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W th this numoer we cammence -the pubica
te. cf a tri-weekly sheet, and having but ittle
tim-3 so .drertise our friends of the fact, adopt the
.n of ,sezdi.g a specimen copy or two to them.
e feel conBdent tha;t iiy necess9ry to let
them know tbat auch a paper is issued. to gin
4heir -pstronage: SinN the occpation of'Cha$
-'ea!on, ad the dastrutinof''lbia, by, our
foes th4benry isdepdved of those medius
-be daytfipere-by. et we have, beet kCIt
Q!rined of pv2sipg#ven-.. -& It s1all be our aim
ae re tor4i r$ke our lite sheet as
sef.1s possibkl;n the gatberi*g . c-f fli infor
mationorthy -os ttnti , he d to t.'t e'e.'n
been made tyvhich ;
aperls, from two or three highly impvrtalti
our ri-ney upon-the falor of a kind eomf-.
-ditors and Puliisher .
Ta Ashes c vhar esAo," an htterestiriaT
- fe from the. N . DaipeNews, wil a :pearn
har.sday mo)ning...______
A- portion of Colore! WiliAn 'B t'iic
r,ved here_Sunday. We , Te laizz
bo.dy of men wM1 -e wountcd.
- Friends
Beth in the vilMge an~d dia:riet w. o~ie tus
Very mucT with any, pCints iInteres eieher of,
a local or genetal cha+actr.
- Te ladies of Greenville recently held a a'r in
-. aifcfHogpifiad WaysHde Hoy by wireh
hi areized six thb d do ar' ~ 44hide
h ' Pd p e r f o r m a e a a d r a i s e d I 0 0 . a,
same ca-ine.
. ,X e h~ave received fromn u \ r.
r, Germ,S. eiTe
7 ., n rdr A
e f7 4.P,e r az 1.r u e
'iule i
p erely .destrOe.
nthe counifry in eve drec o:A
:y foevr-.o a ipai o
*~i .3 v C 4
~ ?k our ey were -edi~to Si.t ar sgh
f-who do vcd a ruer \' Evt
- . e came to scare awe degra'iers frei.hr
Wbeeer screer& compey," wih a -b. dsie
iew of his p:-;r... - so,~ sces atta
- on Jeemes.
Fayvettevi4ile . C i.rptd syc
xtatiar e t is said 'to bc exhibited
about Rieb.monid Va~. videtly loning ico.'ro
agenrl enggemnent. Negroes a. saa to
tir :.tos r eep'e-~ ra ybmifro
* al n.ou s.k Sher an 'deedre
u - e'4 a-:. Na is.1t:em
om .:gengbse *,..,N
* . yI tver rcurze.e:ore :e:r ero:g
egge c: wden the 'gr- t..la h
* .
The [email protected]*r Undr - ee Rafe.,
Wege ~debtedsays tlF Greenvige Tat
to thf kindess-of MSr.*. WAVIkerl'fo&the
loauof a tiesto! Courier, which paper is
now. i ieem, reguly issued .bt the Yankees.'
T he material and style are the same as those
us'i former daYs; the size is ron,ewh t redu
cid, b-igz s~i1in ha f sheet .form, bat cntain
in. onJTA'.0U- cIrns t t.ie page.Uidr the
?aiter C xau text beadr. of "Char-e, n
oCtier we uind the d.'te inc ru i.7g ths, n
sm tv rype. resto, S?C, U0teda States of
Amer10-S1.% .S*Nr., monig Marc 4,1 f5.
The editors are Ge; Wittemor aind G. W.
Jono.adthbf srpto price is 0a year,p
ad imts 0 certs l' S
' ere are seer.ai eeCor;al ar.iclies in its cc
umrs-one 0 w,ich' ;,altes to the 'burning'of
Stonree's Meis on. the. west bank of the &sh
ey N-e and:tl bu::g oT-a row of .bidb f
ou n'e Rge.' e. These :es re -siid-to have
cpriossibly caused y e be1 1tepdi'es,
;o, lidetected, will srey be =ade to suffer
V. v r a penaty" I Tihe same arti sdp .4that
t oi city o:ad-have been destroyed bj the rebels
on the day of' vaduation but for t1w'effdrjs-of a
;ew nicn soldiers. TLe.re !Iso- an -account of
a. Cag orderT Laoi' to a calcred regifner'; thev
'prese.tat.o* tak ig De i the Citadel E4ue.
A Wa~x tarW n .-JTh20pinion rationae
of a rec'en't date4gives this dismal piCtere 1f th
fre4nt belMgerlnt cor oilnV' he wod:
' there Ite ca-t . A polit;ie aA v.ell- as
br I>es: aog 1 m t u: safCne "I am par t of
te }* de yl.: 'we rbabit. Tairee-quaroters of im
T!n;y o: c are ihg th,, barbarous state of,
.r. - T war in Poland: wgr in A'Igr.; war
in -eis: T'r in . - :ar :a he Uit0d Sfates;
we Z#Sand; uraln C
z i,,, r w, :in J apan Eia r p Mga nistan
Vortiiaie y: elIo 0 to td)c 9zI oRa e' th' fre i ads o
r ace, and rbo cand:" thei ll n<L
n--:t w! ti grater da Sppointmre't next yesr?
tr N av. To-a it; Denm:irk and th&
- or iewe:1, j'h as g &.i humor., anid to
who sdy rton of our
o day gtinga llan mrtre ccriplicatted.
- T.It P.: oa N' . r .XTPit.
cr,de:L oh 'the rFr O-te 'ZCheri
.x Pre 3zsompn a lot of arnI:. h 6at her re
~L id (. comes tM:uC t !npom:nfl,) was ~
en'..im two. pr2e of 'lis w1"
c be'Ms r iist'..
fro .h Dar di! e , M rch,
I Lki
1 y b~e May'o:a a..,ne' ci the ciTas
fG ! I's.!ZO0tre.!rype,rm
w:.egqte ecou'raging. T we of the~ most abic
fforech; quite rnmbpr proe one, two or*
Gen. Lea' mn ''n*:be?'Mor fe ose ia.
.m in e :art of wdr# v eter .when cold,d
aas mouch liour as wi'l mi it, th-e .comiis
pom!ere ro.si'ns will *;iAd on i hi i4g,
a ndt o.tdhre coves: hof s: 'tt a consis
twele mo:~*4ih: an Wjge;n dry, nin bes seie
4 romas not going,to oc bend tme
ote 'tgts-. the r.etroicr,n .,usines. hI.
twnt nat ...f oi wel. s of th'e 4rgest -ize.
.'hG.. or*~~ -. e"' . exten ,6r
rn.nsTri.u C,v .ery-y .rfment.s of
etr.ce"r In~ a p6rt-! cand anitiac i.:e ee
'V o j rana. Beautyi i r,-i.thotti
Wit'a itn p indeed.triumohant. .~vii-I
.. i.1 - a CL .~fC f .
the S iCemes te 4 pa'en b.h enL
1TJ) iy -rhTl :ry k:. London on t.
horv oc :.n~ oa f g voe a . At
is? caking up tE thie .y she said:.1 lbr
vani is nbetiul,.what v-t the dght..s du
be 3~' " -
It is estimated bY a statistial wrier ,t
the com4ned . nal prode oftt e olQI
And,Ailer mines, aM\; the rietrofe rf . -p-ings
and wqlls of the United State . Iil avr.
age abt ne udred miHilis ci- dpi4ar
per an fo a iarter Lt a tcptury .
come, ad,p erhaps, or a 'much linger pe
riod. ..I
.. .- I V ed to h efOmTn tb'e qwer. N*e of
ym3:fe egroos w,ankt4'
athisoffice. Mamb 21
J The atjantiwn of sold,ers returning ho e
IL. on frliough in Newberry District, is aain
C.Aed to tme requiremepts oF paragraph 1 Gen
erai Oraers No, 141,L. 1 I 0. series'f 1863.
.L The*per referred to ~epires'thQtgoldie
'rii!g i : or o; 'on rea
-paces at w ch they ..i a dur,ng fnrioga,
wiimmediatei report to the nearest Enrolling
O , wLO l'keep a regnster ot their names,
de ive dept, place where slntai6d. by whCt.
the furIugh was granted' and the *me at which
.When a soldier on fuedouri Iath
r01-of the same, unable to trmvel to t4e i1-c.
pi.al Exrnmiing 13oard, hi will be ordered before
the rvar_41 vf gaminers for Cpnripls, -fich
Board if they tii,ik proper will recommend an
exten:;n ofr.frLough4t to exceed thirty days.
47. I. cases wbe, from sicknes or wounds,
a so! nr is uuabc1eto appear before the, Board i'f
Exaierir~ ft Conscripts,-he will sen~ip to,the
IEnrofling OPicer wi.h furlough, .eerdficate f1
his atteng;ng ph'sichm,,giving a,ful datement
of as case, whde wrtificate, if approved, wf bj.
!Eerred to thp Board for its action.
rr.~ Ercfcompiar.e with bce above require
mlen win be%romptiy.cefogced. ,
6ah'., 6 0 pt. E. 0. N. D.
. jus ' r, -ceived and for sai e bv
t er ig up on t he campmin about to
n Cr6ca - cah,effeis as.ured.;hr the
n o so rg nd so nobly bort
- ef rj e oie
e, cand h e s t'n ar.
- t r.l c.e" bd. tr an ' for thc-, nr
.. Ea tfe ac pirir iqie da e fe n
cnd ine houre"i p'eril.d ,'c-si
-&ra epai is offerodl th irs wipe
of'-rcres -'ht~asc
By setc of thei Pqesideaof te Con-4
Ado: t oS e a p ho igenrbaoued t suc
lintr id meni iproperl benmis hl
ste ato $wo ans tofbid theyf belong
or-i-y, at the e e sdof the armnt
i* e d thieV i be. -
Tiew. miv 'op're$e"d by interup
tir. vi conn i n,a reportwithi the
reseetc a h miaest' enroUlipg Dffcer
of o e ,-ti un day to be~ foxwaried as
so s.-ra.abe .an~i upop reseng~a
:gvih tis' requredient, will ece the.
I The ende daer ed i,o the. soervice of
th ney er whot have teserted.after hasving
'('er, com~' I r.r and few te samue ac,n
thn pshntii dosert, or absent tem e
wizcYou ' .rity.. di~ fer rhe puInitn of
Nor d the Te:- oYf pardo1(excttd to .ota r
r t:e .aeathrir, it ip also (.ecored
Ma' c:neral~ :;ir. t~ wi1l - aain bigre *
d. ta -do Liu~ to as cept 'die.pardlen
av in'.red, or .: oha hergater ds..rt er
rn&. thems/ves it'gout leave ..shad 'suffer
and n'o,r.piaio for elemency wili,bevnter
voe wis energito h t i~common deferce.
- )ur resc ; e' na 'vi'ously eni
el i ar aple, a wi a b.ave arm~y,
EyaIne by & ermrAindai .l.unit tfopk,
. , The ad.niaser hftie enemy w1i h'avelbut
rsi;. o-ur resolutica. $t n, oppoAe- co'I
w.'m"y t0 r.d:ity, Y . to sufferine, and
curne to da~nger-, w1t7 firm, assm ance
that He whoi eivo to our fa-ther's will
Ns '.e eff.r.s of their ohil1dren to preserve
-.T A T . TE B A CO%r.
T kTKE tlns edeasir Ar.jiify Dot to torn
0o oar :B.ewtan nAy .1w, t
0oeetoior this Ofie.r boe C &&C irq ' .
ia thefMd- The, reeptsf aQf y-but. BaUded -
*.en in the fidd ar"
-- 4-R C A;
Newberry.S 6 C Marh N Se. -
NOTHER Lot of tiose niee -fiar
OSNABU S for Enring an
use For sale b B vV"
March2 tf
State of Sw'tt Mg.ina
fahn3taGc a;ch S, 86
T IE MIUTIA he State borwn th fges
of 16 and 17, who hn reportfbtddvv
an Oove who have not ieported, tfiTsed'I-v
sent %y,furiough or with ieale,ho, 1 wo have
notten able to r#joit their - edann d d.al -
:.betiof this4ge, who fro.m any tausf w atever
are absent frp dy, asaenibre,;t- Spartau.
bug, a's soon- 1ftei bl"ce -4 this r9r 'a A
practicAle. -
IL Wben'asembled b eyvie.b eplaeid -
-a Camp of cti, ftn- erear d'h'dr
vice as th nce C?te State re t .
Ii As"on As itea'be ne, ieet a
det~ aftalhed to the Citadel ad 'A nd
Aid et e Colum big waitb led h ge of
t.hia'Campjf Insrucn; and -the di*tibine of
these 2.cadem'es will. exo6id over'P e -
btee this Pori,ion -fthe a-.' . :
V The ofecers of these. nst.ions wkH_ _ -
chargd.with thy dt.v,$fgMr.g Lo tMee '..',
nooly~ eilgr rabic which wi1 ena~
them tbbc effieipt -in th-ffeid, b i& .e
Lioni adintages htd cadiire a fe !nt-1
which de gn"~axies o the 'a-izen.r1 bf dere
*oW1 .1. - I - P
V. Tb'e QqaremiastSGrseraii1itaske .
visici-for. the 'comMoeatiot f f:ese t
and the miar GeneW*!wili ,talt al vrp
rrnge e ts "f tir sw"*istehce.
- Vy. ~Tee e mee I2i .hieh thisgkea pre
M ? 8 , t and - -
honed, hat nore.I b UeUteodeyin.
.se o . ser ia-fihe& pres
Snar .the I'~lltAtol.h
m t -f .R- tas a bt S"-fshed - n
rnei GEa ntg ad e R.43
tic' to 4c good diimpili fW~o 9 i
ther Stiate;4 e .ecared. to be aba
outhis are pianid~. ' .z - # P
' ii I:The. Chairmtan a4Yctkf'Stsat
MUiary acdegies' are insated to.est ~fin the
organiuzationl of.theie troops.
VIIL Until otherwise ordered, the 4beadquar
ters of this commapnd will bo at ) tran29g
*ourt Roc86 -
By.r'ne Go'vernor.
*(OffiiaI;) -
G. A? Fnu 'A. A. GeneL..
March 18 **
Head c y ers,;*
be}& $ 3.
bein reatfy-.--$ 7
thir-fropet dm end*s t,o j-oiiithers 4b
they fn4 servieoe re e -~
SThia c~atice' afts injurious A itas c
seuneas 'the .*ci4ne o crioiit. fo*~
Ist.t,icies o W ay, p je ae .tp a
htnishdizsnI sub~ e66rer ebig
iRtherefore deligidfie ronos of
Gener4; urde No- oq tM 3it*Loz#z*
Teaquaraers.n#y tdi sauen, a'*
~teir gopet 'comand. ~djk 6W fe wt
&t.t bem7ngu:Ilarly tra&in &. Ibey wdl te
s4v:tr pron pyd t'it order ipten
comgpvidg with; its . co 'ddhiosu or s"fier the
e on.?ueiiees ., taced to 4kgLec-tng it' .
Ten.rmes of such.is' tiW' wuit be. forthw.th
repor&d te .theye b adqN;'n'-b dbe oicers
nii -7h 'th-v .are -ervmg, ane .:mmediate
mensit~ tae're tirei to Lth rroper
o . et n~ragi tc1 an p ,ecai will be
2lean emrgoes .~1'e preiprredi agai *
those whoc - ocu eaf dc h2is 9drj'.
it . Lr- eneraL
'4 0h Ord ar ,9
. ' >tLis phr -The SoiierS of Reie
comumic kti bv imdi, ' tmrd~ Their re
citit of this r:mice. '?be experrsc of <nese cou -
riers .will 4.ef dy. .1 oiee. Al etbher,impor
tant cor;mn!edens fi iodice should -be for
A- itr f4
h -* -

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