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THUSDAY xkwa, AxRIL 6, 1865.
Rianoand Xyggeated.
After WOrking Sff- half Of our edi
tion, announcing that Richmoid would
be held, at-all faf6ars, we aroinorm.
ed from a reliable quatr, that Rich&
mond is eyacuated.
Any quantity of clem coe' rage will 6e bought
at this office, at the ighest price. Bring them
in tr'om one poundto a t d.
Danat ofca. A. t4O
The Aiio h
TeAnderson -Int.lligeneePanotsees the
death of this estiMable gentleman, at Fort Hill,
near Pendleton, on Thursday tWarning last, after
an illness of only two hours' duration.
- Squire John Coola prominent and respected
citizen of Frog Leve4 dii*at his residence du
ring the past week.
ft. Brown, said to be froin Greene Co., Ala
bama, died from Pneumonia,; on the'4th inst., at
- 4he hotel in this place. He wai intrred with
Masonic bubors.
- -~ Desiv ?im
A fire eurred iuring the past week, a! Jolly
Street, destroying the dwelling, kitchen 'and
smoke house of Mr. Daniet Stone. His corn
erib and stables were torn down to save from
burning. The fire it sipposed scidental. His
little daughter' had bitt a short time before gofti
up stairs, with a torch, when the flames were
discovered. Only a ittle bedding ws saVed.
U . Thb ails.
-The want of. energy in the Past office Deparf
raent of'the Government is palpably manifested
In the accumulation sof mail matter at Chester
& this place. Large piles-~ of mail bags lie at
place, and as usu4i there is no onc to fte
em to their plt e of destination.
If r. Ri.aoa is desirons tQ break db all dtn.
muhications with the differeut sections ot tho
Confederacy, let him pursue the course Se has in-.
, ut we believe that by the enlightenment of
rhe .people, we *il1 best promote the~inteysts of
Let-all officias awake aln'to the intmensity of
the crisis and -act like met, not like tIrones, u&g
qual 'to emergencies.
Good, if Tree.
We don't like to giv place to rimnoy, but
when they coibe in this form and character, we
give way for once. A soldiei- reports as a fac$
that a courier frontShermnai to Grant has been
captured, with a'dispatch to the~ effect, that un
* less assistance be soon .ren4ered, his army will
'go up,' for lack of provisions and ammrunition.
.Tile same man, who is jusi from Richmond, says
- hat the negroes are enlisting ripidly, drilling
thoroughly, and are making firie looking soldiers.
* Great enthusiasm prtvails, one gentleman is said
to have off'ered three hundred thousand dollars
hr one hundred colored recruits, he to command
them. The, army also,is said to bein fine spirits,
- d despondency nowhere exists.
An individual who has lga through the mill,
ad who has travelled north, says thiat Canada is
-fell of yankee deserters, their name Is legion.
We might give more, but thin this eiough
fb- one-day._____-____
- ~ oCouldHEot
The late themg raid of Sherman developes
-the fact, that "all was grist which came to their
mlt," in'other words they stole everything in
-their way. We hear of one shabby villain who
took from a lady's head her winter bonnet-her
only one-ard filled it' with dtied apples. To
what bae mes do we come. The sacrilegious
vl(ain, may the apples swell on his stomach, who
- ady readers be subjected to the like-cruel indig
nity and4.ss; and know not the material neces
- sary for the ma-nufacture of another* sky-scraper,
' the foflwingYecelpt will be found advantaeous
S Ougees three ply sick ; 4 lbs. cambric Ir; 3
yards checkered muslin ; 4 quarts eight ply flan
pgl; 2 bushels blue drilinug.- Stir the whole with
* a spoon, mould to suitable shape, .and bake two
Fayettevile is a mnonument of ruin. The arse
-nal buildings, market honse, court house, print
ing.offices, iron foundries, mills, cotton factories,
oil works, and a-large number of private dwell
ings were given to the flames. The -o'ple-were
phjdered, stripped of provisions, and left in dan
grr of stervation.
"every eqtiyage of every sort, ad every Lorse
that Ead fr leg Was in requistion to conve
'youbg men and Mad'ens, old nieri ariA children,'
to see them. The ladies were- in full force, full
beadty, and brimful of enthusiasm. They smiled
and wept, waved and cheered, and shed bouquets
brodcast. No less thaft one. thousand million
*JonqWi and DAffodils hav been sacrificed (and
nobly) in the' caOse.
That'if the way ladies, be not 'chary of four
smHez-and boquets, the soldier boys feel glad
dened by your presence, and never grow weary
lolkiag at ydr bright, sympathising faces. The
gentb tar and happy smile, gives a silver lining
to the cloud, and heals nd6berless wounds, while
the beart #wells, and the arms grows stronger.
Notice the soldier, giy him your smiles, yoar
sympaty. ~
A L force of the 'enemy made' their apr
pearance on the evening of the 19th Februaryi
and were repulsed by a h*ty Iy of- citizens
T der Co. Jones. In large fbrce #ey entered
e town on the 20th, and proceeded instantly to
-the woik of plunder. 1 rery'house b,n two were
robbed of valuables, and emptied of its stores.
Then the ineendlary's torc pwas applied.- The,
railway, passage and'freight depots were the first
to bu'n-then the ancient "Carn*allis House",
quart6rmaster and comi'issary stores, stores of
George Douglas' and Dr. letain, cotton-ware
houses, Wateree Bridge, Pfasonic, Hall, Fnrolling
.oce, Oppenheltn'a residence, and all the houses
on Main street. , The house of Bishop VAvas and
another over whIch guards were plaeV were
the only ones - ot pillaged., They dug for', trea
sure-found whiskey, got drunk nd made nighO
hideous. Theit rapacity, bratality, cunningf.im
pudence and falsehood were quite conspicuous.
They seemed to take special delight in frighten-.
ing women aad chilaren, and acted in some-cascs
with heartless, wa&on cruelty.
Being favored with a glitupse at a Courier of
the 27th, n1t., we make a shrt summary of the
principal points found in its tekegraphic eblumn.
Of cotse it abounds in bombakt aud.replete with
untruth Hear what they'say:
Their pt house-burner, Sherman, denies the
late replses by Gen. Johnston; -that he.has fol
loved out, successfully, the programme laid down
befbre leavingt6atinah T and being now joined
by Sch1field,'is able to whip the combination of
Lee and Johnston, and will be with Grant in a
very short time. That Johnston ha*s bt 40,000
aien, who are comp jtely demoralized gnd cannot
stanid befbre him. That the whole effptive force
of,the Confederacy is only 120,000 men, all told.
Shermian thinks the little affair on hand -almost
wOdad- up, and with that view in his -transit
through Fa et-teville, N. C., blew up only the
arsenal aii'powder' magazine, because neither
North or ?outh would neced pow,der-much longe4
Lincoln believes there will be .but little more
fighting, that his work is nearly finished. Lee
is considered hopeless and despondent 'and will
s'ooz sutrender his tatterinelion band of rebels,
and that propesitient to give up slavery, and lay
dowri-armsawill be gladlly gcepted by leading
rebels. A. H.- St'ephens and~Hunter, are said .in
Washington to have declared to President Davis
that all is lost. And muc'h more bf the same
sort, but enough is'given, and our readers -ean
4wallow as rfluch as they san convenientlygligest.I
"Tihe .Ladies' Soldiers' Lid Association of
Newbewry," thankiully acknowledge 4he receipt
ofi the following dongns, during the month of
-iarch: ,
From Mrs. Corrie Grenoker, 2 prs of'muspen
'ders ; Miss~Betdie CaldsrelbI pr of sockg; Miss
Mollie 2lden1pseed, 1 pr of socks,~ Miss Sallie
Vanc43 pt of socks; 'Miss mle Wilson, 1 p'
of shelks; Miss Erin McMorries,.3 pr of socks.
ST,he Society gave to David Senn, Co. "B." Sd
Thomas Conner, Co.."E." 8th Ark. - Reg't., 1
shirt, 1 pr drawers and 1 pr socks.
Capt. McLeod, 5th Miss. Regt., 1 ~hirt,- 1 pr
drawers and 2 pr socks.
Dr. Haley, of La., 1 shirt and 1 pr drawers.
Win. Rice, Co. "B." ise S. C. V., 1 pr padrte
aiad I pr soc.ks ; James Lathrop, Co. "B." 1st S.
C. V., 1 jacket ; George Lathirop, Co. '4.' 1st
S. C. V., 1 pr socks.
-By ordes of'Society.
9 To NewbrIs
-MESSRs. ED1ro3s :-The . nded fr6m Gen.
Johnston's Army continue to come in. Can
there not be a man selected among the pati-iots
of thisd'own, who will aisist the p.or wounded
fellows.on the car evry morning. Several have
been oompelldt remain here for want of the
proper assistance. - gow appreciati-ve would be
such -a friend by the poor sufferers.
Rie is sefrig in Augusta at $5l per lb.
"Who Joble endi by rdE m;ear. o
Or fafir rriie ia 4& of iL c.4s
L;;z- Poo- Urelis ke i'n,reig. , obteed
Like So a,. thit matis.great ijded"
son of Colonel Jameg Maffett, was,born, in New
berry District, South Carolina. on the 16th of
Atfgust, -1832, and dieamin the hWtids of the ene
a pisoner of war, on -the 14th day of
-Febiary'1865, aged 32 years,5 Eths and 28
The announcement of the death of tbs gallant'
officer will fill the heitts of many with sadness,
for, y the- unvkryidg exercise of his'many oble
qualities, he had drawn arouid him a large cir
ci of fk1bnds.
It is unadvisable, in a notice of this king, to
set forth a co~mplete.history of Colonel MAXFEz,
bat it is a source of genuine pleasure- to kno'w,
that in after times whefi the lives of our devoted
defenders shall come to be written, his nape will
receive completejustice.
Colonel MAFFrr was en'dowed with a sound,
Vigorous mind-an'even temper and a rare noble
ness of heart. He was genetous, true and just.
At the early age of nineteen. years, he mar
ried Miss Lavinia GaHman of this. District, with
whom he lived most happily fpr a fetyears when
Death snatched her away, leaving - a tender
daughter to console the bereaved husWnd. Not
long after he had attained his majority, 0e *as
elected Major of the Upper Battalion of the 39th
Regiment S. C. Militia, and in a few yeara was
chosen Colonel of the same- Regiment. In t6at
pdstibni"e first evin&d the- possession of that
aptfide for the military service, which he after
wards so hongrably illustrated on the battle- Id
At the commencement of our present d' culty
with the United States, be-was among the first
to tender, his sertices to his country, and in
April 1861, be began service as Captain of the
4ckens Guard, Company C., oft the Third S. C.
Regiment, in which capacity be. proved faithful
to every trste: which his comrades gratefully
ackqowledged-, whpn, in 1862, it the re-organiza
tion of the army, they unanimously re-elected
him their captain. He served in this position
throughout the. campaigns in Virginia, in 1861,
and uxtil 1st July, 1869. In the battle of Savage
Station, his Lieutenant Colonel-the lamened
Gailingt'n, was killed,.and he, being senior cap
tain, was promoted Major. In 'the battles of
Maryland Heights and Sharpsbarg, during-the
ensuing September, he acted well his part and
passed through' unhirt. But in' the bbody and
glorious battle of Fredericksburg,. on the 12th
day ? December, 1862, he was Again wounded,
and although it proved painful, he remained o'
t'ht battle field to assist with bis counsel .ad
cheer by his presence
On Christmas 'day that year, he led to tbre
altar Miss Sallie Halfacre, the 4aughter of Hu-iry
H4lfacre, Esq., of this district.
In 1863, in the battles of Zoar ChIrch, Chan-.
c4lersville, Salem. Church and Gettysbarf, he
commanded his Regiment, -the two other field
oticers being absent, having been severely
wounded. . 1is success as an independent- tegi
metal commander was complete. In November
of that year he was present with his Regiment
iu the bloody skirmishes around Knoxville, Ten
nessee. In 1864, after Lngtree's Corps had re
tunedato Gen. Lee, he.participitted in the battle
of the Wilderness Qon the 6th of May. Here his
leader,around whom crustojed so many rich hopes
for the future-the intrepid Nance-feIl. By tbis
event bhe wras made Lietenant ColongL. He took
part in the battles of Spottsylvazfia,Ndrth Anna
Rua, Cold Harbor, and in the skirmi.shes around
Petersburg. Gn the 4th day of August, he was
asgned to the command et the 7th S. C. Reg't,
a sister dommnand in the sam~e Brigade. Kershaw's
Division h&ving been ordered to Lieut. Gen.
Early in the Shenarrdoah'alley, he took part in
all dreir movements uintil the 26th.day of Augustg
when he was captured while in command of an
extensive picket 'line in front oi Charlestown, Va.
Not long afterwards his friea&'and Colonel, the
chivalrous outherford fell mrtally wounded, and
Lieut. Col. 'affett thus becaTh"CloneL. But he
dsnever permitted, Ibecause of his captivity, to
assume command. Just as hre was about to be
exchanged, his greatspitit brurst its shackles-be
died! 'Oeep is the .sorrow fgt, by his devoted
RegirAnt, forghe had won 'their entire conifidence
by ' unfalterable devotion( 6*- the cause, .bis
ready obedience to his gaper6rs' and by the re
peateud exhibition of the true qualities of a comn
niandel-. His family have i6tn a devoted me
br, th'e community an upright, bigh-mninded,uge
ful citisen, and .his pomrades a leader they loved
to follow !. Let us censole ourselves ina meaaure
fpi his loss, with the thought that though his
form is bidden from us by thg1grave, yet,the
memory of his worth agl deeds is-still ours, and
will eier be chenished.
.CAxP NEzAR RIcHMoND, March 16~, '6.
O FFICERS arid solAiers of the Seventh Regi
ment of Sauth Carulina Cavalry, who are
di6 absent without leave, are called upon, to re
~urn with.60t delay to their command.
Many brave men linger to protect their suffer
ing hom~es, or to engage 'the enemy upon jheir
own spil.- Cowards make the, same excbe ;- but
by remaining absent from- their posts'in the army,
they weaken our strength and postpone the' hour
of victory and peace.
Spidiers must promptly return, o1' be pablished
as."deserters," arrested 'as "jeserters," and pun
-ished as "deserted." -
The destruction of railro'ads is no excuse.
Brave men 'will make their journey on foot, or on
horseback, and rejoil' their posts of duty is~ the
.army. It will be no excuse to.at soldier, that he
is doing duty iD another command; this can ol
e permitted by an. order from the Commander
inChief-without his order it is a njltary crime.,
It is especially urged upon inen to brin;t with
them good horses. Being' dismounted -"ill not
obtain for them new farrloughs, it transfera to
infay. r . p.C. IIASKB1LL;
Colnel Sventh: R':z' S. C. G'Ary
d e ndi6
stabi, on &zoree River, a1 GeI. E* r
(Rich Hill) pIautatien; ai Neberry' Cort"
and at Dr. T. B. Rutherford's. e is new at
Newbeiry Court Honse, and will 6eibi -
9th day, and each of the other tands ever?.
day from this day. ;e will. stop 2.daysat N
berry C. H., and at Rich Hil, ifb66inesw -
uelieit. >
H1gklander is thorougb-bred od theai4e
having forh0 grand-sire'the*oelebrteqd "I a
one of the beat race hbrses everi mporteI4S
country. The pedigree of his dam bas bealpqL
Bghlakdr wilt- be let to mare&d,Iid
season, commencing the 10th day of March
eidinig'e ioth day of J tne, 4ity dor
the sason and the usual fee of one & hUt
gro6m. BLUSON S.
ThursdayApril , f
, $I lwE*ard, Did stAiv.
R UNAWAt from the scriberabon e la
of Jauar; m boy Tney;. H6 is 064
five feet, nine or ten inched hihb, dark complet
lion thick lipped,. with! up^46 fr"st teeth out,
I will give the above reward f0i the said bt '
dead or alive. R. $AOFFAT
Ap 4 4 T Mo&atre M
I HAVE 4n hand a large* lot of 4"4 7d 7.
SHIRTING,.0snaburgs Cotto Yarn, Cotton
rds, Log-wood, Indigo, Cpperas, als, Tsqkad
i..ant other akrdeles can be found by.cia
at lm store. A., u Rk
Xarh28 tf
- -Tire Iron.
WILT trade Tire Ir6n for tw -
CowsAud Calves. A
Newberry, March 28
NOTHE Lot. of those light strped
OSNABUWGS. for Sprn* d Send se
use #or sale by B. VELACL
3archltt . -
Ean4 SiWt Flie*.
A FNW DOZEN 'very finHAD F L
A Just*eM*ed anfor sale b
March 21 9f B. H..LOVILAC -
Wahted te ftom he owner. o
your free negroes wanted.
*pply at thisofee. - Xare -
.uO.rtit Ntice to Ti f ayer
AMnwprepared Ito asseattbe R4W 1W..
the year 1864. 'All persons (whether pft.
ducers dr not) who slaughter over 250 b&. it ia
PORE8, are r4aq*W to make returns dMe' ato
to me
All producers who have not already d
tumps of their drops to me, are otad.t# is
f ie utmotorane for them to de we t
onice, in order to secdre credl# for the- sO qge
their money tar.
.I will be fnd at'the offceof theOoqnuluuo
er in .Equity; JNO. B.Q(&EWHL
Assessor Taxm-Eid, Newbrry Dia
Apr 4, St T.
ho.8tate of' S0uth.CarUUL3
* S.
COLUMBBA, 1ach 27, 1865
rTEg invasion of the State hes isrew It
pL~roper that the Legislative Die
the Government of the State h'e
that secmearsayi adoptedU ase l.
far-e of the$tate maay requii'!s fid for -~
pose tEe me ,the Senate andth
of Bepresentative.af eState of South Oar
ate hereby invited uinbie at ,Green~.o
TtESDAY the '25th day of 4f8 at
By the Governor.
rrer.: W. 8. Erio Private Secretary.
Apr. 4..-l.1.
RcHMOnD, March 2,1865.
T HN officers 6f the Nitre' Mining service, riR
.Lbe placed on the xne footing as these of
the Subsistenice Department, .in the colletoiisu
of supplies. It is believed that. perfect acwsi
will result in muich good to bothL serviceS, the
btnegies of all offReera ate iSvited ift ii
of' this serv1cee at pree:n.
* . 5...)L Sr. JpHfl
com Gnerat
'Rcn.4,Marh 2,16.
The officers of this serfigh will use the privi;
lei:e thlus granted in sebh inanner as to aid,
ra.hei' than embarrags,, the Sob.issssne Depart
n,ent;. they will coiteet. supplies .as.-espidly as
their other-duties will alRow, -and aBacoa
lhtions beyond- their'.i,mediate neessities will
be tund cover to. *e Commnismry Departmente *
So far as practicable, they will dray suipphier
fromr s oerces not. moidiateh' availa.ble to Cona
mi~Sw. QufiCcrs. 0CH'ARD MORTON,
..-Lt. Col..- Acting CIi.' N. and M. .Sw'eau.

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