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Ttsk Dollars for -3 Hoaths.) Devoted .to the'Disseminatin of. Geueral Informitioi.[sA&ae
Every Tqesday, Thursday and SaturdaY,
By Thos. F. & L. H. Greneer,
TLrms-$1I for three n)on ihs, in advance. Ad'
vertisements inserted at the rate of $ for ~first
insert.. of twelve lines or less, and $3 for sub
sequent isertion.
Single insertion of onesquare $5.
. The Congress of the Corn erate *tates of
A6erica do endtet, That iii add tion to the
taxes lei:d by the act aprove.d February
seventerith, eighteen hundred and ix tv-four,
entitled "An act to aiend an act entitled ;in
act 'o lay taxes for 'the common defence and'
carry on.tre Goverumint of the Confedcrat&
Stnt&," apprted twety fourth of April,
. eighteen hundred and ,ixty three, there shall
be levied for the year (ighteen hundred and
sixtv-five, on the Nubject. of taxation herein
after mentoned,. ,id colected from every
person, copartnership, a-sciation or corpora
tion liable therefor, taxe a., follot s, to-n%it:
1. Upon the vaiue of.all prope:rty, real, per
sonal;r nixei of every kiid alid desct.riptior
not hereinaftir exempled, or taxed at a dilter
gIt rate, eight per cent. The value of the
prope'rty taxed under'this sectiou shall be as
ses4ed on the- basis of the ua ket vaiue of theA
-same or si1ir p'roperty in the rcighbiorhood
where asssed, in the year eighteen hundred.
and sixty ; and i. is herelb acclare.i that all
the property and as-ktzof c-rporatibis, a,so
*caUions or joint :tojk comp-iies, v hether inl
co6rpor:oed, or not, shall Ie :sssed and :a.xed
in the same manner and ti tme same extent
As the property and as-ets of individtials. The
tax on suwh property and assets to be assessed
against and paid by such corporations; asso
cktions or joint,1*tck coqinies: Procided,
That no bank or banking company shifl be
lialle to pnya tax on deposits of unney to
the credit of, and :u1je&t to the chcks of
others: and pro idedf 'tier, That the stock
.or shares representing property or assets in
corpur?atio)us, assobciationfs or jint siock coul
panies.shall not te assessel 1r taxed-as prop.
erty under thi act; but the dividends derived
therefrom shall be sublject to be ta'ked as in
come under e-isti.ig laws.
II. U,on t1h,amountnu&of all. gfld or silver
coin, aid upon the .ittunt of all moneys held
abroad or bills of exchange drawn thetfor,
-promissory notes, rigdhts,-vredit:4 and securi
ties, p.i'vable in fo4reign countries; and upon
the value of all gold dust or, goild and silver
bullion, valued in specie, ,twenty per cent ;
andupon the value of gold and silver wares,
plkte, jewels, jewelry and watches, vlied on
the bask of the ralue of such pr,lperty in th
vear eighteen hundred and sixty, ten per
I. Upon te amolnt of all mnevs exqefft
those mentioned in p&ragraph two, bVk blis,
treasury notes and (itirer pape isered as cur
*roney, on hand or on deposit on the day of
.the approbl of this act, tive pe'r cent..
IV. Upon the amount of all solvent ciodifs,
except those mentioned inl paragrap)h tw o. tive
per cent.: Prori2ed, That -11I the bonds and
* stocks issued he the~ Conferate States ..r by
any State, and afl loanfs to the gover ment ..f
- the Confederate States,- shal be exemipt fromr
-~~ . ~taxation, except ats to t!:t interest pad.;e
thereon, whicb shall be t::xed usdneome under
existing laws : Paridel .fartUir, That the
* ~interest on the,bo-ts., stocks ti. co:.ijiti'an.s of
the Confederate State:, or of n'v S-ate. shi!1
not bs taxed as incomne in eani*w btee thec acts
under which they were iss-ied coundaiz :..iu
lation that the interest thereon shall be ex
*empt irow taxation;.
p . V. Upon profits made by buy:ing anid seliing
* ~merchandise, effects, o.r property otf anyv de
scriptioo,-or money, gold, silver, stdek<, cred
its or obligations of any kind,. :at any time be
tween Jaunary the first, eighteen hund-ed
and sixty-fire, and-J,puary the tirst eighteen
hundred and sixty-sis, ten per cent., -u addi
tillm to '.he tax on suc h profits as income4.
Sai i profits to be acertained byv the difference
between the price9~d in 'Confederate treas
ury notes, including all costs and charges, anid
' te,price r.ealized in the Ramfe currency - Pro
sided, That if the oijects of sale were pur
-chased alany time since. January the first,
*'ghteen hundred and sixtv-th:ee, this addi
tional tax shall attach on the profits realized
on the sale thereof during the year eighteca~
bundred and .ixty-five.-.
*VI. Upon the amount of profits erc'eeding
,twenty-five per cent. made dering the year
eighteen hundred anasidxty-five by any bank
or banking company, insurance, canal; ntavi
* . , - ~~atian~ imnartin;oar nxnariing teerarji, em
press. railroad, manufacturing, mining, dr
riock, or otherjjnt stock company, of an3
le!cription, whether 'incorporated or not
twrenty- five per ceit.:.Proeided, That th.
tax shall apply to individuals'and partnership:
engaged i; trade or in any busiiess or em
pAoyment enumerated in this Pararah,
well as to corpoiation or joint stock compa
nies. Providedfiriher That i ndiAdvtid . an
partnertnips wl ho ::ve not been assessed, q1
who Fave not paid. forthe year eighteei htn
dred afid si.xty-four the tax of seventy x
per cent. imposed on th6 excess of profit
over twenty-five per cent. for that year, shal
be assessed and reilred to pay Aluring th
year,eighteen'hundred and sixty five, tOenty
per cent. on the extess f protits, over t wenty
five per cent., realized during the year eighteei
hund:&d and sixty-four.
SEC. 2. Tiey*ropeity, the income and mr
nies of Hospit)-is, Aslo.ns, Chuclies, S-chotrls
Colleges and charitaide in.ltiltions, Siall bi
ex mpt from taxation under the provi.ions: o
this act, or any other law. All propertn
n ithin the4ines of the enemsy shall be eie p
from taxation, so lolg as it retnills iidlii
such -ines; hut any income derived therefron
shall be taxed Is income uider exi ting lws
The exemption enumerated in IraragrC:
onle, two ami thret'. of section five of -the act
entitled "an act.to levy ad4PIaonal tuIres fol
the coirmoOn defence ahd support 6f the 'oQ -
erinnent," approved seventeenth of February
eigOhteen hundi ed and sixty-four, are heeb1)
rk- manted: househol(l fuiniture, u.hen tI
va!ue does utt exceed lIree huindred 'Jtbhl;s
o0i the bais ut the value thereof in tie .yeal
eighIleen hund:ed.and sixty, Wearing apparel
goods niaiuifactured bv any person for U
use and coo-mption of his family. iucludinj
sla;ves, poultry, fruit and the ..rodnct, of gar
den when said-ponty, fruit,and' psiluet:
dre ai-ed forO he family of the producer, an<
and r ot. for sale, corl, acmn tird other ag i
(ultur0al prodllcts", wlhiich Were predi-ed il
year eighteein huidred and ,ixt%-four, .ant
necessarv for 11I. tax payer's ianiiy incl4din;
slave, duting the prement year. and id bi:
rosses,iqn on the day of the approvalof -.thi
act, shall be exeiplit fromll taxation..
.SEc. 3. That the taxes on property fr th
year-eighteen hundred and>ixty-five, unposec
by this act; shall be assCee as nn the dy o
the passage '.f this act, and be due an(
collected on t.e first day of June next, or p
soonl thereafter as prictiable. The additioii~
taxes on proijts for the year eighteen huidre
and sixtv-fiVe shall be ams,essed and collect
according to the provi:ions of exi,ting laws i
regard to the ase-nmeiit and Clection o
taxes on iucomles, aild all the taxes it.po,ed bi
this act, as well as the taxes on- incomes an<
prolits, and the specific tax, and t 'xes'
ales, shall be pivalle iin Confederate treasuri
intes, of the Iew i-sue, or in the certificate:
of mdebtedt.ess authm ized by an act entitled
"a actto reduce the currency ani t.);iutho4z(
a new i-sue Of notes (and h(miZ1, .approve
Feblruary sevenw eenth, eighteen hundred .an
.ixty-four, at p-ir, wiLhout any allowanco fi
i- terest': Pr6vided, TWit at least one-half '4
said taxes shall be naid in trea%iry n,tes;
pforesaid, and. Prorided further, That th4
tax for the increased py;i of soldiers shalt A
paid in Con2federate treasury nocttes, .of thj
new issue, (nly. And~ it is hereby enamttet
that the eer tifites oif indcebtedness. authorcizet
by iie s,id act of Feb- u-:ry seventeen, vigh tet-u
undred and sixty four, niay be issued in
debts conitowced pr ior No the passrge of Snit
act. Anid the ken of the 'Trec'ary f< r th,
TransMi,sisig;.i D -rarg.emn., hie and he is
hereby aVuthorized ta is<e uc'de- rtgtbion:l~.
tbepre&cribied. by the Seentar fh
Treasur y, thjetine findebtedness pro
vides for in shid act ef Februamrv sevenctcet;th
eighteen hucndred ancd sixty-four, for debt:
cictracted prior or subsequient to the pai:ge
of said act, in tne T: :ms-Missis<i pi D)cart
meni, and that all the' certificates abmovC
mentined shall be veceived. in pay metzt o.
said taxes, in like -mannier anid to the samnt
utent 'as the ce: titicates origiinally ast horizet
by the*caidI act of seventeentch of 'Februacry
eighteen hundredl and sixty-four~, subject ti
the'*prov'i.-ns above menctioned.
Sze.'4. That upon all the subjects of' taxa
ion mcentionedi in this act and the act approvret
seventeenth of.- Februacry,' eighteen hun'lr(
and sixty-four, et:ti.tled "an act to amend ar
act entitled an act to lay taxes for th'e commo:no
defence and c'arry' on the Govrernmnent of the
eonfmedera^~e S tateK,' approyed t wentyV- fourth~
of A pril, eig*nteenm. hundred and sixty-three,
thercsliall be levied and assyssed for the yentm
eighteen hcundred and sixti-fire, a" additioma
tax, in mioney, equal to one eighth of thi
amount of the, tax on the same subjects
imposed for thes- year eighteen hundred and
sixty-five; by thi< act aund the said act "
seventeenth of February, eighteen hundrec
and sixty-four ; which tax shall be p'ayable
in Confe,derate treasury notes, of the neu
is..,m on1, and 2hall be masssd and colleted
at the samie time with the other .taxt
the money arising tereftom shill -6 Wt
appropq nted to the pagment of thel e
compen tion of the- soldiers of thMatruy
Provided. That this additional tax sall e
conAtrued to apply to or to inctc,se the ta
in-kind. -
- Shc. 5. Any tax :nyer, under regpltiang
I to 'he prescribed xhy the Secrletary -f the
- Treasury, shall -be allo% ed to I ay dato the
- Treasury, in advance, such. sum OP sulms as he
may choo-e, on account of akxes to secrbe'
against him, and. 'to obtain - therefor an
unasignable ertificatof such payient..
:SEc. 6. Congres.s having. intended, by the
act of the seventeer th Februaty., eighteen
-hundred and sixty'four, entitled "art act',to
i levy additional taxesTor the common defence
and support of the Governnent," .tsamendfed
- by tIe tet.of fhurteenth June, eighteen hull
,dred anid sixty-four, to impose said additional.
taxes for tie year eighteen hn,dred and
r sixty4&u-r only, thesaid act of seventeenth of
February, eiliteen hu-dred .aid sixty-ou1r,
as nwetded, inl so far as- it can be constr ed
to operiatg otherm ise than as thus intiinded,
shall be, and .the .ame is hereby iepealed.
And all the txes inposed byAii act shall be
1.i(d i ithout any (iCOunt or credit for the.
value of the tax-in-kind or the income tax,
and all the taXes-iin invonesmiad profits, under
- existing laws, shnl paid without any credit.
or.deductijon of the ad waloremn tax.
Src. 7. Tit Men properiv, real ot..per
sonal, has been injureio, *4estro?yeLd by the
enemy, or the dw tier thereof' has lien tetmi
pg,rarlv depriv'ed of the use thereof,',or, - in
the case bf real C'state, bf the nivats of rulti
Vatill the.same, by te re.-on of the- posses
r n or proximiity of the enemy, the assmsent
on :au 1hqr6ptrt. may'lie reduced in propor
ti!n- to the.damRWa s'IStained" by the owneg
or the tax assessed thereon mny he redce(I
- in the saie ratio by the'Di.st ict Colleer, on
Nato1ictory evidence submnitted to him 6y the
owner tir Assessor. -
c. 8. That the Secretary of the Treasury,
on the recon&mnendtion of the [.onids of
Poliet, County Ckurts, or sueh other county,.
dtt irtor pari.,h ti lhunal as may be prescribed
by the0 State Collectors respectively,- trans
witted thfrigh sid colfectors. Is lie'by
authorized to suspend the eoHectib-n of taxes
now dde, or ii osed by this- or any other <k
futmre act, in those 'districts % here. depreda
-tivon hive been committeAl by the enemy, ,io
ca-es of idi% iduals.in such distri. ts, where,
?1 his judment,. the res.,trtces of tile tax
payer usking such sifspenion. have been so
I seiously dami4ged or destroyed as to 'render
the ipient'lot. taxes i) mos.ile or exces.ively
oppressive ; skch supension to be revocable
at the pleasure of the Secretary of the
U--HiToY. REPEATS ITsELFN-Eighty-fo:r
years aeo-in the winter of 17 -'I, the Bri
ish nrid- American forces a--upied alost the
identical positiovs.now held rtespectively 'my
the Yankee and Confederate armie in the.
Carolinas. . The. disastrous battle of Camden
resulted in. the expulion of the jintriot - amy
from S'uth Carolina. and led to the superr
dure of Gates by Gen..-Greene.-Wben*' the,
latter took cominand of the rrmy. its .-. t
quarters were at Charlotte, N. ,., the present
headquarters of Gcn. Beaurkird.-Greer.e's
first m'r~ement wats to senld -off a detachmnent.
of oneC thousand men 'under Genyral Morgan,
wihheh met and defeated Tr.rleton;at the bat
tie of Co wpen;s. Tarleton, with- the~ remn t
of his. forces, retreat~ed and united *ith the
main body unl'r (Cornlwallis, and Morgaien
deavored to rtjoin Greene.' t*as to pge'ent
-this junction that Corp:wallis mioved iiiecli
- tel' forw' ard, aind Uln. wais commnenced bjy
tire'pati:ot .arn.y one of the most remarkabJe
retrea'ts i'n milit ary 'annals. Tt i.4 spmewhat
i-osna kable that the line of' Greene's retreat
wats ovcr the identical eround now traver sed
by, thie railroad leading tr-ot Chat lotte to
Greensbhoro. - Guilford Court IHouse--where
Greene'finally gave battlte-is about fire miles
slnrthwe.t fonm the -ittet place Speculation
has. already selected it ats the poinc, where our
forces will be concentrated againistShergian,
should heC continue $s Bank movement upton
Richmonmd. In that.celebrated retreat, IIEN
RY .LEE (helter known as "Lighthorse Hl:g
Srv')'ha.i command of.the entire cavalry forc..
ol the irmty, and gontrib'uted greatly to -its
success.' Hie also acted a conspicuous, gallant
and efficie~nt part mn the battle whiih followed
If fate shall decree that lib,erty and tyranny~
shall meca<ure arms upon thi~ same field, it is
niot to, uch fo expect that the worthy son
of this revolutionary hero-g,ur own peerless
Ichief-will be there on the side of the former,
to strike down a-nd put,to confusion the min-.
ions of the latter.1
IThe Eanger is a new Confederate Ram,is
cruising on the ocean.
Two Yankee vessels have' been dispatched toI
the New England oo.ast,
Through the k Wd et a:Mfncerheow.v*
ite a Savannah. Repub of Mart .
Some of the NortherAnPRO:takdnsteps
to make their Southri 4editos pa 7 p
whtthey owe. . -
The ship Lawre'te, oade with nearly"
twenty four hundred.bales df cotton,: which
went asbos e at the mouth ofleSavannahk*
er whileoh -her way to New York, about -te
days sir.ce, has been broughttvirSvannah and
is.how lyinp at the wharf adjoining the Ceiq
trl CottOn Press. The cotEon is now ing
taWdn out of her ahd transferred to other ves
Two Provost Courts havObeen establisbetL
One .has jurisdiction in cakes of' one bundied
dollars isd over ; also in"all caseg of cdmNs-,
guardianship, and those cases' rendired i0
Vortant by incIdental circliao . The
oth r-court hasjurisdit,tion in midsaeanors,1
and all cases irivohing,rights 'i ohe h ndred
dallars ana u der., Lient. E I PersoarJr.,.
is Judge f tlie highest evurt;.and. Capt. J. W.
Walton of th lower court.
Tbe Provost Marshal has issued -an . er
giving A citizens who -have not registered to
do so before 'Satturd.-V March I8 Personve
who do unot obey the orde( will be held'
The city has been divided into threetDis
ti icts, fo: the tirpose.of the.effe,tual remo."
in-g of garfiage,"and all matter injuriobs to
health. All suchAstuff must he placed in
cer tain plaes for rembval. before eight o'clock
in. the nornling.
A VAIr wno U&s COT SL) F014 OVER PotM
mTE Y9:As.--At presen. (here i6's soldier et
the Che.nut Ilill Military hospital, Piilado
pLia'ho has niot slept for a' .Aiigle nmomont
for fourteen years and sil month.. Thisl ma
seem iieredilble, lIhr neviellees, it is tru.e
an1d ran be Yuritied by numbers cf perMso.
The indi idual is an initb1ligeit man, naturalTy,
and lis the benefit of a 11ode-A.e. e4ucatiorn
his nawe,is C J. SandVrf, Orderly Sergeu'it
of Couipa-ny G, Thirteenth Viirgilia Volun
teers. .Le entered.the *;ervice of the United
States on December 28th, 1863.1. He is in. the
5ib year of hi -age. Bi-, .h ke bletai
geteraliy excellent during his life.
In 1849 ie'was taken %xith cholera, ard.
since t.bat period with,hing -fevLr.on t0 om*--i
1ions. In the summiter of 1850 sleep forsook
hi,n, and .ince t at time he hus nt felt the
h.:ast diowsy. He has led a temperate life. lis
%file Itd clddrvn resideiin Putnan county,
West Vir,-i:ia. 'Since he entered the. Udnit
army be has been on seven raids'and four
chergves di'l ing A hiel time he informs I% th t
he never felt tir ed or sleepy. He as in the
fotit charge leyoid. Ijarpers Ferry in ,ther
17th, 18th, 19th, and 21th of last4ug11i, and
ygt he did not feel the least sle-pN. Why it
is that he cannot or does. not sleep is as much
a slystery to him as it is to many %cientifid.
gentlemen, % ho hure had their attelitton called
to him, and been astounded in their attempts
to investigate Ue au .
Upon one 'ceasion, at his request, a6ui'Oher
of curiously:%i'.clined ger&.leuee %atcebd him
for 42 d?y% aid nights cobsecutively, in order,
pm '.to arrive at the cause oflhe won
drful 'phenothienonn. These. gentlemen took
turns w'ith each oither in the progr ess of .watch
lng, sco that i( he shonuld chane to sleep it
woujld be observed. Some of h6 wptche'rs be
came drawij,. and it w'as as much as .they
couild do' to awake them. .
This sing.dan- man was sent to Philadelphia
by order < f the field Surge'or.IHe wsaduehted
into the Hospital ait Chiesnt Hill on the Pl.th
of Novemb er last, suiferrng fraine chronic diarr
hoea and rhecune'tism. He shas-neiarly recor-'
fred from hris physical disability; 'nis appetite.
is good, bat y et he doe.s rnot sleep. He teires
to bed, the samne as othrer soldier-; bunt he car- -
nct slIe' ,:Ie simply receives ph4ical rest.
This trief n'arrative' of a' most wondbfful -
phenomenon may reenr fabhulouzs, but the read
dr is assured ii is thepruth.-i Tork Nc2eto,
Judge Lochrar.e of Muicon, hsas cornaienced
sentencing negroes to be hung for the crime'
. bw.rlarf. It is said that seveiI.others in
the Macon jail[for the same offenre may share
the same fate. A ter a fewv such examides are
made, we think there i i be lesA stealiog go
ing an in th'e communities where the Ia" is en.
forced in that sifle. The only- wsi to have'
-s kept is to make them a "terror to eid
Os -rHE ElsE.-Liquor in th& Mie too1l, like
water in t te Juames, has beenr on. LI 0 rise' for a
fw days pas'; the diffe-eoce gingj that, while
the water hg~ risen in the river. whiskev his not
ien in the glass, but increa9d'wnonstrously 1n
prie. -'Eight dollars a nip for unctommon 1ad,
and ten' dollars for uncommon g1o4, "So~teal
i th figre nowin the leadinl:VietaUnte
{fRichmonsd uObwW

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