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The communication of Srutus' is ;oo ra
dical to meet our views, and is girdn. a Aace in
a spirit of accommodation. The high parties al
luded,to will, we hope, survive the severe casti
gation. _________
- - Ineresem'in Subscriptin..
As noticed last week-tie price. o -the Herald
is, fromn-tbs date, increased to 'FIFTEEN DOL
LALRS for three iionths. Parties sending us ten
dollars for subscripion will be crAited with that
amountfor two months.
'B Found..
The body of Dr. BYnnan, who was a.cidentnt
ly drowned at Asiford's Ferry, several week
ago, was foued on the 3rd inst., washed up in r
bottom of Mr. J. Hare's plantation, about nine
miles below Alston. -The face was entirely ten
off, and the identification only made 'certai by
- papers found in the pockets of the'clothes. We
learn that the body was interred on Mr. 'Hare's
Gool zacking.
We are indebted to a friend for the' followi:1g
recipe for making the above valunble and almost
indispensable -article. Take of sweet -potato
one.part, cut, parch and gtind as if for coffee,
add half as much lamp black, and mix the two
together with an eqnal poriion of mDlasses and
water sufficient to make a pbste:. All thvit is fur
ther necessary is to apply to the shoe or' boot,
and with a brush and elbow grease, a polish will
be had which will take the shihe out of the Cele
brated Mason's blacking. Try it...
Sifie the announcement of the fall and loss of
Richmond, and the falling back of Gen. Lee, bui
little has -been.heastdof either Lef'so- Johnston's
armies. It satisfies us to think that they are :in
tact and in the right place, and we cannot but
feel that, io-day, with the giving up -of the long
contended for capital, our condition is better
than before, and the army of Virginia, relieved
- of that wearying straggle, is now ready and ablc
to stsike where the blow will be *felt. Trusting
inpthe ability ot our great leaders, Gen's. Lee and
Johnston, we hope and wait.
Late EiRmors.
Just before going to-press a rumor, of 'a re
* .freshing character 'if true, reaches this place,
that Gen. Lee has had engagement with Grant,
at Strawberry Station, which resulted in opmp4te
success. Loss of-the enemy .said to bo heavy.
This news conmes via. Chester, and from an officer
said to have been seen there who was wounded
*in'the'fig8t. Date n'ot remembered.
* ~ Through a gentleman from C-olumbia, it is also
reported, that a body of Yankees are at .Fort
Motte, a station on' the South Carolina Railroad,
*and that they have ii~ waite the town tf Sum
Within an Ace.
-Did you eier meet with a disappofntme~nt,
grievens, bitter, sore ? to be sure,y'ou hav'e, and
can appreciate o.r sad trIal.- Blessed are ly
-who expect notmfng ; but whsen a,promise is held
. .out, placed right under obes nose, who can be
blamed for bui,ding.a hope upon it. -Such was
our cay. Led aw&y by an igntusfatuus,we were
most terribly deluded, and lookt%g for a sub
stance, grasped only a shadow., D~o foa.. 1e
eggs, freshL ones ? We do, and unfortuina y
seldam get them. Resting fron the week's lab or,
- . on Siturday morning last, rumulating~ on the ,fu
S -
tur, and hoping, like Micaw ber, that "something
would tu'rn up," we -hearga .scratching at the
door ; so unusual a sound did not denote a gub
seriber's entrance, so instead of -the common
*corne, in,' the d.oor-was gently opened, when .in
walked a lady visitor, Mrs. Hen. She seemed
agitated, and quickly walked the .length - of the
.office, back and forth-, up the utiddle and down,
pi-ying into every hole and corner. With quick
. perception, sharpened by appetite, it was' divined
our friend wished to lay'an egg-not as-ggsed to
be the custom,on our table-on the floor, in some
-corner. From that moment the erg, large, fxesh,
white; or perhipsbrown,se.emed ours;'and rarious
were the dispositipnsproposed to,be'made of it,
but alas for all human calculations. 'Just in the
very nick, when.it was alnibst in our hand, up
comes a sub. for his paper. His voice was loud
and harsk,,Mrs. Hen became alarmed, did not
like his looks either, and with a flutter a m%cackle,
.rushed but of the door he left cipen. ad luck
to both, it was a rascally' and fontd pro(eeding.
Who got the dgg is not .known, we did not, a.nd
* there"a thec rub.
.be located at Greenville, S. C. The Furman
University biis3igs willabe used for that
p ;urpose.
tFor the Herald.]
ABnrILLE, S. Q April 11th, 18>5.
Ma. EDitoE :-1 beg you will allow..me space
in your columns, to speak of the extraordinary
of the ladies-of this place. For last
four years, I have traveled over nearly every
State in the Confederacy, and I gave never yet
seen their kindness excelled. Entirely devoted
tb the cause,ihey do a, 4 in their power to re
lieve.the sufferings of our soldiers. Twenty-four
of these ladies, have established here, a most
spiendid hospita. lhe government has not aided
them in the first particular. They furnished the
hos'pital with Ads froin their own houses ; buy
all the nediciMes ; and hire the steward and
nurses. Each I*dy takes a day to supply the
iospital with.provisions, and each vies with the
other An brining the host cgoi'e delicacies. I
assure you, the hospital -is well furnished. A
I glance is suficieTit to eatisfy any one, the piace.
is kept by ladics. Soldiers, sick, de.spo;dent,
and tired of ihe unequal struggle, are. thcre re
ceived with the greatest ,kindness; their suffer.
ings-arp relieved, and their hearts cheered. They
catch. the spirit of the undying patriotism Qf the
ladies, and go-forth more tetermined to prose
cute the war to the bitter'end. The ladies, not
only receive the soldiers at the hospitel, but take
the"i to their houses, and give them every com
fort they need.. Many pobr soldiers, who bave
Passeo long, dreary monthsin prison, will remem
ber with love and gratitude the noble ladies of
Abberille. They will love to tell their fond
mo.hers, how they were treated by these, good
Where all are so. kind, I dislike to particular
ize'; but'! must be allowed to speak of the ex
treme kindness of Yrs. Kerr to every, soldier.
She does hr part at the hospital, besides, her
hous*e every night is crowded with soldieh. Not
one cent will she receive for her kindness. Of
i tA-soldiers force her 'to accept money, which
she never keepe,-ba turns over to the hospital
She is the. kindest lady I have ever nlet, and
my heart'will ever beat withjoy at the remem
berance of her name.-', Yours
Eichm.nd. 4
The fall of this City alth6ugh not unexpected
is deeply, to be lamented.. As the Capital of the
Confederacy it is of the utmost consequence that
it should have been held, for if anything contri
buted to the cOnfirmation -of. our. governmental
integrity, in.the e yp of the great powers of Eu
rope, it wvas that our seat of Government re
mnained intact and defiant, although ail the efforts
gf our enemies he.d bgen exhausted to eapture it.
It is almost.lamentable, too, to think, that after,
the brilliant su,ccesses of the Confederate arms
on the soilgf Virginia, frorn the victory of Ma
.assas; in .fs61, to' those ofSpottsylvanis and the
Wilderness, we should have been constrained at
IAst .to surrender the prize which our fanatical
foes have so-long striven to wjn. But, although
this be so, adld the day of the evacuation of
Richmond may be4ell termed a darik one for Ihe
Republic, it is mere fat.uity to suppose that out
great cause is thereby endangered, or that we
still have not the abfility to achieve apr iudepen
-d,ence. All that is required is, that, our Rulers,
our Generals, should rise up and meet like men,
the issues that are upon them,~ T he-Countay is.
unfortunately cursed with the presence, in thie
Executive Chair, of Mr. Davis ; but he occupies
[his seat by virtue, of the Constitution and the
Laws; and melangholy as the fact is, he cannot
te displaceld fvom the position he so unworthiiy
NN. He has the power, ho6wever, to afford us
some reli'4f by the selection- of Advisern, who can
command the respect of the people, and properly
administer their Departments, ,and now *is the
time and the occ'asion~ for him to do so. Let the
Secretary of Stat.e who has no higher pretensions
to statemanship than low cunnin'g and pettifegg
ing sgacity, be replaced by a man of high tone
and diplomatic endowments. *Let us have a See
retary of the Treasury who knows'something of
political economy and the principles of finanoe,
who can sum up accounts and' calculate without
making mistakes to the tune of millions, and has
other claims to merit, as a statesman, than dun
ning as a tradesman. Let us ,have a mian of comn
mon.sense and en.erg to conduct our Postal sys
tern, and\ot a Drone, like Mr. Reagan, who
seems to have bgen sleeDing for the -last three
moifts, and to be oblivious of the existence of
his fellow countrymen. Let us have an Adjutant
and Inspector'General, who understands t:he or
ganization of an Army, such a's the one we have
raised, and not an old fogy, bred in the school of
"Fuss and Feater," and who imagines that- the
rules agid systein of .warfare, suited for 3812~, are
adapted tp this. age ar4l this people. Let the
hordo'of worthless and incompetent officers who
have been thrust into phee by favoritism and
politica'intrigue, be relieved fromt positions to
which they are unequal, and4 let sucevss and hon
ors be the reward of the'brave and virtuous) not
of tho adheining and the corrupt. What we want
is brn,jfner. boldnesa, energy, commono *enre.
Let us have men who possess. these requisites,
and, from that day the glorious bamee of those
who would be free, shall be -borne a0i6ted:bjough
all tl trials we may hereafter. eniotfnfer,
T Among tle horses captured on Gen. Chesnut's
place, ie Kershaw District, was the 6uperb-stal
lion pre-ented to President Davis by tw Viceroy
of Egypt., One of- the Yankees, after riding the
animal through the streets, took off the saddle,
and p4tting him on the back, remarked, "You'rc
too fine to ride in these parts, and we'll send you
to OW Abe'."
WORTH KNQvfNG.-If persons in a house on I
fire. have the prese'nc6 of mind to apply a damp'
cloth or handkercheif to their mouths and ngs
trils; they could effect-a.passage through the
dense smoke; but the surest mode would be
to enveloye,the head.and face complete'ly 'in
the damp cloth.
,o Royal Arch Masons of South Carolina:
Compicis Our Grand High Priest, Dr. A.
G. MACrEY, being tv.ithin the linc- of the enemy,
6and beyond.tte reach of our corrmsp-ondence, I
assume the autliority vested in me by the- Con
stitation of the General Gran.d Chapter, of gra4t
ing Dispensations, receiving Communications,
&c., until the Grand Chapter 6f South Carolina
shall,otherwise order and provide.
Given under ray hand and seal at Edgefield C.
H., tflis 22d day of Mar.ch in the Year of Light
5865, and of the DiscoVery 2395.
- Deputy Grand Eigh Priest.
and HOOP IRON, which I wili exchange for
PROVISIOMS of any kind. A.'HARRIS.
April 13 tf
NE W' G 0 ODS,
T HE following comprise only a few of the
many articlos to be found at my store:
A large lot of ,
Coates $pool Cottn,
Together with an assortment of
Summer piothing,
COTTO2 CA RDS, &c., &c. -
Call soon, on . . H AF TS.
April 13 ,- 11tff
NY STORE and for SALE a 3hoice lot of de%i
rable GO0 US,t-such as'
Bleached. Shirtings,
Black &. White Glazed spool Cotton
ALINANAg'S FfR 185,!
(Miller's' & Clar'ks),
together with very many other articles of .gene
.rat use, which will be SOLD oi- EXCHANGED.
Ap 4, tf - M. FOOT.
B Y two LADIES--refugees from Columbia-I
SITUATIONS as TEACHERS in a privatej
family..' Soth a're comnpetentC to teach -the ENG
LISH BRANCHES and the rudiments of MUSIC.
'Address. MR8. J. G.< GORDON, t
e Caf-e of Mr. R. T. Capers, t
Apr. 8, 3t. .Newberry, C. H., S. C. I
Caps, Caps. -
01 0 00 GUN CAPS, a goo i English ar
L'J,V.'J'Jticle,'for sale by r
Mar. 30., 4-f ,B.' H. LOVELACE..
$'10GReward, Dead er Alive.
R 'UNAWAY from the subseA'ber about the 1st"
of January, my boy Togey. He is about "
five feet, pine or ten-.inches high, dark e-omplex
ion, thick lipped, with upper front teeth out,
I will give the above rpward for the said boy, j
dead or alive. R. MOFFATT,'
Ap 4 4t T ' ' .Mpff'att's M Roads.
Imp.rtaut 0EIC s Tihe Payers,
TAM w pared'to, the -BACON of
L'the year-1864. All" .whether pro.
lucers or not) who slanght 25o lbs. nett
PORK, are re4uired fiq in o.f the same
to me. '
All producers who have no; aIfad ere
,urns of their .crops to -me, arft0fiff i is
)f the utmost importance for themL to d .o at
>nce, in order to secure credit for the saMe pou
heir money tax.
I will be found-at the ciee ottheCommissibu
r in Equity. JNO. B. CARWILE.
Assessor Tax-hi-K rd 'Newberry Dist.
Apr 4, St T.
'Sugar, Sugar, Sugar.
received and for.SALE:or BARTER by
ap 11 10 tf B. H. LOVELACE.
Brown Shirting.,
y \{1[i.yards BROWN SHIRTING,just re -
O ) U U JU ceived had for sale or biser by
ap 1110 tf . H. LOVELACE.
CA3P NEAR RicuxoND, March 10, 65.
O FFICERS and soldiers of the Seventh Regi
ment of So4h Carolina Cavalry, who are
now ab'sent without leave, are called tipon to e
turn without. delay to. their command.
Many brave men linger to prQteet-their safer
ing homes, or to engage the enemy upon thewr
wna soil. Cowards make the same exense; but
by remaining V.bsent from their pos in the army,
they weaken opr strength and postpone thq hour
f victory'and peace.
Soldiers must promptll return, orbepublished
as "deeerter," arrested as "deserters," and pun
ished as "deserters.":
The destMnction of raflroad, i& no, excuse.
Brave men wilt mikg their journey on foot, or oni
horseback, and rejoin their po?ts Of duty in the
trmy. It will be no.excuse to a soldier tht .e
is -doing duty in another command; this can only
be permitted by an order from'the- Commander
in-Chief-without his order it is a thilitall crime'.,
t is especially urged upon men to' bring with
hem good horses. Being dismounted will sot
obtain for them new furloughs, but trasfera to
infantry. t .., A. .. HASKELL,
p Colonel Severith Reg't So C. Cav.alry.
Apr. 6, 4t.
MAH.. 1865.
I The attention of fol.ders returng hoe
e 'on furlbugh in Newberry District, is apia
aled to the requirements of paragraph 11 Gen-,
,ral Orders No. 141, A. & .G. .0. series of I863.
II. The order referred to regnires thtsolditero
eturning home on furlough or oil rWj4-ug.
places at which they. will stay during furloii.
will immediately report to the negest Enrollm
)fficer, who will keep a register oT their naime?,
'escrptive list, lace where stationed, by whom' . '
b'e furlongh was graitted and- the tinie at which
t expires. -
III. When a soldieron furlaugh is,at the expi-~
ation of the sanie,-unale to travel tothe Eot
ital Examining oard, he will be ordered b ere
he Board' of Examiners' for 4.onscripts,U. Ih
oard f' th.ey thipk proper will reeommend an .
xtension of furlough not to exceed thirty, daym'.
IV. In cases where, from sickues or wounds
soldier is unabl4 to appear before the Dfosrd of
llaminers for Conscripts, he will send up to the.
su-oling Officer swith f4urlough, a,certificate. f '
us attending physic' , giting a full aiatement
,f his case, which '~fcate, if approved,. wll be
eferred to the Board for its action. -
V. A strict comnplian-ce with the, above*gequire
nents wrill be promnptly enforced.
March 21.12 Capt.&E .ND
Io Sualidansf IruSi??868, -
[and RECIVERS, are required to nme
heir ANNUAL RET'URNS to this O0fce, by the
st of March next.
Com. Office, 'Newberry Dist.,-Jan. 16th, 1866.
Jan. 21, amo.
The State of South Caltua.
S-CotasBiA, March 27,' 1865.f
L'HRE ,invasicn of the State has rendered it
proper that the Legislative Department of.
he Gorgranment. of the State be CONVENED ;
hat such measures may be adopted as the wel
are of the State may requi-e. And for that pur
ose the niembers of the Senate and the House
f Representatives of the State -of Soath Carolina
re heieby invited to.assemble at Greenvilld on.
UESDAY the 25th day of APRIL, 1865, at 12
~clock, m.
By ti;e Governor.
IFFICAL :W. S. ELtIorl, Private Secretitry...
A Apr. 4-0o.
Cook Wantede
IWanted to hire from the owner. None of'
our free negro.es wanted~
Apply at this offce. ' M~arch 21 ti - -

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