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NE. W a&k I please- sept or
than late papers kiadly furnished.
In the next ss our readeTs may look for a
eartubl-ubHton of AheLnon'-nu
turaAddremas render 3d by the London Punch.
ogle copies of e-Nerald can be had for fif
nas povidegeseing .h.Ir ehingtk
otherwise$1tellbe charged
ou ygabbee stragglers eptured in the.vkinity
of Pomaria, -were sent io Chester, segeral days
Ris Excellency, Gor. Magrath, artived in this
ace on Wednesday afternoon, and tdok up his
hedqqrer atMaj. L.J. Jones'. We understand
that hehaves for Colmbia this, morning.
among thie-e
is imtninent, pmn teeple,in,.thi-burnit
sections of' Lexington. Richland, Kershaw and
-Darligto.- Cheraw is filled with refugees, who
are in a deplorable condition. Let us do all tlt
- can betdone to lefV beir niseries.
To edr.Meekly Subscribers.
We call the atteution of our friends to the fact
that the Til-weeky issue has been sent to. many
-h wo have not'1odei-ed it'but qho were taking
the weekly, believing that they would prefer the
former p-per. A large r4mber have signified
their aveeptance by -a prolpt response, while
sowe bthe.r have kept. silent, not being able as
et to muake up their minds ; we will, therefore,
- ee:id two more numbers, this morning's and Tues
day's paper to them, and then send ihe Tri-week
1v to none who do not request it, atd .p* up.
The great expense incurred in printing a paper,
oy-a-days, for6es'tlls 11CCes-'ty upon als, other
wise we would be glad to wait unti[they are con-.
ied that it is y well to patrtmi7te :I home pa
pCr. Why halt ye between twD opi.iQns ?
The True Rig.
The mexrry voks of the gallanz Misspinns,
says the August Coustuticfalist, Mar. 17, Ping
ing through our streets late dn Yesterd.ay afer
noon was dec.de!4 -heerin,. Wei ust it made
the gold and other shairper, inw.trdly.groan,. as
it must have -made favery loyal Coidfeierate re
jo.ice. These men have eirrp oie beeVforlnghed
since the return of Hood from.he late Teninessee
campaign, but.nQw like lr:ie aid gi1rious vete
rnnqas-the-y are; tvport promptly (i duty five hun
r miles from theh. Stie. It made u. feel
proud of our birti State, to see-lier gallantsons,
reterans of the old Biirde of WtI and Chal
rmers, march so cheerily throug'h our streets.
The Afnmy of the T'ennepee is hsastily.clustering
arouindt keir old chief.
ft*Sevei-e Battle in N$UI Carollig.
We have the following relei inteligenre'
f rom the fronty! On the [email protected], four mnile-i
* elow Arer'ysboro, whichs istetween Fayetteville
* -ind Smi thfield, thwo corps under Slocum, and
K.ilpatrick's ca.valry, ware met tpy Rhett's brigade
- o Soush Carolina Regulars, and' held n check
or five~hours, until the arrival of Gen. Stephan
* lliolt's brigade,- (also Charleston troops} when
* the ene'my were handsomely' repulsed.' Federal
loss, as stated, 3500 killed and wounded, our
loss about 500.
*Killed, in -1st Regular Infantry, Lt. Cog Robert
* DeTreville, (ison of' Hon. Richard DeTreville of
*Beaufort,)'t;. Glover and Capt. Qaittlebumn.
* Wounded, Capt. Press Smith, .badly, Cijpt. A.
W. Burnet, thigh, Capt. Duff Calhoun, Capt.
Pierre Bach, knee, it. Hoxlbeck, lef t eye, Lt.
* Wounpded and captured, Lt. Ravenel Macbeth.
Col. Alfred Rhett -wae acting Brigadier, his
- poinand eorisisted of ast. S. C.. Regular Artil
* ery, L t. Col. Jos. Yates, commanding ; lit S. C.
* Regular Infantty, Col. Wmn. Butler and Col.
Frederick's splendid volunteer regiment.
Latest from Charleston.
The Yanikees are' fearful of the advent of the
eikly season, and are purifying.to be prep-ared
for it. On the nigh't of tly 10th of March, a fire
* destroyet the whole block on which was situated
the ware-house of John Frazier & Co. TITe roads
to Charleston are lined with people, white -and
blace~ going to Charlestor on foot to trade, and
for protec#on. 4.a
The Savannah Republican says, that- Iartin
R. Delaney, a full'blooded negro, has .received
the^eoiinurssion of Major in the U. S. colored
'olanteer service, and been ordered to report to
*Gene'ral Saxton, at Hilton Head,- for duty. It
is the first instance.of-a negro receiving a comn
~on, as a field oBicer, except as surgec.
)ster's8 dnmaAd is treating ladies brtitally
and outrageously, in~ the raids fromn Charleston.
The cptton fleet that left Tybee on .the third,
-consting of. thirteen vessel 'is supposed to
bawe been lost in the storm which prevatiled for
two weeks off Cape Hatteras.
was received in Columbia yesterday, confirming
tirWrort that -enz Johgftd-. feat efa
on the 18th, near Smithfield, Our loss,was com.
pa'ratively smalL Shridai idss very head
Four thouspd prisoners were captured.
, A courier just in reports that Sherman was
driven back.' five :miles, and Gen..Johnstol still
Onwt Saturday Gersid -yo hihMee
headquarters from Saisbury tW' hleigh.
. rFrorngammana
On the 17th, passengers ledviftRidhrhd, re
port thafSheridan was in .the neighboAided of
Ashland, trying to forni a ji-eti'n with Grant,
but was intercepted by Picktt's Nvision getting
in his front. Rosser and Early's-commands fol
lowed Sheridan in the rear. A blttle ensued.
Sheridanras defeated.Ve was retreating through
Kirig William..
IkcRyoND, March 18.-Congress passed in
secret session, 'and the Preident has approved
the acto raise* coin for.tie purpose furnish
ing necessary supplies for the :army. The first
section authorizes the Secretar*of thp Treasury
to boiow.from any bani, corporation, or indi
vidual, any SUIt in coin not exceeding three -nil
lions in- aggregate, -and secure re-paymeh at such
time es may be agreed upon, not ta- exceed two
years after conclusion of a. treaty. of peace, by
issuing bonds payable in coin. .and - bearing six
per cebt. interest, payable semi-annually in.-'
I cie. The Secretary it spowei-ed to pledge
cotton and tobacco owned by the government, to
the extet t of the value of the loan' obtained, or
toconvey the same in payment ofsuch loan, with
the right to export to London: free fvom ddty,
I except to the extent of one-eight pet cent. now
imposed by law. The second .'section provides
thAn'the event of a future ko*an, tled shall be
I levied and clleteid a tax of.fenty-fie per cnt.'
upon all gold and silver coin bullion #nd'foreign
exchange in the Confederate States, payable in
Ifiid on tlie.first April, or -soon thereafter as
practicable, amounts not exceeding ttvo hundr6d
I dollars in value to.be e4empt from the tax. AL
so; all amounts loaned to the goveramint under
first section.
. 0m the Trans-Xi pi.sPPL
Ax'usT, March 18)-The Mobile Advertiser
tnd Register has reliable information that- Xirby
In ith has twenty-thousand -negro troops, armed,
equipped -ind organized under their masti's a
in operation ih Trans-3ississippi departme
The muster volls of that department contain over
one hindred thousand names.. Eighty thogsand
ure effective and i service, 'Tlim journals~ an
nouneing the fact, ask why they are not now
used to sowe purposc, and where hey are thost
"Themdf1~ pex~irevails at Mobile, 'exchanged
pisoners having brought it with4them. Sanitary
reasures have limiteditsjavag'es.
F rom the West.
SzNAromIA, March 1.-The report i.igthat
Shelby has defeatpd a Yankee.force -near Little
Rock, captytring four-hundred prisoners, and cani
non. The cavalry raid uinder Grierson, hae re
turned to Mempis, having gone not farther han
Ripley. Gen. Washburne has issued in 6rder
permitting ciize.ns of the department topurchase
a limit6d amount of supplies. The papers say
there are agitations prevailing in South America,
which may result in the annexation -of Hlondu
ras. ._._
I .From Charleston.
The garrison at Charleston is greatly reduced.
But few.troops are left in Savannah~--mosty ne
groes-all the corps having lieen transported to
Morehead City.
The m'easies and other diseases prevail among
the negroes in Savannah-they 'die at the rate
of thirty a day. and are buried in trenches with
out coffins.
.The"contrabands occupy some of the'finest
.residnces in Charleston.
Xrom Fayetteville.
We cannot ascertain to what extent Fayette
ville is damaged. . report sayh that the whole
town was~ burnt; iither that only the arsenals
and factories were destroyed. There were ten
large factories around-and :within' ten -miles of
the town.'
e '; From Xobile.
A large fleet is, in Mobile .Bay, and a heavy
force of the enemy concentrating p.t Pensacola,
uder.the command of Generals Asbboth, An.
drews, Davis ad Steele. The4 announce the
intention of -cutting all commuinicatin with Mo
P.TERSDURG, glarch I 9.-The situatleIl here is
nehangeil. .There are no movements to rieport.
The,weathercis fue and the roads rapidly im.
From .aze.
* ~e'~ -defe 'o t2,4
d qr eiemos
Legislaure of Georgia, at the late session v
passed an act authorizing the Governor to es- 1
tabiSh.:aina,qf roun,ted .pickets, of such
ndm"ter ahd at's,uch points, as he may -deein
sqfficient for,the..pu4rpose of prevcing the
escape of slaves to the enemy at avtannah;
and to drganize theuten into a- battalion of
cavalry, to Woomped of such as will mount
This is..a right move and in the right direc
tion. Such a measure would. not be amiss in
this Statk
*7 Wanted,
CANDLE-TICKS.for which a liberal price will
be paid.- Apply at this office.
March 25. tf
Wanted to hire from the owner. Niie of
yotr free -neroes wanted.
Apply at this office. Marefi 2* tf
' ,,Jt received and for sale by
March 21 if B. H. LOVELACE.
February 11th, 186k.
Geeval Orders No. 2.
In entering upon the campifign about. to
open,the General-in-Chief feels assured that ihe t
soldiers who have so long and so'nobly borne t
the hardships and dangers of the war, reqUire t
no exhqrtation to respond to the calls of honor
and duty. C
With the 1berty traasmitted by their f4. r
thers they have itherited.pthe spirit to defend t
The choice between war and abject sub
iis,siun is before them.
*To'such a projs4a brav!e mei,.-with arms in
their hands, can hfive but one answer.
They cahnot barter manhood.for peace, nor
tbe rigit ofself-government for life or proper
But justicete them-requires a -sterner ad- t
monition o th"sy who have abandoned tneir t
onirade .he hour of peril..
A last -portunity is offerod tliem to e I
ont the disgrace and , escape thept;mshment
By anthority of the President of the Con
federate States, & pardon.is aonioufced y such
deserters and men iiprmpery abrient, as shall I
reWurn tQ the.commandito vhick they l elong
iithin. the* shortest posiblie time,. not exceed
ing twenty days from the publication of this
order,*at the 1ead4uarters ofhe department t
in whichthey inay be. r
-"fhose 4the may be prevented by interrup
tion of conimonication, may report within the
time specified to tee tearest enrolling officer
or other officer on duty, to be forwarded as
soon as practicable, and upon pre ettig a
certiSeate froamr.uch soffeer showin~1 compli
ance with this requiremerit, will receive the
pardongereby difered.
Thbse, whotive-.deserted to; the sevie of
the eniemy, br' idho ave desbated after having .
been once pardo"ned fog the same offence, and'
those who shall 'desert, or absent themselves
without aiuthority, after th.e* publication -of
this- order, are excluded from' its benefits. a
Nor does the offer of p'arden extend t# other a
offences than desertion and' absence witll'out t
permission. -
*By the same authority, it is . 4eclared a
that no general amesty will again be grant- 8
e4, and those who refuse to a;cept the pardon C
now off-red; or who shatll herea(ter -detertiort
absent themselves -without leave, shall suffer.
such punishment its the Courts may impose,
and nb appiain for elefnency will be enter
Taing rie resolution froma the fate which 4
our eneuiies intend for us, let every em.in do
prte all his energies to the commnon defence. -
Our iesources, wisely and vigorously ;m
ployed, ai-e ample, and with a brave army,
sustained by -a deterrained and' united people.
sucess, withf God's assistance. cannot be
doubtful. a. I
The.advantages (4the enemy.d have but
little value if. we do not permii themi to imi
pair our resolution. Let us, then, oppo"e con
stancy to adversity, foiti,tude to irinug, andi
courage to danger, with the firm :a ranl'
that lie who g:vve freedom to om; W;hei '. wi
bless the efrorts.if theii- childreni tot preserve s
March.38 6 '- R E LEE. Generaul.
IS HEREBY giv?en tihat a he epxpi f.j
thrse'months from -mds diate. a pjm~:~onv wi
be made~ for, a- duplicate~ of cer tificare for1
four per eent. Registr ed Bond of .he .Confede
mtLe States:of America, issued to 'xe, Jby. Silas
Johnsone, C. S. Depositary, at N'wbeiry, S C.
No. 1225, dated 3ist Maueh, 18ii, for Til dW4
Jan..21, Smno,
A NOB5 Lot of these -nice light striped
NOTNAURS,fo.r spring. and Summier
use For sale by * B. Hi LOV$LACE.
March-21 if
T tjo edsi .n0tiffy you not to turn
II ronB'bna t6 any person but Tithe
ollector, or this Office, or bonded Commissary
rthefield. Ther.eeiptw:df an-AtWBWaded
ien in the field are worthless.
W. W. WALKEBR, C,.-.
Newberry, S. C., March 16, 865.
State of'Suth Carolna
?SPRTavasadRa, Mare o6 1865
Tirt MILITA of th'e Stato between the ages
L of 16 and 17, who have reported for duty,
nd those who have-not reported, those nei ab
en by furlough.or with leave, these 6 Uve
-t been able to rejoin'thei- -cohimandr arld all
ther.q of this age, o-frtom aby cause whatver
re absent from duty, wilq ssemble at Spartan
urg, as so? after notice of this order as is
rabticabWe. .
II. When assembles her-e they will bfplaced i
Camp of Instruction,and prepared for tuchaer
ice as the defence,ofthe State requires.
III. As soon as it can be done, the State da
ets, attached to the Citadel at Charleston and
Lrenal at Colourbia, miibe p*ed in charge-of
his Camp of'Instruction;. and.the discipne of
bese Academies will be .extended over. an4 em
te this portiori- of the Militia.
IIV. The offie:rs of -these institutiont-wi be
Iarged with the duty, of giving to these.'troops
pt only the inilit training which will eniIble
hem to. be eficieWin the field, but such d*a.
ion9l advantages as- can be' affdrded; and by
hich the qualities of the citizen *ll be de a
ped. -
V. 'lte Quarterm4st#r General will make pro
iRion for-the acewitmodation -of these .;trobps
dd the Commisary'General will make all pryer
rrangements fortheir sibsistence.
.YVI. The ser-icfor whicl these troops are In
endedo- is the defence of the .Otate; and It. is
oped that aene-wi.l.hesitue or,elay i offering
bewselves for that service.. The preServa4on
n,d care of the youth of the State.; thg*i'mproxa
3ert,'so far as lean be,accompished der ex
sting disadvantaiges ;ind the effort: an inten
iun to do good to the.m, while they Ilo good o
beir $tate,; are' declared, to be the purposes
rhich shall animate all under~ whosa cir'e tiese
6.uths are' placed. _
VIl. The- -Ohirmin ana'VisitoPoftheSIite
lilitary Academies are invited to asAis. i*the
rganization of these -poops.
VII. Until otherwise ordered, the' hgadquar
ars of "this command will 66 at Spartanburg
ourt Hou'ge. - .
By the Governo
(0flcia1; )
G. A. FOu.IN, A. 4 Geen1.a
March18 .
~ T.PetrIo1 Ee., rdfarg f ie.,
VThe So tater.of edh i iarano
ud singular the goodse and Ahatteg.is, ghts
ud creditr of Dr.John E. Brennaazateff te dis
riet aforesiaid deceased:
These are therefore,to cite and . admpAish.''ll
nil singular.,.th.e kindred,aIid c,reditoifs'of the
id deceased, .to be and appear before, me,.o.
ur next Ordinary's Court for the said District,
o e liolden at -Newberry Cot;EUo.use, on theo
rd' day of April next, to shew cause, Sif
ny, wh'y the said A dninisti'atidn should not be
ranted. - -
Given uinder my hand this~ 20th day .o1Magh,
ra the ;~ year of our Lord -cne, thoisand etglt r
'ndrd#nd sixty-five..
.o nirleighs in \ubertWDi-iit,* pn
alvl Th sh regne~en t.i of p.ardgraph It Geo
ral Order No. 141, A. & 1. (. 0. eries of 1863.
11. Th.eorifer refe'rre1 to r(gLe that soldiers
eturing~ 'hotme on furlo ug or on 'reuebin;r
Sinee e. hich they' wili sidy ctprintg furlough,
vill imenidiately repod. to the e-rest Enr&.inq 9
)licr, w~ho wil keI ep a r.1gister or their namets,
huerptiVO Ii, plazce where st.ationed, byhm
he furlou;gh was rntd and the timne at..whch
t expin;s .
.131. When a soldier on furlough i.,it the fxpi
'atiorVci' the. same,% ut:dbie Tovtrai to AieXos
imn ExuminingIBdard;heO ' i'l be .ordiered $efore
he Board of Zuminers foiF (onscripts, which
hard if they think proper will recominnd,an
xtensio.n of' farlough not.to, excee~d thirty days.
IV. In e:nes wheje, from sickness or woynds,
i o(ler is unable to appear before the Board oif
hatiners for Conscripts, lhe 'bill send up to the
Cnroling Officer .with furlough, a certificate pf
is attending. physician, giving a fuif statement
l his case, which certificate, if gpproiyed, willb.be
eTred to tife Botrd for its action.
.A strict compliance with the above requie-~.
nents .voill be promptly enforced.
F~. N. WA$KER,
March 21 /> Capt. & E. 0. N. D.

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