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Ttu, Dollars 4sr 3 Months.] Devoted tolthe DisseminlatiOof GeBeral W*frmdlnl,-[lir .ie- e&
VOLUME~ J. NEWBERRY, 'S, C.., TUF-SDAY., APRIL 410%1865, NTuyE 7:
N?EWB.ERRY C. 11.0
bery Taesday, Thursday and Saturday,
Teris--4I for three month!:, in advance. Ad
-ertiseMenlts inserted at the rate of $5 for Irst
inseri-on of twelve line-i or lesS, and $4'for sub
Seqnent ifisertion.
-"Three years! I wonder if she'll know me ?
limp, a little, and: I left one 'arm
A&tPetersburg, and I am growa as brown
N Ae-th# plump chesnuts on my little farm,
Apd I am as shaggy a. the chesnut buri,
But ripe and sweet withiin, and Wholly hers.
he.darling, hov I long to see her!
1i heart outrunq this feeble soldier pace;
For e r-member affer I htad let,
A liitte Charey came to take .my placd;
Ah r how the loghing three-years old- brown
(His mother s eyes) will stare with pleasant sar
4Sre; the'1 be at the corner w'tebingt
Faent them word tia I should come to-night,
The birds -alf kow it, for they crQwd around,
Twittering their welcome -vith'a avill delight:
1nd that old robin, with A haltirig wing,
I siTed her. life three years ago last tpring.
e yea.-perhapq I am drealping?
ior, like-the pilginy of the long ago,
I e tagged a we:try burlen ai,my baek,
Through summer's-heat and Vinter's blinding
T no, I reaeh-my hare, my darling breast,
'Nher Ican f6.l my burden off-and rest."
When morning came, the early rising sun
Laid his light fingers on a soldier sleeping,
Where a soft coyering of bright 9green grass
'Over two 'orelf modidsynas lightly. creepingi
- At waked him not : ktis was te_rest eternal,
Where the browti eyes rt flected love supernal
Theltud of Time.
It is Dot amongimprobabilities that the present
geeratikn is,the last which Proi:denc6 will per-.
mit to' people .this Planet.' For - four hundred
years, humian testimoiy, drawing its inspiratio,j
troin Scriptural propheei6s. has pointed nzdevia.
- tingly to this era as the on' id which will be
witnessed the-end of time, and the' beginn'ng of
eternity. Protestants an,I Ro"in' Catholies
the highestauthorities-however much they have
IMfered on. other topics, hiar'woniq fully in the
beief that we have now entered .up6n the long
Aticipate,d conflict of powers, wMich is,. to close.
ftbe transgression of de-dlation" and preoe4e
Ahe conming of Ihe atient of days." Evenfroin
a secubr stand point, it wou!d be interesting to
obs.rve-with whAt nicety of cakulation all the
commentators narrow, the event down to the
preset'half century, and dif!-r with each other.
oialy by a few years.. We have 1866, o7, "'i,
77 and '2,giveii to us b.y var ops wriers a,3 the
Lhit of the world's existec but whatexe: is
the period named, the concurrent'evidence is
strong-4vl starHino. . The unsett1d condition of
the ci#ilized ':orld,the premonizory throbbingof
revolution among old systems of Gtvernment,
the complf.cations growing out of anr own strulg
gle, which threatten to involve other ngation s, the
. dissolution of social bonr's, the loosening of re
straints, and breaiki.ig down of the barriers which
confine men wlth:in a civiiir.ed pale, are all cir:
'cumstances now in eourse of occurrence which
are quoted as evider.*ee of the fina hour. A still
more remarkable rela;ioni between thp prophey
and the present hour is estabis~hed by a portion
-of the ninth chapter of Daniel,:in which we fiid
.the following description of our enemies adu
-theis 'eaders.
".And in 'the latter time of their kingdon, when
the tra'nsgressor.< are-comne to tbe full, a king of
* fiMerce countenance, anid underst.anding dark sen
~tences, shall stand izp. And his power shall be
mighty, but niot~ hy his owvn power ; and he shall
destroy wonderfully, and shall prosper,and prge
*tice, and shall destroy .the mirh:y and thbe holy
- pople. And thirough his policy lie .sha I cause
craft to prosper in his hand ; and<he shall mag
nify himself in his heart, and by peace shalI de
stroy many ; and he shalg also-stand up against
* the Prince of.princes, but he shall be broken
without hand. The'judgment shall sit, and thoy
shall take away his dominion to densme arnd de
stroy it unto the end."
Ye have adverted briefly to. this theme be
cause it is one- on wich, notwithstanding .th;e
wreck of matter that' is being made,.around us,
the thoughts of thoughtful meu are d welling, and
because too, it n a'y awaken curiosity among
-those who are fond of ancient lore, to read es
.pecially with this subject in view. A topic how
* ever, so fruiitful in interer t to man, woman .and
ehild, may weil excite someting imore than-mere
Northern papers state that ten regiments
hbave been reruited from among the cor.tra
bands who joined Sherman in lis recen t march,
and further additions are, expected to this
frce frem his neent campaign.
Latest Northern News.
RICRUOND, March, s1.-Northern papers of
the 1Sth contain -a dispatch to Grant from
Sherman, dated Fayetteville, N. C, March 12, in
which he says bis army is in fine sprits, and
that he hAd met with no serious opposition.
.Shoridan reports that on Monday last, azpor
tion of his cavalry were engaged in tearing- up
.the railroad between HIanoTer Junction and
R:chmond, 'while the main aiNdywas pushing
on towards White House.
The London Time. says the fact of the ap
pointnient of a new ininister to the United
States.will dispel the wild fancy that England.
and France contemplated a sort of understand
ing regarding the recognition of the Confede
raey%n the fourth of March, 1y ncknowledging
incoln President only of those States which
had taken part in his election. -
Fbote has published a letter in London de
noilneing ihe Southern Confederacy,
Nothing was destroyed in- Fayeiteville except
the arsenal and the Obnerver new,paper office.
Lincoln made a speech i n*Wasiingtan, On
the-ilth, in which he expresel the hope that
the rebels would employ negro troops; as he
says the. negroes cannot fight and work both.
Shr dan reports the James River Canal re
dered useless as far East as -Goochland, -and' the
Central Railroad fro .a Tolersrille to Naver
Dam destroyed. The South Anna bridge- was
a&o destroyed.
Gold tosed on the 17.th at 164.
RICHXOND, March 27.--The New York Tri
bune, of the 25th, says the 4th army corps
undur Gen. Stanley, is reported on its way to
Knoxville, tojoin in the Western Virginia
Campaign. Its strength is estinated at from
15,000 to 18,000.. A carlrY - foree Of .6,000,
uider Stoneman, has left Knoxville, and is
I moving towards West Virginia. '15.000 ca
I valry and**monnted infantry left Ea,tport Miss.,
a few days ago,o- a gigantic raid,with Mo
bile as the ultimate objective point.
A Washington telegram says there is a dot
hie leaded article in Forney's Chrnicle, this
niorning, on peace, and the propriety. of par
doning even the rebel renders in order to se
dure it. It -attracts attention as connected
with the President's .vi"it to tliefront
report prevailed in Memphis on Friday
tnat Mobile had been evacuated.
Gold stili excited, closing at 154.
Movemets of Federal Troops.
PiCHMOND, March 27.- Bristor corres
ponde.q of the Whig says tonenian was at
Miy Creek, on the 18th, with 4,000 cayhlry..
Hi; destination is supposed to be at Salisbury,
N. C.
Persons direct from' Kiioxville report the
arrival there from. .Chattanoog-r, within the
last few days, of a large nanber- of trdops.
North Carolina'And Lynchburg seemed to be
the theme of conversation *among oficers and i
A Charleston correspondent of the New.
York .Tribune say.:
'The mulatto damse!s of Charleston are the
loveliest creatures of the world-far lovelier
than those of. New Orleans,. whom he oce
thtught to be perfecin ther sunny and. ri
ental sty!e of beauty. Such are:bisr,raptures,
we may take for granted that.r" id plogress
wil soon be made in miscegenation; We shall
need to look' closely to ihe-cohmnris of the Co'
rier, for the list fof bridails between- the two
races, with a cor;ious detail. of thw marriage
giftg.the trousse'z and fi desct ilytion pf thej
costumes, a"2'EthiQpece et Barbarie.
"Gamma," cor' espondent of the Mobile Regis-.
ter, writes-"Granit, last .vear, had in Virginia,
2i, told, 230u.epo men. This year he will
have 60,.000 men-nis own army-Sherman will
add 35,ooo; Th.omes will bring, say .3o,ooo;
sheridan the same and Hancock we will put at
1,o00, e? all .165,o00 inen, black and white.
He,.will thus lack 65 boo to make hiitcombifation
as formidable in .nuinbers, as it was l1.st year.
The last Yankee conscription brought only 7o,ooo
men into t.he ra.nks. The next call is for Soo,ooo,
which at the same rate will produce 4o,ooo.men.
Grant will stHi lack -25,oo0 men to make his army
as large as i't was last year:-Gve~ Lee negro 's
ard toxid-we have plenty of both, and- we will
defeat this combination,.at one or more points,
and still hold Richmond.
PROGRESs 07 MIcGNTo.WSigo has
had itis zabbath sensation to-day, in the fact that
the colored preacher, Rev. Righiand Garnett, a
full blooded African, was to.Vreach -in the 'hall of
the Houise of Representatives. A ~celored c oir
opened the serviced, and the galleries and lobby'
of the House were well filled- by a promniscuOus:
audence, including m:ny membr of. CQngress.
Franik Leslie's Comic Almanac , says there
will be six eclipses this year-two of the sun,
Itwo of the moon, one of Jeff. Davis and one *of
the rebellion.
An apparatus has been invented by which
the street lamps of a whTole city can be jte
Four hundred papers have given up the
gost at the North within a year..
From Charlestop.
We have the Courier of the 21st. Charleston
as well as Sav4nnah has been honozed by the dis
tia'uished ptesence of the senatorial -delegation,
wives and all. They visited the chief sights,.ai d.
gloated over tbe ruins of Sumpter., But the chief.
feajture, of the Abolition visit was the intrcdaction
of the "high dignitaries" to "the representative
Union man of Chariston, - Dr. L G. Mackey"
(tbat's4 what the 'Yankee'Courier styles the -ene
i The niggers have had'a sensation. Gen Rufus
Saxton has addressed them at Zion Church and
told them they were free. Whereupoti there were
shouts of "bless the Lord" frotn the old colored
aiintes, and "yaw, yaws" from Pompey, Cuffey,
A procession of al the negroes of Charlest
ms appointed for the 21nd, and the fol!owing sI
nificant;advertisement appeared that day :
- "All colored citizens are invited to attend a
procession this*jakiand'all who fail will be con
sidered disloval.
The store of E. A. Hopkins, corner of King and
Haselt strets was robbed of a safe containing
five thousand dollar.
A negro teamster was confimed in the guard
house two days for charging 2.50 ets hor hauling
a'load of furnitre.
'Ebentzor Thaver calls for a meeting of Union
iCapters Royal Arch Masons.
,*A- (roeg,has opened a restaurantat 51 Went
,worth street.
The f>llowing auctioncerhave advertisemAhts.
James W. Broun, Moroso & Ehrlich, J. A. Tho
rop and Laurey & Alexander. Chewibg Tobac
co is the chief article for m1P..
The rate of fare established by the. govern.
ment from Charleston to Svannal is six do lars,
from Cbarest'ot to St Xugustine and Jkckson
ville nine dollars. -.
* The Charleston Mercury is to be revived under
the editorial supervision of James Redpath of
John *rown infamy.
-Charleston is grriAnned by negro troops.
T$rty were hung a tew days ago, for misbe
baviour. '
Henry W.1rd IBeecher has received permis
sion from 4the Yede'al Secretary of War t6
preich the Gospel in Charleston, when Bast
utler assumes the Governorship of- -Soth.!
Carolin a.
Laidler, of the Courier. office .hasbeen em
ployed by the Yankee proprietor.
A SUNDAT IN CuALrsTON.-SUnday was a-day
of jubilee at all the colnred churches. General
Littlefield and Mr. Redpath (of Boston)addressed
all -the congregatibns on their positions aVA
duties to their race. and -country. The coldred
people say that t) ere have been 'no such sefne
witnessed in thes& churches, during living
memory. '[he speaker made verv, r.idical anti
slavery addresses, ahd- were listened. to with the
utmost eagerness. . Bursi bf jo~y, shous of thanks
to God, laughter, tears--evjery humin emotion
seemed to be moed. to their depths. One. of
thespeL-kers, after shaking hands with-nearly all
the congregation, before he' got half-way dowp
ghe alley, was asioished by being quddenly iug
ged by one old colord lady.
March 25.-The order.-fr,M the Adjutant-Gene.
ral relative to recruiti colored troops in the
icnfederacy, rays at .oicer will be assigned or
appointed in each State; charged with the enro li
ient anddisposition.of all recruits. No. slave
will be aecepted a a 'recruit unless with the
on by a writtennsrunentcoFri.
ing, ais far as.he may, the rights of a tre .an.
The appoinitment of ellicers to compatuies to be
formed of recrui:s will be made by the-President.
The oficeers employed in recruiding are enjoined
to be provident, cor,siderate, humane and atten
tive to whatever cOnee~rnls the health, comifort
and discilinLe of the troops, to uniforir then1l
and to observe the gre:itest kindnesr and for
bearnce in their bien.tment of -them, anud espe
cially to protect them from injustice and oppres
Wmi. B. Allegre, of the Engairer, has been.
appointed p6stmastfof this city, vice Steger re*
General Hampton camne near being ca&tared
at FayettevHle. Hie wns at the hotel,- when. a
smll body bf the enemy' rode up,. and demand
edhis surrender. H!e kiled two with his pis
to, cts down a third with his sword, and es
The Branch Baink of the State of South' Caro
lina, .at Camden, has determined, and is now
prepared, to pay all balances- to -depositors,
although the robbing by the, enemy of the
funds of the depe-itors pr-obably r#ved the
bank of any responsiility in this- conmection.
This .bannf has lists and book acfounts of all
the riotes and bonds of which 'it waIs robbed,
and it is hoped that debtors will promptly come
forward and renew their obligations.
The Camden -Journal and Confederate -says:
Mr. H. T. ~Pea'kes General Superintendont of
-the South Carolina Railroad, h-as already. s
cure.d a large force'of competent workmen, who
are actively er gaged inr,rebuilding a :tempWorary
bridge across the. MaIateree' river.. -
The Confederate steamer Shenandoah had ar
rived at Melbourne. She is reported -a's having
burned eleven ships duringthe voytage from -the
Cape ofGoodfHope. -.
Ot.Thursday, the 9(h instat, &-great ce
tion was apparent in t,he Yankee garrisou st I.
vannah. Within an hour after some special ne*s
was read that day, 4out 4,doo troops weft
placed on transports sent Xorthward. Their
destination WilEringtol There is na'doubt ihat
Sherman is i-, a desperate strait, and every effrt
possibte is being made'to relieve him.
.A tentleman aRrive4 here yesterday fretn Gen.
Hardee's headquarsers, which be left on the 6th
instant. Re.heard i document read thete to-ife,
effeqt that-the ebemy ha d repreaented, eqi,ficial
authofity, that France had pronounced her re
cognition of. the Southerrm Confederacy, and as
serted its intention oj not acereditig.aiister
to the Conrt At Washington -intil the Uite.'
State' declared a recognition of the Austo
Franco-Mexican Empire. Much. confidence was
given to the report by those whose oppotniies
are good to know its reliableness..
%N ExPEDITION:oN Foo.-A telegrain da
Augusta, lI,tb instintisays: "The wildest- e
thusiasm is apparent on the streets of tis city
to-day. Thousands of the soldiers of the army of
Tennessee and the Virgihi army have congrega
ted here durin'g the past ten days. The wago-t
trains have been preparing during the-day for
the tong mrrch on which they start on Monday
morning, by order. of Gen. Fr-y."
AUGUSrA ITEMIS.-There ias a s.artling T=iMO
prevalept yesterday that the ebony female ner
chants who dispose of theit wares on the street
corners, h..d advanced the price of goabersai
two dollars a pint. How are we to live
A flute was sold at aictiot- .yesterday fd fir
hundred dollars. Of codse it will predt-.siVerr
Fhe registration of alregroes ovwrlen years
of age in the city is now frogessing at therchy
hall.-'ontitudiamalis 2d3.
AUGUSn, March .-7-VjpYankee n
desttayed and evacuated.Daltgn verial dys
ago. About-Oie thou.t'l of WofMErd-a ei
valry moted eig.hteen u*Ile.- above, on a tq#r
of ob.ervatlon. Watford f so pposed to h:vy
six thousand in bis entire eorinfiad.
$190,000 in M1ev And $507,60 worth. e -
piovisions have. ;been contributed i'i Augneta
for tbe-benefit of the buArers-in ColumbiaL
.Broadcloth is held in A4Igt a:Lat $1,0to a yard.
CoLIT!Bar, .Mreh 23, 1S65.
Msts. Ewrras: -.The Ulowing oficem. d?
Hagood's Brigade were capti-ed an Toyn: Creek
N. C. on 2(th febrary las, -rid, are now-- coii
fined at Old Capito'Prisok Wa4hington, D. V.
When I left, they were -doia- welland expectIv
a speedy exchange. Yoi .wil oblige ie by p
lishing the acconipan % ing iist so as to acquain
their frievds, &c., with thei.;4ondition.
Very. respectl Iv.
1st Lient. Co. D. 27th S I. Infantry.
11th Regiment-4st Lient. Hickman, Capt. J
J, Weqcott, %d Lient. F. Ca.ssidy, 24 Lieut. Ellis.
"lst Re.giment;--Maj. Fields, As,t Surg. Sizth.
25th Regiment-rCol. C. H. Simonton, Caps.Ptk
h-ss,- Capt. Jos. Hannahan,-Capt. . B. Maet,
1st Lieut.. Samuel Iib6le. 2d Lieut; Chiuer. -27h
Regiment-As.s't Surg. JIseph i Cane 1t LieuL
A. D. Sin nions, Adjttant; Ist Lient. James Tup.
per, Ensign;. Capt. Josepih Biv the Alston,'Co. F
Capt. Holman;Co. G; 1st Lieut. H.. W. Be;
drix, Co. CU Ist Licut. Stephen Proctor, Co. E;
1st Lieut, Julius Ingienis, Co.-'; ~2d- Lieut.
ibbott Whihe, .Co. U; 2d'Lieut. Jchn Preston,
Co. H ; 2d Lieut.-A. Czidworib, Co. I.
'The followidig is. a list of non-comuminioaed
officers and frirates of Co. D. 27th Regirnent,
capuredi in the samne aff'air and now'at Point
Look6dt, Maryland ; serg't H. P. Foster, Serg't
A. .Gilliland, Se'g't 5aeoh Saiylor,. (.1orp'I .A. C.
Colso'n, Corp'l T. T. Podle, Privates Samiuel Ant
tin, B. A. Beadle, A. J. Brown, J. J. Brown, N.
Byers, F. H. Carnnon, J. J. Chandler, W:n. Cleiry,.
G. W. Clopton, A. g. Blgon, JohtiFooshee, J.
T. Fowler, F. H. GriffiesJ3. . H. Helfriys, .J. Me
Mchersoin, J. A. Madden; #. abony, W 9.
More, John Moore, Jr.,.A.L% 3. H. Sor
ter, J.RH. Forshee, M. Sullivau, L.'O.. Sritzr, -.
C. Williams, T. P. Withers~.
. (:' South Carolnapapers pled.e:oopy.
CoL. ALFR ED RoHE'r."We are pleased o
lear.n that oflicial info,rmation has been r&cei'
ved that Col.Alfrid Rhett is unhutrt,. thoughi
a prisonler. lie is in the nndret GSen. Jeff'.-.
Davis and at his headquarters:. He was
tured on the afternoon u,f the 15th, while'.s
king a reconntoissance-of the.locali.ty ixeI ups.
on for the fight -f*his brigade next dar, The
cature is reportei torhave been made. by a
detachmentL of Kilpatrick's cavalry, concealed
'is a.fhicket,-and in conseqlence of the fpfl di
his horse. The animal was an old one'imper
turbable amid the roar of ci.nnon, butotot so
good at couzrsing. -Columbbi - hoend.
of negroes; between'"thirty'and forty, en,t
$avanah River, launiched the,mselves npo~~
raft, heading for' Yanteedoodledore in Sf
abh. They r.an ope a lurking torpedogwhIes
blew the-raft to pieces. Sice thiend Qeither'
'raft, torpedo nor negroes have -beTrdigr4

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