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$15-Dollars for 3 Months.1 Devoted to the Dis eminaiol of General Information. [81Sgle CoP $
VOLUME L -. NE BEIRRY, S. C., THURSDAY, APRIL 27, 1865. Nl\MhtR 17
fhery Tuesday. Thurslpy and Saturday,
By Thos.-F. & R. H. Grenelr'
Terrs-$15 for three months, in adrance. JM
vertisements inserte'd at the rate of z5 fc.r first
-.sertion of twelve lines or less, and $4. for sub
seqwent insertion.
rFrom tiie PacLie:oor.J
Teace to the Dead ! tl:ongh the slivs are 0ll.
And the Norse wind v.ailetii corce ind thril
Peace to the Dead! though the Meg he
The globe, with their brabling batt- oe;
Peae to the Dead ! though jace is ;Ot
In the regal dome or the. pv:per cot
P6ace to the Dead . there's pace we trust,
IVith the Pale Preamcrs in the dust
Roses and pansie -.rd them well,
inging triurnpUan imnorte"ie;
Minions of doO,.!. we.e-d the kne
To.the kings an' qve.ns of n.v-erv
Pzorms nd & .hi'e, ni- :r d rin,
TIo ve mfock Pt their dradoors in vain!
Ani e, sgpusqlCra ify?of n igh
Do ye r*e to appe.t' heir sladlowed eight ?
Sdarkncss ! t-N- misiF is not just
Tc the piidiv:ors 'i the last.
FeAce to ti:- dead ef.r and tr
h f~ads o t:ia r b rds bier
Whe:ber her sleein th*rv-,.dmon
or hec:h ihc 2 e2 i a - Fa]uw
- . e c i
r 1.c . a
7 Cf
re er
.Un r I - -f * ',
We-na e n
-ee v.GP't T'
winked s, ce I::' a s 'I 'ii n by th i
T at:.
iwra hmeF to:n,ote, o:s m:
r, -stem rn the 6.:oty sred pn ei";h
me sy. topoar ~a ter ca n :ti"
where ~ ~~ ii-.eer h,c
- lyy i I
e .-.. a i h -.. 4 '
lm en ILit of 7 mostfl of ter v'ienb'a.
Gold5 aw 'br s, si( e pictenr us s pons,!Pi C~ '-i
.... rk.... &e..... .aeM.cmo i pi
fo ?wsaThe v2! be rcrareesimte
by com caes. . company :s reeu e
exhibit thet resu nfis pru 1ete.
ih'e o: .re of the"~ Cmadr-in ic na..C
staf on:nLaz tctecrp(o-enesca
sta.'; on :-: o !ie or oiufca reien
and.'W t-ithsv t 11: copany. Cer arehi
noate Utoe t join ictese expdition withrlu
roughr clothes f.rom on te o y iTe cla v:hs
J' tity ofra silvert (fmos efther hnganld
tiei ::aNe mi pitcher , c vr. 0p.x s,d
f3rk&c. .e we -*ztofr i i y
saff r'!C. a ~2'r ocord -a'arvt(- -'frd
to put their plunuer in the etimate for -e
ral distribution. This ic very unflr, and fir
that revson, in order to protect themselves,
subordinate officers and privates keen back
everything that they can carry about their
perons-sflch as rings, ear-rmngs, breast-pins,
&c.. &c.. of fhich, if livef to get home. I have
about a qu':t. I am not joking-I lve at
least a quart fjew.iry ft r you" nd all the
Liris-and some No. cl,iam*ond rings andi pins
non- them. General Sherman hn.a silver and
gold eninugh to st-rt a bank. I1Is share in
gc!d woich,s and chains alone, at Colomnbia,
1 s wsp hnl d nd se eny-iv 3 )
But I said I coIld not a in.to pa?ticu.ars.
Ai. hecnt.a olicers,and m~any beidshave
viwl..bl.A of every descriptioi io:n to em
bro!Iered diies rocket handker-iI,fs. (k
have il ly, of them too). We to k jol
an'i si!Uer etoghl from the d-d rebelo to bae
rdc,me7 thi.r infcrnal currency twice over.
This (v enrency v :nw ever we came ,cro-s
i't w e bned,:* as e:e considereul it ut?erly
I wi;sh ..' th.eer hsam e ol
b, carri,d to the "O!d Bay S-te." It wouli.
r t'in doriouC style ; but dlas it will
be e t a f, 1 over the .'orth and Middle
S:ates,.?'i:e datmnd n:iggr, as nera
re prered to tev at home-pa Oularlvy
I men (-md to teli you ihe troth,
the' v:oange.,t and test loiking wen.) Seine
t anes -(took f -.e famillies MA.d pinta
t ri i:Sers, b v wav of -pymrg some i
'We .ti- s-s.:onVt. Het the ueless part of
r m1 1u:1
he s b Cut o
ol :, T I.,,.
u -2 i - I have!n -pta:iQ. )n
01 u: s r A sc-- 0'.A
Ae h mee .criltio of'h
(w (I* Co.,U
. )nce U :A4)
- A*v~.\ a 'f it- pe Ae esel . a
A iN ;hc'~ . A!!r:~ imr hac:.:o ( r
f I 1 , P fy : y~thi' po:- wa
C o rA A -i : f10 1vI. e ls1 1c;I fig. m" a
xrts e-:he. wA:0: *:..ste mb.7 bysc
hAl rotras )-t r,ow. tmee m a whiue the;e is
. ha or 'i fAom Northern p,c: ts but rarely
i s IL r.rt. In' A.A iLa l as e t iA e ase
: som f r rAA : 4i to A: s'm -
b ears~ of hone:,t teil 'nd i1:, ' ; t
are~ genm auy eclCusive, 'and( are rarely
oher day, (ma's a North&umbri an frieA,')
tod awhie on the spot where I was con
edAII by~ a pierAe of hrc.m; whern ii pati'rigOs
e L d abouzt.sity y'-'ds fromu rr:. 1PX'
not((A enAjyd theI ,L .iL.sel's the1C!' iGo:- to:
m~finufte, i~ y tTrtc11ing thir~ neeks a:.A
'Ae'I~ d:-hing ae:., *he hed:'"Iron,'s in lu
11hib laire so . Atrigh i: at. thUri.i(t o,r t
rir I non th4A theyL id not~ Mie a h
: pLto my L 'g A1 '...fe loi ng, ( I nroceededAA.A
tLAAAshL th hawk, whic w4C1 * perece on a
wio,fif:. vard Leven cd te pairtudges,
CAI2V throuIh~the mAidd of~ them.I The ground
h'e thery lavx W0s qu2ite bare', ar d so near
wa I .o tALem' that ' m11'ght br:.c touched t;ie
eA j int blird wit the L.. m, of myi' *A.n A
At is s,Ai.. if a "4Iper' ite be flownV in a- ne'd.
r ' ther depritizeAAs, they " 0
r r.A is'* fhrown ove.r theron. ThJ 1'" *AIn
'C A C'Of p'; r f-). A. hi-.d CIf jA.y M0'-eTn
nr "0Mr
The Art of Fighting.
Prince Trederick Charles, of 1?russia, in a
i mphlet.prirked some years ago, gave us.the
first principle of-the French army, that the
Frnch -soldiier always marches forward ; the
Second, he ss is, hat mora! is superior to
physical force. So Marshal Canrobert. when
h( hda covj de gti, en his hands in the
Crimea, always asked his soldiers: "Do. yon
feel critial t o it ?" They never answered "No;
and the promise which they themselves had
given to their General wa. the guarantee of
their success. The- tLird principle of the
Frenc iacrding t0 he Prin'e, is, to hold
them;selves iaac.'rrid columa instan eneC
my wfich is badi ii1iccV and ur.accez
tomed to military manowuvres ; and, on the
coitrnrir, to fight with disodered ;anks an
like k : h.en they have to do with
r'ur arnd wi disciplined trcops. The fo-rth
Freni pricilpe i', never to defend them
Isevr paie C'It' this the Prince says:
"I11it hai,npp:ns~t the French are attacked
by a close roumn, they proceed in tl)is waiy
!. *Ais eecia1l' ewcellent when the attack
is not suprorted by corps de reserre. The
Frenci rificien gile way at the point of at
Ulck the attacking column, imagining that
hisi t coOmncement of a retreat, pushes
on, but sqon the rifiemen present a new front;
one or tvo enlumns -aivance : the sharps:oot
Pis sur-cund the crCmy on ait ides; he besi
tatcs y he loses time; he can not turn back
there he is compelled to fight. and is abandon
ed to 1.7.z f;Je. The Frerchi soldiers are order
f], i hii s car., not to !:ill :ny more. but to
mle priirrs, becau e a ildier cnn take
fve or F.x pr, ors in the time required. to
" a rrl i y :e PiTnce, "in the
i rmy, !:.t ttta, when once re
,n n nee P.: ted" to N% on
or ti;(nl ] r, ir seldomn la-stedl a.
ORr..r o. h0ou- before ljo y raine to the
i; o c; o":ertirnes thcy did not~lflirn a cti
d CCring the0 6tck. It appears nww
hnt ha h Fren :ack at a full rn, o wlich
.......n -: a PC, sO thnt, when
t 'rne the enem, ther rre not out of
b . he ri cClai's many of tih",e
h t t ' 'm not even thc proiduct of the
Frm ".'i:~i eharcter, and that the .tM
6 y ,p: to tihe'r a2',nt'en. In conclusin:,
Th O ro rst to (ml!or riWenn by cri!
Im. -f on.e cOm7ny' cach ; secoa, to dis
pos the arme indepthi rathrthan np breadth,
wIi;(b inCreAsZes the ower Of r4tance on
th f i r n d precnts a rapid loss of me:n
an thir dy, th . dipo-ition cf an armrv a
h .s nossil)ic lil;e the s(uares on a che-s
bo!Ad which isi thie best means of slstairdng
h - ipetuous attrrk of soch troops .s th
Ines sind Turro. midk: *n a full run and
b the bavonCt., Pert)aps it woui be weil
fr omnc oi our ow.n authorities to study these
princ .
Sws:n"n's Co..n ernes.-In the year
1'75, when Mr. De Swedenborg, townrd the
end of Februarv,on Sa,lurd1y at- ,'clock p. n.,
ar rived at Gottenlrg 'frfn Enianid, Mr.
Wi'mm Catel invited him to hi's hou'.se,
together ;ith a party of Blieen prs-n.
Ainuxt 6 o'clock Dr. De Swedcnbo~rg wer.t out,
and *1 .r a short inte'r'al returned to the
enr"''ny ghite pale, ahd idarm. IIe saidi
thatI a dai"arous.Vre h.ad just brokeun out in
8'II ooh'o'n at the S-~mrmi'm. (GotLtnburg,
.i'- abou I0 iWeS from Stockholm,) and that~
i~t ' &sW Cies~ ve ry fst. Hie was restless,]
n went e etftc.: IIe~ sid that.the hanse of
fneM '!fn.b, whoia. b'enimed, was arready
in nahes. andi that hi' own wams in Wmngr.
At 8 o'clocV:, n'fter he had been out againi, -he
joy fuliv exclamed, Thank God ! the fire is
citin* ished the third d6oor from m~y houise:
Ti ietws Jccasioned great commotion thirough
thc w hole city, and particularly among the~
compani which he was Tt u as announced
to the liovernor the svne evnig
On' Studay n,orning, ~wedereb.iorg wras
sent for . b the Giovernior, who Tijedion&d
L"n "c)n' :Ening the dr<aster. Swedenhorg
acribd thec lire vracisely, how it :r.d began,
in h t man:iner i: har 'i.'ce. and~ hoaw l
it b"(d Qo . ed On tle'sn:ne d.' the neCws
Gooernor had thoug~ht it wort.;y f4 at tentina,
he cons-ternafltil)r hl (0>cond ivi increased,
benu3O te many. were i!' troule~ on acou1nt of
heir friendI' and proper*' y.11 wh. might -hnve
been in' olved in their diast~er. Onm Mo'nday
eeing,~ a messenger arrived at Ghttenbunrg;
wh we' d~' espatche&d turing~ the time of fire
Ini the letters brouht. by himt the tire was e
si., bed preciselAy in ,tl na iDnne stitid hy
cu;ic arirem at the G*:rror's with the.
raeancoly~ icg:;c f' the~ fire. of th'e ink
it had O ~o:ond, and of the' houses it U!aa
rrom that w nich Swedenborg had given fM
medlately after it had ceased, for the fire,wA
extingui'shcd at 8 o'clock.-Emanuel Kant.
-- 1aov TrNESsEE.-We have conversed *ith
an old friend,; of Winchester, Tenn., who left
that place the 24th of last month. He gives us
i grea.t dea4 6f local news 4s to ti treatment
of the people by the Yankees. He says the
negro has beome an.eyesore to the Federals,
id in many iostances are sent back to Mas
ters, the Yankees not inowing what to do
with them. Out of 2,800 negroes stationed
,t ashville L,900 have died. Whe'n a surgeon
was asked why the mortality aino-ig them
ma so great, Lie replied, that fresh beef and
hard tack was sure to brin-g about chronic di
irrhes, and it was nearly ahays fatal. He
oi.Ahed to God they we,e ill de"d.
The mountains in Tennezsee-fdre full of ban
iitti, who-rob and sluy iridiscriminitely. all
The :iYnkee authorities are taking steps to
-onti te the property of all persons who have
[ed-t-he country. One Horiace Harrison, of
arren coun'ty, is confiscating agent for Mid
lle Tennessee.
Mr. R. C. Smith, one of the 6rst citizens of
Franklin county-a man of wealth. and high
haracter- was taken out lately from his house,
by some Yankees, and harged tillhe wasdead.
The ch1irge against him was that he had giv.ei
food and sheler to rebel spies at his house.
Mr. Sitih was a persona!. friend of the writer
f this article, and minry Tennesseean exiles
will he pained to hear of his cold blooded
murder br the Yankee fiends.
Two or three men fn the county of Franklin
who deserted t'e Con'federate -rrmies and ro
turned to their honies are the scorn of our cit
izens, who are still as defiant as ever to Lin
con tyraniv, but tlacy cannot speak their
ntnierts,'s Yankee detectives are on every
..and to'report any one preparatory to confis
mting- his pronert7, ifWhe his any. le says
the Yankee Convention at.Nashville was not
attmed by a single man from Franklin coun
ty in Ahiieh he lives. It was a gathering of
tators rA Yankee.. Prayers were offered
Caily for ti succeS of our arms by thousands
of nozhers, fAthers and sisters. whose dear
ones are in the Cnn -:-rate armies, or haVe
died in defenco of ie South. There was much
grief rt thd defeat of Hood,, but their hopes
of -ir ui.t;,nate in;1e?,-ndcnce are not.blasted.
-75'st Pointiuetin.
Tr Dr.vL 'STnU LoosE.-Ifiny persons
says the 1':"eigh C'nfledera/e, are predicting
that the world is coming t: an' end, in this or
the next-vear. But we have the assurance
that the Devil is to he chnined, andlocked up,
for a thousand vents before that event occurs.
Anv one who will read the f-Alowing from
;_rlwnlow, dated Knoxville. will see that heis
still at large, and has just been 'elected .Gov
error of unhappy Tennessee.
It is thus that.this debased fiend speaks of
li:s cointrymen
"Impoverish the villains-take all they.
hive-give their effects to the Union men
they have crippled a.nd imprisoned, and let
t, em have their "Southern right1." .They
swore they would carry on the. war untilthey.
exh-austed their Lcst little negro nd lost their
lands. Pu't it to them is our advice, modst t
igiosy-fleceC them, and let them know h wr
other men feel when robbed of all they have !
Let them be punished-let them be impover
iThed.-it them be slain-and after slain, let.
themi he damned."
A LEssoN Or HISToar.-Rev. Dr. Ryland
in'his Memoirs of .An'drew Fuller, recites a
colversationf hetweeP that eminent dovne and
seral clergrmen of the English Establish
ment. A reference to the apostae.y of Dissenit
ers from evangelical theology to Socinmam'sm,,
elicited the following expression of opinion ou
his part:.
"W can account for the decline of Pi-esby
terianism in England, on the ground of their
Pedobaptism. J he old ortho'doX; English
Presbyterians made so much of their 'seed,i
ardthe 'dedication of them to God,' as they
caed it, by haptism, that, presunjing on their
convrni., they sent them ~to semmnaries of
le:rning, to be~ ministers before they were
Christians; and as they grew up, bei'!g- des
titute of any principle of religion, they turned
aside to anything rather the gospet. The
fect of this~was, that some.-of the .pOple,
especially the young a.nd graceless followed
them ; the rest have bgcohie Ind.ependenlts or
Foreign emigrat;onI opens bri.dvy and late ar
riv from Irebmnd indie mes a. lr'e movement
through the preset. season. Th tastc
Yor', March 2'.h, wi-h ee hexidred enu

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