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Cotton as
Any quantity of clean cotton rags will be bought,
at thisoice, at the- highest price. Bring them.
in trom one ponnd to a thousand.
g From a private letter we regret to notice
the death of W. H. Pope, of the Quitman-Rifles,
killed in the Smithfield fight, and W. Odell,
slightly wounded. Henry Reagaft, Co. C.*3rd
Regt., killed.
Increased Rates.
On and after the 13th instant the subscription
price of the Herald will be $15. I is done with
reluctance, and with the excuse that we cannot
print it longer at the fonmer price, and live: All
ho have paid up, will of course receive it per
The Fall pf Richmond.
The neis published to-day, from anextra.bf the
Carolinian, is of a startling character; and, if
true, finds us ot'unprepared, for though sucb an
e.vent. w4s not immediately looked for, it was not
deemed impr le. Now that it'has happened,
we are not osed to criticise the wisdom of
such a -mov6, or lament'over it as an unfortunate,
irremediable catastr9phec. Let us rather strip for
the fight, and meet the issue bravely and, with
.-renewed energy, determination and devotion.
."With the fall of Richmond, the cause is not lost.
Mental Esllucinatio.
Some folks labor under the strange delusion.
that, editors anc printers live on air, and work
jut fr the fun of the thing, but bless 'their b6
Lighted understandings,' their minds are be-fog
'ged, in'a cloud, the stAbble material of their
brain needs deep -breaking. We cannot soqd.a
paper free to a man, or woman'either, simply for.
a shake of 'the paw, or a fascinating smile. - Our
terms ate pay in advance; and single copies. not
gratis. We are thus particular, in that some of
or good friends gpt angry when charged.
Have-w a Town Councill?
This question has been propounded, and an
answer requested, a difiult one -we confess, and
- a problem 'which only a Rhiadelphia lawyier
inight solve. As for us, we knocg under, but
judgipg from thq sen.es of sight and smell, we
most emphatically say no! yet we may be mis
taken, ruch a body may exist, for though lost to
sight, who knows but they are lyi quietly en
sconsced under some one.of-the m ny 4secum.u
ti6nns, about town. playing thimblerig, or mum
bethe-peg, or wig-wag, or devising ways and
meanq to 'raise the-wind' for eleaning,streets,'re
moving" obstructions, and destroying the odour
which all good judges declare does not smell like
'peaches.' Are you aniswered ?
* A despatch from'Maj. Burr to the Augusta Con
ditutionalist, dated at Charlotte on thie 26th'ult.,
says: "The ancient Joseph, (Joliston), with coat
*'ol- many colors, has done that which no other
man can.. We are an the top'rail.'. Everybody
--is confident of. success. Later-Johnston is fan
nin'g Shermaabeimtifully."
Jere. Clemens, who-has resided in Philadelphia
for a yegr past, is about to return, to his home at
Huntsville, Ala.
Secret~ary Welles, 4ssistant Secretary Fox, and
Major-General AndersoW, are to visit Charlestob
. and raise thd old flag on Fort%mter. -
.The Raleigh Conser~vattve teirns that thiere'
are ne less than from 3Q0 to 600 dcsertirs in
the lower end of Pitt county, N. C., commit
-ing"all sorts of'depredations on the citizens
by stealing thei; orses, negroes and provI
-si6ns. It is reported that they get $200 -foi
every fine horse they cgrry to the Yankeds,
.also $400 foi-.every able-bodied negro fit -foa
service. -
- RMnRon AccrDEN.-The South-Side Rail
road bridge over the Appomattox at Farmoville'
* gave way while a train was p assing over- it,
and several persons were killed and wounded.
Seven enlisted men at Buffalo lately "jumrped
the bounty" by cutting a bole through the
hlor of the building in which they were
The last of the expedition to act u'Rder Gen
eral Canby left New Orleans for Mobile on the
-6th instant, and the entire army was expected
to be ready to commence operations on the
9th. --
. -In England,.the Bible is now ~ supplied for
twelve, cents, the new, testaments for four
cents, and the gospel for two cents.
The Parisian1ladies have adopted the cus
tomn of colormg the hair of their dogs to cor
respond with the color of their dresses.
A man in Dryden, New York-,"lost his.if
bothi went to the funeral Tuesday. Yankee.
mnorals.- -
a ~Why had a man better lose his armi than
his leg ? Because losin~g his leg hc loses
Riciuond Evaduated
A Xob at Work iu the Capital!
&C., &C, &C., &C. &c, &c.
DANVILE, April 4.--The evacua
tion of Richmond commenced on Sun
day afternoon. President Davis and
Cabinet- arrived here on.Monday 3d.
Very few persons were able to 'leae
the city except Government officit1s,
in consequence .of the hurriedness of
the movement.
' The enemy broke thrqugh 'General
Lee's lines on. Saturda"C .night - near
-Petersburg, aft*r several days hard
fighting, .and made it necessary for him
tor withdraw so as to uncover tae capi
tal.- The position of the army is -now
There is no telegraphic. commuica
tion beyond the Junction.
The Richmond arsenal has been rA
moved, and the valuables belonging.to
the banks i Richmond -were brought
away; also specie belonging .to Gov
.T$e' last passengers report a.great
lnib in the city engaged in the bting
of mills and warehouses and phin
'dering of stores. This ;was done by
foreigners afid low classes.
The-rolling stock pf -the Richniond
and Danville Railroad was all saved.
The enmy bad not oecnpied the. city- at
the last accounts.
The jrident will probably remain here
for the present.
All the Richmond newspaper were left- .in
.the city. u
Governor Smith went towards Lynchburg.
The archives of the State G6ernment were
left behind.
. Frightful Explosion!
Aucts'rA, -'April 4.-The Montgomiry ps
pers state that General Clanton wasiwoundedi
three times in the late fights with 'the Yan
kees around Pollard, and was captured and
died in the hands of the .enem~y.: A terrible
accident occu'rred on .the Musegee Railroad
near Columbus, Geor~gia.y A freight tr4, ran
off the track, and five thousand poufis of
powder exploded 'with terrible effect. Five of
the seven cars ittached to the engine, weae
knocked to pieces. Th1e clay beneath the cars
was ploughid te the. depth of from four.tolive
feet. 'Henry Ralston, of Macon, a'nd his negro
were killed, the.forimer being~ blown fifty feet
and horribly mangled. Two t:grs filled with]
molasses anid tobacco were blown 'promniscously
over the woods. -The explosion was causedf
by conentsion-several. thousand pousds' of
torpedo fuses explodigg from the jolting when
th car ran off. The noise was heaird a dis
tale of fifty miles.. Several-persons wound
The ne'wp from Savannah is -That large
quantities of goods -are -being re-shipped to
New York for Mant of a market. A 'large
numl>er 'of runaway negroet are shot 'daily by
scouts., between Savannah and Charleston.
Savanah is gatrisoned by g,5c'o troops, two
thirds of whom are negroes.
The Yaakees took from Mr. Lamarx.his Con
federate money 'and securities, and paid him
with it for his own cotton.
A fatal-e idemic is prevailing among the4
'negroes in the dity. Thirty die llaily. The
Yankees have erecte'd a new line wthin the
old fortifications. They ran them through. the
Catholic cemetary and have not permitted the
removal of remains by the relations. '
.Th: SroMAs.--ITh4 concert given by 'tlis
talented' famiy'on 'Friday ev ening was agreat
success. As anfensode to the musical treat
our friends the Mlasons created considerable
rumpus just above-strongly suggestive~ of
putting a candidate tl~igro a course of un.
limited sprouts.=--A"que~ ConstituHonaHet~
From Mobile-The F 'gh Ceaunenced.
-MONL., March 28-jThere was skirmishing
Spanish-4rt to-day, *itoiur advatage to zhe
enemy. At four o'clock, the fleet toN a pat.
Our trodps were in te'best'of spirits arid every
thing looks encouraginy,' Our' casualties have,
been sligh.t. The enemy see1ned ineped to make.
a regular siege, as there has -been no general as
310BILE, March 29.-The fighbng-continued all
day in and around the Spanish for9wirh the ad
vantage decidedly with us. Theenemy4loss is
said to be severe. 00urs very.slight. !N One n'oni
tor was sunk this mornitfg by a s%o4 from the.
'Spanish fort: The Yankee fleet todk nt part 'in
the fight to-day on the, Eastern. shore. -The eie
rny'sgnn-boats commenced shellirig the Western
shore at. two o'clock, but were driven off by Jo-j
bine's battery. Forty-seven vessels, of all clases,
are in sight. Everything is very encouraging.
RicioND, Aprl,1.-The Herald, of the .30th,
has been Teceived. Its'situation articl'e says it'is
now believed that the visit of the President t&
the. armies on the James is of more importah6e
than is generally considered. -Since heiias been
there, a council of ',ar'has been.held, :in which
Lincoln, Grant, Sherman, Meade Ord, Sheridan
and ot6er rhilitary chiefrs particrpated. After it
:broke up, a-general movemen,in front of -Rich
mond began. .;
.A Washington telegram to the Herld say
Lee. has renewed the reqxest for-a military con
vention tooettle matters-topgre,e upon terms
for a cess4tion of hostilities and est;iblish peace.
But informed officers-here regawd immediate peace
as almost beyond doubt. A rumo- 'of another
peace confereice has derived additiona cofirm
afion fromithe fact that Sewazd has goneto James.
River to join Lincpln.'
Head Qnarlers, ErOlng 1N.
F ."nit, April8 1h86
rVHE MEDICAL BOARD for the Examination..
of CONSCRIPTS, will meet at Newberry,
on SATURDAY, the 15th instant. 111 YOUTHS
in this Dist'ict, who have recently attained the
age of SEVENTEEN years, and other persols
Hible to CONSCRIPTION, wil ripors o%'hat
day for enrollment and eximiniatign.
Apr. 8, It., Capt. & . O
- . WANITED11,
B Y twolLADIESArefugees from Coluinbia
family. Both are competent to teach the ENG
LISH BfANCHES and the rudimeritsof MUS6.
Address. MRS. J. G. GORIJ
Cateof1r. .'Cap rs
Apr. 8, 3t. - Newberry C.., S.
caps Cap.
1GL N' APS, good4 ar
10 ,00 0 ticle, for sale by
Mar. 30., 4-tf - B. H. L&VELACE.
. HAVE on han& a large -lotk. Nei 8
SHIRTNG, Osnabirgs; Cotthli Yarn, 1tti
rds, Log-wood Indigo,.Capperas, NaH
and many-'other ar.ig.les can b~ fodnd by o*
at my store. 06 JAa I
March 2btt -vA6.
Cook Wanted.
-.1. Wanted to-hire frz -the-owii ..Nn
your free ngroek wait'e aie ~f
Apply at:this.offle h .
season, e'oinwncing.:Marcff 10th,
and endirg June 10th,'1865, oLmy
stales, on Enor'ee River, at G.ep. K. H. Kinh.rd's
(Rich Hill) planfation, at Newbsrry Court.fouse
and-at Dr. T. B. Rythetfordis. . Heis ge
Ne werry Court 'H*ause, 'and will.be there:grery
9th day, and each of the othqr statids every 9th
day from this day. :He ,wil-stoy 2 days at'New
berry C: H., and at Rich gill,.if business will're
quire it. - -
- Highlander isthorough-bred on the dre-sidet
'baving for his grand-sire the celebrated Wagnr,,
one of the best racesores .ever'imported to thts
country.'. .The pedigree of his.'dam has beejilosL
Eighlander will be let' to mares ,the 2coming
season, eommencing the 10th day of March, ani
ending the-.10th day of June, at sixty -dollars .by
the. season, and thd usual-fee of one -dollar.'to 4the
groon. .'- EI$I$0NS FT
Thursday, April 6, tf. * -4.
-The Sta4e of Soith (Carlia.'
By J. fT. Petersoiz, Esq'., Ordinary' of ew
b rry District -
"I, HEREAS, Y. J. Pope has gaplied to
V T nme for Letters oG(Admninistrati n,ou all
and'singular thd goods .and chatte , rights
angl credits of Birt H. Pope, lge"of the dis
trict aforesaid deceased :
Th&ee are th4efore to cite and admonisbralf
a'gd singular, the kindred and .ore'ditors .of the
said deeased, to. be and' appear. before.4se, at
our nert Ordilnary's Court for the'taid Bistrict,
to be holden at Newberry Court -Uouse, on 'thg~
17th day of -April inst, to .lhew .cause, if
any, why the said Admiinistraioni should not be
Given under my hand this 3rd day of' Apri,
in the year of our Lord one thousand eight
hundrdand sixty-fiv.I
Apr 4, 2t' - JOHNET. ITER1SON, o.r5..
$100OReward, Deaor Alive..
R- UNAWAY fyn the subseriber about the 1st
Iof Jn X~ubof Toney. Hfis about
fivo 'feet, nine inches high,, .dark complex
ion, thick lipp, 'it'h upper -front teeth out,
I ill give -th above reward for the said boy,
dead or alive'. . ' R. MOF MT -
W ua RicHxo.Warch 10- 165.
fFFI~~i~qt~rs frths*Seventh ieg
avalry, who . are
no tWit-out le.e*aail&ffed'Qup to re- -
turneiict defy y o ther M d. -
Many brave men lin heir suffer
ing homes; or to engage t y upon hr
own'soil. C6wards make the case' -Vut
by remaining abient from th rpoAtS u
they weaken our strength ad.,P
of victbry and peacei
Soliers must prom*tI? retrn,r b 6.
ak"deserters," arrested as eserers a -
ished.as "deserters:"
The :destruction of .-ilroads is.no eiAk
Brave men O'illmake tl4i ijourne da foot,or,o
horseback, and rejoin their posts ofiduty m te -
army.. .It illbe no exeuse to. solaier that.'he
is doing duty in another conm'; this can 'only
be petitted by an order from the. Comft r. -
in-CAief-w' hio,t s ordetit is,a military
It is espee urp0 nyonen to bi1g 0 Mith
them good .WBeingdisz te wilL, not
obtiin;for them new 'urouhsfiut trans r t
Colonel Seventh RotS. C Cav. y
Apr. 6; 4.
The attnttion of soldiera retrumnt,
. on furlough'in NewberrfDigtrfet,is -
caUed-to the requirements ofpr -P r=I -
*rl'O'ders No' 141,.A. & 0I.:0series oi
I. The order refeired to reguires that 6d1W
returning Me on ftrlough .or on reac"Up
places at ; i 2they ill- staydurngfprioug
wihlimnme ty reportethe neire#t'-btould
Officer, who *filukeepi , reger'of 'their n esk
descrfptiveis;r*place wha -tationedf by whom
the furlough was: grantedUd.. the timeawhi4h
texPires -
1th 'When *;soldier on f UTW, gh it :be ei
ration'of the same, unable Oeto1.,tie',A10
pW ExaminingBoard, be- .be ordme.n bef re
dieBoast of Rx4gmers fCosripts, w7lic
Boaid if thef think proper will reommend
Ietensiok.of,fq1aough, nt to -eceedthirtdt*
2IV.>Igeases:we rm chesr e
a sbiditr is unabie toapeadefore theB rd
ranminers foit*onsciipt he iB'send Spito
EnAlling Officer withr furiugh, a derdfi"t6 f,
his agtend.ing physicining y.full sttemnent
of his ease, which etficate,,if approved, will*
ref reto 4he Boa6d fop is action. .
[.~trc coiU A#with the Xi*-ftreqw4;,:
mes wil beE,pli? dk0
- E.R'
A lieS
IsM rch ied '7 ~ * ~ . 4
'SIL4SJ -3
om. ice; Newber s~Ju
eJan. er, Smno.
* The State* SOIkta7lU
that be eiIivDE at(
tIch t et
are oMth
pose gnie54me W
e.p rebentative& ofte -~4
rehreuniedj iWe tn
EC e2 day OfA ,I 65, $.~
Bt6 Governo.
Ck WSST.IRSn 19c
rHE ofBeers of theNiLi-e Miach
.be phicedf on the same pouing' btZ
the subsistence Depirtment, thn
of supplies. ]$ is- believed that peife!et d
will resuilt in much goo'd' to both
best energifs of alt officers ate inutdid~a
of hi1s service at present. -
The oficersdofthsgrvice use ~ .prii
lege thus granted in ..spcle in at- aid,
rathr than emba*ass the. a Dpart
men; t'ley will c'ollect supe apidly .as
their othLi- duties'ri,11 allo~~ Ga eetmnu
farions beyond, thei. innede ie'eessities fi~L
h tprned'.over to the ConiusssrDeparttenit
So far as'fpractihable, they wil- draw'.supplies
from sources riot immediately available to Co~
misary officers. 'BICI3ARD MORTO0N,
Lt. CoL, Acting Cief-N?and 3!. Berkm.
Aprl4, . 3
Tir'e Iron- - -
TLL trade Tire Iron for. two -gati.Ech.
,.Cows and Calv,es, k . HAREIS

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