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$15 Dollars for 3 Ifnthsol Devoted to the Disseminat OB of General Information. [Sigle Copies $1 00
$V5OLUars fo 3nSDAtYh APRIL
Eyery Tuasday, Thursiay and Satnrday,
By Thos. F. & 3. H. Greneker
Terrs-$15 for three months, in adviance. Ad
rertisemneats inserted at the ra:e of '5.for first
lnsertior, of twelve lines or less, and f4 for suo
sequent insertion.
It is a singular anomaly of th war that cot
ton has proved at once our best and worst
friend. Its absence from the markets of tic
world has stirred the great heart of manufac
tures and commerce-has stimulated exertions
-in all countries to pro.!uce a suiiable euiva
lent, but without reward-has caused starva
tipn, suffering, and death, aini iim brief, proven,
as has been so ofte asserted, that our cotton
is king- Scant a our supply through the
blockade hae been, it has bi-ought to us the
material for clothing our soldiers, for sto-kmg
our machine shop,, filiing our la)orator,s,.
building ou- Fioridas and Alabams, anId re
lieving our most grievous ncez-sitines. It has
drawn to us the attentiAn of the commercial
world, to whotm we were before appal i a
terra incogtita, and, in -.omnbinztion
other aids, has wrought for us a nixture Ot
moral and sellsh sy%latly tht uy here
ter play its, part in Our independence. -o
this exter.t O-ur 1:ivg has not been1 unwort.v
,f his throne. 3lt wihen we see bale r.fter
bale going into the hasof the ent'y. ta
-an his mills or be.sold for tw,) inwred (Ldo;
lars in gold, and be placedo lii creit Ab m
-then we are tol(d that his failing credit i- sos
tained only by these spaSmo:c recuprsICnk
thr(oug. (ar Southern speeilic; when we are
nsured th'c,b e the fil of 'Savrnlah the
Yankee bubb!e was ready for the bursting.
and that the twenty-five tIou)no b;ues of
cotton -there c %npire.i er e utieint to ke
it i:tact nother yCr ;wh we ren:ember
that il-ti panic af Ie jt was no -- but
Southern cotton. 1i', s e he coutry r r1om
bani2k uptar, :~'.%.at the No h i r avor
ing to m:*e it do , the arme in ) e say
thit comt.i en h i e t rom
mon du tv. E'V2V;ry 'auW: uu i 1 o41nter )i e
wh%!,Il reaches thL No-th, bi- f tion, Cee
or tobaWco, th r aronnaiu r 0 c.T
These..are conicalents of goi tle world over
nn ex-c;ptli:n its piIch-beek\ m~Iauo:ttore,
M 'M I
the on!v eqILh ch e Wh'01 Cn'. 1.e.
Lient'i the en l a or .; to obt:i n the n - ' e
swalrms of spcCulators wn the heel oL_ every
Urmyv-the beic'volent shij.-loads oi L.o.t0n1
crackers, and .wraitable Christianu gertuemeni
in imacunte oinck, whoi) pra you out f
purg.torv with one hand antd pic your pcket
viih the otler.
Viewed in qh: i* ht-1a'd t 1. not a nove!
-0ne-it is a 0onder~ th::t the SUbCj2ct ha~s
been dig:-;led w "ie.h a tieSntme wothy cf a
nei:t.. Aier t e fal o' Sv, , a more
strmnuous po icy was adoipte by t-! Govern
ment, it is tru- ; but unesz the ers a!;d
OrS Of the staple theik.ve- : themt
ler _, h::nd, and deterine that the South
.a;l " lo:-aer e:tibte to pa theC expenses
to time a ' epe.ntin of the mnortifyi*1g caIptme
at S-lannalfh, win a il brunikt r re.snits
to o!2rselVes and(~ v ll consejn.:es to t er
enemy. Let. orng ra fr-n:ot aganL
- us.-Ches~tcr CarouCI .
Ns\ r~' .mTAe.-It oes n o good. Sonme
sins have a secinlf: comp'enlsa:on or :apology,
a present gratitication of some sort; but ange~--r
has none. A mnan,leels nou better ior it. It.1
really a tormenat; and u~ hen the storm of pas
sion~has cleared awaym, it leaves hin to se
that hs has been a foo!; and he has made him
* selt a fooi in the eyes of others, too.V Who
thinke. well of an ill-na tured man, who has- -t o
be approach-e' in the most ga arded anid cau
tious war ? W ho e ishes him f>r a neighbor,
or a partei in busieS.s? He keeps all about
1,dm in the same state of mind as if they were
living next to a hornet's nest or a rabid ami
mal. And as to prosnemity in busnoess, one
gets along no Letter for getting- a".try. \\Xnat
if busines~s isperplexing, and everyuning 'goes
by contrarnes,' will a lit of pys-.ian nnke the
wJmas morec propitio)us, the grou.nd more pro
~doctive, the mark ets more favorable ? Will :t
bad temper draw customers, pay nrotes, and
make creditors better natured y An angry man
adds notning to the welfare of societj. Since,
then. angeris uselesa,gneedless, disgraceful,
writhout the last apology, an~d found only ':m
the bosom of fools,' wby :Thould it be indulged
iat :.11~
There has been a snow storm in the Soeth of:
-ance, suchi as bas not been known before in
.: ~..o: a - &eve!re wer otbY
An ArRansas wartli Resentmmnt-Givinm5 a
Fellow the Sack.
A green, awk ard girl, the d.auhtcr of
wealthy parents in~ Arkansas, .brng coMe to
-.--, Massachusetts, t> be educated, a young
dentist, nnmedcI Brown, conceived a notion that
his shoitest roaI to fortune would be to mar
rv her. But then she was the laugning stock
ef the seminary, because she was so anunt,
masculine, anid ungente~I in he:- dress, -und
lrown felt that it woulI require all his n,rve
to Etand the ridicule of scveral of the 3 oun,
nun"ils with whoin he had flirted until he was
satisfied that they had no money or_ epecta
tion of arv.
However, he cm.nsoled'himself with the re
flection that lie should speedily obtain influence
enough over her to enable h-im to becorne, im
m measure, her advi.,r in the manner of cos
te, manner,ietc. iie fOremost though .ts
to amnend her long, lank fOrm, b: the -:id of
clinIoliine, whic: she had never worn. and hi
fPttery i:ad 110 sooner secured lim a conf6den
ti-l !"ace in Ler good graces, hcfre he ventir
ed to make her a preent of a patent skirt or
sack, together with a hinlt to fix up p-rettV
handsomely~for a bail, to which he had invited
The r-ht arrivcd, thc pairty were assemb
led %nd the Aikansa, dlonei made her grand
etitree from tie hdie'dressing-romn, aiid th1e
titter and laoughtcr from the School-girls I d
-:ihr belles. Tie i cap-sack was5 shloermgIy
out of sha-o, pr-ecting in Fnit ' e th spout
ing horn ov N1hant ; hut at was to
the ex n e it m ade of s11me. hNt mIeong ous
b!e 'hose.the uition of whLich 0 1ere
somewhat au":r.cr.ted by, the yellow rosettes
of her white satin slippers trl sze) enas
inl- *er d(!icate ftet. To complete Brwn'
horror, her.x hld anId fre k e, face %e
.Z, I. ' t p:.fs ;Sion of green and yellow
bror nos.f re ini.anded to do ex
ceentiOnl:l be:mat, n rs
.huider tha 'i. cy, the. d pointed dentist
N ent thrinuh the t dnice v.Ifh ir, taki;g
litclu or na p', to concl his di go'ist, and
ten hun iCd a to tae ist roomi to eseipe
the corhts 'nd sdre.stic ridicule of his
Old fnaies.
The rn.nrtu oar r, was e1-r it,
was tven v 'Ae: hn in fu n1ed oi
i .sed her to v i l tne .ack," i. e., dis
mizss hiin nt ce. 'd be d dotte eI don't
do i 'c th1C i'u" cro.L," he replied in a
boilig pas 5-.:d making for the. dress
ing-roo, and W Cd 1 ed by a v bevy of Iau- nr
jiris, soon0 en:ergSd agiin 0ih the hoop- .ack
i. her hand, and threw it at Brown' 1 *,,
vou nen, -no'.i for nothiilg shke
0ot ol d sa T S AC voor 01,1 ,Ak and
war it voni,and eff I k h ) yo 1peakng
to e a:n, 1 : ye n ithin an ich 0' yer
i ; vC 'd t bliee it."
Re(rs : f ughlter f: we: 1t8 spi-ited con
duct, a toothlod w:.- ia to mae his es
cne. The nest .iay be 'ft the vilage. and
has not returtned to it. TnE Arkans g
cimie a pt, and il ii.ad e-a very re:ct:
. Appearance m somety
A new Lb,sador, L-r S. w.ose tact wa
hi-ly yul:.n of, :irrived at tu .,art of Lo;is
,i . T h e . in g , w iN -L n o t e s t ry
ivited hi to a shXt' pairte. At the ma
mIei of stairting to d:ive to the wood, the
.;Ii ian btie, ye him! 4he.p:ecedence,
et inob the carriamrg .Mons ir l'm
b:.woe:."Lord S. hi not w-dt to be t ud
.id: ituempiti/ to ;eeli::ue soa ret an' '1r,
heC tb,I0 a c ; 3.OuC thus tre.aLug tie royais ma
itti10 as an order w hich lhe tuas not permiit
ted even to discuss. The King, wiho- wasi the
soi test maun of is day, perfictlyiiP' aprcintedI
the nw1.vC, and reamaked wi:! a smlih.e "Deci
dei . Lord S, i..; a well b:e miuan."' It is~ often,
therefore, the truest politeness s i;nply to do
what you areo recsted to do.
JEdge Wiiley~~as he waseallel, was once
presiding i a uutn onywe
legal bully attemupted to mift1idate .ii.
Thomsoni having succeeded in "pack:ng a
j ur" to suit h:5 is urose turned his attenutoui
to the court and rentarked:
"If your honor pleasec, here is the law
which~governls this case," at the same tiue
drim a Tow ie-kife of an unuosua! siz. at
layn t It ore him') across anl opien book.
"IForewar ned, fore-utrimed,'" sid Judge 'Ni
er nd drawing from beneath his hunin'g
hi t, not acolt ijut a horse pistoi, lie very
cahly re(i(ined: 4
"This 'sir, is the constitution and is para
moun'. to) the .law."
Mr. Thomson peaceably acquiesced..
A New York paper states that the famous
Jenni0s estate, which has b,een in the, Englhish
Chiancery Court for many years, has ac mzl.t been
turned over to the American claimants-One of
wh:n settled in Virgiil:i and the other im New
iamphire. The property is ea'mt.e as wort.a
Rules for Home EdurAtIon.
The fj!Lving are worthy of being printed
i n leittrs of ,oid and being placeI in a con
SpICUOUS pC.i!1iO in every household:
3. From vour-chi!dren's earliest infancy in
cu.lfe the necessity of instant ohedience.
2. Unite firnness with gentleness. Let your
children always uuderstand that you mean
exactiv what you say.
3.Nver p~romise them anything unless
you are sure you can .give them what you
4. IF you tell a child to do anything show
hi.m how to do it, and see that it is done.
5. Always punish yAr children for willful
ly dlisobeying you, but never punish in anger.
6. Never let then perceive that they can
vex you, ur mak2 you lose your self-coimand.
If thwy give way to petalance and tem
per, wnit tiN tihey are calin, and gently reason
W:ILih ther on the impror-iety of their con
S. Remember that a little present punish
rent, wh-n the occasion arise.-, is n1iUCL1 .nore
tffectual than the threatening of a greater
nunishment should the fault be renewed.
9. Never give your children anything be.
e~tse they crv for it.
i' . On nd account allow them to do at one
tinie wht you have forbidden, under the like
ctCirumstanc, at another.
111.' Tvach them that the only sure and easy
wa. to tppe.r good is to be good.
12. Ack%ustt-m- them to inake their little
recital.:s the perfect truth.
1. Nu:er allow of talc-bearing.
14. Teach them that selfderil, not self
inci.uIgence, is the appointed and sure method
Co.r is Dyi-c, Mms-Ts..-A!bbot de
SVernot, in his Nistory of the. Rcvolutions -in
Prtuga-, ves the foilowing, as an instance
(.f mitropidO aid greatnes., ol soul displayed
by Muley Moluc in his dying moments.
~ When Dor Sebastian, Kiog of Po'tugal,
had invaGdd the territories of Muly Mulue,
pero If Moroen, in order to dethrone
, is nc-iew, Yoi.ac was wea:ig away with
List'cr wlich he bilnself knew vwas incra
SIlowever, he prepa-,ed fOr the recepion
of*:- forn.i-Nabe an eeiny. le was indeed
So r.irnt-witn his sickness, that ne diu not
e.xmct to live out the whole day, when the
hit deciive attl was given; but kinowiing
the ti consequenccs that would happen to
iis chide and peoile, in case he should die
before he pta an end to th-.t war, he com
mandc:l hs p:incipal ofliters thir, if he died
during the Cngagem.ent, they should conceal
his death froifi the army, and ;h-4 they should
ride un) to the litter in which his corpse wa..
carried. under pretence of receiving orders
fron him as usual. Before the battle begun,
hwas carried throLIgh lil the ranks of his
army i all open iitter, as they stood drawn
up in array,encouraging themn to fight valiant
ly i- defence of tht.ir religion -wA- country.
1 indir- aftewrds the battle to go against
hin, I h"o he was very near his last agonies,
ho thirz.y himn out of his iitter, and remed
hiJ armv arnd led them on to the charge
whieb a;lerwgrds ended in a comilete victw:-y
o:, te side of the Moors. Ile had no soo.r
bou r i. men to the engagement, than fin.d
ng himsef utterly spent, he was :ig-n re
pacedi i: his litter ; where, laying his 'finger
on his~ mouth, to enjoin se'crecy to his oflicers,
whostod about hi:n, he died a few moments
after in that posture.
A gerdtieman walking- -near Oxford, was
met by some students of the University, one
of v,i bm sidressed him with,
Goi .d moring Father Abraham.
I am a a t Father At,rahami, said he.
Go muorniing Father Isaac, said a second.
! "nm not Father Isaac, was the reply.
God morning Father Jacob, said a trd.
I am neithjer Abrah2am, Isaac, nor Jacob,
bn: :ml o of xish, who went out to seek
ni.; I,ather' s a and lo! I bare found them.
W oMAN's AFF.c-Tio-'y:e all'ection of a wo
mai is deeply'I phautedi in her bo. m', and though
it may i tno be conspicu1ous amoid the sunshmne of
lie Yet wh1)eni the dark clouds lowe r, a:;d danier
o dilnieuty menace's the obijet of her attnch
mem is Galde feeling stands forthi revealed,
an 'eis a. tone to every' a*on. It is this deep.
ednug feeling that uirges her to attempt deeds
fromi which the so'fl of man would shrin's It
xa been well said th.it maa may indeed write ,on
cosacy, but houw truly can woaa act it!"
T" Ho-r Brrn I3TIsra:en.-A. poor woman
of Doiui, Franec, being ordered by' a physieian
to give her child a hot bath, puti a large kettle ot
wtron the flre, and putt ng her ch.ild io it
b ean to pile on fuel liberally. A neichyor
coig in, sllorly afte.rwards, asked in surpris
what she was about. And on being told that
Ithe doctor had ordered a hot bath, sne rescued
the little one from its jnimi'un peril, and gr.ve
. rm.iar am "needed iafoatior"
the "iberal and enlightened friend and ally of
the United States," having quelled Lhe insur
rection in Polund, has !ately turned herttte.
tion to the equal!y commendahle work of sul
pressing rel!gious ins-it.tons in that unhappy
count"V. Our rcadcrs do not need to be re
i Anded of the cringing to;(dyism displayed by
the -ioya'! public abcut a year ngo,when some
Russian naval of5cers were visiting this coun
try. Th,y cannot have forgotten the noble
yinpathy that surged in every "lovaT breast
when the Rnussian Admiral infoimed a body of
Loral La guers,that they (his countrvumn also
hd a rebellion on their hands. Russia has
suppressed the Polish rebellion,and is now en
gaged in suppressing-the Catlxulic monasterieS
and conrents. The inmates of these institu
tions are mainly Poles by birth, and for the
heinous crime of srnpthising with, their
c.untrmen in their Iite efirt to emancipate
themslves fr.-m 6111 Toke of Russian despotism,
tho5e good men and~ pure women :have been
diiven from tucir cloisters. No'less than one
hundred and fifteen religious houges bave been
elosed by imperial decree, four of which were
convents. The property of these institutions
has been conlfscated, and many of the inmates
sent out of the coJMntr4. Russia is evidently
advancing in civilization.. She has exiled the
Circassians from th.ir untive country, and
now the sacred houses of God's teachers are
ciosed by, dece'e of ils imperial ,mjezty, Alex
ander 11. She is, indeed. a w'orthy ally of the
most enlightened nation on earth. What
()es the Tribune think- of these 5bropean
CathAlics sympathiin with the rebellion?
SDoes it recom:end the "Iriends of freedom"
to follow.the example of their illustrious ally,
and make wr upon the Catholics here when
the "reW*liion" i. disposed of.-Record.
Li.CCL'S OanIEs REGARDik TRAnS. -By order
of Lincoln, Svward has issued an order, declaring
that al'pershns now or hereafter foand in the
Unitetd States, nmho have been engiged in hold
ing intercourse or trade with, the insurgents by
sea, if citizens of the United States, shall be held
prisores of war un-il 'he war closes, subject
nevertlielss to prostcntion', trial and conviction
for any offence committed by them as iples or
otherwise against the laws of war. The order
diets that al. nonresidents and foreigners who
are or shall be found in ih: United States, who
have been engagod in violating the blockade of
insurgen,t orts, shall leave wi hin twelve -days
f!rom3 the pibliIJ::tion of this order, or from their
snhquent arrival in the United StzitN, ifon the
A taint:c side, and forty if on the Pacific side of
Ihe contitry, .nd shall not return during. the war.
Provo!t Imd C;ll : ar.has will arrest and coM
it ihto miiitary custody all off-,nders who <is
reprd this order, whether they. have passports
I or not,-aid detain them in Cnsto'y until the
ciose of the war, or until they are discha-ged by
order ofthe President.
FATIER AND D.tGnYr:R.-TheTe is no pret
tier picture ir, domestic-iife th-n that of a
daughter rbadina to her aged father. The old
m1an, while listening to her siiery notes, goes
back to other times when another one sat 0y
i side, and whispered words he iever, will
ear again ; nor does he wish to do so ; for in
soft evening light'he sees ter image reflected
in her child, and as one by one gentle emo
tiois steal over him, he vails his face, and the
aeg ter thinking him asleep, goes noiselessly '
in search of other cemployment, Virgin mno
cnce wn.tebing over the cares and little wants
~f old1 age,is a spectaele tit for the angels. It is.
one of the links between earth and he~aven,
rnd takes fromn' the face of the necessarily
hard and selfish worl'd many of its barshest
"WI do0pt -on ive us a 1itle Greek and
L:in. occasionally asked a country deacon
of the .'ew. jtinister..
"Why, do you understand those langea
*"No, but we pay for the best and weouh.
to hare it."
G;Es5bouid l tie second skin, and be
wornbuttned t te wr-st.A Fench au3thor,
Alphonsa Kerr tells you to taike a gentlemnan aS
hand with your own ungioved, im token of
f'rkesr. and sinice'ity, but to keeph your'
oeon whenn.you tauei a lady 's is a proof of
the respect with which you regard her.
r1iet London jour*nals state that placards were
'posted in large numbeYrs in London, with fam
ing letter-, announ'cing tne fall of Charleston,
hade1 'gByllon -is YaUlen," and followed by
the~ 6th and St-h verses of the 14th chapter oft
Revela'ionls. illuminated and inten~ded as
Te. St. Louis Regi:d1ian says that,.n.h
7th, as on .or t welve men were engaged in re
moin th rc of a. train. on the Ulardston
Rd,asingle gueriiha took thema all prisoners,
rooedi them of tr'air money. pace thm and -

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