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- Admiral Buchanan, and Gen. Finnegan,
the hero of the battle of Olustee, were in town
on Thursday evening. -
(T CaptL McJunkin, formerly of the Greep
rile. Enterprise, ndw in the army of Tennessee,
visited us on Thursday.
Manythanks Billy for the'promised skin,,
ming, but most re.pectfully decline at presei.t,
yottshall have the paper 'in course,' rather than
have a 'inuss'.
Our Subscription List
It'is gratifying to- say, is beginntin ti assume
most fair and:amp!e proDortions, and has a cireu.
lation, so far, exceeding our expectation, an I af.
fords, a fine opportunity for advertising. In
this connection we would sy, that some o: our
friends who had beeC 'in rbceipt "of the -weckly
issue, manifest surprise at not ieceiving the tri
weekl. It is not surprising atall to us, for fay
ing made the request in the previous issues ti.at
- .fl who wanted it would say,so we .concladved -of
course that the few who did not come ip, cared
not tooke it. , We are glad to find, however, 1
that they wer'f only as'eep, and are now wakiing
0 & C. Ralroa
'obtravelling public will be gratified to learn
that ihe energy giveu to,the repairs,on this road,
- will jn anouL three weeks, as we are tola, bring it
-in running order as far as Aston. The ;m1e
on the Anderson Branch is being also rapiNly
repai-ed, arid will be completed ht an eary day.
The delay -is owing principtly to the itant of
"timber, cOnveiient to the breaks.
-The work-shops .at Helena, under tho. efficient
managetrieut of Mr. J. B Bro)vie,. are in fine
condition, anddoing a full share-of. *ork.
We were pleased'with a v sit,- oti. Thursday,
*froip Bon. T. C, Perrin, President of the road, i
and Mr. J. B. LasSdle, Gen. Superintendent.
Patit Larceny.
We regrt to r c-d it, but, necessity compels
vs to say th.i there arefthieves, on a tmall scalej
aOUL Complaints are 6aiv made to us that our
-paper fiili to ra:-h its destimnaion 4: some in
rtances, atter being reguilarly mailed, or dliver
ed. The man who stexl, his neighLor's p: per,
ihen it can be had for the 1finig ll 01n foi
three nunths, the pfice of one yard or .homZ
spun, woid take copprs from a di fioct da:kie.
Cres. He is meater than g:r-broth, nd ouzht,
to be kitked to death by him- grashoppers.
We promise tO skin 'he first rogues noUse who i~
caught in the act So pay for the paf>er fellows
* - ~and read yobur own news. -
The Xights i Bentons711le.
Out of the thiomuasadd one,r uumois, mnd the
diff'erent accounits of as many diffPrenit soldiers
/passing through town, we sidt the following:
Sunday, Mi*nday ar,d TuestTay', the- 1trh, 2Pth
* -and 2lst,4-succssioni bCf ights took place, in all
'of which~ the 4Gemy were severely handled: Lnt
neithe'r. was considered a general engage -ent
of the whole streng?h. -Snny's fighting sup
posed to be the heaviest. On' Tuesday. an at
'tempt was matde to fiank'and turn. our left wiig,
by a corps of inafantry and a .body 01 cavalry.
but wt,ich was easily thwarted. Subseqnently,
for' reasons best kn'-,wn to iiself, Gen Johnston
fell beck . tp the neighborhood of Smith:fiel,!.
Smuithfiel is about 18 miles fr'om Bet-onsville.
* Charleston Items
Trhe Courer is putlisled reg~ularly, add. he
-printers-are piid $20 a week in green backs.
The railroad.-is in soperajion to Summerville,
and niany of the old b-ands are retained.
Legree Yates, Presideit of the .vigilance comn
- nittee has,been dismrissed Iroma .the- position of
- -Chief of the.Fire Department.,
Negro balls umderat' e auspices of the .military
authorities who furnish guards for the occasion
are adv'ertised to take phice nightly.
The Courier el..ims that Ex-Gov. Aiken is a
consistent unEn mnan, and though unale to op
pose the Confederacy never used me'asures againstL
the Yankee Governmient.
* Sgaees gut your Ga ag.
Some men take a peculiar delig,ht in hunting
up, aed circulating. the grosst and most absurd
- rumjors, and tliere not a few (of this .stripe in our
midst, we are sorry to say. Nog we never liked
4these loud-talking, "onder-mnaking, gratuitous
news-monlgers, we can sent them a whoie block
off, as'they .fly hIere adhete wihdsen$d
mass full of: sensaiion stori'es, and will give them~
always a wide berth.. The publie mind is'kept
in a continual fever of excitement, and from con
stazitly being dedrecd, are inclined to- disbelieve
the truth when it does come. A'nother injurious'
effect is, that these stories get into' news-papers,
and the editors of which are credited' for them,
poor fellow& when they are,ai innocent as the
babe unborn. To air such we say, squeeze out
your gas'bags; and if you can't~ do. better, get
.some hind old lady to spin you a litthp yarn and
-g- to tinni,g sokminstea of warumors.
Metter=from orth Carolina.
We are it6receipt of,a.letter frdm our old frient
the Rev. E. Watson, from which iie make a fem
interesting extracts:
VV)L, IN. C. ---, 1885.
MEsSRs EDrroRS :-I send _yh some fact!
whiZh I th glit yol would like to know. Thii
region is .etied with robbera. Their caves are
in the mountains and from there they come forti
to annoy,. plmder-and murder. Outllts uawlly
elect the hoar that is thickest tolled with tl
dentst folds of darkness-the bour nost 'cbar
acteristic of their deeds ot villaipy-but theze
awless-bandits have theeffiontery to look in upct
the light Qftinen day and but last Saturday were
prowling through oar nei,hbarhood, eating din
ner at the bou.se of our neighbor with thir gun
tcross tirel legs, inquiring who were utiotnist;
and who s -cessionists, who. had property and
who had o8t, so that they might kuow where tc
find the riehest prize. -Their audacity is unsert
pulo!is and their crimes sucir as John 'A. Murrell
Comn1itted, and.for that robber they would havg
been fit coinpanions hd they lived in his. dAy
Two of the men robbed last week, were Majol
eeail and Jacob Moore. Ngall lost his pistol und
mone1y, and Moore his money, beds, etc. The
ruffians esfped across the Catawba, but beinc
hotly pursued by Carson's menand Jhers, were
obliged to leave beh'id them some of their plun
der and two of the r wen. While on the way tc
join our men in the-pursiit, I stopped at Mr
Ttes, whose life had been saved by his little
son, sometime ago they entered his house. in the
night, and one of hem 'presenting his pistol de
inanded1is keys. Lsulrender my keys to r<
mn4n, said the old man. Then you shall die said
the robber, and st$ping back was atout to firb
upon i man tremNing with old age, but hiS little
soa qukly running his hands into his father's
pocket, drew out the keys and throwing them tc
the bandit saved his ;ather's .ite. The7' com
pelled Mrs. Tete to unlock all #e drawers and
helped themselves to anb valuables as thev
liked and this being done they weilt , to the lot,
nd robbing it of three fine mule- they: left it
haste. A few da~s ago They killed' Miss Grant.
Not having' futid as much money as tiey be
[ieed Mr. Gr -ut hAd in h-s houe,'otje of them
Jew his pi.sol on tbe old mnan. when 'his herose
iurhrtcr threW herself betwcea the~ ruffi:n. and
'ri 'll, and received into her own body he
he boilCt aimed, at him. While his daughter
w:s i the- death struggle, they led her fat
ay ,Pd there is little doubt tht.: they killed
iimto%o. These murderers stopped for dinner,
e!'rg tie fami!y to give thent dinner quickly,
Q !I-ey 'werJ trying to capture the robbers wbc
1t kl od Gij; tmit, the partieisais of which
he rCcited with as liudh i eling, as thev had
shin they le*d her weltering in hier own brdou.
NoNody is.safe in this nmutaiiious, counfry
ae those whose trust in God is unfaiterizig.
[From the Mobile-Tibune, 2d.}
Meeting of the' LapIes or Mobtlc,
\ight Ihefore L'st, ne'r'.ling to publie notice,
heeans a biurge nieeting of the pa;riotic.ladies
af the rity held a; .the Presby terian- Ohurch on
nverniment street: It:wa~s organiized by the
seetio; 01 M1rs.. erecy Walker, for Presi'dent,
nl Mi.-s Augu-taE Evans' formeecretary; ad was
1(idd Pssed in anI elbriuvnt speerbh by Judge .1 W.
l'urken'.- Attel- wlhich the following resolutions
were unannimously pasned:
Reiliziing theimmine' ce of,the per I that now
tirdles ouir land, and thoroughly convineed that
1ll h6 sucrifices,, trials am4d priwationie atteftding
Revolution,-are infinitely pr-eferable to the hor
rors of snijugation and social and political slave
rv-be t
*Resolvyd, That,we, the hidies of' Mobile, do
most enrnestly and cordially pledge onr snpport
to the "Societ'v f' Loyal Confederates," and d'ed
eate tunres rvedly our en'irgies and Tlumtence to
thke ' mintteflanice of' our' c-ause and ,the
,chievn er C of' nationail independ'ence.
Rsorve4 That, during the continnance. of
Llhe w( we. will discourage, by exam pie, all ex
travaant u' i ggdy,fe.stivities a.c not being in
harmony with the~ general distress.of the count ry,
md as.~not.implyimt'. a becom~inu apprecia(ioni of'
:he grief, b,ereamvement, destihition adid suffering
yfnimany thousands of our sex. .
Resolved, That during the same~ period -'e will
:liscotr.,e by onr exam;ple and~ ipfl;ience all exn
enditw.ns of money for i mported articles of dress
ivhmieb can lie regjarded onily as luxuries, and n >t
us nec5sities andE that we will advise the bet
:e'r use o[ Sunch mrnsti-exzp"nd -d either in balls
or bal! dres-es-in re ieving the destitute, and
especially the famiili.es of' disabled soliliers..
Adam-, 0: Phibidlphia,i ii la htti thanksgiving
discorise, staten, on the authortiy of an usher at
the White House, that President Licoln spends
every ?orning'irom 4 to 5 o'clock ini rea'ding tihe
criptures aind praying, ldud engngh to 'ue heard
ii the waiting room where visitors are received.
We have hmeird before of Pharisees famous for
their loud prayin#.
RoGREsN.-RoU)bery an,d store breaking
s getting to be of frequetit occurrence in -Ma
The body of a- murdered soldier was found
near Tlbotton, Ga., a few days since. The
skull havI heen smashed 'm with . n ';axe. The
body could not-be recognized as it' had been
muc~h torn by dogs.
Gen. Joseph E. Johnston is the grand-son ol
Lucy Henry. O'ne of the sisters of Patriok Henry,
of Revlutiona'v memory.
A wag seing a lady ata paity wAhivery low
itecked dress 4h.bare,arms, exp'res&ed his adfil
ratioa' by' saying she oztstripped the' *hble
partg. -
An enterprising bar-ber. in London is-.ad
+rtising "hgir h-ush' gbymiadinery." Thd
Iu di is cyliniriral, I i fixed 'up n a shaft
The head t .be bruh2d. is adjusted to the re
Volving bristles, :nd in this way the Operation
is performnk
'08 'UARY.
Dim, on. the 27th March, 1895, THOXAS CRO
mer; fourth son bf T.honas Croner, Esq., of Lib
cr-y Hall, S. C., aged 1.6 years. 3 months and 2&.
days. He VOlunteered in the Reserves in Janu
arv, and haa just eerinenced a oIdier's life when
Providence called him away. He was a brilliant
and interesting youth, the strength of his father,
the pride of his rmother, and an ornitment'to his
r11OM ni/stahl, nine miles abore Newherry,
C. 1., on the Greeville R. R, a Ba'v Mare
h1avy %ith foal, with st'ar in her forehead, hea
ry mane and tail. She is very fat, a'ud witl foal
in ithree or four iieeks. - - '.
A (o %%ql be given for thspprehension of the
thief, or $300 for the delivery of the mare.
Suga Sugar, Sugar.
Mar. 3o., 4-ft 'B. JU. LOVELACE.
Brown Shirting.
{0\ yards BROWN SHIRTIG,jlst re
ceived and for sale or harter by
Mar. 30., 4-2t . ,. H. LOVELACE.
Capsi Caps.
1 4 \ 0ITGUI CAPS, a good English ar
U o .ticle, for sale by
Mar. 3o., 4-2t B. 1H, LOVELACE.
. HAVE on hand a large lot of 4-4 nnd 7-8
f SHIRTING. Osnahurgs, Cotton Yarn, Cotton
Card, Log-wood, Indigo, Copperns, Nails, Taeks,
and inant other artmcles can be fiJund by callifig
at mV store. A. HARRIS.
,Match:8 t~f'ir irn
11re. Iron.
WILL trade Tire Iron for two good Milch
Cows arid Calves. A. RAB.RIS.
Newberry,-.Nirch 28. - tf
CAN.\LE-S7tKS for.which i liberal price will
be paid. Apply at this offiice.
31ureh 25. - - tf
Cook wadid .
1.nte to hiire from .the owner. N"zne of
your free negroes wanted.
1Appl'y at this-offlee. March 21 if
TOBN1~D otie. '
TTAK'E (his occasin to nQtiy you not to turn
.1 over your Bacon to .ny person hut Tithp.
Collectors, 0: this Office, or bonded Comumissary
ir the field.* The receipts of any but''Bonded
men ini the field are worthless.
SW. W. W ALKER, (7. A.
Newherry, S.".March 16, 1865.
Ra'nd Saw Files.
11Just received and for saile by
- Mrch 21 tf ' B. H. LOVELACE.
- - EWBERY ~STf'T.
By John. T. Peter.roir, 1kj., Ordinary of .New-,
--- berr. yDIi8tr':t.
W THFREAS, Phebe Nates has applied to.
meI i for Leta-rs of Admhaistration,
on all 'end rinrgulair 'the goods and chat
tels, rights and credits 'of Jacob C. Nates,
late of the district aforesaid, deceased:
Thee We hetef-e'to cite and admnor,i.eh all
and singular, the kirrdred and .cre'dito.is of'the..
said deceased, to be and appear before me,' it
our neit Ordinary's CIourt, for the said .District,
jo he holde'nattNew.berry C. He on the 10th day of
A pril next, to. shew catuse, if any, why the said
Adimnistratloin should -not be granted.
Given under my -handl anbd seal, thuis 27th day
of Miar., in th!e year of' our Lord one thousand
egghtl' hu:tdred and sixty-foutr.
Mar. 3;. JOHN T. PETERSON, O.s.D.
4?y, Joh,u T. Peterson,- Esqui~re, Ordino:ry of
Neioherry District.ha ple
HI IEREAS Lucy' Gilliam hsapidto
me for L'tt4i of Adininistration,' on
all and singular the goods and chat tels, rights
and credits. of Jameis S. 'Gifma, Fate of the
District aforesaid, deceased.,
These are therefore to cite and admonish all and
singular,thc kindred aqd credtors of the'said de
ceased, to be anud appear before me, at our next
Ordinary's Court for~ th?e said DistrIct,to be hol Jen
at Newberry Court Hour.e on t,he 'ith day of,
A prl next , to The w cause, if any why tlee said
Adminitrationl should not be granted,
Giver; uinder my hand and Seal, this 24th day
of Mar. in the year of oui- Lord one thousand
eght htndr.ed and sixty-fiye.'
I-Iadqjuarters /
- A i OPWrtarODUth, 1865.S,
.emerat, Oder. Ar.2. -
In entering4pon thpWOfbe. espigf bn t
opentheGeneral-in-!Cbieffiefs asst hat the
soldiers who have s long nd so
the hardships id dangers tf th,. =R
no exhortation to respond.to.thecaUs,Oi!2PnW
and duty. '
Wiih the libe-ty transmitted' by theWr fa
th'ers they have Inherited the spirit to'dend
The.choice between war- and abject snb*
Missiop i5 before them.
To such.a proposal brAve men,with arms~in.
ther hands, can hivd but one answer.
They cannot barter inanhood'for peace, no
the right of self-government. for life or-proper-:
ty.. -
But justice to them requires a sterner aa
m1onition to those who have abandoned tbeir
comrades in the hour of.peril.
-A last opportunity is,ofArod thewtoe -
ant the disgrate and- escape, the. guhMsme&,t
of their crimes.
By authority of the President of the Coti1
federate-States,a pardon is announced to such
,deserters and men iinptoperly absent, as-shall
return to the commands to %hich they belong
within the shortest'possible time, not,ezceed.
ing twenty days from the publieAtion of thia
order,,at the leadquarters of the departient
in whi'chev mav be.
Those who may U prevented by interrup
tion. of communiention, may report witbin the
*ime specified'tp the nearest ehrolling'offier
or other officer on duty, to be frwarde4-is
soon -as practicable, and upbn -presenting'
certificate from' such officer showing %:omplio
Ace with th;s requiremsent, w;* receive.the
pardon hereby offered.
Those who have deserted,to the sertiee of.
the enemy, or who have deserted after having
been once pardoned for 'the M6ate oience, and
those who shill desert, or absent thetnselves
without nuthority, after the publication of'
this order, are excluded from its benefits...
Nor-does the offev of pardon extend to other
ti'ences than desertion and ab,ne without.
By the satpe authority, it is also 'declored -
that no general amnesty will again be grant.
*j, ano th6se who refuse to a cept the p)ardou
now offi-red, or who shall -hereafter 'desert or
absent th'enselves withoit leave, shall suffe'
euch punis.huiEnt as the Courts may imposer -
and no application for clenjency will,beenter
Taking newres6lution from the fate wbich
our enemies intend'ir us, let every Xnan 4e
vote all hi. eiegies to the common defence.
Our re.%urces, wisely and vigorously em
ployed, 'a-e amide,- and with a bravE artfts,
ustailed by -a determined and unitd people,
sucess, with 'God's assist4nce, ca.ttot, he
The-advanfages of the enemy vl bveabt
little value ir we do not . permit thet to ip.
pair our'resolution. Let us, then, oppose con.;
staev to adversity, fortitude tostuffering, and
courage to.danger with' the filag assurance -
that He'who gave freedoml to ouit fathei's will
hesS the efforts of thieir children.. to preserve,
March 18 6 ~ 1 E. LEE, General.
MAEcu 20, 1865.
TThe attention of soid&ers returning iiom'
. on furlough in Nevuberry Distriet, is again
called to the requirements of paragraph II Gen
eral (riers No. '14-1, A. & 1. G. 0. series of 1883.
i11. The order referred. to eejires that ,oldiers
rturn.ing honme on furlbugh or on r.iasing
ph#es ait whichi they will 'stay during furlough,
il irm uieitely repart to the ne-irest Etirolling ~
Offier, who tjll.keep a registe'r or their names '
escriptive list, place ivhdie statiolret; by whom
the furlough was'granted and the timngat which.
it expires
Il. When a soldier on furlough is,at the explN
i-ation of 'the~ same, unable to travel to the Bog
)iad Exainining Bontd,hei will be. ordered before
the Boartd of. Examiiners for Conscripts,Tahich
Boafd if they' think, proper will .rgeommend an
*extension of iarlough not to exceed thirry.days.
IV. In cases where, from sickfees or wounds,;
a soldier is- uniable to appear before the Board of
Eaminers for Conscripts, he will send n'p to the
Enrqling Officer with furlough, a certificate of
hisatedin1g phy~siciamnbgiting a flull .stateSti
of his'case, which certiOcare, if approved, ' II be
referred to~ thie-'oard- for its aeion..
V. A strict compliance with the above require-.
inens wilibe promptly enforced.
March 21 6 * Capt. &.t. O.-N. D. - .
JSodiers' Boards -of Relief
Sparan,urg C. II., March I, 1865
'T" this plade.. Ti'e Soldier's Bo.ardls of Relief
inDitrits mdii Parishes with .wich there is t:o
communication by mai,- will forward their re
turns hv hor-e couriers immeudiately upon the re- ,
c-ipt of this notie. The-expenses of these cou
riers will be padid at this office. All othey inpor
tat -communications for this office should be for.
warded in the spme way.
Auditor of S. C.
March 18
..1OSNABURGS, for Spring and Summer
us lor-sa!c by . B. Hf. LOVELACE- -
March 21 tf -

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