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The tri-weekly herald. (Newberry, S.C.) 1865-1865, March 21, 1865, Image 1

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"P t~ - -
* * *. -. *
4. -. ---
- *-rWE *.
TelD$I 5 Entk.i.Devi 4t e inatierioft4a eralistrmaties ,a~ nmAVI
- - -- --
-6 19 Y MACCH 1866 r NTUBER 1
- W eed 1 agnc. W9
A 1a e6r Yeaf eome! I come!
Wihe thunde of cannon,*the rglld t
The whistle of bullet* be nfgshe s
-T h aunting'of banere, boHing4f
Th * ekL ie phmderng'of f
'~ f churdbes, th'clAnkidg ofa&si
- tfatkei tuneral pal'
I api-ding high cafnival
To e drpped . dand the
otlen that Sov r er bhitt of.ke
Let the t il tie i e tear,
TeW be thein d al - the cheer.
4..lppyfiew year1.Gte digs I brin
O06o,W4c, defeat, aud'e . ,,A Tag,
Of the shAd a"d the prag; ! 4 amae,
Oheroes marble-wha cariv a! a..ame.
.sip of,sbighter l6omg up to My sight
Theda dawn is eliara-il turns rnto ight
A ,Horse" ppears-a2i9geme is bis -breatb"
41 zar n the earth peace is
# rw IpatgOUr lough-sbares, matapjn
- eetego4 .the tsk;word.!. away foolish fears
ha~ive QensLtb gi,rge on the baones..dash!
Nk d nJeodsge pun the miisket's
* ~ Ser.oe6 flase
aK(usk es! A#i bloo f roes fall
Overt . a Quetrn, ketur all -
d6A lady reident oQbareston has kihndlY-1ur'
Tlished us'a man's&ipt copyof the leadng artiele
* ,of thel4st isiueWsThe ha in -Courer, proT
S-to-.tue occupation efte -te Yankee; It
Subseque*ntly pas.t . hkt3 tf po, North
iAen who are no% cOnt,Ig the pubiction.
r ' e thv~h6 1bie t*iTis X em
- ntnity hi pasd'sidee. our jast.issue, caaoi
be conceived'by those wh4 wr(ressed tItdti'ead
r~~ eam1y. Theasaddest grrt'of all.is the Ios of
e ic ygug ete 'eight and& pine
oelock):~ur*ay. 4izing, from- so acciden1tal
expl'odon of Aqwder de the elewin~g up of: the,
North-Eastern Remroad Debt. A4boutone hun,
dre,d andigy per'ors, .mghiding men, - Vue
* and children, w -re either instan.iy kil ed or
- - erished-ig the iamies, and atbout 200Y wounde
-Of the immnense destution of property -no es
* ~~aitcen Je formed, but.will. amo mt to ~everai
- rT*t eoTros irr .D
* Early .Satarday' ornnig, before the ..etire
meut'of>Gebeyal Har.dee's troops, every biiTding,
- houseware, or shed s4ore *th co in, was
fred by .i guard 4etyiled for~ the pur .' The
engines' were b-ought out but tthe small
force at the'dis-posaI of the fir'e diepartlnent, TeC?'
-- 'Til( else eenld be done than.r e 7keg the sur
rounding banding's ?Poin igniting. .0t; the Wes
en ide-o 6ecliv the cora'grationi raged writh
grea fuy.'On the wharf of the Savannah Railt
road depot, several hundred hales of coton.were
-w iting shipment im blohade .runners; aso,
s eral thousand' b3xshe1s of rough riper . On
Luce&street, 1e**diag to the the de g~, was a long
- obed containing- twelve thousandl ales of cot
-ten, whiche together with several otheie s'heds
a ~nd buildings filled :witI4 cotton belonging to
* *-. Pivate partie,. fe'l 't p-r to the-flames. -Lucas'
Miis, contnng -some sthirty ihoviand bushels
of "rice, and B. T. Walker's wareh6ie at the
-foiot *of rhoad stre t, ii1fed w ith comnitissary
sto1res, were also) destroyed.
Stiorti; -afer eigt r'cloei'occumrd the terri
%lc- '.plosinu ar* th" North-E-istern Rail Road.
Teexplodtn wn,' tremno and sh!ook
-. .
Whoe pit. it appears fraal - its, that
t~s-dretaful catastrophea ror htbe
-*O m ingag;q of powdr s,taking
and h i ,e at
te!po,. In d6ing thi.ey .laid a
:traiti k the whatrves and'sa thetsp a By
wieertions ofprintendbethO . Tart
ner, the jorks were tVed.. eINplosions
erete dus clenda poke we#t
to tree wih
inany ob
ervers,.as theI4h! 'N-isappeared
ip* the ful form-f the esna the cettre
ana was reaerled bh y t y faded
away.. .
AJ) kZ Lieai.JZ~
*Alsot ten a s 11boat 4ng " bieut
dolonel A.. Nnnett, qfthe 2 S. co. F,
itjor ph Jleagesl andL aptBuvr -f
ihe 5'd regiment Pennstvaniti %. First
Lieuteant Jamlesl. moand, b egtmoot
New 'ork VolunteerstWa crew a cam#
inn.to-the c ed atintthe th AtlantiO
be.r, Glenlfe nideda sat a cony
kiunicaiOn to th4 Mayor, Cf * f uing
hinea U.- FqpqEs, O1 S
71 ebruary 6
~fayt 04A~ hr
In tb , t -Go muent
I demand the a o4'h co wi you
ahedexectSu-e tt- I b ders
Scideae wittheir b
0a ix d -to, be Maft
Very res 0
Your obe -vernt,
nieatenmut Colonel costinS frces
dhresto. -V
MaTOr )abeti pee-Vi6usly, dve -a d
partiet -ge ommuge'e cansisio. Tidetman
GJfla'teadVillamns to procee44g Nels Island
intoming the commanding'odi 1here 'of the
evacuat46n of the city, the'foUl4a is a,6opy
To the den4rcomuaud my of the U.
S. at sorris Island.
Snt The 'MmilitAlry the enfede
iate St4tes have ev, isere
you take such steps as you may think best.
Versectfu?iy ,
S..Yiarobedjent servant,
The boat with a white flaicontaining the 'Al
'deipen 'is dbseved approaching by Colonel
Besnett,'io started to imeet it, and jthe inter
view which:folowediAn the stream the rdpy -be
ow was nia4e to the Ma'yorg cormunication.
iKan'as UtS.'Fo9eqCgJnSTom Hauson
North Atlauiie Whef, Feb..18; 1-89.f
Iajbr Charles Machaithl:
I.hare thg honor todackn6wedge the ece pi
of your gqmmu'nication of this d;tte. I have in
replygthreto to,state(that the ftopR tinder my
commanif,aill rendereViry popsibe assistance td
your well daposed citizens in 6xin-uishing the
4res'now bunn. o
.hiv Ghe h06no, to be. ty6r,
Very r'espectfufr,
ToOr obedient servant,
Lieutenant,Colonel toniindipg U. S. Yorcm
9 9brjeston,
[The laiding,of tn'et. S."troops effected iv the
most orderIv. 844r. ahments were at once
4senttake'eharge 0fallhe'pubic buildings-and
,depots. ,The'ArseCnA as takeA n possession of a
little beh're twelve o't.ok just.in time to save
the btdldine The eitizebs in the' neighborhood
had naly* lift in tarot the report that.the
Arsnaldasto be:blown uip at t welve, and a w.
I 'on leaded-fith '.lightwood for the purpok of
Trnit aive4i in thevicinity a feuv moments be
fore thFdr Had'the.atter 'been. a little
I ?teg the respui'gbyhate proved most dinas'
trous Tmid. S. ibi-as hoisted on the Custom~
Hdkse Cita'del Academy and Arsenal. The steap
er Svrin whichi had run the blockade the prenious
n it was taken posscssio't of,. and, Capt- Ryat
.wjh seve raJof his officers made prisoner.s. Since
the arrivalf thexmops from Morris Idland the
city hal been veryqfinet, and the conduct of 'the
t roops -r.etnarkably good. There have been somne
f w egcepti6bnybut these were -mostly under the
i fuence ef liquor Bendett whom wghbave
founti a very eQurtPoi lid obliging officer is do
ing -aH in his.po'wer to preserve order, and prom'
ies t'he failest protectiqn 'to itizens, the cliy' will
be'jlteed under Martial Law, and'the civil frmne
tionsot"'he Mayor ,suspended 'ftr the' present.
The following appdumepts havee been rade:
Lient. Cok A; G. Berinett Provost Magha1; Ma
or W;Uoughby, Assistit Protost Mayshal- of
fe at-the CitadeL 'Gen. Schimmlfening eom
man ding the northern disti'et dlepartment.of .the
~outh w hich no includes Charleston a nd all the
coat to flilton ffad arrived in the 'city -with his
stffl a'ud the troeps very soon after the' surrenl
Jer. The Generar has been very~ much pressed
with business anud the visiofttizens, -sinen his
arival. Our thars ar4u 'to Adjutant Gen. H.
. Jenka of Gen fiso Cot. Bennett and
Lieut.. Haviland. Wkind attentions. Maj.
Gen. Gilmore w city a fe%,hours ,Satur
da'v, 4ut 4e th~ ening for Hilton Head.
A diral 'Dahlgren' wgjEis ffag ship also camne up
to the city Saturdg.y and anchored dff-the Adgers
wharf. The navytg osesion of sort -Moul
1tric anud Castle fnindd a 'voluunteer party
;of ten men fro acits Ittand-enteed,nd. .pa-'
ted the W'. fag ov Smter TL e former.-gli
pn p uiods to the e 'atio'adnhl* ed on ti
parapetsa numbr 4. automatOns in grey emi
forgs wbich uponu ibg.shelled from AIt
Aragg iever flinched. Observieg. this and ens
p-ing somethingausuda th paty above ena
Gone.. bltuieredl to sovbtte extftominary
,p1.esoinekow hh tesatedik there taking poe
sessiofthe Fort. 0 o le reW0f the 41
miral vessel entered rt Moultiie just in time
to ext nguish a slow match thiik burningK in
tendetob6w UP the magazine and F'ort.
limited epacewil not permit us'to gite i
detais'at'pesent.e -
A Yan\ee correspeg4nt of rthe paper,
'&4'Mis. Tboma and N ssV h an i0rnitse
force of ca.;rand moatid nAne.yace
bat 4OMfwosa g Ore. 0iofor
general camps t,fge' the'T ess14e id"s.
heif okiMx-et .i gee .a I ,
Ahe 661f-o1Mxe via t~~mi,~aa
aiolsIe A correiponde,t IAsfo
.The starting point of tir capa p i Z*
.ort,in the ertnestern oownr,fh6-'4W -P
isssippi,'n hea'e Thoatand head rater i
-en.orkoinetfmer Icted.
Gerebel'Sh du tieupe 1~s '
e terh 9.t
-sui*rg fe ci be he~k sxe o h
to tyenty:fli, miieay aa gh1 i
c.oariaues,.soul @p -sp0 Mtca' '00
It ia~f~i *,rgest epdtoo~lic4
deter of thema* abdjt*nditiO: prospees,
have been so thorcugi1y ca/a.ed van
that no doubtw eYor is enrtained of it ai
plete success. C(
The demralized Cndiion o TaylrA
(late. d' at japiefo, Wot r Pmu e
thous ay as
The openingu#^the'sAabama,&nd. Tmbigbee
nv And the OeMptionof Sehna,otgemer%
and'Mobire, will virtually iedmpIte oiua
iork ii the iottotSaos ohf the
Kasbville corraspondent of the Chicago Journn4
0nder date of the 12th ntant, furnisfv the
lfoling facts 'evebte g hera' streogt
Our army lef Saviniah stroqkly jpisord
with troops beloZiginga t tbo h ibeteenth'orp.
6q that Sherman set. out iaVthe ead o- the
f6,kowing force
FDurteenth corpsj:
Twentieth corps, -
Fifteenth corps,
Seventeenth corps 8~(
'Foser's arniY -7h
talry, -
pntIms~nrecutly, from Fo*l nousu
tha t w,gweeksi ce the.fruit-treewer oM
in tht larid of dowis, tbi oen planted, adIbs
most saugaine hopes en inod of a Nountiful
cro of.altk zid ofcereals.
.he ism AtIena* assed thtogb South
resa~r,n deft'gia,~anl #e ajlatt*61 g report of
?frp prospectofthat greof g.anary of our
Stie. He states -thiWle never saw. Whevt look,
ing so well, 44 anthaia 'unusnal1y, la.re breadth,
otland has beenspwi inthis iimp6itant staple.
Here fea - re ~ttertained bf the rust, owmng to
the atep44A he season,, though we hope thip
atidipatn may prove ill.grounded.
Asera:a RuMbara MevruxNt.-It is -rumored
ic*d th a Yankee force has left
noxvil- l pegetrte, if'possibl$, North Caro
lia-p' s~y to strike the 'railroad between
Slisbury . Charlotte. This force, when last
heard'fro m, consisting ofeeatosa&aarg
and supposed to be under the eqmmrand oikv rill,
aat Greenvzile, from' which 2pinghe~ ?ssn
sager road into' North Caoigbrnte oke
p1osing Ulirough, Warm Spring Gi?p.-4'
The Richmond press~ says there ia,,lt'nWi
Soth Western4Vyginia 49ebe Mainagd'i sow
and that the rou to be tihngevidently thr ugb
North Carolina,
'non S8mNNi.-E-roti a gen epa wo had
ijust arrived from Savpnnih w~e learn tIlas the 19th
Tajkee corps is being tran'ported to Morehead
iy,which leares very 5aw 4roopr in the city,
a4ithey mostlyv negroes..
No one1 he says, i.s permitted.t.p-eate.r the tOwn,
nless they declare. their intentioni to remail
The measles, and 'other' diseases, has $roken
ot amo'ng~ the negroee and is'very fatal. The.y
aredying from ten to thihg per day, and are
hried in trenches, withput coffina or ceremony.
hRereprsentsthat a good A.d of trading 'is car
red on through thd lhnes, ,bbt says measoresbhare
been taken by The proper'authorities to stop iS
?RorToUg.-The present fear pronIges tp be
the greatest friuit season -of this detfde. "'Th,e
late gol-d weatherpurith 1 its attenidant discom~
fots, may,prove ma. signal. blessing, yegetation'
'has been-kept from a prem'aturs growt.h, and the
dvelopment of frurit blopsoais is'almost a month
later than ukual. Now, how- the 'trees are flaunt
ing their floral adorninents !Spring, as if to
make aminda'for her soft dafliance in the lap of
winter, scatters her largesof bud and blossom
with ala'ish band, ,
Sayetteville Wbeapki iis hd
the flog co rning the evaivatn o( har
too ib4i~ 'Oe gv*uatioa 4_ Chadekt41,V
tok e Friday -
lided in sn about'721. an-Sitr
4.AUte on-solue 4,~ baIes -$aitba
te and e guapspikedby -
au ' e.,'tis~ *- D
4 t bittlemrebu OtWwa of - -
niiu. Y'akesanereof
it VAM U a''iftdiei was.tl rag.
TQerdi ageFs9Wo s: .Asigandty of
AAM e -Uibeeeft al .he depot of
& Ba.i204 Covnpany aog withX -am
reeeg ekod of ieread
th V
citzcaQ the )owew fmrh'ad-assembledf.rtbae
utis 'tee a boy, aa
o. dr ,Wi4h
t wn-oe t 0teif ep on
iU 4nd isan tbria dt
STheiwsedi'~s. - AD thibIoir h ig
oc~tholdiees'.iOr mam ees.
tate tre bo ei wil a .-.
Ltheuse bar h ~%'dd .notevas ae
intEeoawkslof te' tOOfS,aItddad tw
Aateked fromrie .tv er.s:.N
erlies klie-peurried16'dier pawof
tWOU'rs Wd- torha'e been ts,te .k410 f ih-t
sl's. oemr
iofse aR.,by thbe;Tiseea.
-reGanems* neHalrdee'have-goui
ger mrein, t* notaemissibiate
stae brftieyardbe& they WEI h fogani whirt
the~eqh*nS af de Nrt"Vwwsaist fi
th uatehe(rm d~or greston -
t-eeditedpies:o 0h rl wion 'Co6ei er, -*kkh,
a a' the. hands, of theNmi Ir i'
Oplaers-argide b heA*Oer
tde seore A recruitikofeer. d aWed for
Shesa- Be. a."ftwe agte* eA ind
advertipes a -*seta&oat 'the Hliberdian- HaR. I
Alse-" oy,a!leitern*. a erointd f e not
I-A Atodlas Proidt'iaraitvol
ior eU&UJ, 4
ej er their namdir aa
4pNoCali orai t.*r Or i '40 th
d-Cdet!. 0 -
Nat Fulaer edertope .hr 'W&6 es_*ei
it ~~ an.darterbe no
rbiess1ira Seo t's cila, ntef are eh
~ oned aurk afoatinisere'i -
iji;: ere, als.apd0 'h t ' hO"
sen. Gnistref d itoi eja be p&ef
th1 7ayeat ojied eraasGenearn
thei U.Xro Tre i h iizn ht~i
The'peparc JILQPe*
A lifeised t rred eif o t
-ool $, in.4 r.dc es Q es bnOW -the
a ot 9ajo -.'0 illog d Osfc. - -
T leartisean
rcbiUmns. -hi -
mGen. Gilmorei ofs t 4xchas aIels d
~te neas confederate Geners Thtu a ~e
lnd Barrowm 4oinfrm thuset .hat
Red i b~uen ered ou toor thev ii -aV *
einmheyter l , pn. thoe west anot the~
Asheyzhasiecb dstrye ohnf ire. enc
of te ir-orfgee siref nined, bAVigig
thaoshd theer. qein(4
expght o p t'asaeio )itWre of &udeto
VOamay oe. - s witnout el& bod n9 e
ctralins ptesint 'whare dji -been
ndpl th w&Ye4t s th~rest.1p yetO bs
ed W.cpsrd, y cese. heC- .e e
eu i t eLanouiloa ns. Th-nota
tefi wojalhatkeoso, Toi$d b wneaufolff
,uersaae fsoqj nothi foan*e adgency -
ways said thor en. 'e r epar~ingga
Taolea Ash .~fedo a ir hed n
cenrl pinkiti,- d ar a believer 4rtb
t amena. Te.i fc . nd -se -
Imppy hs,wns l Chaleses

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