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! NEWBER.RY S. c. -
Selma is in the hands of e nemy Our loss
large in prisoneS.
ggWe learn that President DAvis will proba.
bly remove his family to Abbeville C. H.
-Haily Ma to Greenvile and Infermediate Point.
We earn that a daily mail between'Newberry
and Greenaille was put in operation yesterday.
This mail to be in force. until furtber.notice.
- Arrangements are being made to facilitate the
transit of mail -matter between this and other
points, due' notice of which will be given.
Kirk's Raiders.
-A, band of deserters and others under lead o
the notorious Krax, were driven-from the vicini
ty of Asheville, N. C., last S*urday. Fears were
entertained at Greenville and other points,
that.AvRMLL was desceuding upon our borders,
but they proved to be KiaR's r1negadei, and
were easily.d rsed
8dier's est.
Is any one. responsible for the condition in
which this 'rest' for the soldier is iept ? Perhaps
so;e good Samarifan, if attention ,be calld to it,
may Ilunteer an exertion in so good a cause
"Re-q for-the weary." Best for the wear.v,
wounded,- soldier. So the igf board .signifies,
_but alas, any one with blf an eye cmn see on
glancing in *at this placq, that the chnee for rest
is rather doubtfal. Ittend to it, somebody.
The Tuture Battle-Groundf.
We copy ,he flowing views from the Cheser
Whatever its fortUnes the coming campaign is
likely to bemore brilliant ir its generalship, and.
fertile of resilts, thatraity ebich has preeded it.
The area of strife will le gratly contracted.
" Within its. narrow bounds th e military hitfs o'nd
leaders who on both sides have gained most-re
no-n, will manmurre for advant age and wrestle,
for the victory. Lee, spported by Johnstonand
Beauregard, will coiduct the tremendoes game
n our side, ~while Grant, withb Sherman and
Thomas, wI manmge it for our enenfes. . A
.square oD a hundred and twenty-five miles running
"'outh- and running from Petersburg, rill 'proba
bly furnish the battle-grounds.
'Addre of the President.
DANV.Lz, April r.-The President issuedau
.address, this'nfrning, to the people. He says:
Thie'General-in Ghief- found it necessary o Iniake
such 'movemnenats of t,wops as to uggeer the -eap
1. It would be unwise to condeal nioral and
material injury to our can'se, re'sulting from the
ccopation of t.he capital by "the eny. It is
* egaally unwise and unworthy of us-to allow our
energies to 'falter, or' oui-.' effortsto-eedme're
laxed under-reverses, however calatitous. 'For~
many months the Largest 'and- finest army of the
Confederacy,. under the command of .a leader
"whose presence inspires equal confidetiee in the
troops an'd the people, has been greatly, tram
*meled.by 1!he 'necessity of keeping.constant watgh
over the approaches g the capital, and has thus
* ben forced to forego more than one opportunity.
for promising enterprise.
It is for us, tny coantrymen, to show b; ou
heari nuder 'reverses, how swretched has been
the self-decepticn of those~ who have re'mained
* . behind u:-, less able to endardE misfor'tunerwith
~fortitude than.to encounter danger with courage'
* We'have now enteed upon a new phase of the
estruggle, relieved frog the necessity of guardinig.
'particular points, our firmy will be free -to move
from~ point to p9int-and- strike the enengj in' de-'
til1l far from his base. .Let us but will it and we
ae free. Anirnated by that confidence in your
spirit %nd fori4ude which never g'et failed me, I
an:>oance to you, fellow countrymen, that it is
- 'my purpose to maintain. your cait1e' with my
whole heart and soul;. that I will never coniserit
to abandon to thegnemny one' footof the soil of,
* any of the-States 'of the Confe,deracy ; tilat Vir
ginia, noble State, wb6se ancient renown has
Sbeen'eolipsed by her stil%gtre glorious recent
history, whose biisom has 'been bared, to receive
the main shock of-.this(ar, whole -sonsand
daughterg h ve exhibi &' eusism.sa sublime as
to render her illustriot hall time to come ; that
Virginia, with t)e helpot' the people, and by the
* blessirig of' Providence,'ihall be held and defend
d,and no 'peace ever be made with the infamnous,
invader of her homes by the sacrifiee .of any -of
her rights or territory. If, by stress of numb~ers
'we shouild ever Fs comipelled to a temporary
* withdrawal from her limits or those ef any other
borderState, again and again giill we return un
4 ' .til the baffled and exhausted enemy shall tban
* ~ don in despair his endleqs ind impossible task if
making slaves of people resolved to be free. , Let
us then not despair, miycoungmen, 6ut relying.
on the neve-failing mercy and protecting care
of our Go4, -let us meet the foe,; with fresh defi
Toin the South CaroliRi4n.]
the la4st News frOR Richond.
We learn the following bteresting fact from
a gentleman who a just,.iarrive.d, hav&lg left
1ichmond on 'the same train with the Predent
ad the tabinet.
The evacuation took Olce as before stated.
Heavy fighting had preceded tilfe efent fo two
days, and it is saiA that owing to the bad gton
of one of our brigades4the enemy broke through
our lines on the South side, and swept down them,
for 4 distance of three or four miles. Th'e troops,
on the NortI side, had been prdiiously removed,
except.a sufficien't force to maintain a show of
defence.. During these engagements we suffered
heavily, the ground being obstinately contested.
Lieut. Gen. A. P. Hill and Gen. W. H. F. Lee, a
son of Gen. R. E. Lee, are reported kill-, and
Maj. Gen. Gordon, mortally, wounded. .AcGow
an's brigade is described to have been in the
thickest of the tuziult, and to have paid "dearly
for its heroism. A fact mentioned in connection
with the death of Gen Hi, is that after his fall
the Yankees rushed upon him tb cut the stars
from his coat, but our men rallying drove them
awky and resculd the body.
.In the.city of Rithmond the evicuatiou was
sudden, altipagh anticipated, and hence, many
periovs were caught by the-sprise who- would
gladly have come away. Gen. Breckiiridge and
General Lawton, the Secretiry of iWar and Quart
ermaster-Ceneral, on leaving the . city, went on
horseback to the headquarters of Gen. Leg. Xer
chants tbrevO open their stores td our soldiers,
and valuables were freely given to the men.. The
agency"6f the South Carolina Central Association,
under the direction of Col. . P Jones, was like
wise opened to the army and the troops permitted
to 9ipply' themselves with' blankets and clothing.
All the tobacco'in the city was burned by or
der ot General Ewell, save such quantities jp
were bought by faviKes to be used as a medidm
of'exchange which was permitted to be done. to
he extent two hundred pounds each.
Judge CamibeU-ot AlabaTa, the Assistant
Secretary of War, it'is feared, is left b'ehind, but
no certainty exists on the subject
Ii WreporKed that the Capitol of.the Stite was
burned by order' 4f Governor Smith,' but this.
statement although ma& by a,man *ho claimed
'to be an eye witnessmneed cbnfir ration.
. . Most of the vluabTe Government property had.
been previously removed, The Tredegar Iron
Works, Ordnance Departments, Naval Bureaus,
5c., are'also safe; so that the loss will fall mot
heavily on th* merchants and citizens.
The list train left Richmond on Monday moin
ing about eight' o'clock. The enetn bad not
then reicbed-the city. It .*s understood that
a committee would go forward'to meet them.
five triins are reported captured between
Danville and Richmond.. Tee's'aruy is Wieved
to be secure.
- We also leah-n from the same informant thit
Stoneman, with a body of cavalry estimatedat
two or threp tihouad stoug, i- acting -as the
flank of General Thomaa'. coicmmand, which is
moving on Bristol, Tennese.e. ,t was supposed
that.the place would be ,cqppied on Salurday
Lst. Lynchburg is thought 1o be the objective
-point of the epedition.
Portions of Stoneman's cmmand had 'vited
Wilkes, Caidwell and Iredell louinties; North
rom Mobile.
MoBnJ, April. 1.-bhe ~enemy .invested
Spanish Fort on the East, and erected a heavy
btterv SonthQef the Fort, on thui-aday night,
from which be kept dip a stendy fire on Minette,
cutting' off commuf:iegion with the* fgrt. by
steamer froni the city.' *
Batteries Huigerand Trecy opened on it, an~d
with -the aid of another battery, relieved it
thid morning:
'The enemy to-day [email protected] towards BlaI~
ly and it'is expected be will attaek the plaU
to-orow/A ta~niet yesterday Capt. Watson,
of Gen. Gibson's staffand .Lieut. A. C. New
ton, of tbe 4th Louisiana, headed a sortie of
fifteen men from Spanishi Fort and succeeded
in drivig back the ehemy's advance, fri$ing
seveal, capturing one .eaptain and twetmg-one
The cannonade ha.s-been very havy all the
week. The enemy ,snade,no unpression oug
our works. A fine morie prevails among our
Ouk losses slight ; that of ibneny heavy.
We heving the advantage 6f position, all
tgings are goiig on well.
[email protected] who desert.and,come over to our lines
epress much 'astonishmnent at Southeria men de
serting their color-s.;they say that we have every
thing wortheliving foi to .ight tot, -whle she
(the Yaiikees) hive no such irdnceeintkTblwy
say our men that go ,over are weg treatel for the
first few days, so as to get them toi write homie
and tell about-their good treatment; but after
that they are despised and treated wod~e than
dogs. The liberty of enlisting inr the army On
the frontier is allowed there, or go into tie priso
ner's lock-4p if th4y refuhe.
-AUGSa,s gpril 3.--Mobile pipers of tie latest
dates otet).the negroes,are enlisting in large
numbers and with great enthusiasm in that city.
A trait capL,ared'oti the 2'th ult.; on the Flo$iam
road had sevei-al bags of delay~ mail from Rich
mond for ?Robile and West2 Twenty thousand
dollars worth of postage stanrps for' Mobile was
tcaptmzaI. The South'ern Express Company losi
the contents of their safe and packages.
The navajo, Cheyenne and pamanche In
dans are giving the Yaukefs trdable in NeE
Mexico 4nd along, the line of the Santa 'F
StraiL It is. said thlat the Mexicans (Greasers
are accused of instigating the Indians to de
preda te~
The following is a ristof, casualties in the 7th
South (ar.olina .Regidnibt,frtom the ltheto 21st
.Company A-Lieut. Covar, Commandig.
Killed: Private L.. Blanding. Wounded: i
DeLoach legi slight.
Company B-Lieut. 1. A. F. Townsend, c4m g,
Killed: Privates J A, Martin. Wounded: Pri
vate A F Cromer, lg, severe. , - **
Cornpany C-Lient John Lyon, commanding.
Wounded: Sergt Pennal, leg, slight ; private
Jas McCliston. Missing : W W Willis.
Company' D-Lteut Covar, commanding.
. Wounded: Private E M B. Tayl*r,; leg, ampW
Cornpiny F-Captain MeKibbin, dommanding.
Wounded: Private Jas Key, slight.
Company H-Lieut Covar, comman~ing.
& Killed: Corpordl J M IcClesky.
empany I-Lient J F Townsend, 'ommand'g.
Wounded: Corporal W W Jenings, leg, se
vere; private TBbyd, finger slighF
C'ompany 'K-Lieut Cultreath commanding.;
Wounded: Private A Howard, leg amputated.
'Company Lient K M Newton, eommand'g.
Kiled:.leut K X,Newton. - WoudiPri
vate- Hugh Grainger, hand, slight,
Company M-Captain Ba*night,'command'g'.
Wounded: Lient X A Whittle, fibimfractured;
rivate W Shealy, leg, slight.
4 . . REcknar!joN.
fficerx. Men. Aggregal.
Killed, 1 8 4
Wounded, 1 11. - 12
Missing, 1
Total, 2 15 1
Lieut.Col. Com'dj 7th Reg't.
Tas-MIS4IssIPPI DEPTEM.-Military mat
ters beyond& the,Kississippi are entirely at a
still. ,Our. tro old the lower jportion -of
Arkansas, alon4AeVaita'e zndcofan
the greater portion'of th line o4Red iver. A
. General Stand Watie is 4ai& k, bppreparing
fbr.anlt tak ou'a line of sdpply trains. is
tiops are in splendid -condition.
The Louisville Journal repbrts the capture
rn Est Tennesseo-of t'oyoung nd pretty.
girls in,uniforr, one .be'ingtie tank of cap
tain ik the of&derati service.
STgar, Sugr, Sagar.
rceived and for SALE* BiRTER by
ap1 1otf B.LOVELACE. 4
,: 'yarhs N'o HIRTVG,jst-re
ceived an4 for sale or barter by
ap 11 10 tf B. H. LOVELACE.
lead Quarterd, Enroftng 02e.
oNr , Ep8, 1865..
eLo CSO ~ PTS,~ will mnegtat Newbe',
.SATURDA the 15th fiista t. .
in this Diskict, who have r,ently a dhe
age 'of%EVENTEEN Mars, and other yerses.
liable tor COSCRIPTION,. ill report on a
day ber enrollmelt and eiamination.
Apr 2 C pt.& E. .ND
Y : refueesfrom -ColumbiaZ
B TAtIONS as TEACRE S in a private
family. Both are competent to teah the -FMIGK
iISH BR'ANCHES and therudiWEt ofMUSIC.
--Address. - MS. J. (i. GOR ,N
- -. Can of Mri.T.Capers,
Apr. 8: 8t. Newberry, C. H., S. C
Mar. 30., 4-tf .ka B. E. LOVEJI.VE
S SiPring.
I E:nhn a' large. lot of 4.4and78
ING Onabu Cotton Yarn, Cotton
Cards, Log-46od,Iiugo Copras, Nails, Tacks,
an< many other articles can. be found by calling
at m3ystore A. HARRIS.
$1 $Retard, Dea(,rAWCe.
I A Y fr u.te seecriberabout the '1st
~of, gnu 'niy Toniey. He is about
fie feet, ine~ n: nihe igh, dark co4lex.
ion, thicli lipped;s with upper front- teeth out,
I will give a the above reward for theg~aid boy,
dead or alie.. R. 1IOFFATT, ,
Ap4 4t T' offatis< Roads.
I Bportat N9lce teii TIh Faye
1 the fear.1884. All ~e~ (whetig pro
ducers or niot) who slaughter 250 lbge-nett
PORK, s.re reqhired to ,uskereturnsoftbhebme
to ~. -
k.poducers who have not alrea'dhn-ade re
turns of-their crops pmet are'nodifed that it- is.
of the utmeetPOim Cfor 'i~ t oo at
oince; in oidei' to secure erJotnge same upon
I will be fahnd ~the oeifce ofthe Commesion
er in Equity,W JNO B.-CAEdVitE.
.,Asseo Ta-in-Kind, Newberry Dist.
Ahp 4,8t.T.7 9
* o-Dentist.
OFFICE on the-North side of Mainstreet, for
mnerfy occupied apid .kno'd, as th'e- Law
O0fceof G. G.fDeWalt, Esqt.
NEwwBEaT, (t. i. Se. Ca.. (Ie 1 4, '3.
* *
%, .arch'14, *6
&E W lfers of the. Seventb Regi
nreggef Carga Cavalry, -who are
.how absedt *iiht leave areiealled upon to re
turn ditxout deln t ilmand.
any brave men lipge- ~ dect their suffer
ing horio,.r'4o engage n pon *etr
own'soil Oowardsa
by"temaining abeint,fra ' the rWY,
%key weakenunr suenga In the hour
of victory and PT4264
Soldiers mos y-ietar ed
as "deserters;" a;4Wa dse RZ4 A ""
ished'as "deserters." "F.
The destruction of waded 4
Brave men will iike7 i ur''J ft Oip
hotseback, and rejoin their.po*r#duty In the
-armv. It will be no excuse t1a soldier tha le
is doing d.yin an-other comma4 ony
be mitte4by n*der frof he Mnder
in- ief-ithehoser it fe dailiar'y'ee
It is especialy;urge Upon zen to bring. wI
thei goOd borad. Being disPbanW wi4 , -
obta fo them new -aig".',*Iu.
,Goloie! Sevnl &a ry
Apr.'6, 4t.
T'he T aUention of
caw des 1oW
* IThe 9rderiferred to e ag rthat eldiVo
returning home'..on fur16v&br o6 reath* -
plaes at which, thiey ft d
will immediately,report to the nepeg
OfierjWl will keep a regit*v dfW-hek am
desriptive list, place- Ahersfati&ned' d h4*
the furlohfasgant and. A ath
a aop1re f.de
-rTin of th, same
pital raninBoard,hea b
the Board' ofEiiiiine -r
-oard i tn
,e:!jeiltiesOf fYl GCt
IV. 1h casesa wen -
Eniing liir 4it
his atteudint physmia, gii v f 4
of his e - *hi erd t ap 4
referred to theB Aitsati se -
V.A strict orin -itsaaerqi
fients Vi beprM
W -arduk
-4, fred -t
*Wr A L iE Of ~ by. .1"
s sane.
-SILAS Jpl )f 184 D .
Corn. Offee,'NebdyiB4 a 846
Troper that the tbegisIadive Peertment of
~he Govmaint of theStt be dOIVZED ;
tupt ine m ssoe bate adoiped as the def
fard teeState ungrxeire. .And ror thaapsa'
pose the meberrpf,tbyenatp ,~&~u
of Repreentatives ofhe
are ereblt,in'itedt toasses6~ ~Greenwfl
TESDAY the 254 ay oi,A?RIA 5, at *
o'clock,m a1
B~y he overnor
rmcLL r, S. Eumo on~a~
Apr. 4-?lot -
W1Lk trade Ti a o two, godI(
The Sa4RSt
me for eitt4h -nis*
add e goods aipha
#deaar the;-kindredftUnd aitors~ of
saeenOdo be and apMbefore uj
gn- t-Ordinarf's Court for'theia DILi%
ols a ewber&oetffons
7th (tay of kril 4tto .shet cause, V
any-why the said -&*fidisSfrtORJh# o tq
Given under my hard this Brd day of April
in *% year of -'tir 'Lord one thousand eg~~
hndzed and sixty-five.
SApr 4., 30H5 T ETERSO , p
- Cook 'Wanted.,
1}Wated to hire from the-owner. None $f
our free negroes wanted. ?
I 'Anr.Iv d this oicie. ' Mareb :d I.

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