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Ten Dollars for 3 Months.] Devoted to the bissemination of General Inf)rmation [In Advase.
Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday,
By Thos. F. & R. H. Greneker,
Terrrs-$10 for three month;, in advance. Ad
vertisenhents inserted at the rate of $. for first
insertion of twelve lines or less, and $3 for sub
sequient iiPertion.
bingie insertion of one square $5.
The Way to Jeannie's Heart.
Where's t-he way to Jeannie's house?
Any child will guide you;
Or ye- may find the road yourself,
The river runs beside you.
Where's tie way to Jeannie's heart ?
That I canna answer:
..'ereabont or the--eabout,
Find it if you can, sir.
Is this the way to Jeannie's house ?
As straight as you can go, s.r;
Down the valley, through the wood,
And down the brook below, sir.
What's the way to Jeannie's heart ?
That I canna say, sir;
A lang way up, a wee way-down,
In truth, an unco' way, sir.
Some on horse, and some on foot,
Comies hither many a seore, si ;
Wia finds the way to Jeannuie's.heart,
Maun brius a coach and four, sir.
iucola's Inaugural.
The London Punch has received, by U!tra
4rie Telegraph, the Tnug ar: Address of
Abe Lincoln, Pre.ident oi the dis-Uuited
States, to be delivered on the 4-h of March
and publithes it in advance. Here is the pre
.cious document:
Well, we've done it gentlemaen. Bully for
uc.- Cowhiled the Cop peritads consileraby.
Non nobis, of crurse, but stl l"recko-, we
have had a hind in the glory sme. That re
ninds ne of the O!d World story about the
hand of gfory, which I take to have been the
litub of a gentleman who had been justified
on the gallows, and which the witches turned
into a patent nagician's lamp, as would lead
a burglar s-ife into a::y donicile which he
might wish to plunder. We ain't burglars
quite t'other; bu-t I fancy that if Uly Gra)t
could get hold of that kind and description of
thing to help him,into Ri. huirnd, he'd not be
so un-Chr stiaan proud as to refuse the hawi of
a malefactor. (Right, right !) Well, right or
left ha-id, that's no odd's gentlemen. - (Latteh
tei.). Now I am a st>vereign of the sovereigi
people of this great and united republic for
four years next ensuing the late here-i, as F
used to say when I was a lawyer. (Yu are,
bully for you!) Yes, gentlemen, but you
must do something more than bully for mse
'you must tight for mte, tf you please, and
whethe'r you please or not. As the old joke
says, there's no compulsion, only you miust.
Must is for the King, they say ini the rotten'
- Old World. .
WVell, I'm king, and you -shalr .,he viceroy's
- over me. -But I tell you nagain, and in facet I
* repeat it, that there't mni's w ork to dio to
beat these rebels. They may run awny mIo
doubt. As the Irishman sayis, pi nay fly,
but thcv're darned onlikely' hirds to do it.
They miust be well n' hi ped, giintlemen, an'd
I mfust trouble vou for the whipeord. (You
shall have it.) ~Rebellio)n is a n icked zhin~g,
gentlemen, an awful wicked thing, and thle
mere noifienchiting thereof would rmake tay
hair staV( don end( if it could be miore stand
onender than it is. (Laughter.) Truly aw
ful, that it is when it, is p,erformed ign inst
* ~iid, free, con,stituitial sway like that 'if the
White House, but of cours,; rinht:n jS glorious
when pei'petrated agauinst frgirus, erty-l,
bloodthirsty old tyrants like G: r.s t.ie Third.
We miust pu.nish these rehieis for their. own
good, and tos teach them the bul~iing- of this
*mighty and transcendental Udon. 4(We will,
we will!I) All very tall talking, g.rntlmen,
but talking won't take Richmaond. I fit wo uld
and there had been six Richmonds in the field,
we shoul !ong since hasve took them all. lt
Richmond wonaid-fal! !ike Jeri'-ho, bv ever'y
zpan.h!owing of his own trumipet, we've brass
eg(o!gh in our bandl for that little feat ina
coustics. But when a cow sticks, :as Grant
does, in the mud, how then ? Great laughter.)
* .Incontestah!,gen tlemn,t his great and mighty
nation must give her a shovo or..
Shore for Richmnond gentlemen. (That's
the talk?) Now .abe't these eternal black
Tou expect me to say something t-ucLing
thern, though I suppose we're none of us too
fond of touching them, for reasons in that case
made and provided, as I used to say. Well,
listen. We've got them on our hands, thit's
a fact, and it reiidnds me of a ni'ger stry.
Two of these blacks miet, and one had a 6ne
new hat. "When you got dat hai hat, Sam
bo '" says t'other. "Out ob a shop, niger,"
sys Sainbo. "Spex so," says t'Other; "end
what might be de price ob dat hat ?" "CTAn't
say, zackly, nigger, de shopkeeper did'nt1*p
pen to be on de premises." [Loud laught'r ]
Well, we've got the niggers, and I can't ex
aetly.say-or. at least I don't thiik you'dlike
to hear-what might be the price of thte
articles.. But we must utilize our hats gtn
t1emen. We must make then dig, and fight,
thit's a fact. There's no shane in digging, I
suppose. Adan digged, and he is a gentleniqn
of older line than any of the bloated and slav
ish aristocrases of Europe. And 'as for fight
ing, they must feel honored at dting that ifw
the glorious old flag that has braved for eighty.
nine ye:l-s and a hilf, be the saime little mnre
or less, the bottle and the breeze. (i.heern.)
Yes, a:.d when the rebollion's put down, w'll
see what's to he done wiih- them.
Per1raps. if the naughty boys down South
get ucoinmon contrite h-earts, we may make
them a little present of the 'blacks, Axot as
slaves, ot coure, but as legal apprenties % ith
undefined salaries determinable on ni-condu-t.
(Cheers ) -Meantini, zentlemen, I won't deny
that niggers are useful il, the way of morn
support. They gi%e this here war a holy
character; and we i.an call it a crusade far
freedomi. . man may call his homse an island
if he likes, is has been said by one of :hose
fiendish British wiiters who abuse our hvs! i
tility b not cracking us up. ( ar wit II
England !" Wel, all in g"no- time, gentle
men. Let Pur Genierals le:tn t heir busines
fir.,t. I (o't blame10 th('m', t!1mid you, that
they haven't learned it vet, f.# when a man
'-as kept a wvhi.ky sta , or.1 bar, or an nysier
ce inr, or an old clothes siop 'or y.ars, lie
c:i)t be expected. metely w he p'ut, ou.
a uniS)rm, to b, c ime a H -nnibal4 tr a Na
jleon. or even a Marlb.orough or a Welling
v,n. Likei-e, -they must learn to keep rea
sonably sober. Friends at a di-tance will pleas
necept thi- intimati-m. (Roars of latughti.r.)
When that's done, and the rebels nre whipped,
and we are in want of more fighting. we'll see
w%+ether Richmond in Engind, where the
Q;een's palace of Windsor Castle is sitn"ate,
1% inz and being, is a harder not to crack than
Richmond nearer us. (Cheers..
Gentlemen, oe thing more. 'Did you ever
I ear the story of the farmer who id b.een in
su!tell b-y an exciseman ? "Ile wur so rude,"
s:id the farmnei, "that I wur olliged to reMou
strate %%ith him." Artd to what effect'did you
reinorstrate ?" asked a friend. ")Vell, I don't
know ahoit effect, but I bent the poker ,so
that I was obliged to get a hammer to straight
en it." Gentlemen, we must straighten this
1:orious Uniont and the hammer is taxes.
(Laughter.) Ypn mny laugh, but you mu.-t
p:l. - I don't nican to he hard upon this Inigh
t'ration. and our friend Mr. Cobden (cheers)
has a!rendv indireeth informed the besot ted
masses of British slaves that we intend to ry.
pndate "r greenbicks, except to the amount
they may be ,worthn ir the tmarket ta hen re
demed.' Bit the poker wants a deal oif ham
merinitg, nevermheless. and you must payup
You'll hear muore about tis fromn a frilend of
mrire in the goverinment-, so I only give you
the hint, as the man sarid when he kicked his
nacie a'osom stnirs. (LaughWter.) I brelieve
that's ablorut all I had to say, arnd this ahnighty~
Union will be converted to shine throughtt
tie counitless ages a ineffl'e beacon an'd syrn
ou of blessed and ever'asting light arnd glotv
ifou will only rminid the prove:bh of Sancho
Panza, which says,."Pray to God dlevor)tly,
andm hammuer on stoutly." (Laughter, cheers,
and c:ies o,f 'Bully for you."
Mxmm or G1roRGE WAsHIINGlTON.-I'? cannot
forbear to recoruunend a rejineal of the tax on
the transportation of niewspapers. There isj
no rs.,'ree so firm for' the Government as
th.? affection of the people, guided by an en
li'htned policy nad to this primary good ~
nothing: can c)rnduce more than a faithfinl rep
reenttatonl ofi 'pu1ic proeerigs diffrused
witcu At restraint throughout the country.
NMER.1uF Pol'NDs To A Bt'sHEL. -Of Whfat,
so N; Sheled Corn, 56; Corn on the Coh,
70.; Rye, 56; Oats, 32 ; Onions,- 57; 4)ried
Apples, 24; Dried Peaches, 83 ; Cator Bean,
; Blue G rass, 14; Buckwheat, 52 ; Barley,
0 ; P''t toLs. 60 ; Bran, ~2C; Mi~over Seed, 6fl;
Fax Sevd. 45'; Hemp Seed, 44; Trimiothy'
Seed, 45; Salt, 50..
The Loruisville Journal says, "Gen Joe John
Stoi is a brother of Edwin Writiam Johnrston,
the "Ii Segtetario" that used to write re
markably brillint letters for the Louisville
A Historical Illustration.
When South Carolia was.overrun. by the
British in our great revolutionary war of the
past century, among many others, Colonels
Marien and Ho,:ry, of thal State, without any
concert . f action and without the knowledge of
eAch other, mounted their steeds and set otit to
the northward in search ofsafkty and oftroops
with which to fight the bat tIes of their ceountrV.
They net to their nutualoisurprise and joy, in
the silitary frests of North Carolina. A graph
ic accoit f the incidents of ti<i- hegira of the
tw o pat' iots is given in H1tirrv's-Liteof Marion.
The two exiles hait in ihd shade by the road
side to take sonie food, and good old P-ter
Hrry gives the following asa palt of tLeir
" shall tiever forget an r xpre .sion," says-he,
" ich Mmiion let fall darin: our repast, and
which, as tbing. have turned out, clea iv shows
what an ittimate acquaintance he [faiiot]
had , ithr human nature. I happeneu to' say
that our happy days were all gone."
"Pshav. florry." replied. Niaritn, "don't
give %av to such idly fears. Our happy day
are not all gone. On the contrary, the victory
is still sure. The enemy, it is true have all
the trumps i-n their lands, aid if they had-bul
1he Spirit to play a generous gane, woulb
certainly ruin us. But they have no idea il
that game; but will treat,he people c! uelv
And' that one thing will ruin them, and save
Amei ica."
When these incidents occurred, Georgih
and Carolina had just hee overrun by :hi
B1 iti,h.. Svattnah, Chu; eston and Augu,tt
had buin recently caltured, All the imne r
tant toWns n1l a vast 1rop;ortien Vf thk
tcrritory of tht Thi,icen C es i h inii
enemy's !inn,6. R I
to.-ies, abnied 1 '-. A t ote ICn tryI i .oe, i
two COntineital oFhee S V ere i ',,A an i; w,,
be.au,e they wore t*e uiif'om w 'h si
that they were opposed t, "King G"r:g -
At another, 1wuh-t 1id Peter .k:is jeur td i I
Wiqec.-owd ol boni r.>.ofsand!ree ;e: ra!s
wi ho we(-re uig the die. ioif 1h
eurr'enCv, and the f,fly 4 co.ti 1.i-g he v1
at the lmutlie criss roa!s. -The situatio.
fr the rehels h.kd de.t-rate. YttoMariuor
di-i itot despir. U mler the wise leuph-r,hip
the immaortal Wa4big6ov, the despeit
fortuntes'< the Colonies %ere retrieved. In
dv;e,dence can' ea rs afte ward- thritoui
years of struggle 61d h:ood. The .soft shelle(
'bi1h pro-f, nl1 fire side generals becan:
.rdent self -zacrifiviig pat: iots %.o 4oon 'as the%
had enjoyed the ble.wed crieltio of Biitisl
supremacy fr a seaon.-Republican.
LrrTEF. GHAVES.--SnCed pI;iees for piirc
thoughts d holy meditation, are the littht
graves in chiarch aid. 'These are the de
positories of' the mother's swectest iys
half unfolded buds of innocent 1um1a:ty
1jipped by tbe frost of time, ere yet a carskei
Wor M of corruption- has t estled among thel
emiryo petals. Callous indeed niost .be th(
heart of him % ho can stand by a little grave
ide and n6t iave the. honest emo.tions of thi
soul aV'akened. to the thoughts of that puritj
and joy which belongs alone to G<x1 anc
Heaven-for the mute preacher -t hi!eel
tvlls of life begun and ended %% ithout stain
anid surely if this be vouch:pafed to tmortality
how mnuch huolier anid purer must lbe the
spiriual land, enlightented by the sun of im
inite goodness, whence emanated the soul o
tht brief suijourner among os !
Ilow swills the'heart of tite parent 'witl
mournful joy w h:ile'standing by the~ earth bet
of the l, at li~ttle one ! Mournful, beenuwe
sweet tr easure has been t:ukenu anay; joyful
hennse that pi ieele,.s jewel glitters 'inr thu
diadem of the Redeemer.
PATrmorIc.-.ggentlemn of this city has,
we learn, u,ade arrangemients buy w hih, trot:
i o n pri vate stores, he w ill feed tt.n mer
in Gen. I.ee's a:rmy for the. next six mo,nths
This 'ighly pat: iotic and liberal condlet i
worthy oif all comme!1(ndationi, and shotild servi
asan e-xamplde for every one ti imitate-who~ is
able to do so. WVe w'ithhuold the zname of thi:
iteal spirited cit izenus, for the reason thal
wp believe he prefer~ to do th:i% work of groodJ
unknow ni to the public. If aulh were like hiun
there wvoidd bie no d:uter of .our gallant de
feners suffering for the want &f something t(
eat. Lynchb'arg Repulblicanl.
The Catholic ch;urches of New York'are tc
be assessed each $50,000 per unhum: for
m:agiicenut cath:edr~al, gn eute--rise in:inated
by Archbishop Hughes, and now cherished
by his successor. The edilice w ill doubtles'
excel anything of the kind north of the city
of Mexico. _______
THE latest wrinkIe is the introducne
square buttons.. With these the ladies mo:u.
plentifilly trim their dr esses. They (no.t thu
ladies, but the buttons,) are of all sizes, up, tc
an inch square. The hzaut ton is the big button,
.abQ~ te.ze a squaeo Qn i checker board,
A WhoUsOm Tmn,
The following is an extract of' a lettEr to a
citizen of Pike County,. Ga., from the Augusta
Constitutionalit, and it shows so clearly tf dii A
tinction existing between different clasesof peo.
pie that we copy it for the becefit of both pir.
n wh* There is a clasq of people In this
county who have been whipp2d' from the com
nierc(-ment of the war. Thoy h4ve reniined at
h6ne. shielded liy some kind of an exemption,
speeulated, ground the fanmilies of the poor sol
dier, matde fortimes, and are willing for the war
to continue, that they nay pnrque their 'hellish
oecnip.ation. They will have a fearful account to
i setth- when bur brave joys rpturn holue. Sorde
are skulking iibout, keeping out of the army by
forged piaper;, and, oiher miserable pretences.
They, too, will have their reward.
The greater portion of the people, however,
in fat* all of tie good cirizens, have done a
they could, and are still wifling.to do, and to suf
er for the eause' of which they ar4hopeful, bdt
nortified at the condnet. of many of those out of
the army; never conplaiing at our g3illant boys
in the field, hut always at those sway from it.;
TIey are willing to continue niaking sacrifes
for the good of the country, and should Congress
deerf it proper to take a portion of the. slaves
betweeu the ages of 18 and 5j) in the field, such
men, men who have give i up their sons aird
prcer-y wihout a murmur, will yield to the 4o
nind cheerMil
A Woman with two Husbands
te hve often e:l ot roniitie elopemlents,
inl wIchO :i*'! Vuggirl hlave runaway 'with
eC:;atiali .m: mnt to t'degrent displeasure
nd min:fu~ .a o~ f -udy obl pnyns, and in'
dna:ad ponarm.-ma .s. We .have
-enr.4to. n. i!, ety iwniry ;eqULee of pur
Snit ::nw ! t..e ! the uabacoo<ig partis
uhe tma t i . ...y l f:eis.-overvd, and- rea
eijtim -'.:. .'p..- '. "r-r' l't'uj e n S t s ()6 late
'mit4r us 'o he * m- it; but the case we
hvein .. ifes .e hat fron any of
S'' ta 1- t f , dier he'longing to
tne 2! I - trr.y djoipg duty n We
g rimln iu this cit mariied a woman iling
a le e i km iwrwhn niready had-&bo&s.
P.ua *,e at
and liVin, he b. ing a rebel and a p*nera *
Cmp Chase, Ohi. The s4lier went to Wis.
cnnsin d'ai Z the dmbai , f Otiober, was mus
tvred otit if fle serviice. and iminediately re
ttu1rner 1a re and - eirt to his w%ife's to Hvi.
A few deays ngi, thi rebel who had taken
i the onth of ~alegiiaae returned to ,the pigee,
n goim to what.he betoeed to be his Own
ho', s :urprisedl to find a Yankee ill pos
session both of his wife nrfd prop rty. He en.
deavored to oust tte Yan4ee and enter his
hwu-e once more, iut was uable to effect any
tihn, as the wife took sides with her Yankee
hu'Nhand, and rt'fu;;1d to lea6 him. The af.
fair cnlbinat, 4 yesterday irf a sdit before Jus
tiee Alison, brought by-the rebel to, recover
4tie valuek of a cow which he- claimed he had
left at home when he went into the rebel ar.
m. The Justice tried to make her under
tind that her irst hushnd Was her- legal
spouse, but she didn't care 'ot that. To eye
ry xargnrent of his she retir'ened. "Yes, but
I like the Yir-kee the b-st !.* Finding that it
was no avail to try ind induce his wife to re
taurn to hris betd atr'd homer, the rebel husband'
determuined to have'somenathing from the wreck
rof his fort unes, aund s:aid tao the Yankee, "Well.
you may k..e'n the woman if you ill pty me
trent y fihve dollars for the cow." -"I'!l pay
it," r(qs ended the <thet,-and the bargain was
conchidekd on the sp)ot. After the paymaent
at,hme trin dleparted fro-mr the juscice'soffiee. each
apparntly sat i-ied with the res~ult. Wives
are d(" elm1 aut tVmo.It:'-fi eC dol.lats,'and eve.
rv bo(r(t enn :1fford ato ituy or-e at that p~rie
b~ut w e titinl thme fir' t hushatsd seted the wi
ser pm:1 t in perfen i'g the cow, as throse. are
-thme senreer animaals at present.-chattanooga
CUR FOn IIEADAciE.-A very eutotZ
mcth' u of' reducing t'he in tense l'eadache ex
.p(eriet et d lby fe'ver yatients ha's been latay ~,
pointed out'hy M Gurvon. It ra'nsists simply
in reurgextenide' over .tie integunant
cOve-in the' teamporal artenies. It conmirts
ti e' Vin.t feelitg the temlhet, rather than
of the pulse. W hilhst the physician comprew
thme vessel, the iatieunt exclaimed, "comme
voaus mae starlages,"a and thus indicated the
res"lt produce I by diminishing the supply of
bIl to the surface of the cranium.
WORTH II NovJNG.-An ezChanage declr'
thm'ut corn -st alks, itf saved, are fulfly equal ta
thre -samae weight of hav. Prepare them by -
cult tint int pei0 ces of half an inch in Iength,
and place in haogshads. Throw in ,one gal
l on of boiling water, coantaining one gill o(
sat ; cover the hogr.head with a blankt;. the
steam r,wells and softens the icalk. Add a lit.
t1, meal and fed the etIl.

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