70
*21(5 2 30 37 15 50 12.65 "
/ 070 > 4 341(>40 16.00 13 30 ' ,
8178 3 34lo3U 14.00 12 10--' T
> r
Men's Overcoats. : '0
1137 5 34 to 33 10.01) (5 05 fl
4378 4 371<> 40 13 50 10 30
61.22 3 35 N. 42 8 0(1 5 85
2161 (i 35 lw 40 8 50 0.35 V
2105 4 36 ro 42 7.40 5.70 v
0731 4 32 to 34 6 00 5.15 g
Children's Overcoats.
2345 3 7to9y's 4 00 2 95 'r
2476 1 0 4.00 2.75 - j,
2300 5 6 7 9y's 2 25 1.65 -1.
Please ask for Lot No. of tliese^oods. j
VVe have also a lew avereosts/mfuei i
fro... *'/ 25 ro $1.75, Mild nihcr goods i-i j t<
:his line vheap. / ?
X. T. 4*L'RDY & <J6. n
% .
Death of Mrs Thornton. i
The sad news reaelietf flaniden on . ,,
a>t Friday that .Vra. Sllzubeth. )
riiornlon. formerly a rosidoofr-.o"! s,
'arcdeu, died ut 1<? :3" o'clock
n >! ? ing iu the 103d year or uer age, i
it the home of her daughter, Mrs.
T. N^Gatnewell, in ; aelcensack,.y a
T. During the great-r part ofber a
>arlv life Mrs Thornton lived iu 1
Camden, aad was .better acquainted, i I1
)robable, with the people and^tbe j
sarly history of our town than any ; iT
)ther person we know of. b- . ':* ! i
After the war, when Mr. j. N.jv,
latuewell, her son-'.n Uw, in order
o be nearer his business interest?,
noved from Camden to Hackenrnek, ?l
\T. J., she went with thenw and Im 'J
e sided tlsgw nearly ever
$?rel deBt||iHgu w r g Mr. C/ap'erd^eW<
tiYl a resident oPCamden.
It is seldom that we Can Accord IP>
he death of one so advanced in
ears (had she lived until next April .3
he would have been 103 years old) j v
>he retained ber health and all her j ?
acuities up to a lew years ago, when j
be begin to be absent-minded and j r?
neliued- to be childUli in some of j..,
icr ways, and ?ince then she h>u>: }
>een gradually growing weaker with J
he grenl weight of years upon her!
until ou the last, day of 1886 j
icr spirit quietly passed away witi: ]
he dying year. IJer "gentle and j
iniia.'de disposition throughout life j 1
ne.de her a welcome visitor every-t
vhere and a warm friend with all
juo'l people. From e-irlv life to tin .]
ind she was a true naa aevoiii 'j(
Christian, and has now gone to reap j
:he reward of a righteous anil weit J ><
spent life. ^ L
[low tenderly touching lii -i.gli sad,
fs tit* cairn, serene death of the old,
[{mv unlike the fading of happy youth V
E'er the blossom its leaves unfold; ' t
Hut when the duties of life on earth, i j|
Have each been nobly done. |
And when afar down the horizon
Touches the sinking sun;
When Mhe [ urple twiligiit. shadowy falls j v
ilia future and the nast.
\ i 4J W >** ** " I. | l\
When memory. with dim eyesight,
O'er tlic hackward shawdows cast. ! n
Can scarce e'en spell the records 11
Of rhe vanished nights and days; y
Oi gather up the tangled t'i:.ad i'|(
Oi life's hrieht mnri'imr ways,
Wl.i-n surrounded by iri- idr *.nd kindred
Death coTf.s. liken mu-v.iti strain
Ljle the ew.-'j, low tone af Aeolian hr.V;.
It the nigh: wind's sad rot:.si::.
If tie day has hera long eu-t weary
'Ti-s then that the ?\d is s v.-.**, ! v
W'i? it the tired ItcAu Jim1 i> r t'lmv.v,
An l res-ed ihe w< rjr ?? i.
Fee "e :s a t L> fdewy, wind:1 r reau,
An i e ri-el a lit!-..** war;
'Ti a: b'v a f :w shcr*. w tre?'l i
To he fnnd of brighter day. ;
'T s but fro.n tlto tiny cr.-.dJe. : "
With i's lull a by o* love, } A
To 'he narrow bed 'neaih willow, ' J
And ihe wuk'ning in reHlmj above. ' *
We all must stop nt the Wnyside Inn,'' j
To 'he old it s"?*in? pure on-! bright, I ,
While: tlio death-rail p-'uuda to .be e?vt> <_ i
apc ... '1
P,i|t ? I'tl 'm ! {? :",V"C*'I ' <T?-"itfllt
Ami tl:o fiirrfuyiftra fr? uj i.ut :he jitaci 1 j ?
brow J,
Ty ?bo buida cflore nro prvMe-l,
Amid fl.xvoi'M f.nd tears, w* yet must f< ": 1
H-u p?Vi-ot to the Aged P.c??.
.hist before dnvlicri t*on 1ast Fi'i-|[
lav inn?T i-ir? o lu?avy t.'iun'lrtrstonrj J j
vis t.'ii t,]^ ''.t t'ton. r;?o flishflR (il'Jji
li.-iil'iiv!'/ tv:v very M 'lit, and thev I;
w irWr.vf; \ hv den 'mi-oji peals ??f! j
tltiiM.l 'r. TI'm fall of ra n was als.i';
I" ivy. On Friday r.i:rlit the fall , f,;
ri. .i -v a vi ry heavy. It. poured 0
down like a real rftrwrner stofrtn. >
See advertisement of Pecan trees in thif
The Pecan succeeds wherever the Hickiry
grows, and one large tree will jicld ai
annual iucome of $25 to $50.
Go to Dr Zemp's for yonr gardec
leeds where }'on can get them fresb
md pure.
Shriners Indian Vermifuge will destroj
nd expel worms. It is reliable. It it
heap Only 25 cents a bottle.
New Year day was very quiet in
Camden notwithstanding a great
aany people were on our street.
Messrs. W. C. Gerald and -T. F.
NiJtlinr are now attending the United
italrs Conrt in < harleston as jurors
P. T. Villepigue has removed to
he handsome store formerly occupied
by Mr. R. M.' Kennedy. Call
n him if you want real bargains in
i ( :ines.
The beautiful weather that preailed
in the early part of la9t week
ras succeeded on Thursday by a
;loorov, rainy day.
Go up at at once and make your
eturns for town taxes. The Reorder's
books are now open in the
louncil Chamber.
To work! and work with a vim,
oo, must be the word with every one
rlio wishes to succeed this year,
'here is no time for loafing now.
A geod many of our people felt
right sharp shock of earthquake
n last Tuesday just before 7
clock. Tftey also waim i.uar,
evoral slight shocks were felt dur:i'
thu week.
To dodge from the number of balls
nd sociables recently held in and
round Camden, the young people
ave certainly "been enjoying the
olid ays. v- f *
Ladies silk rubber coats, Gossan
iers, aud rubber 9hoes. Gents rub
er shoes.' boots and coats in a great
ark'ty and low prices. At Pardy's
. The "! wo Dans" are* booked for
iW Opera House in. Camden^oil
ax^a^y 20th and 21st Tt is pne of
ie pes that has evervyiiritand
on^ wljfcli gaVe^otrr
etpflf so much pleasure on. their
revious trip.
The attendance at the Court
[onso on b<st Monday, salcsdav,
as ranch larger than was expected
n account of the weather being so
ild. Only a few piece9 of real esite
were sold, and some odds and
ads of personal property wound up
in baseness.
P. T. Villepigue has removed to
le handsome store formerly occuied
by Mr 11. M. Kennedy- Call
n him if you want real bargains in
11 lines.
There are some persons in town
rho can see no good in displaying
ae weather signals, but a large mairity
of onr citizens appreciate the
iformation given by the Signal
crvice, and trust that it may coninue.
An Ohio man claims to tnve ineutcd
a machine that will continue
o run with utstoppihg until it wears
tseil'ont. It is evidently an infYingeaeiu
on a bo ;k agent's tongue.
There are lew people in this world
.'ho will pay any heed whatever to
dvice, let it be good or bad. but the
i i:n.i?
nan tvno gives a mue vaoi.i jiuucuion
to his vegetable garden this
' tfcr wil realize beiore the summer
n?> r that the advice to raise his
iwii vegetables was good and timely.
Rhode Island is the only State in
be Union which requires i voter to
n;; property-bolder before lie can
ot ; any prop-i-dvon rb.:t won I:
! v? - * I he evpendil- rj . I'm ney.
' pi er. 1). L? j?re<-?lorit o
it ... *s' - poi . grumltor .1 and M?
bniic! (u ieire. delivered an infer
'StMi;r ;iilr 3j before Lb* Slut
Jn. '.iii :;t J tcksan Inst v.ivk. iij
covered a w i le runge. wit)
lo-.tbern farming, the cJmn?rotl cor'iti
.j of affairs since the war, etc..
'or immiio, s!?o'.\i)io that, to prose-vhi
! -hIm from'?v:p trvs'ris'iniPnt an
i 'c^V, on in ih- lii! 1 ;i>t riots *1;
issippi must ' abandoned <;
n.u! a surplus crop, and that tb
;aiv :Mon of the upliir.il A[j*isissipp:
.-.h 1 iwiif rs n'ul farmers lav in th
!ir- lion of urnin, .-tool-: and frui
"lis:n/ ..ml ttin itnir" inlnvst. Ten
,h i. an 1'.'ol-ire-i laborer:-, lie sai1.
ia duri * the pr. s?ut year 5011
' '*' y./.n. fiAL f%'.'
roiu liii' rwuiitivo ?
I ) tl'fi ...I h. .V fl this 1,0 <!(:
shire.! vronM b.s n blessing in the end
rl'is. suggestions of t.ho methods o
ig: iv'uUurn! reform, or common sensarsiing,
as !;e culled it, were wel
ee. i ve'i l>;, t Vic grang -rs, v.*lio cheer ?
tifri iondljr when be bud finished.?E*
This is t lie J way a colored preachei
arranged bis bearers for mutujil con
' vepience: "De fore part ob# d<
cbnrcb will please set down so d<
" bind part oh do chareh can see -de
fore part, for de hind part can't see
de fore part, ef de fore part persist
i in standing before do bind part' fc
i de utter exclusion ob de biud part
by de fore part."
Valuable Land
..T? fcEJnr OK J, EASE.
i tteveu hundred md ten (710) am 3 o
; fine land known as >fie '1! pev.oii Place'
seven miles below Camden win rent oj
lease whole piace, or in lot.-*. .. suit parties,
, Apply to \MOAr. llOYKiX,
or C. J. SuakVPm.
Application for License* Notice
is hereby given (a.,; ] will make
application io~i be Vow n .. .npioii. of t.'aailitn
for license to retail rp.tituoU* iiqhor:
on Broad street in eakl t'.w.i for Ike year
Tax Assesmcnts tor 88-7.
Auditor's Office, Kuii-eaw Coosxt \
Camden, Ja. C., Bec.dtii 1 ?88. )
Tbi9 uffice will op^i ok the >sC|dayo;
January next, 1
JOth day ol ji, tor the
purpose of nssi's ing personal" property
liable for taxes, wlii.cb includes iiorsci-anrf,
mules, catties, sheep ami goats, liogt
watches, itoid and silver i'l-ste-- mer&uun
'Itsi', monies ncd erub?te,fbonds ami
r.ages. valne of tm.oluuuvj, .iw.ud,, u-.iW,
&c., t9iu.eb?JJ cn>? ail '.:L ? |>j'i n>"v; no
mentioned ir ?Hj,.'hat a?Ar.ti-? un'tWJ'.-thc
Send of,personal 'property.
It is esfetfialiy It&pinnd-* 'port taxf.:tytfr?j
to be carc'ui in tuuking : returns t;ort't'ct
i'i, * * ? } - par'Jailor. .?r"ih?:V
benefit, ?hd to t us.oav iti
olboe ufterw?nis>
IVreone .Mi::?a? returns ..cis.
?bou!d knowbar ikey ur-.'V. mi.,;. r?tu>
nre .*&
I ifibe priiicVt^l f?D* jfc* t'?y[/r:MyJW&r:/'r
wrifl be rnc'.'ie&tAtf: Xte oilier-.* jft?.
on the proper blunk*, and sword lu accord':'?<?icr.o>ir
he 'iitf-ifc^irfieTitr d.r.ti.lvUi
tate tnis ?'pl I'o'.nnis tan,; . UesT;u !',
noting' in toe 1"'T' r i'!ncolb - h
1 a.l'nt^Tljur-' , -'-i b *' . J tfinga
not returned Inut time i-m W iml-iO
ed in next return.
All male persons hetwc.n ti?c age of ill
and GO years (who are not fogally exempt)
are liable to poll lax ami are ivijutred
to make letnrne whether tnoy own any
property or not.
'1'nOS'- tailing fa nniketh. iv r turns v?*tb?
in the time Lrercriki-d. iq . he I?*it I * 10 u
penalty >! GO per cent, on i ..?i return.-, or
.hi sucfi priiperiy u* niav In- ? ertnmed
they invti or hoiil ni tne tun -if'
I will aiii ii'l in j nrpoi', e i.y epu.y, hi
th?* following piiices i.|. :: >. s : ..nil ..eil
tor tin. {.nrptse of .thing i. tie :
Tcbr.ick's Mill, Moi.ua , i i;y "? It.
I'urk-y C-c-'k (I'i.iiivh). 'o* I.ty lanuary
-Gib, >'7.
r ...t. i .. .
? v >in-. . >_y. . _ > i>
ltnlfy'h Mill, Titutfliv. ... ii .. . _'? i <: 'b7
tl otitic, Ffintny, .! . ii :
Fiat Ko.'.k, -nit: ' . .f;7
Kft.l Hill. Tu . . l-i S"
Liberty Itili, i? '. _ . . f.. ..i u.nJ.
1'i !'i : i, >7.
Duhj'? Mi.; (.'. ,, ... :i.ti.i;.
Frbruury iiiti 7,
Ourelon's Mill, f n m : : < ), Th'.ir.rlny,
February 10: , '"'7.
Rubins X il : i rri l v, hruury 11:1:
I '87.
The frucii ' t _ ;
i :obe fil> I t.ui iiti'i *i lr? tli continued.
a- in many i. : *??- w .ri
ii So itilp- rfr.liy tl..iut II! * i-nin e..n
lu-tion in the ...Itec is the ?"ft.
1 r
A.iJit.ir Ki .1.1 '.v >..ouii!r
1 .T.' ' * it
>, ;
V '
4 ...
:V < *#.'. Y? : J* :. ' .
o" ? . ? A . . i ;
&?!d . *> ?', \
1 0 la ^
Vegetable, Flower. F ?e?r| * i ? r Flout*.
Fulba. imr?!em'.s. *.* l<3 rM sa^ a) !
R%) g2* bJ' ,na" "J >;!")l;r.ition.
^ ua ELa Dou't negieut writiug lor It. i
3::-22: S. Ct. 1M1?. Clart St. j
: Hip Qualities ami Lot.Prices
J- F.Arthur
; . .
> Dealer in '"< ?
Fine Family Groceries,
. f 1
' Gilt J2clg;e?*
' i '
30 cents a poimd; WK :
Choice Bolognas.
Smoked Tongues.
Dried1 Beef
For sale low at
TOWN TAXES for 1886-87.
I The Hooks for receiving returns for
own Taxes for iho-i-hT, will open at ,
I I'ftKltlMl ('Imllilw-P i rt 1 lib L\ ./** ?* U^"OA ""
' * "j-cin iliJUDC, UU
nc lisi day ot January next, and be kept
open daily, (Sundays excepted) until the
-Ot . da) tit .-aid month, persona tailing to
make returns as required, the returns will
he ttried by 'tie iti'Corder au?i charged
.gainst them.
Ctcrk and Treasurer.
Dec. 10,
liTj ls$l?'S??
Garden Seeds
Just received.
12 H9:it'k.ets
Pr,re: nl Jr.. h G V !DEN SEEDS
I' !i <-:it!.-r -;i * everything
. \r a t . # ? ...!
OI" ...v; i V.!.UMvll
.. i.. ;i cli??:c lot !"
?32 SCSI
of uli kinds
?8 r ? /*'.- . TTT :;,
?L-i i) w .' ?*. ^
fi/l A .-.j v/ ~ ! (\i
l j i \J * C. ! Lv ' - / t' <
r vi" > .1..-.Jr..:,." I.. . V .... V
<. i,
c i!?; ?. rj '-a : 11
,\ i: v # a t?i w
[. h \i~xv-i r-:i,
Camclen, t*?. : \
I li.-flui! of rh/? P i.laili'Jphi<.'o'.:r^e X li'&S
J IAL ?DU?imY.

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