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N EW3Euyl 'S. a
Do not forget that after to-day the "Her
aid" wilionly be sent to those who order it. No ex
Oeption will be mad', and of course no ,one will
- nffided by. this course. It is rendered i e
emirv by the high price. OP t1' the mnaterial of
printing, and, for which, cash has to be p.tid.
I Wekarnt thit a soldier namod Metts, was
h1anged-at Prog Level yesterday, for desertion.
Wei h've been requoeted to state-that subseri
bst the Columb'ia Sqtt Carolnian, whose
terms of subscrip:ion have no0t expired, will ly
pres 1n1'g the r ceipLs to Mr. K'iard, at the
spos iffile, have the .paper com.-inred
On thfir Way.
We learn that* large body of men, seven or
eight- -oili d in nuiner, pased tht-ingh L:m
rens one day last week, on the way* to their old
coiunmnder, Gen. Johnson. Titey are- furlou,!h
iii men.of Hood's army, and-are represenited as
a fue looking body of nen -
. I c ~hen "Itngne.
c !r e x c h a n g S w e n o lti,c e w' i th p l e a S u r e
this excellent nee.d ,hiS1hed and edited, at
Anderson. by Meprs. Hoyt & Hu1imi!ph reys price
$ln for six rlis. The Intelligencer is i i
eighth au.h and fils the yoid made by the
demise of :he Gazette.
ereitile &oumbia .^R,
Preparations are now. being rapidly made to
repiir'tLe d-tage on this road, and- frn-j what
we Iarvn it w11 s3o: he i i running ord,r -o A]
tool. K .. B. I . ie it. enerzetio Gen. Su
p-r - it ' : 0 N;. J. P. S :: rn, O efident
thu Loute c,r. G. T. S:o-t, nezr th Depot.
The W --!, : A i :,s rhe *-m.. i. o t of
jYi t. t ti,. r ai as e i to f.2ne bm
a co:6.ned' o e- U:S a -:);.ihle ini:
drt on. T I -it e 'we -i e, ve
grin.and ;-,:r it, i:Ih:t wOo i O pdt.et of
gE! ::fnn-. fo eV:n te Mrf!ary pu-Po o
CCo_f)in Z. Te :- rinv ce-i., n I the
StTrres, the s orz.ih 6 hsn::m iin . i a
n.11!1e uip,' Ind lthe farmers have shut dor:n.- on
po* :on:~ fCIk.
ts we bel.'.- it.. .
S U T 1! v:r tov f'.! 11 rumer,
gi : overabddi t. 'e On d0 E i o
*ries cover Shern'a, but w dlve no o!Aei-tl a.on
* . fignion of them. The~ peopke werein suc(h fine
- . .~tsphis,, that aj he 1'm.:ors bore a chee'rfuat ebar
Eitet. The Lve-t rutgor w.-as 7:tst .Ipti,
*that Ge- J~obio. in,a fi.&bt sob-equenttoha
. at oru ne ithji~.lh, i ad P tte.rlV routedEbr
man rms equal toi that r the fi:4t M:mast ats
tapturin:r a I . e nmbe l r ofL can.:n &e. We
a gJe inlinetd to th:2 int'h absence of pos; iV
rufortration; ti' t 'hh in the 18:ht w:t1
be ard ha s 1.eu ~ gou!? in extent' E,- i
G .J imo . cm p2 s e: : I
h i it a lCorce ':ff:*int, ias. del- t r:a e" a icil
ia hion, ' deI *:v o rea: to Mbi o<
S;ing' awayv :nni soe yi burg Th......t
ntation imipro' es wit h t.he opernn of the Spr in.
*camp:,:ige, and .soon ne hope to heraldl such a c
ce -se as w iii in-prove the publie. p'pa,'am!:c
as a ti cff' ust o" i e wi't.w<rvrs
- . tacted the feemy, itflictin t asevere loss, l.5iu'
I * itt pri-omiers, and( is pieces~' of artillery. He re
p'trts th.e ::&tyv hsady but i-p m'd makmzin forced
*. m;Irchesfor .isdingrou. We give the above
S S ?.e ge: it.
* Reports of two previons fiht nre tonfirmted.
Deatb. of Cadet T. A. .Tohreon,
'We r,egret to recor.! the death of this noble
yor.h, wh~o departed this life. amt Spartanberg,
, On the 28td listan., ofhbrain fever. Hlis tmainst
reacel.d home - Su4n y -.and were buried in
* tje wbe: ry Ceeery yest er day a fern;oon. .
An hour before t: e corpse arrived, ,s father
rceived a he:(er written hv the dIece~ d ai few
days before i:e was taken slek. The let ter wats
cheerful ini one-descriing~ the nurch of the
boys ande eprersung l(opes n' soni again mIe.e:ipg
kijd, 'fnnmiiar roac2k This er, so long looked
* for, to allby anxi;ety, and to tei! ther po-irioni and
circum4tances of the boy.s, had jntet rejoied thn'
parental he.art, anid 'set the lit tle onea aglee
*for brother Tommie wazs near homte :mrd wi:s conm
ing to kiss them 's ai -wheff,. alam ! for frail
mortalIty! ths .tlrill of joy was stified in its
b>irth;t the o:ne they reid of was bro-iht into
* their presenve cold in'*.death-and the eyes,
once so b right .and lau.:hinmg were now closed
beneath the, so.nibre coffin lid.
"I the mids: of life we are in death."- But
We learn with pleasure that thi0 becvolent.;
Associatior,uuder the samelfficient 'Managemeht
is-located it -Chster.
'We learn that- a paroled prisoner, from Elmira
prison, New York, died at the Newberry Depot
last Saturday iight. He was from M!acon CID'
Ala., His parole was .as follows: "Private M.
D. McQuee,,, Co.. H., 29th Ala., Reg. Infantry.
A soldier nio sfiw him after he had died, said
that.his name was Gev. Harris, that he knew himii
well and that their homes nere not- mite than
half-a mile apart.
Frm th Unhiai Sates.
The rollowing summary is from.the Richmond
Sentirrel of 14th: -U.S.papersaslateasihe11th,:
re'eived. They are - u ithout information from
Sherman, but hear reports.-that he was uithin
forv imiles ofRaleigh. That Eiiton h-id bee
evacit ted, &c.. That Sheimi had routed. Hir-.1
dee, whipped Stephen- D. Lee,and repulsed Johi
son. Thev comphuin tiat the Richmond plip(rs
give them no irformaton ot She man. We pavc
given them some news fiom Kiiston, which was
"evactated" by Bra,gg lon;. enou.l to "advanice"
nfilst Foster and defeiat lii). We hope they.
are satisfied nithi wiiat they have heard from
Kiliatrick, and if thet uil! hut have p4tienehe.y
mill soon hear somithing from Sherman eqialiy
nte re., t:in .
QXt contiunues ar.ong Gvart's hallies, owinfg
tu 1:e.vv ra-ns. Troop, n-e beitig 'dailv <iltd.
The Amoerican has a repaort thtt hrian hrs
caT11ed Gynehh;. I av,ngacco:lnt is .
of a late t6bacco ig raid to -Predrickksburg,
capturinofour hmvdred- prheneri; but as dnlv
three soldibrs were captured, we suppose tite 40o
icndea ANl the inha4itants, old woinenand'sueL
in:: b'a es!
Gen. Ohing,ounded and captured at Fort
F;-her, died at Guvt.ursJsh-iud, New York, on
the 1Jth. O B
!s s a priva'e le:tfer fVno 1t arioras, dated
J.o:aryH. .n:h, !taig Iht f1> to 1hi4 tiie the
. xi and. t o 1eh-rxte a: huri-ts have been
simipy poli"O a.d ienly, Gonerls M,j'; ndl
SL ihter bing 4sro-sed Pte river il civi dri.S
:d d(:.d:ich o'hevv. 1"'t yes!ve:2ay Gent
ri \! i : ia l:is - s:a ff. i! 1 F rniri vn:c.ed
B ov,n % l Sherc Gi:ov:d Sl.toghie r al-%.ited
thl'er vi..e v.idhi;r wiwk~ co'mnandt unide2r arms,
and gave t.h6 '.siors an r very,a o en
onue guns. rkrlt
Ater nuer the Con:eder e.fl i w s rais-d,
ani1 the Me.: Gtie.ht! ind l;is statf remnovetd
peec h, in: i4 he's1i th Co:lfe-deraev woild
.:oni be* iOctttni L IIe.couI)lbutd byv in riin
tlte(Cote !crates toi a panid baniquie-t a,\aa
rIs'", pro'( ' .ish: to saluce their fl.ig wvith twenvy
on (.un). .
The. i.oprn:ee of this afTir conis~its ma).iI
in ;he f et* haJn.. 2 Coni ''-nG1
-.e . .e-am and~ is,' th-ecrefoe, thec
;.4 ~ pc ~ -n" t: r i- a':ord.
The I:uet ' c.: 'r e fra , .\1l h bem:"'ht in
*'.-ryv bailes oT e': o (i ro rn in Sino01 by
Amricau*;ns. The cto~)!.l 1 "t're i t:r 'e"
eig y thods ind. on-mde" ca1ron. ee h if i
n le'h is to be SipPEdr d to New Yorkh, .
the.rem-dn'd1f- t Si:' . - n
mnore,extensiv'e th: : - " ayy s
The Phrramau Merc'ate Chron,ieb-i of F't:ri ry
13'~h, has a report, tliat te mu'~ilon of G.:eenb.
Saikes i oproganre fromi the -Columbian G.*
ernmiient a'core -'on of' v:l' C1U V huich t9 form
a-. ttlemnt of dirty 1;'hoI.i aof'the't:e;;roe's
ema:'ncipa:ted h)V the great re u;nion wa:ir. The
refports :ire', buit the Uhireiehle doubtis themi, that
Ione million of dollars would oc paid for the priv
N?ew York Stock and Gold Manet.
At the evening Exh.g on the 8th, Stocks
were iieak. Gold quoted att l'At.
iEWB3ERRY, 'S. Oa, March 27, I8G3.
Ram:mber the Sick.
We have se'vera c::ses' of' snellU pox aboalr three'
miles from townl. TI.ey are sadly ifl need'( of
such thing:'. as a ch ate of clothing, quilre,
h'anetst, bi.d-riek:, etc. Siueh aurieh-s :y hi*go
ieeen -worn tiian"d not of kuch use., would be
avialuabl1e to the comnfort the.%of cliser. Persons
wishing to contrihute will piease- do so iie
d :itely by lea,ving t-he same writh J. T. Peero
or- E. -P. Lake, Elsgrs. ~SE~~
Atteniding hysician.
V .The notorious John P.' E de h.as been dom ina
ted and con'tirme'd :1s.Minister to Sp'tin. His
course in the f;imoys Arndstead caie will tnt r'e
commend hima verf highly. to the pro'ud Spau
Motru, Mfarh'I6.-No chat p .reparted n
onr innr.di e frot -t Lt pre s
n i flet& In the lower bayV. 1I qiet in
the hosi e fleet and arm4 below.
Senators Foote, Morrill, Wade, Wilson,Grimes,
llarl-id and Ramsay; with their wives, are goirg
to Charlefion on a "pitFaure excursion."
The Chenp6Ake and Olio Canal has been sQ
(Tataged recently by floods that it will take till
uiidsummer va repair it.
The eye of ihe scepti ind, yet, the
utiverse paints on hti slighdess orb a y sian
of trith he dare- not shun.
Married, at AbbLevilie, Ihp 24th'.o Febras
rY, by the Retv Mr. H0 bard, Lt. W. 51. Mcaiy,
C. S. A.; and. A pA L. RCTLEDG' O 1 ( l ugh
e or Philip S. R 1*-1-11c,erv or greern il .
* Mirin g.
IVsE on hand a larg4 lot of t4 and 7-S
suluiRTING. OnIhurz, Ctton Yar,. C<otf n
rd~," Lo'-a ood. Indi':o, Copper:.s, Nails, T;ak,
aid m:ny other arlcles can be loumdI.Iy cafling
at liy stcre. : A. IARRIS.
Match _8 tf
Tire ron,
I WILL trade Tire Iron' for tw6 -on( Mich
Cows and Calve. A IIAURHS.,
NeIVbIrry, MLrih :28.
CANQ lLE-Sik KS f<w' whhi a liLdrut pr ce ni
31areb 2. .. tf
Wine, to hire fi'om the oner. N.-ie of
yoar free 16' roes anted.
Appl. at this odflee. ' -March 21 if
T..% AE this cca.Tsion to tioiv io ot ito.t*urn
over your Bacoun to an11Y rep on but Tidhe
C olek o 1i li:-, or londed Cotulni-s:trv
inl tie ti.hI. Th- rtceipt!- of* . y b,-t Buid'ed
iIt en in the .held are; woirbb:s
.W. W. '1 A.KER, . A.
.Newheri', s. C., March , 1( ...
JoI-I anld for :-itl I;'
Mea t1 if B. 11. LOEiLa.
tate of S h CarolIina.
F rm-.gNr:-;n Mich 5i .
-... ...i - .. , ri! e e pliace(d int ebair.4
* rac t: ; :md' the d sei'p in. of
ii -~ -m .ies v.ii b.e extenitued a.ver utnd emu
. 4V. Tj': !'iver$ ot thes-e in--titut;;ions wil bie
cha;rf d ni. na hd1'V'of ti N t t to -t::'80 tVruop
nt aidt t,he reilitdy~ !raiing~ nieb nctt ill en1;' ie
themafiltt. beo#in int the tield, Im? such ed';
tionai4 dviatie. as'eau*.I1hiiordeld Jnizd by
ta hri$. the qnd~ities of Jhe viten niAl 15 devel
V. T1he Qdr r:rnumer (',nera! will make pro
an;d te I't'omis.;ry General n' 'itif ae d! ,rope~r
TI.'The serv e." tor- which the-e troops' are in
tended,. i< the defece- of h it ;i and i: ia
Ithemilvtedor that seri'e. The 4re(. rVglion:
inaLtele of the ., om; I o; the-.1 Ste iteir inijfrove
lm rt, so i;or ;s .t a-an be nee-aii.,b-ed undedr ex
!i Ia 1o dogot.d jo .thema, 'a h;le they dlo good to
their dptae;. Fr' d lwrined to be the imrpcses
ichid shl-i :unmme tall under- whose care thePse
volthst arC pla;cedt.'
VUI. 'The Clh:,irtmn and Visi'or"f the Sta te
-Ott ani~z-iiOot of ihese t roop---..
VIIL -UhttiI oirerwise ordered,- the he'adquar
ters of this commanid yill be at Spatianurg
Court House.
iBy the Goveraer.
~.A. G. MiAGRA TH.
/G. A.-FoLLs!,'A. A. General.
Marchl 18
SPARTA?;BURG, G. H., 27th February, 1865. -
7 thre Peopleiof So&na4 ~ rolirn&
F.HE imevigenoe ofr the fall of C .umbia has
T re:ac;ed 'you It tas de(eadefbtfiew
troops iho ia,d b -en seit trie, as ong a as
well as it ecUi bee alainst tl.e.berabbi
numb-rs iiimashalled for.its destfl1ci. G '
Bephens4on, .Wto bront to,its aid i small force,
frumi tlbe Ari:V of Teiessee t Geti: B e4 r who
%Vps liiae V itlh a porion of his comimlaii' to G>n. k
H-mpion, wh1o1didall-that he -could, mier &he
-cret'and 'upresing. dsdvasntages 'o* which. he
.wSil J--ewd to-t-i e'lilitia of Dnr State, - whoi
from sever.i :u!joini -g is:ricts. gathei ed for tho
deflnce of the Capital of that Staue;.to theArseo
imd CadetA I ; under the Coln'111ild of Captain
Tluatm' z. were az- eficient ai vettrau tioops-. che
thanks lfhe'yeoh-oothdtat art ot:. They
di ill ihht mwn couid do.. Thiat thP C.piral of
ASmhi aroi, was nu't.:aV~ed.; und i'ni_* a wnasa
of ruifl:, is'lot.1reir faul.
With a spirit hich wa-auilpated, ire et
'ny laJflud thir u rath up11on. th)t .itr. With
nosloldier. ill tie streetm toOppote therr entmanee;
u iih a defengelmj.s 31iad uiinftfefl W1.yO4i'obief:
Iv off m omniti( eUhi!dr.ta, the'otly pef on3s.a bou
l'her'iu.t. their hate Aas eihibited in the w'a.to
destiueioll of tho grenle. porion of the .piiWc
alnd -pyrivate wmildings which d'i-nedditfe &pbtL
A ci veated and taken poseinoithon t
uesis t:nce i it hin. it. & . tientedlikoscit)
e.arried li, ms.-iult mild doenldPi d to the- la0st ex'
I ro,mity A A retird of in f:oti h.s'hu. ben uom.
itI:nto c:ssfava- 4.i14i4 h'te he .A
1,4 1.p1 -rIT,o e.'s khe etiigations.
o; :6".:.I and pr .+end .u i"ust-at the tuies of
ev'n afa~t re.
1. t- n-o."wesarV ben hoi! ip6n the
populatiOn o th >fAima4 iow* rotoa elitheim - -
.elves. -T-e. enemy. il inga"e .naore potent
f,han col s,d,ihlve toldthem ihat wilt ,
he -th-ir tale,4 1m'pss tIhatitet 1. cheekedl Pro
pare. uhen,v r. u bent ; t, ae r'edy . now every
un13n. Relv 4vtcIeortih upon your,elves, A
tha.t hans bent 1o4t is ute. acrifice,'uade f b the
SmtV to It- Coonederattri.. Let.no o,.e' in all
tme. dispute I bi, fi,1vIiT V 01F is.'it i( thek-anve,.'
to which, nibh btler- Siatvs, her politic:d exist
live "as plediel Wilh il; own brut iloow in:
21no)flerr ko,jiha.if tm he.1 qrfonn .:oil, trotild S
I :0ve drvem the riu b1e.4 fiw:i who %0 .aded .her,
hv% old ehi: C s ive luni- ,ot ) ick. to"i her
- TIr thry %%ao to In-u here -they were
o ti y d was to s'uf114 t-exemtvlr
'11 1m. d u 1. 'hi ll, pe;to me . -The .-;tate of
you':i C;tnlit mttkes' ilivo cumhanlI 'lIltr
imr no ' i. xi.... - i !-!hull s;ii _ her late, she
. I1!I 5i'l 1 e li a p"ut Ss,-.h Caro'l
con iin r..i:b, :a d d,:Y. The -'frA. the
0-n ' Owit 0n e r4f TOhe 1111iC toffiteW,uld
.it I i i . i-ita to potroke -the ten
.C;ie. i1 wbIne.s t'xtte voutempre
of the alluave :1ud the gOod. 1 -iwk io the low
e'tto,ir ' * d r i;ztiton, wl' it wus exhili
ii te..dhui *ti: tl-e ptmauitad -.t:d heIpe O I -T
itio'M timt city thit- lil-yd a.ils of AlbS14en
ThIey.a-r i4ing to sataca poritationl Off li.d
Ini thw ' r"'t- gf' the Ca.pialof your State am.
' ow thou.- tdi'-ot' toe .tellow vi-izen& ithonEt
h 1ber ..II Ii it 4 Oriuk-ih naee. -JTh'ned o
1h t iopua ion frpiu the pgre-lig Waift u ith abk 4ich/
li io vo thev 'were' sft"r r.I conhtl appeslt
n inh to. li:h- e fo y w: te o re f'oeas, thelr
'::f '' -+ ''t t e you.'a Yo,tr hu.uanaity *
v e.< - - a b tVur -not *rangerr,
T yolcw fell.ar
~4f-4 -- --T c nnai itp
Pt tp
toha "t.'b- ilereourt H o , Liat I'ebe
phei wiii O eac h It tl(un. if inor he ota idt,apa
dth te o l danr. cUi.' thlliT-.' . Wrcte .
L.ent On flh n- of. Ithe-Nioei gt- ~ Yorkill,
0ol x. Ti. T"rc'tt att Pendleh,ton, Col. J. P.
Jl.t'e' 01 Gr..enille;I, Cob L -J. Joneerit N. wheirry,
?4 T N Iit Ri t Uivn, Col. R. 31. G. Duno.'
'ltthoult feel thaut g'rit wron'i had been -done
to voori *.efktion for tho"e a ho are~ jopr elpg
*ct:tr.ent-to ror rrma nv -for thtosE wo 1 .
4.orr el owiten-W nhent you knew that they
1i; rcrd. it-"uon!'d ;:eed retoi-trancie oreuitreaf~ - -
.r *j.duc~e 4.on t give.'( th: sumen(fance. . The
tiet dt'..?re....:tev ar jwa'gt-ther nueedtoodK
nrj;' c'it anUtl. sedl "'ia you cann'ont gWe.
SLe' t~t e~t ' clP romnptr oie.z!o,- fo stic'
'uthintg will :ot. brook delan. I..-.ommeo.4 the.
dat ter' to yan as one worthy of' that response
n hicA to those whto suffe'r .h uldconic froar you -4
who arcek eundbrethrenL.
-By the Goterawor:
4 AG.MEiGR~ 4'
Offieial: :;
. W. L3 .ELLor-r rivate Seeretary.4 '
Marchl1,, TR-lt +
~NOTliER Lot ,of thoe nice 1 ght' striped.
OsABUR~GS, for Spring and Summr~
u se For sale by - B. H. LOVEIAkC1
M~rehl tf

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